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Little Lace Box March 2015 Spoilers!

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Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Box

Thanks to aniadania on MUT we have spoilers for the March 2015 Little Lace Box!

UPDATE: We have a photo from Victoria:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.17.02 PM

Each box will include:


Kate Spade Water Bottle – Value $29.99

Cali Baronessa Torocco or Olivia Shampoo and Conditioner – Value $32

All Natural Urban Sea Sponge – Value $14

12×12 Gallery Wrap Mounted Canvas Print – Value $52 (not pictured)

What do you think of the March 2015 Little Lace Box spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got my March LLB, and was able to open it spoiler free, mostly because i forgot it was even en route… hoping they concentrate their customer communication via direct email as opposed to solely using FB, since there’s many of us who don’t have/want to use or rely on FB, especially for customer service issues.
    As for the March box… I guess it’s still so new, even though I’ve now read the reviews and various points of view, I’m still processing my own reaction and feelings on it. Ok, so typing that out seems a bit dramatically in a weird way, like it’s not that serious, lol, but… after Feb and not really knowing what to expect this month, and then kind of putting it out of mind altogether, I guess I’m just neutral at this point. I agree with so many things pointed out this far, but I’m not definitively disappointed with this box… shampoo and conditioner have become kind of a meh in boxes these days since we all have very individualized hair care needs and desires, and also because they always seem to value them pretty high (at least it seems so to me) when the reality is many of us can get salon quality and even higher end hair care via deals at our salons or Ulta (or salon stores), and also because we receive so much of it through our various subs. I do like the practicality of a quality water bottle, and since most of us wouldn’t spend $30 on a glass one, it’s a nice thing to have… and finally, I think that since the majority of the value is built upon the print and it isn’t/couldn’t be inside the actual box, that might contribute to the initial underwhelming feeling this month…. surely it’s a fun, different kind of inclusion, but since it’s not something yet tangible, akin to how some of us get annoyed when curators/companies include coupon, gift cards or offers and they may not appeal to many of us, it’s kind of a risk. I say this as i sit next to a stack of random unused offers from various boxes that I have yet to decide what to with, lol). Glad the print is fully customizable though and I think my actual excitement level will jump considerably once I order and receive it!

  2. I received my box today, which came completely as a happy surprise (that I really really needed after losing my grandfather last Sunday). I did receive a text message with tracking info which I’ve never gotten before. Did anyone else get that? I don’t remember actually signing up to receive delivery texts but definitely didn’t mind it since I had some extra time before I had to be at work and was able to take a little detour to open my box! Personally, I really loved the February box and thought this month’s box was just ok. The thing I like about LLB is that even when I receive a box that’s not my favorite I’m still able to use and enjoy the items or give them away as a nice gift. I’m also echoing a previous comment I read from earlier that I’m failing to see how Kate Spade would be considered an “up-and-coming designer” but I’d definitely consider her to be talented and creative and I’m perfectly happy with my new fabulous glittery water bottle regardless. For me, I love not knowing what I’m going to get every month and getting my LLB is truly a little gift to myself. Even if I don’t totally love everything in the box it’s still fun to open and anticipate next month’s box. 🙂

    • I got a text message too! It was weird. I also got my box today and loved everything in it! I’m so sorry about your grandpa. I hope you have a good day enjoying your goodies!

    • I’m sorry for your loss

    • Sorry about your grandpa loss, Holly… sending warm fuzzies and Angels to comfort you. (((hugs)))

    • So sorry for your loss. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

      I also got the text message yesterday which I really like. My mail ran late so I didn’t get the box until after 7pm. My husband kept asking why I was waiting at the door for the mailman to show up haha.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss Holly. We are sending many prayers and blessings to you and your family.

      I had received an email with a tracking link on Saturday and the box came in yesterday (quickest box I’ve ever received). This is my second box from LLB.
      I enjoyed the letter, it was pretty cute and light hearted.
      I love KS, can’t afford her, so the water bottle is a keeper.
      The Tarocco products were a hit for me. I love the smell and they worked great.
      I bought the yearly sub as a birthday present for myself and vowed not to share any products with anyone. My sister says the sea sponge is awesome, lol. She saw it and she doesn’t get excited by much so I had to give it to her 🙂
      I haven’t had time to look online for the print info yet but I know this will be my favorite part. Emmy and I have already started going through pics of her and Ty growing up to use. My babies turn 12 and 21 this year so this will be something I cherish forever 🙂

  3. They must have had a ton of people sign up in February

  4. Just got an email from them explaining what is going on with the new site and the problems with shipping notifications. Looks like they’ve decided not to take any new subscribers for April now either!

    • Honestly, I am pleased with this. It seems like they have some issues to work out…I appreciate the effort they are making to do so. I’m sure a lot of start-ups would have trouble resisting the money new accounts would bring in!

  5. I’m so happy I got the glitter gold water bottle. I really like this box!

  6. My box came today! I can’t wait to see what’s in it. I didn’t read any of the spoilers. 🙂

  7. I’ve never looked at this sub before, but that gold KS bottle is totally up my alley – and I will try and trade for it – so this now has my attention.

  8. I see the theme much better with this one. I’m glad to see they are back on track after a difficult month. The Kate Spade item is a major win, I haven’t been getting boxes for long but I don’t think I’ve seen any KS items before. I may consider signing up again.

  9. Just opened my box. It’s a big hit with me! First of all, the letter completely cracked me up. I love the commentary on people’s likes and dislikes. I thought it was well done and hilarous. I received the Oliva line and think it smells wonderful I’m excited to try it out. My water bottle is the gold glitter which is so happily girly, that I am thrilled. I’m pretty meh on the sea sling but sure I’ll use it, and I’m jazzed to check out the canvas print service. I think this is a great box of items I might not treat myself with, and I’m really jazzed to keep my subscription.

  10. So I went to their website to cancel, and it’s not possible to do so on the new site! According to their FAQ, you should be able to do so AND it must be done by the 30th of the month.

    Also, did anyone notice they are now billing on the 10th of the month instead of the 15th? No communication about that on FB and certainly no email about it. That’s something that’s really important to some subscribers and should be communicated to them.

    The communication by this company leaves a lot to be desired.

    • On the 15th of this month they sent me the email where they charged me for the month of March, in the same email they include a link where it states you can manage the subscription from there. Once you get on that click cancel or if that doesn’t let you unsubscribe click the option to skip the following month and email LLB Im sure they will help.

      • Found it. Thanks!!!

  11. One of the challenges that I have with this box as opposed to most others is that they send heavy items so when something is a miss, it’s difficult to swap it without shipping eating up too much of the value. This happens occasionally with PS or GB, but seems to be more of an issue with LLB.

    • I sure hope LLB doesn’t start sending lightweight items in order to make it easier for those who wish to swap away their items. The subscriber is the end user and intended recipient, not the swapper.

      • I was thinking the same thing, Amy.

      • Agree here too…. Well said, Amy!

    • Sounds like a non-issue. These boxes don’t exist to give people the luxury of swapping, after all…that is a personal choice. I would much rather get nice quality things that I can keep or gift!

      • Agree with this.

      • I love having great gifts on hand, especially things I wouldn’t have thought of buying. Not concerned about the weight.

  12. I never get shipping emails so I’m nervous that I won’t get the special code email. Am I alone in this?

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. You are not alone!

  13. So excited about the print. Been looking at these since before Christmas. I am still happy with LLB and can’t wait for next month!

  14. i feel jinxed. I signed up due to the awesome boxes. Now they seem okay, not awesome. My 1st was February and it was missing items and had leaked items. Not a great 1st start. This box is good, not special. I am happy as each item is roughly $8 bucks and when you look at it that way, you cant get a great shampoo and conditioner for $8 each – I spend 20ish for each at my salon. Same goes for glass water bottle as the plastics are around $8-$13 and this one is kate spade. The sponge, meh but okay. canvas print (looks like you upload on the LLB website) is great. you cant buy this for $8.00 so all in all, great value. I Just wish it was special. Doesn’t feel overly special or that it fit the theme at all. Maybe the letter will bring it together, but I don’t see how. I felt like how hard it was to sub to this box, it was promoted to be MORE special than popsugar. Popsugar has been putting out better boxes and LLB less special boxes in the last few months. Looking forward to Zoe and April Popsugar. Hope the kitchen theme will be consistent as I cook nightly and bake a lot! Been thinking of Nina’s box but not sure if it will be great, like her coming back to being awesome box or meh like the last one. I am 35. A ballin hat for me at 20 or now wouldnt work lol

    • I felt exactly the same way. Jinxed. I drooled over October and November boxes and was finally able to get in on the December box. The only thing I kept was the soap. I swapped the day runner, and gifted the jewelry to my 9 year old cousin. I haven’t liked any of the boxes since November.

  15. Firstly their method of communicating information should not be through facebook. I (as well as many others I’m sure) have now emailed them before seeing the posting on here
    Secondly for the second month in a row I am regretting doing the year sub for this.
    Thirdly doesn’t everyone have a dozen water bottles already? And for me personally I break glass LOL
    Lastly the print idea is cool so I will have to reserve judgement on that for now

    • I agree on all three points. I skipped this month (though they charged me anyway and I had to contact them for a refund, so they kind of missed the boat on customer service). The sub seems to be starting to flail a bit, becoming rather random and all over the map. Would I ever pay $40 for shampoo and conditioner, a water bottle and a sea sponge? Never. We actually use the Tarocco brand and their full size bottles are still quite small compared to major salon brands. What the heck does the sponge go with/represent? And the water bottle from a major designer label? That’s hardly a new and exciting indie brand discovery for the majority of women. And then to not include the redemption code for the print in the box just comes across as sloppy. And I’m never a fan of having to procure my own products as with the canvas. I didn’t care for last month’s letter about their shipping woes nor have I cared for previous recitations about how expensive shipping is; to me it’s unprofessional to overshare that way, feels like I’m getting a box from a cousin not a business, and not in a good way). I had high hopes for this sub and felt lucky to get a monthly sub back in Nov. Now I think I’m ready to vacate my spot and allow someone else to enjoy. I can only imagine how the April theme will be represented….

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

  16. I was able to hold out and open my box spoiler free too and I love it! Just yesterday I was giving myself a facial, noticed that the directions said to take the mask off with a sponge, and told myself ‘I need to get one of those’ – it’s like they read my mind! 😀

    Also really need a new water bottle but was holding out because I was sure one would come in a subscription box soon. I would have never splurged for one as nice as this gold, glittery Kate Spade number! So happy for this!

    The Cali Baronessa Torocco Shampoo & Conditioner smell awesome (and I love origination story they provide) – can’t wait to try.

    I look forward to seeing the options for the print. Such a cute idea!

    I can definitely see how this box isn’t what many would expect for the “Here Comes the Sun” theme but overall I’m very happy with LLB and glad I jumped on an annual subscription when I could.

    …And I love cooking and all things kitchen so yay for April!!

  17. Well…I walked down the aisle to an acoustic “here comes to sun” so my hopes where high. =) This is not what I expected, but Kate Spade is my jam so at the annual price of $32 a month this box is still a win for me. The canvas is an awesome addition!

  18. Not seeing anything I like. Really bummed because this box seemed like it was going to be a hit with the “Here comes the Sun” theme but nothing here really gives me that. I think they should have products that tie into the theme better. If I knew I was going to spend $40 on Shampoo/Cond. a sponge and a water bottle I would’ve cancelled immediately. I’m hoping the code for the canvas might sway me into liking the box but I feel like everything will be swapped. I’m giving them another chance in April and if I don’t like it I will definitely cancel LLB.

    • Same here Cristina. I was so excited to find out that they’d opened subs, because when I first learned of them they were only allowing annual subs at the time and I couldn’t afford it! I wasn’t particularly thrilled with last month’s box either 🙁

  19. I just got home & opened my box spoiler free & I was smiling ear to ear!
    I got the gold glittery Kate Spade water bottle & I love it! I was just about to buy a new one & I’ve always wanted a Kate Spade item, but can’t afford it, so this was just too perfect for me 🙂
    I got the Cali Baronessa Torocco shampoo & conditioner. They smell fabulous & I hope they work great too!
    I use loofa’s, so the sea sponge works for me 🙂
    & I can’t wait to use the code for the canvas print…I buy them as gifts all the time, but never for myself, so this one will be mine 🙂
    Their letter was kind of all over the place, but that is no biggie. I just imagine them being all excited while writing & that always results in babbling 😉 All in all, for me, it’s a great box! This was my 2nd one & I can see how great their boxes are now that weather, etc isn’t getting in their way

    • I’m starting to notice a trend…it appears that many of the spoiler-free people enjoy their boxes more. I keep reading comments along the lines of “spoiler free and grinning ear to ear” or spoiler free…and I love it.” I wish I had the self restraint to go spoiler free (although I still enjoy LLB’s monthly curation).

      • I agree with your observation. I opened mine today spoiler free and it’s the first spoiler free box I’ve opened in a long time. I also loved it when I opened it and explored the contents and read the letter.

        Going spoiler free definitely makes the box feel more like an unexpected gift rather than a monthly transaction. I think I might go spoiler free for all of April and see what happens!

        • I agree with you ladies, I almost didn’t read the spoilers. I think next month will wait for the box!

  20. I got my box today and received the pink bottle- I’d be interested in trading it for the gold one though, if anyone has that one?

  21. I’m really excited for this month! I’m always open to new shampoos & conditioners. I love Kate Spade products and I’ve been wanting a canvas print. I Limit my subs so I don’t get overwhelmed and can get a little more excited about what I’m getting. I’m very happy with this sub!!

  22. Meh. Just… meh.

  23. I’m still on the fence about this sub vs popsugar but I’ll probably wait until after my birthday month (may) to decide if I want to continue. The shampoo is welcome to me as I was just about to run out, bottle looks cute, I’m ok with the canvas too. Not sure about the sponge thing. But this sub also seems to look better in person than in the spoilers.

    I cannot figure out how you guys can tell when your box is coming, I don’t get any email. Watch it’ll come tomorrow when I don’t get home until after 9pm! (Darn tax time!)

    • You need to sign up (at the various shipper sites) in order to be notified when you are receiving a box. Three that I know that do that are: UPS (the best imo), FedEx and USPS. Make an account and you will get emails when packages are coming which is so fun when you didn’t know you were getting one!

  24. SO glad I cancelled. If you’re getting this box and you’re happy — that’s awesome. More power to you. I would not be happy with a water bottle, a sponge, shampoo /conditioner, and a coupon for a print. 12×12 is mighty small for a wall print but it could turn out to be classy and nice, which would make this box a good value…..

  25. Love this box so much. Literally ran out of shampoo/conditioner last night so that was great (though I wish I had received the other set–I got the olive one). Kate Spade is great, and the canvas will make a great gift for someone special. Total win for me 🙂

  26. I agree I haven’t been as thrilled with this sub since November, I loved last September’s and October’s boxes but signed up in November and I was lucky to get that box. December was a wash for me, since I don’t like gold jewelry and swapped most of January box. February I swapped it all except the lotion and the earrings I got I adore them, wearing them now. But this month I’ll definitely use the shampoo and conditioner, I got the gold Kate Spade bottle, which is the one I wanted and I’ll use the sponge. I love this month’s box and will use every item in it! I’m excited to see what April’s box will bring.

  27. Canceling! Going downhill to me.

  28. I’m starting to feel jinxed when it comes to subscription boxes. I swear as soon as I sign up for a box the items they offer don’t excite me… Then I cancel and the boxes offer really nice and appealing goodies… sigh! I signed up for the Little Lace Box and my first box was last month… I’ll give them one more month to win me over; if not cross another jinxed box off my list.

    • I know what you mean. When I saw the spoilers for the Feb box. I cancelled immediately. On a diff topic, is anybody having problems contacting them? I have been trying to contact them for a month now and they have still not refunded me for the cancelled box. Kristin responded once or twice but failed to follow up. I’m pestering them but I think I might need to dispute the charges. This is really frustrating. I have never had problems like this before where they take 2 weeks to reply and when you follow up with a Q they simply do not bother to respond.

      • im having the same issue!! I’ve contacted them numerous times without reply or refund! I’m frustrated and its left a poor taste in my mouth. 🙁

        • If they don’t reply by this Wed. I’m calling my bank and disputing the charges. This is becoming ridiculous.

      • I cancelled as soon as I saw the spoilers for the February box, well before the cancel date and then last week I received a notification for my completed order. I emailed them that I had cancelled the month prior and didn’t want the order. They never responded, but I got a cancellation notice (I did it again manually as it wasn’t showing as cancelled, I am positive it worked the first time around) and I see the refund on my credit card.

  29. Was the theme for the April box included?

    • Yes. The theme is “Nonna’s Kitchen”. It says, “The April box will have things for you and your kitchen.”

      • Thanks!

  30. I’m excited to getting a glass water bottle. I’ve been using the glass Keep Cup from the Jan PS box and I swear things taste better. Probably my imagination but I’ll take it. The rest of the box ins’t doing much for me based on spoiler pics but I like to reserve final judgment until I have it in my hands.

  31. I cancelled after a 3 month stint so I didn’t get this box and glad I didn’t. This box just isn’t for me, I ended up swapping most of the last three months and will stick to Popsugar and now the Rachel Zoe box. The good thing for those who got it and don’t care for much, there are always tons of people on the swap board interested in anything from LLB.

  32. I’m going to wait to reserve judgment till I get mine. I am definitely hoping for any color but pink on the bottle. Looks too heavy to swap. Not that I need another water bottle, but if it’s cute I’ll be happy! Really don’t need more shampo either but as long as it works, I’ll use it. As was said below, thank goodness they sent conditioner as well as just shampoo!

    So is the canvas print one where we use our own photograph or where we choose a print from an artist? Or will we not know until we get the email later this week? (Boy I wish they would just email all subscribers instead of posting to Facebook, sigh).

    • The info sheet reads, “it would be impossible to decide who is special in each of your lives, so we decided to get you a full-sized, gallery-quality mounted canvas print, and let you decide how to use it.” I took that to mean that it would be our own photograph or artwork. I hope so, anyway.

      • Thank you!

        • I didn’t see the code to redeem for the print, did anyone else see one and maybe my eyes just missed it?

          • I couldn’t find any code for the canvas print either. I just emailed them so we’ll see when what they say.

          • Their FB page said that they’ll be emailing the code at the end of the week.

          • Oops! Just noticed it was answered below!

          • They posted on FB that they’ll be emailing the code later this week.

  33. I haven’t received my box yet, but I’ll be cancelling so that should open up a spot for someone else. This is just another month that doesn’t appeal to me – I don’t find even one of the products intersting. I don’t get how this fits the “here comes the sun” theme. They must have really stretched for an explanation in their letter.

  34. I’m hopeless – my box is out for delivery yet I couldn’t resist checking for spoilers! This may not be the most exciting box they’ve sent, but it’s still fun and I’ll most likely use everything. To echo someone else’s sentiment, at least they sent both shampoo & conditioner! I hate when I only receive one or the other. I really do love this subscription, and their new website looks so much better!

  35. I am most excited for canvas. Actually really need some, it was great idea! I am ok with shampoo and conditioner. They never send it before so it’s perfectly justified, not their fault we subscribe to so many boxes and are overload with them. At least they send BOTH , not only shampoo like some other subs 🙂

    • It says it’s a canvas print, so it’s a piece of artwork, not an art supply.

  36. I’m so weak my box is out for delivery today and i told myself I wouldn’t look. I’m super excited for the box. I have been wanting a glass bottle for the gym. And the canvas sounds awesome. I understand the box won’t appeal to everyone but I love it.

  37. Hm, this is my least favorite box in terms of items I will use but there is still lots of value there so I can swap. I’m a little confused on how Kate Spade fits in with their mission to expose people to up and coming artists, designers, etc.

  38. I’m actually pretty happy with my box. I got the Oliva hair care, and I’ve been thinking about changing shampoos and conditioners, so it’s a win for me. It’s got a fresh, clean scent that I like. And I did get the gold sparkly bottle–something I love and would never in a million years have bought for myself. I can’t wait to find out more about the print! I’ve already got a couple of pictures in mind.

    • I received the same box and I love it! It is a gorgeous water bottle and I love Kate spade! I’m really happy with the whole box and LLB in general.

      • That’s the combination I got and I love it, too! The glitter bottle is really cute and while I wouldn’t have thought of ordering a family pic canvas print on my own, I’m very excited to do so. I’m all in for next month’s kitchen theme!

  39. This box is definitely a miss with me. I’m looking forward to April, though, based on the theme.

  40. So glad I cancelled. Not one thing here to be excited about.

  41. For those of you who received your box, was there a coupon for the print? I got mine today and the info sheet says to use your personalized code to buy the print but I don’t have anything in my box with this code.

    • Just posted on Facebook by LLB –

      **Notice** To our LLB subscribers, you will be receiving an email at the end of the week containing a special one-time use unique code. Use this code to redeem on for one of the products in the March box. Your code is coming soon and we hope you enjoy this lovely item for years to come. Thank you! XO LLB Team

      • Thanks for the heads up, Julie!

      • Thanks for heads up on code since I had the same question. Wish it would have been mentioned on the enclosed sheet describing the products.

        • Thank you for the explanation! I asked on another comment string, and saw this 🙂

      • Thanks for the info.

  42. I got the turquoise water bottle. Turquoise is my favorite color, next to glitter, so I hope there are no sparkly ones or I’ll have bling-envy. lol

    I did not get the Tarocco shampoo and conditioner. I got the Oliva Green version. It’s okay. March was definitely the month for hair care products. I’m on overload. Plus, this doesn’t smell great.

    My son is graduating high school this year, so the canvas mounted print will be a great way to display one of his senior pictures. Although, I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to redeem it. I didn’t get a “unique discount code”, and I can’t find anything about it on their website.

    • There is a gold sparkly one that I was really hoping to get once I saw the ugly (in my opinion) pink one. I’d love a turquoise one though!

    • Looks like a lot of people don’t have the code in their box.

    • Ashley, I got the gold one and would prefer the turquoise. If you are interested in swapping please email me at [email protected]. I’d love to trade!

    • I don’t get where he code is either.

  43. I hope I get the polka dot version or the gold water bottle. This box is amazing! Curious to know more about the prints available.

  44. I’ve been trying to get a subscription to LLB for months now…can’t even buy a year bc it says they don’t have enough to fill my order. Everyone enjoy your boxes & know that I’m wishing to have one =)

  45. Mine is out for delivery – why could I not wait to read the spoilers? On a Kate Spade kick – love the water bottle!

  46. I’ve seen another version of the water bottle, a glittered affair.
    Can I say that I’m pretty underwhelmed?! I’m very much on shampoo/conditioner overload, partly because of other subscriptions and some I’ve bought because they suit my hair. I really don’t need more, not even expensive stuff. I’d much rather have a tangible item for $30+ than a consumable.
    The canvas print coupon however, is a real hit. I believe the shipping is included which makes it even better. I hope I can swap for a second!

  47. I was just admiring that Kate Spade glass water bottle while out shopping this weekend! Looks like there will be variations so I’m hoping for the gold sparkly version.

    And that Tarocco shampoo smells wonderful!

  48. SO excited for the canvas and the awesome water bottle. This looks amazing.

  49. Love this box!! Little Lace Box has quickly become my favorite box. The canvas print is really different and great too – and worth more than the price of the box! As soon as I can, I’m buying a year subscription to them.

  50. WOW!! They have definitely went out on this one, I love Kate Spade and a few of her purses!! I subscribed in February and got that box, fun little mixture of items. This one seems more high-end, can’t wait to get it!

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