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Eco Emi Beauty Mystery Box Sale

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Eco Emi Mystery Box Sale

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Eco Emi is offering Random Beauty Boxes containing 4-6 deluxe or full-size products from past boxes.

The Box: Eco Emi Random Beauty Box

The Cost: $18 (shipped to the US) $30 (shipped Internationally)

The Products: 4-6 deluxe or full-size beauty productsΒ from the December, January, February, and March beauty boxes.

Check out my reviews of the Eco Emi Deluxe Beauty Box to see the type of items you may receive.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yesterday, I received the March 2015 Variety Box as a replacement/apology for a leaky sugar scrub and no response for 5.5 weeks after ordering two of their Random Beauty Boxes. Even though it took forever and they have lost the trust of a lot of their customers, I’m very impressed with this box and feel it is a more than fair resolution to my issue. It’s even something to which I would consider subscribing in a few months, if they can get things running smoothly again. I got:

    Black Dahlia nail polish in Bells of Ireland (featured size, 8 ml)
    ROCKin Green Auto Dish dishwasher detergent (2-use? sample packet)
    Mineral Hygienics Multi-Tasker Concealer in Medium (full size)
    Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum foil packets (3)
    Plum Hill Body Wash in Coconut Lime (2 oz)
    7th Heaven Naturals White Thai Rejuvenating Facial Masque (1)
    Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Candy Bar
    The Veda Company Harmony Blend Tea (2 bags)

    • I got the same box…finally, after months of several phone calls and emails. I guess there’s hope for this company? I don’t love anything from the box but I at least have some resolution. I’m putting the entire thing up for swap.

  2. I ordered two Random Beauty Boxes boxes and received them both. My only problem was one leaky sugar scrub. I emailed them a couple of times, but with all of the issues other people were having, I had decided to count myself lucky and move on. I just got an email from them, 5.5 weeks after my initial complaint:

    We apologize! We have had some turnover and it has taken us some time to get a grip! We are sending you a March Variety Box for all your trouble.

    It may have taken a while, but I’m pleased with this resolution. I hope the rest of you are able to resolve your issues as well.

    • Yes, I got that email from Eco emi a month ago, still no replacement. I got a refund promptly from credit card.

      • Oh. Great. lol

      • Well, I just got a shipment confirmation email from them, so maybe I am going to get it! *fingers crossed*

        • I just got a shipping notification too, wow, after all this time. I am quite suprised.

          • Hmm…I just got a shipping notice from them and I didn’t order anything?! I did order and receive one random beauty box and one random box, but I didn’t raise any issues with my boxes. I was really happy with my beauty box, and just ok with my variety box… We’ll see what I get!

  3. It did take several emails and filing a dispute with PayPal, but I received a full refund on all ten boxes from Eco Emi. Apparently, I ordered my boxes on March 8th during the window when the link for the Random Beauty Box was still active, but led to Random Boxes filled with samples, rather than deluxe beauty products.

    I ended up throwing about β…“ of the items away. A lot of these were food items with no expiration dates. I also through away beauty products that appeared questionable – no labels, leaking, generally appeared old, etc.

    The remaining products I am going to put in a box for goodwill. What an ordeal. Glad it’s over and thanks for everyone’s help. I feel very lucky that I received a full refund.

  4. I had suggested to my family that one of these mystery boxes would be a good addition to my Easter basket. Yesterday I found out they took my advice. Here is what I got:
    Balanced Guru Intuition (appears to be 10/14)
    Suncoat polish in light pink (no idea of date)
    Mineral Hygienics blush in Mystic Mauve (12/14 Variety Box)
    Hemp Organics lip tint (2/15)
    Deep Steep handcream in tangerine (10/14)

    • Wow! Did your box have full size items? I didn’t think those boxes were available anymore.

      When I ordered, I thought I was getting the boxes with the full size items, but instead I got a bunch of random samples.

  5. I ordered the Random Beauty Box and received the random variety box as well. The random box products look old and not edible or usable as indicated above. I contacted eco emi informing them I ordered the random beauty box and they indicated “We suspended the deluxe beauty boxes on March 1st. We have only had the random variety available. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.”
    I sent eco emi a picture of their website showing the Random Beauty Box was available for purchase and the variety box they sent was unusable, but I haven’t received any further communication from them.
    March hasn’t been a good month for me with subscription boxes. Hoping for a better April. πŸ™‚

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. And they aren’t correct in stating that they suspended the beauty boxes on March first. I received an email from them on March 2nd advertising the Random Beauty Box and here is a quote from the email:

      “We hope that you have enjoyed the subscription, and if you are interested, we have a few Random Beauty Boxes available online for a one time purchase. These will include four to five past feature full/deluxe size beauty items that are randomly selected for only $18 each. If you are interested in this box, please visit this link. The offer for this random beauty box is going to end March 6, 2015.”

      I can forward you the email if that is helpful for you to refute the charges with Paypal or your credit card company.

      I reached out to them to try to figure out what is going on, but they never responded. It is such a shame! πŸ™

      • Thanks Liz. You’re the best. No worries. I will see what I can do.

        • Follow up- I received a refund from Eco Emi after I filed a dispute with PayPal. I felt a little bad that I had to file a dispute, but the box they sent was the random box with samples and food that couldn’t even be used. Although, it took some effort to receive the refund from Eco Emi, in the end Eco Emi did the right thing. Hopefully everyone else will get a refund or the products they wanted.

          • I received a refund after escalating to a dispute through Paypal as well. I offered to send the boxes back to them (at their shipping expense) but they did not comment on that offer. I’ve tossed much of the food and obviously icky items. Some I’ll give as swap freebies. I too am pleased with the resolution but sad overall with the whole experience.

    • My paypal dispute is in the appeal state. Still waiting for EcoEmi to respond. I think it’s irritating if the dispute is in an appeal state EcoEmi has unlimited time to respond. I’m wondering if I can dispute the charges through my credit card. What good is paypal’s protection when they seem to side with the merchant?

      • Hi, I went directly to credit card company with dispute, funds refunded in 2 weeks.

  6. My credit card company refunded my money in disputed transaction. Kelsey did email me that should would replace ruined items, but not counting on it. This sub box is circling the drain.

  7. The email that went out said the sale would end March 6th 8am CST. It appears that everyone who ordered the $13.00 random boxes ordered after that. These are the ones who PayPal receipt will say “US Random Box” instead of “US Random Beauty Box”. Yet the link was still live leading people to believe they were ordering random beauty boxes. I still have the email and the clickable link today leads to the random boxes. I can see how someone would think that they were still buying a random beauty box at a larger discount because Eco Emi wanted to zero out their inventory.

    It makes me sad to write this. I did have wonderful experiences with Eco Emi. I’m not sure of everything that is going on behind the scenes, but I am surprised to see “K’s” name again. Very surprised.

    • I see Liz posted on this too. Sorry. This thread is all over the place.

  8. The Melk Chocolate bars apparently are from the October Variety Boxes. They have no expiration date, so I’ve written to the company that makes them to ask if they are still edible. They would have to be over six months old at this point, so i’m guessing that they are expired.

    • Yogamom67 – I do not know if they are the same exact ones, but the melk chocolate bars were also in the Valentine Chocolate box offered this year.

      • Good to know! I’d love to try one. I emailed the company that makes them to see if they had any information on the shelf life. If they came from the February box, then they should definitely be fresh!

        • My sister ate the one that came in my box a few weeks ago and said it tasted great. She ate hers as soon as it arrived. Still I do not know if they are the same, but I did post what I received in the Eco Emi Chocolate Box thread.

          I ordered a summer clearance variety box and hated it. I feel your pain.

  9. I received my boxes today. I ordered several (10) to share with my 5 nieces. I will NEVER order anything from this company again. Absolutely gross. Expired food and food with no expiration date at all. Beauty products Β½ opened/unsealed with no ingredient list, production date, etc.

    Here are just some of the items I received:

    (4) Samples of very small pieces of dark chocolate with no expiration dates – inedible.

    (2) Melk Chocolate Bars – no expiration dates – inedible.

    (3) Samples of almonds, crushed and broken – no expiration dates – inedible.

    Humus – expired April 2015 – inedible.

    (3) Coffee (Bean Perks) – no expiration date – undrinkable.

    (2) Ellbee’s dips – no expiration dates – inedible.

    Lavish Mask – unsealed – no ingredient list – dried up sample – unusable.

    2 glass vials of spice/powder? No ingredients, no label, no directions. What is this?

    BeeUtifully Organic After Sun Cooling Lotion… Unsealed, leaking, gross, and unusable.

    Chipped glass vial of Lash Conditioner. Actually – I received (3) of these total – only one vial has chipped glass.

    4 Caveman cookies from 2 boxes, all with no expiration dates, and therefore, again, inedible.

    2 Herbalista samples, no ingredient list – unusable.

    EVERY SINGLE BOX has items without ingredient lists, production dates, expiration dates, etc. It’s one thing for this to happen occasionally with a beauty product, especially if the website has a link where you can go to find more information on the product, but it’s inexcusable to send out expired food/food without expiration dates. Actually, it’s more than inexcusable, it’s unsafe.

    How in the world am I to know if it’s okay to give these food items to my children or use these products on their skin or my own? Without production/expiration dates and ingredient lists, there is NO WAY TO DO THIS SAFELY.

    The thing about subscription boxes that purport to send out beauty/home/lifestyle products that are natural and holistic is that they have a RESPONSIBILITY to provide us with information like production dates, ingredient list, allergen information, expiration dates, etc. A basic premise is that these products/food items are not going to have preservatives. Therefore, we can only assume that the shelf life of these products will be considerably shortened and without this type of vital information, there is simply no way to use this stuff safely.

    I have never order anything from ECO EMI before now and I never will again. It was a waste of my time and money to order them and a waste of my time to open these boxes.

    I am very disappointed in this company and feel completely misled by them. When I clicked on the link from MSA, the promo made it sound like I would be receiving 4-5 new full size beauty products in each box. What I got was unlabeled glass vials and expired food. Gross.

    To be fair, I did receive 3 full size items total from the 10 boxes I ordered:
    (1) Nail Polish
    (1) All Natural Face Vegan Gel Eyeliner and (1) Diva Stix (I won’t be using either of these products until I do some research online to make sure that they are safe, as again, there is very little information provided on the product labels.).

    I also received a Hemp Organic Lip Tint in Rose. I’m not sure if it’s full size (it’s pretty small), but it is sealed, so that’s a plus!

    Sorry for the long rant, but I’m tired of being taken advantage of by some of these companies and it’s time for companies that produce natural and organic beauty products to label all of their products (foil packet, deluxe/travel sample, or full size) all of the time with
    – Production Date,
    – Ingredient List,
    – Sell or Use by Date.

    It also goes without saying that it’s inexcusable for food to be sent out without an expiration date.

    I’m going to give EcoEmi 24 hours to respond and then I’m opening a dispute with Pay Pal. I’ve asked them for a full refund, as I don’t want any other products from their company.

    • Yogamom, I can completely empathize as you are experiencing the frustration that I did on Saturday when my 5 boxes arrived. That said, I hazard a guess that you will not be satisfied with any response that you might receive from Eco Emi if their response to me is any indication.

      I filed a dispute with Paypal asking for a refund due to the “random box” purchased in no way matching the “random box” as described on the site. I also had the foresight to take screenshots of Eco Emi’s page yesterday to show the advertised description. I also reached out to some of the product manufacturers (etsy sellers for the most part) to see what the shelf life was on their products to assess if they were safe to use and for how long since I was able to identify that the bulk of the beauty products that I received were from boxes sent out in November and December 2013.

      I’ve heard back from two etsy seller who were apologetic and shocked. One said that she had no idea that Eco Emi was still sending out her product from so long ago. She contacted them and told them to stop sending it, which should have given them an indication that they had made a poor choice in sending such old product. The other etsy seller encouraged me to call Eco Emi and ask why I am getting a box with product that is almost two years old (but I know that will simply be a waste of my time, I’m afraid).

      This evening I received notice from Paypal that Eco Emi denied my request for a refund, stating that, “The customer made a mistake in ordering, We have incurred the postage, packing and shipping not to mention cost of the product. We are sorry the customer was confused so we will offer to meet in the middle.” and then offered me a refund of 46% of my purchase price.

      I also noticed that as of today Eco Emi has changed the description of their Random Box on the front page from “We are offering our deluxe beauty boxes for a discounted price! You will receive 4 to 5 full/deluxe size products for only $18 total” as it read yesterday to “We are offering 7 to 8 variety box items for a great price. These are randomly selected and are selling for $13.00 (a $20 value). What Fun!” (Sure glad I’ve hear that old adage about “fooling me once” and decided to take those screenshots yesterday).

      I am seriously upset. It is one thing to be disorganized and have an unclear website with inaccurate/inconsistent descriptions and messed up links, but to en masse neglect to send out order or shipping confirmations, not respond to CS emails or calls, send out extremely delayed boxes of exceptionally old product, and send out items that in no way resemble the description of what the customer believed to have been purchasing based on what the (albeit apparently screwed up website) led them to believe they were buying, and then blame the customer for being “confused” when this is brought to your attention while simultaneously changing your website to cover your tracks changes the experience from negligent and poor CS to intentionally misleading and opportunistic in my opinion.

      I have offered to send them back all of the boxes at their expense so that they will not be out the cost of product as was one of their listed concerns. This was my first and last Eco Emi purchase as well. I hope that they learn quickly from this lesson. They’ve alienated both customers and suppliers. Not the best move.

      • Thank you so much for the feedback. It helps to know what others have experienced. I have to say that I am really disappointed because I clicked on the link from MSA describing the Mystery Boxes with the deluxe samples, so I think it’s completely reasonable that I expected that that’s what I would be getting. I also didn’t make a decision to purchase any of these boxes until I’d read all of the MSA reviews on ecoemi’s previous boxes.

        Anyways, I’ve done some of the same things you have – contacted suppliers to try to get production dates just so that I could salvage what is safe to use in these boxes. I’m glad to know that they are dismayed to know their products are still being sent out by ecoemi. Hopefully, they will complain, as well.

        I’m surprised PayPal allowed them dispute your claim. I didn’t think that companies were allowed to knowingly send out expired products, especially food items. I’m going to make sure I mention this when I file my dispute. I will also will make a note about their false advertising and changing their web page only now – after they have lied to us and taken our money!

        Lesson learned. Sorry we had to both learn it!

        • So sorry about this. In terms of the link from MSA, I just used the link that Eco Emi included in their email. If it is helpful for your PayPal dispute I can forward you the email so you have proof that the link you purchased from is the same link they sent out advertising the Random Box with 4-5 deluxe/full size products.

          If anyone wants me to forward them that email, let me know.

          • Also, just re-read the email, the explicitly state beauty products, so sending food samples instead is another reason for a Paypal dispute.

            Here is one of the emails:

            In your monthly Beauty Box we have featured some awesome full and deluxe size products in your monthly beauty box from some well known and up and coming companies. We hope that this has been a great introduction to some all natural and organic beauty items. This full size subscription box did not take off like we had expected and so we have had to discontinue this option.

            This email is to inform you that we will be cancelling your recurring payments and your February payment for your March Beauty Box will be your last.

            We hope that you have enjoyed the subscription, and if you are interested, we have a few Random Beauty Boxes available online for a one time purchase. These will include four to five past feature full/deluxe size beauty items that are randomly selected for only $18 each. If you are interested in this box, please visit this link. The offer for this random beauty box is going to end March 6, 2015.

            We thank you for your continuous support and wish you the best in your endeavor to explore greener, more organic, products. For any questions or concerns, please direct them to [email protected].

          • That is so kind, thank you! I would imagine that would definitely make a difference. If nothing else, it makes me feel better, at least :)!

          • Liz, I hadn’t realized that there was an end date to the beauty box deal (I didn’t see it in the post above ant it wasn’t on Eco Emi’s site). I ordered on March 8th so maybe that was the problem, but as of yesterday (March 29th) on Eco Emi’s home page (and through your link as well) it described the Random Box as being their Deluxe Beauty box with 4-5 deluxe/full size beauty products (I took a screenshot of their site yesterday when I filed my Paypal claim). As of today they have changed the description to read 7-8 random products.

            I included the link to this (your) page in my Paypal complaint but if you have an email that you can send me, that might be helpful too especially since Eco Emi denied my claim and I may need to escalate it through PayPal.

          • So sorry about this. I’ll forward you the emails I have. I noticed that in the later emails they described the items as 4-5 full size/deluxe sized beauty related items. I don’t see how food could be considered a beauty related item.

            I also emailed them to try to find out why they aren’t allowing refunds considering what was sent. I’ll let you know if I hear back.

        • Is there any way you could post which items you know are from 2013? I’d love to just go ahead and throw those away!

          It does look like the following items were all included in variety boxes within the last six months, so I hope that means they are okay to use:
          Shea Radiance Moisturizing Hair Milk
          Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Cleanser
          Ocean Elements Sheer Daily Moisture Sample
          Authority Nail Polish

          These items don’t have production/expiration dates, but I’m hoping since they were included in boxes sent out in the last six months of 2014, that they are still safe to use.

          If you receive the Humus, it’s definitely expired.

          The Dark Chocolate Squares appear to be from a Chocolate Lovers Box ecoemi mailed out in January, 2015, so they are probably 4-5 months old. I opened one and it looks okay – a little whitish.

          • Well it seems like I got mostly quite old product, I got the Shea radiance whipped shea butter, 2 Tulips Apothecary lip balms, and a dry perfume (that’s the mystery vial of brown powder) all from Nov 2013; from Dec 2013 I received Sage Aromatherapy herbal decongestant, Brija Cosmetics eye shadow, and Blum cleansing towelettes. I also received a Soyjoy bar from a more recent box but with a Jan 2015 expiration date. Those Caveman cookies came from the July 2014 box. Manufacturer lists a 1 year shelf life but without knowing date of manufacture and knowing that they were sent out 9 months ago, it seems like a gamble.

            Personally, assuming that these boxes were packed up a bit ago, I would suspect that any chocolate product in a box with fragrant bath products, candles, etc would not taste good because it absorbs the scent.

          • I posted at the top of the thread too. I think you should keep trying to dispute it because it was confusing to what was being purchased.

    • I ordered two boxes and pretty much got the same stuff you did. Nothing full sized and lot of food items. Paypal closed my claim so not sure if I can still dispute it. I also bought mine when they lowered it to $13 so not sure if my ‘random’ boxes qualify.

      Oh well…

  10. I received one of my ordered boxes yesterday. Hope they get back on their feet. Must be a small company.

  11. I’m really upset and not sure what to do about this….I ordered 5 boxes on March 8th after carefully reviewing the Nov-March boxes to see what they contained and after reading that many people here were receiving the March box.

    I too never received order confirmation or shipping confirmation. Last weekend I emailed Eco-Emi CS and nothing. Then this Monday (the 24th) I called and left a message on their CS line (nothing). Then Friday I called again and left another message saying that if I didn’t hear back from them soon, I was going to have to file a Paypal claim. Then today out of nowhere, the boxes arrive (the date on the label is 3/26 meaning that they didn’t ship them until 2 days ago; 18 days after I placed my order and after an email and a call).

    The boxes DO NOT contain items from the Nov-March boxes. In fact they are a mix of older beauty, food, and random items like pencils and water bottle cleaner tablets. I think that there was one full size item (a nail polish) between all 5 boxes. I haven’t done value breakdowns, but they look really low. I do not feel like this was at all what was described when I purchased. I looked back at the site description which has been changed to now say that it is just “random items” from past boxes which is what this feels like, but not what was described when I purchased it almost 3 weeks ago.

    Not sure what I should do. Obviously trying to contact CS will be pointless. Should I file a Paypal claim? I feel badly because I did get items, but it is not what was described when I paid them.

    • C- What does your PayPal receipt say? Does it say “Random Beauty Box”?

      • It says “United States Random Box.”

        As I’m trying to dig through this all, I am figuring out that there was a “Random Beauty Box” and a “Random Box” which is extremely confusing since it read

        “Featured Items

        We are offering our deluxe beauty boxes for a discounted price! You will receive 4 to 5 full/deluxe size products for only $18 total ($30 for international customers). These are past featured items packed at random (ETA: even this current description differs from what was advertised at the time that I purchased when the items were described as coming from the Dec-March boxes).

        We have a limited amount, so get yours here while supplies last!” but then if you clicked the link it had a “Random Beauty Box” at the top and a “Random Box” at the bottom apparently. I didn’t notice there was a difference, I just scrolled to the bottom and ordered the “Random box” as it was labeled and that was on the order form that I clicked through to. It showed a slightly lower price ($15), but I assumed that they had discounted it more from the initial email since it had been over a week and they were clearing them out since they were ending the sub.

        I am now surmising that they had a random box of beauty supplies that they called “random box” on one page and a random box of old randomness of all sorts that they called “random box” on the click through page, and that I would not have bought (we have food allergies so I avoid any “general” food boxes, and I am not currently in the market for household items right now).

        I feel seriously duped. I wanted the random boxes of beauty product, which is why I clicked on that link. As I look at some of the beauty items that I did receive (and there were not many) some of them are from as early as December 2013, which for natural products with little to no preservatives means that they sent me unusable product. There are also some items with no labels whatsoever (a small glass vial with a cork and some brown fragrant powder in it-could be a spice of some sort, a powder face mask, a cosmetic item, I have no idea). The food items that they sent do not have expiration dates on them, and given how old some of the cosmetic items are, I don’t feel comfortable eating preservative-free food that may not have a long shelf life if it bears no expiration date.

        I think they their website was misleading, they dropped the ball with all of these orders, and now what could have been a great bargain that would have made me really happy was a $65 waste of money that is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.

        • Whoops, that should have read “Featured Items…RANDOM BOX We are offering our deluxe beauty boxes for a discounted price! You will receive 4 to 5 full/deluxe size products for only $18 total ($30 for international customers). These are past featured items packed at random.” The “Random Box” icon didn’t C&P the first time.

          I think it is very misleading to Feature a “Random Box” on the home page that describes a Deluxe Beauty box and then link it to a page with a “Random Box” and a “Random Beauty Box” without clarification that the box of the same name on this page is now different than the description of the box that the link came from. Shady (bait and switch) or just sloppy. In any case, I’m really disappointed and hope that they make this right with everyone who was mislead by this and struggled with poor CS when trying to figure out what was up. Have filed Paypal claim since their CS hasn’t responded to my three contact attempts to date.

          I also hope that they correct the website which still lists the Featured box as the beauty box with 4-5 full/deluxe beauty items but then links to a page with the random box of a more vague description (These include randomly selected items that were featured in past monthly boxes. ) and is apparently what I bought and ultimately received (not 4-5 full/deluxe beauty but a mix of 8-12 small beauty/food/home/random samples).

          • It sounded like the variety boxes that you received, but I wanted to be sure. I was concern that was what people were purchasing when the price difference was being discussed. I’m used to Eco Emi and ordering from them. Not everyone is aware of the different boxes.

            You can cut and paste what you wrote and try a PayPal dispute if you want your money back. I think that will be your only recourse. You can try to work it out with Eco Emi now that Kelsey is responding to emails, but it may be a dead end being that you technically received what you ordered. PayPal might be your best bet.

          • Yes, I have filed a disputed and I hadn’t ordered from them before so I was not familiar with the site. I would argue that I did not receive what I ordered because on the home page they listed a “random box” which they described as their deluxe beauty box with 4-5 full/deluxe size items. I clicked on the link assigned to that box/description and ordered the “random box” at the link that I clicked. It would be absurd of them to presume that the customer would know that Eco Emi had a different kind of random box that would be sold under the same name and via the samd link. I bought the random box as described on their home page and that is not what I received. I really wish that I had. I wanted to try it out so much.

          • I hope it works out for you.

  12. I ordered 2 boxes at $13 each and paid with paypal on March 12th after reading reviews on here. I never even got an order confirmation from eco emi. I filed a case on with paypal over the weekend. Eco Emi did not respond but issued me a refund this morning so I am happy about that. I never recieved any kind of response from them when I emailed them directly.

    • Eco Emi replied to my paypal dispute saying the purchased box would be shipped the 26th. I haven’t received any tracking information yet. I’m not sure I trust them.

  13. There is hope ladies! I recv’d this email, after I had given up on any reimbursement for my damaged and missing items. I stopped trying to reach them wks ago. I am so pleased that they are now working on making things right for me. I hope this means all others who had issues with the random boxes will be taken care of as well! See email below:


    Thanks for the note and the voice mail. I can’t guarantee that we have those exact items still available but we will send you a couple of full size items that I am sure you will love. Give us a week or so.



    • I was just coming here to post about this as I noticed they’re active on FB again, stating they’ve been out w/ the flu and that they’re wading thru all the emails, etc. and will be sending out boxes by end of week. Phew!–glad I forgot to contest my charge until today πŸ™‚

      • YAY! I really wanted my random box….and I was feeling bad for them because PA Anna sounds like she has had very positive interactions with them in the past.

        • I did have positive interactions with them and ended on a good note. Even my scrub did not leak!

          Yet I did encourage people to dispute their charges when orders were going unfulfilled. I still stand by that.

      • Me too! I stopped trying to reach them and just put it out of my mind. : )

    • Do you think I should try to email them again? I still haven’t heard back. I ordered 2 boxes ($36 total). Got 1 only and the scrub leaked all over, so I pitched it and the other two products it ruined. I filed with pay pal and yesterday Eco Emi agreed to a$20 refund which I do not think is enough. $18 for the missing one is correct but only $2 for 3 ruined products? That means they want me to have paid $16 for 2 things.

      • I ordered 2 random beauty boxes on March 2nd, each was $18, and was charged $36. I received one box about a week later but I have not yet received the 2nd box.
        Do I email Eco or Paypal? From reading these posts, I’m not sure who will get back to me with a resolution.
        Thanks πŸ™‚

        • It is up to you. PayPal will ask that you try to resolve with the seller. I will say that I sent several emails and at least one facebook message and have received zero response. Yesterday PayPal ruled in my favor. Looking back through my dispute, I started it right away and updated after each email. I escalated after a few weeks. You can always email and file and just wait – you can cancel your dispute later if they decide they are able to actually communicate with their customers.

  14. I just emailed them concerning the random box I ordered a week ago but have not heard anything about. Basically, I ordered one box last Thursday and it came this Wednesday. I also ordered one last Friday and haven’t heard a peep on it. I’m not really expecting a reply considering what others have posted, but I felt like I needed to let them know for the record. If I used social media I would post there too, but I don’t.

    • Misty – From what I was able to find out it appears that the person that was there isn’t there anymore. I don’t think anything will happen unless the owner of the company becomes involved.

    • I order two Mar 3. I asked them for an update using their contact form. Haven’t heard a thing. hmmmmmm……..

  15. I ordered two of these random boxes, and they came in today. One of them is the March box, which isn’t random at all. I’m kinda bummed that both boxes aren’t random items, but oh well.

    March box: The sugar scrub leaked everywhere. I mean everywhere. It got on everything in my mailbox. Needless to say, the scrub is completely dry. lol I emailed them, so hopefully I’ll get a replacement item or something. Although, I don’t particularly care for the smell of the scrub, which now permeates my entire house. lol I’m not a fan of the perfume either, although the little bag it came in is cute. The eye shadow, Ambition, would be okay as a brow bone highlighter, I guess, but I have about a million of those. The facial cleanser, I will use.

    The random box included Deep Steep Hand Cream, Mineral Hygienics Blush (Bambino), Balanced Guru Energy Mist and Authority Cosmetics Nail Lacquer (I Heart You).

    • Mine leaked, too. I emailed them on Thursday and contacted them through their website on Friday. Haven’t heard anything back. I really hope they respond.

      • Same with mine, leaked all over everything and missing the perfume. Tried to reach them since Thursday as well, still no response : (

    • Has anyone heard back? I ordered two of the boxes and only got one – which contained a completely leaked out body scrub. I messaged them via their site (on Saturday) and emailed earlier today. Still no response.

      • I also ordered two boxes, although I received both of them. I emailed them either Friday or Saturday about the body scrub that leaked, and I haven’t heard from them either.

      • It’s been a week for me. I tried contacting them every day by either phone or email. No response. I don’t know what we can do at this point? Dispute the charge? Any ideas, guys?

        • Liz – I am going to send you an email about Eco Emi.

          Elle – The boxes I ordered on Thursday were sent on Monday so someone is fulfilling orders. Not sure what is going on, but do whatever you think is right. I think this is one of those times transparency and communication would had made a difference.

          • Thanks for the input PA Anna. It’s really weird bc, the last time I reached out to them on an issue they were sooo nice and replied within hours. I definitely have the feeling of being avoided now. If someone is there to fulfill orders then why on earth can’t they at least acknowledge me? I did use paypal so if I don’t reach them this wk I guess I will dispute the charge. I paid the full $18, not $15, not $13. It’s all pretty confusing bc what’s with all the different price points? Ugh!

          • I don’t know how much to write because this is Liz’s blog. I did send her an email.

            Their blog, facebook, and twitter have not been updated in nearly a month. I don’t think quick responses will be happening.

            Hopefully the owner of Eco Emi is reading and will start responding to emails. I never corresponded with the owner, but the person that did helped me in the PAST was always helpful.

          • I haven’t had any direct communication with anyone at Eco Emi, so feel free to share as much as you like here. Thanks Anna!

          • I ordered the random box a few weeks ago for $18 and received email with shipment a few days later then received the box (March Box). I ordered another random box for $13 on March 6, 2015. I haven’t received an email or shipment notice from Eco Emi. I’ve emailed Eco Emi a few times to determine what is going on and I haven’t had a response. Hopefully this will be resolved soon for all of us soon.

        • Did you use your credit card or pay pal? Pay pal offers resolution for 180 days (I think? It might only be 90. I have had a long day). I’m giving them another few days but I’m not very impressed – I checked their facebook and a few others have had the same problem and it seems no response.

          • Thx Holly, yes, I used PayPal so it’s better for disputing I think. I’m gong to give it til the end of the wk and then dispute the charge. I wish they would just call me back!

          • I ordered 3 random boxes, within a few days of each other.

            I received one and haven’t heard anything else about the other 2. I am getting concerned.


          • I tried emailing AGAIN. I told them about this thread, that a few of us were concerned at the radio silence from customer service DESPITE the fact that someone is there still taking money for orders. I told them I would dispute the payment if they do not contact me about damaged/missing items. No response. It’s not looking good, ladies.

          • There’s no one there unless the owner is going to respond. The friendly face of Eco Emi isn’t there now.

      • So I ordered two boxes….1 random beauty box for $15 last Thurs. and 1 random box for $13 last Friday. I received confirmation on both that my payment went through immediately after I ordered. On Sunday I received a tracking email on one, and today (wed), I received that box which ended up being the random beauty box per the label. So I have not received a tracking on the $13 box. I’m just curious if people who haven’t heard anything ordered the $13 box too. I’m going to wait a few more days before I email them.

        I’m happy with the box I received, by the way πŸ™‚
        ~mineral hygienics blush in bambino -looks full size
        ~sun coat nail polish
        ~karitex shea butter (which I’ve been wanting a block of Shea butter because I think it’s a wonderful moisturizer just after bath!-7 oz.
        ~pure illumination lip therapy/cuticle oil
        ~balanced guru energy mist

        • Misty – Check your expiration date on the shea butter. I received it in one of my sub boxes before with an expiration date of 3/15.

          • Thanks! I wouldn’t have noticed that. It’s June 2015 so I will break it open soon. At first I thought it said Jan, but I put my glasses on πŸ™‚

  16. I ordered this Random Beauty Box the day that Liz posted this and received it a couple of days later. I loved the box, so went back to order another, and for some reason I kept scrolling down the page and I saw that they had another box, this one just called the “Random Box” for $13 so I ordered it. It arrived today and is the February box, and it has 9 items plus rose petals for the Valentine’s theme. The items are also individually gift-wrapped. What a great buy! Additionally, from reading their website, I don’t think that Eco Emi is ending altogether. They now have a monthly “Lifestyle Box” (which they also seem to calling the “Monthly Variety Box”) for $15 and subscriptions are open (they have a cool counter that counts down the time left to subscribe to get the next month’s box). The description says, ” A box may contain everything from skin, hair, and nail products to nutritious snacks, teas and seeds.”

  17. I ordered mine on Saturday morning, and got it today. I think I might have gotten the March box because the item list card says March and I haven’t seen my items in any of Liz’s reviews. Here’s what I got:
    Sugar Scrub by Grain Bath and Home
    “Always Loved” Perfume by My Daughter Fragrances
    Gentle Peptide Cleanser by Jillian Wright Skincare
    “Ambition” Eye Shadow by Haughty Cosmetics

    I’m pretty happy. The card lists a value of $92, with 2 items being full size.

    • That’s the March box that I received today as part of my regular sub. So sad to see my last sub box πŸ™

    • That’s the one I got too. Liz hasn’t even recv’d or reviewed it yet! I was surprised to get it. They let my perfume out and the scrub leaked but I’m sure they’ll fix it. They are super nice. Great box right?

      • *left

  18. I got a March box! Talk about random! It had a card with March 2015 and details for the items and I would say what’s in it but it will be a big spoiler alert so I feel like it should be up to Liz, lol! It’s absolutely great tho. I love it, it had an item that leaked and one that was missing according to the card but I emailed them and I feel confident they will replace these items bc they truly do have AWESOME customer service.

  19. The first two I received were Jan and Feb boxes. Then I ordered 2 more which were identical and were random items. I’m really happy to see the hand cream and the energy mist in the random items boxes.

    I ordered 3 more today. I am hoping to see scrubs! I’ve been sharing with my sister each time I ordered. She is hoping for more chocolate soap since I kept the one that came in the first order πŸ™‚

  20. Just got an email from Eco Emi. They’ve reduced the price of the random boxes to $16.99.

  21. I recently subscribed and my first box was February, which I loved. I bought 2 of these random boxes before I realized they were sending out Jan, Feb or March. I was hoping to get one of the earlier boxes because I thought they were super. I got my boxes today and received Jan (least favorite of all past boxes) and Feb (repeat of my first box). I have GOT to start reading everything a little better πŸ™

  22. I got my box today and was a little disappointed, I expected it to be a mix from past boxes, not just one of the months. Mine happened to be January which was my least favorite box. It’s usable, but probably not something I would have spent $18 on. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you go for a mystery box.

    • Same here – a January box. I hate to kick ’em when they’re down but I was also expecting a mixed box and am a little bummed to get this.

    • Yeah I’m kinda disappointed too. For $10 I would have been happy but the value’s not really there for $18.

      I got: some kind of blowout spray, a purple nail polish, a chip of chocolate soap, and a dancing goat lip balm and lip scrub.

  23. Just got an email saying they’re ending the beatuy box πŸ™ Makes me sad, it was one of my favorites.

  24. I decided to go for it. I really liked all your reviews for this box, Liz! Plus, I’m a complete sucker for a mystery box!

  25. Super excited for this! Been watching this sub and reading reviews since I discovered MSA in December. I ordered a box last night. πŸ™‚

  26. Ordered one yesterday – Looking forward to trying this one out.

  27. I’m new to the box subscription world and I have not ordered through Eco Emi before, but after hearing about the Random Beauty Box sale and researching through your previous reviews, I decided to sign up for one! I can’t wait to see what’s in my Random Beauty Box!

  28. Wow, ordered and less than 30 min later I got my tracking number! πŸ™‚

    The past reviews looked good so I couldn’t resist.

    • Can anyone who has already gotten a tracking number give me an estimate on the quoted shipping time? Gonna be out of town for a long weekend and don’t want this to sit at the front door in Florida warmth!

      • 1-3 days USPS delivery. I don’t recall where it is shipping, but it takes 2 days to reach PA.

        • Sorry -it should read “shipping *from*” I’m not feeling the best today.

  29. My first month was February and I ordered 2 boxes BEFORE I looked closely at the months included, hoping to get some of the products from the earlier months that were already reviewed by Liz. I’m already getting the March box, so it looks like I’ll have a few repeats. I’ve really liked what I’ve received so far, so I’m not too worried. BTW, I also got tracking within minutes of my order!

  30. Can someone tell me where on the Eco Emi site it indicates that the products will be full or deluxe size? The only description I find states, “These include randomly selected items that were featured in past monthly boxes. The fun thing is that when you are checking out, you don’t know which box you are going to get, making it an awesome surprise! We have a limited amount of these, so get yours while supplies last!” and the accompanying photo shows many items that appear to be sample size. Just want to be sure I know what I’m purchasing before I buy! Thanks!!

    • Updating the post with a screen shot of the email that states deluxe/full size items. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks, Liz! As always, you’re amazing!!

      • πŸ™‚

  31. I ordered 2 boxes – one for myself and one for my sister.

    • I’m hoping for more chocolate soap!

  32. As a follow up, I already received shipping info for the two packages. What?! Fastest ever!

  33. Pulled the trigger for 2, I think it will be worth that for 4-6 deluxe or full size items each. Fingers crossed, and thanks for the heads up!

    • Same here… ordered 2 and already received shipping email. This will be the first time for one of their boxes, but if I like, I’ll probably subscribe.

      • Got my 2 boxes yesterday, almost identical. Each had 2 nail polishes and a Nuema Beauty Blow Out Mist. One had a muti-purpose color stick (love it) and the other had 3 mini-foundations (very tiny) but the container was broken.

        • UPDATE: I emailed Customer Service about the damaged item and they immediately replied and sent out a replacement. They have AWESOME customer service!

        • Do you consider those items to be full sized or deluxe sized? Sounds like the foundation is not.

          • Also, Liz states that the items are from December – February boxes. I don’t see those two smaller (varied) items in her reviews for any of those months. What did I miss?

  34. This summer when I was first starting on this box journey I got an Eco Emi mystery box. I was totally underwhelmed due to the sizes of the products. It appears maybe they’ve changed their format, though, because it does say deluxe or full sized. Mine were very small sized.

    • They started a new deluxe beauty box so it should be different than what you received size-wise in the past.

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