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Ipsy March 2015 Spoilers!

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Ipsy March 2015 Spoilers

Thanks Lisa for sharing these spoilers with us! Each March 2015 Ipsy bag will include:Ipsy March 2015 Spoilers! NYX

NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow OR Lipstick plus 4 other items. What do you think of the first Ipsy March spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone had an issue with their points? I just logged into my Ipsy account to review my products as I do every month and my Ipsy points are GONE! My points history is also bare. I’ve been a subscriber since June 2014 and I’ve never used any points so I’m not sure exactly how many points I had but I know it was at least enough to get a few products! I was just waiting for something I love. I e-mailed IpsyCare and hopefully will hear back from there soon. I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them.

  2. I just cancelled my ipsy subscription. I really enjoyed it (I’ve been a subscriber for nearly two years), but the fun has worn off for me over time. Hope someone new enjoys my spot!

    • I did the same – I’ve put up two entire bags (bag + contents) up for swap two months in a row. I’m tired of Ipsy. (I’ve subscribed since December ’13.) I’m tired of Ipsy “match”. Buh-bye!

  3. Hi Liz, et al,
    Well I just tried to subscribe to Ipsy last night, for a year, and was told I’m on the wait list due to ‘popularity’ and all this nonsense. I think I rec’d an email saying that if I post on FB, allow them FULL access to my contacts, spam 10 of my friends with referrals, and follow them on both Instagram and You Tube I can get off the wait list faster. WOW. I wrote them back and told them that is a deplorable business model and get me off their “waiting” list. They have nothing I want that badly in exchange for them getting my entire Facebook contact list and making me have to play b.s. social media games.
    Anyone else have the same situation?
    I’m seriously annoyed.

    • yup i tried to stick it out one more month and cancelled. not even worth the ten to me, boxycharm is worth 70 dollars or more a month or way more for only 21 a month. ipsy is getting absurd and im leaving for sure as soon as i get my tracking number that this months is on the way. they started doing the spam 10 friends a few months back, heard they were just sending it to themselves lol

    • Yes! This is the reason I’ve never subscribed to Ipsy (I ‘m perfectly happy with my birchbox, anyway). Every now and then they’ll send me an email saying “you’re off the waitlist!!” but when I click to subscribe they want to connect to my FB, etc etc. and I decided I’m not going to jump through all those hoops just to subscribe to their box.

    • I was immediately taken off the waitlist when I told them I do not do social media and did not feel comfortable leaving my credit card on file with them while I waited an indeterminate length of time.

      Now I’ve had it for a few months and I realize it’s just not for me. The bag I am getting this month is more or less worthless to me. I am getting a medium concealer when my profile clearly states I have very fair skin. Why? I’m done with this.

      Plus, I have no idea how to determine if my bag has been shipped. Does anyone get tracking? Or know where to find it in our account online?

      • I always get an email from them with my tracking number.

      • Usually I get the email on the 10th of the month.

      • Thank you to both of you.

  4. Does any one know what shade the purple nyx lipstick is? The nyx rack at my Cavs is always half empty, but I would love to find that color. Not going to risk resubbing to ipsy for it, I never liked any product I received from them.

    • The purple-looking one is “Hunk.” It’s not really purple on, but it’s pretty.

  5. ever since i got boxycharm, ipsy is just blah to me. its the same old stuff and just doesnt excite me anymore, if they dont bring it this month, it will be bye bye bye ipsy!

  6. Yea i agree about the same colors in Pacifica but these NYX shadows are always good to have! I’ve been very lucky id say since i do like most of the bags i receive and if not then i throw it in the Giveaway Gift box! ^^not excited about these Lip Colors

  7. if Ipsy sends me another freaking eyeshadow I’m canceling my subscription

  8. I want the grape lipstick *.*

  9. Looks good to me! So far I have no regrets about replacing Birchbox with IPSY. The last few months have been especially good. I’ve gotten some great brushes, which I love. That alone is worth the price to me. Everything else is a bonus.

  10. It seems we all get what we don’t want- I’m dying for a lipstick and haven’t gotten a single one yet in 6 months! I have gotten 3 eyeshadows in that color the past 3 months, and I would bet money I’ll probably get another.

    • Well I’ll swap the shadow for the lipstick with you if that happens:)

  11. March will be my first Ipsy bag and I’m super excited 😀 For the price point, I really don’t mind receiving Nyx and other less-expensive brand products as long as they mix in some great stuff otherwise. (Anyway, I love the Nyx Macaron lipsticks, so if the quality is the same, hey. It’s not like they’re getting this stuff from Rite Aid, you know?)

    That said, I really hope I get one of the lipsticks. I can probably make any of the colors work — though I’m crossing my fingers for the berry (though the more nude/light red color would make a good replacement for my MIA Urban Decay lippy in a similar color ugh lol). I just bought some bronze and gold eyeshadow that has a much better color than those look like.

    (Well, the gold is my girlfriend’s, so she probably wouldn’t mind if I got the gold one so I won’t steal hers… XD)

  12. I’m just hoping that I don’t get ANOTHER light color eyeshadow — that would be three months in a row!

  13. I don’t understand why people complain so much! IPsy is a 10$ subscription. They are always generous in their boxes! Way more than birchbox! And if you want high end items more then subscribe to glossy box or boxycharm! I think IPsy is great! Yes there are misses but they are not freaking wizards over there! Lol

  14. I don’t necessarily have anything against those products, but I have to admit that NYX in general is just not that exciting as a spoiler. It’s not the worst, but it definitely doesn’t get me anxious or pumped up.

  15. Ugh. Those eye shadows look exactly like the Pacifica ones from January. And I never wear lipstick, so I know I’ll get one of those, LOL.

  16. So I either get ANOTHER pink lipstick that doesn’t match my skin tone or ANOTHER neutral brown/tan/bronze eye shadow to add to the others?


  17. Knowing Ipsy, they are probably going to send me an ugly nude color despite the fact that I am the palest person ever. I think Ipsy hates me. Good thing I am canceling after March, haha.

    • Ha ha…that is exactly what I was just thinking. I always seem to get the color I want the least. Ipsy has been a great subscription-for my friends and family members! :/ If I don’t see an improvement this month I am cancelling.

      • Did you get the terrible light brown NYX Lip Butter Balm? Cause I did and it is horrifying on me! LOL

  18. Not to happy! I can buy NYX at Target. What happened to them putting Urban Decay & Tarte in their bags? More high end products? The last past couple of months Birchbox has been better boxes. They have been putting Benefits products (Rollerlash mascara) & beauty blenders. Dec was probably the last box I was happy with IPSY. Well, hopefully the other 4 products are better.

  19. I’m hoping for an eyeshadow. I’ve gotten too many lip products lately, and I don’t use them. 🙁

    • Same here. I really don’t need another pink lipstick or gloss. I’ve already gotten 3 from ipsy!

  20. I hope I get a lipstick. I wouldn’t the shadows but the shades are way too similar to what we got from Pacifica.

  21. I’m actually pretty pleased! I really hope I get one of the lipsticks! I do really like NYX! 🙂

  22. I’m not regretting my decision to cancel my subscription last month. Ipsy is just getting too be too meh.

    Also – I redeemed my points for the Bordeaux lipstick but when my last bag arrived it was a random eyeshadow instead. I contacted them and they gave me 1000 points (the cost of the lipstick) because they had ran out & 250 more points for my troubles. Would be nice except for the fact that to redeem your points you have to be a subscriber to which I pointed out. So the ipsycare provider gave me a list of available products and let me choose one that I wanted to which she would send out to me. I thought this was pretty cool and a good solution. Unfortunately after I replied with the item of my choice she replied saying thanks for the confirmation and she would be sending out the 5 in 1 bare minerals eyeshadow (which I already got in a previous bag and hate!!). I responded that I was confused and hope she made a mistake. I told her I did not want that product and that I asked for the shadow brush. I never got a response but I got an email today with a tracking number. I emailed ipsycare today for confirmation on WHAT they are sending but I don’t expect to hear back from them for at least 48 hours. The whole situation is frustrating.

    • I have the Bordeaux lipstick up for swap and no one has requested it. If you’d like me to send it to you as a RAOK, please let me know!

      • That is so awesome of you to offer that RAOK to another subscriber! RAOK’s make the world go round 😉

      • That is SO nice of you to offer! I really appreciate your offer but there is no way I could let you do that. Still – THANK YOU.

        Sidenote – I had to google what RAOK meant .. does that mean I am officially old?

        • Seriously, it’s something I’d love to do! I can’t pull off the color and it’s just collecting dust in my swap pile right now I haven’t had a single request for it – more than happy to give it to a good home! 🙂 And I’m 42, so I’m right there with ya’!

    • Hi, I literally just went to after reading all these comments and they still have that Bordeaux lipstick for points!! Sodon’t let them b.s. you around!!

  23. Please, pretty please spare me from the pink lipstick- ugh!! I would take anything else to just not get another pink lipstick!

    • I agree…it seems like I always get the most unflattering color and end up having to throw it away.

    • as a pasty red head Ipsy will most likely send me bright pink lips or dark brown eyes

  24. I’m a bit overloaded with lipsticks – I really hope I get the eye shadow.

  25. I had two pretty good months with Ipsy, I changed my beauty profile and liked the products a little better. That said I don’t like NYX products, kind of tired of seeing them.

    • I was going to say the Same thing about the NYX products. They’re alright, I guess. I don’t know what Ipsy’s obsession is with them. I don’t have them chosen as one of my preferred brands. I’d rather not get any. :-/

      • I’m guessing it’s the price point at least partially.

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