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French Box Subscription Review – November 2014

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Box

French Box is a new subscription box that sends you a box of France each month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 First Look

The packaging is probably the best I’ve ever seen from a subscription box. I love the tiny Eiffel Towers on the inside of the lid!

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: French Box

The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each box contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises! FrenchBox is the best way to discover or share the latest products from France.

Ships to: US only.

Delivered via: USPS

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French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Theme

This month’s theme is “Paris, I love you.”

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Info

Inside the info card each item included is detailed.

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Recipe

They also included a recipe card for Croque-Monsieur.

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Postcard

And each box comes with a postcard print.

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Coffee

Segafredo Cafe de Paris – 8.81 oz – Value $6

I like that they sometimes include a food or drink item – my husband will love this coffee.

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Lido

Lido Notebook – Value $12

This notebook is from their vintage inspired collection. (I’m not sure if every subscriber will get the same item since the info card isn’t specific).

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Perfume

Leonard Perfume – Sample

Pier Auge Radiant Mask – FULL SIZE! Value $43.50

Guerlain Foundation – Sample

Well, I’m happy to see this mask is full-size, because I was not happy with the perfume and foil packet samples!

French Box Subscription Review – November 2014 Mirror

Paris Pocket Mirror – Value $12

This little pocket mirror is adorable. Judging from the info card it looks like subscribers may receive variations of this item.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $75 (counting the samples). It’s an OK box for me. I think I was expecting a little more after getting the last two boxes. It just seemed weird getting tiny beauty samples in this box. That being said, I think their packaging and presentation are wonderful – and I love that the items actually come from France!

What do you think of this months French Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just received an email from French Box. The message says they are working to get a new shipment of mirrors and there was a confirmation button to click if I wanted one. So of course I pushed the button. Next page says it should ship within the next three weeks. So we will see.

    I had received the magnet and the cell phone charm (really?) and hadn’t contacted them to complain, so I was pleased to get the message.

    Like everyone else, I am hoping December will be very nice.

    I started doing subscription boxes this summer, and after an initial period of subscribing to too many (and some mystery boxes, too! until that lousy Bare Minerals fiasco… ugh… Did I mention I got a horrible rash, which may be coincidental, of course, but I never want to use that stuff again) I just want to do a few now.

    I’d be perfectly happy forever if this box consistently had: one luxury makeup item (my Sothy’s cream eyeshadow is the nicest beauty item I have received in a subscription), one food item, one bath/body/skincare item, and some sort of surprise. Getting promo freebies from some show makes me not want to ever see that show!

    • I received this email too. I am very impressed with their commitment to customer service. I sent them an email message the other day and they replied in less than 1 hour.

      Personally, I am thrilled with getting extra freebies as long as they aren’t considered a main item that replaces something else that should have been in the box.

      I am looking forward to December since French Box is still in my top 3 favorite boxes!

      • I also got the e-mail about the mirror, stating that it will be shipped out within the next few weeks. I didn’t love how FrenchBox didn’t seem to care about my dissatisfaction with the October box until A LOT of people voiced dissatisfaction with the November box, but I am glad they are starting to be responsive to their customers. To their credit, they are sending me a full-sized soap to make up for my paltry October box, and it looks like I’ll get a mirror, even though it looks like I won’t be getting my missing item replaced (bracelet, which likely would have gone to a niece anyway). Their apologies still don’t change that their boxes vary tremendously in value, so unless their December box is AMAZING, I don’t think I’ll continue with this subscription. From what I have heard from other subscribers, FrenchBox has already charged us for our December box, so it seems it is too late to bail out now.

      • They never replied to my e-mail that turned down their ‘generous’ offer which would have me paying them $10 for them to send me an October box to make up for the November box. (I hadn’t asked for anything of the sort, and I don’t believe in making a customer pay for a company’s customer service solution.)

        But I did get the mass e-mail about the mirror today, and even though I’ve already unsubscribed, I’m happy to see they are doing this for those of us who deserved it.

      • Amanda, IIRC we got the same box for October, which was a different configuration from the first October boxes that went out (and were reviewed here). I have seen your comments on FB as well.

        The November box was awful, but I liked the October box. Like you, I would have liked to have gotten the brush, but there was enough good stuff & variety in there that I was satisfied with the level of quality in general.

        I think you should cancel and maybe just let it go?

  2. This box was just ok for me until I saw the little foil packet. I absolutely loved my last boxes. But if they continue to put in those tiny samples, I’m out.

    • Thanks to comments on this site I know they have posted on Facebook stating they were off the mark. It doesn’t say what they will do to make us want to continue a subscription. They’ve already billed me for next month and I’m wishing I would’ve cancelled the day I got the box so I could’ve put that money toward OuiPlease.

      • If anyone hears anything, please post it? Thank you!

      • Tacie,
        I just received an e-mail from FrenchBox. My situation might be a bit different than others- in addition to the obvious complaints about the November box (a foil packet does not count as a deluxe sample, lacking mirror, etc) I had a really sub-par October box ($30 value vs the $60-70 of others). Ben from FB indicated that he would send me a full-sized Durance soap for my feedback (which I thought would have been in the October box), and said that they are also working on a way to address the missing mirrors (which I guess everybody wants). He also said “We hope that our solution and next boxes will convince you to remain a subscriber for a long time!” So, as for me, I’m still not sure about whether I will cancel or not. I think it is good that they publicly addressed their “oopsy” moment with the November box (IMHO my October box was far worse), but I’d like to give them the benefit and see if they can redeem themselves. Have they already billed us all for the December boxes? If so, I’m not thrilled about that…I much prefer to be billed when shipped, and it doesn’t allow people the opportunity to cancel in a timely fashion. If we have already been billed, I can only hope that they make it up to us by having a SPECTACULAR December box.

  3. That was very unfortunate for French Box. I wish they did the same box for everybody with mirror and notesbook. (Variations are not always good, be careful Ouiplease!!!) I liked all my 3 boxes and will continue with French Box

  4. Yep, first two boxes were good, but this one — meh. I’m beginning to trim back boxes one by one. I think this one gets one more month try… I think most of us have so many small beauty and skin samples that Im noticing a trend of everyone scaling back and looking for something different…

  5. My first month with French Box; like most of you, not thrilled at all. Super glad I didn’t pay the full $24 for it! I did get the booklet, but no mirror, and the bracelet is ridiculous… I love how in the description it’s “on trend.” Maybe with my junior high school students, but not me. Trying to decide whether or not to cancel or not.

    • Same with me, first French Box. So glad I only paid $14 for it. I cancelled immediately. I also got that stupid little child’s Eiffel Tower bracelet, ugh. The compact mirror would have been okay at least. Hubby had the coffee this morning, which he said was “average coffee.” The brochure and magnet are worthless. The tiny foil pack of foundation and the itty bitty perfume is also worthless. The only decent thing is the face mask, which I have not tried yet. I really though this would be a higher class box and it was basically a bunch of junk, other than the mask and possible the coffee (which I could buy anywhere). Was hoping for high end products and not a child’s bracelet and foil packet foundation that is free in a “free” magazine or department store ad in the newspaper. As for now I am keeping 4 boxes, cancelled everything else and will ONLY order additional ones if I know the spoilers. They are MSA, PSMH, FFF, Little Lace and have to keep Wal-Mart beauty box for the price and at least I use everything in it!

      • Forgot to add, I didn’t get the notebook, just the brochure and some tiny magnet that says LIDO. Really? lol I probably would have given it ONE more month had I gotten the mirror and notebook instead of the magnet and child’s bracelet.

      • The bracelet you got in this box, I believe we all got it in the September box. They must have a surplus of the bracelets and not enough mirrors.

  6. I hope TFB is able to resolve this to everyone’s satisfaction. It’s good to see a sub box being proactive and realizing that a segment of their customer base is dissatisfied. Also, they choose not to post on this thread which allows everyone to express their feelings without feeling uncomfortable. Instead they took it to Facebook to let people know.

    I hope it all works out for everyone and they bounce back with a great box next month. I think there is still a lot of potential in this sub. And please no foils unless it is a bonus item.

    • I don’t participate in Facebook. What did they say?

      • I don’t use Facebook either, but google them to see what is going on with the subs. I think it is important to acknowledge the good with the bad, but that is my bias as a small business owner. I can understand why people are upset. I would be too. I also think it is good to recognize when a sub is trying to please its customer base especially since there has been a lot of bad customer service from other sub boxes lately.

        Sorry for the tangent. Here is the posting.

        “Some of our subscribers who received one of the configurations of the November FrenchBox were disappointed. The pocket mirror and the Lido notebook were very appreciated.
        It looks like we got it wrong on this configuration of the box… We heard your comments and we are working on a solution for those of you who did not receive the mirror and the notebook. We will email you soon, stay tuned.”

      • As mentioned previously, part of their Facebook statement was cut and pasted into my e-mail reply from them yesterday. Their solution (at least in my case) was for me to send them $10 more “for shipping” and they’d send me an older box that was more popular. Some people may consider that a good solution, and that is fine. But as a new customer who has no history with them whatsoever, handing over more money when I’ve already paid them once for a decent box, not to mention causing more effort on my end when it was their goof (not mine) . . . well that is not a good solution to me. I cancelled.

      • No tangent. I should say that I am excited to try the mask and coffee. I don’t mind a perfume sample if it’s a BONUS item as I wear perfume practically every day. The recipe is something I’ll be making and I like the idea someone posted about using the bracelet as a bookmark. 🙂

      • I use my bracelet as a bookmarker. It makes me smile every time I see it.

  7. Must say that I’m a little underwhelmed. I got the same box except that instead of the mirror I got a bracelet from the same brand as September’s box (crowns instead of Eiffel tower.) Cute but going on the swap site along with the notebook and hoping to trade for the mirror. And drinking the coffee now — just put it in my coffee maker even though, yes, it’s finely ground espresso style, and it worked fine.

    Just thought so much more could be done with Paris as a theme but I’ll definitely give this sub another month.

  8. First, I really liked the concept of this box. However, they fell short this month. The elastic in my notebook broke and the clasp on my mirror doesn’t close. I see a lot of people had problems also, did you reply to their email or post on FaceBook? Please respond and let me know. BTW: I also had to write Glosst today also. I haven’t received that box also. SMH!!!!!!

  9. I’m relatively new to the subscription box phenomenon, but I’ve jumped in with full enthusiasm. Over the last three months, I’ve signed up for 35 subscriptions and for the price The French Box is one of the best. This month’s may not be my favorite, but I still liked it and I thought it was well curated. I’m happy to continue with French Box, Little Lace Box (BEST BOX EVER), MSA (although Quarterly has been a bit disappointing) and Birchbox. I’ve sampled quite a few Fancy Boxes and they have been awful~ a large box filled with junk haphazardly thrown together, in my opinion. Fancy’s sight is actually quite interesting and fun to peruse, but what has been delivered in their boxes is the definition of disappointment. French Box is by far a better box than anything you can get from Fancy. It’s less expensive, the presentation is outstanding, and it feels like you’re receiving a gift in the mail. I can understand how it might be tempting to compare a box to the one you have received before and find it lacking in terms of preference. However, when I compare The French Box to other comparable boxes I have received, I must say that the French Box is a stand out. I will happily continue to subscribe, knowing that sometimes I’ll favor some months over others.

    • Omg, it must feel like Christmas everyday at your house!

    • I’m also new to the subscription box scene and I think I’m a bit overwhelmed I think I have about 40 subscriptions and that’s not including all the memeboxes I’ve ordered. I thought Frenchbox would be great and I think for many others it is. People got some great things. My last 2 boxes haven’t felt chic or Parisian at all nothing wowed me and I just haven’t had a good experience with them. Maybe if they’re customer service was great and acknowledges they’re unhappy customers and hopefully sends me my missing bracelet maybe I’d stick around. But I’ve already had a few unsuccessful email responses so I guess thats one less box I can cross off my list and further justifies me signing up for OUIPLEASE in its place. I hope for everyone else they continue to send cool stuff.

    • Me too. I started my addiction with boxes in June. I must say I love Frenchbox, this month’s box as well (but I got mirror and notesbook, and never had any repeats) My favorites are LLB, Frenchbox, Glossybox, Birchbox and I am waiting for my first MSA and Bianca Jade. I think those boxes I’m going to stick with 🙂 Many others I tried for few months and few I will be buying from time to time ( Goodebox has potential )

  10. Liz or anyone, can you find an ingredient list for the mask? I have scoured the web and can read French but even on their site it only lists hp dna enzymes. I have tons of allergies and before opening the seal I’d like to know what’s in it!

    • Hi! Amazon carries this line (in fact it is 40% off) so perhaps you might find the ingredients listed there.

      • Nope! I looked their first from our coupon insert and then about 10 more sites including the manufacturer and they all just list hp dna enzymes. I emailed FB so hopefully they will know!

  11. FrenchBox just posted this on their facebook page:

    “Some of our subscribers who received one of the configurations of the November FrenchBox were disappointed. The pocket mirror and the Lido notebook were very appreciated.
    It looks like we got it wrong on this configuration of the box… We heard your comments and we are working on a solution for those of you who did not receive the mirror and the notebook. We will email you soon, stay tuned.”

    • I wrote to complain and this is honestly one of the worst customer service solutions I’ve ever received. It included the cut-and-paste reply above, and the generous offer for me to give them more money to make me happy. (I didn’t even ASK for anything! I simply mentioned how disappointing it was to see months full of nice soaps, cosmetic items, cooking ingredients, etc., and then get two mini-samples free at any counter, a magnet, and basically a box full of junk and items I cannot use.)


      Thank you so much for taking the time to give us detailed feedback, we really appreciate it.

      I am forwarding all of it to the box team and it will be discussed.
      It looks like we got it wrong on the box configuration you received…

      We are working on a solution for those of you who were disappointed.

      Again, the level of details you provided is very valuable to us. You said that the October box reviews decided you to sign up.
      We’d like to send it to you for just S&H ($10) as a token of appreciation for your time. It will have soap and herbs.. (see attached product list).

      Let me know if you’d like to do that. (Also, please don’t mention it …)

      We hope to change your mind with our future boxes. We will be sending an email to those who did not get the mirror and notebook soon.

      Ben at FrenchBox


      I’m not writing back until I can be nicer about it, and I intend to cancel immediately. I subscribe to boxes for fun and as a little “pick me up” – an apology-gift or solution from a vendor should not be an additional burden on the customer’s pocketbook (they have already been paid), and it should not require additional effort on the customer’s end to be a part of their “fix-it”. They are the ones who screwed up, and judging by the fact they had to post to Facebook as well, this is far from a “minor disappointment” with many in their customer base.

      If I want anything from their box in the future, I’ll try to swap for it. At least I know what I’m in for then!

      • I’m also disappointed in my box as well. Last month I subscribed based on all the reviews I had read and seen and my October box was so underwhelming. My value was around $30 vs others $60 and had no extras. I reached out to customer service (Ben) and just wanted to let him know I felt mislead with thinking I would receive comparable boxes as I do understand there are variations but they should be of same value. Needless to say all he could say was that November and all future boxes would be better. Not helpful at all I didn’t want any freebies just thought they should know a lot of people subscribe based on reviews we read and see and only want comparable boxes. So i’ll likely be canceling. I hope I get my missing bracelet that was suppose to come in my Nov. Box. On a side note has anyone heard of the OUIPLEASE box? I’m intrigued but it’s a bit pricey just wondering if anyone out there is taking the leap to try it out?

      • Hi there, it sounds like you & I have been having the EXACT same experience with FrenchBox. My October box (my first) had a value of about $30 too, so it felt very underwhelming compared to other boxes ($60-70) I had seen online and all the rave reviews. I was hoping it was because I had subscribed to it late, but this month I was again underwhelmed. Wherever you live, I think we go the same box again- mask, lido notebook (I have no use for it), perfume sample, makeup sample, coffee, and missing bracelet. I was really hoping for the mirror to be included, but no… I live in MA, not sure if they assign boxes based on geographic regions. Also, based on what I had been reading on their Facebook page, I tried contacting them to let them know about my missing bracelet ([email protected]), but the message bounced back to me. They said on their FB page that customer service will be reaching out to me to help, but so far, nothing… I think this could be a very special subscription service, and they certainly have beautiful packaging, but they definitely have some kinks to work out in regards to fulfillment, shipping, and customer service. Not sure if I’m canceling my sub yet, but I’m leaning towards doing that.

      • I live in CA and I also emailed them but it’s not a valid email address and the one they said to use on FB also isn’t valid. I have yet to receive an email from them about anything. I’m probably going to cancel because they charge on the 25th and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

      • I liked that they acknowledge the box configuration was wrong for some customers.I do think it is a misstep of offering to send you the October box for $10.00 especially since the shipping is included in our box price.

      • I see MSA liked ouiplease on Facebook. Does that mean a review is forthcoming? I’m tempted because it is every other month.

      • Yep – just signed up for one. $150 is a little steep, but they are promising $400 worth of items, so I couldn’t resist!

      • Oh yay – I can’t wait for this one!

      • I’m very excited to see this one! Looks like a more luxurious version of French Box

      • I’m think I’m pretty close to signing up and going for it. They said there would be 11 full size luxurious french items with value of $400 so I’m thinking of gifting it to myself for Christmas. I really hope it’s great. I was a bit skeptical at first because they are a new company and didn’t want to make the plunge alone….

  12. So disappointed, what a let down after the awesome Oct. box. Like the coffee and the mask, but got the Eiffel bracelet in screaming ugly yellow, cheesy magnet and chintzy cellphone charm for my “Lido” gift. Would have much preferred notebook and mirror (I did not get Sept. box).
    The foil packet and perfume sample-UGH. Am considering cancelling Dec. could really use that $$ for Xmas instead of another disappointing box. Not a good sign that they are repeating items in the 3rd month IMHO.

    • I got the same items you did. SO disappointed after seeing all of the previous boxes. I signed up immediately when they gave out a coupon code and wish I hadn’t. A square magnet and a tiny cell phone charm given a value – on top of free foils from any Sephora / Ulta / department store – is just ridiculous. I don’t drink coffee, and my husband has a Keurig, so I guess that goes to my in-laws. And hopefully my niece will like the bracelet because it’s not going on my wrist. This box, save the mask, feels like they’re just cleaning out old stock and samples. I’m very much on the fence about December now.

      • I was thinking the same thing about the bracelet, that it’s really for kids. I cancelled mine, $$$ is far too precious in Dec. to take another chance. They bill on the 25th BTW (for the next month). I was also thinking so many people have Keurigs now that the coffee won’t be a hit either (and that type of coffee really needs an espresso machine IMO)

      • I drink this kind of coffee. I love my french press (they have a great one in Birchbox shop) I also have a fancy DeLonghi machine ,but real coffee like this one is the best 🙂 I was very happy to receive it.

      • Hi ladies, someone suggested using the bracelet as a book mark when they first came out which I think is a great idea so I swapped for a bunch all in different colors so I can give them to my girlfriends in a book or journal for Christmas along with some homemade french holiday pastries or cookies. 🙂

    • First 2 boxes seemed great – with the quality makeup items. But this box seems like it is just full of junk that a toursit would get.

    • This was my first French Box and I got it for only $14 so I really can’t complain being as the mask and coffee are worth $14 to me…but I had to laugh and agree with your description of your bracelet’s color. I got my box today and got the same “you know why they didn’t feature that color in the pics!” – bracelet. Screaming Ugly Yellow is a good descriptive term for it. If only it was red or blue I’d actually wear it. Instead, I’ll hand it off to a relative who will throw it off a float come Mardi Gras. And yep, I got the useless magnet and charm too; they will also be parade fodder. I think with a working mirror and notebook – and no foil packs or mini perfume sample – I’d have been happy with the box. Maybe it wouldn’t have been a slam dunk, but value wise it would surely have been OK and it wouldn’t have seemed cheap precisely when it’s theme screamed the opposite. I’m going to stick around for one more box, but if it’s more of this and less of what looked great in the first two boxes, I’ll cancel quickly after that.

    • I got these items in my box too, right down to the ugly screaming yellow bracelet (made in Italy). I may have liked that when I was 11 years old (and wasn’t subscribing to boxes!), but definitely not now or ever in the future. When I saw the magnet, I thought, “What is this? They didn’t just send me a magnet?” But yep, that’s my fancy gift from a Parisian show lol. Maybe I’m too old, but I didn’t know the silver thingy was a cell phone charm. How do you use it? There was no description of it at all in the box. NO MIRROR. I’m cancelling. There’s too many other boxes tempting me out there (LLB for example). Au revoir French Box!

      • basic cellphones (like the kind my 11yr old has) have a little loop/hook on the side, that you can attach a cellphone charm. They had a brief moment back in 2006/2007 before the age of Smartphones. So my son is now rocking the charm on his basic phone (he doesn’t seem very impressed LOL). My daughter tried on the Ugly Screaming Yellow bracelet and said this is kind of cheap and tacky. I think in red or blue it would have been so much cuter too! I wouldn’t have minded the foil packet/perfume sample so much if they would have been extras and not counted as part of the box. on the plus side, the coffee is delicious and the mask worked well, my super dry skin soaked it all up! It’s just not enough for me though and I did cancel my sub. (sigh)

      • Thank you for explaining about the cell phone charms. I have a few from Nerd Block Jr that my 6 year old used for other things, but I could never figure out how it worked with a cell phone.

  13. wow – one box that has actually gotten BETTER! I got the introductory $14 box and the stuff had TONS of sugar in it – this box looks like something I’d actually want!

  14. I got the same box as Liz with the exception of the compact/mirror which is the same as the one LizM received. I, too, was underwhelmed by the box. I don’t drink coffee (and most of my friends who do use KCups). I was hoping for perfume from Guerlain or possibly a skin care product but definitely not a foundation. I wish boxes would not send out skin-tone specific items as they never are for the pale, pale people like me. I was saddened to see that there was no ‘extra’ that was not on the card–kept looking through the box for one! I really like the notebook, though. I took the last one on my recent vacation (which actually included a day in Provence!) and it was quite useful. Although I loved the cover of that one, I like the design of this one more.

    After checking out the entire box, I felt like I had jinxed myself by switching from a monthly to a yearly subscription. I feel like others mentioned that so much more could have been done with ‘Paris’.

    Two months in a row now we have received a perfume sample, I hope that’s all for the perfume for a while and I hope never to see a foil packet or a skin-tone specific item in this box again.

    That being said, I still was excited to receive the box and will be excited next month as well. I haven’t decided what I am going to do with the actual boxes, but I am saving all of them for ‘something’. What are all of you doing with the gorgeous boxes?

  15. I am still in love with the packaging of the box and the details down to the hand-tied ribbon. I absolutely love the face mask and can’t wait to try it. I wish I had received the notebook, I was one of the people who received the charm and magnet, and was not happy to see a cheapie freebie advertising magnet in my box. The first two boxes were so amazing that I’m going to stick it out, but yes was hoping for a bit more this month.

  16. I got the notebook but it’s purple and green with a can-can girl and says “Allez Lido.”
    My compact has the Eiffel tower, Sacre Coeur, a car, hearts and says “Ohla-la,” “Paris,” and “Love.” it’s cute!
    I love coffee, so that’s a plus, but I also think it was a bit disappointing.

  17. This mask is fabulous. I was disappointed in this box as compared to the previous boxes, until I used this mask. One use, and I am addicted. I don’t know if I will look any better, but my face feels wonderful!

    • Now I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  18. Foil packets Rule!!!!

    I was really looking forward to another Sothys surprise. I love that line, but I guess my foil pack and I will need to bond instead.

    Good thing I have that booklet so I can journal all this.

  19. Hello! I also received my French box today and was so excited! My problem with the box besides what has already been mentioned is that I didn’t recieve the mirror. I believe that everyone was suppose to receive one. I went to the website and just can not find a “contact us” button or anything of the sort. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!!!

    • Hi! I was missing something last month and they were quick to respond and send out. It is hard to find but go to the website and click on concept. Scroll to very bottom of page and right under terms and conditions there is a contact us.

  20. I have the exact same items as Liz. But my mirror has a different design. The card says an item from Lido, and I am sure not everybody got the notebook. As for the Eiffel Tower bracelet, it might be for those who did not get the sept box.

  21. I didn’t get a notebook at all, I got a weird cell phone charm, and small square magnet that just says LIDO on it. Both of these items felt like cheap advertising give aways and not a “box worthy” item. I was also disappointed in the foil and perfume samples. I don’t use perfume so I don’t really like to receive them at all, but these two things I thought were also like extras and not items you would list on the card. I was glad the mask was full size, and look forward to trying it, and as I do not drink coffee, it is the only thing in the box I will use. It was really underwhelming, and I am disappointed in this month. I would have been fine getting the coffee as I can regift it, but the cellphone charm/magnet advertising junk, and the foil sample/perfume sample made it seem cheap in comparison to previous boxes.

  22. Liz, I just wanted to let you know that the official Walmart Beauty Box site says that their winter box will be shipping the week of November 25th in case you haven’t seen it. I really enjoyed the last one and hope that this one will be just as good!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’m curious to see what their second box is like!

  23. I received a little keychain thing (which was super cute!) and the Eiffel tower bracelet instead of the notebook and mirror. Was everyone supposed to receive the mirror? Pretty happy since I paid only $14 for this box!

    • Hi Mylinh, I don’t think everyone was supposed to get the mirror 🙁 I received a notebook in my box, but no mirror. Much like last month, when I thought we were all going to get a makeup brush- some people got it, some didn’t. However, FrenchBox has issued an apology on their FB page indicating they know we are underwhelmed if we didn’t receive a notebook and mirror. They say they are working on a plan to make it up to us…

      • I just wonder if that plan is going to be the same “pay $10 more and we’ll send you something else” option they gave me above. As a new customer, I don’t have enough history with the company to trust them with more of my money. A kind, sincere apology and reassurances for future boxes would have gone A LOT further with me than the “send us money and we’ll send you more stuff” approach. You don’t always need to throw products at people to smooth things over. (Especially when you’re asking them to put up money first to catch said products.)

  24. My book has a turquoise cover and the compact has a Paris street scene w/ the Eiffel tower in the background. Super cute.
    This box may not have quite the WOW factor as the first few but I still said to myself that one thing that is great about this box is receiving stuff I haven’t previously. No other box has sent a pretty compact mirror OR coffee.

  25. Hi, I’ve received my box today too, kinda dissappinted, I Did Not received the Lido notebook, neither the mirrow, just the foundation samples, a postcard, the mask, coffe, a cabaret magnet (?) and a golden cell phone pendant (5$?)…is my first French Box, could someone tell me if I can contact them asking for the missed products ? Thanks

  26. Overall I found this box underwhelming when compared with the last 2, especially considering that the theme was PARIS! I mean, there’s so much you could do with that…!? (Foil packets are a cardinal sin, come on!) However, I love that the mask is full-size, I really can never have too many face masks and I generally am fond of French skin care. I also like the little mirror, and fabulous presentation as always.

  27. I agree with all the comments. The presentation is always beautiful but this box was a little bit of a let down. The notebook was cute but there was a notebook last month and the samples just did not fit. I am anxious to try the mask and coffee and the little compact mirror was sweet. Hope December’s box is extra special for the holidays.

  28. This was my first box and the packaging is really cute but I am sadly disappointed (and I am usually easy to please). I didn’t receive the notebook, but I wish I did because my Lido item was just a tiny rubber magnet that says “LIDO” on it. Between the foil sample, perfume sample vial and the magnet I am feeling underwhelmed with the box. I hope next month is better, I am on the fence right now about continuing my subscription.

  29. I just received my box as well and had the same items except my compact was a different design and instead of the notebook I got a lame magnet and cell phone charm. This is my first box and kinda disappointed after seeing previous months reviews.

  30. I agree, the foil doesn’t fit in this box. With comparison to past boxes it would have been nice to get the foundation in at least a deluxe sample size or to have had a Parisian hand cream in some romantic, dreamy scent. I use masks all the time and hope it’s good for my skin type. I thought maybe with the theme we might get something wild like a beret. I am NOT complaining! I love this box and it is so easy to judge all these efforts. All these boxes have to be so hard to fit to so many tastes and each time I get this I still can’t get over the quality of the presentation!

  31. I just got mine today too. My notebook was the same as PA Anna, I think it’s adorable. My compact was different too, it has the Eiffel Tower in the background with a couple in the foreground and little shops on the sides of the street with a plane pulling a sign that says “J’aime Paris” on the right side. I love the mask it in and it’s almost full sized, so it alone doubles the value of the box. I’ll gift the coffee since I don’t drink coffee and love the little notebook. I didn’t like the perfume sample or hated that the foundation sample is a foil packet. Overall it’s still a super nice box that at least doubles in value. The packaging is wonderful, like opening a gift every month.

    • Did anyone else’s coffee leak during transport? The coffee smell was super strong when I opened the box and found that somehow the bag was slit and some of it had leaked out over everything. But I contacted them this afternoon and already heard back from them. They’re sending a replacement bag of coffee tomorrow. Customer Service seems to be outstanding compared to other subscriptions.

      • Hey there! I was wondering how u got in touch with them because I’ve been on the site and I can’t for the life of me find a “contact us” button or anything. Please help! Thanks!

      • If you go to there website at the very bottom in the middle of the page it says “Contact Us” I just clicked on there and sent them a message. They responded within a few hours and shipped out a new coffee.

  32. I was a bit disappointed with the November box I must say, considering I bought two boxes (one as a gift). One had a repeat item from the first box (Eiffel tower bracelet) and the second box was missing the foundation sample. Frankly, I was confused with the foundation and perfume samples…those are usually freebies on Sephora and Ulta sites. I’m hoping customer service at least replaces the missing item and repeat item. We shall see 🙂

  33. I think it threw the box off a little with the foil and perfume sample. Plus we’ve been spoiled with having a bonus item. Overall, I love the box. I love the postcard with the details including what i think is a french bulldog. I enjoy receiving the recipe cards and will be trying out this recipe.

    My compact is a little different than what Liz received. It says Paris with the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triompohe with hearts and music signs. I will be putting this in my purse. The cover of my notebook is different too. It’s purple with the dancer in a different pose, It says Allez Lido! on the cover. I can’t wait to try out the mask. I’ll gift the coffee and try the foil and perfume sample.

    I’m looking forward to the next box. I do like this box much better than the EM Paris box. I also enjoy that there is a food item included.

    • I read the LIDO brochure. 35 cooks and pastry chefs and 500 pairs of custom shoes? Wow!

  34. I got a different cover on my notebook and a different print on my mirror. I love the full size pack of coffee! But I agree, while this far exceeds in value what I paid for it, it was not quite as good as previous boxes. I’m still not going to complain and I must say, this box is one of my most favorite boxes I get each month!! My top three now is Popsugar, French Box, and Bonjour Jolie.

  35. My mirror was different, but everything else was the same. The samples bothered me as well. The coffee was a nice touch, but I don’t drink coffee. The mirror is cute, the mask is a nice size. The book will go in a gift pile. The perfume sale smeled nice. just felt a little boring. Yes, the presentation is always amazing.

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