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French Box Subscription Review – December 2014

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Box

French Box is a new subscription box that sends you a box of France each month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 FIrst Look

The packaging is some of the best I’ve ever seen from a subscription box. I love the tiny Eiffel Towers on the inside of the lid!

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: French Box

The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each box contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises! FrenchBox is the best way to discover or share the latest products from France.

Ships to: US only.

Delivered via: USPS

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French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Tree

Each box comes with an illustrated oversized postcard.

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Info

And a fold out card detailing the items included.

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Headband

Headband – Value $9 (?)

I like this headband – it’s a basic black braid, and not too tight on my head. I think the retail value listed on the card is a little high though.

The headband also came with a tutorial on how to do a french hairstyle with it:

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Tutorial

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Bulb

French Factory Delicacies – Value $6

FrenchBox Christmas Tree Ornament – Value $6

These french sweets include: almond biscuits, anise biscuits, calissons, and sesame seed nougats. No ingredients were included, so I’m just guessing I can’t eat any of it.

I think it is cute that they included a branded ornament, and it goes well with our tree which is mostly gold ornaments. (This is a plastic ornament).

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Eyebrow

L’Atelier Du Maquillage Eyebrow Maintenance Kit – Value $44

This kit is my favorite part of the box~ It has tweezers, eyebrow gel, an eyebrow brush, eyebrow stencils, plush two shades of eyebrow powder and a brush to apply them. I unfortunately received the blond shade which is a little too light for my brows, but everything else in the kit works great for me.

French Box Subscription Review – December 2014 Perfume

Mauboussin Perfume – Value $1

Les Notes de Lanvin Body Lotion – Value $24

While I’m never too excited about perfume samples, I love that this lotion is full sized. It’s paraben, phthalate, and artiifical dye free, and a good lightweight consistency. (Based on the info card, I’m guessing their will be a variety of scents sent to subscribers).

Verdict: Based on the retail values, this box has a value of about $90 – great for a $24 box. I will use almost all if the items, so I’m happy. What did you think of French Box this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (46)

  1. Is Liz not doing a review for the Jan box?

  2. $10 off code worked just fine. For $14 I figure it’s worth giving them a try

  3. I got my January French Box today. Not sure if I should post what’s in it or wait for Liz to do the January unboxing.

    • Yes, please post!! I’m dying to know what’s in the box. Mine was supposed to arrive today, but now the site says tomorrow. Please reveal!

      • How do you know when you’re box is due to arrive? I got an email saying my date was last Thursday but no tracking number or arrival date.

      • I received several emails saying it would ship – but when I checked on it, I was told that they had sold out and meant to tell me. They were incredibly rude, especially since they’d had my money for more than a month, and kept sending me confirmations. Then, after the entire mess, they emailed me to confirm I had resubscribed, which I hadn’t. I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card info.

      • Wow! I actually had a very similar thing happen to me. I had received an email estimating the time of shipping to be January 15th. I waited a week after that date and still no box. I emailed them and they said those emails had been a mistake and they had sold out of boxes in December. They did offer to send me December’s box for 19 bucks. I also have invoices saying I would receive the January box that I purchased on December extremely disappointed since they’ve held on to my money for a month. They should have had it posted on their site that it was sold out. I’m waiting for my Febuary box and then will cancel if not really happy. My first box was only 14 bucks with a coupon code, but still. I’m new to these boxes and really hope that this is not the norm.

      • Just getting back here. See that the spoilers are already on Make Up Talk so I won’t post here in case others do not want to be ‘spoiled’.

    • I love the January box. It’s my favorite yet! Even before the item they are shipping later I am thrilled.

    • For the VERY curious, there are already some spoilers posted on the makeuptalk general subscription forums. I canceled after the December box, but the January one seems much nicer. Just my luck…!

  4. Is there any update on Jan FB? I canceled last month but just curious what is in store for Jan and trying to decide about trying Feb.

    • I just received an email. They said they will now ship on Thursday the 22nd.

  5. Cancelled after this box. I like the Lanvin cream & the eyebrow set but tossed everything else. Very disappointing!

  6. The coupon code for $10 off the first box did not work. Is there another code?

  7. I cancelled. I have very short hair, so the headband was a no go for me, and my niece didn’t like it when I passed it on to her (she said it “itched her head”). The treats were meh for me; certainly not something I would pay $6 for. And like everyone else, the brow kit seemed fabulous but not having blonde hair, it seems like too much work (and “adding in my own eyeshadow” is crazy to me; I don’t wear brow-colored eyeshadow). My money is better spent elsewhere. At least with Popsugar, if I don’t like an item, I can give it as a gift to someone else.

  8. I really liked this box!! I’ve liked most of them though!! I used everything in this one 🙂

  9. I got this box as a gift from my husband (with the discount) and it is my first box.

    I have seen Liz’s reviews here and this is my least favorite box because the eyebrow kit doesn’t match my color… I sent email to customer service and received the same email as Jenna. I guess I am going to give it a try. I also expressed that I felt some items’ values were inflated (sweets, ornament and headband) and perfume sample shouldn’t count as main item. It would have been nice if ornament and perfume were bonus items, but not considered toward the total value. I so want to love this box, so I hope they listen. They wrote back to me very quickly and said my feedback was appreciated. Ate the sweet, ornament is on the tree, headband (mine was gold/black) will be gifted to my sis-in-law (hairdresser) and the rest will be used by me eventually…

    Anyone here committed for an annual subscription? I cannot decide… I like the variation of items in the past boxes for the price point and the product they choose seem to be high quality. Decisions, decisions…

    • Yes, I did upgrade to a full year’s subscription back in November.

  10. Once I got over the packaging, I decided to cancel. I actually think this month’s box was decent (brow kit and lotion were very nice), but looking back at the past boxes, I’m realizing I’m not using most of the stuff in French box. Maybe I’ll re-sub some other time, but for now I will enjoy from afar.

  11. My 6 year old and I had a wonderful time opening the French Box. The packaging is beautiful as always. I love the postcard which shows their package under the tree. Love the details. The small bag that the headbead came in is nice too. I tried out the hairstyle too which came out ok. I think my hair is too thick for the style. I’m going to give the chocolate truffle recipe a try. I always say I am going to make them and never do. I like the perfume scent and will try the treats. The lotion smells nice too.

    I had no idea there are kits for brow shapes! I like how TFB keeps surprising us. The plastic ornament is on my tree. I am glad that it is plastic because one of the cats like to climb the tree and already broke an ornament.

    I’m pedestrian and fine with it :). I will probably never visit France and love it when they include touristy items. The compact mirror is my favorite item from them.

  12. I’m french living in the US ! And after this box, I cancelled my subscription…I have to admit that The brows kit is nice, i tried it and work very well on me, I’m dark blond. But, there is NO WAY that this candies (except the Calisson ) are from France…And these Calissons are exactly the same as the October box…let me think, the have left over from october box and they put them in an other box… The sesame candies are absolutely not french and the cookie neither. The Christmas ornement in like a 50 cents plastic shit. The headband is pretty but not french…and the Lanvin body cream is OK.
    Even if the value of this box is more than $24, there is no way that it is $90…And for that I have the feeling of being rip off a little bit.
    I subscribe for Birch box which really much cheaper, $10. You get 4 or 5 samples, you win point for reviewing them, at least 4 or 5 $ per month to spend in there gift shop, so you can get or almost get the full size that you like for free !! I think it’s not a bad deal instead of receiving full size which are staying on shelves…

    • Gosh! right on point!! I’m French too, living in the U.S. and was about to subscribe so I was just trying to figure out if it were worth it or not 🙂 .
      Well, this box is (let’s keep it polite) disappointing.
      The Lanvin body lotion is not even worth 10€, with the currency rate not even half the listed value.
      I would prefer to see some parapharmacie products rather than all of that… I will have to pass.
      For the calissons, they could have offer a small box of it rather than the other non french kind of candies… Just saying.

  13. very underwhelmed with this box, again. i canceled my subscription 🙁

  14. I just canceled this sub. I don’t think it’s “French” enough for me.

  15. I absolutely love Frenchbox’s packaging. It’s so beautiful and the attention to detail is wonderful. Having said that though, I find myself being more wowed by the packaging than the actual contents of any of the Frenchboxes. That’s a problem for me, as there is no logical way I can justify spending $24 a month for packaging, no matter how cute it is.

    So, I cancelled after November’s box. I’m glad I did as there isn’t one item in here that I would use. $9 for a headband that looks exactly like a Goody headband you can get in a 3-pack at Target for $5 seems really inflated to me. Plus, I can never get those darned wrap around headbands to stay on my head. They always pop off my head. 🙂

    I guess I’m also over perfume samples in these boxes. I hate paying for those as much as I hate paying for foil samples. Perfume & foil samples are usually freebies, so it’s hard to pay $24 for those.

    Sorry to sound like a complainer here. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I think packaging only goes so far. It’s almost like a really hot guy. He might be pretty to look at, but if there’s nothing on the inside, eventually standing there and looking pretty gets old. LOL! 🙂

    • I agree with the packaging. Like Liz says, Frenchbox and Glossybox are some of the best in the business, however I throw boxes away so it really isn’t as important to me. I’d take a regular mailer box over this packaging if I’m guaranteed items I’m going to actually use.

  16. I found the perfume to be amazing. I went to, I think, and found the full size bottle for about $30. Can’t wait to get it. I love that one of the many, many fragrance samples we get with subscription boxes finally was a good match for me.

  17. I still looooooove the presentation, but man, I am just not connecting with this box again this month. I’m completely missing out on the value because I can’t use a single item.

    The value thing makes it a box full of *womp WOMP* for me: The eyebrow kit was a clever idea, but my brows are black and there’s no way to trade for a better match. I was thrilled to see a Lanvin product! But the scent smells old ladyish to me (and on me) instead of lovely and chic. I avoid wheat, so I won’t eat the treats. The plastic ornament doesn’t have any value for me at all because it’s clearly a promotional item with their logo on it. And I think we all feel the same way about perfume samples.

    And the inflated dollar values are… well… bonkers. There’s no way that headband retails for $9. That plastic holiday ornament is not $6. The little plastic container of random treats is not $6, not even in Paris or Manhattan. It’s disingenuous to claim that those three items are worth $21 together.

    So no, not for me. I canceled within five minutes of getting the box. I wish more subscription boxes would take note of their packaging, though, which is top notch. The glitter was perfect.

    • I haven’t been impressed with the last two months either and cancelled mine. I LOVE the presentation but that isn’t enough to spend the money. My little container of treats was broken, headbands don’t work for me (maybe an odd shaped head?), blonde will never work on me, and the lotion will be gifted to my grandma. Just didn’t fit my tastes.

  18. Love that it’s not food that was laden with sugar – this one would make me re-subscribe

  19. I loved the extra holiday touches in this box — the tiny sprinkle of gold sparkles, the themed card, some gold in the paper packing materials, etc. (I don’t even normally like gold all that much but I loved it here.) FrenchBox’s attention to detail is impressive. For example, the card incorporates the headband and the actual Frenchbox under the tree.

    Belle présentation. Je l’adore. <3

    • I agree, fantastic presentation! A lovely box overall, too. I didn’t love November’s box so I was waiting to see how I felt about December’s to decide whether to stay subscribed into the new year. Happy to say I’m hanging in there 🙂

  20. I really enjoyed the December box and have already been able to use the headband for the included hairstyle card. I especially liked the added touch for the holidays. I agree that French Box does a great job based on their price point which makes it an affordable subscription.

    • You got that hairstyle to work? I was a total failure on it and could use some tips.

      • Used headband as shown. Then low ponytail by hand and wrapped it under the headband. Then using both hands just rolled hair under headband and kind of just rolled it around headband. Couple of bobby pins to help hold. Took several times but went to work and everyone thought it looked great. Hope that helps a little.

      • I did it a little differently and now I’m hooked, it looks so cool I am going to buy other color headbands like this! At first I thought no way, I have fine curly hair but I got it to work. I put it on with the back under the hair like a normal headband (I think the tutorial looks like you put it on like a halo with the back on top of the hair instead of under). Then I took the back of my hair to the right side and wrapped it over and over again as I worked to the left for a final tuck. It looks professionally done and held all evening without any pins, just a little spray! Everyone kept asking me where I got my hair done!

  21. I found this box “BLAH”. The lotion smells amazing though.

    I think I’m going to lay off the beauty boxes for a few months. I have makeup, perfume, lotion, nail polish and hair protector coming out of my ears.

  22. This is one of my favorite subscription boxes. I’ve gotten every box since they began, and I’ve loved them all. I can’t wait for the next one!

  23. “plush two shades of eyebrow powder…” The lightest shade is actually wax, not eyebrow powder. They sent out an email with English instructions for this product:

    Step-by-step for beautiful eyebrows

    L’Atelier du sourcil is a Paris-based company specialized in eyebrow beautification. They develop innovative products with very specific formulas.

    The eyebrow kit included in your December FrenchBox is their most popular product in France.
    How to use the Eyebrow kit

    1. The kit comes with stencils that should be applied on top of of your eyebrow. Choose the one most appropriate for your eyebrow shape.

    The stencils will avoid getting the wax on your skin.

    2. Apply the wax; you can use your fingers or the included brush.

    3. Remove the stencils (they can be re-used multiple times).

    4. Apply the color with the included brush. For those with a darker color eyebrow, you can mix the powder inside the kit with a darker eye shadow of your choice and this will help enhance your final result.

    5. Apply the brow gel. This will set the color and allow for all-day wear.


    We believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. When choosing this product, we tested all color variations and picked the most neutral one. We hope our tips will allow you to enjoy this quality product.

    Your feedback is always apreciated and carefully reviewed.

    We look forward to suprising you with our upcoming product selection and we wish every one of you a great holiday!

    The FrenchBox team

    • I think I have to disagree with them about the blonde brow shade being the most universal and neutral. If they were going for middle of the road to suit max subscribers, a shade of brunette would’ve made more sense. Or to perhaps ask subscribers for their shade preference if sending something so very specific. It’s the highest value item in the whole box and it’s basically useless to me (I’m all set for tools/clear wax but would’ve loved having a new brow powder to try).

      • According to Ramblings of Suburban mom when she reached out asking about the blonde color they said they included it because the gel was clear, unlike the other colors. Not necessarily that the brow powder was the most flattering.

  24. A person would need a lot of hair to do that hairstyle! (Mine is longer than that but most people’s isn’t…)

  25. I like Frenchbox! I am subscriber since they launched and I was happy with every single box I got from them! It is always surprise! I know it will always be something new, I didn’t get from other boxes yet 🙂 I love those little calissons, could eat a whole bag of them!

  26. I love this box! I think they are really trying to do well with the way they have curated their boxes. I had gotten the first box when they started but I just had to many things last month and this month to get the box. So I restarted for January. I hope their curation keeps getting better with each box.

  27. I liked this box too, I really liked the headband cuz I’ll use it, I swapped the ornament but it was cute too. I’ll keep the lotion, though not a big fan of the scent. I swapped the eyebrow kit too, I also got it in blonde which is too light and something I wouldn’t use. It was really awesome though the way it was packaged and that little kit holds everything! I haven’t tried the treats yet, but I think they’re cute too. I do really like Frenchbox’s packaging and Orange Glad, cutest subscription packaging ever.

  28. I love French box! I always get delighted when I open it. I think that they always have unique items and that it is like opening a present. I subscribe to both French box and Oui Please both of which I love and both of which I am going to do a year subscription to (already have for Oui please with the 20% off). However, I think the recent comparisons by some folks between French box and Oui Please given the vastly different price points is unfair. I do think for a $24 price point, they do a great job! Also their items trade well, better than most of the makeup boxes and even pop sugar items. I particularly liked the Lanvin in this box and generally their retail value is between $50-90 which is generally better than many of the boxes in that price range, especially given that they include food and items other than makeup items, since makeup has a high markup.

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