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New Subscription Box: Oui Please

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New Subscription Box: Oui Please Box

Thanks Percylyn for letting us know about this new box!

The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products. (The first box is shipping December 11th, and has the theme “Paris, I miss you.” They are advertising that it will have a value of $400.

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New Subscription Box: Oui Please Info

I’m intrigued that each box will include at least one item from: apparel, beauty, jewelry, accessories, home and epicure – I couldn’t resist. I signed up! What do you think of this new box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m giving it a go! Super excited! It’s nice that you don’t have to pay til it ships as well.

  2. Oh well, I signed up. I am charged taxes too. (I am in Texas) but no shipping. Since I signed up for LLB too, last night I was thinking about which sub I can cancel first, and Sample Society came to mind, then I saw Liz’s fabulous post on the December spoilers… oh well!

  3. I’m going to bow out of this conversation. I do strongly urge everyone to read the privacy and terms. Pay attention to term number 4 and the section 4 in the privacy regarding fees. I’ve never seen anything like this before with a sub. An informed decision is a good decision.

    Also I can’t find anything on the website stating that shipping is included.

    I do hope that everyone enjoys their subscription. It has the potential to be an amazing box. I’m not sure if I am adding anything to the conversation beyond concerns that may or may not be warranted. Enjoy!

    • I never saw anything about shipping on the site, either- but I did subscribe and my receipt shows free shipping.

  4. I’m still unsure about this box. I emailed Liz and haven’t heard back about my question. Here are my concerns. I may be nitpicky. I worked in an industry that was FDA regulated and attention to detail was of utmost importance. This box is coming in at a higher pricepoint than most, but the presentation doesn’t reflect it.

    1.Who pays for shipping? How is it delivered? Maybe I missed it somehow?

    2. Term number 5 bothers me. It is a similar term that is also on the BlackbookInc. I haven’t been able to find a subscription box with similar terms although PopSugar has one that comes close. I read it as that they are not responsible for making sure the content of the website is accurate. That concerns me greatly. I want the website to be accurate if they want $150.00 of my money.

    3. They launched the website incomplete.
    a. The shipping and return page is not live yet. I’m sure it is related to the launching of the boutique. However, I don’t see a link for the boutique. Why have the shipping and return page up and not the boutique? Why not add the shipping and return page at the same time as the boutique?
    b. They stated to a poster that they will be added a preference page in November. Why the delay? There are contradictions regarding whether there will be customization.
    c. At the bottom there is a link for blackbookink and one of the things they specialize in is web development. It makes no sense to me that if that company is linked at the bottom, why would they want to be associated with an incomplete website?
    d. I understand it is a new venture. Still it is an expensive sub box using a boiler template. The website is a bit disappointing which includes the errors pointed out by previous posters. It makes no sense to me especially with the link to a company that specializes in web development.

    4. The Paris box has a stated value. However, subsequent boxes do not have a stated value for it on the website. I understand that posters received information via email, but nothing is listed on the website. Refer back to term 5.

    5. Nitpicky – I thought there was an accent grave over the a in voila. I recall reading an article where there was discussion over dropping some of the accent marks. Did they drop it on voila? I expect a website offering french products to have the correct spelling and accent marks. Also the one header has the word “voila” misspelled.

    The first box has the potential to look great. I’m concern what will happen with the next box. I may be reading way too much into everything. This is the first time reading about a new box prompted major concerns for me. I don’t want my concerns to prevent anyone from enjoying what could be a wonderful box. I also don’t want to see my fellow peers taking advantage of either.

    • It’s been a long week. I did proofread. Forgive my incorrect verb tenses. Remember I am not the one asking for $150.00 🙂

      • Thank you, Anna, for reading it so carefully. I think this is a box backed by VC firms- as I imagine Popsugar was at least in the beginning. That’s what their website looks like, and their legalese reads like. These boxes can’t make a profit if they are giving us good value, at least in the long run. This box is set up with what hney call “partners” (a term commonly used in tech companies for people you have a contract with), who are providing product, and who are getting good FB publicity through the partnership. I think the box is designed for marketing French products, who will then be featured in the boutique. They will make money through the marketing and the boutique.
        I agree there are a lot of mistakes for a box that is trying to be so high end. But I also suspect they are pushing to get it out pre-Christmas, because people are more apt to spend a little money thinking they can make gifts out of it. Since they don’t charge until they ship, I don’t think we are at too much risk, and I don’t think the well-respected companies such as Atelier Cologne, Hediard,and others, would be advertising their partnership on FB unless this company was adequately funded. That being said, all funding likes longevity, hence the significant yearly discount. The bigger risk for the year-long subscription, in my opinion, and why I’m not doing it, is that it just won’t be things we like. I love Parisienne and French things but they can be a little out there, and expensive. A $400 value can not be that much if it’s translated from Euros. So, I’m taking my chances on the first box but not on the yearly yet. Hope I don’t regret either choice!

    • Thanks for letting us know what your concerns are. I can respond to a couple of your points:

      Shipping is included in the price, and you receive it in the mail (I don’t know who the carrier will be).

      Their terms and conditions are legalese written to cover them. If you don’t like the random collection of terms they decided to write up don’t buy in, but I don’t think they will impact the purchasers. And their website is one of the better ones I’ve seen for fresh out of the gate boxes.

      They state clearly that you have to buy their box to have access to their boutique, and that it will open when the first box ships. Opening it first would give away spoilers.

      Just because something isn’t good, or isn’t finished yet, doesn’t mean a company doesn’t want their name on it. This reminds me of seeing a builder’s sign in the front yard when someone is having their house worked on. They don’t wait until they’re done to put the sign up.

      You haven’t brought up anything that is a concern to me, just indicators that they aren’t done setting up.

  5. I’m fairly new to subscription boxes, I just started late this summer. What happens when a subscription box service goes under and you’ve paid for an annual subscription? Thanks!!

    • I ask because I’m really really tempted to buy the annual subscription, it’s such a significant discount

      • Laura,

        Caveat Emptor!

        I can only share what I know about two recent situations.

        1. There was a new sub box on the market for teen girls. A few things happened resulting in her to decide to leave the sub business. She refunded the money.

        2. There was a craft box that has been in business for a year or two. Boxes started to come late, little to no
        communication from the company, charges continues, no boxes being shipped. I checked their Facebook page today and people are still being charged. Credit card companies are being contacted, BBB being contacted, AG being contacted. This has been ongoing for a few months.

        It seems your best protection will be to pay bimonthly because that allows your credit card company to handle a dispute. PayPal has increased their dispute time although I do not know if this sub offers a paypal option. I think a bank credit card linked to your checking account will offer the least amount of protection. It’s my understanding from what I read in situations on MUT that paying a year up front offers the least amount of protection because the credit card considers the payment date to be the date that the dispute time period starts counting down. In other words, if you have 45 days to dispute and a sub box fails at 120 days; the credit card company may be less inclined to assist you if you paid a year in full.

        • Thank you for the advice! I’m going to stick with everyone’s suggestions and go with the monthly box for now. I really hope the first box is amazing

  6. Just contacted customer service. There will be no Black Friday/Cyber Monday coupon code. And they do not customize boxes (I’m allergic to perfume and asked if it could be excluded, they said no and that it would be only one of 11 products).

    • Thanks Amanda

      • I had a similar response and am disappointed because at that price point one would think they could offer customization. However, I understand that this could throw off their ability to buy purchases at a low enough cost to offer the value that they advertize will be in the box. I am still on the fence with this box and need to decide will I be content with the remaining purchases if I receive something I am not able to use.

    • How does the reply you got dovetail with the reply (regarding apparel) that I got (and others)?

      They seem contradictory. I am so on the fence about this box. I want to get the first box because it will be the highest value, but I want to see what’s the box is like first but I want to take advantage of the yearly discount…

      Am I alone?

  7. I was about to sign up and notice that there is a box for coupon code. Is there a coupon out there? Or will there be one for Black Friday? Thanks.

  8. My husband just pointed out that I pay way less on shopping now that I buy sub boxes, instead of go shopping at the mall. Not helpful for self control.

    I looked over Facebook some, and I see that the following items will most likely be in the boxes:
    -vanilla perfume, purse spray size
    -a colorful, good quality cosmetic bag/small clutch
    -a hair care or hair styling product
    -some sort of clothing item from Les Petites
    -two edible items (sweet start to your day, afternoon snack)
    -more I can’t type out now (bedtime). Basically perfume, a clutch/cosmetic bag, hair care product, clothing item of unknown type, at least two edible items, one sweet and one savory, and possibly a truffle flavored condiment, a candle, a jewelry or accessory item (earrings, hair clip or bracelet is my guess), a note card or other paper product, and a small decorative plate.

    • What great variety. That sounds awesome!

      I noticed the same thing about myself. I spend less now, especially on body products, since using sub boxes. Some months I don’t go shopping for anything at all.

    • And I believe some sort f a wrap- from the hint you can use it to keep warm at home or wear out! Thank you for putting this list together- I didn’t have the patience!

      • I would say that if there’s to be a wrap, that may count as the clothing item since it would be very difficult to customize by size in so little time. Maybe they could if they already have multitudes of each size of the product, but this would certainly be easier.

  9. Well I just signed up with a prepaid card. They don’t charge you now until they ship. Which is a plus, I’m justifying this because I cancelled Nina’s box. Since this box is suppose to be over $400 in value I’m hoping they’re going all out in their first box to impress 🙂 I took the $250. Plunge with popsugar whose value was 600. So I’m hoping I love this curation more **fingers crossed** between this box. 4 MSA02’s and 2 Rosario boxes I think I’ll be happy with value, and have items to gift if it’s a miss for me. Christmas is in the bag this year or rather “the box” 😉

  10. Well, I’d been thinking of canceling poosugar for a while- the boxes weren’t amazing like they had, and I hate their shipping and paying for it. And, the French Box I got was Just Okay. So, I a pecan sled both and subscribed for Oiu- just monthly, too big a risk for yearly. We will see! It just seems the first box is often the best! Kept MSA, LLB and birchbox- the latter two almost pay for themselves in loyalty points!

    • Ooooh. Need to proofread better! Popsugar autocorrected to the hilarious poosugar! And, I cancelled both, not pecan sled both! Can you tell I’m on my phone?

      • I thought poosugar was on purpose until I read the rest! I was just howling over that!

  11. Our Please has a serious typo on the home page of their website. It reads Et Viola as the name of their magazine and on the How it Works page it is printed as Et Voila (which makes more sense).
    If they did not catch that during editing…….

    • Yes. I know I typed Our instead of Oui. Hehe!

  12. I cancelled the first French Box. It was touristy “filler” and my box was missing two items. The money would be of greater value sent to Doctors Without Borders than paying stuff that has no value or use. I have ordered a number of subscription boxes to see if there is a match for my current clients and, sadly, the quality and sample size did not out weigh the cost. Consequently, I have cancelled all subscription boxes except Quarterly (for personal use…although I eliminated Nina’s due to gross lack of elegance, cleverness, and sophistication) and PopSugar. I have subscribed to OuiPlease (although I do wish it was OuiSVP) and hope I’m not disappointed, but cancelling is always an option! Remember French women are generally less “busty” and more petite than their American counterparts, so keep that in mind when responding to queries regarding size.
    I hope OuiPlease doesn’t disappoint!

  13. Should I, or shouldn’t I?? I can’t decide! I feel like if I do I should start with this box since I can regift anything I don’t want for Christmas….hmmm

  14. I decided to go for it! Merry, Merry Christmas to me! Thanks Hubby! So excited! I went with the monthly and if I love, I can go for the annual later. Nicole is right; they do not charge your card up front, similar to Quarterly.

  15. I know it’s exciting to be receiving 11 items. Don’t forget it says on average 11 items. I hate to see anyone be disappointed if it turns out to be less.

  16. I love all things french. I begged my parents to let me take french classes when I was in elementary school. French is my minor in college. I have been to Paris at least 8 times, have lost count. I have not heard of a lot of these brands. Yet I am highly tempted. I have not been disappointed in Frenchbox yet, just for the fact that they ship USPS priority and I have to take that into consideration the cost. So I think I got my money’s worth so far. The mirror is everywhere in souvenir shops, yet I never bought one, now I have one. $150 is high, yet I bought the NM popsugar box. No way will I do the yearly though.

  17. They say 11 full size items. We already know one of them : Atelier purse spray 7ml ( is it full size?) I checked on swap, value is $10 for this size… so 10 items left

  18. Hmmm. My email response is different than Blessedmommie. The response stated that the value will be at least double the membership price. Also I read their terms last night and read something I don’t like. It might be standard legalese for all I know. I do think they are legitimate because the box is on Sothys USA Facebook.

    I’m going to bow out. I will probably regret it and wished I purchased it.

    • Liz – I sent you an email.

    • Don’t keep us in suspense! What in the terms is problematic?

      • I want to check with Liz to see if it is standard language. The term button is on the bottom part of the page. I used to work in a FDA regulated industry and may be fussier about the way things are worded than most. While Popsugar has similar language, its wording doesn’t convey the same meaning. Since I worked in an industry where wording is very important, I may be reading way more into it than it really is.

        • I understand. Please keep us posted. Thanks for the heads up.

  19. I concur Liz and I have been wanting to try a French box. The price point is hard for me but I am thinking there first box will be great. I love the categories. Jewelry, beauty , apparel, etc. I think that is awesome. Plus 11 items is great. I am highly considering this, if my budget allows I will join.

  20. I’m giving this a go, i cancelled all but birch box, MSA and little lace box for now so I don’t feel too bad about the expenses, lol!

  21. I’m a bit nervous to sign up because very box is unique…. There are these amazing brands but you might not get the brands that you saw and signed up because they would be in the box. Also spoilers for this box will be tough because since everyone is getting a unique box one box could be amazing while others terrible. I wonder too where the $400 retail value information was found by Liz because in another comment it says that it’s promised to be double the price of the subscription. Any extra information would be very welcomed!

    • The $400 value I found on this page:

      “OuiPlease Vol 1.1 “Paris, I Miss You” is valued at more than $400 per parcel. From brands such as Christian Lacroix and Les Petites, to Alexandre J and Maison de la Truffe, your exclusive parcel will feature a surprise selection of the finest Parisian products, making each delivery limited edition.”

      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks so much!!!!! 🙂

      • Just the first box is valued at $400. Next boxes will be at least double the price of subscription.

    • What I assumed from them saying each box is unique and looking at the Brands they are featuring is that everyone will receive the same basic things but that they will have different variations. Like the jewelry will all come from the same designer but that we may not all get the same thing, and there was a leather wallet maker so maybe those will vary in color/style.

  22. Hi everyone!

    So yesterday I reached out to their customer service in a email regarding returns and customization for apparel. They emailed me back:

    Bonjour Samaria,

    Merci! We are so thrilled you are interested in discovering OuiPlease.

    We actually have full sized products featured in each box, including the very best France has to offer in all categories. There is a retail value of at least $400 per box.

    No two alike, each special delivery will feature a unique selection of full-sized French gifts. Each parcel will include at least one selection from each category: apparel, beauty, jewelry, accessories, home and epicure, at a retail value of at least double the membership price. Members can expect an average of 11 items in each box.

    The Apparel size: This will be added to your user profile page.
    Next week, you will be receiving an email to update your profile.

    We really don’t consider ourselves in the subscription box category, which is filled with samples. We consider ourselves more of French discovery service. We take great care in creating carefully curated parcels, and they are also shipped with care. All parcel sales are final. All parcel sales are final. You will not be disappointed. The Shipment & Return will be updated next week on the

    We look forward to sharing OuiPlease with you.

    Happy Holliday!

    A bientôt,

    • hi Everyone,

      I emailed them again to confirm if they meant each box will be different. And yes turns out their will be different variations in the box “no two boxes alike” is what they told me. I’m debating this one. i will decide over the week. 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing. That is very interesting. To make each box different based on our profile they would either have to have a very large team, a small number of boxes or a lot of lead time. The fact that the survey does not go out until next week and they plan to ship the 11th does not seem feasible. Something inside me still says do it buy it though…..

      • Maybe they want to make sure you like what you get in your box. I like when I’m able to tell subs that I prefer white/silver but not gold jewelry, musky smells over fruity smells, fall colors over summer colors and things like that. This makes me more excited about it. 🙂

    • I’m surprised they decided to put down other “subscription” boxes for including samples, because there are plenty of full size sub boxes, most of which are well below their price point.

      I like these types of boxes a lot, but I don’t think this one is for me. Too much money for too little information. If it was returnable I might be more interested. I am staying subscribed to the MSA box even though I know 2/5 items are not for me because it is returnable.

      • This is a good point! Do they not know about full size popsugar at $40, MSA at $50, popsugar luxury and everything else quarterly at $100.

    • GMTA, I emailed them about the same two issues and received essentially the same response.

  23. I wish they would have called this, Oui, Sil Vous Plait 🙂

    I may get it.

  24. Oooh I saw this and was waiting for you to talk about it here on MSA. It’s a splurge for sure and I don’t want to take the risk of it not working for that price. I’m definitely looking forward to your reviews!

  25. I agree that I’m going to have to let others try this one out first. $150 is just too much of a gamble. I jumped on the French Box bandwagon too soon as well and was disappointed, especially that the gourmet French treat was a $1 bag of Buddy Fruits that they sell at my local Kroger. I can’t wait to come back and see what was in it though! I hope it’s awesome!

  26. I have to live vicariously through Liz and any other box review blogger, this one is out of my budget. I’m very excited to see what their boxes will be like though.

  27. Hmmmm… This one is so tempting! I’m thinking of stopping most of my beauty subs for ones with more variety. While the cost of stopping beauty box 5 doesn’t equal this new one, it helps me justify it 😉

  28. This looks great and very luxurious, but I’m confused by their pricing model. $150 for a month-to-month box but only $650 for a year? A year sub means each box cost only about $54. That’s a HUGE discrepancy. I wondered if there was a typo and the year cost should have been $1650 (making each box cost $137.50, which is a more reasonable discount). Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada, otherwise I would be seriously considering the year sub. $54 a month puts it in the same category as PSMH.

    • It is only every other month.

    • It’s every other month. A year sub will make each individually box cost $108.33.

      • Ahhhhh! Thanks! That makes more sense.

    • I am very interested in this box, but as many others have stated already- I’m nervous about the price point. Full size = purse size perfume? Not what I was thinking when they say “full-size.” Can’t wait to see what everyone gets!

    • Where did you get this spoiler? I see atelier, but no specific product reference…

      • It is on Atelier Facebook page. They have a photo of Ouiplease box and they say their Vanilla scent 7,5ml will be in first box.

        • Good sleuthing! They have a lot of “hints” on FB- but would take a long time to check out all, especially since not neveryone will get the same thing!

  29. I think I’ll take the risk. But I have to admit, the price is steep for one box. I’m usually the type to prefer 3 or 5 boxes for that price.
    I think I’ll take a step outside my comfort zone on this one and see how it goes.
    I’ll have to give up some other boxes first though.
    When’s the cut off to sign up for December shipment I wonder

    • I agree this is pricey for me too! It just has the potential to be super amazing so I had to try it. I did get rid of some of my others…however not $150 worth so if I really love it and want to keep it I will have to get rid of something else!

      • I gave up some and I just now signed up! Isn’t this exciting!?

        In case anyone was wondering, you don’t pay anything upfront. They aren’t charging until December 10th so our fellow box lovers have a little over two weeks to decide 🙂

  30. I clicked on every single participating brand and wow! This will be my most expensive box purchase, and I’m really tempted to go with the annual subscription! I just looove French products and this looks so me! Merry Christmas to me!! Thanks Liz!

  31. NO…….SELF……….CONTROL!!! Liz you’re killing me 🙂 I just got rid of some subs sooooo thats how I am justifying getting this one….although I didn’t get rid of $150 worth of boxes….lol! Sure hope I love it!

  32. For the annual cost of this sub, you can fly to Paris and probably have enough leftover for a designer scarf of your own choosing. I cannot imagine spending this much on any sub, but I’m obviously not the target demographic for it, either!

    • I found this comment to be interesting, so I checked and the cheapest flights I found were $1400. Perhaps if I were closer, or I hunted for a super deal, but I’d still need to pay for lodging, food, etc. Additionally, everything would be in Euros, which has a very expensive exchange rate. So… Maybe two years of this subscription would get a Paris trip.

    • This depends on where you live. The cheapest flight to Paris for me is $1,953; the sub is $900. Not even close!

      • You’re right, flight costs vary and location probably has a lot to do with it. My husband and I went last April (from DC) for under $800 each.

  33. AHHH!!! I did it. This better be good… fingers crossed!

  34. Comment

  35. I’m very interested in this box. I need to figure out what boxes I want to keep etc. It’s tempting to buy the yearly sub because of the price, but at the same time I don’t know if I want to give up the freedom of cancellation. I’m going to email them and see if I can still sign up in the beginning of December.

  36. After being one of the 1st subscribers to the yogi box, seeing all the great photos online ( of items that did not exist in that box ), having high expectations because of all the marketing. One I received it I was so disapointed to the point I have no desire to be the get the 1st box a sub box has out. Besides the yogibox, the first frenchbox ( also was first box they had ) was a disapointment. – I’ll be skipping this box, watching the reviews and if the items stay consistently good for 3 months, I might subscribe.

  37. I subscribed and had debated on the annual but decided on the monthly . I had purchased The French Box as an annual but after this last box wish I had done the monthly so I could cancel . I was a little curious as the LaCroix seemed very similar to The French Box notebook for October. I had read a comment wondering if both by same company.

    • I also wondered if French Box was related to this one, but French Box is based in Miami, and this lists Dallas as it’s HQ. If you go to the Oui Box website, it also has a PR firm link on their website–Black Book Ink that says “Black Book Ink is a creative and advertising agency serving the fashion, home interiors, hospitality and consumer lifestyle industries. We deliver a stylish and sophisticated taste level. Our unique approach amplifies what our clients have mastered, while uncovering new ways to surprise, inform and inspire their customers”.
      Not sure how this affects which brands that will appear in box, but worth considering. The Atelier Cologne has been included in a Glossy Box (not a fan), and the it’s Christian Lacroix Papier (paper) so that most likely means a notepad, stationary, or the like- not a fashion item. I’m thinking I’ll hold off on this and see what they put forth….

  38. Oh gosh, something is wrong with me! I have been buying everything interesting lately. I just ordered it. I hope it is fun stuff.

  39. Oh my! I just checked the OuiPlease facebook page and there are some seriously amazing teasers! It looks like there might be a wrap/throw included, some jewelry pieces, a candle, makeup from Sothys, perfume, something from Cristian LaCroix, and on and on! If someone finds out if the boxes are refundable that would be great! Also, if the entire box needs to be returned, or if you can return items you don’t like/want? I’m curious, given the returns page… Good luck to everyone who subscribed & please share reviews of the contents online!

  40. Thanks to the Nine Garcia box I’ll be returning, I have an extra $100 burning a hole in my subscription pocket.
    However, I think I’ll wait and see what the first box is like before taking the plunge on a brand new box at this price point.
    Wouldn’t it be great if this turned out to be the luxury box to beat all?

  41. I subscribed! I cancelled a few others to make room but it’s only every other month and it seems very indulgent. I’d rather have 1-3 boxes I love with a great mix of items then a bunch that are just ok and add up to the same $ spent. That’s how I’m justifying it!

  42. So now the dilemma. It makes sense to sign up for the membership since you can cancel anytime and save the $25. But the annual for $650 is such an awesome deal, it makes it $108 a box. Do I want to take the big risk?!?

    • That is the dilemma! I’m tempted but it is a risk!

      • I know! The 11 full size is swaying me and looking at their FB page they link to all those that will be featured looks awesome…..

  43. Oh geez. Another box I feel like I’m going to be tempted by. I’m up to four Quarterly boxes and just got the Popsugar holiday LE when I saw the throw. I’ve got a serious problem. I did not at all care for French Box and cancelled after my first- did not fell at all chic or luxe to me… Wonder if this will be different.

  44. I’m so excited to have subscribe to this box especially after being disappointed with Frenchbox. I happened upon this box a short while ago and I have been looking up some of the designers they’re collaborating with (I don’t speak/understand French but the items on they’re website look exceptional) and it really seems like it has great value and potential. I think it’s awesome including a variety of products. I reached out to them via FB to get a little more info and they said there would be 11 items in this box. Can’t wait!

    • Did you private message them ipon FB? Incas trying to find more info but there are only like three posts to the page not by them

      • Yes I sent them a private message.

  45. How odd that the November French Box had a theme of “Paris, I love you” and OuiPlease has a December theme of “Paris, I miss you.” I wonder if they’re operated by the same company or if it’s just a curious coincidence.

    • I think it is coincidence. Paris is the best known city in France so it make sense to start with that. The first TFB was about fall which did have the Eiffel tower bracelet. Also ouiplease is in Texas and TFB is in Miami. For all we know, they could all know each other and the Dallas people decided there is room for a high end French Box. That last sentence is pure speculation.

  46. its, so tempting especially since I free’d up 100 by cancelling Nina’s box.

    I was just on their website, the have a section for shipping & returns but the page doesn’t exist. I think I’ll email them, if they accept box returns I think i’ll jump on it. Since it eliminates the risk!

    • You make a great point with the returns aspect! Let us know what they say, if they do accept returns then I’ll hop on this bandwagon as well!

      • I’m interested in what you find out too. I did read that their online store will open when the first box ships. I wonder if that is related to the returns???

  47. I’m really interested in this one! I had a look through the brands, and there’s potential for some neat stuff. I emailed them to ask if there would be sized items and if everyone gets the same thing. I’m a little worried about the Apparel category.

    • Can you please let us know what you find out?

      • I definitely will!

  48. Liz, I think I can’t wait for you to receive your first box and review it! At $150-175 per box, I don’t think I’ll be signing up any time soon. It is just too much of a splurge for me, especially for products I don’t pick out myself. However, if I had that much disposable income, I’d be very tempted to try it. I can’t wait for your review!

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