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Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902

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Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Box

The Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box was probably one of the boxes I was most excited to get my hands on this seasons – it includes 31 items for an advent calendar theme!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Items

The Subscription Box: Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box

The Cost: $50 a box (ships every quarter)

The Products: Rosario’s picks: “beautiful, creative works meant to inspire).

Ships to: US, (Canada extra $20 fee, International extra $30 fee).

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Bag

Studio 189 Oversized Tote – Value $250?

I couldn’t find this exact same tote on Studio 189’s site, but I linked to one that I believe is the same size. This is my favorite item in the box. I love the colors and the extra large size is so useful. Plus the straps are reinforced, so I think I could carry a lot with this!  Also, the mission behind this brand is wonderful:

STUDIO ONE EIGHTY NINE is a social enterprise created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah that consist of creatives that seeks to provide a platform to help promote and curate African and African-inspired content through an ecommerce shopping site, a supporting agency and an artisan produced fashion collection, called FASHION RISING COLLECTION, launched in support of V-Day’s One Billion Rising. We focus on creating opportunities for empowerment, education and employment of artisans and creatives.
Together we represent countries all over Africa and its Diaspora. Created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, the mission of Studio One Eighty Nine and the idea for Fashion Rising, took shape following a trip with V-Day in February, 2011, through Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda to Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the opening of the City of Joy.

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Coach

Coach Double Zip Leather Wristlet – Value $68

You can’t go wrong sending a beautiful and classic leather Coach wristlet in a subscription box! This is one of those items that I really like but also know it would make an amazing gift, so I’m not sure if I’m keeping it yet.

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Coasters

Studio 189 Coasters – Value $15?

Occult Crimes TaskForce Playing Cards – Value $10?

Under Armour Hair Ties – Value $10

The coasters and playing cards are really interesting – but I can’t find them for sale online so I’m just guessing on the values. And the Under Armour hair ties will come in handy!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Bookmark


Top Five Photo

Studio 189 bookmark & postcard

Black and White photography magnet

I like that Rosario always includes items from her latest projects – I really want to see Top Five!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Honest

Honest Hand Soap in Lemongrass – Value $5

Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash – Value $7

I love Honest products so I’m always happy to have more. I’m pretty surprised that these items arrived in perfect condition though! Normally when I order through the Honest Company the hand soap is packaged in its own plastic bag to account for some leakage in shipping – which almost always happens!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Bobble

Studio 189 Sunglasses Bag – Value $30?

Bobble Sport Bottle – Value $11

I already received a bobble sport bottle from the Bianca Jade Quarterly box (and thanks to subscription boxes I have more bottles than I will ever need), so this one will go to a friend. The sunglasses case I will use though – I like the bright blue colors!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Daredevil

Daredevil Mini Poster

My husband and I watch Arrow and The Flash, so we’re looking forward to NetFlix releasing this series!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Rent

Rent Poster

I’m not much of a musical person, so this is going to my cousin who I know will absolutely love it!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Spoon

Stuffed Peppers Recipe and a Wooden Spoon

(We’re getting into the stocking stuffer/advent calendar little gift and item portion of the box, so I won’t be commenting on everything).

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Balm

ProBCAA Supplement, Blowfish for Hangovers, and Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm

This healing balm is great, and my mom loves it even more than I do, so this is going in her gift pile! (And maybe this hangover “cure” will come in handy on January 1st!)

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Random

More of the little toys and games included.

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review #18902 Chocolate

And I saved the treat for last – Henry Lambertz Premium Chocolates and Cookies – Value $15?

These look delicious – I will be gifting them tomorrow!

Verdict: This was a really fun box to go through. I like that there are some really great quality pieces, some practical pieces, some silly pieces, and some box exclusives. Plus the value is well over $400! And if that wasn’t good enough, the proceeds of this box go toward getting water filters for cleaner water in West Africa!

What do you think of the latest Rosario Dawson Quarterly box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Amazing box! Its loaded! Subscribing now..

  2. Finally got my box today, love love love it! I had most fun unboxing it even though I saw spoilers. (It sucked that didn’t get this box to us in the beginning of December, but that’s’s problem)

    Such a thoughtful box! Did you see the jelly bean message? What do you think the message on the back of the bookmark?

    For all the folks who don’t like the box, there is no need to argue whether the stocking stuffer is junk or if the tote worth $25 or $200. I’m sure one of the reason Rosario picked quarterly for her boxes is you can return your box if you don’t like it.

    Best box ever!!!

  3. I loved the box! For a $50. box, it was fun, quirky, interesting. The Coach wristlet was worth the whole box and I loved taking the toys out of the bag, regardless of its value. Cookies look yummy too. Very happy with this nicely curated box; she must have had fun putting it together, too.

  4. I was disappointed in this box and was surprised so many people liked it. With an advent calendar theme and statement “open one a day” – it seemed as if the items might actually be wrapped or at least packaged. Everything was just randomly tossed into the box. I didn’t get the coasters and got the awful rubber under armour headband things. Weird little plastic gizmo toys went into the trash – sorry swappers, no way would I pay postage to mail those things out. Go to the factory card store – they are about 10 for $1. Everything felt like a free sample.

    If the large tote bag is from her collection – why is there no tag? And it has a batik look – but I think the fabric has been printed, not hand batiked, or they would all look different. But no tags and no explanation……

    And the Coach wristlet? Take a close look at the one in the box and the one on the Coach site? See a problem??? My guess is these were one-off mistakes that would have ended up in a bargain store like TJ Maxx anyway.

    I think Liz has me spoiled! Nobody can do a sub box like Liz – so I don’t know why I even try anyone else’s!!

    • There are two similar wristlets on the Coach site–both are $68. One has the horse and carriage and one just says Coach. I don’t think it is a mistake.

    • Liz Linked to the wrong coach wristlet. If u look in the comments I posted the correct link with out the “stage coach” tagging, same price.

  5. interesting…”The walnut was known to ancient Romans as “the nut of the Gods” and was one of the very first tree ornaments. Prior to the Reformation, European children received walnuts from St. Nicholas. And, often tiny gifts were concealed inside a gold or silver painted walnut”

  6. Ok so the tote being worth $$$ is total BS, we can all agree, but regardless this is a great box. I was planning on using this for stocking stuffers and it did not disappoint. I mean seriously, when you get a $70 coach item everything else is icing, how can you complain?

  7. That is just laughable a tote could be worth $250, especially in a box with a Coach wristlet for $68 which will obviously be better quality. And for anyone saying “well it’s handmade” just go to Etsy and you will find hundreds of handmade tote bags not even near that price. Companies will sell tote for charity all the time and never get near a price tag like that.

    This box just seems like one huge plug for Studio 189 and not a curation of things Rosario enjoys, the box should be “Studio 189 Quaterly” instead.

    • It’s not just that it’s sewn together by hand. The batik fabric is also hand batiked, and batiking by hand is pretty time consuming and requires quite a bit of skill to get it right. While this tote bag isn’t the same as the one on the website (it’s definitely not as substantial as that one) and subsequently is most certainly not worth $250 (maybe $100), I think it’s sad that people don’t value the time and skill that goes into making a handmade product. Yes, you can find it cheaper on Etsy, but some of those people are selling their wares for less than what the materials themselves cost them in order to just get people interested in their work. Many of those artisans aren’t selling their items for anywhere near what they should sell them for. You have to not only account for the cost of materials, but also for the time, skill, and artistry involved. Something like this that is mass produced is worth maybe 1/10 to 1/20 what a handmade item is worth. If handmade items can be found cheaply, then the people who made the items aren’t receiving a fair wage.

      • Well said. As someone who knits, crochets, crossstitches and other craft, when something is handmade it is often 5 times the cost of mass produced and usually better constructed. This will make the perfect yoga bag.

  8. I just got my box today and I came here just to say how much I love it! I had read spoilers on MUT but seeing it in person makes it so much better. A lot of people were commenting on the “box of junk” but I don’t see it that way at all. I loved opening each little tiny thing (stocking stuffers!) and someone complained about a ball of thread, which was actually a super cute little worry doll that could be hung like an ornament. I think even most of the small items will get used, I put the magnet on my fridge and I can always use a bookmark. I will also use the large Rent poster/calendar in my cube at work, which is large and needs some more art to fill it up.

    The funny thing is many of the small items have already become cat toys in my house! My cats love the little rubber ball and the juggling balls, they even went crazy over the sound of the noisemakers, which I’ll likely pass on to my toddler nephew, who will love them.
    The big items are plenty “value” for me so the small thing are just fun. I am not a fan of Coach, but actually really like the wristlet since it’s black and gold and will go with everything. I love Honest Co. products so those are a win for me too. And I’m actually happy with the filtering water bottle too since I travel frequently and bottled water can get expensive so I often fill up at airport water fountains. I haven’t tried the cookies yet, I might save them for a hostess gift but I might not be able to resist.

    • I commented on the “ball of thread” in mine.. it wasn’t that green ornament made of thread. It was literally a huge chunk of black canvas threading sitting in the middle of the box. I didn’t know if it was something other people got since there was no list of items, and it was weird.

    • Yeah…I don’t get the ball of thread thing either, I have bought these dolls before for my tweens and they are not cheap or just junk.

  9. My Eva Schrivo box arrived today! Very happy.

    • Mine too! Totally loved it! The first one was great but this one is so much better! I posted spoilers in Instagram with quarterlyco. Would have loved to see a hydrating shampoo instead of another oil fot the hair since I still have more than half of the obliphica that was in the last box, but overall is such a great box and I love the inserts included! Hope you enjoy it as much as Im doing!

  10. Good value box..even if just for the wristlet! I hope it goes up on the Best of Quarterly for sale!

  11. is there a way to still buy this box?

    • Emailed yesterday, got an email back and found out this box is sold out :(. I went ahead and signed up for the next box that is (supposed) to ship in January. Hope it is just as good.

  12. Loved it. My under armour was a (nicer) headband warmer kind of thing

  13. I believe the daredevil poster is the disney item since marvel is owned by disney

    • I e-mailed Quarterly inregards to the missing Disney item and I was told that the Disney item did not make the box. They used something else non-Disney in it’s place.

  14. Anyone else getting charged a C.O.D. fee now with their Quarterly boxes? I had 4 subscriptions and so far have received 3 of the 4 with a C.O.D. fee on each one! I am a Canadian subscriber already paying $20 for shipping. Thinking I am going to have to cancel all my Quarterly subscriptions-even Liz’s. 🙁

    • I am also in Canada (MB) and have never paid a C.O.D. charge with Quarterly boxes. You should email Quarterly and see if they can help you. What part of Canada are you in? I’m curious because I am still waiting for Liz’s box to get here.

      • Northern Ontario. Just got Liz’s box today. I have had Quarterly boxes for more than a year and this is the first month with any COD. I contacted Quarterly and got a credit for one of the CODs but was told “it happens” for the other. Haven’t messaged for Liz’s box yet. Just a hassle to worry about and have to make a trip to post office since won’t deliver to door with COD.

        • Wow that COD charge shouldn’t even occur since we pay so much for shipping. How much is the COD charge?

          • $10 and change per box. I will keep e-mailing Quarterly and grumbling about the extra trip to the post office. 🙂

    • I have had this happen twice before with Quarterly. I e-mailed them about it and they refunded me immediately, no questions asked.

  15. If anyone wants to sell this months Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box I will gladly purchase it from you. Thanks!

  16. Such a great box! I’d like to buy this box if anyone want to sell! My email is [email protected]

  17. I thought this box had a lot of thought put into it, even the little fillers. I loved it. Did anyone go to the link printed on the jelly bean bag? Inspiring.

  18. I loved this box! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Coach item—LOVE THAT! I, too, wish there would have been a letter detailing the items. I emailed Quarterly and they just sent me a link to the letter already in the box. I received a set of 3 rubber Under Armour headbands–non slip grip. Overall, I was pleased!

  19. I got this and while most of the filler stuff will be going into the trash, I was happy to get the Coach wristlet, the water bottle ( I am in the minority and have not received this one yet) as well as trying the Honest company products. The tote bag is worth $15 at most but I will definitely use for groceries or the like so it wont go to waste. I don’t know why she put most of the other stuff in and since she could not be bothered to write the letter to let us know, I really don’t care (nor will I search online) for her reasons. I have cancelled her future boxes as I am sure they won’t be for me.

    • oh and the cookies were delicious and are almost gone. Those I may try and find online. 🙂

      • I’m happy to hear that. My sister is giving her cookie box to my husband as a gift. I’m sure he will share with me 🙂

    • Think the little filler objects were meant to be stocking sufferers.

    • Don’t throw away the toys! I’ll swap for them!

      • ok. sounds good.

      • I’m shushu71 at comcast net.

    • I really don’t think that it’s the case that Rosario Dawson “could not be bothered” to write the letter. I’m thinking Quarterly probably didn’t want her to write a big, long letter. My reasoning on this is that her last letter was really long (very well thought out and detailed), so this one definitely would have been longer, and Quarterly probably didn’t want to spend that much more money on ink and paper, not to mention the time it takes to print everything and assemble all the pages.

  20. apparently i’m a minority too, i really was looking forward to getting this box but definitely not anymore. i am not excited in the least. i’ll probably return it unless someone wants to purchase it.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I’ll buy the box off of you. send me a email – samariaford at hotmail


    • If someone would like to sell their box let me know! I loved most of the things in this one 🙂 [email protected]

  21. This is a box that I wish I would have purchased. The “filler” items are not great but they are more like a bonus in my opinion. You’ve got a Coach wristlet, 3 Honest Company products, a water bottle and a box of cookies for $50! I also like the tote but yeah, no way I would spend $250 for it. I think that’s the best way to look at it. The wristlet alone exceeds the cost of the box and if not for you, it makes a great gift!! I think this box is fab.

  22. Several others have mentioned this, but just because you sell a tote bag on a website somewhere for $250 does not make it worth $250, at least not for normal people. I have a problem with boxes in general doing that on all sorts of items.

    That being said, the wristlet is very nice (and would be an awesome gift if it’s not someone’s style etc) and the box is totally worth the price, but it’s cracked out crazy to say this stuff is worth $400.

    Also, the Advent theme is really no good at all given the shipping lateness, and that is a HUGE error on Quarterly’s part to me.

    • Yeah, Quarterly really screwed up on that because it was obvious from the beginning that Rosario wanted an Advent type feel for her box. She wrote all about it on her blog, too. Plus mentioning it in interviews and all that. It’s too bad!
      Not that I would have waited to dig in, of course, but it’s probably just as frustrating for the curators as it is for us when the boxes get shipped late.

      I wouldn’t value the tote at $250 either since no one in their right mind would pay that for it but absolutely agree that the box is 100% worth it.

  23. I am so sad I didn’t get this box….wahhhhh. I hope it makes best of.

  24. Man, I bought a tote that was blessed by the Pope for half this price. This one must have been blessed by the man himself.

  25. Why is the tote worth $250? I get similar totes for free at every conference I attend.

  26. Kind of a fun box, but considering more than half the value is a TOTE bag? Ummm, no way on earth. I might, might, pay $25 for this box.

    In what alternaverse is a tote bag worth $250? Is it made of gold?

    • That seems a bit harsh. The Coach wristlet alone is worth more than the cost of the box. Yeah, I wouldn’t pay $250 for a tote bag, but it is handmade and the profits go to charity so the elevated price is at least for a good cause.
      I also don’t understand complaining about the “value” of something when it came in a package that cost 20% of the retail value of said item.

  27. Such a fun box!
    I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!
    But sucks at shipping, I live in CA and my tracking number says it will be delivered Dec. 26. Worst shipping ever.

  28. This looks like a great box, much better than most of the $100 ones. With very few exceptions (yours being one) Quarterly has been doing such a poor job that I’d be afraid to sign up for it.

  29. The Best box I have seen yet!

  30. I KNEW I should have bought this box!! I love everything in it!

  31. I think I am in the minority here, but I HATE the box, and am so mad I spent 50.00 on a box of junk. It is getting sent back. The only thing worth anything in there, to me anyway, is the Coach wristlet, and I have a ton of clutches and wristlets at this point.

    • if you dont want your box i will gladly purchase it from you and pay for shipping!!!!

      • We could probably work something out!

        • that sounds great am i not allowed to give you my email address it looks like it was up for moderation and taken down???

          • Not taken down – for spam reasons all email and websites have to just be manually approved by me. Just did it! 🙂

    • The Coach wristlet looks like a Coach Outlet piece… which is still decent, but they are often on sale for 30-50% off.

  32. I was very surprised in a good way that the Coach was in the box, made up for the delays. I was, however a little disappointed that the Disney item spoiler was not included in the box 🙁

    • I was bummed not to see anything from Disney too.

      • Same here. I checked around and no one else received a Disney item. It was one of the items my sister was looking forward to receiving.

    • I feel the same as you. The first thing I saw was the Coach wristlet and I was OMG, but then my next thing I looked for was the Disney item, I was looking forward to it.
      I must say the stuffers were kinda pointless to me really, I thought the 31 items were going to be useful things, not some random junk.
      However the Coach bag and the honest products made it worth to me, th e rest was plain pointless.

  33. I ordered this box as a present for my sister because she had to drop the box due to delays in shipping. She arrived here the same day the box arrived and eagerly opened it. We came up on my doorstep and there was this large sized Quarterly box waiting for us.

    She is very happy with her box and is excited about the Coach wristlet. It has a nice variety of items in it. I do wish that a letter was written because some things were easy to figure out such as the rubber piece of coal. Then there are other things such as the rubber pool ball that you wonder what is the story behind it.

    I think the Rent poster is amazing. I’m glad that I bought the box for her.

    • My daughter is in love with Rent, the poster and the wristlet are going to make her xmas. Actually subscription boxes are making her xmas awesome!! lol (yes my kids are still sleeping)

  34. Wow, what a great value box, especially for $50! It could definitely be one of the $100 boxes. But $250 for a reusable tote??

  35. Commit me to the insane asylum if I ever spend 250 on a tote.

    • maybe the 250 is a typo, that someone needs to correct.

      • That is what I thought at first too. So I clicked on the link to look it up and no, it is not a typo….. Maybe because this seems to be a fundraising/charity type of item? I haven’t taken the time to look further into it.

  36. It’s a nice box and I love that all proceeds are donated to West Africa but I’m glad I cancelled. Although, a Coach wristlet is a nice non-controversial item I look to subscription boxes for discovering new brands or products and a black Coach wristlet doesn’t fit that profile. And I’m in the camp that I prefer a few quality items that are well thought out over a box of stuff. Glad I chose Design Sponge instead…just wish her box was $50 instead of $100.

    • I agree. I got the box and was underwhelmed…Am returning it.

  37. I quickly scrolled to the bottom until I got to your “verdict”, so as to still be surprised…glad to hear you liked it! Yay!
    Meanwhile, my box is taking a tour of the great American Southwest.

    • “Meanwhile, my box is taking a tour of the great American Southwest.” — funny!

      • Very funny! So that’s what all the super late boxes are up to 🙂

    • Maybe that’s why my box arrived so quickly. I live in the great American Southwest! 😉

  38. I came reeeeally close to canceling but I’m glad I stuck it out. This is waiting for me when I get home today and I can’t wait to get into it! A Coach item in a sub box?! I’m in shock! Is this a first? That alone is worth more than the cost of the box. Well done Rosario and Quarterly!

  39. I received a different under armor’s is only one thicker one that still has the price on it $20!

  40. I must be missing something… That tote (besides being very casual looking and def. not for everyone design-wise) is something I might pay $15 for if I needed a really large bag to throw a towel in, but NOT $250 :S

    • Although, the tote in the box is awesome – in both size and fabric – I seriously doubt it is the same quality as the $250 tote in the link. Does the green tote have an inside pocket or reinforced bottom? Does it have a 7.5″ depth? It sure doesn’t look like it but maybe I’m just not getting the full gist of the bag from the photo.

      • My sister checked the bag and didn’t see an inside pocket.

  41. I’d also like this box now that I’ve seen the contents. If I order now, will I receive this box?
    There’s no number beside January’s box on Quarterly’s site, I see this is 18902.

    • Ended up subscribing – Because they do not bill till they ship, and I hate being on wait lists. I just emailed them asking if I ordered this box and it ships out in January if it will be the same box —- I wish they would have put a box # on which box they are going to send out in January, because I really want this box.

    • It doesn’t look like it will be same box. The summary says stay tuned for the love box coming at the top of 2015. Given recent shipping delays with Quarterly, I expect we will receive this box in March. Still looking forward to it.

    • Email Quarterly and let them know you saw the spoilers and want to buy the box. You can’t buy them on the website once they are shipped unless they are part of the Best Of boxes.

      I had success in emailing them before after seeing the spoilers for a box and having them being able to charge my card and ship me.

  42. When I first opened the box, the one thing I was bummed about was that the letter didn’t include a list of items or any thoughts into why the items were included, which I normally love. It just says that she’ll talk about it online, but it doesn’t say where.

    I was also upset because my box in particular was missing quite a few items, most notably the coasters, the hair ties, the hangover cure, and the Honest Co balm. I have reached out to Quarterly and they say they will send me my missing items, but I asked for a list of items to make sure I wasn;t missing anything else, because the items still don’t add up to 31, and all they keep doing is sending me the original letter included in the box, which does not have an items list.

    Did anyone else have the same problem of missing a bunch of items like me?

    • I’m missing the Underarmour item

      • The UnderArmour items differed per box. Mine was a headband.

  43. Hi Liz, it would be amazing if you could get the Coach wristlet in your box!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love both of your boxes I received but this would be amazing!! Wish I would’ve ordered this one!

  44. So glad I stuck with this box with all the delays. I think a lot of people canceled to get the design sponge box. My box isn’t estimated to arrive until the 26th, but I’m still going to be happy with it. The tote bag, coach wristlet, water bottle, and chocolates are my favorite items and more than covers the cost (although I would never pay that much for a tote bag). Now should I get her next box?

    • I’m so confused. If I ordered the box now, it says it ships in January. Any idea if that will be the same box?

      • I’ve heard this box is sold out and the next box (which I think we can all agree will not ship in January but maybe March) will be a different theme.

        • Thank you, I think I’ll still stay subscribed, because as of now there is not a wait list. I’m so glad quarterly bills when the box ships instead of weeks or months before.

  45. I’m bummed I missed this box. Would love to see something like the Coach wallet in a future MSA Quarterly box (hint, hint!)

  46. I just finished opening my box and I thought everything but the coach wristlet was all a bunch of junk and fillers. I feel like I got duped into thinking there would actually be 31 items. Needless to say, I packed it all up and is going back to Quarterly. It was too good to be true.

    • Hey Jan. Can I buy this one from you? I’ll pay for shipping as well!

  47. that Rent poster looks signed!

    • It is! And the calendar is annotated with different events like world humanitarian day and the birthdays for all the cast of RENT. This is one of the more well thought out and best boxes I have received since I have been subscribing to boxes 6 months ago. I felt like a 10 year old in footie pajamas opening presents with this box. I only wish that Quarterly had been able to get it to us by the beginning of December. I think the curator has done an excellent job, but Quarterly needs to get a little better at meeting shipping times.

  48. I’m having a hard time with the bag being worth $250….? I have one just like it for $9 from World Market…

    • except this one is handmade by some one rosario dawson employs and the proceeds go almost completely back to those in Ghana who made it!

  49. I absolutely love this box. It is extremely thoughtful. (The bag was made exclusively so that the numbers represent the 31 days in December.) the values are high and the items are practical. The best box I ordered this year.

    • I loved it too -although it literally kind of grew on me. I loved the Bobble water bottle, Coach wristlet, tote bag, and full-sized cookie box on first site but was perplexed about some of the other stuff and thought, as many here did/do apparently, that it was mostly junk. When I went to pick it all up, though, I realized that there was an actual story there and that most everything was symbolic to the holiday season or start of a new year or living every day to the fullest, etc. I am disappointed in the packing, lateness of the box being sent out, and the lack of a letter explaining in detail the items, but I have no regrets at all about buying this box. There was clearly a lot of thought that was put into the curation, even if the obviously rushed putting together of it meant that some of that thought was not as clear or conveyed as it could and should have been.

      • that would be sight not site…

  50. Liz: Is this box still available to order? I was on quarterly and saw a January shipment. Just wondering if it is the same box. If so I think I will order it. I like most the items in it

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