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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014

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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Box

Wantable Intimates is one of the subscriptions from Wantable, and it is probably my favorite box they offer. Like all Wantable subscriptions, you can heavily customize what they send you by filling out your preferences – and you still get to be surprised!

Wantable kindly sent me this box to review. (Check out the review process postto learn more about how we review boxes).

UPDATE: This box included 5 items, and since Wantable recently switched their model from 4-5 items to 3-4 I reached out to Wantable to find out why my box had five items.

Here is more info from Wantable on the change:

“Wantable made several changes to our intimates collection based on customer feedback which we implemented on October 24th. Some of these changes included adding a new lingerie category, adding a sexy style option and increasing individual item value.  As a result all collections now contain 3 sometimes 4 items, where previously collections contained 4 sometimes 5 items.   However, as a gesture of our appreciation to existing subscribers, everyone with an active subscription prior to October 24th will continue to get 4 sometimes 5 items for November and December. Below is a copy of the email sent to existing subscribers the day before their order is run explaining both the improvements and that they will get 4 sometimes 5 items for the rest of the year.”

And the email they send out to subscribers:

Wantable Email

Here are the changes to their quiz:

Intimates Collection Quiz Changes:

1) We created a new lingerie category (OoLaLa!).

2) We rearranged the color and style questions so you can “Like/Love/Dislike” certain color combinations for different categories (i.e. maybe  you “Like” bright  panties, but don’t “Like” bright bras. Now you can customize each category’s color and style).

3) We renamed our styles: Neutral to Basic. Bright to Colorful. Pretty and Polished to Polished. Fun and Flirty to Flirty. Soft bra to Bra.

4) We added a sexy style option for lingerie and panties.

5) We combined tanks and camis into the loungewear category.

6) We combined the tights category with the hosiery category. Leggings became its own category.

7) We updated the sock height options to include ankle, knee, over-the-knee.

8) You can now tell us what kind of shape wear you’d like: tops, bottoms, one-pieces.

9) We added a question about sock patterns.

10) We added inseam to sizing.

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 ITems

The Subscription Box: Wantable Intimates Subscription

The Cost: $36 a month (one time only purchase available for $40)

The Products: Intimates products based on your profile settings.

Ships to: US, Canada (additional $6), UK (additional $7) and Australia (additional $10)

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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Info

When you first sign up for any Wantable subscription you take a style quiz and you can get very specific about the items you want and don’t want. (This is the list of my loves, likes and dislikes from my invoice).

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Socks

Muk Luks Over the Knee Socks – Value $10

(I can only find these in pairs of three, so that’s an estimate value of what it would cost to buy just one pair)

I love Muk Luks boot, slippers, and socks – so these are perfect for me. (I actually already have a few pairs of these long socks!)

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Top

Nouveau by PJ Drama Velour PJ Short Set – Value $38

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Shorts

Yay for finally getting a sleep set that is perfect for fall! I love the velour accents too.

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Tank

Rene Rofe Lace Trimmed Top – Value $18

This top is a little loose on me (which is probably the intention), but I’m hoping I can shrink it a little in the laundry and use it as a fitted layering top.

Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – November 2014 BRalette

real Underwear Scallop Rose Bralette – Value $18

This is another basic item I’m always happy to have more of. I can’t find this brand online though, so I’m going off of the invoice for the value.

Verdict: This box is a hit for me – I’ll use every single item, and the pj set and long socks were great additions that feel special. What did you get from Wantable Intimates this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I received the PJ short set in my December box.

  2. I finally caved and ordered one of these and was SO dissapointed. I even left a note saying how the main thing I wanted was some sexy lingerie and “loved” sexy style and hated basic and got frumpy ugly pajamas and jumpsuit and one bandeau bra. Have to send the box back and “disliked” lounge wear in hopes next month will be better. I would love to get some lounge wear but I want it to be cute and flirty and what I got was just ugly. Plus I’m nearly 6 feet tall and they sent me a one piece romper….which I absolutely can not fit into with my long torso. I don’t feel like they didn’t read my comments, so I don’t know if this will eventually work.

  3. I had trouble the first few months I subscribed to Wantable. That being said I now always comment on ideas for what I’m looking for and they have listened! I got my Nov box. I received a purple PJ set, a lace back soft bra in a basic color (I requested this), plaid tights (I requested plaid or Aztec tights). So I got 4 items and I got what I wanted. I had just as good of luck with the accessories box. I just give them lots of ideas! Practice makes perfect for me anyway!

  4. Hi Liz,

    I went through your newsletter link but for some reason, it’s still showing up as full price $36/month for me? I’m totally new so I’m not sure why the discount isn’t working =(

    • I am having the same problem! Did you figure it out?

  5. I still haven’t gotten mine. It was going fine until I had to do the new quiz and re enter my sizing. They said it is on backorder, so I gotta say, I feel like the fat girl they all of a sudden can’t find anything for. My quiz preferences and sizing haven’t changed, and the last two boxes were great.

    • I feel ya! They really need to expand their plus size inventory. It always takes me 6 weeks or more to get my boxes (always backordered or don’t have enough items), and they never send me any of the brands/items advertised in the monthly summary.

  6. Wantable newbie… I ordered on the strength of this review. I’m pretty happy with it but not thrilled: panties, the aloe socks, and a PJ set that’s cute but it’s a lacy cami and short shorts– I’m 52 and the mother of teen boys who always have friends here, no way am I wearing that to make breakfast in.

    So I have 2 questions:
    1. I went on the site to fine tune my customization and add a comment like many suggest, but at the end it wants me to click place order. Will that give me another November box? I don’t want that.

    2. How are you guys figuring the value?


  7. Well I received my box today, and I had high expectations since I was disappointed with previous boxes. Thanks to their new website and my stylist Michelle, I’m really happy with my box. I received a 2 piece mint colored micro fleece PJ set, grey sweater leggings (requested!), and colorful Muk-Luk aloe vera socks. I love all the items and I can not complain at all. I love the increased amount of customization, and the comments section reminds me of Golden Tote.

  8. My box was not in my mailbox! I thought it did not show up for some reason and then saw it by the door. I’m pleased with the box although I am now going to use the comment field to request lightweight loungewear in the future.

    I received black Muk Luk fleece lined leggings, Muk Luks Aloe socks, and a red Microfleece PJ set. The retail value of the box is $68. I’m happy with the value of the box and selections. I received 2 high valued boxes prior and do not expect every box to match that especially when I am looking for leggings or socks. My comment printed on my paper along with the stylist response.

    I’m going to save the microfleece PJ set for the wintertime. I love being cold when sleeping so I will be mentioning to them that I prefer lightweight loungewear items and maybe fun leggings for the December box. Can’t wait to try out the Muk Luks.

    I agree with the comments that the selections seem to be better in the beginning of the month. I haven’t changed my billing date, but instead go through my quiz to fine tune what I want and pushing it to bill at that time.

  9. I just got my box – retail value was $72. A camisole, lavender lace thong, strapless lace bra, and the same black bra you have here. I was excited about that one – I was envying it in this post!

  10. My box should be arriving today which I will not be able to open until later. I’m hoping for the long sleeve/shorts PJ Set and either Muk Luk fleece tights or slipper socks.

  11. I got my box today! I got the same pyjama set and a pair or mukluk fleece lined tights. I only wish they had thrown in a pair of undies. I’m actually really happy with the box.

  12. I’ve noticed with wantable (since I tend to get more than one per month) is that The first shipments at the beginning of the month are always the nicest and highest value.

  13. I’m wondering if they lowered the number of items since it’s winter time and winter items have a lot more fabric=more expensive.

    They sent me leggings in my September box, which at the time I had on my dislike list, and they kept saying it was on my likes. I kept telling them yes they are NOW but they were not when the September box was sent and even showed them a pic of the information paper where it showed it. Still were not understanding until I finally realized they sent me the wrong thing all together. So they are sending me my replacement

    Oh and they sent me a size s/m leggings where I am a large maybe x large. They said well we sent that based on your sizing. Well obviously your sizing is off bc I can’t pull them past my thighs! I don’t know why they were so argumentative about them sending me an item on my dislike list that was way too small.

    • They have been argumentative with me before when I had sizing issues and when I received items I requested to not receive. I ordered a November intimates box and I have not yet received a shipment notification, BUT if I’m disappointed again, then it will be my last box for sure. I’m sick of watching the Blogger Boxes being unveiled and then me getting a way lower value box. And then when they make a sizing mistake, they don’t even accept it and try to relay the blame saying that I made a mistake. As many others have said, there sizing is all over the place.

  14. I track my subs on an Excel sheet. My old computer crashed and I haven’t retrieved my information from the hard drive yet. I do have the information from my last 2 months for Wantable. My September box exceeded the value of Liz’s box. My October box is the exact same price. I received the same lounge wear items and my boot tights equaled to her two hosiery pieces (Oct box). My November box is still making its way to me.

    I also used the comment field this time because I want

    • I don’t feel well and it shows. I did not finish commenting. I used the comment field to indicate I want Muk Luks.

      • OK, first I LOVE that you track the value of your subs! I do track everything I sub to (since I’m pretty obsessed with boxes!), but now I’m going to start adding values.

        But thank you for the tip on Wantable to add in the comments box specific requests. Since Liz always gets her box long before mine even ships, I can go in an add a comment when I see something I love.

        Feel better!

  15. Feeling like the other subscribers…..irritated that they send out such an awesome box so early for reviews, then shaft the rest of us! I still haven’t received my October box! Customer service basically told me they don’t have stock and it will get here when it gets here! My box hasn’t even been packed yet for October, yet Liz already has a November box! Also really upset to hear from the comments we are receiving less items without notification or discount! Wantable Intimates had been shaping up to be my favorite box, but, right now, I am really disappointed!

    • Just wanted to let you know – I reached out to Wantable to ask about these issues. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.

    • I am not a reviewer at all. I got my box the same day as Liz and my value was the same as Liz. I got AWESOME items. I like my items better than I like Liz’s (you got awesome stuff Liz!). Though they are going down an item.. This was the highest value box that I have ever gotten. I don’t mind getting one less item if the value is there. If you look on their site, it tells you right there how many items you are getting. I will agree with you though, that they should have sent out an email saying that it changed. But saying that everyone but reviewers are getting the “shaft” is a bit much. My order date was the 29th of Oct. The new month starts on the 24 or 25…. If you do not like your order date. you can call them and they’ll change it. I had them do this so mine was at the start of each month instead of the end. Call them up and ask them what they do have in your size. They might have items that you would normally say no to, that can help get your Oct order filled faster. (no, I am not saying take things you don’t like. they might read off a few items that you are like “hmmm… I think I might like that… sure.”) There was an issue with my box one time and they went through a number of different items and I picked the item I wanted. If you do not like where you are getting with the person that you are talking to. Ask to speak with someone else… See if Mike is still there. There might be one person there that rubs people the wrong way… but I will say every person I have talked to there has been wonderful.

    • Updated this post with information on why some subscribers are still getting 5 items. Hope that helps.

      • Not true ! I’ve had two intimates subscriptions since September and my last box for each only had 3 items- a pj set and one other item. I already think it’s pushing it to call a pj set 2 items. I emailed the and I’ll see what they say. I had really great customer service from them initially.

        • Let us know what they say – that definitely is not in line with the email message. So sorry to hear it.

  16. I am really disappointed in Wantables for changing the number of items to 3-4, especially since I didn’t get any notification from them of this change (not an email, not a coupon, nothing). Considering that I actually want to receive some of the lower-end items such as socks, there is no way that my box will ever add up to the money I’m paying for it. Four pairs of socks has got to add up to less than $36 right? BTW, thank you fellow posters for the tip about the comments section – I will try to actually use that box in the future :).

    • That comment box has made all the difference for me. When you are done filling out what you like and don’t like. When you get to the review part of it.. under it you will see final thoughts. This really helped me get the perfect box. I almost missed it when I ordered. Even though I got sock for only $8.00, my other 2 items were right at $80.00. like I said in the other post… this was my highest value box.

  17. The purple PJ set is on sale today on Zulilly for $17.99 if anyone really liked them. 🙂

  18. This is my first box. I got it for $10 off so I don’t expect too much but I would love to get those pajamas! The last set of pjs I bought in a store cost more than $30, so I’ll be happy with just about anything. Great box!

  19. I loved everything I got this month, but I was disappointed in my PJ set they sent because even though I love it, it’s a tank top and shorts set. In November! I can’t sleep in that! Brrrrrrr

    • I put in the new comment box, that I wanted long sleeve stuff and that is what I got. Give that a try.

  20. This is my first box from them, thought I would give it a try. It was alittle strange. They sent me a large shapewear (alittle tight), and then a 2x lounge set (waaaay to big). I know I’m larger, but there is a rather large jump between large and 2x! I think Im xL!

    I ended up wearing the shapewear before realizing it was indeed too tight, and I liked the socks. So I kept the whole thing and I need to figure out hhow to tell Wantables that their sizing is a little crazy!

    • Call them…. They are great. I have had an issue or two and they have ALWAYS helped to fix the issue. Though, I do tend to stay away from the shape wear. After 3 kids and losing 120 pounds… I don’t know that I have a shape any more! lol…. But yeah… call them in the morning. These people are great!

  21. They sent this one for Liz to review. I will say that the ones they seem to send Liz are a higher value… but do you blame them! They can send me one to review. I always feel just a little bummed that I don’t match Liz’s value….. 😉 the only difference between my profile this month and liz’s is that I had undies on my likes. other than that.. the 2 were the same. Liz only got four items. The PJ set counts as one item. that means I only got three items. Though with that comment box I was able to tell them what I like and don’t like… I got the best box by far and the same value as Liz’s box. WOOHOO!!!!!! 🙂 (Thank you comment box!!) So, I am super happy. I got a small pair of Muk luk slipper socks. would have rather had socks… but I am still very happy with them. I got a microfleece pj set! LONG SLEEVES AND PANTS…. and my favorite color… green. which I didn’t tell then what my favorite color was. It feels so very warm…. I will be wearing this one in the next few days when it is in the 40’s outside. I also got a long sleeve green romper. never had one before but I like it. This was a WIN for me. Wait… Romper was just stolen by my preteen! sigh… lol… This is why she likes when I get boxes, to steal my goodies…. But I am happy wantable… give me super soft socks and pj sets anytime!! Thinking about buying another one before the end of the month. Now off to hide the pj set before I lose that too! 🙂

    • The PJ sets count as two items now I think. My last two boxes have only had 3 items- one was a pj set and one panty and the other box was a pj set and night shirt. Only three items 🙁 The quantity has really gone down since I first subscribed.

  22. I wish I got one of the items you get in any of your boxes. I have almost the exact same profile as you. You get amazing boxes. I have had to return my last 2 boxes. I get less items than you do too. I would be thrilled with any single item you got in your last 2 boxes. I actually unsubed today. I am getting bag boxes . Last month I got 2 tank tops that looked the same and a pair of tights that had pulls in them. This month was even worse. 2 pairs of tights and a pair of underwear even though I said I dislike tights. Maybe its because I said size large they don’t have much for me. Enjoy your stuff it looks amazing.

    • Wow that’s pretty bad! I’d be upset, esp after seeing all the bloggers reviews where they get a bunch more stuff. I’ve been lucky so far and always get 4 decent items.

      My last one I got a beautiful PJ set, Muk luk fleece lined tights, and a nighty that was borderline sexy but not overly.

  23. You always get more items than me in my intimates box. This month they have updated the profile and it specifically says u will get 3-4 items in the intimates box (used to be 4-5). I didn’t get my box yet, but I find it interesting that they still sent u 5 pieces. I usually get similar items as you get but always one less piece. I’ll be really upset if they have the nerve to send me 3 pieces this month.

    • I’m going to reach out to Wantable to double check and make sure I’m not getting any preferential treatment. Whenever I’m offered a complimentary box to review I always verify that I will be getting the same box a paying customer would be getting – otherwise I decline the offer. In this case it’s a little more difficult to determine since the boxes are customized based on size and preferences – but I’ll let you know what I find out! I’ll also ask if PJ sets are counted as 1 or 2 items.

      • I’ve read on your behind the scenes of box reviewing that u only want to review the same boxes that a paying customer would get, so I’m very interested in Wantables response to this.

        Also, I do want to know how the pj sets are counted. Months ago (when it was 4-5 items per box) I got a PJ set and 2 other small items. This led me to believe that OJ sets are 2 items since that would make a 4 item box.

        • I reached out to Wantable and updated the post with their response explaining why some subscribers are still getting 5 items. (And confirmed that PJ sets count as 2 items). Hope that helps!

          • I just got an email reply today …Hi Audra,

            Thanks for reaching out! A PJ set contains two pieces. So, your order was total of three pieces. A fourth would have been included if the items had a lower value. The value of the items determines whether 3 or 4 are included.

            Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.


            Mike Jornlin
            Junior Customer Advocate
            [email protected]

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