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More FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Box Spoilers!

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Black Friday FabFitFun VIP Deal - $10 off Winter Box

Thank you Amanda for alerting us to the latest FabFitFun VIP Winter box spoilers! This time it’s a little bit of a puzzle since we just have this spoiler image:

More FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Box Spoilers


It looks like a photo album, journal, or something similar on the left, and a laptop case on the right. (and something little to the left of the laptop case?)  I’m also not sure if the white fuzzy throw is decoration like the gold ornament on the left, or part of the box. Any guesses?

UPDATE: FabFitFun confirmed throw is a prop and not in the box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Thanks for the update that the throw is a prop!

    So it’s 8 items total (is how I read it) — we know of the 2 official spoilers (Juice peel and tacky bullet thing) and 1 unofficial (eyeshadow).

    Assuming that companies spoil their best items…. I worry that the remaining 5 things will be like pencils etc. Has anyone done the math on the retail value of the 3 spoilers…. so we can see how much of the $300 they take up??

    • The Juice Beauty is $39, the necklace is $38 and the 2 eyeshadows are $21 each = $119. That leaves $181 for the remaining 7 items. I’m ready for another spoiler!

  2. So many items are actually being included? We know about 3 (shadows, necklace, peel). Does that mean there are 3 more for a total of 6 or 6 more for a total of 9? I really don’t care for the necklace. I wish subs would stop including kitschy/gimmicky “jewelry” and just send regular, traditional jewelry if they are inclined to include that category of item. While some might wear this, many if not most will not. If it were a simple necklace or bracelet there would be much greater widespread appeal for sure. Especially if the necklace comprises a significant part of the box value. I wanted to get this for my Mom but the necklace rather tanked that idea for me. She’s 67 and definitely not in the market for an ammo pendant, lol. Shoot, I’m 39 and neither am I!

    • *How many*
      Perhaps it’s 8 total with 3 revealed? The total number will be a huge factor in whether I get this for my mom….

      • Each question mark is in addition to the three items already shown.

    • There are a total of 10 items, from the # of question marks. So, 7 more including what we already know and approximately 2/3 of the value is in the question marks. I’m 34 and I like the idea of the necklace being recycled and half the proceeds going to charity, so I’ll wear it for sure. Not sure what age has to do with it…

      I’m a big fan of FFF. I think the value of the boxes is great for the price. I received the last three and loved almost everything in them. I especially liked the fall one. I loved the cards with sealing wax. Anything I don’t like, I gift. I gave that Kai perfume (I hate gardenias) to a friend and she loves it.

    • I understand your point, and I agree that jewelry is a difficult inclusion in a generalized box like this one because taste is so varied– a lesson they learned in their first box. However, the purpose of this piece is not necessarily as a fashion accessory but to raise awareness of world hunger and to donate thousands of dollars to ending world hunger–which is what happened btw. I know the family that owns this company (I went to high school with them) and fabfitfun did actually give a huge donation to include the necklaces instead of trying to get them for promotional cost only. The money goes to feeding the hungry and programs that strive to end hunger throughout the world, which is a pretty good inclusion for “the season of giving” if you ask me. Personally I like the necklace, but even more, I support the cause.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! I work at a public school — sure the parents would be thrilled if I showed up wearing a bullet necklace?!? Even out and about, I always run into students at the mall, Target, Caribou, etc. There’s no way I’m able to wear that. What’s so bad about a “normal” piece of jewelry?

  3. As an aside, how easy is it to cancel FFF? Can one cancel directly from one’s account? (It’s now become my determining factor in whether I sub to a box…)

    • It’s easy to unsubscribe. I went to my account and there is link to cancel. I got the confirmation email right away, like it was automated. Then I went to RueLaLa and signed up for the Winter + bottle + Spring box at $75. I got the voucher for that in 24 hours.

      If only all subscriptions worked this well.

      • Thank you!

  4. Fab fit fun just responded to my message via Facebook.

    The items pictured are just props!

    So we won’t be receiving those items pictured that are props. I do wish they would give us another spoiler though.

    I don’t think with the props being pictured that we will get anything like those items. That’s the impression I was given.

    I am still excited! FFF always communicates with my messages and posts and says they really appreciate me so I just love FFF and the items and prices are great.

  5. FYI… “FFF just posted this comment (a couple of times) to people’s questions regarding whether there is a throw, book, etc., in the box “Hello, thanks for you inquiry. The items in question are just props for the winter season picture. All released spoiler items (Half United necklace and Juice Beauty) will be in the box, along with the items covered by question marks. We are excited to get this box out to you!”

  6. Ok but what’s the “prop” next to the blue laptop looking case? Why a prop we can’t see?

  7. I guess I can remain hopeful for the throw until proved otherwise. Lord knows I don’t need one, but would definitely appreciate one. Either way, I have high hopes that this box will be lovely!

  8. Bummer on the props, I want that furry throw prop, lol. But this box has really been a lot of fun to me. I wasn’t considering FFF because the boxes aren’t usually “me”. But I signed up for the Juice peel. And I love how they’re releasing little spoilers or teasers. It makes the box so much more fun!

  9. This is just a decoration! It was similar with summer box. Only question marks are items we will get + necklace + peel. We know about 2 eyeshadows so 6 more mystery items in this box.

  10. Like others have said…I’m pretty sure the laptop case and decorative Punch Studio book are decoration, not something we’re actually receiving in the box.

  11. i gave in and bought the rue lala code my mom has been wanting that water bottle so there goes one gift knocked out for me! plus im going to use it as a referral from my other account so i can get $25 off another box if it turns out to be a good box

  12. We’re r the eyeshadows?

  13. No throw, laptop case, or journal, those are all props! The ones that are question marks, the necklace, and the peel are what we are getting.

  14. If you recall, the summer box featured a yellow beach towel as part of the backdrop and that was no included, so I would assume that the white blanket/fuzzy item is not actually included with this box.

  15. I thought the fall box was a joke…thank god I didn’t get it. I was thinking of signing back up for this one. They are a great value and usually pretty good. I would love a tablet case and a journal or it looks like a photo album.
    Where did you find this spoiler pic?

    • It’s up on their facebook and twitter pages

  16. I may be going out on a limb here but the little that we know for sure of this box and the speculations, ALREADY make it seem better than the Nina Garcia– and the PopSugar– and the Nieman Marcus (STILL smarting over that Nieman Marcus)…

  17. A robe or fuzzy throw would be amazing! I fear that I may be getting my hopes up though, since the summer image had a yellow towel that FFF said was only for decorative purposes. Fingers crossed!

    • Yeah I was looking back at their previous pics and noticed the things surrounding the question marked areas were just props. So as much as I want a throw, I’m going to assume it’s just a prop like the towels were.

  18. I signed up for this box because honestly I love a company that puts out spoilers like they are doing for this box. And for $40, just the eyeshadow does that for me. I’m excited about the juice beauty and necklace, too. I’m on the fence about the throw being included. The Christmas ornament on the side makes me think they are both just props. I would love the throw if it was in there though!

  19. I don’t think the throw is part of the box, nobody how much I would love it. And I think the thing on the left is a fake book box… Like a decorative box instead of a journal 🙂 just my thoughts!

  20. I am hoping for a super soft throw!!!!

  21. I went back and looked at the fall picture. They used items which are not in the box to decorate the picture. It would be great if the guesses are right. A throw and a journal/planner will persuade me to sign up again.

  22. Yeah I think it looks like a laptop sleeve on the right and maybe a photo album or something on the left. I think the white fluffy thing looks like a blanket, I can’t wait to get this box, I’m dying to know what’s in it. What’s the gold thing? I thought it was a golden shell lol. I think a giant photo album is a really odd thing to have in a sub box, especially now-a-days when everyone’s digital. The laptop case too, because I don’t have a laptop or tablet or anything to use it for. Still excited for the bullet necklace even though I don’t like guns at all and the Juice Beauty.

  23. I am not sure on that guys. Last season they showed products with the question marks we didn’t receive. I could be wrong. I just don’t get the point of a laptop case in this box, especially not knowing who owns a laptop or the color they want. I feel that would be really odd.I could see them adding a throw and journal though.

    Btw. Boxycharm spoiler is out.

    • It’s stringy like.. I have good eyes and it doesn’t appear to be a robe. Looks like a throw!!

      The gold ball looks like an ornament.

      The other looks like a notepad or travel planner. Which means it is possible to get a laptop case, for some reason, I just don’t see it. Wait a minute, travel themed.

      But right now we aren’t sure if we actually get those items or not.

      But if so it looks travel themed for the holidays! Bam! 😉

    • You mean the Reveal palette? I think it’s been out all day. I’ve seen it everywhere unless there is another?

  24. I agree, it looks like a throw. And maybe a tablet case?

  25. I’m pretty positive it’s a travel planner/travel journal actually.

  26. If I ordered the “best of” box as my first, will I still get the winter box? Or will I be waiting another quarter?

    • according to their facebook you should be getting the winter box too unless you canceled

  27. i was hoping to get 2 referrals to get it free, but i might give in and order it. mainly for what im hoping is a robe even if its a throw i will be happy. I really want a robe though because Im expecting and want my own to take with me to the hospital. If anyone is ordering this and wants to use my referral let me know… lol

  28. Oh I hope it’s a soft furry throw!!! I want one SO bad. I’m so excited for this box. It will be my first one!

  29. Eh, still glad I canceled. The bullet necklace is not for me. I never take my laptop anywhere and I already have a case for it anyway (plus that one looks kind of fitted like it might only work for certain types of laptops). I don’t need a notebook/journal. I already have a bunch of that peel from Birchbox (got more than one, from different accounts). Although I’d probably like the eyeshadow OK, I have a lot of shadows now that don’t get used. I just can’t get excited about anything here. Oh well. I’m sure some people will be very happy with this.

  30. I don’t know why they would put in fillers. Which goes to say the white item has to be a throw or something. I CAN NOT WAIT.

    • they had a towel in the summer pic though and didnt send a towel

  31. I agree. Looks like a photo album and laptop case. And I think the white fuzzy thing is either a throw blanket or some kind of robe. It doesn’t look like filler to me. Of you look closely at the edges it definitely looks like a throw blanket. Exciting!

  32. i would assume it is part of what’s going to be in the box… I hope so anyway!! Man… I’m sooooo excited!

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