Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014

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Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Box

Sample Society is a monthly beauty subscription from and Allure Magazine. Typically the brands they include are high end, and the sample sizes are generous.

They recently had a bit of a revamp – they now have new packaging, and so far it seems like they are more makeup oriented. (Not so much for this box though).

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Sample Society

The Cost: $15 a month

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples. (Each month you also get a $10 off $50 to use on any order from

Ships to: the US

Delivered via: UPS

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Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Info

The box comes with a mini-mag detailing each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box. (This is one of the best/most helpful subscription box info sheets I’ve seen).

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Serum

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum – .24 oz Value $15

This item was one of the original spoilers for the October box, and Sample Society first gave the wrong size of the serum, so this box was expected to have a much higher value. I’m sure everyone is disappointed to receive a substantially smaller sample, but at least I think this should last a week or two.

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner – 1.7 oz each Value $1 Total

This addition to the box was pretty disappointing for me. I don’t have anything against drugstore brands, but Sample Society has established itself as a higher-end brand box, so this isn’t what I expect from them.

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Mascara

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara in Black – 3 ml Value $16

This may just be the best mascara I have ever used EVER. I can’t believe I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown mascaras until now! It’s give super length, definition, and volume with no clumping.

This item alone makes the box for me. (Also, it’s just awesome to get Bobbi Brown in a subscription box – I don’t think I’ve seen the brand in another box ever).

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – October 2014 Perfume

Bond. No. 9 High Line Perfume Sample – Value $1

Emi Jay Hair Ties – Value $6.60

I’m never that excited for perfume samples, but hair ties always come in handy, and these are great fall colors.

Verdict: Thank goodness for the Bobbi Brown mascara – it totally redeemed this box for me! I paid $15 for this box and received about $40 worth of items, so the value is pretty good too.

What do you think of the October Sample Society box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Decided to test out this box for a few months but I’m confused on the $10 off for Beauty Bar. Am I supposed to receive a card in the box or is there another way to apply the discount?

  2. November box on MUT and Facebook. Not so good 🙁 more mascaras, perfume sample and Alterna. BB cream and shower gel…

    • I took a quick peek at the picture. I’m glad that I canceled. Maybe December will be a better box.

    • I just cancelled this sub after getting the November box. Between last month and this month it just isn’t worth the $15. I can get the same kind of thing (or better) from Birchbox and Ipsy for less. The revamp started out SO GREAT and then it just lost all it’s steam. What happened to the full size items?

      • I agree! The revamp started off great for the first few months and then quickly declined. I’m glad I cancelled this month. No way is this sub box worth 15.00. I could go to Ulta and get way better for the same price. I love Boxycharm except for their super slow shipping and Ipsy is decent for the 10.00 price tag. If sample society decides to turn back around, I’ll re-sub

  3. This is my second SS box and compared to last month, I was very disappointed.

    The shampoo/conditioner are basically throw-away items. I have very thin hair and I color, so I’m picky about the products I use. I am not opposed to trying new things occasionally, but I don’t need samples of drug store brands.

    I like the EL serum, but there isn’t enough in there to be worth it.

    I actually am not impressed with the BB mascara. I’ve tried cheaper mascaras that have much better lengthening powers. The full size Avon mascara I got in my ipsy bag last month actually works better for me. Which brings me to the other point about getting so many mascaras in subscription boxes…

    I actually LOVE the perfume sample I got (I got Chinatown) and I want it in full size, but honestly, I am not happy that they gave me a sample of a perfume I could not possibly afford from their site (almost $300 since they only carry the Swarovski version; $138 from Amazon without the Swarovski crystals on the bottle, which might be doable if I have any extra cash soon).

    The hair ties were the one thing I can’t complain about, but they sure as heck don’t make up the value of the box for me.

    So far, Sample Society is 50/50 for me. If next month’s isn’t much better, I may cancel.

  4. I received three october boxes this month. did this happen to anyone else? I checked my bank statement and was only charged for one but I received 3 boxes all with my name and address on them? hmm.. but I’m not compaining. Not super impressed with the box but I guess the fact that i got three of them makes it better! lol

    • Hey, now you have 0.72 ounces of EL serum! Which almost matches the initial spoiler!

      On MUT, at least several other people have mentioned getting multiple boxes. I unsubscribed last month for financial reasons and because the spoilers really weren’t doing anything for me. (If the spoilers had been exciting, I might’ve stuck around.)

  5. This is my first Sample Society box and even though I won’t be receiving it until Friday, I’m already disappointed. Mostly because the shampoo and conditioner I’ve actually already bought full sizes of and it’s not my favorite. I’ve only used it a handful of times and it just weighs my hair down. The saving grace is the mascara, but the last time I tried a Bobbi Brown mascara it burned my eyes and made them water. I’ve become really sensitive to mascaras.
    I’ll give it a couple more months before making a decision about unsubbing.

  6. I am so disappointed! The only reason I resubbed to SS this month was for the full size serum. When I opened my box and saw the mini version PLUS the drugstore shampoo and conditioner, I knew I was cancelling for good.

    • Exactly my reaction. So disappointed!

  7. Boo to this box!! Such a letdown. The only things worth anything to me are the serum and mascara and the last BB mascara I tried was awful, so we’ll see if this one is worth anything. The hair stuff is useless to me. I have short, non-damaged hair (non-damaged *because* it’s short and any damage gets chopped off every 5 weeks). In general almost all the hair stuff in sub boxes is repairing/restorative and I just have no use for it. I’d much prefer styling products like pomade, gel, wax etc. Would be great if you could specify.

  8. I have short hair!
    I have enough mascara, there’s virtually one in every sub-box!
    I have enough shampoo, ditto!
    I have my own perfume, ditto!
    That leaves the serum, wonder if there’s enough to work at all?
    Clearly all these samples come from the same places, major cosmetic manufacturers, and get jumbled to a dozen sub-boxes, a bit arbitrarily, with the pretense of different styles or products. That’s OK, and I know it’s a traditionally low-tech industry, but hello? Algorithms, anyone? We have profiles, and they have tons of samples, plus market data from our purchases. This could be so finely tailored. Either do that, or if it’s going to stay almost identical every month, upgrade with more items. Look at Ipsy, for example, that double-brush is a fabulous item!

  9. This was my first SS box and I have to say that I was very underwhelmed. After seeing the previous boxes I was so excited to see what products I would get this month and then I get drugstore shampoo and conditioner samples, a perfume sample, and hair ties. Don’t get me wrong, I use hair ties, shampoo, and perfume regularly, but I was expecting more high end products. Plus, the value of the box seemed quite low compared to other months. I will definitely use everything except for the perfume which I thought smelled horrible. Hopefully next month’s box will be better because this box was a bad first impression.

  10. I’ve been subscribed to SS since the relaunch and have liked all of the boxes except for this month’s box. I was very disappointed when I opened the box to find shampoo and conditioner that I could purchase at Target for a dollar. I tried the shampoo and conditioner and the quality is no where near that of the Fekkai and Alterna hair products they’ve included in previous boxes. I also was disappointed to see ANOTHER perfume sample…this makes 3 perfume samples in the past 4 boxes! I love perfume and would be okay with receiving a few samples a year, but become disappointed when the same products appear in every box. I like the rest of the products, but still feel disappointed because of the L’Oreal and perfume samples (I like the perfume, but enough already!). I have a three strikes your out policy when it comes to sub boxes so this is strike one. Hoping they’ll not make this mistake again!

  11. I received an email today about mystery sample society boxes. 5 samples for $10. 10 samples for $18. Or 15 samples for $25. It says samples will be from previous boxes. Has anyone done this type of mystery box before? I would love it if I could receive the too faced melted lipstick or some of the other awesome samples I have seen Liz review. Another part of me feels like it may be similar to a Julep box where you only get horrible colors and almost out of date items. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • I am beyond disappointed in this months box! My 1.00 value perfume sample absolutely smells horrendous like it’s expired even. I’m not against drug store products in any way, but being that I specifically signed up to this box for higher end samples (because that’s what they claim) having a loreal shampoo and conditioner worth 1.00 is highly disappointing. The hair ties are okay, the Bobbi Brown mascara is nice, but the perfume sample, the sham and cond, and the itty bitty serum…totally not worth even $15.00. I feel jipped. Up your game sample society or you’re out!

    • No, no, no! Stay away from the mystery boxes! I ordered the 18.00 box and it was beyond disappointing. I received not one, but three perfume samples! Don’t get me wrong, I love perfume but teeny tiny tubes of perfume definetly don’t add to the box! And…the perfume sames I did receive smelled old..they obviously were at the point of expiration which obviously can take years..alarming in my book. As far as the rest of my items go, they obviously weren’t popular in the first place, they were old, and again even smelled old. None of them were deluxe either like they advertise. The mystery boxes are nothing but old products that they needed to get rid of! COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!

  12. Yes, I had the same “WTH?” reaction when I opened this. After a full-sized Restorsea eye cream (one of the best items ever in a sub box, I think), trial sizes of drugstore hair products? Maybe our expectations were just too high after that box last month. I will admit that the EL serum felt really, really nice last night, not greasy at all. That was a pleasant surprise for me, and one of the main reasons I am doing the sub box thing these days — to get to try new brands and products. And it’s not a foil packet type sample, even if they did handle their mistake badly. As for me, one more month to see if they will do better, then I’m out. There’s too many other boxes I’d like to try for me to get boxes like this.

    On a side note, am I the only sub-girl buried in a mountain of mascaras? I think I could change them out every week for a year at this point…

    • I feel your ‘mascara’ pain. I subscribe to 3 or 4 beauty boxes a month, and as such have mascara coming out of my ears. Having said that, I must share with all of you the one mascara I truly believe is worth its weight in gold (and it doesn’t sting or burn my sensitive eyes.) While it is not the cheapest it is also not the most expensive, at around $25-$28. It honestly delivers major volume and length with no clumping, and it is waterproof to boot. And every GF I’ve given this to instantly loves it, and the name of the best mascara I’ve found to date is “They’re Real!” by Benefit. Unlike some competitors who have a two wand process and promise the moon and Do Not deliver, this is just one tube of mascara that even with one application will blow you away and a second application should surely convince you that you have died and gone to mascara heaven. This stuff is amazing.

  13. It’s OK. The only thing I’ll use is the mascara, but I have a lot of good will for them, thanks to the Restorsea in the September box (I love that stuff!) and the very nice quality of the items in the mystery boxes I got a few weeks ago. (I bought the Bare Minerals mystery box around the same time and was SO disappointed — it made me appreciate Sample Society so much more.)

    I wish there were an option to never receive perfume samples at all. I don’t even want a discount or a replacement — I just really hate getting them, especially if they break like my last two Harvey Prince ones. The only perfume I can use without getting a massive headache is Philosophy.

    I’m betting November will be nice.

  14. I’m not waiting to be disappointed another month – cancelled!
    I told them why too. Drugstore shampoo, perfume sample I can get free in any beauty or department store, and the bait and switch with the Estée Lauder.
    They’re having a laugh!

  15. I’m trying to figure out why every time I subscribe to a box that I’ve been watching and liking for months before buying, once I get the first one it goes to crap. The last few months have been great in terms of products, item sizes and value. This box is a huge letdown. The drugstore shampoo-conditioner was a big mistake and looked like pure filler. It hardly makes up for the EL “mistake.” I’m glad I used the coupon and only paid $10 since it essentially got me a travel size mascara. The hair ties are cute, in fact they’re always cute when I get them in sub boxes. Unfortunately my hair is long and very thick and they never fit around for ponytails or buns. As cute/useful as they can be, they usually feel like filler too. And tiny perfume vials, regardless of price point (the Bond collection sent out samples en masse via Sephora and other online beauty sites since I have 9 of them!), are a rip off when counted as a main box item. If I can get it for free elsewhere, no purchase required, then it’s zero value added in a sub box. I hope against hope the revamped SS isn’t slipping back into the old business model after just a couple of great boxes. I’ll hang in one more month but if I see one more cheap cop out product, drugstore brand or otherwise, or free perfume sample, I’m done. Who do they think they’re fooling?

    • I feel the same way, usually get ripped off after I sign up for a box I’ve been watching. I’m not thrilled with the box, but it’s all things I’ll use minus the hair ties. Not too excited about having yet another mascara, but I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown before. I loved my perfume sample though, but it’s super tiny. I guess I’ll give it another month.

  16. Well got my box today ,and guess what? I got the September box!

    • i did to, i called them and they sent the correct box

  17. I actually really liked this box. It’s not as immediately exciting as some of the others, but I didn’t think it was too bad. I regularly buy little shampoos and conditioners for travel and I ALWAYS need hair ties, so I’ll at least use those for sure (sometimes more unique samples go unused for months in my little shoe box, so I can’t be too upset to receive something I buy regularly). The mascara is awesome, and even though they goofed on the Estee Lauder sample size it’s still a nice sample. Mistakes happen, I don’t think that it was so bad that they should feel they need to really redeem themselves. Like everyone else, I’m not a huge fan of perfume samples, but it is a really nice, really expensive perfume at least. I don’t know – overall, I’m happy!

  18. Huge disappointment. I didn’t get the Estee Lauder sample, I have short hair so the hair ties are no good, the perfume gives me a headache, and I don’t color treat or process my hair. I’m considering canceling. I don’t like that they don’t tailor the box to your hair or skin type and this month was just awful.

  19. I’m going to wait it out to next month before cancelling. Hopefully they can redeem themselves in November’s box. Ugh.

  20. This is not my favorite Sample Society Box, but I still like it! I was totally bummed by the L’oreal samples at first but then I realized they’re for dry/damaged hair which will really work for me. Then the perfume sample is really too small but it is a very nice high end brand. The Bobby Brown Mascara, Estee Lauder cream, and hair ties were all wins for me. My Major complaint is there is no item besides the hair ties that is FULL SIZE! They should put at least one full size beauty item in each box!

  21. This is not my favorite Sample Society Box, but I still like it! I was totally bummed by the L’oreal samples at first but then I realized they’re for dry/damaged hair which will really work for me. Then the perfume sample is really too small but it is a very nice high end brand. The Bobby Brown Mascara, Estee Lauder cream, and hair ties were all wins for me. My Major complaint is there is no item besides the hair ties that is FULL SIZE! They should put at least one full size beauty item in each box!

  22. I was very disappointed when I opened my box. I saw the shampoo/perfume and just cringed. The Bobbi brown was about all I liked in this box. They better redeem themselves next month or I may cancel 🙁

  23. I am not horribly disappointed by this box. But only because I dropped my smash box mascara on the floor. My sample society box saved the day with the BB mascara. I agree with everyone on the EL Serum debacle. I am fairly sure they have to offer us an item of equal value as a replacement. Well, at least that was my hope 🙂
    If anyone doesn’t want there Bond 9 perfume samples- please contact me- I have SO Much good stuff to trade. Especially Murad and Dr. Brandt. I can’t use anything for oily or combo skin. It is just sitting on a pretty bowl on a dresser, going to waste.
    [email protected]

    • I’ll send you an email. I’d love to swap out that perfume.

  24. I was so-so on this box. It’s my first box, so I’m going to stick around for a few more to make a solid judgement.

    For me, the hair ties and shampoo will get the most use. I’ve been getting so much mascara lately from subscription boxes. Este Lauder is a nice brand, but serums don’t really thrill me.

  25. I will be contesting this with my credit card. I signed up BECAUSE of the EL products this is shady marketing, a complete bait and switch. I encourage you all to do the same.

  26. I’m so glad everyone seems to feel the same way as I feel. After a disappointing experience with my FabFitFun box this month, I eagerly awaited my box today and was so bummed! First, I have short hair, so hair ties are a complete waste. Like other readers, I’m picky about my hair products and am not impressed with receiving drugstore shampoo/conditioner. Perfume samples are like pocket change and shouldn’t even count. Which leaves me with mascara. What a drag. I look forward to receiving my boxes to inspire me and as a way to send myself a little surprise. I was definitely surprised! Haha!

    I have to admit, Beauty Bar/ Sample Society has the BEST customer service. I called them to make sure my change of address was applied to my September box and I received a handwritten letter a week later saying hello and thanking me for shopping with them. Where else will you find that? Umm, nowhere! This is the reason I will tough it out and see how next month goes.

    Honestly, I’m surprised by what happened and I wonder if they will attempt some sort of remedy if they get enough negative feedback. (Beauty Bar, are you reading this? Maybe you should follow Liz; she is honest, thorough, and fair, with great readership. Just saying…)

    • PS — I completely forgot about the Estée Lauder sample, which only goes to show that it is basically forgettable…

  27. Very disappointed in the October box. I’m also extremely upset with the Estee Lauder sample. I haven’t received my box yet, so I posted my items on the Swap List, I listed the Estee Lauder sample as a little under 1 fl oz only to find out it’s even less than a quarter! I already had agreed upon a swap with this item and now I’m in a rut, I hope they didn’t ship my items yet!

    Ughhhh, I guess that’s what I get for counting my eggs before their hatched. I cancelled and have signed up for imprettyfit boxes. They are a lil spendier, but you get to see what you’re getting and have the option to skip a month, and plus you can go wrong with healthy snacks and fitness gear 🙂 I run a small fitness blog anyhow, keep it in my theme!


  28. I got this box for $10 using the coupon. I was sold because of the Estée Lauder spoiler.

    I am not happy with how they handled this. I only found out about the error after reading it on a message board. Apparently they only disclosed the mistake on Facebook (which I hardly use) AND they first said the sample would be “slightly” smaller.

    That whole issue coupled with the inclusion of the loreal shampoo has left a bad taste in my mouth. I will be canceling.

  29. I am supposed to be receiving my box tomorrow, but after seeing and reading the review, I have to say I feel deflated. I subscribed after seeing the last couple of month’s boxes, but this is really disappointing.

  30. After seeing the spoilers, I cancelled my subscription. So glad I did!
    First, they say we are getting a 30ml size when in fact we are getting less than 1/4 of the size. And than to make up, they give a shampoo/conditioner sample that can be purchased at Walmart and can hardly be called “high end”! I thought this was a sub of deluxe sized, high end products – I am sad to discover this is not the case! Maybe, if they actually deliver what they promise, I will resubscribe in the future.

    • Same here – as soon as I saw the first couple of spoilers I unsubbed again. Love Bobbi Brown but hate / can’t use black mascara, and EL is not a brand I use. I figured I would swap more than I kept from the box, so why pay for it? And seeing these photos, I made the correct call for me.

      Back when it was Sample Society, I cancelled my account less than 5 minutes after opening my first box from them. But when they rebranded, I signed back up for the very first red Allure box and was so excited to see the change in direction they were going in . . . until this month’s spoilers. I hope this was just an ‘off’ month before gearing up for the holidays. They were on such an incredible roll and then derailed in spectacular fashion.

  31. I am so glad I only paid $10 for this box. I can’t use anything except for the mascara. Super disappointed. 🙁

  32. Wow.. I feel like I was tricked lol. The last few SS boxes have been amazing… Which made me finally sign up… I spent $15 for a mascara sample basically. I will give SS another chance. If next month isn’t better, I’m gonna have to cancel. I subscribe to 20+ subs.. I don’t need one that’s going to disappoint me so much.

  33. Hmmmm

    This will be my first month with Sample Society, and likely my last. I finally took the plunge because:

    1) The past few boxes have been pretty good
    2) It appears that Amazon is now the parent company; I presumed that this would mean more consistent and better value in the boxes.
    3) There was a coupon for new subscribers
    4) The biggest reason – the spoiler alert with the Ester Lauder serum

    So after seeing this review, I’m thoroughly bummed out.

    Liz, like you I thought Sample Society was more of a prestige sampling box. So when I see the L’Oreal shampoo and & conditioner it sets me back. Also, I don’t like getting shampoo & conditioner samples in general because I’m extremely picky with the types of products I put on my hair.

    Only in a very rare and unforeseen event will I diverge and use a different product. I ONLY uses cleansing conditioners, and they cannot have any sulfates in them. I have very long hair and ever since I got into cleansing only, my hair has never looked or felt better. Budget allowing I’d like to be a WEN girly and only use their products.

    Any-who, I digress … the point is I don’t care for shampoo & conditioner samples, especially drug store brands; for higher end brands I can at least pass them off into gift-baskets for people who I know would use them.

    The Estee Lauder serum is smaller than what was expected so it does feel like a bait and switch – or at least they oversold and under delivered. Regardless, it is the only thing in the box that I really cared for

    It is nice to see Bobbi Brown in a subscription box and I have many of her products – her mascara is a pretty solid product. Beyond my appreciating the brand, I’m completely and utterly over getting mascaras in subscription boxes (even within the same subscription). I understand it is cheap, easy to provide a deluxe sample, and a very universal product. BUT how many mascaras can one person need or use?! Even if we only get one subscription box, they send several out a year and you’ll never use it all. *sigh* I’m glad people got to try Bobbi Brown – but I would love variations!

    The perfume samples are usually toss away products. I normally don’t care for the scents and if there is one I’m interested in I can go to a Sephora and get the exact same size sample for FREE.

    The hair ties are fine, neutral colors, and thankfully don’t have any metal – they just don’t add much value to the overall box.

    All-in-all, I’m just not thrilled with this box. I think for $10 more Blush Mystery Box/Bag is a better value and fare more consistent. At least with that one they provide several full size products that if you find only one or two that you love, then it covers the cost.

    • Amazon has been the parent company the whole time. I don’t think it has anything to do with it.

  34. I usually love my Sample Society box but I was pretty disappointed in this months selections, too. The hair ties & mascara are really the only things that I care for. The perfume sample smelled so bad that I threw it straight in the trash & I hate Loreal hair products.

  35. Now Im hoping they send me Septembers box instead of Octobers after reading all the comments 🙂 I thought the September box looked awesome but I was too late to sign up for it so October is supposed to be my first box and the only thing Im really excited about is the mascara and the serum I wont use the shampoo and condition because I color my hair and Im super picky about my hair care. Hair ties are always good and I hate perfume samples since I can never wear them because I get headaches 🙁

  36. I just wanted to thank you for giving an honest review and saying you’re disappoint ed with something in the box. I find that recently your reviews are doing a good job of pointing out good and bad in boxes and giving good value information. More and more I’m finding reviews that turn all boxes and values into a positive. I find this most often in people who get their boxes free. I also like that more often you are paying for the boxes which seem to make a more honest review.
    Some of my one time favorite reviewers now get almost all their boxes free and I find their reviews to be biased and sugar coated. To be honest I wasn’t always a fan of your site, feeling it too was biased, but I’m very much enjoying it now and look forward to your honest reviews. I’m recommending it to others.

    • Thank you so much Carol. I appreciate it. 🙂

  37. I’m definitely I subbing after this box. I went to spend my $10 credit on the site and couldn’t! One of the featured products has to be in the cart and the only one available on the website was the perfume.
    Complete rip-off!

    • Even if I added the perfume into my cart I cannot use the code. Don’t know why= =

  38. I was disappointed in this box mainly because of the lack of communication from SS about the EL error. Waiting to see what the spoiler is for next month’s box before deciding if I am canceling.

  39. This is my first sample society – I specifically signed up for the serum and am so disappointed that it is 1/4 of the size expected. The bait and switch really bothers me.

    Especially when their description talks about using it for weeks and using it everywhere, not just on spots… Well WTH???


    Add drug store brands and I’m not a happy camper.

  40. I’m with you, Liz – totally bummed about the shampoo & conditioner. I don’t sub to sample society for drugstore brands, and this duo felt like filler to make a particularly light box *feel* more substantial.

    I will say – the perfume is quite pricey. Knowing it’s a highbrow brand softens the blow of this box a little. And I totally agree with you – the BB mascara is the star of the show. I will very likely be buying more when my sample runs out.

    I think I’ll stick around with SS for one more month- I hope they pick it up in November and December. This box was a pretty big “meh” for me.

  41. I was excited to get my box today, but I opened it only to find it was the exact same box as last month. I reached out to Sample Society and was told that they are aware that many subscribers received the wrong box, and that they were correcting it by sending us the right box within the next 2 days. To make up for the trouble, we get to keep the extra box, so all in all I can’t be disappointed that I got to have more of last month’s items for free! Can’t wait to receive the real October box, but I’m a little disappointed with yet another perfume sample and the much smaller than hoped for dark spot correcting serum.

    • I rather have last month’s box instead of this month’s box. I’m glad they are fixing it for you.

    • This is my first month and I also received September’s box, which I’m thrilled about. But after reading your comment I sent them an email hoping that they’ll send me October’s also.

      • Definitely make sure you get another box! I am pretty happy I got another September box since it’s the reason why I signed up, but after this month’s box I’m not sure I’ll be keeping it. I have to say, though, their customer service is great, but it’s not enough to make me stay. More quality high – end products in reasonable sizes is what I really want.

      • After posting this last night, I checked my email and there was a response from Sample Society. They are sending me the October box, told me to keep the September box and apologized. They’re customer server is AMAZING!

    • I also got a september box today and I emailed them they replied in five min! They will send me a new oct box this week so I can’t complain anything. This is my first month and I paid $10 for two boxes.

    • Same thing happened to me. I’m thinking we lucked out because they told me I could keep my 2nd September box and I’m thrilled to have another eye and hair cream.

  42. I unsubscribed. I’d rather put the $15 towards a full sized Bobbi Brown mascara and pick out a few free samples to go with it if I go through the right makeup seller. The shampoo and conditioner did me in.

    • I’m in full agreement with everyone. I only get Popsugar and this sub because I want to try/be exposed to higher end products. I know you can’t please everyone with beauty boxes but throwing in a crap shampoos isn’t what they tauted themselves to be about. I’ll try one more box and see if this was just an off month. Brands should be easier to get for Allure magazine. It’s the best way to market for such a wide audience.

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