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Nina Garcia Quarterly Box Spoilers – #NGQ04

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Nina Garcia Wait List Open!

We have the spoilers for the #NGQ04 Nina Garcia Quarterly Box! Thanks for the heads up PA Anna! (And thanks and credit for the spoiler reveal from Leslief25 on MUT!)

Each box will include:


Joplin Circle Messenger in Navy – $75 (Updated picture – not sure if colors will vary)

BALLIN Paris Beanie – $40

NUDE Skincare ProGenius™ Treatment Oil – .5 oz Value $39

The Laundress Sweater Comb – $18

RGB Nail Polish in Deep – Value $18

Rue Gembon Pearl Earrings – Value $50 (Not sure if these are the correct earrings).

2013 Pantone Coffee Mug – Value $16 (Not sure of color, or if colors will vary)

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Why is the pantone coffee mug from 2013? Wouldn’t we at least want one for 2015?

    • All pantone colors have numbers, and one of them happens to be 2013. It doesn’t mean the mug is from 2013.

    • My Thoughts exactly

  2. Omg I waited so long for this box and it totally sucks. What happened to 10 plus products and the high end part. I think these values were inflated and Nina didn’t touch this box. Thought it would have some great things to gift and keep being so close to Christmas, will be returning.

  3. Wow, I guess I am the only one who likes this box. I happen to hike a lot and think this beanie would be fun to wear while I do that. I love the bag, and the earrings, and the “style” of the box seems very Nina to me. I will use everything, so I’m pretty happy. I agree though, that I don’t see what took the extra months to get, but all in all, I think I will love this box.

    • She lives!!!!! I for sure thought every single person was going to hate this!! I’ve read (on here and MUT) it’s gotta be up to 100 people..maybe more. That are sending it back.

    • I like it, too! It looks well curated to me as well; it’s interesting but fairly cohesive. I think the people who don’t like it are the ones being the most vocal about their opinions. Unfortunately, surprise boxes will never satisfy everyone, especially when the box is a bit “different.” I like different, but many people do not. Also, I seem to generally have the opposite taste of the majority of commenters! lol!

      • Addenda: 1. I also think people would have complained about this box no matter what came in it. 2. I don’t live in a big city. Where I live, there is no shame in getting your fashion items even from Wal-Mart, so to get some higher end items at a bargain is nice.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only person who likes this box! I’ve eyed the hat designer for a long time but his stuff is kinda spendy so I’m so excited to get the hat and fringe is so in right now I’ve been needing some in my life! Ha I was so nervous after hearing all the negative talk about this box.

  4. I just cancelled my subscription, and requested that the box not be shipped if it hasn’t left yet. Ugh. Maybe I will try the new French one.

  5. I actually like this box, just not for me. This is my first Nina box and I was expecting something a little more sophisticated. The beanie is perfect for my 13 year old daughter and the messenger bag will be gifted to my 16 year old. Check and check for Christmas gifts. I’m simply stunned, though, by all the blue toned bags I’ve now acquired thanks to subscription (Popsugar) boxes.

    • exactly “for your 13 and 16 yr old” not for grown women who are the subscribers to this box

  6. Wow, I can’t believe I bought this. I got this on the strength of Ninas name and her spoilers. I figured she had learned her lesson with the bad items in her boxes and she might turn it around. And I guessed it would be a good box because of the holidays coming up, and figured I could gift anything I didn’t like. But I wouldn’t be able to gift this to anyone I know, nor do I want to keep it. Where’s the sparkle? And would Nina herself ever wear that ridiculous beanie? I emailed Quarterly about returning it and hope they get it in time before they ship it out. If not, it’s getting returned anyway. Nina has lost my respect and my business. I just can’t believe we waited this long for this junk. UGH, well I learned my lesson.

    • I could not have said it better myself!!!! I immediately emailed them and I’m praying it hasn’t shipped yet.

      Who thinks this will be the last Nina Garcia box??! I don’t know a single person who liked it and isn’t sending it back!!

    • I emailed CS a couple hours ago about canceling before it ships and they emailed me back not too long after and said they would be refunding my credit card. Hopefully they get your email on time, they seem to be very accommodating and understanding.

      • What email address did you send it to? I’m worried because I never got a reply to my email.

        • I second that question. I emailed them on Friday, and again today (Monday) and I haven’t’ heard back a word. Right now I am not impressed with their customer service.

          • I also emailed Friday and again today with no response. I hope they can stop the shipment. I imagine they are doing damage control with all of the requests to cancel and stop shipment.

          • Make sure their email is not under spam. I found my return label there

    • I don’t have my NG box yet… looks like it’s stuck at the post office (?). But I googled Joplin Circle messenger bags and “deux lux” does sell them for $145.00 with crystal on the fringe. Can anyone confirm that the one sent in the NG04 has a plain fringe? Just desperately looking for that sparkle and something to get excited about.

  7. Based on the last two boxes I expected nothing more.

  8. Well this is disappointing, especially since it will be my first Quarterly box. Like many other people here, I’ve already contacted Quarterly about returning my box. At least I have MSA02 to look forward to!

  9. Thank you for posting spoilers. . .to say I’m disappointed would be the understatement of the year. I’ve been waiting patiently since summer and this box doesn’t look curated by anyone, let alone one of the most respected fashion editors in the world.

    That purse is just weird, the beanie is more of a promo item you’d get for free somewhere. I’ve got a million RGB polishes from sub boxes, my ears aren’t pierced (I don’t expect every box to cater to every need, but for one of the high value items to be unusable just seals the deal), and one coffee mug . . seriously? The sweater comb is a good idea, but you can get similar defuzzers at any discount store. I’m speechless right now, I guess I set my expectations *way* too high. I’m also a little sad because I was really looking forward to getting a treat in the mail this month.

    My box hasn’t shipped yet, so I emailed customer service in the hopes I can get a refund and avoid having to return the box. I have a feeling they’re going to lose some customers over this. 🙁

    • I should add that the Nude really adds to the value, but I have so many serums that need to be used (again, not Quarterly’s fault, but I can’t justify $100 for well. . .hmm. . .there seriously isn’t one thing in this box that I would use.

    • So I thought I was the only person who had that crazy annoyance about sub boxes that send out one coffee mug! I have to have at least two of the same mug

  10. I’m really glad I decided against this box. Awful.

  11. As soon as I saw the contents I emailed Wuarterly to ask how to do a return. But, since my box didn’t ship yet, the nice customer service lady was able to stop processing, and refunded my card.

    • *correction: Quarterly

  12. Yikes, this was so unexpected I was so excited to receive this. I don’t think I have use for any of these things. The faux pearls? Is that suppose to be the sparkle? That bag is horrible, the first picture was a little bit better then this one and I’d consider rocking it but then again I’m from L.A. and I have to have my designer handbags. Im glad they have a return policy because this is going back. I emailed CS hoping they could cancel it before it ships so it helps save the hassle of retuning it. For everyone that does like this box I hope you do enjoy it because overall it does seem to have good value. It’s just not for me. Maybe her next box will be better. Looking forward to MSA02, Design Sponge, Rosario’s, and toy & collectables quarterly boxes still.

  13. Thanks for the tips on how to return! I kind of like the purse but I don’t see myself using it often enough to justify keeping the box. This is a huge disappointment!

  14. I was hoping with the holiday season approaching, this would be a fabulous box. Sadly, not so much for me. I would really like to see a picture of Nina in the Ballin hat. If it was a plain hat I might have worn it – but no thanks. The only items I like are the nail polish and the earings – which don’t cover the value. I was already charged and my box is supposed to be going to a US address, but somehow it looks like it is going to my Canadian one. I don’t know what happened there. I chose the US address as the shipping to the Canadian one was triple the price. So in addition to trying to cancel this box, I need to figure out where it is going. Sigh.

  15. I am not sure what I feel. We have waited sooo long for this box. I will probably keep the box. I like the purse, serum, and earrings. Guess I will donate the other things to Good Will. I did not like the last box. I probably will cancel my subscription to Nina Garcia. I had such high expectations.

  16. Does anyone know if they could switch boxes for you? Instead of cancelling it? I am disappointed in this box when I was so looking forward to it.

  17. I’m with the rest of the group that thinks this box is dreadful. I am so disappointed given the long wait we had to get this one. I bought 2 of them, so I am very grateful that Quarterly accepts returns. I have a feeling they are going to be inundated with returns of this box.

    Maybe their target audience is teenagers and young twenty-somethings?? I would think given the price though their target audience would be a little older since most teenagers/college students don’t have as much expendable cash. But, maybe not.

    Maybe I’m just too old to wear a “Ballin” beanie?? Although, my 70 year old white dad wears a beanie when it’s cold out that says “Oaktown”. We laugh at him for it. But, if he can pull that hat off, maybe “Ballin” isn’t so bad?? 🙂

  18. I really want this box. However I’m confused about when I will be charged. Since it is shipping in February, do I get charged then? Thanks!

    • Hi Erin,

      february is for her next box, not this box. You will be charged before the box ships.

      I’m sure this box will be put on the Best of Quarterly, judging from how many people are returning the box. So keep a look out on Quarterlys page for updates.

      Hope this helps!

      • Erin, you have a wonderful opportunity to email Quarterly and let them know that you read people are cancelling their box and you want the box based on the spoilers. They should be able to send you this box next week since there are boxes that they were able to cancel today instead of shipping. Enjoy!

  19. I have tried twice to leave a comment and they do not get posted…why is that?

    • Nevermind..I figured it out

  20. Just got a response from customer service…they are already processing a return…I must say that even though this box wasn’t for me, I will definitely look forward to MSA and Rosario box…customer service was quick and awesome!

  21. Wow what a disappointment after waiting since Oct for this box! And what a difference a year makes, her 1st winter box was amazing!!! 🙁 I tried to find some pictures of Nina sporting a beenie and ofcourse did not find one, nor her rocking a frindge bag.

  22. Am I the only person who loves all of this?? Even though the Ballin Paris trend feels more Summer of 2012 I will use all of this! Then again I am a 20 year old college student.

    • I love it all too…I’m sure that’s how it will be, either love it or hate it. I have never wanted to get this box til I saw this one! Ha, and everyone is hating it. Well maybe I can snag and item or two on the swap site if anyone actually keeps their box!

  23. I am so disappointed after trying so hard to get this subscription. Thanks everyone for the advice on how to receive a refund. I have contacted quarterly cs to stop shipment since I got invoiced. I also requested a return label just in case they shipped already. I can’t wait for MSA and Rosario boxes though.

  24. I can’t help but think of all those of times on Project Runway when Nina would shrug her shoulders and say she questions a designer’s taste level….

    • I was thinking this exactly!

    • Really! After the last box with that tacky Muito cool hat and weird fringed pouch thing along with this box. . . I dunno. . I guess maybe I’m too old to “get it” or just not “edgy” enough. . .

  25. Wow. okay that picture update for the bag is hideous IMO.

    I was okay with the clutch one, so I wasn’t going to mind the box, between the larger purse that was pictured,the earrings and serum. But not its just not worth it for me to keep.

    I have tons of polish and serums, that i haven’t used yet.I’m still in the diaper bag stage and have no use for such a small round bag.

    Thankfully I haven’t been charged for this box yet. I use a prepaid card for quarterly and I haven’t loaded money on it yet. I got a email telling me to update my payment yesterday. But I just went and Cancelled Nina’s box, so Now i don’t have to worry about loading money for this purchase or deal with the return process so thats a win for me.

    I was really looking forward to this box, if there had been at least one or two other items I loved I would keep it. But the value just isn’t there since I wouldn’t use nor want most of the box. Hope those who are getting it love it.

    I’m more happy now then ever that I have 4 MSA02 boxes coming.

    • I just correct my first comment on the bag. Its not hideous I took a second look. I actually like it more in the brown color or the black but the blue combo is not for me. The look of the bag is very “native” which i love because its part of my heritage. If I were younger of if I wasn’t a mom sporting a diaper bag 24/7 I would love the bag in brown/black. 3 years ago it would have gotten quite a bit of use. So if anyone who gets this box, is interested in swapping the bag let me know, Id love to swap for the bag and the earrings. but the rest of the box is a miss for me. I wouldn’t use the polish, cup or serum, i wouldn’t use the beanie but would gift it to my bro who would proudly sport “Ballin” across his head.

      again I would love to swap with anyone for the bag, earrings and possibly the beanie! thanks 🙂

  26. I wonder if they were waiting on the nail polish. The website says it is currently back ordered. At first glance I am not a fan of this box, but I will have to wait to see it in person. I might like the bag, in either of the browns…but blue…I am all full up here on blue bags. The hat is ridiculous..*if* I keep the box it will be swapped. Not sure about the rest…will have to wait to see.

  27. I feel like I’m on Let’s Make a Deal and I keep getting zonked! First Pop Sugar and now Nina! This box isn’t me at all. I subscribed to it instead of Arrianna Huffington. Glad they do refunds…

    • I loved Arianna’s last box after I started using the items and I am much happier with earphones and the Philosophy than these items.

  28. I’ve requested a return shipment label based on these spoilers. Thank you, I won’t even need to waste time opening the box! Between NGQ#03 and now this one, canceling my sub was a no-brainer. $100 is a lot of money, thank goodness they accept returns! 🙂 I’m looking forward to my first MSA Quarterly! That throw looks awesome!

  29. I have go to disagree with apparently everyone – this box feels very stylish, young (as in 20 something not teenager) and it is very very Nina if you look at her personal winter style. I love it! So appropriate for winter NYC. And reflects Marie Clare too!

    • I must get a different Marie Claire magazine then. I’ve never seen such hideous hats in my version (the trucker hat and now this toboggan) I’m a twentysomething and a personal stylist and think the box is awful (again). I don’t think the target demographic is a much younger age specifically anyway, based on the price point for starters. I expect quality and keep getting cheap products that I’d never pay $100 for collectively or separately. The mug looks like a paint store freebie, sweater comb is super cheap (had this exact one and it didn’t work very well), nail polish is a cop out for sub boxes (like lip balm and gloss IMO) and the earrings look like bad costume jewelry quality. We could do a lot better on our own with $100. Since I’m doing seasonal personal shopping for the next month I know I can!

  30. Love the earrings. That’s it.

  31. I’ve never returned a box before… Going to return this one. It’s just not worth $100 for me if all I like is the mug. :-/

  32. I had time to think about this. I think this is a box that people are either going to love or hate. I can tell she likes fringe (shark clutch, the messenger bag) and angles (the shark tooth necklace from before, the horns on the earrings). The box isn’t what I pictured for being sparkly.

    I do hope that those that ordered it enjoy the box. It is disappointing to receive a box that you’ve been waiting for and not liking it. Looking back, I am glad that I had to cancel because this isn’t my style. I am going to order a sweater comb 🙂

  33. I don’t want anything from this box. I am sending this one right back to Quarterly. I carry designer bags and while I’m very open to something that’s out of my comfort zone, this one is out of my comfort zone and impractical. Everything else, meh – I just flat out don’t want.

  34. For heaven’s sake, I’m a grown up, prepared to spend $100 on a subscription box – why on Earth would I be seen dead in a beanie with ‘Ballin’ in huge lettering across it?
    The only item which slightly interests me is the Pantone mug, and it would have to not be the mud coloured one pictured.
    I really wish that these spoilers were a mistake, the whole thing is so dreary. After all the waiting it’ll be such a shame to have to return this lot.

  35. What is with Nina and ugly hats and ugly fringe bags. This is almost as bad as the coolito hat and that hideous raffia clutch. Between this, the eva box, and the never ending delays I’m about to ban quarterly from my life. I hope Liz can restore my faith.

  36. Is Nina making the box for a man or a woman? I am so glad I cancelled this box this time around! The only thing feminine is the earrings and those are awful!! Nothing is at all great and black for the holidays is down right morbid and goth looking and that is certainly not my style or my friends style. I could not see anyone I know wearing it. I feel so sorry for the one getting is box. I guess this is not my taste at all, though I do know some might like the black stuff and brown. But it is really a masculine feeling to me!

  37. I just emailed to stop shipment if it hasn’t gone out yet. Wow. I’m at a loss for words. Not good

    • Thanks for the thought. I just contact Quarterly to see if I could also stop shipment.

  38. Nooooo. I was so excited to finally be able to get one of these boxes and it sucks! Do i have to email them about a refund right now, or can i wait until it arrives and see if it’s magically better in person before sending it back?

    • You can wait until you open and actually see everything for yourself before requesting the refund. I just got a refund for the Eva Scrivo box that disappointed me, and Quarterly CS was great! I emailed with my request, they emailed back within 2 days with a pre-paid UPS shipping label. As a side note… main reason I returned Eva’s box was that I was an early Eva subscriber, and then later subscribers got a cert for a blowout at Eva’s salon included in their box that I didn’t get. I asked for one and was told I subbed too early. Liz, I hope you don’t ever let Quarterly penalize your early subscribers by giving significantly higher value boxes to late adopters. The worst!!!!! I made this complaint to CS when I requested the return and again when I got the online survey, now this post – lol, so I hope they hear me!

      • You have my word – no promotional items for subscribers who join in a certain time period. Happy to hear that Quarterly CS was great though!

  39. I think I am going to return it too. The messenger bag is the only thing I like. Thank you for the spoiler, Liz.

  40. I don’t believe for a second that nina garcia curated this entire box. I just don’t even know what to say right now. However, I know what I am going to do: UNSUBSCRIBE. So sad!

    • I totally agree with you . . it seems like she really put a lot of effort into all of her previous boxes. This one just feels thrown together, as though she told Quarterly to do what they want or had an unpaid intern pick everything out. I’ll be curious to read her letter and see why she chose these things. I really do hope there are lots of people who like this box and want to keep it.

  41. If it wasn’t for that horrendous beanie I’d consider it. I really like the bag and the Pantone mug (I have a weird Pantone obsession). And I’m intrigued by that sweater comb. But I can buy that for $18 and call it a day.

  42. Darn!! I preferred the fold messenger bag instead. 🙁 A bit disappointed after such a LONG wait.

  43. I’m hoping this is a mistake. There is nothing except the serum that I could use..OMG, can I just refuse to accept this box?

    • You can actually send it back for a refund. Just email them and they will send prepaid ups label.

      • That hat with the huge spelling just ?????…and a pantone mug, why? I can’t believe I waited two months for this box.

        I actually ordered two of this box. I’m sending both back. Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to email them.

  44. When I was a 15 year old goth kid I would have loved this box…

  45. Is it too late to order this box? Would someone want to sell their box?

    • I would sell the box 100 plus shipping.

    • They will have plenty of extras when everyone sends theirs back. lol

  46. Eek! Not a thing in there I would use. I guess I’ll find out how to return the box.

  47. I find myself wondering what the amazing item that caused all the delays was….

  48. I also don’t want to rain on anyones parade but I am really glad I cancelled this box as well. I got so fed up with all the delays and picked up Skandicrush instead. The mug is kinda neat but that is about it..
    There isn’t anything even ‘Winter’ or ‘Glitter’ about this. Disappointing 🙁 I was still thinking if I liked it I could pick up one maybe from their ‘best of’
    But now I can save my $100

    • Kathryn you’re right, I completely forgot about the sparkle spoiler thing. I wonder what they are classifying as sparkly….I think they ran out of time and I don’t think Nina had much to do with this box….

    • I am glad I canceled this last week. There is nothing I would use. I subscribed to a second MSA box and Little Lace Box instead 🙂

  49. I bought it. I hate it. I am going to return it. Can anyone tell me how Quarterly’s return process works, and what the return fees are? I hope some of you ladies who got this LOVE it though, it was a long wait. It’s just not me. I guess I have no style, lol, oh well.

    • Email them at customer service and request the return. I have the subscription so I don’t know if it is different for those who order one-off boxes, but when I’ve asked for a return in the past they send me a pre-paid shipping lable and I just tape it all back in my box and send it back. (I believe it’s via UPS.) They are pretty quick on the refund once you request and ship it back.

      • I returned one-time only boxes with no problems.

        • Can I return it after I open the box or it has to be sealed? Thanks.

          • What I do with all my Quarterly boxes is open the box up very, very carefully in case I want to return them. It makes it easier to seal it back up with packing tape. I opened the 1000 Places box and took the items out to look at them before deciding to return.

  50. Yikes. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade who bought the box (I hope you love it!) but I am glad I opted out after the last delay. It just doesn’t feel like her first two boxes. I hate to say this but it feel like a Fancy box of Nina stuff……..At least if you don’t love it you can return it and look forward to MSA2 🙂

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