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Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015

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Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015 Box

The Walmart Beauty Box is a new quarterly subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI – I believe they ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. (There may be other reasons for box variation as well). For reference, this is a box for a 30 year old.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015 Items

The Box: Walmart Beauty Box

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart. (I’m guessing coupons too).

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015 Mascara

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume – 1.2 ml Sample

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara – FULL SIZE! Value $8.50

While I’m never too excited about perfume samples, I love getting full size mascara! I just tried it out this morning, and I was really impressed by the lash separation the formula and brush provide. Unfortunately for me I didn’t love the length or volume compared to my go-to mascaras.

Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015 Shampoo

Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture Shampoo – 1.7 oz Value $1

Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture Conditioner – 1.7 oz Value $1

I’ve seen a lot of tv ads for this haircare brand lately, so I’m not surprised to see it in the box. Unfortunately for me the shampoo isn’t sulfate free, (I avoid sulfates in haircare products since my hair is color treated), so I’ll be passing these along to a friend.

Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015 Dove

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser – .5 oz Value $.50

Dove GoFresh Nutrium Moisture in Mandarin & Tiare Flower Scent – 1.8 oz Value $.50

I probably won’t end up using this cleanser because I have so many to use thanks to subscription boxes, and I’m not a fan of the ingredients either. I like the citrusy scent of the Dove GoFresh body wash though!

Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Spring 2015 Coupon

And each box also comes with coupons and foil packet samples:

$2 Coupon for Essence Ultime Hair Care Product

$3 Coupon for Color Ultime Hair Coloring Product

$2 Coupon for Covergirl + Olay Simple Ageless Foundation Product

$2 Coupon for any L’Oreal Paris Cosmetic Product

$2 Coupon for any Garnier Moisturizer AND Foil Packet sample of Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream

$2 Coupon for any Maybelline Face Product AND Foil Packet sample of Fit me! Foundation (115 Ivory)

$1 Coupon for Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion AND Foil Packet sample of Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

Verdict: This box has a value of about $11. If you plan on using the coupons included, I think that adds to the value (they seem like high-value coupons to me). Personally, this isn’t my favorite box, in part because the mascara didn’t end up working well for me. I do think it is a good box for $5 though. What do you think of the Spring 2015 Walmart Beauty Box?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I got a notice of shipment two days ago. Two weeks ago I was charged the $5.00 and received a not so great box. Today I received a second Walmart beauty box and so far I have not been charged for it. I will be calling shortly to try and get it figured out, has anyone else had this happen?

    • I saw another charge pending a few days ago and was wondering why so soon. Today I received a box which was essentially a duplicate of the not-so-great “old lady” box I received last month. However, the pending charge seems to have dropped off. They may have realized their error and reversed the charge but it was too late to stop the shipment. I sure don’t want to pay another $5 for another one of these disappointing boxes!

      • At least you got a box! Money was taken from my account on March 17, 2015 and over 3 weeks later I’m still waiting to receive my spring box. Emailing customer service is a complete waste of time= absolutely no response. Thinking about canceling my subscription.

        • Exact same experience here!

        • Any update on your boxes? I emailed customer service as well. I was charged on the 26th of March and 3 weeks later no box or shipping notifications …. I’m still waiting to see if I get a reply from customer service.

          • I called and no answer, left a message on their answering machine saying that I want to cancel and gave them my order number. I got an email 2 days later saying a refund was being processed for my cancelled box. Today, the refund showed up on my account.

          • I just realized today that I got charged twice too and only received one crappy box with no full size product or makeup product.

          • Similar experience like Emily.I placed an order on 27th March and was charged the same day..but still didn’t get any shipping info from them.I have emailed them 5 times..but no response..Called them and left my msg with the order no today..let’s see what happens..

          • I got tired of waiting for an e-mail response, called the number, and left a message last week. I got a call back the same day. The guy processed the return (charged for two boxes and received none) and the money showed up in my account a couple days later.
            They’ve definitely got some huge billing/shipping issues. I’m going to give it one more season to see if they get it worked out before canceling.

          • Update: so I cancelled my box a week ago maybe 2.. Not sure. I received a $5 refund and cancelled my account altogether. Today I check the mail and there is a wal mart beauty box in there….

          • Finally got my box too. A month after the charge. I’m not disappointed for 5$ I got the dove wash, a good size sample of the st. Ives green tea scrub, the neutrogena white tea facial cleanser, jergans BB Cream for the body, simple face cleansing wipes and the lady gaga perfume . The only packet sample I got was for ken paves shampoo and conditioner. And I only got one coupon but I was actually not that bummed. Nothing full size but 6 good size samples (including the perfume) and a packet and a coupon that I will actually use and save me 4$. I’m keeping my subscription.

          • Cheese and rice, you guys. I had my return processed over a month ago after being charged twice and never receiving the box. Then TODAY I got a box in the mail; completely different than any I’ve seen described here. There are deluxe samples of L’Oreal shampoo/conditioner, Palmer’s cocoa butter and oil, Jergens body BB cream, the Lady Gaga perfume sample (of course), a couple of foil packets and a coupon for full size spray deodorant (and a couple of other random coupons). I haven’t been charged again… the insert says it’s the Spring Box… what in the halibut is going on over there?

          • I ended up getting a refund and got the shipping notice for a Summer box yesterday. Guess I’ll give it one more chance. If this one sucks too I’m quitting.

        • @Lisa
          Same here! I got charged back in Marh and I never received any order confirmation or my box from them. I sent at least 5 emails to them already and no response. I decided to cancel my subscription because of this 🙁

          • I went ahead and cancelled my subscription. They refuse to acknowledge my emails and requests for a refund after charging me and not receiving anything in return. Just not worth it.

        • I had the same problem. I pd for my box on April 4th. My box came today. It is nothing like any of the boxes that I have seen on reviews. I have items from the Dec box. No mascara. I have: lady gaga, simple wipes, st ices scrub, dove body wash, jergens bb body cream(Dec box), neutrogena skin boosters. That’s it. Yes, it was only $5, so I’m not gonna freak out. My biggest complaint is getting items from the last box, not a single makeup item. A little fyi: don’t even bother with customer service right now, I called yesterday cause I never even received a confirmation shipment email yet. I gave all my info, and they basically told me that the number of orders were so overwhelming that if I hadn’t received a tracking number or a box within a week to call back. She said the vendors were shocked by the over 100,000 boxes that were ordered , they are doing their best to give them a little time. So in short, I called yesterday and didn’t have even a confirmation to receiving a box today. Good luck

    • I was charged for 2. Boxes and never got then plus I called to cancel. They claim u have to go to ur account and cancel but can get into my account. I’m calling then in the morning. I charge back in January and this month on the 11.

  2. I got the same box as Liz with 2 exceptions:
    1) I got simple facial cleansing wipes (only 7 of them. ~$1.50 value on walmart.com) instead of the neutrogena cleanser. I didn’t see anyone else mention these in the thread above.
    2) No mascara.

    For reference, this box is for a 29 year old.

    My box was worth approximately $7 for stuff I wouldn’t buy or I could get for free. I’d rather have the $5 cash for this box to spend on makeup; of which, I did not receive in this box besides a foil sample of Maybelline foundation. I’ll think I’ll give it one more chance though before I cancel it.

    I was billed for a box in January that I never received. I’m glad (not glad) to hear I’m not the only one struggling with Brandshare’s customer service. I have called; it goes to voicemail. I have emailed; no response after 2 weeks. Might have to dispute the charge on my credit card bill.

    • I th

    • I think I got the same box as you. Simple facial wipes, the shampoo & conditioner, dove body wash, the perfume sample, nivea in shower body lotion foil sample, maybelline fit me foil sample, and a bunch of coupons – very disappointing box. My last box at least had a full sized mascara & lip crayon so seemed worth it. One more like this and I will cancel as well.

    • Exact same here. Facial wipes, no mascara, and crappy (nauseating) perfume sample.
      I’m 28. Maybe in another two years I’ll get a mascara?

      • I got the same box as you. I’m 28. Kinda dissapointed since there wasn’t any make up in my “beauty” box. I guess 28 yr olds are going for the natural look? Will use everything, but lady Gaga’s perfume. I’ll give them another chance before I cancel. Would of liked some coupons. Just received one, not the whole mess as liz received

    • Wow! I got the exact same box as you and was pretty disappointed too. I’m 28.

  3. I got a random box from Walmart today. (There is no charge on my account at this time) I’m not even sure what it is lol It’s got a coupon for a free dry spray deodorant up to $5.47
    the same perfume, shampoo, and body wash as in the old lady box and a travel size Palmers cocoa butter lotion. Weird.

    • I got this today also.

    • Same thing happened to me!

    • Same here! We got back from vacation and I was surprised to see another Wal-Mart box, since my daughter and I had both received ours already. It was the same box you described with the deodorant coupon. Weird.

    • Got the same thing 🙁

  4. I received the Spring “old lady” box. This was my third box, and second box full of dissappointments. (all less than travel size and foil packets) I emailed customer service questioning if my last two boxes were missing something and informed them I saw reviews of other boxes with at least 1 full sized item. I received no reply; however, today I received an email saying my box has shipped. Hmmmm…is this a replacement? I don’t know, there was no communcation. I checked my statement and as of now have not been charged for this box. It’s worth a try if you received the old lady box to just email customer service…maybe you’ll get another box too. Hopefully this one is less than dissappointing.

    • For some reason, I got a second box today. It is the same crappy box they already sent to me. I wonder if you will get the same. So far I have only been charged once.

      • I cancelled my Walmart box a couple weeks ago when I received one with no full size product. The same as the last box which I gave away as well. I just received another box with the same exact items! I hope they don’t charge me since I already canceled. I know it’s only $5, but it’s a wasted $5 for samples that are usually free.

      • Mine arrived today & was almost the same as the last one – but a different lotion and no foil packets – once again, immediately dissapointed but upon further review I found a coupon for $5(ish) for a full sized spray deoderant…double check your box, maybe you have one of those! (no, not mascarra & lipstick but at least the value of the box)

    • I got the crappy (trial size only) box too. I sent some harsh comments to customer service. I think I am going to register with a younger age and see if that changes anything.

      • i was very happy with my box i got more than i expected for 5 dollars to me every box is selling a life style i love that someone goes out of thier way to pick out some produts i might like i feel that once a month i have a personal shopper that picks out products for me to try out i like skin care products and shampoo so far walmarts has picked out a shampoo and a skin care proudut for me to try i think its well worth 5 dollars i love that thier is a web site that gives a review of a box that i might want no box will be perfect for everyone it will always be hit and miss when a couple of months ago i would only get a non pricey box now if i think i would enjoy the box i will try a higher price box io wish walmart would come out with another 2 boxes one for mid range price box or high price box that way we would have alot more choices i also would like if they give a little extra if a person is a regular client xoxoxo dorothy

    • I got the same coupon, which was a pleasant surprise. Especially since they don’t seem to have charged me for the second box…?

  5. I got the crappy box again. Last December I got the old lady box (even though I am older) so I went in and changed my age to 30’s. After I got the crappy box in March, I went in and changed it to 19 years old figuring I could give it to my niece next time if I don’t want any of the stuff. Surprise, they sent me another box, same as what Liz posted but no mascara nor Neutrogena cleanser so I went in and cancelled my subscription. Not a lot of $ but I can pick what travel size stuff I want and get lots of perfume samples at department stores.

  6. Update: I got my Spring Walmart box a couple of weeks ago. The shipping notice was dated March 13 and was labeled WM . Classic . Wave1. I just got another notice saying that my box has been shipped. (Another one?) This one is marked WM . C2. I haven’t checked my bank account but so far, they haven’t overcharged me. Maybe this one will be better. lol

    • The same thing happened to me…???

      • Me too. I may call today to try to find out what’s going on. If I get an answer I’ll post it here.

        • The customer service number goes to voicemail. I’m going to try emailing also. I’m most likely just going to cancel – I hate dealing with awful customer service.

          • What email did you use to contact them please? Did you get a response?

    • Same thing happened to me…Shipping notice but nothing taken out of my account…yet?

    • Same exact thing happened to me! I got my first box with an email of March 13th Classic wave 1. It sucked and it was an old lady box. I am 36. I went online and actually cancelled the subscription because the last 2 boxes were horrible. I never got any lipsticks or mascaras. They sent me another email on the 30th saying another box shipped! C 2. Just as crappy as the first. Not as much stuff as the first spring box and just had a coco butter. I never got charged for the second box as of yet.

  7. I should had checked my cc account. When I cancelled my wm box it showed the one box that I received. Now I have a tracking number for a second wm box CW 2. I hope it is better than my first box.

  8. I got charged twice…once on march 18…still waiting on the refund like the message said..

  9. I was charged twice for the Spring box. Once on 3/18/2015 and the second on 3/30/2015. I was a subscriber since December 2014. I finally found the customer service number which is 855-712-0222. The message center said they were trying to correct the incorrect charge on 3/18/2015. I’m not sure if any one has had the same problem but this is what I’ve found out.

    • Did you actually speak to a live person? As I sent them an email a week ago and never got a reply.

      • Same here…charged twice & the box I received kind of sucked…it had sample size shampoo, conditioner and body wash and a bunch of coupons! I have sent 2 emails and no reply…

        • Same here! I got a terrible box with nothing full size in it. I also got charged twice (Once back in January and again in March). I have emailed them 4 times (once to a direct contact), tweeted at them, and called twice all with no response. I finally gave up and cancelled my account today. What terrible customer service. Such a disappointment. It’s not worth the hassle.

          • The exact same happened to me. I got charged jan 16th or 18th then in march. My box doesn’t have a full size item. I think I was supposed to get the mascara.

          • After reading all the comments it appears that:
            1. Many people got NO full size product in their box (and I had thought I was the only one – lol)
            2. There is no customer service for this box (or very little)
            3. Even though the box is only $5, expectations were high after such great value was shown in the first box.
            4. Many people are disappointed (because of #3) and are thinking of canceling now, or if the next box is not good.
            5. The billing department–just as the customer service department–needs improvement.

          • Hi, I thought I would put in my 2 cents. If you were subscribed for the winter box then it would be accurate to be charged in January for the winter box & in March for the spring box. Hope that helps

          • To clarify Katiemama – we had been previous subscribers and already paid for and received our Winter boxes long before being charged in January and March. Example: I paid in October, January and March. I have only received one box so far back in November.

          • Oh ok, got it. I was thinking that possibly you had received the winter box and was soon to receive the spring box. For example, I was charged in September for the first box, January for Winter and March for the Spring. It almost seems like you were charged accurately but didn’t get the boxes you paid for. It seems like you should have gotten the first box because in October it was still available. Mine had the Loreal lip crayon, covergirl nail polish as a couple of my items. My sister signed up in mid-October and got the first box by the first week of November I think. Then she got the one in January and now March. I hope you can get it straightened out. Best wishes

  10. Well, I didn’t get any full sizes in this box. It was kind of a let down. I got coupons, foil packets, lady gaga perfume, shampoo and conditioner, and a dove body wash.

    • Also, I am 22… so it doesn’t have to do with being an ‘old lady’

    • I got the same one. No makeup or beauty. Just shower stuff. And I’m 21.

      • Bummer. I would have loved the full sized mascara!

        • That’s what i was most excited for. Or a mini face wash.

    • I have also seen boxes where some people got the full sized mascara and a full sized lip product. I don’t get it. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason to how items are distributed.

    • I got the same box as you. No full size items.

  11. I don’t understand why they have a younger or older box in the first place, my grandmother is sixty & uses makeup & looks beautiful. Why would they think that older women do not like it? Maybe they just have two random boxes?

  12. I subscribed to this box in December. I received a box in January and was very happy. I am disappointed that I have not received a shipping notice or even been billed for the spring box yet. Why have people that signed up just recently already received their box?

    • Kathy S., I experienced a similar situation. I had been subscribed since the first box and told my niece about it. She signed up a few weeks ago and already has a shipping email. Mine does not show shipped yet so it seems she’ll get hers first. Although on my box & my mom’s box last time they never sent an email but the box showed up on time. Their system seems a little unorganized.

  13. Any idea on when the target box will be released?

    • The Target box sold out on Mar 2 according to someone below (on Mar 25). I missed it too 🙁

      • I believe the March box being referred to is from 2014. No word yet on any Target boxes being released this year.

        • Yeah! Thanks Liz!

  14. I just got the shipping notice for my box a couple days ago and the box listed as the one I ordered is “WM • T * 2”. So I was wondering if anyone else had that listed on their shipping notice and if they got a box with or without makeup. I’m in my early 30’s and was peeved at what I got in my first box in January.

    • I just got that box (and am also in my early 30’s). There was no makeup in mine. I did get a full sized mascara and lip crayon in the last one though which I think was a sort of winter/spring hybrid since I joined so late.

  15. FYI for those who subscribed in early March like myself and were charged twice. I received a winter box earlier this week and got a shipping confirmation email today for what I’m assuming is the spring box. (No such email for the first one) So, hopefully all of you will at least get 2 boxes.

  16. I think we’re all avoiding a very important question: what has happened to Lady Gaga’s career such that she’s reduced to making cheap drugstore perfume?

  17. I changed my age to 25 and still got the old women’s box.

    I received
    Caress body wash
    L’Oreal total repair shampoo and conditioner
    Dial lotion
    Lady Gaga Fame perfume

    Foil packets of
    Garnier Ultra-lift miracle sleeping cream
    Olay regenerist luminous
    Nivea in shower body lotion
    L’Oreal age perfect glow renewal
    Burt’s bees renewal intensive firming serum

    • I received this ‘old women” box as well. I think the best thing about these boxes are the coupons.

      • Same box I got. I’ve only received two boxes so far; the first was good, but after this one I’ll give it one more try before I cancel.

  18. It seems like these boxes are all over the map. I get one “young” version, and one “old” version. I mean, I’m 41, why they feel like I don’t want to look pretty with makeup is beyond me….if anything, I need the pretty colors more!

    My young version was the exact same as Liz’s – with the mascara. I had hoped for the lippie, but no such luck.

    The “older” version had NO makeup. It contained most of the same items other people had – sample body wash, shampoo/conditioner, tiny lotion, Lady Gaga perfume, and foil packets. I know it’s only $5, but the first box was so good. I’ve been getting both boxes since they started and there are definite differences.

    I have noticed this time that quite a lot of the unboxings in late February contained the paper for Winter box, and some of them had kind of a hybrid of items from the Winter and Spring box. All kind of strange…I’ll stick with it for now, as it’s only $5 I can’t really complain (well, actually, I can complain to Walmart, but apparently it will be on deaf ears…sigh)

    • I received my first box in late February and they called it a hybrid. My shipment notification said the box being sent to me was WM Beauty Box Winter-Hybrid #1.

      My spring box just shipped today. I wonder if I’ll end up with some of the same items then?

  19. Two months in a row I have received foil packet samples and nothing else. I realize that it’s only $5 but this box was an utter waste of money for me. So disappointing considering the first two boxes I received had full/deluxe sized items in them.

    • The worse is when a subscription box goes from great to bad. How disappointing.

  20. I was a little down getting the “old crone” (LOL) box myself (BTW, on my shipping email it’s listed as “classic”), but honestly it was worth getting it just to read these comments, you all cheered me up! And the woman who left the Lady Gaga perfume at work so someone would take it is just too funny!!!!

    • Hilarious! Ditto!!

    • I could probably leave just about anything in our break room at work and people would take it.

  21. I got the young box, same products but received a lippie that I loooove, instead of mascara. I am very picky on face cleansers as I own several high ends but I love this one, smells sooo good and leaves my face soft. It really is great. I own all high ends so wasn’t expecting greatness. I am impressed. I total the box about $15. Well worth my $5. No complaints here! Plus sample packs galore and perfume, coupons brings the price up for me!

  22. I don’t think the contents are age-related. I got the same box as Liz even though I’m in my 40’s

  23. This box kind of upsets me. Once again the retail giant is edging out small businesses. How are the other beauty boxes supposed to compete with this?

    • It’s up to you to choose what to pay for.

      • Bingo.

    • Considering pretty much all other beauty boxes are way better than this, and people who are into subscription boxes usually have more than one…. I don’t see a problem with them offering a $5 box.

  24. thanks so much for your review. I didn’t receive the same products you did, but similar. Here’s what bothered me:
    1. I did not receive a single full size product–maybe it was missing? Nor any makeup–of any size 🙁
    2. Most of the brands in my box routinely send out free deluxe samples (via promos on Facebook and/or the brand’s site); I believe I could have gotten each sample in my box for free.
    3. I just received many of the same samples in other boxes (not Walmart’s fault).
    4. I don’t mind receiving coupons in a subscription box, but there were so many of them–and none offered a substantial discount or even any educational value ( as the brands were not new to me).
    5. It just didn’t look pretty; I wasn’t excited when I saw what was in the box.
    6. It doesn’t compare to Target’s beauty boxes.
    FYI I contacted Target asking when their next beauty box will come out, but they have nothing in the works at the moment. So far I’ve seen Target Beauty boxes in October and March–have others been out? And what about the Hautelook bags/boxes–it seems one is long overdue….
    Thanks again Liz!

    • Laurel, I think you may have a missing item. I personally know 5 others that get this box and each one of them got a full sized mascara. Maybe you can contact the email or 800 number listed on their site to find out?

      • I have complained via twitter, email and phone and they have had no response. Well twitter said to email. Those in the older age group did not receive a full sized product like everyone else did which was a lipstick or mascara. It’s simply not fair and they don’t care. They hired some company to handle this box for them and they are useless. Half the time the website isn’t working and they have an answering service during business hours.

      • Thank you! My first box was great so I will stick around for one more box, but I will use the info you gave me to let them know I was unhappy with this box–that it fell short. Thanks again 🙂

  25. I really like this subscription. .. it’s just $5. I don’t know why so many complains… again: it’s just $5 every 3 months

    • And I don’t know if it helps anybody to think about it this way, but the box is technically free–we’re supposedly just paying $5 for shipping.

      I get the non-crappy version of the box (not sure why the difference in quality) and I’m consistently more pleased with it than a certain subscription that was $8/mo.

  26. I feel like I lucked out for once: I got a full size Hard Candy all glossed up hydrating lip stain that really made my lips soft, travel size Tresemme Fresh Start dry shampoo, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Dial 7 day Moisturizing Lotion, and Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. A few shampoo foils too, but the lip stain and scrub made it worth it to me.

  27. I got the exact same box as Donna – I’m changing my age for sure.

  28. I received the same box as Donna. I am definitely changing my birthdate. I’m 41 and they sent me a coupon for women’s Rogaine foam,lol. I was surprised not to get any Centrum Silver after that one 🙂
    This was definitely not a favorite for me, but for $5 it’s pretty good and I do enjoy getting sample sized shampoo,condtioner, and body wash for when I travel and I can never have enough hand cream to throw in my bag 🙂

  29. I have not even been charged for my spring box yet. The women that received their boxes already – how long after you were charged did you receive your box? Did you receive a tracking email?

    • I was charged about two weeks ago. I gpt a shipping email on March 16. The tracking number does not work. I still have not received the box. I also dod not receive the last box. Argh! Anybody having the same trouble?

      • I received the last box with no problem. But had the exact same problem as you with a defunct tracking code and no box so far. I emailed customer service yesterday about it.

    • I was charged for what I assume was a spring box back at the end of January but haven’t received anything. I was just charged again on March 17th for the summer box? I signed up back in October of last year and the winter box is the only one I have received. I guess I will try calling the 1-800 number. Sure hope things improve as I really liked the first box.

  30. My box wasn’t good either, there was no value to it. I didn’t get the mascara or any other full size product. I did get the Lady Gaga perfume, but um, not my thing, and not my generation. I got coupons and sample size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and shower gel. total value about 3.50 I am not impressed. I would like to tell Wal-mart but don’t know how.

    • Hi Dynal, I think you were just shorted your item because in all 3 boxes I’ve received there’s been at least 1 or 2 full sized items. I’ve never had to contact customer service but this is what I found on the email from them:

      All order, shipment, and other customer service issues related to the Walmart Beauty Box program should be directed toward BrandShare at 1-855-712-0222 or [email protected]. Please include your order number in all communications.

      Hope that helps. Good luck 🙂

      • I have received both the Winter and the Spring box– with absolutely no make-up or full-sized products in either one. I am pretty disgusted, especially when I see what others are getting in theirs.

    • I also received no mascara, lippie or hand lotion!!! only sample shampoo, conditioner and foil samples 🙁

  31. I’m 22, and this is the box I got. I absolutely love it!!
    Mascara is my jam.
    Fit Me is a great line so I’ll use the coupon on either more concealer or try out the new Dewy Foundation.
    I think I’m the only person who loves getting shampoo & conditioner (haven’t had to buy any in a year thanks to subs).
    Soooo stoked to try the in-shower lotion because African Paradise at Lush is so expensive for such little product.
    Dove travel sizes are always useful. I think some people got Caress & I’m jealous!

    The only thing I can’t use is the Neutrogena because there is a record of all things Neutrogena giving me the worst rashes! D:

    For me, this box gets a 9 out of 10! And of all the variations, this one was probably the best for me!

  32. I too am disappointed with this latest box (and that perfume was horrible. I left it in the lunch room at work hoping someone would take it). I’ve been thinking of canceling but I wanted to give it one more season since I started with fall last year. I might change my age, though, because I want makeup, not shampoo. I did like the Dial lotion but could it BE any smaller?

  33. i didnt get the mascara in mine 🙁 should i contact them about that :/???

    • I would if I were you. I think you were maybe just accidentally shorted. Some boxes vary because I get one, my mom does, my daughter & sister do as well. While our boxes are similar they do vary based on our ages but there’s always at least one or two full sized items and often those were the same in the 3 boxes we’ve gotten. The first box we all got the Loreal lip crayon and nail polish but in different colors. Fall box we all got the Maybelline lipstick & these we all got the mascara.

  34. Hmmm…the value is definitely more than $5, but none of these products really appeal to me.

  35. I changed my birth year so I would get the younger version! I was pleasantly surprised by the mascara. I tried it today and it was so runny when I applied it that it smeared until it dried…then it stayed put through sweat and tears…literally! 10 hours and still holding on.

    • May I ask what the new birth year you used was? I may try the same thing. Let’s see… how YOUNG do I want Walmart to think I am???

  36. I didn’t get any full size products or make-up. I got travel size Loreal total repair 5 shampoo and conditioner, Caress adore forever perfumed body wash,Dial 7 day moisturizing lotion and the infamous Gaga perfume sample. My foil packets containedNivea in-shower body lotion, Loreal glow renewal face oil, Garnier miracle sleeping cream, Olay moisturizer, and Burts Bees intensive firming serum. I also got a lot of coupons,. Not bad for $5.00 but still disappointed because I didn’t get any full size products. I believe the products differ in different parts of the country or they don’t have enough of anything to give everyone samples (except Gaga perfume).

    • I receive the same box. Definitely worth my $5, but I was still disappointed to not get any make up, or any full-size products.

    • I think its based on age. Older ladies got the box you got. Its the same one I got and I was not happy with it. Its all free samples. I am either going to cancel or change my age to something in the 20s.

      • I received the same thing. NOT HAPPY! Where do you change the age? I see if I get better products too.

    • I got the same box as you did Donna. I gave everything away except the dial lotion, which I used last night and the .5 oz tube was only 1/3 full. My last box was just as bad. I canceled even though it was only $5. I was giving everything away. I would have kept it if I had gotten the full size mascara or anything full size on the last box. It’s all samples that you can get anywhere for free.

    • same box! Okay with the shampoo and conditioner but I don’t ever buy anything with the word “age” in it – like age defying, firming, etc…besides I use a prescription face product. I changed my age to 18.

  37. This box was a huge disappointment for me. 🙁 And I got the same exact box, even though I’m 23! I don’t think the variations are age-dependent, they just have random things left over they throw in here. :/ It would’ve been nice to get another makeup product that wasn’t some foil sample.

    • The age cut off between boxes is 35. This is a review of the “young” box.

  38. I’m so bummed to hear that there is such a huge difference in the quality of these boxes!

    I got the same as Liz and I was actually super pleased. These samples are bigger than I’ve gotten in boxes I paid more for.

  39. Apparently I received the Old Crone box. I received a trial sized shampoo and conditioner, 2 super stinky lotions, and an equally stinky lady gaga perfume. I gave the shampoo and conditioner to my daughter since she’s not picky. I threw the rest away, then cancelled this box immediately.

    • LOL! I think I got that box as well! I would have loved a full size mascara…

  40. I got everything in this box (I’m 22) except that I received a Hard Candy pink lip stain instead of the mascara, which I’m probably more likely to use, anyway. I like having these travel size samples because I keep forgetting to buy them, and they’re easy to carry around. For $5, I think it’s worth it. If you’re already subscribed to a ton of other boxes, then you probably don’t need this Walmart one, as it won’t ever meet your subscription box expectations for high-end brands. I like getting this seasonally and SS every month, they balance pretty well.

    • I agree I think the standards are too high. I mean it’s Walmart lol, you are fooling yourself if you expect 3 full size make up products every time. At the $5 cost, I’m just glad to get samples and coupons.

      If people have higher expectations, go with the Target boxes instead!

  41. my box as nowhere near as full as yours. A dove shampoo & conditioner that came in last box too. And a ton of foil packs. I won’t cancel it because it’s only $5 .. But sure wasn’t worth it this time around . And I’m also in my early 30s and keep gettin old age defying stuff

  42. Do you know when the Target one is coming out yet?

    • the Target boxes came out March 2. They sold out the same day. 🙁

      • How were you notified when the target box came out? I would like to sign up in hopes of not missing out on another one!

      • Hi Amy, I check on the Target boxes all the time but I never saw the March 2nd one. Even on the sold out ones online I only see the one that came out in October with the Laneige BB Cushion Sample, Elnet, Nyx, etc and the holiday ones. Do you know what was in the March one? I can’t seem to find reviews anywhere.

        • Maybe it is the March one from 2014?

          • Liz, that’s what I’m thinking because I really think it would show up on Target.com but just listed as out of stock as those previous recent boxes I mentioned do. I hope they have one soon because I think the Target boxes are fun. Those holiday ones were great because I paid $10, got good stuff, & in addition to the Target coupon I received those $10 of any Dermstore.com purchase. I wish they had those boxes now!

  43. Has anyone else been double charged for their boxes recently? My daughter and I get this box and we were both charged twice within about 10 days. Are we the only ones? I haven’t heard back from cs. It’s only $5 but I would prefer not to be charged twice.

    • Yes I was double charged! I’m about to dispute the charges because they are not responding.

      • Same here, I got one box today that is marked Winter, so perhaps the Spring one is coming along.

    • I also have been charge twice.. First for the supposed winter box 2014 when I signed up on March 6, and they went ahead and charged me $5 for the spring box on March 16.. Problem is that they sent me the spring box as the “winter 2014”, and have yet to receive the second box they charge me for.. I emailed them to get refund and I canceled that hideous subscription.

    • I was double charged and couldn’t even find a way to contact them! I was waiting to see if 2 boxes arrived in the mail… Anyone have success getting a refund? If so, how?

    • I originally subscribed (and paid) back in October, received the winter box late November, was charged again in January, was waiting to receive the box and then just got another e-mail this week that I was charged for the Spring box and it would be shipping soon. Checked my bank and was charged another $5. I emailed customer service right away and asked for an explanation but have not heard anything back. I will most likely be disputing the January charge with my bank this week.

      • I emailed customer service a few days ago, and haven’t heard back. Wonder if they get back to anybody…

        • I finally just spoke with someone on the phone. His name was Mario and he was quite helpful
          If you were charged on March 17 or 18 and haven’t received your box or shipping notification, chances are your order did not get shipped. You should call right away, leave a message if you have to, and get your money back. He said Spring boxes are practically gone, so he could place a new order, but chances are I wouldn’t get it. Seeing the vast majority of negative reviews, I opted for the refund rather than maybe get an OK box.
          Hope that helps everyone waiting!

          • Well, after seeing this I’m ‘opting’ to cancel my subscription which I just did and I will be signing up for the Target Beauty Box.

          • This wasn’t my experience at all. I called right before you posted this, and I spoke to the same person. I wasn’t told the box was almost sold out at all. I told him I was charged March 17, and he said he could see my order but for some reason it hasn’t shipped. No explanation. He then told me he was calling the warehouse to determine why, and would get back to me. Which hasn’t happened. And I also called last week, and emailed. No response to either of those. They are obviously having major problems, and telling everyone different things. I think charges should be disputed.

          • Well, Mario is shady indeed, isn’t he? He didn’t say anything about contacting the warehouse to me. He didn’t have any explanation for why I was charged but not shipped (happened to me twice, actually, January and now), but said he’d be issuing a refund which should post in the standard 7-10 days. I’m going to be watching like a hawk and will definitely dispute if I don’t see it by the 10th day.

          • Yes, quite shady! In fact, after I lay this baby of mine down, I think I will call him again! I’ll ask him how that call to the warehouse went!

          • I wanted to update here. Mario did indeed call me back! He told me my box would be shipping that day. Today I did actually receive a shipping notice with tracking. It is labeled WM C 3.

            to review, I was charged March 17. I called and emailed with no response. It wasn’t until I spoke to Mario that anything happened. If you call and talk to someone who can NOT tell you your address, my advice is to hang up and call back. Those people don’t know anything, and they can’t do anything. I was told they’ve had over 100,000 orders. Obviously they are having issues. But my experience with Mario was acceptable. He could see my account, he could tell me my address,he did call me back as he said he would, and my box did indeed ship. I will update with what was in it when I receive it. This is my second box, just to let you know I was not a first time subscriber this quarter. I do feel my first box was worth the $5, and I can see with the amount of orders they’ve had, they are trying to fix some problems, but they aren’t there yet.

  44. My box was awful even for $5, if you can believe that, lol. It didn’t have a mascara, just a few small tiny sizes of shampoo, conditioner, caress body wash, a dial moisturizer, the perfume sample and I also got different coupons with foils on them. You can probably get larger or full sizes of all of the products in my box, at the dollar store for the same money and there was nothing special, new or interesting to try so it just wasn’t worth the $5 to me personally. I sent them an email asking to cancel but haven’t heard anything back.

  45. My box was different and not even worth 5.00. In fact, with the exception of a small shampoo and conditioner it was all foil packets. At 36, I don’t understand why I am in the “old lady” category. LOL I probably won’t bother with the hassle of figuring out how to cancel because it is so cheap. Who knows, maybe next season there will be something better in it.

    • You can cancel by login in and just click the cancel subscription button

  46. I got the same box as Liz and I like it alright for $5 because of the mascara. If I had received the other version, I wouldn’t have been too happy. I am excited to try the shampoo and conditioner, they’ve been advertising the hell out of it lately. I’m tired of Dove body washes, though this is a new scent. It’s not a bad box for $5.

  47. This one was a miss for me – I have too many mascaras and color treated hair. Seems like every box they send out a shampoo and conditioner – would be nice if there was a way to get sulfate free ones!

  48. I’m 37 so aparently Walmart thinks I’m such an old lady that I don’t wear makeup any more. :/
    I was so dissapointed In my box. It was just shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and the tiny lotion and lady gaga perfume. All sample size stuff I already get free. And I absolutely hate getting sample shampoos. Coupons have zero value for me since most retailers around me refuse to take them. Plus I got coupons for rogain for women! I’m trying to cancel with them. I will stick with birchbox and Ipsy. This box just makes me feel like I should check into a senior home.

    • Same here! I’m going to change my age on the profile so I can at least get some makeup. The last 2 “mature” boxes have been duds.

      • I changed my age after the last one and still got the old lady one. Mostly foil packs with a small shampoo/conditioner (can’t even remember the brand) and small body lotion. No full size products at all. I give this to my daughter in law (in her 20’s) and she got the exact same box as me.

    • Melody, it sounds like I’m in the same situation as you. So, Walmart thinks we are too old for mascara, but not too old for Lady Gaga perfume?

      • LOL

  49. Mine was a little different. And while not great, it was better than last quarter’s. And being from Walmart and only charging $5, I can’t have too high expectations. I just have too many of these samples to continue this subscription. All in all, not bad for what it is.

  50. Are there variations in the wal mart boxes? Or does everyone get the same?

    • There is the younger version and the older lady version. 🙂

      • But I’m also 30 and I got an entirely different box than Liz.

        • I received a box very similar to Liz’s in late February. I don’t know if it was the old Winter box or the new Spring box – it didn’t have the Lady Gaga perfume in it.

          However, I’m 47 years old, ladies, so it may just be the luck of the draw! In addition to the Rimmel mascara (LOVE!), I also got a full sized Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain in Tickled Pink, which is also become a new favorite.

          Honestly, this Walmart Beauty Box has been my favorite sub box so far – better than Birchbag, Sample Society, DermStore (Definitely!), and Ipsy!

          Maybe this was a fluke and I just got lucky, but this month, I signed up for another box with my husband’s email address and office address. I listed his age as 27 :), so I’ll be sure and let you know what, if any differences, there are between the boxes.

          • Wow Yogamom6, you did get lucky!

    • i got the walmart box i was happy with i love shampoo i wish more boxes had full size shampoo am into skin care not make up well worth 5 dollars xoxo another great is montly express lots of skin care if you are into that xoxoxo dorothy

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