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Lip Monthly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2015

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Note from Liz: On reviews of Lip Monthly last year, several readers had commented that they had double-billing issues with Lip Monthly. We stopped reviewing the boxes for a few months due to these issues. Since then I’ve had several readers reach out asking why we stopped reviewing the boxes. I’m a little torn on what to do with Lip Monthly reviews. On one hand, I want to see new boxes succeed, and I think Boxycharm is a great example of a box that had a bit of a rough start, and then dramatically improved. And I like to review every box that MSA readers are subscribing to so we can discuss! On the other hand, double billing is a serious issue.

Recently I’ve heard from one reader who was double billed on a 3-month subscription, and she was quickly refunded. So – I would say right now I still consider this box to be a subscribe-at-your-own-risk and check your credit card statement box. If you’re a current subscriber of Lip Monthly I’d love to hear what you think of the service lately, and if you’ve had any billing issues.


Lip Monthly is a subscription box of everything lips! Every month, they send a new curation of lipsticks, glosses, balms or stains right to your door. The boxes come in variations, so the products I received may be different than others sent out.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

LIP MONTHLY APRIL 2015 - all items

The Subscription Box: Lip Monthly

The Cost: $10/month

COUPON: Get your first box for $5 with coupon code 1st5

The Products: A selection of lip products, including lipstick, glosses, stains, and balms, plus a “monthly mix-up” item that is not a lip product.

Ships to: US, Canada, and International

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LIP MONTHLY APRIL 2015 - info 1

LIP MONTHLY APRIL 2015 - info 2

Every Lip Monthly box comes with an informational card detailing the items included and a note from the company to their subscribers.

LIP MONTHLY APRIL 2015 - items 1

Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil – .04 oz (full size), value: $13

I’ve received this eyebrow pencil in other subscription boxes, and I think even in previous Lip Monthly bags. As a very fair blonde, this pencil definitely doesn’t work for me, so this will be swapped.

Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss in Anguilla – 4.5 ml, value: $16?

The info card states (more than once) that this “travel-size” lip gloss is smaller, but holds the same amount of product as the full-size. However, on Cargo Cosmetics’s website, the full-size weight is listed as 2.5 ml (.08 oz), and the weight listed on the bottom of this lip gloss says 4.5 ml (.16 oz). Needless to say, I’m just confused about how all of that is supposed to work out since it seems this “mini” gloss is weighted like it’s twice the product? I don’t know. Part of me was worried about the possibility that it could be a not-so-legitimate product but I did find it exactly – weight and packaging – on Ipsy’s website, so I’m not really worried about that anymore, and I’m assuming that Ipsy sent this product out before, as well.

LIP MONTHLY APRIL 2015 - items 2

L.A. Girl Lipstick in Last Night – full size, value: $4

This L.A. Girl lipstick is a bright pink and feels very moisturizing. I think it’ll be perfect for Spring.

City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Lipstick in Cammi – .105 oz full size, value: $4.99

I like the City Color Cosmetics brand alright, but I was especially happy to see this color in my bag. It’s a very pretty plummy-fuchsia. I loved purples and plums all Fall, so I’m definitely excited about a purple that will work great for the summer!

The Verdict: This isn’t my favorite Lip Monthly bag. I love the City Color Cosmetics lipstick, but I’m confused about the Cargo lip gloss and I can’t use the eyebrow pencil (which is a duplicate item for me). I’m also glad Lip Monthly has different patterns of bags they use, but so far I feel like they’ve been rotating about 5 different bag patterns – I think they’d do well to send a different bag every month.

What do you think about Lip Monthly?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. On July 2nd I was charged for my first box with a coupon for $5.00. Didn’t receive July’s box, but got an email stating my subscription would start in August and should be received by the 11th. It didn’t come today, as I’ve checked my mail. In the email they said I would be charged next on Aug. 21st but I was actually charged $10 on Aug 3 and on the same day refunded the money. I tried to send an email through their website through customer service but their website seems to be down. I then tried calling a phone number that was listed with the $10 charge and it was an Indian restaurant in Illinois!! I immediately contacted my bank and had them block this company from further charges, as I feel it’s a scam. Do not take a chance on this one!!

  2. I was curious with what the reviews were for Lip Monthly and I came across your website. Since you asked for lip monthly subscriber’s opinions… I have been a subscriber since June/July 2014. I paid the entire 1 year to save a few bucks so I cannot speak for the “double billing” issues. I have to admit since this was a new subscription I was unsure how it would be but thought like all new subscriptions give it a shot it may turn out GREAT! Of course it does not have a big variety like ipsy (maybe not yet?) and does not let you take a quiz to match you better but hopefully in the near future that will become an option and since they have started last April/May, they have moved from sending their products in little cardboard boxes to cosmetic bags. Some months you have the same design bags but overall for $10 including shipping it is not too bad. I just received an email today for this month’s bag with my tracking and an update that their prices are increasing to $12.95 but it will not affect me because I am already a subscriber. Their shipping time frame is pretty slow so I do not even bother tracking my bag anymore, when it arrives it arrives (let it be a surprise in my mailbox.) My 1 year is nearly up and I do not think I will renew. Over the past year, their products are simply okay nothing WOW except maybe once or twice. I can never understand their website. The first thing you receive is to enter your email address for a possibly win but that never seems to work. Their website do not list any “sneek peaks” or “clues” what is coming in their bag or even a bag design “spoiler.” With this subscription you are basically in the dark and just cross your fingers you GET your bag AND with great or awesome products 🙂 I am also subscribed to ipsy (twice monthly – do not judge me!) and birchbox. I prefer my other subscriptions over lip monthly is my overall opinion. If you have any other questions on lip monthly, let me know perhaps I can assist. Thank you for all your hard work on your website! XOXOXO

  3. So far so good. I wasn’t going to join this one b/c of the negative feedback but I talked to some that currently have this subscription and love it. For 10 bucks, I decided to give a chance…I did not sign up for any pre-paid deals..mine is month to month lol! So far I got the 5 dollar coupon deal for the 1st one and I’ve only been charged 10 dollars for my upcoming July bag. It appears they bill one month ahead. I got my first one and I really like it. For 10 dollars a mth, the products are very good! I am going to keep this and see how it goes. For the record I have “tons” of subs. There’s not one that I haven’t had an issue with at some point. Broken things, a wrong order, something never shipped, many things but they did resolve the issues. If I get double billed or if something happens, I’ll report back but so far, no issues & I feel happy with this for the money.

    • Hi Tami!

      I was also a little iffy about not cancelling because of the comments. I signed up for this then read comments so I was worried. BUT I received my June bag with no issues, my tracking was accurate. I was already billed for July on the 22nd. The bag did smell a little funny at first but now the smell seems to have left. I loved all the products I received so I will give it a few months. The only reason I am thinking of cancelling in a few months is because I also have ipsy and birchbox and I think I may be over doing it lol. But we will see. So far I am happy with lip monthly and I havent had any double billing issues. Hopefully it stays that way.

  4. I ordered also. I used the pay for 4 months get one free. 4 months x $10=40. I emailed them the error and it was fixed and I was refunded back $10 within 48 hours. I just got an email that my bag shipped so we shall see…

  5. When I checked my bank account, I was charged on both the 11th and the 12th, despite the fact that I had cancelled back in early April. I don’t this company at all.

  6. even though people online were saying they were being double billed I still choose to take the risk of signing up because I wanted to try theur products. Well here it came i was billed on march 30, April 30th, and may 12th and only received one bag. I am done with this company gave them a chance because of the 5 dollar deal but they aren’t even sending products. I am guessing may is for this month but where is Aprils ? This company is a joke for me now.

      • Yikes! thank you for posting..I was considering this one b/c Iove lip products – but I’ll stay faaaaar away. double billing is a very serious thing – Bad practices will do a company in every time. Love my boxycharm, glossybox & ipsy.

  7. …aaaaand they just double billed me. :/ I emailed them and contacted them on facebook and both times they told me they hadn’t made any error and that I had been billed for 3 months. Which would be accurate, if May hadn’t been my second month and they hadn’t just withdrawn that payment 8 days ago. At this point, they aren’t responding any longer. Let the nightmare begin. I should have known better on this one.

  8. I had the double billing issue last month on a 3 month subscription… thankfully this month I was not billed. With that being said the shipping label was created on April 15th yet it didn’t actually leave their location and go into USPS’ hands until April 24th (they even sent me the tracking number so I could see how long it took to ship out). I received my bag on April 30th in Toronto. I like the bag, just the company itself is having a lot of issues.

  9. I just got my So Susan Lip Love Bag which is supposed to have 3 lip products in it plus one bonus item for your face. I got my bag today and the bag itself is super nice and too cute. But it only has one lip product in it, a duo bronzer, a wonderlight highlighter, and a cheek stain. I paid only like $13 for it and got all full size items. Plus the bonus item were 2 Daisy hair pins. On their site they now say each bag contains 3 items plus one bonus item, so not sure how it will work from now on.

    • I got the same bag, and just ordered the special edition launch bag on Monday. The shipping was pretty fast from the UK, only took 5 days. I don’t understand why it’s called Lip Love, but I’m in love with all of their products so I couldn’t care less that there aren’t many lippies. Their domes, blushes, hghlighters and bronzers are the best!

      • Love lip love too!! One of my fave sub, by far!! Amazingly cute bags, and love all the products I received so far!! I really don’t care if there is only one lip item in it.. I’m glad I order March and April, applied the coupon and paid less than $13 each bag!!

  10. This wasn’t my favorite month of Lip Monthly, but I definitely find it to be worth the $10 per month. I don’t need an eyebrow pencil, but several people wanted to swap me for it, so I believe that it was a valuable item. I’m keeping the cheaper products because I love the colors. I agree with Dean that these super pale Cargo glosses make you look washed out – definitely swapping that, also. But overall I just like the fun of getting surprise lip products, some of which I love and the rest of which are swappable, for $10 a month. My bag actually got here earlier than usual this month. Sometimes it does take them a while to move, but I don’t know how much of that is Lip Monthly’s fault and how much is the PO.

    And yes, all the bags have a chemical smell.

  11. This was my first bag and I did proceed with caution…sure enough, I was all too trusting! A week before my bag was shipped out, I received an email from them stating that I was double charged and would refund me immediately. I think the order is because of the bag itself and the material that’s used. I wasn’t blown away by my first bag, but my expectations weren’t high either. Will try for two more months though – I was able to use everything in the bag. ^ – ^

    • *Odor….sorry! The “odor” stems from the bag. =)

      • The odor is from the ink they use to print the designs. If you let them air out and dry for a while they don’t smell anymore. My older bags don’t smell anymore. I’ve got 18-20 bags

  12. The OFRA universal eyebrow pencil has never been featured in Lip Monthly before. I’ve been a subscriber for 9 months. We’ve gotten the Cherimoya eye and lip pencil, the LA Girl Black/Brown eyeliner pencil, and an OFRA lip liner pencil in Orchid. Also, I messaged Cargo on facebook about the gloss size when Lip Monthly revealed the April bag spoiler on instagram. They confirmed the product is authentic and is actually a bit larger amount than the larger container. In fact, Cargo even went on the spoiler photo and confirmed it themselves and said if anybody had further questions to contact them.

    This wasn’t the best Lip Monthly I’ve ever received but the products certainly are authentic and they aren’t lying about the size.

  13. I am in the minority. I am still waiting for this bag which will be my second, and all of the products reviewed look great to me, so I’m excited to get it. I was double billed this month and I just sent them an email. I tried using the $5 coupon last month but it didn’t work. I actually cancelled my Ipsy subscription a few months ago, and so far I’m liking this better. I get compliments on the Cargo gloss I received last month all the time- it’s my new favorite!

    • If you tell them you tried using the discount code and it didn’t work I’ve heard they’ll refund your $5

  14. I’m so glad I only did two months with this subscription. Not worth my $10.

  15. I’m mad at Lip Monthly now, I’ve been a subscriber for over 6 months. I got my tracking email over a week ago, and it says it takes 3 to 5 business days to get to you, a week and 1/2 later I still have no bag. It’s been in the “shipping label created” phase for a week and 1/2. Today it finally moved after I messaged them on FB. Most people have already received their bags, I’m a little mad about the late shipping. But I also don’t like this 4 items instead of the 5 we used to get. Especially when the brands are super cheap. I’ll like the Ofra eyebrow pencil if I get it, and swap everything else. I keep thinking about canceling this bag but for some reason I don’t.

    • PS- I’ve never had any billing issues with Lip Monthly, knock on wood, and I’ve always received a bag. I know a lot of people have complained about getting billed and never getting a bag. So far I’ve gotten a bag until now when it’s taking forever to get to me.

      • I am wondering if the people having issues with billing and not receiving bags are outside the US? I subscribed to this last month and June will be my first bag. Received an email that my bag is getting ready and that I should receive the tracking email sometime this week. I cannot lie, all these negative posts are worrying me but hoping (fingers crossed) that I do not run into the same issues.

    • OMG I am in the same boat. I was doubled billed last month for a 6-month subscription and while they refunded it, I still lost $7 because of the Canadian exchange rate. I am happy to get an email with a tracking number but that is no use if it continually says “shipping label created” for a week and a half. This is a little ridiculous! I will be keeping a close eye on this subscription to make sure I’m not double billed again and receive all the bags I subscribed for.

      • I finally!!! got my bag, it “shipped” the 14th and nearly two weeks later I got my bag. I’m mad about the shipping time frame, especially when the email says you’ll get your bag 3-5 days after you get your tracking email. My Cargo lipgloss was different, it was a normal full size lip gloss in Sahara, which retails for $16, so very happy with that and I love the Ofra eyebrow pencil it’s the only one I use. The other two items are a complete waste for me; but even with keeping the other 2 items, the value is $29.

    • I am new to the beauty box subscriptions… can someone please explain to me how you “swap” unwanted products? Just curious…

      Thank you <3

  16. The coupon code did not work for me but I do not really care for this bag. All but one product was featured in ipsy and none of them I cared for. I am happy that I did not get this months bag. The actual beauty bag included looks like there past bags in shape/ quality. I love my ipsy much more then this bag and Birchbox because of curation; value and points system we earn.

  17. The City Color and the Cargo were both in ipsy bags in the last six months. The Cargo looks like the same shade of make-you-look-like-a-corpse-pale-pink that they gave ipsy. The City Color Matte was just too dry of a formula for my liking. But for $5 with the coupon, I’ll try Lip Monthly for just one month!

  18. I loved the city color as well but the box smelled like some very strong chemicals. I think they are trying the eyebrow pencil didn’t work for me. But I paid 5 dollars felt it was worth it. The bright colors were pretty nice.

    • I agree – the bag did have a strong chemical-y smell when you pull it out of the mailing envelope. =/

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