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2 More FabFitFun VIP Winter Box Spoilers & $10 Coupon!

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FabFitFun VIP Fall 2014 Spoiler

We have two more FabFitFun VIP Winter Box spoilers! (Thanks Nancy and Michelle for the heads up!)

Each box will include:

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 5.49.46 PM

Two yourMinerals eyeshadows. One shade will be Swedish Winter Eye Shadow, and the other shade will vary (1 of the other 3 shown). If you are a long time subscriber I believe you get an email to pick which shade you want.

The box will also include this United We Stand Necklace:

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 5.56.33 PM Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 5.56.43 PM

You will receive the necklace in either gold or silver. If you are a long time subscriber I believe you get an email to pick which color you want.

What do you think of the FabFitFun VIP Winter Box spoilers so far? If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to use coupon code BLACK10 to get your first box for $10 off (Regularly $49.99 a box).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oooh, has anyone checked out the Fab Fit Fun Facebook page? They posted a photo that looks like a spoiler for more products in the winter box. It looks like we’ll get a pashmina or throw blanket, a book or journal of some sort, and possibly a makeup bag or ipad cover. Looks amazing so far!

    • I am hoping for a throw. Whatever it is, it looks super fluffy and soft and cozy!!! I am really getting excited for this box now!

    • Looks like a blue ipad case to me, and a throw ….O no , might subscribe again.

    • All those question marks left to reveal yet. I didn’t see the eye shadows on the picture unless that is what’s sitting on top of the throw over to the left. The box looks very interesting.

    • Dude. This needs to get here now. I’m so super thrilled for this box I can hardly stand it.

    • So not to rain on anyone’s parade cause I really hope that stuff is in there too, but it might just be background stuff to the items in the box(which are covered with black boxes, except what has been revealed) believe me I would love a throw, but I just don’t want everyone getting there hopes up and then being disappointed. They often do a promotional pic like that with stuff in the background that goes with the season, that throw kinda looks like snow so it just might be decoration for the pic. I hope I’m wrong though!

  2. Hello everyone! For this promotion, am I able to gift it by giving my friend the voucher code? This is my first time buying on ruelala. Thank u!

    • Not sure. I think you can though! I just got the voucher an hour ago and am all signed up now

  3. I cancelled my box after this round of spoilers. I sampled the juice beauty peel this month in birchbox and wasn’t impressed. I’m already getting eyeshadow in Liz’s Quarterly box and while I’m not politically against guns, they still give me the creeps. My husband is active duty military and I wouldn’t feel like I was celebrating him by wearing something that could kill him one day. Just my thoughts though!

    • Shoot, I wasn’t thinking listing a spoiler for another box in my comment. My bad.

    • Some of these comments regarding bullets and this necklace are very interesting

    • Leah, my comment was not in reply to yours. I mistakenly hit reply under your comment however, I’m on my phone.

      • That’s totally okay. My iPhone trips me up constantly. I’m just confused by the people who want to wear these because of family in the military or police force. For me, bullets are the last thing I want to think about.

        • A Lot of my friends are veterans who go shooting for fun. They would love these! My mom’s best friend is active duty navy and would love this too but I think it depends on the person. BF is exarmy and loves this. But I’m wearing it/getting the box because I like it! I like that it supports something and I have nothing against bullets (despite being a vegetarian of 12 years, fact for all of you saying these “killed animals”, plus they didnt) and I think it looks cute/cool. Idk why everyone is so worked up over these. Either you like it or you don’t, it’s jewelry not a hot button topic!

    • When did Liz say there was eye shadow in the MSA02?
      I saw the blanket spoiler

      • There is a spoiler in her petit vour review.

  4. This is hardly the “start” of the ammo wearing trend. Ethiopian artisans have been making recycled artillery jewelry for years and years now. Are we just starting to discover it? Yes. But the “trend” has existed long before we latched onto it in the US. For once, we’re kind of behind the trend 😉

  5. I personally love this necklace. While I’m not a fan of guns, my husband and almost every man in my family are either active duty or retired military, so wearing this would feel like celebrating them. And the fact that half of the proceeds go towards feeding hungry children, the dearest cause to me, is just beautiful.

    I’m so happy to be getting this box!

  6. I was tempted by the first spoiler they released a while back, but after seeing these, I’m glad I didn’t sign up. I think it would be offensive to wear a bullet casing around your neck and I don’t get how it relates to ending hunger.

    • Despite the good cause, I personally wouldn’t wear this necklace and will hold off on subscribing to FFF because I don’t want to own one either. I lived in a rough city for most of my life and have lost many friends and neighbors to gun violence. When I saw this necklace in the spoiler email, I immediately tensed up in fear.

  7. Has anyone who purchased the FFF deal through RueLaLa received their voucher code? They are giving me the “it must be in your junk folder” runaround…and if course, it’s not. Feeling frustrated!!

    • I purchased the deal thru RueLaLa. I didn’t get the code after the initial ’24 hours’ (I actually waited 48) so I email customer service. They said they sent it again, but I never got it. I called, and finally got them to give it to me over the phone. (it took some convincing, but I got it)

      • *emailed

    • I placed my order with Ruelala Friday night but haven’t gotten my voucher either.

      • After a second email to customer service, I finally got my voucher. I’m annoyed that I had to keep following up on it. I’m all signed up now – voucher code had no problem going through on the FFF site.

      • I finally got my Glossybox voucher, almost 4 days after I bought it. So I should get the FFF one by…Christmas? 😉

  8. I’m going to hijack this thread a little. I enjoyed my Fall (very first) FFF box, but the lip gloss was broken and leaking. I emailed CS and it took them over a month to respond to my request. (Yes, I’m being literal. I sent them a message on October 3rd and they replied on November 10th.)

    They offered to send a replacement gloss (that was two weeks ago) and I haven’t seen it. Just atrocious CS. I canceled. Even GlossyBox recently provided me with very quick responses when my pressed powder blush arrived as dust.

    • I had a missing item last time. I called them. They said they were awaiting replacement items. It showed up in two weeks. It is unfortunate that you had bad service.

      • I had the same type of experience with customer service. There was a snafu in sending my box (the pallet got lost??) and the head of Customer Service sent an email explaining the issue and promising a little something extra. I never received updated tracking info for the new box as promised and emailed them to track it down. My box finally arrived, but no tracking info and no reply from customer service (over 6 weeks now). I sent another email about 2 weeks ago asking about the questions I had in my first email, as well as an update for the “little surprise” that their email had previously promised me, and I still haven’t received a reply to that email either. I went and cancelled my subscription late last week due to the misgivings I had over customer service responsiveness, and I received a “thank you for cancelling, we’re sorry to see you go” email from a customer service rep in less than an hour! That very much rubbed me the wrong way… They can manage the cancellation emails but not reply to valid customer emails? Sad.

  9. I love all of the spoliers so far!! I think the necklace is awesome and can’t wait to get it.

  10. Darn was really hoping to see some spoilers that would draw me in but I have plenty of eye shadow and the bullet necklace is not for me (I could never wear it to work)…so I think I will pass on this fff box…again.

    • Is anybody still waiting for their “Welcome Box” which they charged me for a month ago? I signed up for their Fall Box which I loved, had to cancel due to financial issues and now signed up for the year and got any email saying Winter Box will be shipping November 10. Sent 2 emails to them and have not heard back. I don’t care if they restart me with the Welcome or the Winter box, but they can at least answer me emails.

      • The email they sent must be a typo because winter box doesn’t ship till dec 10 or 12.

      • I think you may have misread the email. I did the same thing you did (got the Fall bx and then signed up for a year) and I got my invoice email and in it said that my Welcome Box would be sent out the week of Nov. 10th. (Which I never got, btw)

        • I signed up for FFF about November 8th and got my Welcome Box on 11/23. It was great and I can’t wait to get the Winter box!

      • You should have received you welcome box buy now, I would think. If you haven’t yet, you may want to contact customer service. I received mine Wednesday of last week.

      • Same for me so far. Got the email saying it would ship nov 10th. I got something saying it shipped out but still no actual box and i was charged for it immediately. regretting signing up now !

  11. I originally cancelled my FFF subscription to free up some cash for the holidays. Then I saw the RUELALA deal for winter and spring box + water bottle for $75 I had a few credits so I only paid $55. so it works out to 27.50 per box. a Awesome deal. I highly recommend purchasing the 2 boxes for $75 option since it works out to be $37 per box.

    the Ruelala deal is only on for 2 more days!!

    I’ve been extremely pleased with my FFF boxes great quality and items, the summer box was great, and the fall box was nice too 🙂 I’m happy to continue with this sub for awhile.

  12. There was a bullet casing in a box about a year ago. I thought it was from FFF but I guess not. Does anyone remember that necklace or what it supported?

    • It was Social Bliss’s first box last Jan. they were at the start of the ammo accessories trend. There was no “cause.” I don’t get any connection between the casing and the charity. But I’m hardly offended by guns.

      • the sales for that bullet necklace went toward fallen war hero’s so yes there was a cause. I think the war cause is certainly more fitting.

        • Thanks Ava. I thought it was something like that. It’s hell geating old & having no memory. I so wanted one of those & even tried to buy one from the mfg.

  13. If someone doesn’t want their necklace I will gladly take it off your hands. I’m giving the one in my box to my son who wants to be a police officer. I would like to get one for his best friend who call me mommy #2 who has the same life ambitions. I have no clue what to do with the peel along with half the face stuff I get in boxes.

    • Hello Kristin, I would love you to swap my silver necklace when it arrives. It is really not my style. Happy Holidays!

  14. Yay! I am so glad people finally started commenting on the shadows. I LOVE white shadows; they have so many uses! I am almost out, so the timing is perfect. If my other color is brown, I am totally down to swap.

  15. I just got an email to pick out which eye shadow and which necklace I wanted. I went with the brown eyeshadow and silver necklace, hopefully I get them. I got the apron in the pink and gold that I wanted last time, looking forward to seeing what else is in the box.

  16. I think I’m glad I canceled. I have double samples of the peel from Birchbox, so although what I have is not full-size, it’s a lot. The necklace is just not my style (I don’t like guns or bullets and I also really hate ball chains). I have more eyeshadow than I need right now. So I made the right decision for me.

  17. Regardless of how the casings are sourced, I would never wear that necklace. I certainly support the idea behind Half United, but that representation seems off to me. Overall though, it’s shaping up to be a diverse, high value box and I’m pleased to be getting it.

    • Yeah, I support ending both hunger and gun violence, so I don’t understand the representation here either.

  18. So glad I ordered this box based off the first spoiler. It looks like it’s going to be pretty great!

  19. For those who were concerned about the origins of the bullet casings, I pulled this from the Half United website:

    We source and recycle our bullet casings from “Shooter’s Choice”, a target shooting range in Wilmington, N.C. We sweep the spent casings off of the floor then take them to our warehouse in downtown Wilmington where we hand drill, buff them and assemble them into Fighting Hunger necklaces!

    I really like all the spoilers so far. I can’t wait to get this box.

    • LOL! I was cracking up at the comments like “I wouldn’t wear something that actually killed something.” These are actually just bullet casings, even if they had been shot at say, an animal, the casing separates from the bullet completely prior to impact. Regardless, I initially came to the conclusion that they must gather all if them from a range… that would be an insane amount of casings for random hunters to deliver to a company. Ranges have them in abundance… so it’s kind of like they’re recycling.

      • God only knows how the anti ammo pendant necklaces view us evil women who carry guns defending their freedom in uniform. These are range spent casings for God sake. I mean, I’ve tried having a few sit downs with terrorists but they just aren’t amenable to unarmed negotiations as they are to blowing my head off. Guns are everyone’s dog to kick until they need to be rescued by someone carrying one on their behalf. I mean you don’t call 911 when you’re being robbed and hope to have a counselor show up and negotiation, right? Often people who are adamantly opposed to something fail to think through the finer points of the issue before declaring their vehement opposition. Frankly I’m offended on behalf of every police officer, corrections officer and military member to be stereotyped in such a way. It’s. A. Necklace. God forbid they see someone sporting a skull and crossbones scarf. It never ceases to amaze me the things people say.

        • I found the comment about “wearing something that killed something” a bit naieve and a rather extreme reaction and I knew that that absolutely was not the case, so I decided to post the information before any more false information got spread.

          I personally, have been to many shooting ranges and enjoy shooting at inanimate targets. I also like it when trained professionals are appropriately armed for our protection. I’m happy to be getting this necklace and will proudly tell people what it represents, should they ask.

          • I’m sorry I said anything. I was offering my impression of the necklace. I meant only that people kill things and keep mementos of the event to remind them. Animal heads are stuffed and hung on walls, or animal teeth on jewelry, notches carved into gun handles and hash marks on fighter planes during wars. Even guns at gun ranges are brought home and sometimes, left out where kids can play with them. My opinion should not have any influence on your enjoyment of this item.

          • Nancy, please don’t be sorry you said anything! You didn’t state your feelings in an offensive manner, and if anything, I felt like people jumped to ridiculous conclusions just because you don’t care for guns (I don’t either). Just because someone doesn’t care for guns doesn’t mean that they think police & soldiers should not be armed. For people to jump to that conclusion is, well, their problem. Guns are a hot topic (and always will be). In other countries, where guns are more difficult to obtain, death by shooting is significantly lower on a per capita basis. My brother in law lost one of his brother’s when he was much younger due to a gun. His older brother, who was very experienced with guns & very well trained, accidentally left a bullet in the gun while cleaning it. The gun went off & killed the younger brother. People often say “guns don’t kill, people do.” This is true, to a point…regardless as to anyone’s stance on guns or guns rights, accidents do happen, and can be fatal & life changing. I was not aware that bullet casing jewelry had recently become a fashion statement. The cause behind this particular piece of jewelry is admirable, and I’m glad that our box purchase helps to aid the fight against hunger. However, for those of us who have lost loved ones, work in schools (you couldn’t wear that there!), etc. it is a derisive item to include in a box (IMHO). I know many gun owners (we can be friends, even if we don’t see eye to eye on this topic) who would appreciate this jewelry, & I can definitely pass this on to one of them.

          • I personally, did not find your statement offensive, per se. I felt more like you were jumping to a conclusion without getting all the facts. What I didn’t want to see happen was the statement “I would never wear something that had killed something” somehow go from one persons opinion to a fact about this particular piece. Hence, why I went to the website and looked up the information. I cannot imagine that ANY company would want to use a spent casing used to end a life (animal or otherwise) as a piece of jewelry. I sure as heck wouldn’t wear something that had been used to take a life. You’re entitled to your opinion and have every right to express it, but when it comes to the misinformation aspect of the comment, I felt the need to correct it and assuage any fears anyone else might have about the origins of the casing.

            Unfortunately, the way the comment was worded did not get your point across the way you intended. That happens all the time on message boards. I don’t speak for anyone else who may have had…feelings about the post, but that was my take on it.

            And fwiw, I’m extremely grateful to service members and police officers, so this response isn’t intended as a slight to them either.

        • Agreed. It’s much easier to be afraid of something you don’t understand. I find that most people that are “anti-gun” have never be properly introduced and educated on them, and that their fear ceases once someone shows them how to utilize such.
          Granted, that might be my good-old Texas upbringing, but still.

          • Hey, I’m from New England, so it’s not just a Texas thing.

  20. Although the idea is good in principle, ending hunger is always a great goal, I just don’t see the bullet association. Plus, I wouldn’t wear such a thing on a bet. Yup, another anti-gun peacenik here!
    And how does one even give away something like that? ‘Hey, I really like you – here’s a bullet!’
    Having said that, this box is shaping up to be another excellent one!

    • I think it’s actually cute and it’s real which is cool! I missed out on the box with a giving key necklace. Since your against guns you probably wouldn’t use it period but it’s a good conversation piece, unique and cute..

      Not to get into a gun conversation here but my family support gun rights. After learning a lot about it, they don’t scare me like before and after what I’ve personally been through, necessary if it can save a life and used properly when necessary. I am conservative also. Learn more about gun and gun rights, it will possibly help.. My family hunts, not something I am into and I wouldn’t do it . I love animals!!!! I am certainly not against guns, we have the right to bare arms. Everyone has a right to there beliefs though, just throwing that out there. I like the cause too!

      I am excited for both spoilers! 🙂

      • I’ll try to remember how bad guns are the next time I deploy. It’s a necklace not a dead puppy on a chain. Just. Wow.

  21. I was thinking that maybe if you don’t want to wear the bullet casing around your neck you could probably add it to your keychain to support the cause……just a thought, I’ll be wearing it as a necklace but I thought I’d throw that out there.

  22. TOTALLY signed up via ruelala after receiving the spoiler email with the bullet necklace. I love the apple peel but was on the fence about whether I needed another box but the necklace is amazing and I know at least one girl including myself that would love it so even it I don’t like how it looks on me it will be a great gift! Plus with ruelala I got the free water bottle too AND the sale price of $39! Not excited about the eyeshadow but I know those are super gift or swapable too! Yay! Shaping out to be a great purchase! Canceled Popsugar in October and this definitely seems to be the winner

    • have you received the voucher code yet for ruelala?

      • No, I haven’t. They charged my credit card immediately, and the voucher was supposed to be emailed within 24 hours of purchase. I’ve emailed them twice. First time they responded that I should receive the voucher within another 24 hours. When I still hadn’t received it and emailed again, they responded that they had to research it and to wait another 2-3 business days. So I asked for a refund.

        • Dawn, I just signed up for a GlossyBox via RueLaLa on Friday. My confirmation said I would receive my product (which I am assuming means my code, since I’m supposed to get a code which is redeamable on GlossyBox) by December 3. Maybe you just need to wait a little longer?

        • Did you call them, I never email but every time I have called them, they answered right away without even a wait time.

          This box is going to be valued over $300! So far with the 3 spoilers, it’s worth it for me. I will probably use everything. Plus more to come. A win for me! 🙂

      • Luck you! That is a fabulous deal & I wish I had known about it before I signed up. Still, I can’t complain- I got mine for $40 with Liz’s code, and while the water bottle would have been nice, I don’t have any shortages of bottles around here 🙂

      • It says on the Order history That my order will arrive by Thursday 🙂 Not worried about picking my bullet necklace anyway because I like them both! They already charged my account so I know I will be receiving it but I’m happy waiting for something this awesome.

        • I agree- worth the wait! I just hope the order is for the voucher # to redeem online, not the actual box (I don’t want the Nov. GlossyBox, but do want the December one). It’s weird that it would take so long (until Dec. 3 in my case) just for RueLaLa to e-mail me a code…

  23. I’m not sure how I feel about the necklace or eye shadows. The necklace is something I would never buy myself but who knows maybe I will like it but I’m not crazy about wearing a bullet. I was hoping the jewelry would be something sparkly and pretty.
    I tend to not like powder eyeshadow and it depends what color I get…pink or grey would work for me. If I get brown I can gift it. This is my first box with the $10 off so if nothing else i can gift or swap.

  24. So far, this box is shaping up better than the Nina Garcia box for half the price. I’m not a fan of the bullet necklace. It would creep me out that it was from a bullet that killed something. Seems gruesome to me. I’m probably being too sensitive. It is the first silver (possible) jewelry I’ve seen in a sub box in months.

    • Their website doesn’t say the bullet killed something, many people shoot bullets at targets. I’m betting the casing came from target practice.

    • I would highly highly doubt it is from killing anything. It is most likely a casing from a range. Or even overstock/mess ups from a rounds company

    • Nancy, I agree with what you said about the bullet. I am SURE it is just a casing from a range or similar, but to me, bullets signify killing/death (can you tell I’m not a fan of guns?), so I just don’t see the association with helping to stop hunger. To me, a more fitting emblem would have been something related to nature and crops. That being said, while I’m not a fan of guns or bullets, I’ll check it out & likely pass it along to a friend who does like such things. I would LOVE it if we got a soft, comfy, warm scarf or similar in this box. I can’t wait to see if there are more reveals. I only just subscribed recently, so I don’t know if they typically reveal all their products before shipping or not.

      • Maybe the bullet is reminiscent of transforming swords into plowshares. Still, out of respect to all those who have lost someone to guns, I couldn’t wear it.

        • On behalf of all of us who carry guns for a living (military, law enforcement, etc) I don’t make any correlation between glorification of violence and wearing a bullet necklace and would certainly hope that others don’t consider me a killer since I carry a real, locked and loaded sidearm in uniform. It’s a lot harder to reason verbally with terrorists than it is to be armed when up against them. Guns represent security and peace to me and many others. Target/sport shooting is also a very popular hobby and has zero to do with gun violence. Regardless, these kinds of bullet jewelry pieces have shown up in 2 other subs this year. It’s obviously a fashion trend versus some political statement. If I saw someone wearing an ammo necklace I wouldn’t assume they were glorifying gun violence any more than I’d assume someone wearing a football jersey is an NFL linebacker. It sounds like you’ve lumped all guns and by extension gun owners/users into a very negative stereotype, that anyone displaying a firearm or anything related to one is deliberately being disrespectful of others who have been crime victims; if a casing is offensive then an actual gun must be much worse.

          • Great response!

          • Slow down. Nancy didn’t say of the things you are attributing to her. She didn’t say anything about people who carry guns for a living, gun owners, or displaying an actual firearm.

            She was just expressing that she how she felt about a bullet casing as a fashion statement.

            She also didn’t say that anyone else was being disrespectful. Some people call seniors “sir” and “ma’am” out of respect, but that doesn’t mean not saying those is “disrespectful” – it’s just different.

            I think the takeaway is guns are sensitive political issue for many people – on both sides of the debate – and a mere bullet casing is all it takes to bring up the politics.

  25. I like these spoilers, I also think they are a good example of what I expect from subscription boxes like FFF, not something I would normally buy myself, but unique and getting them at a discount through the value of the box. I am pleased.

  26. I like the eyeshadow, but I’m on the fence about the necklace. It’s for a good cause, but not something I see myself really wearing.
    On a side note, I think if you pre-pay for a year in advance (as I did), I’m pretty sure you get on the list to start choosing which variations of certain items you want. : )

    • Swap sites are really easy, I am just getting into it and they offer tons of items that you would love. I like the sites that offer ratings from users of people trading, makes it like Ebay and easy to trust. So if you don’t like something from the box you could trade it or even gift it to a friend.

      I am going to use the white as a highlighter since it doubles as one. I used to not even know what to do with highlighters and thanks to subscription boxes I wear it daily. Big difference. I used to wear all makeup besides eye shadow just on occasion but now I wear it daily also and couldn’t leave home without it. My friend does makeup in the mall and she says eye shadow is a must!! I think now the only cosmetic I occasionally skip is eye liner and blush (occasionally skip). For a natural look. I always use eye shadow, even if it’s a natural color. It gives a pop to the eyes.

      The only thing I would personally change about the necklace is a shorter chain and maybe a stone added but none the less I am pleased. I may buy another for a friend, the deal is great! 🙂

      • I am fairly active on swap sites, well, this one anyway! I will most likely end up keeping the necklace. I’m not adverse to guns or bullets, it’s just a ‘style’ issue. I don’t like ball chains, is what it mostly comes down to, lol! I will probably give it a try though. LOVE the eye shadow!

  27. hmmmm, I can’t decide how I feel about these spoilers…… I don’t dislike them enough to cancel, but I am not counting down the days for this box to arrive either?!?!?

    • Don’t forget, these spoilers only account for about 37% of the total value of the box…there is still more to come! With it being the holidays, I imagine you’d have plenty of people to gift with whatever you don’t love.

      • Very true, my sisters are always happy to take whatever products don’t work for me! I usually end up loving everything once I see it in person and can try out the eye shadows.

      • True! They have shown us approximately 37% of the box, that’s what I was guesstimating! 🙂

        Actually the box is valued over $300 so it could be along the lines of $350.

        There are more to come, at least $180-200+ more to come. I am kind of thinking there will be a scarf or something similar in the box too.

        Either way for the $39 it’s a steal!

  28. I canceled due to the first spoiler that I have no use for, now I’m happier I canceled. I very seldom wear eye shadow, I wear eye shadow once every 2 months. and when I do it is cream eye shadow only. I’m not excited about this necklace.

    • Hi Lily, I totally understand where you are coming from- I don’t wear eye shadow very often, and when I do, it tends to be a cream or gel eye shadow. And bullets aren’t for everyone (don’t think I’ll keep it for myself, but who knows?). That being said, I am excited about the Juice Beauty & even the white eye shadow, which I think I can use as a highlighter instead. Also, with the promo code, I snagged this box for $40, so there is no way I can go wrong if I like at least 1 product. If I get something I’m not wild about, or know someone who I think would like it more, I can gift it (that is the BEST part of a winter box). I think I’ll be canceling my FrenchBox sub in order to stay with FFF- I’ve had problems with FrenchBox & their customer service, and would rather be wowed with a quarterly box than underwhelmed with a monthly box.

      • Good Point as far as gift giving, and price. I might still decide to get it and resubscribe. Right now I have large 3 boxes of stuff to give from sub boxes. I’ve gotten many this year. Most the items I will not use. To many items that swapping is not fun, because I have the items I want. The box I’m very interested in is that Oui Please, yet the price of $150 is about $50 to high for me. Yet I might just get it as a Christmas gift for myself.

  29. I’m not excited about the eyeshadow, but I’m very excited about the necklace. I was reading about some necklaces made from bullets a while ago and they they look really cool. I hope we do get a choice I don’t like gold.

  30. The spoilers are interesting. It seems the winter box has the potential to be very popular. I am still going to pass on it, but I think they are posted good spoilers.

  31. On the your minerals SWEDEN website the eye shadows retail $21 and $23 for the winter eye shadow/highlighter, it also lists it as a highlighter double. $44 retail total. Plus $38 for the necklace and $39 for the Juice Beauty Green Apple face peel. $121 average total so far. Impressed this box is going to be valued over $300. I love the items so far! 🙂

  32. Ooo… I was going to let you know about the necklace but didn’t know about the eye shadows. The lavender is super cute. Are those Vegan? The idea behind the bullet casing necklace is fantastic and goes to a good cause. Super cute! 🙂

    • Brandy, if I get a lavender eye shadow I would swap it with you. I’m not into colored eye shadows (prefer neutral browns/golds) & don’t love loose eye shadow (it goes everywhere). Be in touch when you get your box & let me know. I can’t wait to get mine!!!

      • Okay sure! I usually don’t get the colors I want so I’ll definitely trade with if I get a neutral. I have several mineral eye shadows from subs and mostly neutrals and pinks, one bright purple I received from Boxycharm and a neutral green and have way too many neutrals now. Lol! Thank you! 🙂

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