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BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2015

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BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2015 Box

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. It’s one of our favorite subscription boxes – our dog loves it, and we’ve gifted it to dogs in our extended family as well!

BarkBox customizes your box to your dog’s size. For reference, this review is for the small size (our dog weighs 14 pounds)

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: BarkBox

The Cost: $29 a month, or $19 a month with a 12-month subscription.

COUPON: Expiring Soon! Save 32% off any length subscription with coupon codebarkmadness32

The Products: Toys, treats and grooming products perfect for your dog based on their size.

Ships to: US and Canada

Keep track of your subscriptions –  add BarkBox to your subscription list or wish list!

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BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2015 Toys

PetProjekt Squeeki Tiki – Value $8

Swag Co. Parrot – Value $9

This Squeeki Tiki toy is BPA free! Our dog Buckles doesn’t care too much for plastic toys, but my mom’s dog does, so this goes to her!

Buckles wasn’t too crazy about this Parrot either – he prefers toys of the plush/squeaker variety. (You can see his slight interest in these toys in our unboxing video!)

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2015 Treats

Yeti Corp Golden Nuggets – Value $8

Etta Says! Bison Chew – Value $3

I am not a fan of these golden nuggets. According to the package, you microwave them for 60 seconds, they expand to about double the size, then you let them cool and give them to your dog. In both times I tried this, the treat ended up burning a little, and it was as bad as the burnt popcorn smell I hate! (AKA it stinks up the house for what seems like forever). Our dog loved the smell, so I’m guessing he would have loved these treats, but I ended up just throwing them out. If you had better success microwaving these let me know!

Our dog went crazy for this chew though – and I love that it is made in the USA.

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – March 2015 Coconut

Etta Says! Toasted Coconut Bitz – Value $7

Our dog didn’t like these too much – he’s pretty picky when it comes to food and prefers his treats not to be too healthy, and to be at least 95% meat.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $35 – I think that’s a good value for the $29 a month cost, and even better if you sign up for a longer subscription with a coupon. (That’s what we did).

This box wasn’t a huge hit for us since most of the items Buckles rejected, but it did result in my favorite unboxing video ever, so I’m OK with that. (Plus most Barkboxes are wins for us, and we share items Buckles rejects with dog cousins!)

What did you think of the March BarkBox?

Check out our unboxing video below:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Just received my first barkbox….not too impressed. I ordered the big and bold but you would have thought I got the tiny box. Plus it feels like I got leftovers from the February box. It was a Louisiana living theme… Etta says rabbit chew, the delca jester ball, Etta says chicken pot pie bits, petsafe catfish po’boy and the new angle pet junior gulpy. The chew lasted all of 5 seconds, treats are so tiny I almost lost my hand (lol), jester ball is so small my dog almost swallowed it. The gulpy thing is 10 oz. While this might be awesome for smaller dogs it just won’t work for either of my 70 pound dogs. I would have to refill it 3 times. Glad I trained my dogs how to drink out of water bottles. I loved the theme and while they loved everything I just don’t see the value of the big and bold box of they aren’t going to provide large size treats/toys. I would be willing to pay more if they provided the right size for my dogs. All the products are not something that I would have bought for my dogs. Is this a common occurrence? I still have 3 more months left. I will not be renewing if this continues

    • I’d subscribed to this and PetBox for a few months and then cancelled both after the Feb. boxes since we have quite a stockpile of treats now. However when there was a buy one get one offer in March for BarkBox, my husband subscribed–on Monday he got the exact same box that I got last month. It was Marti Gras themed last month, Louisiana themed this month… I wasn’t too impressed with the Island Paradise items but now I’m worried we’ll get that one NEXT month since they seem to be recycling.

      • That is what I thought too. My hubby wasn’t impressed at all. I am a sucker for coupons…so I did the bogo one for the march box. I would have been OK with a past box if it had actually been size appropriate. I am not going to keep this if next months turns out to be some more tiny dog items and this months box . I’m really disappointed, Liz has had some awesome boxes and was hoping for the same. I am not sure if this is because we didnt pay full price or not.

        • I would email BarkBox–I do think that they have good customer service and if you tell them that you and your dog were unhappy with the box since it was pretty clearly meant for a smaller dog…

          The squeaker in our jester ball died after only a few minutes of play. My dog is only 15 lbs so I don’t imagine this toy would last long with a larger dog!

          • I have found that if you have a problem with anything in the barkbox and you contact customer support – they will send you a $10 voucher to purchase something in the store. I have done this twice. I don’t give my American Bulldog plush items because they will not make it 5 minutes…I just save those for gifts to smaller dogs in the family. However, if I get anything with a rope attached – I contact them for a voucher. I will not give my 72 pound dog anything with a rope – they are extremely dangerous. I know too many instances where a dog has been lost due to the strings getting tangled in the intestines. Other than that, we look forward to our Barkbox every month. We have even earned 1 free one.

  2. I usually get the same items in the review except for this month. I was very disappointed. I received all the same treats but the toys were leftover items from previous boxes. I got a bone shaped plush and the Muddy Buddy Dog Mop. I think it was because it was technically the last month of my subscription before the renew so they gave me the leftover inventory. I did email them to ask why and to confirm my theory and they totally avoided the question twice. They were very nice but did not answer the question. Not happy with this box but will renew because my pup enjoys it.

  3. Your Buckles looks like my Kira. What kind of dog is he? Kira is a yorkipoo.

  4. Got an identical box to what Liz received. The parrot lost his tail feathers almost immediately, but that seems easy to repair. The squeak toy went to my sister’s dog so she doesn’t feel “left out” and that was a hit. The coconut treats went over ok, but they aren’t as excited about them now as when they were unboxed. They will definitely get eaten. The chew was one my dog hid after I gave it to her so she could save it and eat in front of her “cousin”… my dog is a diva. The yeti treats are the overwhelming favorite. I found microwaving at 15 second intervals ensured that they fully puffed up, but didn’t get burnt. I did, however, have to cut them up so that my tiny dog could even get them into her mouth to chew.

  5. I loved my box this month. I have the “just right” sized box. We have a standard poodle. The yeti treats are so much fun!! I loved them! I heated one for 60 seconds on a napkin. My dog had to wait quite a bit for it to cool, but she just licked it a while. Then she bit in to it and it was crunchy! I was surprised, I didn’t expect it to be crunchy. She loved it and ate every crumb! I think it’s a totally fun treat since she never gets anything warm really. We plan to give her one a day until they are gone. She also got two toys, one a very large and rugged stuffed bone, canvas and wooly type that says fetch, it has a squeaker inside, I think it’s a very nice quality toy. Also the plastic message in a bottle toy. That one has a great squeak. I don’t think it would work for a serious chewer, but my dog isn’t. However even if she doesn’t love it, my little girls will play with it in their toy kitchen. We also received a full bag of wonderful granola biscuit type treats and a buffalo chew. I’m very happy with the box this month!!

    • Turns out she LOVES the message in a bottle toy! It gets some great bounces when you throw it, and my dog loves that!! And it’s so cute seeing her run back with a bottle hanging out of her mouth! Yay barkbox, I love you. I really want to use that 32% off coupon code but I can’t figure out how to when I have an existing sub.

  6. That’s so weird that your large dog box was a different theme then mine. I have a 95 lb dog and our box was the paradise tropical escape theme (or something like that). We were extremely disappointed with this months box. The toys were way to small. The message in a bottle broke within a minute and was prob the size of my dogs mouth. The safe made pineapple is entirely too small and he has no interest in it. And they left out the Mai tai mango biscuits completely. They are sending another treat in its place after I contacted them (great customer service) as the mango treats are sold out. But I think they didn’t send me a large dog box and I got the medium instead? Idk. I’m honestly hoping this is a fluke because we’ve loved every box until this month. I’m going to finish out my subscription and then decide from there whether we will stay. Hopefully this was a one time deal!

    • I subscribe for the medium and you described my box, doesn’t sound like you got the large size! 🙁

  7. The trick for the nuggets is much like the trick to not burning microwave popcorn: you have to watch it closely. 45 seconds and we are good to go with these. I did the first for 60 and it was fine too, just super hot and the pup isn’t really patient waiting for them to cool. 45 seconds was the key.

    Despite how their site categorizes dogs by size, the toy sizes really don’t match up for the medium size group. It says 20-50 lbs. That’s a big size range. We have a shiba inu-husky mix coming in at 40 lbs. He is the definition of “medium.” Last month he got the ginormous moose toy and this month it was the mondo stuffed bone. He LOVED stuffed toys (including these) but they’re just too big for him to really get full use from. I changed the profile to “small” for Apr. I hope we don’t get teacup poodle-size toys and treats. They really need to work on their size breakdowns when it comes to toys. Buddy loved all of the treats (he’s not terribly picky) and the bone. The rubber message in a bottle, like all other rubber/hard toys, not so much. I don’t see that it’s “cheap” or cheaply made. It’s just worthless to our dog. We just batch up the toys he doesn’t love and donate them to our local rescue. I know they’re much loved and appreciated there.

    • I’m a bit confused why we never seem to get themed boxes. Not once. No New Orleans, no tropical, no movie night themes. Just random stuff in a box. It would be nice to receive one of the themes apparently everyone else is getting at least once. It’s making me wonder if they send special “you bought with a coupon” versions. It’s strange to never get what anyone else appears to have received. In 3 months we’ve had a total of 2 items someone else also received – the massive moose toy and this month’s nuggets.

      • Weird, I just got the 3rd of my Groupon boxes, and the first two were themed – winter (?) for January and Mardi Gras for February. But my stuff was almost all different from Liz’s, but I assumed that was because I have a big dog. What size is your dog?

  8. Our box theme was Island Paradise and for the first time in many months, I was disappointed with a few of the items. We got the Golden Nuggets, buffalo chew, a fuzzy bone shaped stuffed toy, bag of Mango Passion fruit treats and a very cheap rubber like/plastic bottle that will be destroyed in minutes. The box is okay but when I saw the plastic bottle, my first thought was one of the dogs swallowing little pieces of the plastic once they bite into it. It just doesn’t seem like the quality found in most of the BarkBox toys. I will continue susbscribing to Bark Box because their past boxes have been awesome. We also enjoy Pet Box.

  9. Our big dog really enjoyed his “Movie Night” box, but it was a bit different from what Ashley’s big pup received. He did get the stuffed popcorn (best 10 minutes of his life tearing it to bits), the salmon treats, and the movie night bacon hearts treats. He also received a jerky buffalo stick and a wonderful tough “big dog” green 12 in plastic stick with an internal squeaker (sorry- I threw away the packaging, so I cannot tell you the name, but it floats which is great in our pool). I was so happy to receive the toy as I know it will be around for a while. This is our dog’s second BarkBox – last month we received a cute box but with an itty bitty Gulpy (way too small for our big pup). However, I emailed them and I was blown away by BarkBox’s customer service (we’ll be subscribing for a long time thanks to this) – if you receive something that is too small/not quite right, I highly recommend emailing them! Also, they mention in their email to me that they are looking at putting out a “jumbo” sized box in the future for the really big dogs. We’ll probably upgrade to this if it becomes available as our golden retriever is really tough on toys.

  10. I complained to customer service about the popcorn toy and got 10 dollars and free shipping to the online store.
    My dog normally does not ruin toys but the popcorn was asking for it, still have the yeti and the jester ball and the moose plus a ton more!

  11. We received the movie night extra-large dog box & we’re disappointed in it. The popcorn toy was un-stuffed in minutes. The treats are training sized, the bone is okay, but the tiny travel bowl is a joke.

  12. We haven’t gotten ours yet. Our dog is 15 lbs, but I usually still get a few different items than Liz. If we get exactly the same items, it’ll be a flop for us as well. They do have the Scout’s Honor guarantee is your dog really truly dislikes something. We hated the moisturizing spray last month (stinks BAD) so they let us pick our $15 worth of stuff from a certain section of their website).

  13. The large dog box theme was Movie Night. It’s a super cute theme, and very cohesive, but, again, some of the items don’t seem size appropriate. We got a very small, flexible silicone travel bowl and a “box of popcorn” plush toy that was reduced to scraps within two minutes of giving it to my puppy. The treats were all a hit: Nature’s Bits Salmon (with strawberries and sweet potatoes) Oven Baked Soft Treats, Healthy Dogma Bacon Hearts and a Butcher’s Block Dynamo which is hickory smoked and made from either beef shank or arm bone.

    I realize that well-made dog toys are more expensive, but I would gladly give up one of the treats and the inappropriately sized accessories to get a toy that lasts longer than five minutes. Although, my puppy may not agree. haha

    • I got the same box as you, I thought the treats were much better sized this month than last month. Last month’s they were so tiny, this month it was a little bigger. And my dog loves the big bone, the popcorn toy was really cute, but yes destroyed within an hour. The travel bowl was super tiny I swapped it immediately.

  14. Mine is different!! I have large / x large dog and we got a movie theathers theme

  15. I had thought about trying BarkBox out with the coupon but don’t think this would have been a hit for Sadie. So far we have been pleased with PetBox and Sadie has liked everything in it each month.

  16. If I’m not mistaken, Barkbox sent out an email a few days ago with instructions on how to make the treats. In that email, I believe they said to microwave the treats for 45 seconds. When I get my box, I’m going to try 45 seconds instead.

    • Yep – I just found that email now. Who knows – maybe the 15 seconds is the difference needed? 🙂

    • 45 seconds is the PERFECT amount for these treats, and even though I got this sub box for my tiny guy (5 and 1/2 pounds) the Pitbull big boy loved them too (okay, to be fair, he inhaled his while Remington ate his over the course of a day plus lol).

      Still loving bark box, but the toys were pretty big this time…got the super big bone shaped squeaky toy which he hauls around, and the whale which he has so far ignore. Hmmm…maybe that’s a swap item!!!

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