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POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box Spoiler!

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POPSUGAR Resort Box Available Now!

We have a spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box! (Thanks for the heads up Jessica, Sara, Tatiana, Anna and Lily!) Each box will include:

POPSUGAR Must Have Resort Box Spoiler!

Jane Iredale Makeup KitĀ ($58 Value), plus five other items.

What do you think of the spoiler? Here are the details on the box:

The Box:Ā POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Travel-inspired favorites featuring exclusive items and unique collaborations.

FYI ā€“ coupon codes do not work on Special Edition boxes. UPDATE ā€“ Box ships by March 31st.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I recieved my email with tracking info from popsugar today. So excited! Kinda wondering if someone will post a review or full spoilers before I get my box. If so, I’m going to try not to look! I want it to be a surprise. The only time it’s been a surprise for me was when I was new and didn’t even know what spoilers were! That was for the holiday LE box & Decembers box. It was so fun! I want that surprise feeling again! It not as fun to me already knowing what’s in the box when I get it… I literally STALK the reviews and spoilers before I get my box. Lol! I hope I’m not the only one?

  2. Got a shipping confirmation but it hasn’t updated. Just says “label created” on 3/13 but nothing since then. Anyone else?

    • Mine has changed to In transit but the estimated delivery date isn’t until next Friday, the 27th! Faster, FedEx, faster! šŸ˜€

      • Mine also says ETA of 3/27. That’s from CA to the Northeast. Soooooo faaaaaaaar awwwaaayy.

  3. “label created” *sigh* although I am pleased they are shipping so soon!

  4. I’ve got shipping confirmation for my box! Ironically in still waiting to hear back about my monthly box. Fingers crossed on a great box…

    • I got the shipping email as well! Yay! Also didn’t receive any email about the March box but I checked my account and it says that one has already shipped and will arrive on Friday.

  5. on Sisco Bertuli’s website it shows a big stack of bracelets (all different from last year’s stack) and it has a little popsugar logo next to the stack that says something like: included in popsugar must have. Drooling and dreaming! I hope it is a spoiler.

    • I see it too! I don’t think we’d get the stack though. Maybe just one. Hoping for the mauve or beige/creamy one…

      • I want the same ones. Let’s keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed!! šŸ™‚

        • I would keel over and die if we got the whole stack!

  6. Hey Liz! In case you didn’t hear I wanted to let you know that the Special Edition Resort box is now sold out. Ps great review for the march box, your so amazing! Your comments are so on point! Thanks

  7. I had just started using the Jane Iredale mascara from a Sample Society box when the spoiler came out, so that convinced me to order! I ordered the Resort Box last year. Now that I look back, it was overall a good box. It was that craptastic RB of McD clutch that tainted my perception – and I am sure it was issues with that clutch that caused the shipping delays as well.

  8. Awesome spoiler!!!! Those colors will be great for my skin tone and I LOVE Jane Iredale! I’ve used her sunless tanning for a few years now and it’s really great. Pricey but pretty darn fabulous! I’ve also heard the Jane Iredale makeup is actually GOOD for your skin, excited that I’ll get to try it out!

    Side note: very jealous and happy for all the ladies that get to use these products while actually on vacation this spring!

  9. I had already ordered this pre-spoiler and I am disappointed that they won’t send out the cool version as well. Sincetely regretting the purchase so far. Thank you so much for your swap board!!

  10. Just checked POPSUGAR and it says the resort box has SOLD OUT!

    So glad I ordered yesterday! I LOVE Jane Iredale makeup and it is price set so you know it’s very unlikely you would find this set cheaper than $58 making this box a great deal since we are getting 5 more items for $100!

    Does anyone know the total retail value of the box yet?

  11. It’s sold out. I missed the Target box and was upset, so I am really glad I ordered the resort box a week ago.

  12. The PopSugar Must Have website says that there are less than 100 of the resort boxes left!

    • Less than 50 as of about 4:30pm CT

      • It says the box is sold out now.

      • Sold out as of 7:28 pm!

      • aaaaaaaaannd it’s gone, glad I got one, it’ll be my first. Sorry for anyone who missed out, go get Rachel Zoe’s instead šŸ˜‰

    • The website says the resort box is sold out now.

  13. Hope I don’t regret this box, I’m not a blush and bronzer person.

  14. That makes the box a win for me. Just ordered.

  15. I used to work at a beauty store that sold Jane Iredale. The makeup is very nice, good quality, and also good for your skin (it is known as a “skincare makeup” and recommended by many dermatologists as wel as the Skin Cancer Foundation). This is a product that I normally wouldn’t purchase myself so I am happy to try. The blush in this compact is “Whisper” and it is the prettiest peachy shade. Excited to try!

  16. I hope my box comes before I leave for my resort vacation on April 4!! I will be so disappointed if it’s waiting for me when I get home.

  17. My comment about a second spoiler disappeared from last night. Is it against the rules to post links from other blogs? If so my apologies, I didn’t know.

    • Omg, now I see it lol. I swear it wasn’t there s few minutes ago.

      • What’s the second spoiler? I don’t see your comment.

      • What was the second spoiler?? I’d love to see another one as this one hasn’t sold me yet!

    • As long as it isn’t spam, links are fine to post – but we’ve been trying to improve comment auto-approval settings, so that may be why it disappeared – I’ll look for it now.

      (In general all links have to be manually approved bc of spam- sorry for the delay)

      • I saw the link yesterday and it looked like a spoiler for the reg monthly box, not the resort box.

        • Yes, it’s a possible spoiler for the March box, not the Resort box. (The link should be up now). Since it’s a potential spoiler and not a confirmed one, I don’t feel comfortable posting about it. But it seems likely!

      • Liz, can you tell me where I can find detailed instructions for using the SWAP ?

  18. Trying to recall the other questions asked when I ordered mine…I’m thinking there was a sunglass question, but may be mistaking that for another box {I do recall shoe & clothing size, style preference, fragrance style, jewelry – bracelet/earrings/necklace, cool vs. warm tones}. Seems like I’m missing something. Think this product will be a great start to one of six items in the resort box!! Asking for shoe size intrigued me!?! And I loved the bracelet from the last resort box!

    • Wouldn’t some high quality sunglasses be a perfect addition to a Resort Box? I don’t remember Popsugar putting sunglasses in any prior boxes, but it seems like such an obvious choice!

      I don’t really know what to make of the spoiler. On one hand, I think it’s a good quality product but I’m also worried it might be the highest value item. Popsugar is all over the place with spoilers, sometimes spoiling with the highest value/most luxurious item and other times it’s one of the mid range items. I guess that’s what makes it fun and keeps me coming back.

      • I believe they did some high end sunglasses in the summer LE box two years ago, back when I still didnt know what a sub box was lol. I remember thinking when I saw the review after discovering, that they probably wouldnt do them again anytime soon since they had done them already, but maybe, just maybe, two years is long enough that they will because I would love me some nice ones!

      • They did 2 summers ago. They included a gorgeous pair from House of Harlow. I wear them all the time.

    • Here’s and update for anyone wondering if they are giving out different variations of products in the resort box. I emailed yesterday when this post was up, to pop sugar statin that I had selected warm on the style quiz, thinking it was about color preference not makeup. But since there is actually a makeup item in the box could I change my preference to cool. Well the response stated that, yes I could change my preferences any time, BUT also that there will be no variation of the resort limited edition boxes. I’m very excited for this spoiler, I was just going to try to get the cool tone version of available, but no biggie, just wanted to let u all know.

      Also, I would love to try the Yes To hand soap that is the possible spoiler for the monthly March box. It’s sounds great!

      • Vanessa, thanks for posting and checking on the “cool” color option. When I first saw the spoiler, I read more about it on the Jane Iredale site and was excited to see the other color version and hoped because of my “cool” selection I might receive, but apparently not. Oh well, it’s still pretty neat!

  19. Can’t justify the cost right now (especially since I am unable to do bronzer convincingly with my skin tone), but that is some pretty packaging on the spoiler item.

  20. Sarah from bits and boxes posted a possible 2nd spoiler

    From the post: “So I think I’ve found a second spoiler for the March 2015 Popsugar Must Have box! Please note the background on the above teaser pic for the March box and then look below at the far right product. This was posted on the Popsugar website in the March Must Haves section.”

  21. Hi, I’m looking for help with swaps. Is there a help page? Right now I am looking to cancel a swap the person is on vacation. I Have other issues I can’t figure out too.

    I am not sure yet about this LE. I am still remembering last years and I just came across a tarnished bracelet.

  22. This plus 5 more things and I only paid $100?! Awesome spoiler! I am definitely happy I jumped at this one. šŸ™‚

  23. Not selling it for me yet.

  24. this warm tone won’t work for me, but it is a nice spoiler item. I still won’t be ordering. On FB, someone asked the warm/cool question and they responded that it would be the one pictured (warm) only. Bummer for us Cool tones!

    • Well that settles it for me then! I can’t wear warm tones and as lovely as that compact is, it won’t work for me.

  25. I am happy with this spoiler, though it’s probably the high ticket item in the box. I hope the other items are good too….

  26. I love this make-up brand and concept! Motivated me to order the resort box (plus the fact that we just booked a tropical getaway). They asked 12 questions after I ordered which made me super curious about what else will be included! Many thanks for the spoiler šŸ™‚

    • What did they ask you?

      • Cool vs warm tone, fragrance fave scent, necklace/earring/bracelet preference, shoe size, clothing size, clothing style… that’s all I can remember now. I should’ve taken notes! They can’t be including all of these though. Anyone else recall the other questions???

        • Interesting. Those are all the standard preference questions they have on their website. I logged on to the site yesterday to make sure I had my colors set to cool and saw that all the preference settings were GONE. So I’m guessing that they lost everything in the website revamp and are are polling everyone when they place an order (so if you’re a PSMH subscriber you may want to check to see if this happened to you!).

    • Now I am curious… When I ordered my box the day it came out I don’t think it ever asked me questions…

      • It only asks if you are new to psmh. You already answered them if you have an account with them.

  27. I love those colors it match me perfectly.

  28. So excited to try this!! Happy with my purchase so far.

  29. My sister, who is an esthetician, loves Jane Iredale. I’ve never purchased it (it can be quite costly), so I’m so excited for this spoiler!

  30. I’m hoping they are going to go by the profile survey on this. Since when the link is clicked on there isone for warm tones and one for cool tones. The popsugar photo shows warm tones.

    • I’m crossing my fingers that they send a version for cool tones. Although I don’t wear powder blush, so there’s every possibility this will end up on the swap board anyway.
      Looking forward to seeing more spoilers for my very first LE box!

  31. I use Jane Iredale. This makes it already worth it for me. Five more items to go.

  32. My curiosity got the better of me I Had to order, this will be my first resort box hoping it doesn’t disappoint

  33. Maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be some cool ones sent out also. The one pictured is too warm toned for me. I wish these pricier boxes would steer away from products that aren’t very universal.

    • I totally agree. You don’t want the high-cost items to be the ones you can’t use! I’m not too thrilled about this spoiler. Hopefully I’ll like the other items more.

  34. Definitely a great spoiler in my opinion! Very useful (in San diego), great ingredients, and overall gorgeous! Probably a good thing I don’t have the $100 for this lol.

  35. Love Jane Iredale! I’m excited for this box. But I’m always excited for Pop sugar must have boxes!

  36. So far I’m glad I haven’t ordered this… but certainly curious about what the other 5 items are.

  37. This is pretty and says resort to me. Enjoy!

  38. Jane Iredale is very high quality. My dermatologist….who has sickeningly good skin swears by it.

    • I want sickingly good skin lol

      • Me too! That is why I listen to her! šŸ™‚

  39. This will be going up on the trade board for me. I don’t use blush or bronzer so it’d be a waste to keep it. Hoping the other items are good since I already ordered the box!

    • Ditto for me, though it is a nice item; it’s just not something I would use.

    • same.

  40. I’m really happy to see this spoiler. So far I’m happpy I ordered!

  41. Yay!! So glad I took the chance and ordered. This is fantastic! Jane Iredale is a wonderful and often overlooked brand.

  42. I am actually really excited for this spoiler! This is exactly the kind of thing that comes to mind when I think ‘resort’!

  43. I was waiting for spoilers before ordering… but this is not selling me on the box.

    • Agreed.

    • I agree, I’m waiting for spoilers, and this one is only mildly interesting. I hope it doesn’t sellout before they release more spoilers though!

    • I, too, am awaiting spoilers. This is a ‘no thank you’ item for me, though.

  44. Pretty darn decent spoiler. Plus glad to see there will be five more items. I have a good feeling about this one. The monthly sub has been real good lately so I think this will follow suit. Can’t wait for them to ship!!

  45. I don’t even wear make-up that often, but think this is so clever! Can’t wait for my box!

  46. I am excited by this first spoiler. Perfect for travel. I’m glad I purchased this box. Looking forward to the other items in this box.

  47. I am so excited for mine to arrive now!

  48. Nice, I like can’t wait to get my box!

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