French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015

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French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Box


UPDATE: A few readers have let us know that the beauty products in this box may be expired. FrenchBox just posted this on their Facebook page, so hopefully they will have more information for us soon:

FrenchBox Facebook


In the meantime, I would recommend not using any of the beauty products to be on the safe side.

French Box is a new subscription box that sends you a box of France each month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Unboxing

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: French Box

The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each box contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises.

Ships to: US only.

Delivered via: USPS

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French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Info

This month’s theme is Love is in The Air. The box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Postcard

Each box comes with an illustrated oversized postcard and a new recipe:

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Recipe

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Loreal

L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Nail Art in French Mariniere – Value $4.95

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 390 Nude Treasure – Value $8?

I don’t wear nail stickers often, but I like the nautical look of these ones, so I’ll probably save them for summer.

I could be wrong about this lipstick, but the packaging looks pretty old to me. I do like the color of the pink/nude lipstick. (The packaging was surprisingly tough to get through!)

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 File

Heart Shaped Bath Pearls – Retail Value $8

Paris Nail File – Retail Value $3

The retail values listed are from the card, and to be honest they seem inflated to me. (Neither of the products have any brand on them, so I can’t look them up or link to them).

I’m disappointed that the bath pearls don’t include an ingredient list – I check ingredients on all beauty and food products because of my allergies, so these are an automatic miss for me.

The nail file is cute though!

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Serum

Alexis Cosmetic Serum Excel Booster C+ – FULL SIZE! Value $25

This is another item without ingredients listed! (Sorry to be complaining about that so much!) Since this is a full-size item, I would expect to see the ingredients listed on the product, or on the box it comes in. This serum didn’t come in a box or any type of packaging, and that seems a little weird to me.

Verdict: I always feel a little bad writing a bad review, but this box is my least favorite French Box to date. Something about it just feels off – the contents of the box don’t seem to match the fabulousness of the packaging to me. I know I’m a little biased since I always need to read ingredients of everything due to my allergies/intolerances, so maybe I’m being too harsh on a few of the products.

I also like that French Boxes usually include a variety of items, and it was surprising to see this box was all beauty items. (I’ve really enjoyed all my other French Boxes, so I’m hoping this box is just an anomaly for me).

What do you think of the February 2015 French Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. i am posting again here, the brow box from a couple months back is also made in China. I posted on fb with no response. I am seriously considering cancelling after this month. I think you gave to do it before the 25th or so.

  2. I cancelled my subscription to this one after the whole Lido box and am so glad I did. I had such high hopes for this one. But, all the beautiful packaging in the world doesn’t make up for crappy contents. With this box, the only thing of value in it is maybe the packaging. I do hope they post some sort of explanation as to what happened here. Also, to include Made in China face serum with no ingredients is really shady. I hope no one touches that stuff.

    • I put that serum on the back of my hand. I will let you know if my hand falls off by tomorrow morning. It felt tingly and cold at first and smelled like an old lady (a really old lady), like my grandma smells (which is not bad at all, just old). I did have a change of heart and toss it into trash can afterwards. I just can’t bring myself to either use it myself or give it to anyone. Pretty much everything but the nail file and the too-colorful nail stickers went into trash. It’s too bad.

    • Those serums had also been discontinued. And they did originally come in a box. The box would have had the expiration date,

    • From what others are saying and what I’ve found online, that serum hasn’t been sold for several years and is expired. (Although i found one online store who is selling it clearance for $12) Be very careful before using it if you have sensitive skin, in case this is true. The lipstick lot number can be searched online as well. Several are coming back as lots made in 2013.

  3. I cannot believe this box. Didn’t think it could get much worse than the Moxie box. What I can’t believe even more is that anyone would continue to subscribe and trust a company that not only doesn’t even come close to delivering what you paid for, but also sends VERY questionable items. They should be giving everyone their money back. No excuse for all that garbage.

  4. I received FrenchBox and Mission Cute today and was terribly disappointed with both of them. I thought that the January FrenchBox was great and I would just be echoing everyone else on here with this Feb. box. My serum was not the clear one– it is off white and is the “Intense Radiance Face Serum” — also listed differently on my card than Liz’s. My lipstick is #381- “Silky Toffee” but the package IS beat up (even though it says “Made in France.”). My nail wraps are “Tie Dye Rocks.” I’ve been with FrenchBox from the start and this is truly their worst offering in my opinion…

    • I get both boxes and was disappointed as well. It was such a bad mail day. Already canceled Frenchbox. I hate to cancel MissionCute because it supports a good cause but seriously…I already got that junky heart whisk in another box.

  5. Wow, first Moxie fail, now French Box fail. I am not sure how I ended up getting the two worst boxes of the month. Good thing Moxie was an LS deal, so I do not need to cancel, just not subscribe. I am more disappointed with the French Box though. What a horror… From frayed and tattered packages with nail art and a DISCONTINUED lipstick to $0.99-store bath beads and nail file (which honestly was probably my favorite item in this box) to a very suspicious serum that was made in CHINA!! There is NO way I will be putting anything that was made in China on my face. Especially nothing that does not list the ingredients. I do not want to wake up with a chemical burn in the morning. I am crossing my fingers that after this utter fail they will bring up their game next month. If you look at their Facebook page, there are about 6-7 disappointed posts on it already. And everyone says the same, what a failure this box was, especially in light of fairly decent ones in the previous months. I think I will see what March brings, and if it’s as disappointing, I will not be subscribing anymore. I have a feeling they lost a lot of customers today…

    • It looks like their FB page has disappeared?!? I follow it, but cannot find the page now & it doesn’t show up in a search. Very odd …

  6. I think it’s seriously creepy that the ingredients aren’t listed on some of the products. I really like C serum but won’t use that one for sure. What a weird box, huh?

  7. Absolute worst French Box to date! It looks like they had a good time shopping at the dollar store! What happened?! I have loved their boxes up until now!

  8. I was so amused by the condition of the lipstick packaging that I immediately jumped on MSA to tell everyone — but find everyone has beaten me to it! My lipstick packaging is BEAT UP! Dog-eared at the corners! The paper is BROWN on the edges! It even has a sticky square on the front of the plastic where once there must have been a price sticker (probably a DISCOUNT price sticker!) It’s such an obvious f*ck-*p that I cannot believe it.

    I was ok with the bath beads and the serum until I started reading the posts and agreeingg — yeah no brand name, no ingredients — this does look like a $1 store bin item. Im ok with the gold nails and the nail file…. but WOW. Probably should stick around for next month cause they have some catching up to do!!!

    • My lipstick didn’t even come packaged. Not even a sticker to insure it’s safety. Eww.

      • Mine didn’t come packaged either. Ew. Not that I would use it anyway considering it’s bright orange. Sigh.

  9. This was my first time using FB and is my last, as I promptly cancelled! This was HORRIBLE! My L’Oreal lipstick was DIRTY — I’m not kidding. It looked like something they pulled off a shelf at Big Lots. Everything else was really horrible quality. I’d really like a refund. The only thing great about the box was the box. French Box should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. I received the confetti nail art pattern. It is so crazy it might actually be fun this summer. Since I am not allergic to much, I will give the bath pearls a shot. At least, they are seasonally appropriate for February. The nail file is cute and usable. I like the “pink passion” lipcolor I received although the packaging is clearly not current.

    I will probably try the serum to see if it still works. Mine looks fine and clearly hasn’t been tampered with.

    Overall, I am not impressed with this month either. (I agree that it seems especially bad compared to last month’s which I loved — am still using the hand creme and the lip balm — both of which work great.)

    Maybe they went over budget last month and are trying to make up this difference this month. Not sure.

    Definitely not worth what I paid… 🙁

    Will be watching to see where this goes since I am not yet willing to completely write off FrenchBox.

  11. Tossing the gold nail stickers, bubble bath harts and whatever is in the glass bottle. The lipstick must be old because it’s dry. I spent 24 bucks on a dollar store nail file. Really? Gold nail stickers?

  12. I am sure the lipstick is way old. Not on L’Oreal website to order, and Amazon has it from a third party seller for over $41 plus $15 shipping which is what gets charged when people are desperate to obtain a beloved and discontinued color item. What a terrible box I am so glad I didn’t sub this month.

  13. I’m concern about the serum. I was on my phone earlier when I posted. Now I am on the PC and can search better. I found a couple reviews about the serum from 2011/2012. It is not for sale on the website. It was first available on the Amazon french website in 2010 and is not currently available. C serums degrade over time especially when exposed to light.

    I checked into this because I received a Sothy item in a previous box that I could not locate on the internet. I ended up not using it because I wasn’t sure if it was safe.

  14. French Box and others like it (Try the World, for example) are jokes. I have no idea how these companies stay in business but they get amazing reviews from lots of blogs who are given the boxes early and free only to screw over customers. I know that’s a concern of yours and these are two who have had consistent issues. I guess it’s not surprising they can’t even remember to send boxes to subscribers when they know you’ll be reviewing and this is the crap you get. I’ve been to France many times and you can get L’Oreal at the grocery store.

    • I don’t think you are right. All previous boxes were very nice with high end brands and high quality products. There were a bit of disappointment with Lido items, some people got magnet and phone charm instead of mirror and notesbook. But otherwise Sothys, Matis, Pierre Auge or last month skin care/ cosmetics were top notch.

  15. Wow. So glad I unsubscribed from FrenchBox. It had a good start but it’s really gone downhill. Big bummer.

  16. Yikes…up until now I was impressed with French Box but this looks like a bunch of items from the dollar store 🙁

  17. Wow. This is a horrible box. Looks like an assortment of random old things laying around the house, rather than a curated box with a distinctly french theme. How disappointing.

  18. I so agree with the review… I was looking so forward to this months French Box and it was a very big disappointment. I’ll give French Box another month but if they don’t impress me soon I’ll have to cancel and move on.

  19. Mine hasn’t even shipped yet! But it seems that I am not missing much!

    • I was looking for your review!

  20. I have not received my February box yet, but after seeing this review, I’m not looking forward to it! I immediately canceled after seeing this crap. The serum is not even packaged? Is there an expiration date on the bottle? So sad because I have liked all of their boxes from the very start.

    • Nope – no expiration date on the bottle. No batch/lot number either. 🙁

      • I wonder if French Box will respond to that. All I could find about the serum is back from 2010-2012. I’m interested in their response.

  21. HUGE disappointment!! This was my first French Box and will also be my last. What a waste of money. :-/

  22. Did they sell the company to Beauty Box 5? Are they buying off of Alibaba? Did the owners have a difficult month due to illness or family emergency? What happened?

    Personally I wouldn’t use the serum because it is in a clear bottle causing the serum to break down from the light. It will change colors as it goes bad.

    Actually I wouldn’t use anything in the box especially random bath soaps with no ingredients.

    • I also noticed that your soap is missing the ribbon. I do hope that French Box responds on FB, here, or somewhere about what is going on with the curation. Alibaba sells these types of soaps. I’m seriously wondering if they sold the company and the new owner decided to fill the boxes in a cheaper manner.

  23. When I got my french box this afternoon, I immediately jumped on to find out if the review was up because I could not believe how bad the box was. The bath oils have no brand or ingredients, which lends to the thought that they came from a discount bin. I got snakeskin nail stickers, and the nude lipstick. The color was ok, but from the package it looked old. I was also disappointed to see Loreal in there twice, with both products looking like overstock leftovers. The serum could be interesting but with no packaging or ingredients I have no idea what is in there, and my bottle has a weird cloudy looking think in there so I wonder if it is bad? The nail file was of no quality either $1 at best. A real disappointment.

  24. This was my first French box and will be my last. The other boxes seemed pretty good so I subscribed based on those. And then BOOM a box that seems to bear no resemblance to the quality etc of the other boxes.
    Such a shame

  25. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that the only boxes where I get consistently high value are the really mainstream ones (PopSugar, FFF). I’ve subbed and unsubbed from so many of these startup boxes that have to rely on cheap or discontinued items to turn a profit. I guess they simply don’t have the buying power of the big sub box companies. Too bad, because I loved the idea of French Box. I didn’t even necessarily want huge value…I just wanted French.

  26. My box was due today but somehow didn’t arrive. I hesitated reading the review so I could be surprised (hopefully tomorrow). Obviously, I didn’t hold out. Last month we got the L’Oreal polish. I guess people were not vocal enough about their dismay at finding this line in their boxes. Hopefully there will be a lot of ‘response’ to the company about this box. This box definitely does not have the same feel to it as the other boxes. I subscribed for a year after the first two boxes and am now concerned.

  27. This box sucks. Where did they get the lipstick – in the backroom of a Walgreen’s? Just awful. I’d be embarrassed to send that out. I cancelled after the first box – for which I never got the hype anyway.

  28. I unsubscribed the minute I got this months box. It feels absolutely cheap to me. everything could be got at a dollar store for a discount! Nothing is French about it. Its a shame since they last box showed some hope.
    On the contrary I’m going to try the OuiPlease subscription which while pricey seems more authentic at the moment.

    • Got the box today and wanted to unsubscribe immediately as well, mostly because I have no interest in beauty boxes and this was only a beauty box and one that I find iffy too. (I feel like they got in over their head and are struggling now…maybe? So I feel kind of bad writing this.) Alas, I can’t unsubscribe (seemingly) because when I pull up my account and check on “my subscription” it doesn’t show any info at all. I read their FAQ and followed their instructions, but again nothing comes up – and when I emailed them about this about a month ago, I received no response. So…were you able to unsubscribe via their directions or ? Not too worried about it regardless as by coincidence my credit card company just changed my (and all other cardholder’s cards) because of a security issue so the card they have on account won’t work for the next box anyway…

      • Consider trying a different browser. A couple months ago, I could not access my subscription information in Chrome, but was able to in Firefox. I’m not sure if that will solve your problem or not, but it’s worth a try.

  29. Wow I love Frenchbox, but didn’t get this one because my card was declined for some reason and by the time I updated it, it was too late. I’m really kinda glad I didn’t get this box, I’d be mad if I had. I don’t like seeing L’Oreal in the box, yes I know they’re French, but I can get them here. This box’s curation is very strange everything looks like it came from the dollar store. I had Frenchbox for like 4 or 5 months before this box and I really liked them all. The packaging was beautiful, I loved nearly all the items, I loved the variety. This is like a weird box of discontinued beauty items.

  30. I opened up the box, took the cards out and all I saw was the black packing squiggles. I thought they sent me an empty box!
    Anyway, under the packing, I got the L’Oreal lipstick but it wasn’t on a card, just loose in the box. It’s a warm nude color. Not bad but not something I can pull off.
    I’m going to research the Vitamin C serum because I just ran out of my Paula’s Choice and would love to use this up if it’s anything like what I’m used to. Since it’s in a clear bottle, my guess is it’s not.

  31. Was excited to see this box come today..and opened it and was totally underwhelmed…afraid they are going to get tons of cancellations after this bad box.may cancel the Hilda box too, no value there sad…

  32. Had some issues with my payment and missed the deadline to get February. So glad I missed it… Part of the fun of this box is you receive items no other subscription offers, but this month’s is way too ordinary. Even their prior less liked months had unique items.

    I think I’m gana wait to “fix” my payment issues with them.

  33. It must be hard to curate items for this kind of box, seems like it for them anyway. This box is kind of lackluster, while that January box was pretty amazing.

  34. Does the word “Paris” automagically make something French? Nothing about that box feels culturally French.

    It honestly looks like one of those thoughtless, generic gift baskets you buy at Kmart when you can’t be bothered to be thoughtful. All it needs is a cheap mug with a mini-teddy bear sticking out.

    • Lauren – what you said. Completely. Eek.

      • Yes, that’s an utterly perfect description of it. (And I even have that weird guilt you sometimes feel when you receive such a gift and are trying really hard to be gracious about it…)

  35. Wow! So glad I splurged and bought an annual subscription to Oui Please because this “French”Box is hardly that. I even think it is as bad if not worse than this month’s Beauty Box 5!!

    Did anyone open their lipstick to see if it is old enough to have gone rancid?

    • As most, if not all, I am very disappointed. I keep giving them another month to get there act together. First it was broken items, then late shipments and now a bum box. One more month and I’m cancelling. So the next box better be d*** great. I agree, with your bb5 critique. They were cancelled yesterday.

  36. I’ve subscribed to Frenchbox since their very first box, but I just cancelled my subscription after getting this today. It feels cheap to me and I wasn’t excited about any of it. 2 of the items were cheap drug store items and 1 was a nail file that I could get at the dollar store. The largest item is roughly the value of the box and the highest value item, but I’m not in love with it so this box isn’t worth the money to me. I’d be okay if this was $10, but at this price point I expect a little better quality. I love bath pearls, but I’m also afraid to try these since there are no ingredients listed, or even scents. So you’d have to throw them into your bath to figure out if the scent is something you’d like. The note mentions you can use the bath pearls to make your bath as fruity or floral as you’d like, but which ones are fruity and which are floral? Sorry Frenchbox, but this box was awful and I can’t give my money to them any more. It’s a shame because they started off so great.

  37. This box does not seem right to me. It is very different then the other boxes they sent. My first thought when I saw the L’oreal was beauty box 5, since L’oreal can be purchased at most drug store and even a lot of grocery stores. – Liz, I’m very glad that you pointed out a few of the products do not have ingredients listed. It is very important to have an ingredient list, listed on every product due to allergies. If have gotten this box, I would be throwing out products that do not have ingredients listed. As far as packaging looking older, I would call and see if the company can determine the best use date. I ended up getting the very first French box, it was not for me, and I canceled. Based on the reviews on the other French boxes since I canceled, I have no regrets about doing so. I still read reviews and still hope that one day I might see a few interesting products that I like in one of the boxes to resub, yet so far it has not happened.

  38. I really loved getting the French coffee, the herbs, the tea, and the little candies in the earlier boxes. I liked getting one or two beauty items and then other things from France. Those were more exciting boxes.

    This box is a mess. I received mine today and was surprised. The lipstick is definitely older stock – and the color I received is a bright, bright hot pink. I don’t know anyone who can pull that off. My nail stickers were black and white plaid and the packette was heavily creased, making the stickers unusable.

    I have decided to unsubscribe. I hope that the box improves for those hanging in there and those who bought year-long subs.

  39. Well this might be it. I subbed in December thinking I would probably cancel after my first box because I couldn’t see paying $24/month for it. But I liked December so much I kept it. Then I looooved January and thought I might end up keeping it around for a while if they kept that up. Looking at this, though, it seems my opportunity to cancel because I feel like it’s a bit too expensive for me might finally be here. I’ll wait until I receive the actual box, but this looks like a complete and utter miss for me. And where’s the food that was teased on their Facebook page?

    • I believe the food is the recipe they included.

  40. I am so glad I cancelled this box. I’ve seen the bath pearls at the dollar store for a dollar. The nail file at Walmart for $1.50 and lipstick container looks old and dirty. Everything looks like it came from a left over sale box at the dollar or dime store. Sorry, I have to say after the last few months this box looks like the department Low clearance sale! Wow, what a shame! They went downhill fast!! Nothing looks like it came from France!!

  41. I think this box is absolutely terrible. For me, it ranks down there with the infamous Lido FrenchBox or the Puerto Rico Escape Monthly boxes. After last month’s review I almost resubscribed to this box and I am SO glad I didn’t. I really really want to love French Box but they are so hit or miss that I’d rather take the money I’d spend on it and get a Glossybox, which consistently meets or exceeds my expectations.

  42. Liz, I don’t think you should EVER feel bad about writing an honest review, even if it skews negative. People trust your opinion and come to this site to hear what you have to say. I’m sure that all the sub boxes read your site religiously, and so writing less than desirable comments makes you crying because you are kind, but it’s really helping them know how to up their game to avoid losing customers. (IMHO)

  43. I’m not a subscriber but I would absolutely call this box a miss (though I have liked some of their other boxes). It’s the serum and 4 pieces of junk.

  44. I unsubscribed after getting Decembers box… then re subscribed after seeing January’s which I thought was great.

    I am regretting resubbing. A lot.

  45. This is my first box, and I’m sorry to say that I thought it was awful. It felt like a drug store clearance bin. Will sadly be cancelling. 🙁

  46. Ew. All of these things look like they came out of the 75% off crate at Rite-Aid. I was wanting to subscribe but now I’m glad I waited! Maybe next month will be better 🙂

  47. I’m not subscribed to French Box, but always ready your reviews, and this one definitely seems like much less thought and care went into it than previous months. The lipstick packaging was very beat up! And I realize that L’Oreal IS a French brand, but it’s a French brand very easily found here. I would be disappointed with this box, too.

  48. Dollar store items and expired makeup. Cool.

  49. I was also underwhelmed and disappointed. It was odd and felt like a box of items collected from China, not France. Let’s hope this was an anomaly and just a hiccup after the January backlog. Fingers crossed.

  50. The contents all seem drugstore quality. I had high hopes for this sub and I’m disappointed that I signed up for a year.

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