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FabFitFun VIP 2014 WInter Box Spoilers!

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FabFitFun VIP Fall 2014 Spoiler

Thanks to Katie we have the first look at the Winter 2014 FabFitFun VIP Box! (Photo credit from Instagram user Jessica___)

FabFitFun VIP Box Spoiler

Time to identify all the items! Let me know if you recognize anything, I’ll work on putting a list and values together!

(FYI – if you want this box it is still available – use coupon code WINTER10 to save $10 off the box!)

UPDATE – FabFitFun VIP shared the complete spoiler list with MSA readers!

Zumba 60-min DVD and $25 apparel gift card (note this covers shipping too, so 100% free & shipped product will be available) – $55
$30 Fashion Project gift card with free shipping (note this covers shipping too, so 100% free & shipped product will be available)- $30
And some sponsored items:
TOTAL VALUE: $383.59

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got my box today, I love it. I did not get the eye serum so that was a little disappointing, but I really had only been buying it for the peel anyway. The candle that was in my box is a red currant scent, it smells amazing. Super happy for the price I paid!

  2. Woot! I’m in love with this box!! I can’t wait to use everything! That Zumba is gonna feel goood esp after the holidays, kwim? The only thing that I don’t care for is the cooking thing…I can cook up a storm at this point, I don’t even use recipe books…BUT I know plenty of ppl who can’t even boil water (I used to be one of them) who could sure use this as a gift. I’m blown away by how awesome this box is. Love!

  3. I spent 40.00 and I am getting over 380.00 worth of stuff..
    I love it!!!!!! I’m very pleased with this box! It is my first FFF box.
    I’m happy that I will be able to gift some things and keep some things. I can’t wait to get my box.
    NOW, I am ready for some spoilers from LIZ!! Bring it on!

    • I was very pleased with this box too. The last box was nice, but I merely “liked” it because all but one of those items ended up gifts with the exception of two items. They all made nice presents, but I only used the serum and the thank you cards (which was unexpected because I needed exactly for thank you cards at the last second…so handy!). It was still better than the summer box. I didn’t like a lot of the items and several I didn’t like well enough to gift to others (e.g., “exercise your balls off” bottle, Kiss Sticks, Purse printed on a purse bag).

      I’m happy that I’ll actually use almost all of the items in the box. I may not use the pigment powder (I prefer gels because they’re not as messy and last longer). I’ll even wear the “bullet” necklace because I’m getting out of the Marine Corps in a few months and that will be a nice symbol/reminder (even though I can completely understand why others wouldn’t want to wear a bullet around their neck)….I might put it on a shorter chain though.

  4. What I find to be frustrating as a Canadian customer is that I won’t be able to use the gift cards included in the winter box as neither of them ship to Canada (even if I paid for them to ship,) and I don’t know anyone in the States who would use them. It’s a huge oversight by FabFitFun regarding their Canadian base. This, on top of last months disaster regarding delivering peoples boxes in the first place, and the fact that their customer service is leaving a lot to be desired (won’t respond to e-mail or Facebook [although they’re posting on their page] as well as hanging up on international calls]) is ridiculous!

    • I cancelled! I’m Canadian. And I’d like to be able to use everything in the box. Yes, there are useful things. But the point of the box is to pay less money, and receive over 300$ worth of product. It doesn’t seem considerate to add coupons that can’t be used by everyone subscribed to there service. Disappointed

    • Swap the gift cards on the swap site!!! That way you dont have to pay for shipping and still get something awesome! You can just send the codes via message or email

      • hmm. Thanks, I’ll have to look into that.

    • I don’t understand all of the complaints on the gift cards. I never use the ones they give me anyways…I think the only promo code I would use is for the cooking classes.

      While I could completely agree if the value of the cards made it closer to the value of box….but we are talking about people who paid $40-50 on a box with a value of $383. So you’re going to act like you were ripped off because your value is now $328 instead of $383 for a $40-50 box? I don’t get it….Did you really need that Zumba shirt or something from the Fashion Project? Those are the lower brow products in the box and if you can’t use it, swap it out on Liz’s Swap Site.

      • I thonk the problem with that is….everyone would like to have the same value as the others. Especially when in canada, we do pay more. I could really give a crap about a zumba shirt or whatever else there’s not about the zumba shirt, it’s the value differs on Canada than the u.s. And we pay more for it. :/ :/

  5. Received my shipping notice today, should have it in my hands in a week! Although I am not thrilled about the gift cards (I don’t want to wait again for more shipping) or the watch someone else cook subscription (lame!), the rest of the box is worth the cost imho.

  6. I think this is a crazy good box. Thanks Liz and Katie! I think you might still be able to get this box for $40 if you haven’t already paid for it. Ask if you can get the Black Friday promotion. I’d pay $50 though. For me….the value is crazy good. Sometimes these boxes have values of $100+ but if I can’t use anything then it is 0 value …no matter what is said.
    Anyway, I went on Fashion Project and they have many beautiful scarves even for $25 J Crew and I saw a Coach one for $25 too. I will definitely use the card. Really excited about the Zumba. I don’t know how they can do this box but it has to be one of the best values I have ever seen. And no lipstick i can’t use! The necklace is the only thing I think might just go in the trash. There will probably be a million on the swap site.

    • I would consider at least gifting the necklace. It’s a wonderful cause.

    • I totally agree with you about the necklace. If worn, no one looking at it would realize it stands for any cause, let alone a worthwhile cause. I just can’t see anyone walking around with a bullet necklace when there is so much violence in society already.

  7. I love Fab Fit Fun! They did an amazing job for over $380 for the price of $40 or $50.
    I received mine free from referrals and I don’t mind the bullet necklace. Not my favorite style I would pick but certainly unique.

    I’m really excited about the eye serum and the hand cream + the eye shadows as well as Juice Beauty peel and I’ll use the gift certificates and snacks too. Oh and the candle!!

    You definitely get the value in this box. It’s fantastic!!

    I received shipping notification this morning and they’re on there game to get it to me before Christmas. I’m impressed! 🙂

  8. For me personally, this is my favorite box yet! Not thrilled about the bullet necklace, but I will definitely use everything else. This has an amazing value for the price.

  9. Hm. I’m actually kind of tempted by this. I had cancelled FFF after I saw the first spoilers for this box (I would just never, ever wear a bullet necklace and that really turned me off to the whole thing). However, the candle, the eye serum, and the juice beauty peel would all be used by me and the value of just those is quadruple the cost of the box itself. The Zumba and Fashion Project CG’s don’t interest me (although I can see myself donating to Fashion Project — cool idea!), but the cooking videos totally intrigue me. I think I might bite the bullet (pun intended ;)) after all.

  10. Would’ve rather of had actual product in the box instead of the gift cards. Now that I’m stuck with them though I really hope shipping is free to Canada. I highly doubt it though.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I see that the fashion gift card is not applicable to Canadians, as they don’t ship there. Also zumba redirects to a distributor website for zumba in canada.
      and some items are available for free shipping. Hope the code works on the site.

  11. I love this FFF, especially the eye serum. If I had extra Christmas money, I would definitely spend the $40 (w/coupon) to invest in this box. I never get tired of skincare products. I prefer them over jewelry, housewares, and other stuff that I can’t find much use for. Just my opinion, though!

  12. Wow…a little harsh calling the whole box crap eh?

    While there is nothing in the box that makes me want to jump up and down, there’s nothing I dislike in the box (which is a first in awhile for FFF). Really interesting in trying the cooking tutorials…and love the concept of the Fashion Project.

    I figured with the peel retailing $39, I would be paying $10 for everything else in the box….so even if I hated an item or two, I considered it a win. I will use 100% of these items (not including the sponsored items). I’ll get more of a use for this box than the Pop Sugar, Pop Sugar for Her, and Nina Garcia…I’m so glad I didn’t order those! The Pop Sugar ones were nice, but they weren’t for me!

    Super happy. I liked my Spring box, extremely disliked my Summer box, sorta liked my Fall box (since I could gift a lot of those items), and I’m back to liking my Winter box. I thought for sure I was going to cancel and now I’m undecided! 🙁

  13. I am so gad I cancelled after the 3rd spoiler…. Yay. BTW the Design Spong Box from quarterly I think go delayed, I got an email saying there is no guarantee for xmas arrivial.

  14. This is my first FFF and I’m really thrilled with everything! I’m so excited to get this!

    • I just got mine today and it was awesome! I got pomegranate as the scent of my candle and with the gift cards I got a pair of Zumba pants and a pair of Seychelles heels and only spent an extra $5! Score!

  15. I think this box is amazing! To each their own but I can’t believe complaining about this with its price point (especially if you use promo codes)! The gift cards alone are more than the cost of the box. I agree that there is a bit too much skincare but I plan on gifting them anyway as they are full size!

    • I loves the box! I’m sure that most of us already get make up in other subscription boxes. It’s a unique blend of items. I’ve seen the other boxes online and trust me, it’s worth the money. By the way, I absolutely love love love the eye serum but it’s not $88 on any website! Lol! None!

  16. This is my second fabfitfun box and I must say I’m pretty disappointed…
    Aside from the gift card stuff, there are too many skincare products. The most expensive item was the serum with anti-aging properties. I’m 21 what am I going to do with the serum? I’d be happier getting a scarf or a throw since it’s winter time.

    • Do yourself a favor, youngster, and use it now. In no time you’ll be 32, wondering where the crap all these wrinkles came from.

      • Sorry, I got distracted. I meant to tell you that there are many scarves available at Fashion Project. I’m excited that I’m going to get to pick my own.

      • That’s sound advice! I’ve been receiving eye creams via samples, wins, giveaways, etc. since my early 20s, and I felt the same way as you….what the heck do I want with this crap?!? However, since I had the products and didn’t have this awesome site to swap them on, I used them anyways. I am now 33 and am soooooo happy I did! My BFF only started using eye cream this year after much urging from me, and I can really see a difference in our eye areas! So glad I started using these products before I felt like I needed them!

    • I’m 22 and I use an eye serum. It’s never too early to start anti-aging serums. It helps with fine lines which also makes your makeup look better.

      • I love using the eye serum under my makeup. Yes, the anti-aging stuff is great and I hope I’m getting benefits starting young but more than that I notice that my makeup looks so much better when I use the serum first. I also use it around my lips. And I like how this one could be thrown in my bag because it looks small enough

    • I agree with Emily! I am 30 and started my anti aging at 28-29 (good skin care regimen younger but not anti aging ). I would start at 18 if I could go back.

      I attribute my young looking skin to having always used SPF and not smoking.

      I have no crows feet and no fine lines. I am always told I could not possibly be 30, there like omg wow really?! I’m told I look 19-21. It still shocks me… Especially since when I was 16 people thought I was older and now it’s different. My mom was the same way.

      Please if you are younger, start anti aging NOW and use SPF daily. At one point I went to a tanning bed for awhile but quickly stopped. Mainly because of all the freckles that started showing up which will transform into age spots. Odd since never having freckles, maybe a few at most. Now I’ve worked hard using products for a year to get rid of them so now I just have a few left.

      22 is not as young as you think, I’m 30 and feels like yesterday I was in my early 20s. Time flies by faster every year.

      Not only does anti aging help prevent aging, it helps your skin to glow and look healthy and you can use that at any age.

      • I’m with you. I started using anti-aging products at 21. Never tanned and never smoked. The only lines I have are smile lines. Zero crows feet and I’m 34. People never guess my age. Always 10 years younger. I’m SO happy I started early. Spray tan if you don’t like to be pale, but stay the heck out of tanning beds! I have some friends now who look much older than they are because they “had” to have a tan in their twenties. I tell everyone, but no one ever listens.

        My favorite thing about these boxes is the high end skin care items I could never afford on my own. That $88 eye cream is not something I could normally afford to buy. I say bring on the skincare products!

  17. Hey Liz! I thought when they were showing a picture of the spoilers, most blacked out that they showed a Scarf or throw, a photo album??? And a case for something. They even have that on their header on Facebook. Did you notice is?

    • That stuff was just the make the picture look nice. They were props. The items that were blacked out where the items in the box. They have done that for every box. go back and look at that one and then the fall one. It would have been nice to get that stuff but I am still loving what I am getting.

      • So do I, I guess I was looking to hard at the spoiler picture!!!LOL. I am super happy with the box! Thanks Tara!!!!

    • Those are just props for the other items. They usually have those props in the picture and only the items that have a ? on it are the actual items in the box.

  18. I’m glad I cancelled. It seems like this box had a bunch of stuff for skincare and gift cards to places I’ll never shop. They included a face mask, anti-age serum, and lotion. Yes, they’re good products but why not include something other than skincare? Even though the value is there, there wasn’t really a variety and theme. These are the things I look for when I subscribe. The Fall box had a few items that were Fall themed and I hoped FFF would’ve included something holidayish in this one. It’s a good box for someone else, just not me.

  19. Can’t wait to get mine! This box is awesome!

  20. I was secretly hoping that some of the high value was going to be a step counter but I’m actually really excited about everything. The value is amazing even if you didn’t count the gift cards. Normally those feel like filler but not this time. Thanks for the spoiler!

  21. I signed up to get a 2nd box after seeing these spoilers. I shouldn’t have looked.

  22. I am SO pleasantly surprised by this box! I have actually never heard of Fashion Project before, so even just learning about such a cool website is exciting!

  23. That eye cream looks amazing! And the candle and Juice Beauty mask (which I have tried and love) are pretty great too.

    But the rest of the box isn’t for me. I wouldn’t wear the necklace and it seems that a lot of the remaining value comes from gift cards or promos, and I never end up using those – mostly because I always end up spending more money that way rather than purchasing something within the budget of the gift card.

    So for that reason I am glad I cancelled FFF. I’d rather they send me a piece of apparel or something for my home – I subscribe for the surprise! I mean $85 in gift cards? Nah, I’m good.

  24. I got my shipping notification today! I am very excited after seeing the full list of spoilers. This is going to be a great box for me with most everything being of immediate use for me. Definitely worth the price.

  25. I like this box. Now I want to purchase it. I think they did a great job with a variety of items.

  26. The candle looks fabulous. I just hope it isn’t in the same gardenia scent as the perfume from the summer box. There are a lot of scents, but with my luck I’ll wind up with Gardenia. I don’t know why I hate it so much, but for me the scent of gardenias is as off-putting as the smell of cigarettes. Blechh.

    • I cannot WAIT to get my paws on that eye cream!!!! Excellent value. Excellent box!

    • I think it’s white tea and ginger root based on the color of the COCO label

      • I really hope so! Anything, but gardenia!

    • If you wind up with Gardenia, I’ll swap with you…..I love Gardenia!

      • Me too! I love gardenia, in perfume too, so I will happily swap.

      • Awesome! I know it’s a weird scent to hate. My nose is weird, I guess. 🙂

  27. Off topic and it might have been mentioned but Mally has the mystery bag again

    • Ooh, thank you for posting that! Took a while to get through, but I was able to get two. I got the last one and it was AMAZING (I really like her makeup a lot) and I regretted not getting two of that one. It was a huge bang for the buck for me,

  28. Darn I’m kinda bummed. I was not excited for the spoilers but i resubbed bc i figured there’d be some good stuff I’d be missing out on. Nope, this is not exciting at all for me. Glad others like it but major disappointment on my end.

  29. I have to say I am not that excited about this box. I don’t think I will keep any of the items, but I love the new Popsugar box for December. (October was amazing as well.)
    I really liked the last box and previous but this one is a miss for me. I wish that FFF would do something a bit more unique since it is every quarter. Last December, they also did a necklace for a charity and this one is well personally a total miss for me. …. Every suprise box has a candle in it Hopefully it will smell good.

    I almost wish they would have things like expensive shampoo/conditioner
    gloves?/articles of clothing/ an item for the house of some sort.

  30. This isn’t all the box guys. This box will have over $300 value. Plus the Juice Beauty green apple peel $39 not mentioned. Plus there will be more items. Great value!

  31. I think this is an awesome box. Very well-rounded as someone said. I can even figure out how this could be a crappy box. There is a lot of awesomeness in it. I guess it’s just hard to please some people. Not every box is meant for everyone. But if you finding out you don’t like everybody your getting and everyone else is liking it, i think I would start to question why??? I don’t mean to be so tough love here, but the boxes in my opinion and obviously in others opinion lately have been getting better not crapper!

  32. This box doesn’t look that great to me. I’m more excited about Popsugar’s December box. If the hand cream smells anything like roses I’ll hate it, I can’t stand rose scents. Kind of excited to see what the Zumba thing is though, wonder if it’s a DVD or what. I’m still excited about the Juice Beauty and the necklace, which I hope I’ll love. I have a year subscription, so I just hope the next box is better.

  33. I like this box, except for the necklace and the eye shadow, I’m thinking of resubsubscribing now. The LATHER AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose looks wonderful.

  34. CRAP, PURE CRAP – glad I cancelled. thanks to waning value and interesting-ness of most of my former fave boxes, cancelling has been great!! Basically, it’s subscribe from #2 (because you don’t know what you’ll get in #1) to about #6 or #7 then get out, b/c by then what WAS great about a box is gone. Social Bliss, FabFitFun, Nina Garcia, and even it seems now Popsugar (certainly their special boxes are downhill) – all were once GREAT but now suck. Even Golden Tote has slipped. My first ones I got blazers and REALLY nice sweaters and blouses, now the stuff is like the crap store stuff from Malls – which might be great for some, but quality of fabric, fit and construction are much more important to me.

    • I’m sorry, which boxes do you consider NOT pure crap because this seems like a perfectly well rounded box. Great full size face peel, hand cream, a new huge candle, and tons of other stuff all with no parabens for $40-$50 depending on what people paid? Not sure how that’s “crap” at all….

      • I know. I thought that was pretty extreme. I love the PS Holiday box. And I just got 2 totes from GT and I love the clothes, esp the Puella dresses. For $49 or $149 you can’t expect haute couture.

      • I guess “crap” is in the eye of the beholder, because I think this is a lovely box. Like you said, “well-rounded.” 🙂
        However, I am really hoping that is a Zumba DVD and the $30 gift card goes elsewhere… I don’t like watching workouts on small screens, but that’s just me.

        • Good news – it is a Zumba DVD! (I’m the same way – I need exercise videos on a tv, not a computer).

          • *sigh if relief*
            I love gift cards in boxes!! And this one pays for more than half of the box!! 🙂
            I’m one HAPPY LADY!

    • Yikes. I find myself wondering what would constitute a good box for you.
      Um… I really like this box. And for $40, you really can’t go wrong. There looks to be a pretty decent variety here. I can’t wait to find out what everything else is. My box shipped yesterday. I hope iy hurries up and gets here!

      • I’m super jealous your’s shipped yesterday! No Shipping for me, yet!

        • It might be the first time I’ve ever had a box ship in the first wave! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I’m really happy it’s going to get here in time to be gifted. My sister is going to loooooove the peel.

    • I’m inclined to agree. One of the higher dollar items is a necklace – most of which are currently on sale for $28. Not even gold filled so will turn ugly… Plus wearing a bullet around is not something I want to do and seems pretty controversial per the spoiler post.

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