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POPSUGAR Must Have January 2015 Complete Spoilers!

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We have the complete POPSUGAR Must Have January 2015 spoilers! (Spoiler credit goes to Anitashweef on MUT) Each box will include:

POPSUGAR collage

Jack + Lucy Pom Pom Hat – Value $32

Stay warm and cozy during Winter with this slouchy heather-gray hat! The faux fur pom-pom offers an unexpected element to your average beanie.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – Value $28

Banish dry skin for good with this cream that delivers moisture from head to toe. Allergy tested and free of fragrance, harsh chemicals, and parabens, it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin.

KeepCup Brew 12-Ounce Reusable Coffee Cup – Value $26

This colorful coffee cup is the perfect replacement for disposable cups. KeepCup’s smart and consumer-friendly designs will keep your beverages warm time and time again!

Manduka eQua Hand Towel – Value $16

Retire your old gym towel for this super absorbent multipurpose towel instead. The lightweight yet durable microfibers are perfect on the yoga mat and beyond!

ToGoSpa Eyes – Value $12.50

Pamper yourself with these refreshing gel eye pads for a mini spa treatment on the go. It’s the conveniently cool solution for unwanted dark circles and puffiness.

Skin Jewel Tattoos – Value $18 (Sponsored by Empire)

Add even more shine to the New Year with these Skin Jewel Tattoos, sponsored by the new drama EMPIRE, which premieres Wednesday, January 7th, on FOX. The decorative mix of gold and silver can you anywhere on your body, and check out POPSUGAR Beauty to see how they can work as nail art.

General Mills Nature Valley Protein Granola – Value $3.49

Eating healthy and feeling satisfied just got easier with this Peanut Butter ‘n Dark Chocolate Protein Granola. It’s a delicious way to fuel your day and stay on track.

What do you think of the January POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers? If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, make sure to use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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    • I am beyond thrilled there are no makeup products haha. I don’t wear makeup, so most sub boxes are a total loss for me. This is a win!

  1. This box is a hit for me! I’m thrilled!!! The FAB is so truly amazing, I just ran out so I’m super excited to get this. Love the coffee cup! I’ve been wanting some eye pads, very happy to see these included. I need a new yoga towel, seriously great timing. The tattoos? Cute. I may just wear on my next cruise, don’t care if someone thinks I’m too old. Pom Pom hat? Swap. Not for me but I love that a hat was included.

  2. Once again this month is a win for me, I guess they must be targeting my age group or something. I’ve been wanting a yoga towel really badly and bought the Black Friday deal so I really don’t even need to like the other items, but I think I will like all of them! Not sure about the Pom pom on the beanie but I do like that brand so fingers crossed!

  3. So happy I canceled my subscription!

    • Really!! This is one of the best boxes out there for women. I’ve never been disappointed.

  4. I love First Aid and I’m psyched about the eye pads and the coffee cup so this box is a win for me. I will happily trade for all the other moisturizers that no one else wants ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I hate the whole box. What a bust! December was amazing, now this! Blah!

    • After getting the boxโ€ฆI like the cream and the eye treatments. The hat, glass coffee cup, and skin jewel thing will all be gifted. The granola will be eaten for sure. The hand towel is cute and I am debating on keeping it or not. Definitely not a win for me. I like it a little better in hand but would have been mad if I didn’t get a deal on this box!

  6. Thanks for the spoiler, it reminded me that I need to cancel my PopSugar Must Have box…I have not felt that I “must have” any of the box items since I started in October. I invested my sub box money into a year’s subscription to Little Lace Box.

  7. I have a love hate relationship with them. Their customer service is atrocious. The boxes however I always do really well with but it has to be noted that I am in my 40s, admittedly an urban style leaning towards more trendy items, with a teen daughter. Some items I like and others she likes. I have a hard time imagining all of the items age appropriate for a grown woman no matter how young at heart. I share a lot of clothes with my daughter but the tattoos..nah. Don’t see those on a grown woman. However they work for me because the teens love them. So I’ve yet to end up with a box that one of us doesn’t enjoy. I would honestly recommend popsugar as a mother/daughter box. And occasionally items we give to grandma lol. For the customer service though I’d only recommend long term subscriptions with lots of time to cancel.

    • I agree, I have a 16 year old and give her a lot of the “junior” items, I think splitting other sub boxes this way makes sense too. (She gives me the occasional “older” item i.e. argan oil she gets in Ipsy etc). She however steals throws and candles as well lol.
      I love PopSugar, I think even when their boxes aren’t a great fit for me, they are still a great overall value, and I’ve had no problem swapping. I am hoping they get their shipping/CS issues resolved for 2015!!!

      • I’m often shocked at the stuff I want that my teen steals. She took the scarf and necklace from Dec and literally wore them the day they came in to a Christmas party. I was bummed because I was looking forward to those! I tried to get a second box but was too slow. She also stole the chalkboard candle and loves changing what it says. So with 2 of us we never run into stuff no one wants but occasionally fight over similar items. Her and my husband fight over loot crate items. Pretty happy with all our sub boxes.

    • Same here…between my teenage daughter and me, everything in this sub is always used!

  8. I’m not into most of the items in this box, personally – that being said, I still think it’s a fantastic box for the price and the variety of items. I tend to sell a lot of Popsugar items I don’t love on ebay so I never feel upset if there are a few I don’t like.
    I was worried about the (5!!) boxes I bought for Christmas not arriving on time, but they all came several days before the holiday so as of yet, I have no complaints with Popsugar. They remain my absolute favorite box.

  9. I paid full price (or the yearly sub price of about $35) for this box and I think it looks great. I’m surprised so many people are still trashing PS. I’ve tried every box out there and this one is always my favorite with the best value. (Limited Editions not so much, but monthly’s are great.) All my nice stuff seems to come from PS. I was just using that blue wallet yesterday and I got a few compliments.

    I’m a barista and I think it’s so great that this cup was designed by baristas. It truly is hard to make a quality drink using bulky metal and plastic cups. Based on their website it looks like this cup is meant to duplicate the experience of a coffee mug. I’m interested to try it.

    The beanie looks cute and I need it. I can’t seem to bring myself to wear the white beanie from the fall LE box.

    Tattoos will be swapped. (If anyone wants them, seems like a hard item to swap.)

    All in all a good box and something to look forward to.

    • I think some people have a legitimate issue, as it pertains to missing deliveries or poor customer service, but others just want to complain. I like this box a lot.

      • I agree with the lack of customer service, sometimes I’ve waited 7 days for an email back. 7 days is 5 days to long. For me: If I like the $ amount of items I paid for the box, I’m okay with it. I subscribe to a lot of boxes that I do like, when it comes to paying for $39 for a box I don’t like any of the items in, that is when I have an issue. The hand cream a lot of people like in this box, and that has great reviews, I looked at the ingredients, and I prefer more natural ingredients. I know that it very difficult for box companies to make the perfect box for everyone, if not impossible. Not every box will be a win for everyone. At the same time that is the fun of purchasing these boxes.

        • ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I wouldn’t consider it trashing a company to warn other consumers of their bad practices.

  10. Random question…

    Has anyone ever used a pre-paid debit/Visa card to pay for their monthly subscriptions?? My debit card was recently stolen, and I was thinking about going and buying a pre-paid card so I can pay all of my monthly subscription box fees, but I don’t want to do it if it won’t work. BoxyCharm said sometimes their system doesn’t recognize the pre-paid cards.

    • As someone who works at a bank and sees this A LOT, I thought I could give a few tips.I have no idea if PSMH accepts pre-paid cards, but it’s not always the best long-term solution since not everyone takes them. I’d suggest using a credit card for online transactions. I know, a lot of people have an aversion to using credit cards too often, but they are honestly a lot safer when it comes to fraud. If someone takes your credit card info, it’s much easier to shut down that activity and get your money back faster. And if it gets taken, they don’t have access to all the money in your bank account. I’ve seen a lot of people get stuck and not be able to pay their bills because someone went on a $500 spending spree with their card and now they have to wait to get that money back for a few days. You don’t have that issue with a credit card, since they didn’t take money out of your bank account in the first place. And as long as you practice safe spending and pay your credit card off every month, you can look at it as a way to work on getting a really good credit score. Trust me, it matters. Hope that was helpful!

    • I tried using one a while ago. I had no issues with buying a 1 time purchase box subscription, when they don’t try and rebill. Yet any month to month subscription I tried using it on, it came back declined, I called the company I got the card from and they said that since there was an automatic renewal set up it would not even go through for the first month. I can remember which boxes I tried to use it on, it was over 6 months ago. You might want call the prepaid debit company and ask them.

    • Hi Lisa,

      It depends on the type of pre-paid cards you use. The Mastercards aren’t accepted most places. But I’ve used my Walmart Visa one and I’ve had no issues. I’ve used it for quarterly, I think boxycharm, FFF, I think I might have used it on PS once I can’t remember. But often when I’m worried about double charges I change my info to my prepaid card that way I can’t be charged unless I have money on it. Since I’ve paid upfront for a box and had a company try to double charge me, I got tired of the hassle so once I’ve paid for a box I change my info to a prepaid card that I haven’t loaded funs on yet. So it helps with being wrongfully charged. The only company I know for a fact that isn’t set up for prepaid cards is Citrus lane. Check to see if some of your subs have the option to pay with paypal. I know a few do, and I try to use that option if available. I had my card compromised over the holidays and had to wait on new ones, so I had to do the same thing. Good luck if anything email the customer service and explain the situation, the could hold your box for you and send it to you when your new card arrives. Hope this helped!

  11. This is just not a box for me…the only things I want from it are the coffee cup and the hand creme. The rest is just blah…gold temp tatoos? I’m too old for that…

  12. Ooh.. That hat looks really cute! Now, if I can keep my daughters from taking it.

  13. I think this is an awesome box! I am going to use every single item in it. I’m glad I decided to give them a second chance after the fiasco last year. lol

    -Yes, I’m 31 and will be sporting those tattoos at a music festival this spring/summer.
    -Granola is always a good thing.
    -I was just looking at yoga towels the other day- this will be great to carry to gym with me.
    -The coffee cup is a win. I was just thinking I needed more portable coffee cups.
    -Eye pads sound super nice and refreshing.
    -The hat is cute from what I can see of it.
    -I’ve heard great things about First Aid Beauty, so I am looking forward to trying!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only person who loves the tattoos ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love the little travel coffee mug and because I purchased the Black Friday 6 month sub deal this box is only $25 and the little mug is about that cost anyway. I have used the FAB cream before from last winter’s Allure Beauty Box and absolutely loved it so I’m excited to get that again too! Everything else is kind of meh. My gym has towels for member use already so bringing my own is just kind of creating extra laundry for myself, lol. I have a ridiculous stock of beauty items so the eye treatment doesn’t necessarily excite me either. The tattoos are a fun summer item but I’m on the verge of being too old for them anyway (I have Flash tattoos from a Hazel Lane box and they were fun but kind of cheesy at the same time.) Hat and granola are the two items I’m least excited about, mostly because I don’t care for granola and because I live in California. It’s in the 70s here and I took my kids to the beach today. LOL I don’t really need a winter beanie.

  15. This is a very practical box for me, but I am cutting back on sub boxes for this year and I don’t need anything in here.

  16. I love this box! It is very practical for winter months. The hat is great and I don’t own one like this. I love coffee, so this mug is a win for me and I needed a new one for work. I have been wanting to try the hand cream and almost picked up a yoga towel at TJ Maxx a couple of days ago. Also, I have eaten this granola and I know I love it. While the tattoos are a miss for me, I look at it as an added bonus since it is a sponsored item and don’t mind that I won’t use them. However, my nieces will love them so everything will be used this month!

    • I actually had a yoga towel in my hand at Home Goods last night — one of my many, many resolutions — so I’m actually really excited about that.

      Yes, excited about a towel…this is what subscription boxes have done to me. :p

  17. At the discounted price, this box is totally worth it! First Aid Beauty is really popular now thanks to Youtube beauty gurus. I personally love the hat, eye treatments, and granola. It’s the towel and coffee cup that I wouldn’t use.

    • Oh, and those metallic jewelry tattoos personally aren’t for me. However, I have seen a bunch of Free People pictures on Pinterest with girls wearing them. So they are definitely on trend.

  18. Wow, there are a lot of downers in the comments today. I’m surprised, I really like the box! I think the tattoos are cool, the hat is neat, the cup and towel and moisturizer are useful, and the granola is yummy. The only thing I probably won’t use is the eye mask.

    • Agreed! The box is incredible! I love all the boxes so far and I’ve been a member for a while. I work 70+ hours per week so the eye pads are a god send for me. You should give them a try. Very refreshing =).

  19. This looks like a great box to me! I will use everything except the tattoos. I also bought a 6-month sub on Black Friday.

  20. FYI I just received my Dec. bonus box this morning on my doorstep. They overnighted it after I:
    contacted them through email repeatedly
    messaged them over and over on FB
    started posting on their FB wall and in the comments
    threatened (which I will follow through with ) contacting the BBB.

    I can not in good faith recommend this company to anyone.

  21. Ughh – After seeing this I tried to cancel the January Box, yet it says its is pending, so I can not cancel it – Does anyone know of a way to cancel the January box? Other then the emails that seem to take a while get a response from?

    Maybe the Feb box will be better – ? – I debating should I, or should I not cancel the box. Popsugar most the time has been either 100% great for me, or 100% not great for me since I signed up. – This box is falls in the 100% not great category.

    • They probably won’t let you cancel. if you look on Popsugar’s FAQ page, here’s what they say:

      “Subscriptions for more than one month (e.g., 3- or 6-month subscriptions) cannot be canceled during the subscription period. Month-to-month subscriptions can be canceled during the subscription period, but only after receipt of the first monthโ€™s box. If you would like to cancel your month-to-month subscription after receiving the first box, then make sure to do so before the first of the month in which you would be receiving your next box; otherwise you will continue to be billed for the following monthโ€™s box. There are no cancellation fees.”

      So, in order to cancel January’s box, you had to do it by Dec. 31st. They are sticklers about this. Of course, for some folks, even after cancelling, PS still kept the sub going, so who knows. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I am really excited I love all the stuff in the box except the towel BUT I never like the exercise junk they put in the boxes, so at least a towel I will definitely be able to use, unlike the exercise dvds and exercise balls I gave away! The grey beanie will go perfect with the gray gloves they had last year. The eye pads will be a fun mini spa treat, and love nature valley granola. My skin is so, so dry in winter so love the cream, the reusable cup is perfect I am a coffee and hot tea addict.I love the tattoos I almost bought some but now glad I waited. I will be applying those as a faux bracelet.

  23. The PSMH black Friday was so amazing, I had to take advantage of it. But I’m glad I showed some restraint and only got the 3 month deal, after so many problems I decided committing to 6 months was a big risk.

    So I’m getting this box and I’m okay with that. I’m not in love with anything here, but I like most items and I know I will use them so the reduced price definitely makes it worth it. I don’t love the tattoos, buy maybe I’d be brave enough to try them in the summer when I’m actually showing some skin and not bundled in sweaters like now.

    I think after my 3 month deal is up I’ll do what other people are saying and just go box to box and buy only the ones I really want.

  24. Love the hat and the coffee cup. Just what I need. I already bought the FAB repair cream. It saves my life in the dry winter. I will probably gift it to my parents who are also suffering dry season. The tattoos are not my style. But I think the box is good for 25 bucks I paid for.

  25. After a bunch of disappointing PSMH boxes in a row, I decided to cancel my subscription and just buy individual boxes if they are sufficiently exciting. I think that if I already had a subscription to this box, I would be reasonably satisfied with the contents. I don’t hate anything in it and I’d probably use most of the items if I had them. But, I don’t love any of it enough to buy the box.

  26. I waffled back and forth on the Black Friday 6 month deal and eventually decided to skip it and just purchase months I really want and swap for anything else. I believe it was a good decision so far since this month is an easy skip for me.

    More for the rest of you! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. The repair cream, towel and cup looks good, but the hat looks like what my elderly Grandma wears. Not in to blingy tattoo/nail art. Will probably give that away like so many other things from Musthave.

  28. I love this box. Got the 6 month sub black friday. But I bought 2 Dec boxes, one for a friend and one for her 70+ year old mother. well, popsugar only shipped one because they sold more than they had, so they are shipping the Jan box to her. I told her that she might have to give the Dec box to her mom and get the January one herself. I wonder how many people were affected when they oversold.

    • Hadn’t heard about them overselling. If it wasn’t one thing, it was the next with this!

    • Well I guess if you squawk loud enough they will find one. I wouldn’t even resort to attacking them on social media, but that is the only way to get a response is on FB.

  29. Will pass on this box because I either have the items and don’t need more or will just not use it (looking at you tattoos), but I have to say, the eQua towels are amazing!

    My yoga mat is a little slippery when I sweat (ew), but I can use the towel for grip. I have a hand one and a full one for my mat. Definitely worth the price. They are the same brand that sells at Lululemon, Manduka, and other yoga specialty stores.

  30. I’ve been anxiously awaiting spoilers. Looks like a great January box that touches on a little bit of everything. I’m not in a climate that requires beanies but that one sure is cute! I’ve been wanting to give the metallic tattoos a try so I’m excited for those. And I’m forever losing reusable coffee cups so that’s a win. No complaints here! Can’t wait for it to arrive.

  31. I either have all of these or would not use them. I’m still in my 20s and I feel too old for those tattoos. And the hat–if I had received it in November, I would love it, but it’s too late and I already have a new one.

  32. I think this box looks great! The hat will be perfect for the winter that has arrived. I’m also really excited about the cup. Can’t wait to get it

  33. Those tattoos being valued at $18 to me is totally junk.

  34. I love it. I have been meaning to buy a pompom hat! If now they would include fur earmuffs for the next box!!!

  35. I find this box strangely curated. This body cream is wonderful though, sort of the same consistency as L’Occitane’s body cream. This sub is so up and down!!

  36. I am SOOO excited about the repair cream. So many of them I’m not able to use, but love that this one is fragrance free! Also, excited on the yoga towel. Can’t wait to get my box.

  37. I wasn’t going to order, but I have to sign up now. I love the FAB, the beanie, and the tattoos–the rest are bonus.

  38. I love it. I love the tattoos. I think it’s a great box. Can’t wait to get it.

  39. I like this box! I’m excited about pretty much everything (maybe the tattoos a little less)…but everything else will get used for sure!

  40. Easy pass. Not even a half off coupon would make this month interesting enough to buy. The coffee cup is cool, but I have plenty.

  41. Love the box and am definetly looking forward to getting it! Awesome!

  42. I see PopSugar is back to it’s underwhelming boxes. The only thing I would like are the hand cream and the hat, but wouldn’t pay for this box. Felt screwed over after I bought the limited edition box at full price, but I finally heard back from PopSugar after a month and they’re supposed to send me a December box. So we’ll see, I won’t buy another PopSugar box without complete spoilers or coupon.

  43. I’ve been eyeing some metallic temp tattoos on VeganCuts, so the ones in this box catch my eye.

    I think the rest of the box is a nice offset to their girly-er boxes, but it’s not for me.

  44. If the coffee cup had a tea steeper so it could be used for coffee OR tea, that would have made the box SUPER valuable to me and I’d get it! But, without a steeper, I’m just “meh” about it.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! Could not agree more ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Do they make such a thing? link? ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. The spoilers are not for me. I am passing. The only thing that interests me is the eye pads.

  46. great box for the 25 i paid ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Are these spoilers everything that will be in the box? If so, that’s great! The only thing that is meh to me is the hand towel, but everything else seems pretty decent (especially since I snatched up that deal that got me 3 months for $80something!). Could definitely use the coffee cup and I love the skin tattoos!

  48. Nothing that I am really excited about. Everything except the coffee cup will likely get traded.

  49. I know some people are really excited for this box, but I’m gonna pass on this one for sure.

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