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New POPSUGAR Must Have Coupon – 50% Off December Box!

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New POPSUGAR Coupon - 50% Off 1-Month Gift

Thank youΒ Chhavi for sharing this offer with us! Now through December 13th, use coupon code SUGAR50 to save 50% off your first month of POPSUGAR Must Have! (This code works for both regular and gift subscriptions, and brings the cost down to $19.98. (Regularly $39.95)).

Your subscription will start with the December box, and any orders placed by December 17th will arrive by the 23rd. Check out my review of the December box to see what you will get with your first month!

Full Details:Β If a subscription is not marked as a “Gift” during the checkout process, the subscription will automatically renew at $39.95 for subsequent months. SUGAR50 (“Code”) is valid for 50% off a 1-month sub or $19.98. for 8am Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 through 11:59pm PT Saturday, Dec. 13. or while supplies last. Code may not be applied to previous Must Have Box purchases. Promotion valid on new subscriptions only. Any duplicate boxes purchased with this promotion will not be refunded and cannot be returned for credit. Code may not be used with any other promotional codes, discounts, coupons, or offers, and must be redeemed by the date published herein. POPSUGAR is not responsible if any Code is lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission. Code programs may be terminated or modified by POPSUGAR at any time in its sole discretion. Code open to U.S. residents only. Void where prohibited.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Looks like all the December boxes are sold out. πŸ™
    Wow I waited too long convincing myself I needed it..

  2. I loved this box! Everything in it is awesome, though my favorite items are the necklace (perfect length!) and surprisingly, the lip lacquer–it is not as dark as I expected, not a color I had, and I don’t know how I lived without it before. The scarf and bowl I really like but I’m toying with the idea of gifting them (that was the intent, but I also could keep them). No complaints about organic cupcakes or multi purpose tags. Keep this up PSMH!

  3. Looks like the same thing is happening to me, that is happening to a lot of you. I signed up starting in December with a coupon, because I wanted to get the box for gifts and then cancel. However, I just logged into my account and two boxes are listed. (both say December box.) There are two different order numbers and I have no email for the second at all. I contacted them on Facebook and sent a screenshot of my confirmation email with the quantity listed as one. Hope that is the best way to contact them. I don’t want to get charged twice.

  4. I also subbed during their 50% off Cyber Monday sale for 1 box. Checked my orders and just shows 1 and my card only has 1 charge on it, but it looks like they’ve sent me 2 boxes because I’ve received 2 separate emails with 2 different tracking numbers. Any advice on what to do about it? Keep the extra box? Lol

    • The same happened to me. So far I have received one box and have not seen the second one. I have been checking my card obsessively to make sure I am not double charged.

  5. A little off-topic: if you got an earlier PS box with the Kendra Scott earrings and 20% off coupon, KS website is currently offering free shipping with no minimum. I picked out ring and necklace for under $100. Coupon expires 12/31!

  6. Be VERY careful – these knuckleheads have NO IDEA what they are doing. I had a year subscription that ended in Nov and i did not re-up (assuming that after buying a year i would have to resubscribe to keep it coming). So when i saw the 1/2 of earlier in the month, i ordered a December. I also wrote them and was able to get the free one since i got the special edition for her. WELL they CHARGED me for one box and now I’m getting three because they said i have TWO subscriptions, which i do not! I never re-subscribed when my year ran out b/c they are getting lame. Now i have to contend with THREE December boxes? They have gone from bad to worse.

  7. They seem to be having way too many issues lately. I never was charged for my November box, and never received it. After waiting all month I contacted them and they told me my “gift subscription” expired and that is why and I could sign up again. I never purchased a gift subscription, I just signed up for auto renew. I feel like they genuinely could care less about any of us as customers as long as they continue to turn a profit.

  8. Can someone who knows how Popsugar works give me some advice?
    I ordered a 50% off box at Thanksgiving. I noticed later that there were 2 boxes ordered. I immediately cancelled one and sent a message on their site to let them know and received an automated response.
    Today two boxes arrived!
    I’m going away until January on Tuesday so need to resolve this pronto.
    I sent another message and again got an auto response. Can I just write ‘return to sender’ on the box and send it back?

    • From their FAQs, so you could try that at your own risk…. “All Must Have purchases are final sale and nonrefundable. We do not currently accept returns of POPSUGAR Must Have boxes, and any box returned by a customer will not be eligible for a refund. In the case that your POPSUGAR Must Have box does not arrive, POPSUGAR must be notified in writing within 4 weeks of receiving your tracking information. If POPSUGAR is not notified within that time frame, we can no longer be held accountable for the missing items and will not be able to offer a replacement or refund. Note it may take 2 weeks to fulfill. All refunds are granted at the sole discretion of POPSUGAR.”

      • Thanks, I read that too. But it was their mistake so they ought to rectify it, surely?
        It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t going away. I don’t know if I can even initiate a return in January.
        I plan to call their head office on Monday, see if I get any joy there.
        What business doesn’t have a contact number? Pretty shabby, being unavailable like that.

    • The “return to sender” says it won’t work on the site as it says it takes no returns at all, the return will get the box back to them but not your money back to you.

      • Problem solved. I wrote on Popsugar’s Facebook page and asked them to please respond to my messages that I’d sent since early December.
        They emailed me to say that I had ordered an extra box and included a screenshot of my account page which showed 2 orders.
        I had definitely cancelled the second box and received email confirmation, so they must have added it back.
        Although it was ‘against normal policy’ I was sent a return address label and the money will be refunded if the box is returned unopened within a week of receipt.
        So, it’s possible, but really time-consuming and problematic to return a box I hadn’t ordered.
        I really regret signing up for a 6 month sub with this decidedly shady company.

  9. I received the box today which I purchased on Cyber Monday? when they offered the 50% off the first time. I’m surprises that I like the lip lacquer as much as I do. It brightens up my face and my eyes. I’m amazed by the difference it makes in my face.

    I bought the box because I like the items in it. The values don’t matter as much to me. I did go on Subtle Luxury and the scarf is being sold for $62.00. I wouldn’t pay that price for it, but that is why I buy sub boxes πŸ™‚ The bowl arrived without any black marks. I can’t wait to bake the cupcakes and the tags will be useful. I also layered the necklace which works out just right for me. I’m pleasantly surprised by this box.

  10. I have no idea what’s going on with PopSugar but they are not what they used to be. I never received a November box. Then I cancelled a week ago because I was annoyed that I had not only never received it but never charged for both November and December so I was like whatever don’t want it anyways may as well cancel. Then today I receive tracking information for my December box that I previously hadn’t been charged for, guess I better check my CC.

  11. I got this box on the Black Friday deal and am not thrilled with it. I completely agree with the comments about the scarf being not luxe at all and packaged in a cheap bag that makes it seem like a freebie handout or something from the dollar store…I don’t feel that it’s giftable except maybe to a teenager. Very disappointed with the scarf. Also somewhat disappointed with the bowl….I love it but its quite small. I do like the necklace but I don’t wear gold– that at least is giftable. And I always like tags.

    All that said, I definitely think that this box is worth $20…..

    • Speaking of PSMH deals of questionable worth…. I also got the November box through the rue la la deal. (I knew the wallet thing would be too small to be functional, but figured it was worth the discounted price…) Did anyone else? If so, has anyone received this yet?

      • I too ordered the November box through Rue la la and have not received the box or even tracking! I’m hoping it comes soon since I’m planning on using it all for Christmas gifts…

      • Yep, I’m still waiting for the November box that I purchased through RuLaLa.

        • Did you guys go through the pop sugar site after and enter the code ruelala sent you ? just making sure πŸ™‚ cuz i know when you buy at ruelala it says its being shipped to you but they only send you the code

  12. This is the first PS box ever that I only like one thing…..and it’s the cupcake mix. I wouldn’t pay $10 for this box and too bad I paid about $35. I guess my only solice is out of my 3 mo sub the first two I liked a lot. I’m not renewing. It’s probably going to be hard to swap since I imagine there is going to be a lot of each item available. I wouldn’t gift this nonsense.

    When I think for the full price of $50, for $10 more, look at the FFF Dec box and MSA01 & 02. That puts things in perspective for me. What a difference!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Michelle S!
      I’m suppose to be getting this box for my referral and then I’m getting a additional,one because of my holiday box purchase. I saw the 50% off deal and thought about grabbing another box but decided my money is better put towards my MSA boxes and my Rosario boxes. If I didn’t have two PS boxes coming I probably would snag this deal for only 20 bucks. But reading the comments about the cheap quality I think I’ll wait to see if I like my box enough to justify buying another or not. Can’t wait for my MSA boxes to arrive I’m dying to know all of the contents.

      Liz, when will you do a reveal of your box? After Christmas?

      • I’ll do the reveal once I know the boxes have arrived to US subscribers – hopefully that will be before Christmas!

        • Awesome! Thanks Liz I can’t wait !!!

  13. Clearly PSMH has a huge overstock of Dec boxes. They should send one for free to all the customers who bought the Neiman Marcus box.

  14. For those that are scared off by the deep color of the gloss – try blotting it. It totally takes it down to a very, very wearable stain effect. πŸ™‚

    • Will definitely try this! Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. I have not received anything about shipping of my December box. Do they normally send out a confirmation? Anyone have any luck contacting them?

    • They send you an email with a tracking number once it has shipped. It took 5 days to arrive and I live in the same state where they ship from. I’ve never contacted them though, I heard their pretty bad at replying unless it’s Facebook.

  16. This is such a great box. I received this box yesterday. It was my first PopSugar and I was very impressed! When I first saw the spoilers I was bummed but actually having the products in person is a whole different experience. I wore the scarf to work today and got so many compliments. The necklace is really pretty and delicate. But the bowl is really tiny and the platinum lining of the bowl inside was really uneven. It looked cheap but it’s perfect for organizing. I plan on using it for bobby pins and hair ties. I’m excited to try the cupcake mix. The tags were a nice touch. I didn’t like the gloss because I only wear lipstick but it’s not a big deal. I’m gonna buy this again, all these items would make great gifts! And for $20, you can’t beat it!

    • At first I didn’t think I was going to like the necklace or scarf either but I recieved my box today and they are so pretty I just had to keep them

  17. With Popsugar, it’s not so much when they ship it as how they ship it. Their must be some kind of ‘tiers’ or something within FedEx (which is how they ship it). I got notice of shipment for my box on December 6 with an estimated arrival date of December 15. That is to go from NY to MA. I can get something from across the country from FedEx in a few days. And according to Mapquest the package is travelling 203 miles. Excuse me, but I can drive that in four hours or less!

    • Same for goodebox. Goodebox and Barkbox both use DHL/USPS. But my barkbox had never sat at a transfer center, it goes to USPS right away, whereas my goodebox usually sits in a transfer center for about a week. It is bad during the summer for makeup items. I am sure it is on their contract. Faster delivery definitely cost more.

  18. I haven’t received this box yet but I really like the bowl and Lip gloss, tags, and cupcake mix. The scarf and necklace will be traded or gifted although I’m not sure who I’d gift them to, so probably traded. If my bowl arrives stained, I will paint it! I think ceramic paints pretty easily, doesn’t it? Sounds like a fun project. I wasn’t gaga for his box like most people so I probably won’t by a second even with the great deal. Now the October box, I could never have too many of those!

  19. I just tried to order it and it says the coupon does not apply to my order, even though it took the 19.95 off. It won’t process the order :-/ Anyone else having this problem? Or know what I could be doing wrong? Seems like a perfect Christmas present for my sister, but I am having no luck. Thanks!

    • You have to get a gift subscription. I bought another one this afternoon and it worked.

  20. Oh no! I just got this with the code and then scrolled down to read all the shipping comments. I thought for 20 bucks it was a great deal, I love all the products and then I would cancel. But I hope it gets here for christmas! A lot of the items I was planning to gift.

  21. I got my box yesterday and have mixed feelings about it. First, the box arrived crushed on one side. The only thing obviously damaged was the cupcake mix–there was a big dent in the metal lid. Just the kind of damage that makes it un-giftable–which is exactly what I’d been planning to do with it. The rest was all quite unremarkable. The scarf was packaged in cheap plastic without tags-nothing luxe about it, which again makes less of an impression if one wanted to gift it. The outside of the bowl is unfinished which means that it stains easily, and indeed there were a few marks on it. The gift tags seem very out of place since they have nothing to do with the holidays and the lip gloss is in a color that would be impossible for most women to pull off. The whole impression I had with this box is that despite the big price tags they put on each item, it’s actually low quality stuff.

    • Yes, agree. My husband didn’t think it was worth the $20-something I spent on it. Yikes!

      • Maybe I had psyched myself up a little too much for this box since the items looked like high quality and giftable online…..

        I should also add that I liked the bowl the best of all the items but I am sure what I am going to do with it yet now that I have it.

        The scarf and the necklace I am going to gift since that was my original plan. I am repackaging the necklace first since the packaging it came with makes it look really cheap. (And I am not that picky!) The scarf I am leaving in the plastic bag it came in so the recipient knows it is new but it doesn’t look that great. (The recipient of this is not that picky and loves gold and scarves so it should work.) I was excited to gift both of these before I received them but now that I have them I am thinking of what else I can include with them since they look kind of cheap…

        Good news is that at least my box wasn’t damaged. πŸ™‚

        • Ok, final thoughts. πŸ™‚ Overall, I am happy with the box for the $20-something I spent on it. It is definitely worth that and I would buy this box again.

          However, the retail price they are listing on some of the items seems very inflated. For example, $62 suggested retail for “100% Sheer Soft-hand Poly” seems a bit much for a no-name scarf.

          Additionally, I wish they would have packaged the items especially the scarf and the necklace better. The packaging on these is terrible. If done correctly, they could have enhanced the presentation of these items, not substantially taken away from it.

          Also, I should note that I am not a fan of gold to begin with but I don’t think that is affecting my opinion here much.

          I hope the rest of you end up loving your box.

          • Chris,

            I agree that the presentation really took something away from the box. I’m not a fancy-pants kind of girl, but i had plans of gifting this box to a friend who is, definitely won’t now. On the upside, the bowl is really cute and I was shocked to get it by the 10th!

          • I bet the packaging wasn’t that great because they were more worried about trying to get them all out on time. I will say that I believe packaging is important and if not done right, can take so much away from a box. I am glad that it looks like everyone will get theirs before Christmas! πŸ™‚

    • the gift tags do not seem out of place. This is the holidays. I believe people give gifts. ;p If you don’t use it for that. Use them as labels for the wine or even as name tags at the dinner table or label you dips using these. Even a toe tag after they eat too much… (or just eat my cooking!!!) Those things are wonderful for a nice dinner or party. As far as the scarf goes… go to the dollar tree. Buy a nice box, packaging, and you have one nicely gifted scarf. White elephant gift or an office gift. I am happy to see the lip gloss. I am in that small group that can pull it off. With most of these boxes I have to swap my lip sticks or gloss because it just isn’t something I can pull off. So, it is nice to see one from time to time that I don’t have to trade! lol

      • I should have clarified that the color doesn’t seem to fit the holidays for me. Obviously a personal opinion on my part though. Even in a nice box a scarf without tags looks a bit like it was just pulled from my closet. Again, just my personal opinion.

  22. Everyone, it really is a wonderful box this month. I got mine (from my regular annual subscription) last night and I’m very pleased. The scarf and necklace are beautiful, the bowl is nice, the cupcake mix is a win for either hostess gifts or to keep, the tags are usable. And, my favorite item is the one I didn’t think I would care about, the lip product is awesome, very long lasting and it looks more natural on my lips than the color looks in the pictures. I’d say for $20 this box is a no-brainer.

  23. The guarenteed to have by Christmas means nothing. Some of us are still waiting on October and November…

  24. I just received my December box and the platinum bowl is covered with some black stains. I am so bummed out! πŸ™ Does anyone know how I can have it replaced?

    • I had a stain on my bowl and it was easily removed with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball

      • Thank you! I will try that, because of all the items, I am most excited about the bowl.

    • My chain on my necklace was broken, so I contacted Popsugar on their site and told them about it. I uploaded a photo of it too.
      The next day I received a message from them that it will be replaced.

  25. I almost ordered this because I was like, ooh, only $20. But then I went to look at the review and decided it’s really not for me. Yeah, I entered a few blogger contests to win it. For free, I could certainly be convinced to try most of the items.

    I’ve got to start thinking like this before clicking “buy.” My credit card will thank me. (I’m hurting, I just paid car insurance for my new car today. Ouch.)

  26. So the people who order now will get it by the 23rd yet I contacted them today and was told the 2 I ordered on Dec 1st won’t ship out until the 20th plus 5 to 10 days for delivery. Annoying.

    • I hear ya. I’m still waiting for my November box πŸ™

    • WTH why’s it shipping so late?? I thought they were going to ship by Christmas? I just got a shipping email for my holiday box the other day.

  27. I’m surprised they still have December boxes left after Black Friday’s deals. The December box looks so amazing, I can’t wait to get mine.

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