POPSUGAR Must Have Black Friday Deal – Up to $75 Off!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Black Friday Deal

The POPSUGAR Must Have Black Friday Deal is live!

There are 3 different subscription coupons:

$15 off 1 Month Subscription – GIFT15

$25 off 3 Month Subscription – GIFT25Β 

$75 off 6 Month Subscription – GIFT75

With the $75 off coupon, that brings the cost of the box down to about $23.30 a month! (Last year they offered $75 off a 12-month subscription, so this is an incredible deal!)

UPDATE- this coupon is for new subscriptions (on a new account) or gift subscriptions.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I get a β€œThat promo code is not valid for this order.” error message. Can anyone tell me what I can do? Tried setting up a new account with a new Email and it will still give me that message.
    Any help is appreciated!

    • This post is from a year ago and the coupon is not valid. Sorry! πŸ™

      • Haha….how could I have missed that? Is there a coupon for this year as well?

        • Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it πŸ™

          • I’ve resisted all the other Black Friday deals in the hope that a Popsugar one will come along. I notice that you didn’t post last year’s offer until the 27th – is there still a chance there’ll be one this year?

          • I have been hoping for a PSMH Black Friday deal for 2015 as well and I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything….any hope for cyber Monday perhaps? :/

  2. Well since my last month was Nov… I cancelled my previous sub..and ordered the 6 month *$139.40* is a steal! In the order outline, it said first box will be December. …even tho Wait list was checked….(that’s a confusing option but I left it checked because the other box was gift? (Idk thought one had to be checked ) Hope this helps…also hope there will not be any duplicates or double charges…..#thesuspence

  3. So for the three month deal that’s still only $28 a box! I’m not sure how I feel about popsugar, their customer service took over a week to respond to my issues with getting a box and charge after I canceled BUT they took off the charges when they finally responded and I was able to keep the box (October) for free. Considering I signed up for September because I was excited to get a box for only $30 I almost feel like giving them a three month chance with the deal. Plus only an $85 charge is much more reasonable in my eyes than 140, at least on a college budget!

  4. Is anyone else having trouble getting the $75 off of the 6 month subscription? It is not taking the correct amount off, it is adding $10! I thought I was going crazy but it kept changing from screen to screen. I want to pull the trigger because this is an awesome deal but what the heck! I want the full discount please!

  5. I do have to say they have wacked out shipping, though, even though it is Fedex vs. USPS (whose tracking I hate). Got the tracking for my November box and it stated that it would take from 11/21 to 12/5 to get to me. Really? Two weeks! Now I can see maybe why…It got to W. Springfield MA and now is on its way to Willington CT. Uhm….I live two hours away in MA… But, it now states it will arrive on 12/4 despite being routed to a different state.

    That is some messed-up geography!

  6. I caved! I liked enough of these boxes that it’s a great deal for me. I am thinking I want to start to shy away from purely beauty boxes as I am accumulating too many small-sized samples, packets, etc. So I got this for myself.

  7. Are these coupons good today only? If not when do they expire?

  8. Happy Black Friday Everyone – Still have not gotten my Nov Box, and customer service is not great – and i dont use social media. I noticed that when my nov box was billed it was the first week in Nov, ( Box I’m still waiting on ). So I decided to cancel my account, then later resubscribed. ( Since this is the end of the month ) Perhaps my Dec box will arrive in Dec ? —

    Any thoughts anyone ? If when the day the box is billed effecting shipping in a timely manner?

    If they do decide to ship the Dec box in January, I can not see myself subscribing for another month.

  9. I think this is a great deal. Issues with PSMH aside, $23.30 for a box of the stuff they usually send is a really good price! I’m signing up for this one, but canceling my Fab Fit Fun subscription. I didn’t love their last box –none of it was my style and that bullet necklace included in the winter box isn’t either — but I know I’ll get my money’s worth with the six month sub from PS. Their items are more in line with my taste, and I’m OK with receiving my box late if I don’t spend a lot!

  10. I was going to try the FabFitFun subscription but this $75 off is such a great deal I took it. Thanks for letting us know. I was not super excited for the November box but if it comes I will just gift the whole box to the little wife-in-law so either way win-win.

  11. Sigh… I really want to pounce on that 6 month deal but seeing all the Facebook messages about double-charges makes me suspect that this might be happening when folks cancel and re-subscribe. I’m not sure it’s worth the extra hassle to save the money (although $75…) and I suspect that’s why they’ve added the disclaimer about not refunding duplicate boxes. It’s pretty clear that something still isn’t working right with their system based on all the Facebook complaints.

    • I have 2 PSMH accounts that I alternate. So far I haven’t had any double billings. The new website makes it very easy to cancel your account. Because I haven’t had a bad experience yet, I guess I just find it amusing that I’ve received my NOV box but my account doesn’t have the tracking number yet. I signed up for the 6-mo plan today because it was such a good deal. Good Luck whatever you decide!

      • Thanks for the encouragement (or is it enabling?). I decided to go for it – that’s just too big a savings to pass up. The two account idea is great!

        I am a bit worried that the good deal is a bad sign – they must have been losing customers based on all the unhappiness on their website. Shipping will probably get closer to normal when we hit some months without a special box that gets priority. Now I just have to wait to see spoilers for the holiday box… that $75 savings is almost enough to buy it with!

  12. I cancelled my 3-month sub a few days ago ‘cos November was my last month and I was hoping for a good Black Friday deal. I was able to sign up for the 6-month sub on the same account with no problem. I double-checked and the pending charge on my card is correct. πŸ™‚ Maybe it works because it’s a separate order from my cancelled one? Or perhaps because I last signed up before they updated the site? Could be a glitch. Just wanted to let everyone know it worked for me this way!

  13. I had the 3 month sub in my cart twice. I can’t hit the purchase button. Maybe if they release a December spoiler.

  14. Well shoot. I just received the promo email from PSMH and it includes this fine print: “Promotions valid on new subscriptions only. Any duplicate boxes purchased with this promotion will not be refunded and cannot be returned for credit.” … I purchased the 6 month deal earlier on an account with a monthly subscription. It let me … it didn’t say I couldn’t because I hd an existing subscription. So now I’m not sure if I can use what I just purchased or if I’m stuck with an unusable order. πŸ™

    • If u already have a monthly and bought the six months, just go to your account and cancel the monthly you’ll get the 6 months then without duplicates

      • Whew! Thanks for the info. I was worried when I saw that. πŸ™‚

  15. melissa, are you looking from your phone (Iphone to be exact)? When I log on to my account from my iPhone the subscriptions tab is no where to be found. So weird. But when I log in from a desktop or laptop it’s there. Try that and see if it helps!

  16. Does anyone know what the “waitlist” check mark is for on the order form?

    • I read If you leave it checked, you will get the November box. To start in December, uncheck it.

  17. Wow this was such a deal I signed up for the 6 month! Yay! For such a reasonable price, there are always items in this box that I love, sometimes I love most of the items. Also they redeemed themselves recently, it took two emails regarding my expired vegan brownie, but they sent me the Run the World notebook and mascara in the mail as apology, which was nice.

  18. I would’ve definitely grabbed a six month subscription if I haven’t been having such a horrible time with them. They never shipped my November box. I waited and waited and waited patiently to see my movement on the box, which had a shipping label made on the 14 th. I was patient because I knew there were storms. So I finally emailed popsugar yesterday asking when I may expect the box. And apparently it never shipped because FedEx never picked it up and they never noticed. They told me they are sending me a “complimentary” replacement but it may take another week before it ships which means it won’t get here until the second or third week of December! Nevermind the fact it’s not really complimentary since I paid full price for the box and it never was shipped in the first place. They never once told me sorry which also makes me very upset. So I cancelled yesterday and really don’t want to deal with them again. It’s too bad because I really love the boxes but I just can’t deal with my boxes being a month later than some others. Especially because I wanted them to be a surprise and they arent since evrything is revealed before mine even ships. I’m also concerned about giving them money for 6 months (which raises the question why no 12 months?) because I’m concerned they may be going out of business. This is similar to how some other sub boxes acted right before they went out of business.
    I was going to give popsugar until December before canceling but the way they are handling things made me so upset I don’t even want this months box. I don’t care how nice the things are in the box I hate them because its accociated with their name. Ok sorry I’m done venting now. πŸ™‚ happy thanksgiving everyone! πŸ™‚

    • They are not going out of business (I hate when people start rumors). I’ve never had one single with PS in 2 years.

  19. Just signed up for the 6 month deal – thanks!
    I’m hesitant to lay out that much money at once, but realised that I madly try to swap for a number of items from every box, so may as well have my very own sub. And at this price, I really don’t mind if half the items are not ‘me’.
    Black Friday shopping Done! Now to enjoy the rest of the day.
    Oh, and I’m not too concerned about their current shipping/CS issues. I’ve just ended a long love/hate relationship with Glossybox, they can’t possibly be any worse than Glossy.

  20. Apparently they have swiped my account clean cause they have no record of me ever signing up nor is my email valid. I should have a subscription but ive not been charged, cant access account or resign up under the same email. Its in limbo?!? What have you done popdugar

  21. Thanks Liz! Just got the 6-month deal. It will be nice to not have to search for discount codes every month and just enjoy getting the boxes (when they actually do arrive).

  22. Count me as one of the customers that hasn’t received their November box. They do not respond to customer service emails, and the only way to get a response is to bother them on their FB wall – it’s not a good situation. Apparently there was an issue this month with a number of customer’s boxes where they weren’t picked up by fedex and PSMH didn’t know about it until people started complaining to them on FB (???). Very odd. It has been a struggle this month to get them to respond to any of my emails. I love the boxes, and this is an awesome deal, but I’m nervous. :-/ I want to love them, and I hope they can pull through whatever issues they’re going through right now.

  23. Gina, I just bought the 6 month subscription and previously I had the monthly. Like Liz said, this is an incredible deal.

    • So do you have to cancel first? Or do you just buy the 6 months sub with the code. Thanks.

  24. Can you still use this deal if you already have a subscription? I don’t have it pre paid or anything, it bills me monthly

    • I have the same question. It auto renews for 6 months after that, so do I cancel then and sign back up? And do I need to cancel the monthly now to sign up or can I just do the 6 months? Thanks.

  25. POPSUGAR is on my doo-doo list right now. I never got my November box! I just checked the website to see what was up. It shows that I ordered a monthly subscription in October, but refers me to a “Subscriptions” tab for shipping info. Problem is, I can’t find that tab anywhere!! I am thinking it should be on my account main page, but I don’t see it. It’s almost 2am on the west coast, and I’m sick and can’t sleep. My tolerance for frustration is about nil. Can anyone help?

    • Hi Melissa,

      when i sign in on their website the page they bring me to is the subscription page. I see y tracking numbers for my monthly boxes. when you log in are you on a different page?

      • Thanks Bessedmommi! I figured out the problem- I was using my phone to access POPSUGAR and their website doesn’t translate well to mobile devices. The site came up normally on my laptop and I took advantage of the monthly deal.

    • Hi Melissa,

      I’ll try to help ( I commented once on here but for some reason it didn’t post)
      Ok so when I login to my account the first page I’m taken to is the subscription page, and I can see all the tracking numbers for my monthly boxes. When you login whats the page that its directing you to? it should be the subscription tab that your looking for. If you don’t see any tracking info its because they haven’t shipped your box. I would reach out to them on their FB page. I’ve had to email them, post on their FB page, comment on their feed and pm them thru FB and I finally got a response.

      I hope you get your box soon. I know how frustrating that can be.

      Let me know if I can help in any other way.

  26. Hi, do you know if it will be the Nov or Dec box if ordered today. Thanks

    • Make sure to uncheck the waitlist box and your first box will definitely be the December box. If you leave it checked, your first box may be the November box. Hope that helps!

  27. Hey Liz,
    do you know how long this deal will be on?

    I’m debating on doing this, I’m still waiting on my NM box replacements since a few of my items were damaged. $139 for 6 months is semi tempting. I’m still uncertain about how I feel considering their recent issues. But if this deal is still valid later next week I might bite.

    Thanks for posting this πŸ™‚

    • It’s good through 11/30.

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