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POPSUGAR Must Have December 2014 Spoilers & 50% Off Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Black Friday Deal

We have the full December 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers! Each box will include:
POPSUGAR Must Have December 2014 Spoilers & 50% Off Coupon


Subtle Luxury Speckled Metallic Scarf – Value $62

Sparkle Pop Jewelry Sydney Pendant Necklace – Value $42

Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer – Value $24

Canvas Home Dauville Bowl in Platinum – Value $29

Williams Sonoma Cupcake Mix – Value $15

Knot & Bow Gift Package Tags – Value $4

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have December spoilers? I think this box looks fantastic! Remember to use coupon code HOLIDAY50 to grab a December box as a gift for 50% off! (Now that the spoilers are out I’m guessing the December boxes will sell out quickly!)

And thank you Jean for alerting us to the spoilers from this blog post!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have never bought 2 of the same boxes before now…but this one is great! I pretty much love every item, especially the bowl! Will keep doubles of it all except the scarf will go to my mom and necklace to a BFF…for $20 it was too good to pass up! Plus I’m one of those suckers that pays full price for an annual sub because I don’t have time to play the promo code game every month so this is a real PSMH treat for me!

  2. Can anyone tell me…if I sign up for this now, will I not be charged until they start shipping?

    • From my exp, they charge immediately.

  3. Liz, Can we expect these in December? Seriously? Will the December one arrive on time this month or are they still behind? I mean I know they are still behind for November because I still don’t have mine or tracking for it so at this point ill prob see Dec before I see November

    • I don’t think Popsugar even knows the answer to this question.

    • I honestly don’t know. 🙁 I would think they would want to get these boxes delivered before the 25th, but given that they are still behind on November boxes, I’m not sure they can catch up in time. I hope so though!

      • Still waiting on October.Still waiting on November. Filing with BBB tomorrow…

        • Before you do that. Reach out to them on facebook.

          • I have,12 times. People should not need to sign up for a facebook account in order to try snd get items they have paid for,in my opinion. I have gotten back via email lie after lie. Box will be overnighted tomorrow,box will be sent next week,we cant send box yet because we are waiting on inventory,etc

    • I really just assumed these would arrive before Christmas.. I really hope so since I bought 2 specifically for that.. I know a lot of people have had issues but I’ve never had a box that arrived late. I hope they haven’t overwhelmed themselves with orders..

  4. I was SO done with PSMH. Still haven’t received the November box and cancelled them last week but I just LOVE this box and for that price, I could not resist. I especially love that bowl, scarf and necklace. I LOVE both gold and silver so I’m happy either way. 🙂 Fingers crossed no double charges, and I hope I get it in December. Also, I unchecked wait list so hopefully I get December not Nov.

  5. I think I’m the only person not super excited about this box, lol. I do like the lip gloss and bowl but the scarf and necklace will be gifted (if the box arrives in time) or swapped. Still on the fence about whether I’ll keep or gift the cupcake mix. I guess that depends on when my box actually gets here….

    • You’re not alone. I grabbed this when the 50% off code went up, before the spoilers. There are zero items I will use in that box. Hopefully it gets here before Christmas so I can gift out the contents.

  6. WAY better than last years! Screams holiday and with the code, I couldn’t pass it up. I love gold! I’m most excited about the bowl though! So pretty and it’ll look gorgeous in my new apartment! 🙂

  7. I want this so bad, but being that there is still no news on my Nov. box, I can’t.

  8. Yes! I was hoping to break this box up into a few gifts when I ordered this earlier and I definitely will be able to!

  9. This will be my second box and I could not be more excited. I will definitely use all of these items and am even debating about getting a second box so I can have two of those bowls.

    • That is what I did. So, I have a set. 🙂 Some stuff I am going to gift and if it comes after Christmas then people will just get their gift a week late! lol

  10. The scarf makes this box kind of boring for me since I think I’ve received 3 or 4 scarves in recent boxes and we have a daughter with dietary restrictions so I’ll have to give the cupcake mix away to a friend. Most snacks that Popsugar sends I can claim as “mommy only” but that doesn’t seem quite fair with cupcakes and two little ones and only one of them having food allergies. Womp womp. The other items look great though. 🙂 The little bowl will work great as a little catch-all on my entryway table. Lastly, I’m thrilled with the value since I’m only paying $25 for this box because I bought the 6 month sub on Black Friday. Woohoo!

  11. To anyone else wondering — I messaged them on FB about the waitlist issue and they said that they will be sending out the December box if you ordered today even if the box is checked. Thanks Liz for the heads up on the deal and spoilers!! amazing value in this box!

  12. Does anyone know if you use the code for a gift, will they try to bill me for next month, too?
    I’m not sure if i will have to go back on the website to cancel , or if they will just send the one box and that’s that.

  13. Is the lip colour pink or coral? I was hoping it would be red.

  14. I emailed them regarding the check box for the wait list. I had accidentally left it checked when I bought my subscription today. They replied within 30 minutes! Good job customer service, they are stepping up their game for sure! They told me that there is no wait list and that I would receiving December’s box!

  15. I still don’t have my November box or tracking 🙁

  16. This box is soo good. I had been following reviews and though Popsugar always seemed to have a high retail value, it never had a good enough value for me, either with stuff I would actually use, or with a high value for gift recipients. I LOVE the long necklace, I can’t get enough scarves and I don’t have one like this, the cupcakes are seasonally appropriate and the gift tags will definitely go to use. I was just about to buy some red long-wearing lipstick/stain, and love smashbox. And the bowl will be an excellent gift for my sister-in-law, though I’m tempted to keep it. Thanks for the heads-up on the half off deal!

  17. Sold! I’m sold on gifting myself a december box. *sigh*
    i gifted a sub to myself last year, and november was my last month.
    i thought i would quit popsugar due to all of their recent issues and my growing supplies of “stuff”, but gaw, $20??!!!
    i guess my low buy will begin next year…
    this box looks great, (as great as the last few boxes) (and waaay better than the last december box)

    • oopos, i gifted myself an *annual* sub last year, prior to the price change

  18. Liz do you know if they are still having trouble with their customer service?

    I’m so mad because I wanted this box! I had a referral box left, but it said I would be charged in December. I’ve emailed them THREE times with no response. I don’t have money to accidentally be charged, so I cancelled. I’m super pissed/bummed. Why won’t they answer emails?

    • I emailed yesterday and got a reply same day!!! (I’m still waiting, wishing and hoping for my Nov. box, that I ordered a month ago)

  19. i resubscribed! wow. they really did good this time.

  20. SO, if we want December to we check or not check, wait list??

    • I unchecked and it says Dec 2014 as my next shipment date. 🙂

      • thanks!

  21. I love this box even though I am not into gold/gold tones. I can swap or gift the items. I am in LOVE with the bowl! I hope that it’s definitely silver. Yummy on the cupcakes, even though I bake from scratch, I have teenage boys who will love them! The lip color looks pretty for the holiday and I am always running around looking for gift tags at the last moment! I love my popsugar, but the customer service leaves a little to be desired.
    Ps….still waiting on the holiday box spoilers before I take the plunge!

  22. Ahhh I need to stop spending money, but this is a good box (I cancelled my PS sub earlier this year after being disappointed too many times) AND the 50% off makes it a steal!

    I listed my vacation address where I’ll be for Christmas/NYE as the shipping address…so hopefully the December box actually ships IN December (which I know is asking a lot from PS, ugh). But if I do get lucky and receive it in time, the cupcake mix will be used with the family, and the gift tags for the presents, and the scarf and necklace for my holiday outfit… Excited!

  23. Due to my husband’s truck dying on us and having to get him a new one with a much higher truck payment, I was planning on canceling PopSugar. Thanks to this coupon, I gifted the December box to myself half off! Sad to go because I love the items they send but I’m happy I can still get the December box!

    • I feel your pain. The engine in my old but paid-off Saturn died in October. I didn’t want to deal with another old car that needed lots of repairs, but a new car meant taking on a $270 monthly car payment. I’ve made it through two months — only 70 more car payments to go! Eek, I’ll be 43 by the time I’ve got that thing paid off.

      • Oh no, that’s horrible! We had like 6 payments left on his and now we get to start all over.. 🙁 Now we are praying and hoping for raises in 2015!

      • My car died during Thanksgiving week on me but I had already bought this box with a discount code, not as good as the 50% off. I love this box and if I had the money would buy a bunch to gift, but with a new lease am not giving this year- have to be careful. And I find myself giving more things away then I keep, why can’t i just enjoy the items for ME??? I just received the November box this week and most will be gifted but I love Pop Sugar the best subscription box out there.

  24. Well, all I can say is “Welcome back Popsugar”. Between all the great codes, and this being one of the best looking boxes (IMHO), I think they’re getting it right. Now, fingers crossed for great shipping.

  25. Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to cancel Popsugar if I decide not to keep it?

    • I had no trouble, and it was instant. I cancelled a monthly, and after it went through signed up for a 6 month sub.

    • Its not difficult at all. Just log into your account and cancel. You’ll receive a confirmation email. Some people have said they were still charged after cancelling, I’d just put that email in a special folder just in case.

  26. Does anyone know if the coupon code works on just one month or can I use it on the 6 month? Also for the coupon code does it need to be a gift subscription.
    Thank you

    • The email said you can gift one month. So, only one month, and as a gift. But, you can gift it to yourself. Hope this helps.

  27. I love this box! Yay sparkly items to wear! Love the bowl too and I love cupcakes. Hope the gloss is in a good color! So happy I bought the 6 month subscription, I have a major PSMH addiction

  28. Any PopSugar subscribers who can help me navigate the web site? I am attempting to buy a 3 month sub for me and gift a sub. Web site will not accept Holiday 50 code, saying it is not available for this subscription. Advice?

    • It’s only valid for a gift sub.

    • I had to do 1-month (monthly subscription). I couldn’t use the coupon on the 3 month either.

  29. I loved last month but I think this tops it! I could pass on. The tags but I’ll use them. Everything else is in the love category. Williams Sonoma is snobby enough baking for me!

  30. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’m honestly a bit afraid to look at my bank account right now! I’m so excited about this box though!

    • Ditto! 🙂

    • I know the feeling. I was oblivious to Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year. Then I found this site near the end of December. I’ve been bad this weekend but will not need to buy any beauty products other than foundation and concealer (which I’m really specific about) for at least year. (And for foundation and concealer, I plan on racking up Ulta points when I get my hair done!)

  31. As much as I like scarfs, I’m very bored with seeing them in boxes. I’ve gotten 4 scarfs in the past month. How about earmuffs/gloves. Something Fun and Different: Indoor Snowballs

    • +1 earmuffs!

    • I love earmuffs because I have to walk my dog in the cold (she’s a Rottweiler; she has very thick fur and loves cold weather and can stay out for quite awhile) and I hate hats. But I lost my good earmuffs. I even cleaned out my entire front closet over the weekend — found about 8 gloves (several pairs and numerous odd ones without matches) but not my earmuffs.

  32. So, for everyone that signed up using the Holiday code, are we for sure receiving the December box, or are we all waitlisted until January??

  33. This box has a lot of items that I would be reasonably satisfied with if I already had a current subscription (I canceled after last month), but none of it is exciting enough to get me to resub for it.

    • I can see where you’re coming from. I think I’d be happy enough if I was a subscriber. But I’m not, and I don’t really *need* any of it. So I’ll pass. Yet again.

  34. Awesome. I already have a six month sub but could not pass up the black Friday deal and got another six month sub. Such a steal.

  35. Ahhhh!!! This will be my first box ever, and I got it for $25! So stoked!! Is it weird that I’m most excited for the bowl? Lol

    • Not weird at all! That bowl is gorgeous and I’m super-excited for it, too!

  36. I subscribed today and when I checked out it showed by total as $21.47 however my card was billed $64!!! They charged me for two subscriptions, I’m not impressed so far. Now I hear that their customer service is unresponsive.

    • If you don’t hear back from them, dispute it with your credit card! Their customer service used to be great. I don’t know what is going on with them.

  37. Maybe I am alone in this wish, but if only the necklace and scarf were in silver instead of gold….. 🙁

    • You are not alone. I don’t/can’t wear yellow gold with my skin tone, so that is a bummer for me as well. I guess it will go in a swap or gift pile.

    • I’m right there with you. I’m thinking, meh, another scarf and a necklace I won’t wear. I’m hoping there’s a variation.

    • Note, this didn’t stop me from ordering another box to use as gifts…. With 5 sisters I shouldn’t have any problem getting these items off my hands. 🙂

    • I’m right there with you on that. I also prefer silver.

    • Gold looks better on my skin tone, so I’m happy! Sucks that you can’t opt for a silver edition for people like yourself :/

  38. It is showing a wait list? I didn’t know they had a wait list. =(

  39. Sounds great. Now I want the holiday limited edition box spoilers. Bought two of those even though I was disappointed with the NM box (selling my clutch for $65 if anyone’s interested).

    • Are you on the swap site? I would swap for more than that value for it!

      • Marissa, I’m on the swap site with the clutch listed for swap or will sell for $65 (plus nominal shipping). Would make a lovely Xmas gift. I’m Anne from MN. 200 plus successful swaps. [email protected]

  40. I ordered another box. (I did the 6 month deal on black friday) for $20 this box will make an excellent gift for someone! I have spent way too much money over the past 5 days. Hi my name is Chantel and I’m a shopaholic!

    • You and me both, sister!

  41. Love, love love this sparkly box! Just right for Christmas. Popsugar ya did good!

  42. My name is Jaime and I have a serious popsugar problem. I have 3 coming not including my LE box. Love.

    • me too 🙂

    • Hi Jaime…. My name is Tara and I have three boxes coming too. I have a popsugar problem as well!!! sniff… GROUP HUG! 🙂

      • I’ve got 4 coming… But 2 are gifts, thankfully!

  43. I’m glad that I took the chance and ordered the box prior to the spoilers. I can see it going fast. Looking forward to the box especially to try out the cupcakes. I’ll use everything, but will be gifting the scarf if it is in pink.

    • I’m actually hoping my scarf is pink! Although, I think I’ll love it either way.

  44. Wow, this box looks great! I took the plunge at the very last minute last night and got the 6 month subscription for $75 off. Now I’m super glad I did. YAY!

  45. This box looks incredible. So glad I ordered it this morning with 50% off. I was hoping for a scarf. Your blog has helped me get such fabulous deals. I need to stop shopping. Thank you

  46. Thank god I just ordered the deal! This box looks amazing!! Where was this Popsugar when I subscribed??! I love the cupcake mix, bowl, necklace, scarf, lipgloss, everything! Now I’m tempted to possibly order a subscription, I did a 3 month over the summer and didn’t like them. I didn’t like October’s box, and November’s box I really liked and this one looks awesome. Can’t decide what to do lol, oh well at least I’ll get the December box, happy birthday to me!

  47. Holy moly! I seriously love everything about this box! And with my Black Friday 6-month discount…I feel like this is a steal!!!

  48. LOVE the bowl. Lovelovelove.
    Necklace – a bit young for me but I can gift to a niece or my son’s GF
    Scarf – hard to say without seeing it in person. Are we definitely getting the grey? If so it will be gifted — I look like a corpse in grey.
    Cupcake mix – I don’t use mixes (baking snob). Gift.
    Smashbox – OK. I have a lot of lippy.
    Tags – my second favorite item. Heh.

    So I will gift half but I love the bowl so much I don’t care… 🙂

  49. This might be my favorite PSMH box of all time. It screams “holiday” to me – and I will use absolutely everything in the box. Now … if I actually get my Nov box, and if this box is actually delivered …

    • right there with you sister. Love this box and I’m so happy I snagged the black friday deal but it’s Dec. 1st and I’m still waiting for my November box so….

  50. Ahhh this is awesome!! Super excited about this one!!!!!!

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