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GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014

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GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Box

GoodeBox is a natural and organic beauty box. I’ve been subscribing for half a year now, and I’ve found that they usually have a good mix of  products.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

UPDATE: You can buy the November box here. (Thanks for letting us know lostinspace!)

GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Goodebox

The Cost: $18 a month

The Products: Eco-friendly beauty and wellness products.

Ships to: US only.

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GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Info

Each box comes with cards detailing each product. The product cards also include coupon codes if you want to buy more products from that line. GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Tatcha

Zosimos Botanicals Facial Mask in Raspberry N Honey – Sample Value $5

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – Travel Size Value $15

By now you may know that I love this Tatcha rice powder! And this mini is adorable and perfect for travel! I haven’t tried the mask yet, but I opened it to smell it, and it has a wonderful sweet honey scent.

GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Serum

Everyone Yoga Bubble Bath – 1.5 oz $.50

My Chelle Perfect C Serum – FULL SIZE! Value $44.25

I’m so excited about a full size serum in this box! I’ve sampled this brand before, and I’m a fan, so I will start using the serum tonight! I read a few reviews, and the general feedback seems to be it is a great product, but doesn’t smell great. I tried it out on the back of my hand and can agree with the scent issue. It’s not a great scent (but it is natural) and it disappears quickly, so it shouldn’t be an issue for me.

(The bubble bath on the other hand, has a lovely natural scent!)

GoodeBox Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Concealer

Blissoma Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant – .15 oz Value $1

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Luminous Eye Corrective Concealer in Peach Veil – Sample $1.50

At first I was disappointed in both of these sample sizes, but then I tried out the peach veil concealer, and I only needed a tiny bit of the concealer that is stuck on the lid to cover my under eye area – and this shade is so great for undereye circles! I think it’s one of my new favorite makeup products this month!

Verdict: This box had me at full-size serum. And Tatcha rice powder! I think this is one of the best GoodeBoxes I’ve received to date – over $60 worth of product!

What did you think of GoodeBox this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I ordered a second November box back on December 5th to give to my sister as a present which arrived today/ Originally she wasn’t going to be at my house on Christmas and already opened the big presents I gave her I want her to have something to open under the tree.

    GoodeBox was responsive to my emails and accommodated my request for a Pelle Beauty oil instead of the eye concealer. Thank You!!!

  2. The November Goodebox has been restocked on their website, and you can get it for $16, shipped, using the 20% off code NOV20 at checkout. You get to choose your Mychelle product when you buy it this way, which is really nice since that’s that biggest value item. Also, that Tatcha travel size retails for $15, so if you want that, you’re basically getting everything else for $1. Get it here:

    • The box with the MyChelle Perfect C was out of stock just now.
      That’s what I want, so if anyone sees it come back in stock, please post.

  3. FYI, I received an email today. This box is now available (today only) for a 20% discount using code NOV20.

    • Thanks! Just got one. The Tatcha alone is worth it! Can’t wait to try the other items too.

  4. I am too late for this box; however, I did buy that travel size powder after Liz gave us the full size in her box. (Thank you Liz; but after the multitude of Tatcha I purchased after you introduced me, my wallet decidedly does not thank you!)

    Anyway, wanted to let everyone know that I had asked Tatcha whether or not this smaller version could be refilled. They responded that we can take the cover off and refill. (I hoped so but was afraid it would break if I tried.) So….don’t throw it away after you finish it!

    • That’s good news! Thank you for letting us know. I will be doing that in the future.

  5. Liz:
    FLASH SALE : Goode Box
    20% OFF Deluxe Box – New coupon code out: OCTD20 — I’ll forward you the email.

  6. GoodeBox – Thank you for sending the Pelle serum!!! 🙂 I have a couple questions about your December/Holiday boxes. I saw that there is a holiday box for $20.00. Will is ship prior to Dec 19 if it is ordered earlier in the month? Will you be doing a December bonus box?

    My sister is visiting because her job is seasonal. We ooh and aah over this box. My Tatcha is in my beauty case ready for travel next week. My younger son will be trying out the bubble bath tonight. I loved the Pelle Beauty Luxe oil sample that I received from a different box and can’t wait to see how the Stellar oil compares to it. I’m also eager to try the MyChelle Pure Harmony Serum and see how it does with my rosacea. The raspberry N Honey mask sounds wonderful too.

    Be sure to check in between the tissue papers for the info cards and discounts. I will be using the discount code to buy Pelle Beauty oil 🙂 . I’ve been waiting for a code while trying out other oils and serums.

    • I placed an order for the Pelle Beauty Oil. I decided to order the Stellar Oil with the discount. Discount work greats and the company takes PayPal 🙂

      • I received my Pelle Beauty Beauty Oil today. I felt as though I was opening a gift. Inside the shipping box is a small white box with a silver bow and ribbon. I also received a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. I am impressed because Marie mentioned the November Goodebox. I love attention to detail.

        Inside the items were wrapped in black tissue paper with a Pelle Beauty sticker the same way it would be if I was opening a sub box. Inside the pink shredded paper are samples and my beauty oil which was wrapped in white tissue paper. The samples are a pleasant surprise. I received a Stellar beauty oil sample perfect for traveling, eye balm, Luxe beauty balm, and Bloom beauty mix all sample sizes in one sample bag. The other sample bag has Luxe Beauty Oil!!!

        I enjoyed opening my package and can’t wait to try out my samples. I can see myself ordering from Pelle Beauty again 🙂

        • Wow, nice!

      • I am so mad at myself for not checking through and finding the code for the oil site. I would have loved that. Bought 3 November boxes and never noticed it in my haste to pack up stuff for the holidays.

        • Try emailing GoodeBox and let them know you lost the code.

          • Thanks for the push. I had thought of that but wondered whether they’d give it. Then I realized they could just check my email and see that I did, in fact, order three November boxes and am entitled to the code. I contacted them on FB and crossing my fingers. I am so into luxury facial oils at the moment! Do you love yours?

          • Yes, I love them! I think I posted on the Dec GoodeBox post, but I knocked over the Stellar Oil in my rush to get ready for Christmas Eve. Half of it spilled out 🙁 I did not have the top on tightly. I ordered Luxe a few days later, which I love, and received more samples! Marnie was gracious about letting me use the code twice. She emailed me to let me know the code is extended until the end of Feb. I am will put another order in before them. I have been trying out the Luxe Balm sample and think I am going to order the full size. She also sent a sample of Bloom Beauty Oil which is new. I haven’t tried it yet. I have rosacea and the Luxe takes out the inflammation in my face and makes it look more defined. Love it!

          • Oh, this might be nice for my sister-in-law who also has rosacea. For Christmas I gave her the rosacea set from Pevonia in hopes that it will help her. Have you tried it?

          • Pevonia was the beginning of a new life for me!!! I went from the nasty red bumps and red face despite meds etc. to a much more normal face. The bumps disappeared and the redness went away. I love Pevonia 🙂 I used it for at least 3 years and will go back to it in a heartbeat. It also feels luxurious putting it on.

            Now I use Gourmet Body Treats Chamomile Cleanser in the morning and the TATCHA cleanser in the evening. I wouldn’t recommend the TATCHA cleanser until the rosacea is under control. Gourmet Body Treats was founded by a woman with rosacea who wanted to create items that she could use. She has been in business for 20 years and launched a sub box in the summertime.

            The Luxe reduces the inflammation in my face. This inflammation looks like puffiness to others, but it is skin thickening caused by the inflammation which presents itself as rosacea. It can be permanent if left untreated. I received Luxe the first time in a Petit Vour sub and cried after I tried it because I could see a difference in my nose and cheek area. It was a slight difference that increased with time and usage. It’s hard to explain, but it reduces the puffiness look in the cheeks and nose areas causing the area to look more defined. I can see my old self again.

            I’m at the point now where there is very little redness and no bumps. You are a great SIL. It’s embarrassing to have rosacea. People stare at you. It’s trial and error trying to fix it. I remember there were weekends were I did not want to go out because of a bad episode of red bumps. Makeup can only do so much. I hope she enjoys the Pevonia. It is gentle and feels wonderful to use.

            I rambled all over the place. I hope I made sense 🙂

  7. Goodebox – you make it so tempting to order that second box. It’s a really wonderful box.

  8. I bought one more. You can choose your serum, so I have one box with C vitamin serum and one with spot wrinkle treatment serum 🙂

    • Strange, I don’t see any email or place to choose between…

  9. Anyone have a suggestion between Goodebox, Petite Vour, and Vegan Cuts Beauty Box?

    • I can’t suggest but I have heard everyone say Petit Vour is the best!

      This month appears to beat Petit vour though. Look at the past reviews and hope that helps.

      This box highly interests me for the rice powder vitamin c serum and mask! I love face items for face care.

      Since this can be purchased one time with the link below or above it is fantastic and I ordered one. The rice powder is 2 weeks worth thru the website for this size and the serum full size 0.5 oz but the reviews are fantastic for clearing complexion, acne, hyperpigmentation (age spots freckles) and wrinkles.

      I have considered Petit Vour and personally would choose that one but this is a great month for goodebox! 🙂

      • The only box that I received out of the 3 that you mentioned is Petit Vour. Goodebox caught my attention with the LE box followed by this box. I think the best thing is to read the past reviews and comments, and see what interests you.

  10. I do not see the luxe serum featured on the website for this months box??

    Is the luxe serum included as shown in the pic on there website?


    Thanks! 🙂

    • Brandy – It stated in the description that we will receive either the under the eye concealer or the facial oil. That’s my understanding of it. I used the Pella Beauty Beauty facial oil before and love it. I do hope that is what comes in my box.

      • There is also box which allows you to choose one of three serum : harmony, c vitamin or spot wrinkle treatment

    • I absolutely love this box, when I saw the Tatcha powder I almost passed out! No kidding. I got 2 more, one for a friend who has been wanting to try, maybe I can get her to sub? Thank you.

    • I see y’all sold out of the November box. 🙁 Any chance there will be more available?

  11. Nice. We got very similar boxes. I’m loving the mini Tatcha enzyme powder, too!
    Didn’t even realize this box is worth $60– wow 8)
    Thanks for the breakdown!

  12. Thank you for the link. I purchased the November box. GoodeBox – Please, please, please send me the Pella Beauty Beauty Facial Oil. Pretty please 🙂 I love my LE box and am wondering if they will be doing a holiday box.

    • I bought it too 🙂 would prefer face oil too. I will cancel BlissBox and will consider subscribe to Goodebox instead. They wrote me on Facebook December box will be “lovely” 🙂
      Hmm, I am really getting excited about this subscribtion!

      • Yeah. Decisions will need to be made with the Bare Bliss box 🙁 My 3 month subscription will be up for billing in a few weeks.

  13. This box looks awesome! I got the limited edition breast cancer awareness box and loved it so much. I’d consider subscribing but I’d have to cancel a couple other boxes first, I have too many going.

  14. Does anyone got an answer if we will receive November box if we sign up today? I wrote 2 mails with this question but didn’t get any answers yet…

    • By the way this serum is very small,only 15ml… it cost $19 +$5 shipping on Amazon

    • The just received an answer. If you sign up for a subscription it will start with December. However they have November boxes available for individual purchase for $20. Here’s the link:

  15. Thanks been looking for this rice powder in a sub and a full size serum! Win! This is awesome!

    I ipsy and receive 2 bags every month this is my 5th month I believe but have yet to receive a serum or moisturizer sample. Also birchbox has only sent me one paulas choice moisturizer besides the mereadesso which is more of an all in one and the serum from boxycharm and dermalogica hydration fluid from FFF and the skinmedica sample I ran out of from Blush. Phew..

    May seem like a lot but most are sample. Thinking about re evaluating my subs and trying to find one with more skincare then anytHing else since i am consistantly piling up on makeup.

  16. Count me in as someone who wants this month’s box. I want a travel-size Tatcha!!!

    • I want to try the power now too. I love your reviews. I’m totally going to order this box. Thanks for the detailed reviews and pics!

      • You can get all three varieties of the rice enzyme powder (travel size) in a set available on for $45.

  17. Can i still get this month ‘s box?

  18. Goodebox has drastically improved since they launched! I subscribed in the beginning but was underwhelmed so I cancelled, I might have to reconsider.

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