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POPSUGAR Shipping Updates + February Box Sold Out!

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UPDATE: Just a clarification, since I realize my wording in this post may have been confusing:

Any boxes that are sold out are in reference to new subscribers. Any subscriber that has an active subscription, and their payment is up to date, is set to receive a February box. 

The first piece of news is that both the January and February POPSUGAR Must Have boxes have sold out! If you want to make sure you get a March box, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (You can also check the waitlist check box when you sign up if you want to get the February box if it becomes available:



POPSUGAR Shipping Updates

Also, POPSUGAR has made some changes to their shipping/billing cycle. (Thanks for sharing this with us Anna!)

This is the email they recently sent out to subscribers:

Thank you for being a Must Have subscriber. We are so excited for what is in store for 2015! We are constantly working on ways to improve the overall Must Have experience. One of the changes you’ve requested is improved delivery time.

In order to provide you with faster shipping, we are now requiring that all changes to accounts be completed prior to the 23rd of the month before your next box is shipped.

This includes logging in to your account to make any updates to the following:

  • Billing information
  • Shipping addresses
  • Subscription cancellations
Starting with next month’s box, billing will now take place the last week of every month, starting the 25th of each month (i.e., billing for the February box will begin on the 25th of January, and so forth).Additionally, all February boxes will be shipped via FedEx Ground to facilitate a quicker delivery time. We will ship out all February orders as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee delivery byFeb. 14. Please note that FedEx Ground does not deliver to PO boxes or APO addresses, so these orders will ship via FedEx SmartPost. Starting with the March box, all boxes will ship via Fedex SmartPost.
The major takeaway is that you must make any changes to your account (including canceling an account) before the 23rd for the upcoming month’s box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got a notice that my February box shipped. If people are curious, I got my subscription with the Black Friday deal.

  2. Hey Liz! I’m glad you added a note to your page about February boxes being available for current subscribers. They emailed me today and said active subscribers are getting the February box (as you said above). Yay for that. Between the emails with them and them saying they were sold out on there site it got confusing! Glad it’s all worked out! Thanks!

    • Sorry about the confusion! 🙂

  3. Ok, please don’t tell me they are doing what I think you are saying. I had a three month sub ending dec. to my surprise, because I did not read fine print or whatever, I received jan box because I didn’t cancel, not realizing the sub kept going at regular price. If I received Jan box, why wouldn’t they consider me as a regular subscriber and send me feb box?(which I accidentally on purpose forgot to cancel).
    What you are saying is they oversold feb and are randomly deciding who is dropped? Does this mean I will get March if not sold out?

    I can’t even figure out how to get in my acct to see status.

    Would love to get to bottom of this. Thanks!

    • Okay so there is hope for those with an active subscription! So yes, they oversold February’s box before it was even February because people prepaid last month with the coupon/promo code. So they say they are sold out, I was assuming this “sold out” February box was only being applied to new customers wanting to sign up, wrong. Even people with ACTIVE subscriptions like you and I, are not being auto billed because there is no longer a box available for this month. Stay with me… Now with that being said, As a reaccuring subscriber to popsugar Must Have, I expect them to withdraw $39.95 from my account so I can receive the must have box for that month. Right? It’s not my problem or fault that they ran out, I just want the box I look forward to the most out of all the subscription boxes I am subscribed too. So, I explained this to customer service (with some aggression I might add, sorry PopSugar!) and to my surprise they replied saying that they were sorry for the confusion, that I’m all set to receive the February box, and that the $39.95 should show up on my bank statements shortly. Now I’m not quite sure how this is possible since they were apparently all sold out. AND since one representative told me I wasn’t getting a box this month, and the other said I was. So we will see if I receive it or not.. The point I’m trying to make is email popsugar customer support and explain your issue, they will hopefully bill you and mail the February box that’s sold out, like they are going to do for me. I mean it really can’t hurt. I really hope this helps!

      • Hi Anna, thanks for taking the time to write back. I did notice that in Jan they didn’t charge me until about the 6th or so, but that could have been due to the holidays.

        I guess it all depends on what’s in the box – how happy or disappointed I’ll be. Unless they have gold bars in the box I can’t imagine I would be devastated if I don’t receive one. But if I don’t, I will cancel for sure and not take a chance they will send me one in March. I have been up and down with PS for months, for meeee, one good box, one bad, one good, one bad.

        It sounds like their CS people are making it up as they go along. I have always had good experience with their CS though in the past.

        The biggest shock for me is that to my knowledge there has been not one spoiler!

        We’ll see what happens! Thanks again.

  4. Regarding February’s must have pop sugar box: So I spoke with PSMH customer service earlier today and they are completely sold out of February’s box as Liz stated above. I have a reaccuring subscription and they never billed me for feb. (I’m sure some of you have/might have the same problem). So I emailed them and they said the only way to “possibly” get February’s box is to order and click the “waitlist” box. But don’t count on getting one. I personally was excited for this month (February’s) box and I’m upset they didn’t auto bill me 🙁 I think February’s box sold out fast because of the promo code(s) they had last month. I don’t want this to happen to me again so I’m going to purchase the March must have box in the morning to guarantee I get it. Congrats on those who receive the Feb box! Lucky ducks! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one. The last 2 MH boxes and the holiday edition box were great, so I’m really thinking they will have a good one this month. I’m so glad you have this page Liz! I absolutely love your reviews! Your awesome!

    • Thanks so much Anna! 🙂 And thanks for updating us.

  5. Has anyone been charged for their February box yet? I bought the January box and I did check “gift” but would love to get the February box too! Hoping I get it since it is sold out…

    • I haven’t been charged yet, but if you log into your account you should be able to see under the subscription tab if you are going to receive the Feb box. Hope that helps!

  6. I would love to subscribe to PopSugar. I only got December and cancelled, because I don’t need more stress. This is supposed to be fun. First, it is expensive. Second, I can’t spend my life online looking for spoilers, deals, coupons, sneak peaks and discounts that pop up arbitrarily at any time, and then have to go adjust my subscription accordingly. Third, $40 is alot because, you know, there’s always an item or two that’s not suited to me.

    Why not just drop the price to $33 and cut the games with promos? Everyone pays the same, gets the same. Of course a new customer discount is standard for any sub, but really NEW, not ‘new’ every other month!

  7. I find it odd that so many people are complaining about getting auto enrolled to the subscription because they chose to check the gift box….the coupon clearly stated that it was for half off your first month on a subscription… People are saying its shady that they were enrolled but really they are being shady by trying to bend the rules to get a one time box for themselves half off…

  8. Are we sure they are really sold out for Feb? I find it odd I never received an email regarding any of this info and I don’t see anything posted on their FB page or website.

  9. Liz, could you reach out to Popsugar and ask why they are having continued customer service problems/delays?


  10. I ordered my January box at the half off 24 hour sale on 1/15/15 and received it yesterday 1/22/15. I am located in Ohio if that helps give anyone a reference for those that haven’t received theirs. I originally planned on either swapping the hat or gifting it but I was curious and tried it on. Never tried a slouchy hat before and loved it. I really got the box primarily for the Keepcup and the eye gel pads. I hope their February box is great since it is “sold out”. LOL.

  11. Just got a tracking # & ETA of 1/26 for my 50% off January box (it states January box on my order info). I was able to cancel my February box before the 1/23/15 deadline for billing–and got an immediate email confirmation. Now to watch and make sure they don’t bill me for it anyway.

    • I HAD and eta date of Jan 27…then I cancelled last night and when I checked this morning, my eta has updated to Feb 2nd. Seems fishy to me… But I did get an immediate cancellation email after I hit the button yesterday… So fingers crossed they honor that.

  12. For what it’s worth, I ordered the January box at half off on 1/15, received a confirmation immediately and then a shipping notification on 1/20. It’s scheduled to arrive on 1/24.

    I did check the gift option and it looked like I was signed up for a February 2015 box, but I just clicked on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and clicked yes when it asked me if I was sure. The pending shipment for February changed to N/A and I received a cancellation email immediately. However, I had to go to my desktop to do this. It didn’t work on my phone.

    There’s hope!

  13. I’m so annoyed with this company at the moment. I placed an order for the January box, which I never received and now online all of my information is gone, like I never ordered the box in the first place! So I gave them my money for nothing, and their customer service is terrible!

  14. Would someone please tell me how to cancel? I don’t see the option on my account according to their terms instructions. I bought my first box as a gift with the half off deal, but it says I have a monthly sub. It also won’t let me delete my credit card even though my box has shipped. Frustrating!

    • Haley, Sign in to your account and go to the subscriptions tab, find the line where it shows Feb box and to the right you should have a choice to cancel subscription. You will get an email confirmation of cancellation. HTH

      • Thanks very much Yvonne! I wasn’t getting the option to cancel via phone but it worked on my laptop. Similar to another poster I also ordered the Jan box on 1/15, and it’s due to arrive tomorrow. So here’s hoping their recent changes will be good for all you regular subers.

  15. I think it’s good for them to scale back on the number of boxes and sell out early. As someone else noted, the fire sale prices on boxes are really discouraging for subscribers who paid full price. That being said I waited for spoilers on December and LE for Her before getting them, but those were my first PSMH boxes so I onky exploited the late discounts a little. 🙂

  16. The MUSTHAVE10 code isn’t working now. They are really inconsistent with coupons and sales. They should provide benefits for being a subscriber and not someone who is buying one box at a time.

  17. I am glad I have read this and all the comments. I purchased Jan. box with the 50% discount “as a gift” and got auto-enrolled for Feb. I agree it is a shady business to auto-enroll and to charge for the next month so in advance. I haven’t received the shipping notification, but I am going to cancel on Friday at the latest.

    It was back in September I used Rue La La voucher for a single box and cancelled immediately after I received the box. Even after my cancel request, POPSUGAR still charged my credit card for October and shipped my box. I reached out to customer service and they told me not to open the box and they emailed me the return label. They refunded me upon receipt of unopened box. Just in case if happens to some of you, just don’t open the box if you receive it by mistake!

    I only like 2-3 boxes out of whole year, so there is no point for me to subscribe on the regular basis. So, I will take a chance on spoiler/discount and if they don’t offer anymore due to sold out, etc. that’s my luck and I am ok with it 🙂

  18. I wonder why I didn’t get this email. Sounds like they are being smart and scaling back.also sounds like a good way to keep people who signed up with the 50% off jan box from canceling for feb. I know I wanted to because I really can’t afford it but now I’m afraid to cancel incase it’s amazing and I can’t get it after the spoilers. Right there is good marketing.

  19. I ended up cancelling despite it stated jan box is pending. Crossing my fingerd I will still get jan box without any hassle

  20. Thanks to everyone for posting. I checked my account and it showed that I have a monthly subscription despite checking january box is a gift

    • Same here!!

      I’ve never gotten a pop sugar box before and this isn’t a good first impression!! How can you put the option to check asks gift so it’s not a recurring subscription, then completely do the opposite!! What kind of shady company is this? If I didn’t read it here, I wouldn’t have known they were scamming me in time to cancel.

  21. I would actually like to cancel my subscription, but I didn’t receive my January box. I really don’t want to risk Pop Sugar canceling my subscription and the box that they already charged me for (just hasn’t shipped yet). What a mess it would be to get that refunded.

  22. At this point in time with PopSugar it’s a mystery what will show up at my door and if I will be billed. I received a January box despite unsubscribing but can’t find the charge. My account says N/A and I keep hitting cancel but nothing happens and the cancellation option is still there. It’s a quite baffling and if I see a charge my head might just spin around.
    Now as far as them working out the kinks…their answer is to charge subscribers earlier but just keep using the same crappy old shipping method after this oh so convenient sold out month? No, nothing shady there. When I first subscribed in March of last year, I would consistently be billed on the first of the month and my box would arrive by the 10-15th. Somewhere around August things went horribly into disarray. So unfortunate because I have always loved the contents of the boxes,.

  23. NOOO!!! I had to cancel when I heard they changed the billing policy, but only because I have to wait until I get paid and I didn’t want my card to go over if my money was late somehow! I was just going to renew then and I really wanted a Feb. box 🙁

  24. I have to wonder about the February box being sold out… I know a lot of people that do Popsugar as a one time purchase each month. They wait for spoilers, coupon codes, etc. and then pull the trigger and sign up for a sub – then cancel after they get their box so they can use codes again or see spoilers for the next month before deciding to purchase.

    I wonder if Popsugar is trying to discourage that sort of one-time, monthly purchasing by telling us that February is sold out too? Are they trying to make the people waiting for spoilers nervous because the boxes are now sold out months in advance?

    It could be that they are doing less boxes now to improve their business model. But, them saying February is sold out seems very unusual to me. Almost a way to induce panic in those waiting for spoilers or doing month to month.

    • I think you are spot on here. I haven’t been in the game too long, but I’ve never seen them sell out of a box this far in advance. Seems like pure marketing to me too.

  25. Hi Liz, I just bought the Jan box with the discount code and as soon as I read this post I cancelled my sub before it auto renewed. Do you know if I’ll still get the box? Haven’t got tracking info or anything yet…

    • You should definitely still get the January box. If you signed up recently though it may not have shipped yet. I would reach out to their customer care if you don’t receive a shipment confirmation email by next week.

      Hope that helps!

  26. Huh, after reading here, I just realized doing a gift I got auto enrolled in a regular subscription by them, super shady if you ask me. I do a gift so I don’t get that. My box hasn’t shipped yet so I can’t cancel. I don’t want Feb, not at 40 bucks, I might cancel in the next two days if it doesn’t ship anyway.

    • That happened to me with all 3 boxes I’ve gifted to friends. And so show PS made it my fault, claiming everything autorenewed, gift or not. Which is ridiculous. What’s the point of gifting then? It’s why I no longer gift their boxes nor do I subscribe period. After a year of chasing down boxes, getting double charges reversed and arguing about auto renewal of gift boxes, I decided it’s more trouble than it’s worth, even if I like what they send.

  27. Although not the best for those of us who wish to see some spoilers prior to purchase, it seems to me that Popsugar may be making a step in the right direction for their business by scaling back on the number of available boxes. I agree with the poster who stated it is not in their best interest to always have excess boxes, necessitating a ‘fire sale’ type scenario. (I may be dating myself with that term.) I also think it is possible that the poster who stated the ‘sold out’ situation for February may be caused by those who signed in January and who will subsequently cancel. I think their change in cancellation terms is a step backward unless they can ensure that all boxes are received by that date in the month so people have time to assess their appreciation of the subscription.

    They had a great deal for Black Friday which I used. That probably got them some new/repeat customers who would take a chance for that lower price. Then they had their ‘fire sale’ of the next two boxes thereby (presumably) clearing inventory. If they now limit their quantity of boxes and improve their shipping/communications, they are more likely to retain/attract customers who don’t want to miss out on the next best thing.

    I do agree that a one-month better shipping model does make a sustained improvement. I suspect that change was made due to contents and to attract attention on a month of better shipment. Their shipping model, while better than GlossyBox, is convoluted at best. I’m not sure what kind of ‘FedEx shipping’ they purchase, but my box has taken some very circuitous travel. It is by no means efficient.

    So, we shall see.

    • Man! I wish we could edit our posts at least for a little while!

      I meant to type: does NOT make a sustained improvement (in shipping).


  28. My January box has still not shipped, nor is there any tracking info on the site. Their customer service has not been the most responsive, and seeing that the boxes have been hit or miss, I elected to cancel before the February box shipped… but I hope that they will not also cancel my January box (that happened with my November box when I tried to cancel for December… My Nov box hadn’t shipped yet, but they cancelled that as well).

    They seem to have too many issues at the moment for me to continue as a subscriber.

  29. I took advantage of the January 50% off coupon. First time box!
    I checked the “gift” option (have screenshot) but it still auto renewed.
    Some people might be in for a surprise next month

  30. I’m afraid that they’re sending Feb instead of Jan boxes as the half-off ones, since only the review site advertisements stated the details of the offer being half off Jan boxes – the popsugar site never stated that the deal was to start with Jan.. I really want that mug!! 😉

  31. Glad I checked my account. It had me signed up for renewal in Feb since I forgot to check the box for gift for the half off Jan box that I ordered. I can’t tell if I like Popsugar or not. I loved Decembers box and ended up buying an extra one as gift items for Christmas, looking back through all the other box’s I’m glad that I was not subscribed since I didn’t like half of the things included in past ones. I liked the spoilers that were sent out for January and jumped at the chance to have a half off box. I just can’t commit to spending $40 on something I’m not sure If I’ll like. I know that’s the point of sub box’s but their track record isn’t good enough where I feel like I’m willing to risk it. I will keep looking back at this blog to see when they have half off deals with spoilers so I can take a chance again. 🙂

  32. Ugh. I subbed to a 2nd box with the Jan 50% off code….don’t really want a 2nd Feb box. Now I have even less time to cancel. I was really hoping my Jan box would be shipped before I cancelled my Feb box. Or a Feb spoiler would be out. I’m always afraid that if I cancel too soon, it will create a mess with the box that I already paid for (which hasn’t shipped yet).

    • I worry about that too. I was subscribed for Feb as well and canceled it. It looks like on my acct is still says “pending” for my Jan box so I guess we’ll see. I canceled now because I really enjoy getting them half off once in awhile. But now Feb will probably be great and I’ll regret not just staying subscribed. $40’s a lot to shell out for a hit or miss thing. If every box were like Dec with a great piece of jewelry, high end beauty product and a nice accessory like a scarf or hat etc. I would subscribe year round.

  33. My February box will be available since I cancelled!

    I find it unacceptable that we are billed so far in advance of shipping. And sounds like it’s going to be even worse.

  34. I think Feb is sold out because many of the people bought January boxes with the code and bought as a subscription. So now they have that many more currently sloted to get February. However we all know that many people will cancel once they receive their January boxes (or are debating if they should cancel now) and with the earlier billing date some will forget to cancel that maybe were going to by the end of the month. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Feb boxes available at the end of this month. Or they’ll just go to those who check the waitlist when ordering March. Just my opinion.
    As for this “shipping change” I’m kind of annoyed by this email. They make it sound like they are making this big improvement but they are sending Feb FedEx ground and then going right back to Smartpost which is what everyone complained about in the first place, and making it sound like they are making this fabulous change.

    • I was also thinking that February sold out because of all the people who joined with the January deal. But then again there was a similar deal December and they still had a ton of January boxes and offered another half off deal. Maybe they are trying to make things seem more exclusive and limited to get more long-term subscribers back.

  35. I can’t even believe that Popsugar has sold out of February boxes, I find that really hard to believe. Considering they still had December boxes and limited edition ones for so long. I know I won’t buy another Popsugar box without spoilers or a discount.

  36. I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I heard that it was sold out. I purchased Januarys box with a discount as a gift, but my account is still saying that I have a subscription and my next box will be February 2015, and I was a bit happy! But I’m not sure if I really want to cancel or not anymore! I was waiting for spoilers to see if it would be worth it but looks like that’s not going to make a difference now. I guess I’ll just swap the items if I don’t like them.

  37. Has everyone received their January box? Still no shipping notice for me….

    • I just got mine on Saturday. Beyond annoyed it was so late.

    • My box was delivered on the 12th

    • I ordered when the half off coupon came out and haven’t got shipping I am not expecting to for a little while since we ordered so later

    • I got an email a couple hours ago that mine has shipped. This was my first box & I ordered it as a gift. I checked to see if it auto renewed anyway, but don’t see a subscriptions tab on my account page. Does this mean I should be ok?

  38. It looks like PopSugar has a plan to be back on top. The PS Target Box was well received and the announcement of Feb boxes being sold out will drive up March sales. Smart move to ship Feb boxes by Fed-Ex ground.

    I’m skeptical that their regular amount of boxes are sold out unless people loved the PS Target box so much that they had to have the February box. Jan’s boxes were sold at 50% off. Maybe they reduced the amount of boxes. Either way I hope it works out for them because I do like the majority of their boxes.

  39. I’m a subscriber with a long-term subscription. Didn’t get that email.

    Honestly, the items are good, but they seriously have some of the worst customer service. I may not renew because they seem to only value some subscribers.

    • I did not renew for that reason. If I was lucky they would respond back within 5 days, sometimes they never bothered responding back at all. Between that and the shipping late issues, even though I like the box, I dont like it because of the other issues. I ended up subbing to wantable, which has great customer service.

  40. When do they plan on shipping to Canada? I love this box and can’t get it cause they won’t deliver to me. Does anyone know if they plan to ship to Canada soon?

    • I haven’t heard anything about them opening up to Canada yet – but I’ll post the moment that changes!

  41. Kinda bummed that I missed out on February. Well, I should say, on a second box for February. I have a 3 month sub, but I wanted to get my sister a Feb box for Valentines. Wasn’t waiting for a spoiler, just hadn’t gotten around to it.

    Having said that, I think they probably reduced their number of boxes, and I totally understand why. I don’t think it really behooves them to have a bunch of people holding off for spoilers and such and then deciding to sign on. That would require them to outlay a huge amount of units, with no guarantee of sales. Then, if people decide they don’t want it, they have to deeply discount the boxes (which people are also holding out for) and devalues the subscription. I’d like to see better discounts given for regularly subscribing vs. what’s been happening.

  42. I think Feb is sold out since they created a much smaller number of these boxes. That is what I would do. I actually expected they would go this in Jan but I think they only somewhat scaled that month back (probably takes a while to do since likely working on boxes a few months ahead).

    Think about the complaints everyone had against them…. slow customer service response time (seems to be mostly fixed), messed up new website (getting smoothed out and also requiring shipping info be updated earlier), WAY TOO MANY Dec boxes they were practically giving away (seem to have created less for Jan and even less for Feb), complaints about holiday special edition boxes (put out a seemingly small number of target – everyone loves target so safe option – boxes with awesome value and no spoilers that sell out super fast), weird/slow shipping (new shipping plan, also paying for special faster shipping for Feb boxes which I believe to be a much smaller run)….

    Popsugar seems to have made a lot if missteps late last year but they have obviously put the thought/effort/$ into getting their act together. I am thinking 6 months (or less) from now they will easily be back as one of people’s favorite sub boxes and they definitely won’t need to do so many discounts/spoilers. They know what they are doing even if they had a huge shakeup late 2014 (largely caused by their website issues).

    Impressive turnaround IMHO.

    • I agree with everything you said. Also, a lot of people got the Black Friday deal, so this is probably their last month if they had the 3 month subscription. I was surprised they sold out since I was going to wait for a spoiler and get it on a single box basis. It goes in line with the belief that they have reduced the number of available boxes.

  43. yeah, i feel like they are just saying February is sold out so people buy it… they just put out that 50% off january box deal. so i see january being sold out , but that would mean February is sold out from just their regular subscribers ? idk could be wrong lol

  44. I checked the waitlist…dangit. wanted to see spoilers before resubbing! Glad I won’t get another January since it’s sold out, but will I then get another December??

    • No, you will not get Jan or Dec, if no more Feb become available, your sub will just start with March 🙂

  45. Well my Ruelala code(first box paid $25) for a popsugar box will be used now then I guess! I wanted the February box but even if I can’t get it, at least I will be getting March then with the code. I can’t believe they sold out already?!? Was a spoiler leaked???

    • Liz, If I really want Feb but not January, should I check the waitlist box? I’m scared they will have extra of that and send it to me!

  46. How is February sold out?! We don’t even have spoilers. I wanted to wait for spoilers, because I don’t like every box. Across the board though (with the exception of March 2013), their March and August boxes are the best. (Or maybe it was April?).

    • My thoughts are along the same lines as others have posted, that many subscribed with deals (like the Black Friday 3 mo/6mo subscriptions) and the Target box was well received.
      I had purchased a 3 month subscription around the time their new website went live, so I never got a October box (which my subscription was supposed to start with). Their customer service was very slow to get back to me about that issue, but when they did – they apologized and promised that my subscription would start in November. I like the boxes, but I had decided to wait until a spoiler to purchase on a box by box basis. I cancelled last Friday, and I guess they made the choice for me about February since it’s sold out.
      Now I have to decide whether to get a single box in March, in case it’s also sold out ahead of time or wait for a spoiler.

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