#MSA02 Quarterly Box Reveal!

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It’s finally time for the MSA02 Quarterly box reveal!

I was waiting until after Christmas to do this box reveal since quite a few readers let me know they were waiting until the 25th to open the box. And then… well I’m still getting caught up on reviews from December – so my apologies for being a little behind on getting this posted!


For the winter box I had two main themes I wanted to cover: a cozy day at home, and a little holiday sparkle. And to round out the box I also included one of my favorite winter skincare items.

Here is more background on each of the items and why they were selected:


Yes To Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hydration Night Cream – Value $15

Yes to Carrots is a brand we originally reached out to for MSA01, and while the timing wasn’t right then, they let us know they were definitely interested for the Winter box. I’ve been a fan of Yes to Carrots for years now since first discovering them through subscriptions boxes, and I love that they are a natural and affordable brand. (It’s one of my go-to brands on Target shopping trips).

As soon as I found out we would be getting a Yes to Carrots product in the Winter Box, I knew I wanted to get the fragrance-free hydrating night cream. I love their fragrance-free line (especially in the winter when my skin is extra dry and sensitive), and this cream is fantastic. If I was blindly testing products and you told me it was a $60+ cream I would believe you. It absorbs so quickly, yet leaves your skin moisturized. It’s a thick cream but feels lightweight. I know it’s described as a night cream, but I’ve also been using it as a day cream too.

I hope you like it as much as I do – it’s one of my favorite affordable natural skincare products, and something I was really excited to share.


Bauble Bar Ice Crystal Necklace – Value $32

One of the two main themes of the box was Holiday Sparkle. When I was first thinking about the box, I knew I wanted a jewelry piece and a makeup item for that theme.

I browse Bauble Bar several times a week, and as soon as I saw this Ice Crystal Necklace I knew it was the one! I love delicate gold jewelry, and I think this piece has just the right amount of sparkle to feel special, but still be wearable for everyday looks.

I also think Bauble Bar makes the best quality jewelry at their price point – I’ve always been happy with every Bauble Bar purchase I’ve made.

I remembered Quarterly had worked with Bauble Bar for the original Nina Garcia box, so I immediately reached out to my Quarterly buyer to see if she could connect with them again. And fortunately for me they were excited to work with us and get the necklace in the box!

(I also love this necklace layered with other pieces for a more dramatic look, and I’ll be sharing some of those ideas in a follow up post).

FYI – Bauble Bar currently is having their Stash Up and Save event now through the 20th. Save 15% off 1 item with coupon code STASH15, 25% off 2 items with coupon code STASH25, or 30% off 3+ items with coupon code STASH30.


Au Naturale Creme Shadow in White Quartz – Value $20

Au Naturale Creme Shadow in Addiction – Value $20 (Not available online – exclusive for subscribers!)

I discovered Au Naturale makeup through a Gilt City deal early in 2014, and quickly fell in love with their entire line. The shades and formulas are beautiful, and they only use the best ingredients. (Their makeup is organic, non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, non-nano, and made in the USA!)

When we reached out to them to be in the box, I let them know I was most interested in an eye shadow to go with the holiday sparkle theme. (Specifically a creme eye shadow – I love how easy they are to apply and blend). I described the Bauble Bar necklace to them, and how it would be great if the shades could play off the necklace without matching. So we decided on White Quartz to reflect the micro pave crystals in the necklace.

The White Quartz shade is an almost-matte pearlescent white. It goes on somewhat sheer, and is great to use as a brow bone highlighter, or as an all over highlighter. I liked this shade because I have a lot of white eye shadow highlighters – but almost all of them have a lot of shimmer, which means they aren’t great for me for everyday use. The White Quartz though is something I like to use everyday for a very subtle highlighted look.

When I was describing the gold part of the necklace, I let them know I was looking for something that was in the gold family, and was special, but a little more wearable than a yellow-gold shade. They sent me a ton of samples to try – including some pigments that haven’t been made into their final line of cosmetics yet – and “Addiction” is the shade I picked. (As you can tell, I also got to name it!)

It has a bit of an antique gold feel to it, and some green undertones, and I absolutely love wearing it.

(FYI – like with almost any eye shadow, I recommend using an eye lid primer with these shades.)


So that rounds up the Holiday Sparkle section of the box – I was going for special but also very wearable.

Now onto the cozy day at home items:

For the cozy day at home theme, I pictured a blanket to wrap yourself up in, super cozy socks, and something to curl up with and read. (I’ve also substituted watching Friends on Netflix instead of reading and that works just as well!)


Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Blanket – Value $65

You can’t tell from the photo, but this blanket has a wonderful weight to it. The quality and detail work of this blanket are top notch too. I’m so thrilled we got such a quality American-made brand in this box! This is one of those items that will be in our household for years to come, and if you subscribed to this box, I really hope that it becomes a bit of an heirloom in your home too! (I’ve been using it as a throw on the couch, and also as an extra blanket on the foot of my bed when it gets chilly. A reader also recommended it as a great road trip blanket!)


One thing to keep in mind with this blanket – it is made with recycled wool and acrylic, which makes it softer than a typical wool blanket. And you can make it a lot softer if you like by putting it through the laundry a few times. For me the perfect level of softness was two laundry cycles, and my cousin told me it was perfect for her after just one round of laundry with fabric softener.

After Quarterly connected me with Faribault, I picked this variation of the blanket with the red stitching. I think the red is so festive (and works for holidays – including Valentine’s Day!) and the mixed grey blanket keeps the throw neutral enough to go with most decor.

FYI – Faribault is currently offering their Winter’s Best Sale, along with free shipping on all orders!


Foot Traffic Non Skid Fuzzy Slipper Socks – Value $9

It might sound silly, but I was determined to get fuzzy slipper socks in this box! They were a part of my cozy day at home vision, and one of those items I’m always happy to have more of on cold winter days. (My mom has also given me fuzzy slipper socks every year in my stocking for as long as I can remember, so maybe in a bit of a subconscious way I wanted to share this holiday tradition with you). To be completely honest, every year I’d never be too excited about getting the slipper socks, but then I’d go home, and a few days later put them on, and eventually realize I was using them more than anything else I received for Christmas that year.

Admittedly, I was not going for style so much as I was for comfort with these socks, and these were by far the softest socks I sampled. (Quarterly sent me a few options to try from different brands).

Bonus Offer

Next Issue Free Trial Offer – Bonus

To complete the cozy-day-at-home with some reading, I wanted to share one of my most used apps – Next Issue. (Next Issue regularly offers a 30-day free trial, and for MSA subscribers, they also included the 2nd and 3rd month at 50% off  – regularly $14.99 a month).

They have over 100 digital magazines on their app, and I pretty much use it everyday. (It is a lifesaver anytime I go to the salon for highlights!)

One thing to keep in mind with this app is that the magazines can take up a lot of memory, so make sure to delete them when you are done with them!

So that rounds out the MSA02 box. I’d love to hear what you think – any feedback or critique is welcome! (And of course if you have any questions about any of the items or anything else – let me know!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my first Quarterly box ever — and I was very pleased with it. I’ve used every item and, truthfully, I haven’t washed the throw — I happen to like its texture!

    I have very fair and sensitive skin. I’m happy to report that I was able to use the moisturizer just fine, although I still have a favorite — which is oddly also a drugstore brand. It’s Eucerin Intensive Repair Very Dry Skin lotion. I can also use Mary Kay’s Extra Emollient Night Cream on my face for when I’m outside in the winter and wake up with windburn the next day. It erases it over night! I just wanted to let you know about these two products, because you seem to also have extreme sensitive skin as me. I’ve tried all sorts of products and, by some miracle, these two (and your cream) seem to work. I recommend them.

    Loved the socks! I received light pink, which wouldn’t be my normal choice — but who cares? They’re socks with my pajamas! Also, when you forget to take them off as you’re headed to the store and put them in your shoes, let’s just say that your Wal-mart experience is going to be a lot better because your feet feel AWESOME in your sneakers.

    I’m wearing the necklace today — along with the eye shadow! I love that these are very simplistic, can-use-every-day looks. Thank you for that. It’s so “me.” This entire box, actually, was so “me.” <3

    (With the exception of the Next Issue Media subscription — but that's only because we do business with them at my work and the thought of using it reminds me more of work than relaxing.)

    Looking forward to the next!

  2. I enjoyed this box, I just tried the night cream and I like that it isn’t too heavy, could use for day cream. I love the eye shadows, necklace and fuzzy socks. I live in fuzzy socks most of the year. Mine have been washed numerous times and are still holding up. The blanket did soften up after washing and is great to snuggle up with to watch tv. I can’t wait for your next box.

  3. Loved the box so much! My favorite is the necklace but the throw is also great and such a high quality. Cant wait for the next box!

  4. I was not in love with the box when I saw the spoilers but couldn’t really judge until I had it in hand. I ended up feeling the same way in when I got it but I kept it. I will use the cream but have not yet as yes to products are pretty hit and miss with me and I have a couple creams in rotation currently. I found the blanket scratchy and I have not washed it to see if it softens up. I haven’t decided if I will try that or put it up for a gift to someone else who doesn’t have the sensitivity to wook that I have. I love the necklace as I did from the spoiler..it is dainty and would have been a cute gift if I wasnt keeping it for myself. The shadows are okay. The colors do not show up on my skin really as I am black but I can use them as bases for shadows. One of mine the clear part on the lid is not in place so I am sure it will dry out before its time as I cant not get it to seal. The socks were a total miss for me. I thought they looked and felt cheap and mine have left pink lint and pieces everywhere i walked after one wear and I am not sure they will survive the wash.

    All in all while I was not totally satisfied with the box I was also not discouraged enough to unsubscribe or return. Each item will be used or gifted when its all said and done.

  5. I loved this box! The blanket alone was worth the price of the sub – I layer it between my topsheet and another blanket on my bed. I am super toasty! Some evenings I drag it out to the television with me when I’m extra chilly. Everything else was like a bonus! The eye shadows are amazing and super soft socks are the bomb!

    Thanks Liz! Even if I cancel all other subs – I will keep getting yours. You obviously know how to design a sub box!!

  6. I think this box had been fabulous. Well thought out. Introduces things new to me. I trust your selections based on experience. So i am excited to continue. Dying for any box 3 spoiler!!!! I loved the blanket. It really keeps me warm. The shadow i would have never bought but thankful i tried it anyway bcs i have found many uses for both colors. The gold is a great smokey look for me. The necklace was SO beautiful on my daughter for the holidays. She got so many compliments. Perfect for her small delicate neck. THANK YOU!!! Keep up the great curation. 🙂

  7. This was not my favorite box, but I ended up keeping it because I got several gifts out of it.
    I did keep the necklace and the socks. I really like how dainty the necklace is, and who doesn’t like fuzzy socks? The only problem I have is that they don’t seem like very good quality. I’ve worn them twice and they are unraveling. :/

  8. I will say, at first this wasn’t my very favorite box.

    The blanket was super itchy when it first came out of the box, but then my grandmother stole it and I washed it a few times.. and I stole it back. Now it’s nice and warm, and it’s hanging out on the couch at all times.

    I know you like gold, but the necklace definitely wasn’t me, and the addiction eyeshadow made me look like I had a very strange black eye, so up for swap they went, along with the fuzzy socks (of which I have 10000 pairs. Though I may have kept them if I had the black pair.. hmmm.)

    THOUGH. I LOVE the cream, it’s really great to find an awesome drugstore find, one that i can actually afford! And the white shadow came at the perfect time, I like to use a little on the inside of my eyes, near my nose. Makes you look more awake. 🙂

    So all in all not a bad box, the coloring just really wasn’t my thing for this box 😛

  9. Liz, this box was wonderful! I have used every item since opening it and your curation is absolutely the best. Thank you for wading through all the comments – positive, negative, and some downright asinine – and listening to what your fans want while still staying true to yourself. <3

    • Completely agree! Thank you for listening and staying true to yourself! Both of these boxes, while not for everyone, have been the best on the market!

  10. Liz, I signed up when you first announced your box and so glad I did! I’ve loved both boxes ! As fair this box, I thought it was great! I love the blanket and the fuzzy socks ( especially loved that my socks were black) I live in Florida and while it is mostly a warmer climate we do still have the need for blankets and comfy socks so I’m not really sure why some people has made comments about that. Also, I love both the eye shadows and love that you chose cream shadows! I too love gold delicate jewelry so the necklace was a definte win and of course the face cream is awesome…I have used the Yes to line but not any of the yes to carrots products so this is a great discovery and love the price point! Just to add a few recommendations….I’d love to see more items for the home…. Reed diffuser, linen/room spray, I can never get enough candles!! Can’t wait until the next box!! Thank you!!

    • I guess it really depends on where you live in FL. North and Central FL can get cooler, but I think most people in Palm Beach and Miami wouldn’t get much use out of a wool throw or fuzzy socks. It’s the middle of winter and I’m at the beach in a bikini. 🙂

  11. I hate to say this wasn’t my favorite box at all. I loved the first one and so sad I missed it so I immediately signed up for this one. I know Liz and I have different tastes so I was keeping an open mind. I didn’t really like the presentation, it just appeared to be thrown in a box, I thought that was kind of strange. But I don’t get any other Quarterly boxes so I don’t know how the come. The blanket I love the thought of, but I washed mine and it’s still scratchy. I LOVED the fuzzy slippers though, I love them and always use them. They come in great handy on wood floors in the winter. I also really like the Yes To Carrots night cream, I love the whole Yes To line. The necklace wasn’t my style, I’m not a fan of gold at all but it was pretty. The eyeshadows were pretty, but I swapped them. I don’t use highlighting shades enough to warrant a whole eyeshadow. I know you can’t please everyone and I don’t expect to love everything in it. I do like enough items to make it worth the money and that’s what counts to me. I can’t wait to see what comes in the next box!

  12. I loved this box too, Liz. Your curation can’t be topped by anyone, IMHO. The socks I don’t need where I live since it’s warm here in the winter but they were easy to swap on your site. And weirdly, something in the night cream caused redness on my face (which usually isn’t sensitive) so I had to stop using it on my face. But I used it as a body cream when my skin feels especially dry and it makes my skin so soft. Can’t wait for the next box!

    • That was my issue with cream too. And my skin isn’t sensitive neither. I checked it on Paulas site and it got “poor” rewiev. It can cause skin irritation and it does :-/
      I am very far from thinking of Paula as a guru, but she is right this time…

      • That’s so interesting. I wondered what ingredient was in there that might be irritating my skin… Now I know what to avoid in the future, thanks Anna.

  13. I loved everything in the box! They were all things I wanted to use, and I really appreciate that everything was fragrance free 🙂 My dog and I like to fight over/share the blanket: http://instagram.com/p/w5DDV0jQ7k So excited for the next box!

    • Best pic ever!! 🙂

    • Very cute Christine!

  14. Loved this box! Favor to ask – would you be able to swatch the Addiction eye shadow? I think we have similar coloring but this eye shadow isn’t a color I would have picked out for myself. I was super excited to see a night cream, drugstore brand or not, it is great. Wore the necklace the day I received the box! Was the packaging typical for a Quarterly box? I was a little surprised when I opened the box that there was no packaging of any sort but looking through other reviews, it looks like they are very bare bones with their boxes?

  15. Liz, can you spoil big ticket items next time? Or at least give the option to people who want it? If I would have known about the throw, I would have snapped up the box. I was just outbid for it on eBay, and it is way more than 60$ on their website. I’m super obsessed with throws right now, so knowing about that and the scarf from the previous box would have made me pick them up (like popsugar used to do with their items). Surely there is a way you can offer it so that those of us who want to make sure it’s worth the money don’t waste it. I won’t get boxes now unless I know what’s in them. I just can’t spend all the money everyone else does. You’ve been consistent so far… You and little lace box are the only two I get really mad when I miss out on. But hopefully you can reveal the big items for your next box so I can decide beforehand! 🙂

  16. I was going to be gifting the blanket to my mother-in-law but got worried it wouldn’t arrive in time before we left to go visit so I bought her something else. I am so glad I did (lol). When we got to my in laws’ house they had a very very similar blanket (I don’t know the brand) so it worked out well that I didn’t give them another one and got to keep it for myself. I love it. I don’t find it itchy at all. It is the perfect size and weight for me too.

    I didn’t think I would like the necklace since I am a larger size (also was afraid it wouldn’t fit around my neck), but I am finding I really like it. I paired it with a gold cross I wear and it adds just a little bit of something extra.

    The only thing I was kind of meh on was the eye shadows. I think they are nice, but I think I that perhaps just one would have been better. Of course, I am a bit overloaded on eye shadows because of all my beauty subscription boxes.

    I really like your curation Liz. I will be keeping this subscription for sure. Please give us a sneak peek for MSA#03.

  17. I loved this box! My favorite discovery was the Yes to Carrots cream. At first I didn’t think I’d like it as much as other moisturizers I’ve tried, since it’s a drugstore brand. But like you said, if I tested it blindly, I would have said it cost at least $50! My face is so incredibly soft, and it’s so nice that this cream is fragrance-free and made with good, all-natural ingredients. I also LOVE that when this container is empty, I can just run down to the store and buy more without a second thought, unlike the more expensive products I’ve tried in other boxes. Thanks Liz!

  18. Loved your box Liz!! I think you did a wonderful job choosing items plus it’s interesting to see your thought process! It must be fun and a bit stressful putting a box together! You do a great job. I missed your first box and can’t get anyone to swap a candle or coffee scrub :(….the only thing that didn’t work for me was the carrot stuff…I have oily skin. But my friend loved it! I really like the fact you try to choose products made in the USA too!! That’s awesome!! Thanks again. I can’t wait till the 3rd box!

  19. I loved everything in this box except the socks (just not a fuzzy sock fan, but I am in the minority on that). My husband loved the blanket so much that he has been scoping out best of quarterly to see if he can snag the box for the blanket alone! The necklace is now one of my go to pieces of jewelry and I have really enjoyed the night cream. So excited for MSA03.

  20. I used everything in this box, and appreciate the thoughtful curation. Getting a $200 moisturizer in a sub box is awesome, but so is discovering an inexpensive brand that packs a good value–that’s the one I can afford to keep buying anyway! I trust the person who tries 200 products a month to tell me where the value is at any price point. Nicely done.

  21. At first, I had mixed feelings about this box. Living in South FL, I really won’t use any of the cozy items. The throw isn’t my style (I hate wool) and would look out of place in a beach house, but I think it will make a nice gift for a relative in the NE. The cream is for dry skin so no need for that in a subtropical climate. Same with the socks – would never wear them. So that part of the box was a bit of a let down for me. My only suggestion for future winter boxes would be to consider items that can be used by subscribers in warmer areas of the country too. Maybe a body cream instead of a face cream (body creams are great after a day in the sun or in cooler weather), thinner socks like Happy Socks that can be worn year round or a lighter throw like the one included in the PSMH holiday box for her or the original PSMH Neiman box. That said, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the sparkly items in the box. The necklace is delicate and looks great layered, and the eyeshadows are so easy to apply and look great on my olive skin. Thank you for introducing us to such a great brand! I’ve already ordered two more cream shadows and a powder blush, which I love! I also love the NextIssue app…saves so much paper!!! So even though some of the items were a miss for me, some of the items were spot on and left me feeling really happy with the box. I’m looking forward to MSA03!

  22. How do u wash the wool blanket? Any special instructions and do you put it in the dryer?

    • I threw mine in the wash on normal cycle with a little bit of detergent and then put it in the dryer on medium heat and it came out great and much softer. I might take the tip on using fabric softener next time.

    • There is a tiny tag on the blanket with washing instructions.

  23. Am fairly new to your blog but I like your taste. Where does one sign up for YOUR box? Thanks!

  24. This box was great, I’ve used everything. In fact, I’m snuggled up in the blanket right now! The Yes to Carrots moisturizer is fantastic – so high-quality I can’t believe what a bargain it is. I’ve even been using the Next app and love it so much I’m probably going to cancel all my existing magazine subscriptions. I can’t wait until your 3d box!

  25. I’ve gotten more wear out of the necklace than almost any other piece of jewelry I own (except my wedding ring set of course). It’s a perfect addition to both casual and dressy looks. I received black socks and while they’re the softest I’ve ever felt, black is rather blah. But, I’ve worn them many times so it’s all good! We use the blanket in the car and it’s very popular (i.e., fought over) in the back seats. My 14 year old daughter loves the face cream so it was a win. I haven’t had a chance to test the creme shadows yet but love the pearl shade as a base.

  26. I LOVED this box! I having been dying for your review so I could tell you how FABULOUS this box was for me 🙂
    I gifted the blanket to my Grandpa for Christmas and it brought tears to his eyes. He said it reminded him of the Army. He said sleeping with a wool blanket is the best feeling! I thought it seemed too scratchy for my liking, but I am so glad it made a lovely gift for him and he has been enjoying it everyday since Christmas.

    I love the Yes To line and was really excited to try the night cream. I typically use the cucumber one. I have loved it and I agree with the other comments that is nice to have a product that I will actually be able to afford to replace once it is gone.

    I have enjoyed the eye shadows. Both colors are very nice. I do agree you need to wear a primer underneath otherwise it creases very easily.

    I received the black socks and I absolutely love them. So comfy and soft.

    The necklace is a beautiful delicate piece. I do not own anything like it so it was a great addition to my jewelry box. I receive many compliments every time I wear it.

    Liz this was a lovely box. Thank you for all of your thoughtful curating. I can feel the time and love that was put into choosing all of these products. As always I am excited for the next box. Can’t wait for a spoiler 🙂

    • “I gifted the blanket to my Grandpa for Christmas and it brought tears to his eyes. He said it reminded him of the Army. He said sleeping with a wool blanket is the best feeling!” That is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time. 🙂

      • Dangit, my allergies are acting up again…stupid allergies….

  27. I just got addicted to boxes (after your reading your site) and I’m so sad I was too late for this. I love the throw. Guess I’ll get in on the next one!!!

  28. Will you ever include silver jewelry? We get so much gold jewelry in sub boxes and it looks awful on my skin tone. It’s a shame they always go right to the swap pile. Silver jewelry is pretty rare though.

  29. Love the winter box. The trow is at the head of my couch for easy access when needed. I use the necklace as a layering piece for the holidays and love how it looks, beautiful and delicate.

    I gifted the night cream to my step mom and she loves it. Love how soft and comfy the socks are, also how they stays put in your feet while you are sleeping. The eye shadows were my go to for the holidays and here and there.

    Needless to say keep at the good job and can’t wait for the third box 🙂

  30. I finally decided to subscribe to your box today! I love learning how much thought goes into selecting each item in the box. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for spring!

  31. I loved this box so much! My favorite item was definitely the Faribault blanket. I live in Rochester, NY and it gets cold in the winter, so it’s perfect! I’ve been using it on my bed at night and on the couch when I’m just lounging around. I also really loved the BaubleBar necklace, it’s become my go-to when I need something classy but not too loud. I’m so excited to see what’s going to be in MSA03!

  32. This was a well thought box and the blanket is my favorite item. The Yes cream is great as my skin gets so dry and nice it is so affordable. I don’t wear eye products but these made great gifts. Thank you again and I look forward to box 3.

  33. I really loved this box! I always love getting slipper socks since I always wear them around the house. And the eyeshadow is beautiful and goes on so well! I don’t wear a lot of gold necklaces, but when I do this necklace is always layered with it. And it’s perfect because I love delicate necklaces. The throw is wonderful and warm, and I just spent today snuggled with it during a cold ice storm. But by far the best find is the night cream! At first I was confused at why a drug store brand would be included, but then I tried it and figured out why! It’s amazing on my skin and has kept it so hydrated during the winter months! I use it every night now and I’ll need to get another soon, and knowing I can get another without spending a fortune is a major bonus! Thanks Liz for sending us great products and some great finds! I’m still sad I missed your first box, but I’m glad I got this one and will continue to get all of your boxes!

  34. My favorite from this box has to be the blanket. It’s wonderful and I keep it on my bed in case I need an extra blanket! Unfortunately I got the pink socks and I’m not a fan of baby pink (which is just my preference, nothing against the socks), so they were gifted and my mom enjoys them! 🙂

  35. Yay! I’m so happy you were able to post this today 🙂
    I absolutely loved this box!
    I sleep with the blanket every night. My boyfriend is always hot & I’m always cold, so he sleeps under 1 sheet, while I sleep under a sheet & (now) 3 blankets.
    I wear the eye shadow to work everyday & out to dinner/drinks whenever that happens. I’m not a big fan of gold jewelry, but I have a gold sweater I wear a lot in the winter & it goes great with it so I’ve already worn it several times.
    I never used night-cream before until this box & I have definitely noticed a difference in my skins health. So happy to hear that you use it for a daytime cream too, I was wondering if I should since it makes my skin feel so great, & now I’ll start doing that.
    I haven’t worn the socks yet, but I plan too. I love slippers, so I know I’ll love these socks.
    Thanks for such a great 2nd box! I use everything from the 1st box still & everything from this box. This is the only box that I receive that I can say that for. Great job!

    • I’m thrilled that you still use everything from the first box! And I’m always cold too and my husband isn’t – so I have the same blanket set up. So happy you liked the box. Thanks for sharing!

    • Us too on the nighttime blankets! I can always tell when mine is ready to go to bed–he starts actually radiating heat, it’s nuts. I’d think he was suddenly feverish if it didn’t happen every single night.

  36. I got the box right before heading out of town and the socks and necklace went right into my suitcase. The pink socks were a perfect match for my travel robe. The blanket has been a hit (we have lots of throws but it’s by far the warmest) and I’ve been using the night cream every night – I love it!

  37. I really liked this box. Love the blanket and the cozy look of it. I am so used to all the makeup and skincare in subscription boxes, so getting a blanket was a fantastic surprise!

    I’m not sure if your taking suggestions for the next box…but I would love to see an item like the Coach wristlet that I sadly missed in the Rosario Dawson box or something similar to the Oui Please clutch that was in their recent box (that I can’t seem to score on your swap site 😉 .

    Keep up the good work Liz! Can’t wait for the next box!

  38. GREAT box! Really enjoying everything. Although I was initially disappointed at seeing a “drugstore brand” included, I was shocked at what a great find it is!!! It’s almost gone & is already on my shopping list. And really, that’s what I love about subbing: finding new things. Great quality & low price is a total win. I feel like Linus with my new blanket. I have been taking it everywhere! MSA02 was my favorite Cmas “gift”. Thanks so much!

  39. I loved the box! The blanket is my favorite item, and I really appreciate that it is made in the US, and it’s such a great wool. I’m glad you didn’t pick some china made blanket that wouldn’t hold up to any washes. I love all the thought you put into all of the items. Can’t wait for the next box!

  40. I missed the 1st box and was so very disappointed. I loved everything in the 2nd box except…. the socks. Sorry. :-(. Everything else was wonderful. Waiting in great anticipation for the next box.

  41. Love the throw! It’s now everyone’s favorite ‘couch/tv blanket’.

  42. Another great box, Liz! I also use the blanket at the foot on my bed when we get cold weather here in LA (yes, we get cold! LOL) I don’t like using a heater, so I use this blanket! I loved the fuzzy socks as well and got lucky because mine were black! I have tried the “YES” products and use their cucumber wipes. They are a good product for their price point. I can’t wait for your next box!

  43. Yay! I love seeing your reveals and why you like the products. I ended up giving my bauble bar necklace and fuzzy socks in a gift as a gift and she adore them! Every time I see her the necklace is on!

    The face cream came at the best time. My combo skin has dried up so much this winter and I love how it soaks into my skin. The eye shadows are gorgeous as well. But the star is the blanket. I tossed it into the wash a couple times and now it is my go to throw. So cuddly and cozy. I love taking it road tripping too and am cuddled up under right now as I type.

    Also, just wondering Liz, when is your next box?

  44. I’ve very much enjoyed the box…particularly the “cozy day at home” part. I don’t wear eyeshadow so I put them on the swap site…but that wasn’t a big deal at all! Now….any idea when we will get an MSA03 spoiler? 😉

  45. Liz,

    My entire family has basically hacked my box! That is how good a fit it was for our family!!

    My husband snagged the blanket, one daughter has the socks, and my other daughter has the necklace. Everyone has used the cream on their hands.

    My girls are also begging me to let them wear the eyeshadow for the upcoming daddy daughter dance.

    I was very happy and grateful that the YES brand is very affordable. A couple of months ago I received a cream in a different subscription box and loved it only to realize that full size/price was $105!!! Out of my price range! 🙁

    We will be purchasing more of the blankets. One for every person in the family!

    Great box! Keep up the good work!

  46. I loved the white eyeshadow creme and the moisturizer the best…..Thanks for a well thought out box 🙂

  47. Aloha Liz! Great box, I really enjoyed it! I still haven’t received my Baubles necklace and I’ve contacted them several times (Quarterly) and no luck. I hate to complain/ask, but I’m really frustrated with them! Any advice is appreciated!


    • I’m so sorry to hear about that! I have a spare necklace still in the original package I will send to you. Emailing you now!

  48. I thought this box was fantastic! I am actually wearing my necklace right now, and snuggling up under the blanket. Can’t wait for the next one!

  49. GREAT box Liz! I am happy with everything and am curled up in the blanket as I write this. Also I am grateful that you included an affordable cream that we could try and then buy regularly if we like it. I’m already excited for MSA03!!!

  50. I love the blanket! This box was my first quarterly curated box and it’s miles above any other subscription box I’ve gotten in terms of the thought that went into putting it together. I wear the socks nightly and the necklace is what I needed here during v-neck sweater season at work. Love!

    • I’m so happy to hear it! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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