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POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Spoilers & $10 Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have September spoilers!!

Thank you Krista for the heads up! We have the complete POPSUGAR Must Have November 2014 Spoilers & $10 Coupon

We know the Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes spoiler, and I’d love help identifying the rest from the picture if you recognize any brands!

UPDATE two more identified: G.H. Creators Popcorn (Value $3), Wine Glass Writer Makers (Value $10)

What do you think of the first November POPSUGAR spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off the November box! (And make sure to uncheck the waitlist box if you don’t want to possibly get the October box).


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m actually really surprised in the disappointement of this box… From what I can see, it’s a pretty good one! The cookbook, wallet, and hand cream more than justify the cost of the box to me (and even more so if you used a coupon– I prepaid for a 3-month sub with a coupon so my box total was about $33). I might not get as much use out of a pastry cook book as any other though. Also, I found these really cute lip sticky things for your wine glasses on Birchbox, and I think combined with the markers and maybe a set of inexpensive glasses this will make an awesome Christmas gift.

    Every month of PSMH is a hit for some and a miss for others.. It really is hard to please the masses.

  2. The wine markers and note cards are up for grabs. Possibly the wallet too…

  3. so glad I cancelled after last month…

    • Me too! The boxes have been really disappointing. I canceled FabFitFun too. Waste of money lately 🙁

      • Sad but true. I canceled both Popsugar and FFF … smh.

      • I dropped these guys. I felt completely taken by PSMH. I went with little lace box

  4. Hey is anyone else having issues with their referrals? Since PS website update things still seem to be glitchy. I have 7 referrals so I should be getting 3 months free, however my account doesn’t reflect this. Can someone tell me how their referral works. It says 2 referrals is equal to 1 free month and 5 referrals is 3 free months. So I’m just curious why mine hasn’t updated. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks!!

    • Every since the update to the pop sugar website, it’s been horrible!! I can’t get any help and have not received a box in almost TWO months!! Don’t get the subscription, they are having major billing/shipping problems!! Oh, and forget getting someone to help you!

    • I’ve had the same issues and have been told to contact customer service, which does no good! I should have 2 free boxes but still have been charged for them every month! I gave them the benefit of doubt before cancelling …..since nothing Is being corrected I’m ready to cancel, my daughter-sister and other family members have already cancelled! So disappointing!

      • Post your complaint to their Facebook page. I sent 4 emails and got no response, but after I posted on their Facebook wall, they responded and resolved my complaint that day. Good luck.

    • Yep. I had this problem. But when I wrote them an email, they fixed it for me and I got my free boxes. Just send them an email with the people you referred and their email address and you’ll get the credit.

  5. I want the hand cream. I cancelled but I do have the chalk board candle to trade if anyone wants to.

    • meeee

  6. According to MUT, someone has gotten the box. The bag is actually a small wallet on a chain and is “vegan leather” so not leather at all… Plastic??? “Sorial Saffiano Wallet on a Chain ($49 value) – from what I can see online Saffiano is the vegan (faux) “leather”

    • Oh, no! I bought this box last night, just because of this bag… so disappointed now, I wish I waited few more days :’-(

      • Vegan leather doesn’t mean “plastic”.. You may not even be able to tell the difference! I’m sure it’s a lovely wallet 🙂 I’m very excited for it.

    • Well either way someone will be happy it’s vegan and someone will be upset it’s not what they want. I suggest making the best of it or rethink your retail strategy.

    • I’m not finding this on their website…is there another picture of it? Thanks for setting the record straight.

      • The person who took the picture of the PopSugar cards said the wallet was wrapped up in the box. She went to one of the stores that offered the box free with purchase to take pictures. You can try to look at the card and see if it helps. It’s on the MUT Nov PopSugar thread. I couldn’t find anything either on it.

        • Sorry. I mistyped my name in haste. Sunday mornings tend to be busy. If the comment is approved “PA Ana” is PA Anna.

          Basically I wrote that a person on the MUT Nov Popsugar thread went to the store where the box is being offered as a gift with purchase. The wallet is wrapped so she couldn’t take a picture. She was able to take a picture of the info card.

  7. Welcome back PSMH. This type of box is why I used to love PS. Except for color maybe, I don’t think you can compare this clutch to that strange blue/blue-yellow bag thing from the LE box. I’m wondering if everyone will get blue since it is made in many colors. I am a blue girl. Blue blue blue blue blue so I hope mine is blue. It is almost a blue color themed box looking at note cards and pop corn packaging. I have been wanting to try this popcorn in this selection for a long time. Except for the wine markers (hoping I can use them for pens) I am very pleased with this box. I REALLY hope shipping is not delayed, I am anxious to receive.

  8. I am going to be pretty disappointed if I don’t get the KS necklace too, even though the box DOES look pretty nice and the value is there regardless. I used the code and got the 10.40 off also with the assumption of getting the necklace too!!

  9. All I have to say is thank goodness that hers has a strap! I love purses but wouldn’t use any of those strapless clutches, just not practical for me. Excited to see you three nice high-value items in here and nothing junkie. I think I’ll like every item except I’m picky with perfumes so may have to swap the cream. I hope the notecards are nice.

  10. I’m pretty excited about this box! Everything looks to be of good quality. The purse seems promising (but omg, are clutches trying to take over the world or what..!?) and I am looking forward to seeing it up close/learning more. Yay for the cook book, the wine markers, the stationery. Very curious to smell the whale vomit hand cream, lol!

  11. I actually like this box. I have not been signed up long enough to get an overload of blue clutches so that could be why. I love the cobalt blue. It is a great twist on a basic. I initially purchased the box this month for gifts but I am having a hard time letting anything go. You take a risk with a sub box. The value is there for sure.

  12. Ooh I’m so excited for this box!! I’m an avid home “chef” (using that loosely) but really could improve my baking skills and this cookbook looks amazing. I guess since I only have the clutch from the Summer LE box I’m not blue clutched out yet and pretty thrilled to be expecting this purse, I know I’ll use it for nights out or just to keep my knitting in my larger tote bag. The popcorn is already a favorite of ours so I think I’ll gift it to someone to start their addiction and hopefully I’ll be able to part with the rest for xmas gifts, but I may be greedy. 😉 In Colorado plenty of people are vegan, paleo, or gf like myself but I in no ways mean to be catered to in these boxes and never have any difficulty pawning snacks off on others.

  13. I would really only be interested in the lotion and maybe the book. That alone is worth more then the price of the box, plus the necklace on top of that but the value for me would not be great as the other items would be gifted. I find myself loving the range of items offered in fabfitfun and psmh but not seeing items I loved when I first debated subbing. I would be happy with just about anything that can fit many womens style. There are handbags out there that many women like but the fancy crossbody style in blue NO. A simple handbag in a neutral color yes because that suits more range of style but I like the idea of a fun color. Idk. Like the wine markers. Smh.

    I love the idea of jewelry in subs like this too. For me the occasional bold piece would be fine but I am more simple. I loved the key necklace and the idea behind it. A scarf and or gloves would be nice, even cute ear muffs or furry house socks. Lol or a warmer and candle/ body wash and seasonal fragrances.

    But I am more on the simple side.

    I hope PSMH will have more skin care, makeup, a good scarf, gloves or even warm socks or candle or seasonal frangrances, s Even a flashlight because at least I would use it. J/k shaking my head. I am not subbed but have been eyeing the sub every month hoping there would be a few items I would love so that I would sub. I have been enjoying my FFF seasonal box more, it really is more my style even though I did not use everything from the box I used most and the value was still there and I had nice gifts.

    • I think if PS were to put another candle or scarf in a box at this point most of these women’s heads would explode faster than you can say lipgloss overload.

  14. I am so excited for this box! I had the Ruelala $24.95 coupon, I love blue and have no clutches with straps, I love cooking and baking so am excited for the cookbook, and all the stuff shown as well as the few extra goodies they add just make it more awesome. I am so glad I didn’t get Oct. Box! My first box was September and I loved it all. My absolute fav box now is Frenchbox and my first box sub Birchbox is still awesome with the points you accrue. I applied points to the BB Fall Fete box to get one free and another half off – with everything I can use or gift. I have tons of gf’s and we all do bday gifts and a monthly happy hour gift swap so between that and My Sub Addiction swap site everything has a happy home! 🙂 I wish people would take things a little more lightly with these boxes especially when some months are worth 3-in-1! They can’t all be perfect. I have found it helps waiting for a spoiler or just getting one every other or every third month as a splurge because how much stuff do you need anyways?!! I appreciate this site – box subs are so much fun!

    • Did you have any trouble using your Rue La La voucher? When I enter the confirmation code I get a message that the coupon code is invalid of unrecognized-I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious…

      • Hi Kristin, I just entered the code in the promo code box and it applied with no problems. It is valid through 11/19 so there is time to reach out to them. Good luck!

  15. I think this box looks pretty good, but I’m gonna be REALLY disappointed if it’s true that the Kendra Scott necklace would only be included with the October box, as some commenters have stated – it’s one of the main reasons I signed up! Liz – can you confirm or deny?

    • If you successfully applied the GWP10 coupon to your order – then you should be getting the necklace with your first box – whether that is the October or November box. If for any reason that doesn’t happen, let me know and I will reach out to POPSUGAR to fix it.

    • Also I think the GWP10 code was only available for a short time when the November boxes were also available, so that may be why POPSUGAR customer care weren’t informed. Hopefully everything ships correctly!

      • I signed up the day it was posted that GWP10 could be used on the November box – hopefully it’s included! Thanks!

        • Hi Liz, the day you posted the code for the KS necklace gwp I emailed them asking for clarification if this could be for the Nov box and after a second nudge they replied, “Hi Brenda, Our apologies for the delayed responses. The $10 off with the necklace was for the October box and is no longer valid. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience. Regards, POPSUGAR Support”

          • Same here. I signed up a second sub to get the necklace and I got it w the oct box.

          • Hope this makes sense:

            When I originally posted the GWP10 coupon (Oct 23rd) – POPSUGAR was still shipping the October boxes, so anyone who signed up with the coupon would get the October box as their first box).
            On October 30th, POPSUGAR changed the current shipping box to be the November box, so I did a reminder post about the GWP10 coupon now working for the November box (I confirmed this with POPSUGAR before posting). (The coupon also was completely used up that day and expired).

            Let me know if that clarifies or if I’m not understanding. Sorry!

  16. Everyone is amazing at figuring out the spoilers. I’m not interested in this month’s box. I’m glad for everyone who is happy for the box. A great box is needed after all the problems in October. I’m looking forward to the review and pictures. Enjoy the box!

  17. I adore that purse! It is perfect for me. The box could contain just that purse and I would be happy. The rest is nice but I will probably use it as holiday gifts for teachers and coworkers.

  18. This box kicks a**. I am so stoked for a leather bag. I hate non leather bags. And Navy/Cobalt is totally in. I love it. You take a gamble every month with this box. If you don’t like surprises, I suggest you stop subscribing to boxes with uncertainty. Really excited for this.

    • I like non-leather bags, I don’t like fake leather. Might as well call it plastic

  19. A bag with a strap! Huzzah! Fantastic. I’m pleased to hear that there aren’t any actual animal byproducts in the hand cream (or parabens for that matter). I’m lucky enough to be receiving the necklace too, so this is $30 well spent for me. I like everything enough to either keep it or feel good about gifting it. No disappointment here. I think the wine markers are fun too. I can’t wait to write inappropriate things on people’s wine glasses at Thanksgiving. 😉

    • Hi Jillian, I inquired with Popsugar before subscribing again when the necklace code was still active and they confirmed that the people would be getting the necklace only with October boxes. I would like to know if you do get it with the November box because if you do, then customer service misinformed me. I kept their message just in case!

      • I used a code specifically meant for the necklace with a special amount of money taken off that alerted them to the fact that I used the necklace code. If I do not get the necklace I will be pretty outraged and do everything within my power to receive it and if that doesn’t work, I’ll be hitting every social media site I can think of to inform people that Popsugar releases coupons that they don’t honor. The coupon was still good when I ordered and I ordered the November box. The necklace was half my reason for ordering at all, since I KNEW there’d be at least one item in the box I was sure I liked.

  20. I LOVE IT ALL. This came up on my FB feed and I told myself not to look, don’t get disappointed or frustrated, it’s always more fun to wait. In this case I’m glad I peeked because this is such a fun and different curation! Those complaining about blue – what? It’s like basic denim. Heard of color blocking? It doesn’t need to be matchy matchy and I love me a good handbag. That cobalt is very popular right now and even if it comes in different colors, the size/shape is unique enough to not replicate anything I have. Everything is spot on for the demographic – wine, culture, dining, cooking, dressing up. This box is much more “grown up” than October and truly classy. Yay! Bring on the mail. Plus those of you who signed up just for the necklace have a $70 or so promo item thrown in.

    • Hi Alison, I inquired with Popsugar before subscribing again when the necklace code was still active and they confirmed that folks would be getting the necklace only with October boxes and not with November boxes. I totally echo your excitement for this box!!!

  21. Really liking the looks of this box! A few things I know I’ll love, a few that are highly giftable (if I can part w/them). I’m starting to appreciate sub boxes for the gift potential. Just today I gifted last month’s chalkboard candle to a coworker for her bday and she LOVED it. Regarding the blue clutch, think of it this way — anything you can wear with denim, you can wear w/a blue handbag (not my advice. Stolen from Kim France, former Lucky mag editor). And it looks like this one is versatile as a clutch or crossbody, which is great.
    I’m surprised by those who say PS shouldn’t include food in the boxes when their ‘About Us’ description states: fashion, beauty, food, fitness… It’s not like they’re pulling a fast one by including it.

  22. So excited for this box! I love all of it. I will be gifting the wine markers but my friend will love them. Can’t wait to get it.

  23. I think this box looks fantastic! A girl (well, this girl anyway!) can never have too many purses (or scarves ;D) in her collection. And as long as the purse is different (style, brand, construction, etc.) than the others I own – even if it is a similar color – I’ll certainly take it and love it. (Then again, if it’s the same style but a different color, I’ll take that, too!) I like having many options and even having options in similar colors. (Can you tell I’m a bit of a hoarder? lol!)

  24. Love the wine pens, I was going to buy a set for the holidays. I have wine tasting parties so this will be a fun addition to the mix. Overall, I like the box it has a wide variety of items and I’ll use everything. Plus I live in chicago and love the popcorn mix yum!

  25. Not sure if this has been posted here, but the MUT slueths are saying that the bag is From Sorial.

    • Thank goodness this one actually has a handle. Thank you!!!

    • Hmmm… I don’t think so. The top is different. The one in the spoiler pic doesn’t have a flap– it has a zip top.

      • I’m guessing it’s similar but made specifically for popsugar.

  26. I think we all take a gamble on the boxes, but Rebecca, I imagine as a vegan, you find it very challenging! I think the wine pens are more for fun, not so much for the wine connoisseurs. Hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we get the box. Also, I read one of the links below, and this lotion isn’t made from actual whale vomit. Although the real stuff is. Eww! ;-p

  27. This box looks like a snoozer for me. I’m still most excited about the cookbook, especially since it’s an item that I would love to have but wouldn’t splurge for on my own. The bag and wine pens are definitely being gifted. Hopefully the bag is a nice brand and high quality. At least the NM Box blue clutch is really nice quality and perfectly matches the Marchessa scarf from the Fall LE box.

  28. Overall, this box is a big disappointment to me. As I am vegan, and highly allergic to all milk products, I do not appreciate food in these boxes as they cannot be consumed by me. The same issue with the cookbook, as it will be full of recipes I cannot make. And as a vegan, I do not think I will be thrilled to spread whale vomit on myself! Please don’t judge, as live near the wine country, my friends are very knowledgable wine drinkers, and they will think it tacky writing on their wine glasses. That leaves only the purse!

    • Woah there. First, I’d suggest you subscribe to a vegan friendly box if that’s your thing. Don’t be upset this box isn’t pandering to a crowd they never claimed to. Second, before you get all upset, just some facts, it’s not actually whale vomit, from the hand creams website – “NOT tested on animals
      Cream contains no animal components or parabens”

      • For the record, I subscribe to two vegan subscription boxes. I do not subscribe to Pop Sugar for the food. So glad to hear that there is no whale vomit in the hand cream! Looks like I can use it after all, great news. Thank you for letting me know.

    • I understand that as a vegan these items don’t work for you, but PS is creating this box for a wide range of people and can’t please everyone. Not everyone has the same dietary restrictions. And while in SF where I’m from, being vegan is more common, overall across the country it’s not a very common thing. Maybe one day there will be a box that can accommodate specific needs like that, but at this point, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for PS to add items like this.

    • I can relate to the vegan thing, my youngest daughter has severe dairy and soy (among other foods) allergies but there is a food item in every single one of these boxes…I would imagine that you can’t consume the majority of the food items. Plus, the majority of their subscribers don’t have food allergies.
      Regarding the pens, I live in the Bay Area, either your friends are snobs or boring. I have friends that live in Napa and they would enjoy these. Have a little fun. The holidays are coming up and we drink wine at Thanksgiving and Christmas and NYE and wine glasses almost always get confused for someone else’s. These sound just fun, not something that you’d take with you to a restaurant. That would be tacky. 🙂

      • I feared I would offend by my “tacky” comment regarding the pens writing on wine glasses. I was just being honest, generally, at the events and parties I attend, I know it would be frowned on. Personally, I think it is a practical idea. My friends are certainly not boring, but yes, some possible snobs, but I do not appreciate the reactionary and judging comment. I live in San Francisco, and being a vegan is very common, along with many other diets. I do not subscribe to Pop Sugar for food, and wish they did not include any.

    • Avid wine drinker here and I LOVE the wine pens. I think it’s awesome with all of the upcoming holiday parties so we can mark our glasses and not lose track. In the past, I had to look at the lipstick color to know which one was mine! 😉

    • If the purse is the Sorial clutch indicated, it’s leather, too. I’m vegan too and accept not all items in mainstream boxes will be vegan-friendly (I can gift them to non-vegans) but this box in particular is looking to have especially little to offer anyone avoiding animal products. Ambergris is explicitly a whale product, not sure how the manufacturer is saying the hand creme doesn’t have animal products in it.

      • Lauren,
        I just did a bit of research – “Ambergris occurs as a biliary secretion of the intestines of the sperm whale “, you are right, how could the manufacturer claim this is not an animal product?

        • They are using it as a scent…not an ingredient. It’s too expensive to use as an ingrediant, plus many people (like you) wouldn’t buy it. Drew B uses it as a scent in her line of stuff too – “In case you were wondering (slash panicking), there’s no whale vomit in Barrymore’s fragrances. ‘Now they’ve decided to do a molecular copy of [ambergris] because they don’t want to hurt whales and take from whales anymore, thank God for that,” she shared.'”

    • I agree when you say things not for you can be annoying because as a person of color ALL hair items are useless for me and most of the lipsticks or blush too. I guess there is no one size fits all in these boxes so they go for majority,

    • If you’re vegan, you can’t have the purse either. It’s leather.

  29. Well it’s nice to see the blue clutch theme still carries on at PS. I’m running out of people to gift at this point. Aren’t there other color options? There are other hot colors this season after all….

  30. After the cookbook as the first spoiler I had high hopes for this box, I know I shouldn’t have after all the disappointing PopSugar boxes lately. Let down yet again, glad I canceled, this will be my last box for Popsugar probably forever lol. I don’t use clutches, I don’t go anywhere that fancy, I carry more crap in my purse, I don’t drink wine, the lotion sounds interesting, but might not like the scent, the popcorn sounds ok. I’ll be giving most of this box away.

  31. Any idea on the maker of the clutch??? Not to sound to creepy but I canceled this sub in October and if I know the clutch maker I can creep and re-decide that decision :p

    • I won’t use the clutch at all, as soon as I get the box I can swap it with you. If you’d rather not buy the whole box.

      • I totally would love that but if the clutch is worth like $100 then I’m not sure you will like $100 of my items ya know? Always harder to get a trade for popsugar high end items. Possible, but much harder! Or those soaps from the box, people are like hording those, for good reason though, love them!

        • That’s nice of you, I’d be willing to negotiate. I don’t think their high end priced items are always worth that price and I’d let it go for less, since I’d never use it. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

          • Absolutely! As soon as someone figures out the maker and I can creep on the bag I will let you know! Just added lots of items from the october box too (since I wasn’t supposed to get it anyway!)

          • Bag is over $100 :p my email is [email protected] if you still want to swap, I think I’m interested? Ha we will see! I have lots of items up

        • My email is [email protected], I will definitely let you know when I get the box. I am interested in swapping, I would never use it.

    • The clutch brand is Sorial. It looks nice!

    • Sorial oversized oceana clutch. RV $148. Looks nice!

  32. Boo, now I’m kinda sad I unchecked the wait list. While it wasn’t the greatest box, I would have used everything in the October box. This box unfortunately is just not me. I love the popcorn and the hand cream is really interesting. But I won’t use the wine markers, the bag is not my style and that cookbook will most likely collect dust. And seriously what the heck is it with all the clutches! Do a scarf for Pete’s sake, every woman I know would love that!

    • I have literally almost everything up for swap from the October box (I kept the soap and socks :p), so if you want we can def trade!

  33. The tube looks like Simpatico Shea Butter Cream #72. Description:
    A gift from a whale and considered one of the noblest components of perfumes, this sweet musky scent is sensual and stirring. An item of desire for hundreds of years, Ambergris is said to have once enamored Queen Elizabeth I. Makes hands and feet soft and fits in purse. $26

  34. Liz,

    The hand cream is the Simpatico Ambergris Shea Butter Hand cream. It can be found here:

    Also, it’s kind of funny that just last night on People Magazine’s website, I read an article about Drew Barrymore’s new fragrances obsession – Ambergris. Talk about a coincidence. It talked about how she can’t get enough of that scent. Ambergris is actually whale vomit!!! I was grossed out and intrigued all at the same time, and really curious about what Ambergris smelled like. Here’s the People Magazine article that I am referring to.

    Guess we’ll know what whale puke smells like when we get our box! 🙂

  35. My 1st PSMH box, and this looks to be well worth the $15 I spent on it (ruelala $25 offer minus $10 ruelala referral code from a friend that signed up there forever ago). I’m so happy I didn’t go for October, with

    I am happy to receive the blue crossbody–it’s just my style, I have nothing similar, and my current purse is looking worn from daily use for 3 years. The cookbook is exciting but I’ll have to flip through and see if there are any recipes that I’ll be able to conquer without a deep-fryer. As far as the other stuff, it looks like bonuses that I might use or might gift–we shall see.

  36. I’m hoping the gray tube is hand cream as that would make a good gift for either my mother or mother-in-law.

  37. That G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix popcorn is super good! Seriously addicting! They sell giant bags of it at Costco. If we get the Chicago Mix shown in the picture, it’s a cheddar and caramel corn mix. When I first saw it, I thought that would be a really weird combination. It isn’t though. Both the caramel corn and cheddar corn are good on their own, but when you eat them together – MAGIC! 🙂

    I don’t know if the flavors will vary though – G.H. Cretors makes other popcorn mix flavors too.

    • The Levi store on michigan Ave in chicago is giving away this box with 150 spent, worth checking out if you need jeans and live in the area.

  38. I have a feeling it’ll be like last month.. I wasn’t too excited when I saw the spoilers, but once I had the box in my hand I loved it!

  39. No more blue! There are other colors than blue, and most are more neutral!!

    On a less complain-y note, I love all wine accessories so those are cool and I am interested in that grey tube. Also, that Pcorn is my favorite brand and I went to pastry school so I am thrilled with the book!

    Still a fun month I think but please no more blue accessories of any kind!

  40. Looks like there may be recipe cards or note cards?
    I seriously can’t believe there is another blue handbag. WTF Popsugar.
    And I’m curious what is in the grey tube… So far this doesn’t look exciting at all, except for the book.

  41. I’m relieved that the clutch is a crossbody, so it makes it much more versatile. While I don’t particularly love everything, I think they will make fantastic gifts for my sisters.
    And overall I’m pleased since I only paid $24.95 due to the Rue La La promo the other month. But I’ll likely be canceling immediately since $39.95 is a tad too much for items that I don’t absolutely love or feel that I “must have”.

  42. I’m loving it! Cookbook, wine glass markers, purse, and I’ve had that popcorn before its amazing. Not sure what items 3 and 5 are but it looks like Popsugar is at least TRYING to think outside the box with this one. I agree we’ve had enough of the blue clutches, at least change the color!

  43. The tube logo looks like the one from the Kama Sutra brand, but I can’t find a matching product on their website. Could just be a similar logo.

  44. I’m sort of meh but leaning towards happy. I’m glad I used the MSA code (THANK YOU!) because I’m also getting the Kendra Scott necklace. Personally (or “purse”-anally!) I needed a new clutch so I’m good.

  45. Oh good Lord, lol, people are going to be livid with another blue clutch. I will definitely gift this entire box.

  46. I’m not mush help with the rest, but it does look exciting!

    • *much… Geez, it’s been a long day!

  47. Was waiting for the spoiler to see if I wanted to resubscribe…I think that will be no.

    What’s with all the clutches/bags/purses lately?

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