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POPSUGAR October Box Shipping/Order Update

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I know a lot of readers on this site are still waiting for their October POPSUGAR Must Have boxes to arrive, and/or to hear back from customer care (myself included), so I reached out to POPSUGAR to get updates.

Here is what I found out:

1. Billing issues. They are aware that some customers were double charged and some customers were charged for a referral box are working to refund everyone. (I believe they are tackling this on an ongoing basis, but again they are behind on customer care emails).

2. Tracking /Shipping Issues. They are working on sending out tracking emails to everyone who hasn’t received a box. (From what we’ve seen in the comments on this site you may get your box before you get any tracking email though). As of 10/22 they have shipped 87% of October boxes.​ And they are working to ship out the remaining boxes asap.

3. Seasonal ​October P​roducts. SPOILER ALERT. They are trying to ship out all the boxes so that the nail decals arrive in time for Halloween. Dean & Deluca has verified that the malt ball expiration date can be extended to 11/15. (I know this isn’t ideal information, but wanted to include any updates).

​4. Customer Service Emails. ​I don’t have a specific answer on how long you can expect to wait to hear back from customer care, but I’ve been told the team has a substantial backlog this month due to all the site issues and is getting through the requests as quickly as they can. (Their customer care team is 3 people). (Personally my customer care request was sent 6 days ago (that time span includes a weekend), and I haven’t received a specific response yet, so I would say wait time is probably at least 7 business days). If you’ve received a response from POPSUGAR Customer Care and can let us know how long it took that would be great!

I’m not sure if that’s much new information, but I know as much info as possible is useful when you are still waiting to get your box/refund!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m starting to see the usefulness of a MSA phone app. It’s a little trying posting by phone.

    I received my box earlier this week. Thursday I received a response to my email dated 10/15 offering to refund my box if shipped back unopen. Friday (yesterday) I received the tracking number.

    I did open the box because the boys wanted to eat the pumpkin spice malt balls. I wouldn’t have if I had known they would have offer me a refund. I thought the socks were fine. They were black and grey with touches of pink

  2. I finally got my box today. The curation seemed off. Nail Stickers, and Socks seemed to be more suited for a preteen to me. The rest of the stuff I was bla about, I’m thinking of canceling.

    • My box arrived today too. It was full of nice things, but I do not really desire or love any of the items. I am new with PopSugar. It makes me wonder how often a box comes that people do not particularly enjoy and how often PopSugar hits a home run with everyone? Please share your thoughts.

      • The reason why I decided to subscribe to popsugar was one month they had a hat I really wanted, and finally after 60 swap requests was able to swap for the hat. I liked last months box much better. The values always seem to be there. Lately I’ve been going by, the price paid for a box, and the value of the items I will use or would be very suitable as gifts. If the value of those items is higher then the amount I paid for the box. The box is a win for me. If not I consider it a loss. And give the box maybe 1 or 2 more months before I cancel

      • IMO the boxes have steadily gone down hill. I think it is different for every one. I don’t think it is all bad though. In case you haven’t done so a good idea might be to go back about a year and look through all the boxes month by month up until now and you can be the judge.

  3. My box showed up today! As with many of you, I didn’t receive the delay email or an email with tracking information. Here’s to all of us receiving our box before the weekend! Fingers crossed!

  4. I just received a rather lengthy email from Lisa Sugar apologising for all of the October Box problems. I don’t know how to share it here, but it might be on their FB page. My box came yesterday out of no where without any shipping/tracking info, and I never received the delay email.

  5. i signed up for 3 months and paid for all 3 in sept. got sept loved sept. now nothing so far for oct. no email at all, no box, and nothing in fed ex account. i emailed 2 days ago asking where my box was. nothing back yet. last months box took like 7 days to ship so unless its already on its way i wont have this before halloween. such a shame.

  6. So I cancelled via the website. Did not get a confirmation so preferring to be cautious I went to the site again. This time it said no account found. I assumed this meant it was cancelled. On Oct 15 I got a delayed shipping email. I assumed this was a mass email error but decided to go check it again. Still no account found. Decided to make sure their cluster of a system didn’t just change my password. Requested a new one. Said no account with this email. The same email they sent the delayed shipping to but whatever if my info is now gone they can’t charge me. Still being extra cautious I email and say hey it cancelled. I have no account according to your own system yet I get the delayed shipping email. Just making sure my account did cancel. Next day I get charged. I send more emails. No response. See email from popsugar think great they fixed it. Nope. They are trying to sell me a $250 box now. But I guess it could be worse because I received the box I never wanted yesterday. Just in time to not use the stickers or socks which appear to be suitable for a 15 yr old girl. Worst experience with sub boxes ever. And I get about 10 different ones.

  7. I’m extremely upset seeing as I cancelled at the beginning of the month but was charged for this box 3 days ago’s a waste of money because I have no interest in this box I could careless about the values I will use nNOTHING in this box…I’m beyond irritated

  8. I’m extremely disappointed after I cancelled at the beginning of the month I was still charged for this box on the 20th wt

  9. There’s hope guys! My box showed up today. I didn’t get a delayed email or a tracking code. I also was never able to see it with my fedex account OR my USPS account.

    • Same here. Box appeared out of nowhere. I actually LOVE this box. Its my favorite in a very long time.

  10. My box arrived today… I never received a shipping notice. Hopefully they can regroup after all of the troubles this month. I’m not ready to give up on them yet!

  11. FedEx delivery manager showed no shipments for me as of yesterday morning but yesterday afternoon Popsugar sent me tracking for my box and it’ll be here tomorrow and was picked up by Fedex on Tuesday. I was one of the people who received the late shipping email too.

    • Hey all! Make sure you go to

      Sign in and any shipments should be there. It’s delivered via FedEx smartpost so usps actually delivers.

    • I received the delayed shipping email maybe a week and half ago, or later (I remember nothing these days!) and just got my box today. No tracking info. was sent. I thought that the box did not disappoint this month.

  12. So relieved that I canceled this subscription. IMO this box has been going downhill ever since the unjustified price increase last year. Boxes are so inconsistent, and are often padded with cheap filler products. Customer service seems to have taken a turn for the worse. YEESH! Good luck to all those still waiting – what a drag 🙁

  13. Once I saw the spoilers I checked and tried to cancel. Looked like it went through but I got charged anyway, and seeing all the CS problems I decided to just wait it out. I got a shipping notice. I’m supposed to have my box on 10/29. Talk about just under the wire. I am no currently inclined to rejoin unless the next set of spoilers is amazing…and frankly I can swap for most anything I want…

  14. I just signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager. Thanks to those who mentioned it. (I use something similar for UPS; I had no idea FedEx had it, too.)

    Anyway, my account shows nada. So, I guess I’m part of the 13% whose boxes will ship…sometime. Incidentally, I would have guessed that I should have been one of the people who should have gotten that delay email a week or two ago, but nope.

    What is going on with PSMH? This floundering, combined with their bizarre evasiveness, makes me think it’s something much more serious than some vague “website issue.” Financial problems, perhaps?

    • Thanks for the tip. I have the ups tracking, and I signed up for fedex, and it showed me that my popsugarmusthave shipped oct 20 and will arrive by oct 24. Woohoo! Now I just have to wait for my second sub with the necklace.

  15. Just got my October box yesterday (10/22) without receiving any shipping email beforehand. I messaged them a few days ago on Facebook messenger and they got back to me that same day, apologizing and saying it would arrive soon.

  16. I am beyond upset. I got a September box as a gift loved it and signed up again on 9/30 for October, or so I thought. I was charged on 10/1 and on my account when I logged in it said for the October box. On around 10/13 PopSugar was at my door. YEAH! I opened it to see The September box??? I emailed them, no answer, emailed again, then saw all this was going on, so I posted on FB wall and they replied right away that they got my emails and would reply ASAP and not to keep emailing because it would start a new ticket? I checked out my bank account and they charged me again on 10/20? They finally got back to me and said they because I placed my order on 9/30 it was the September box even though the order went through on the 1st. I am beyond upset I now had to pay for a duplicate box and still have no October. I want one of the charges refunded but I guess its my fault because I didn’t realize they still sold September on the last day of the month. I figured for sure it would be October. 🙁 So now I have a full unopened duplicate September box….

    • I would have loved to have septembers box. But when I signed up on the 4th they said I could only get October 🙁

    • Put it up on the swap site here.

    • Lynsey, There’s a $20 Nike gift card (no min purchase needed) with a code for free 2 day shipping in the september box. It expires on 10/31. I just wanted you to know so you open your box and at least use the gift card for something free with free shipping before it expires…even if you just get some socks or a t-shirt! Lots of things that would make great Christmas gifts too. Hope that helps 🙂

  17. I signed up for FedEx delivery manager as someone suggested and lo and behold I’ll receive my box ON Halloween. Second month in a row I’ll be receiving something I can’t use! Last month it was the brownie that was expired. Popsugar’s Facebook person said to contact the email but never got a response. Really grumpy about the lack of communication and seeming lack of care for customers.

  18. I asked the question about what will happen with November boxes… still haven’t heard back. I hope they will be more timely. I haven’t been too upset about not receiving my October box yet because it looks terrible. I don’t really want anything in it and those orange malt balls sound completely gross to me.

    • Even with the necklace (which looks like it could be cute) and ten bucks off, I still can’t bring myself to sub to PoopSugar. The customer service issues seal the deal. Hire more CSR’s for heaven’s sake!

  19. This billing/shipping issue is pretty frustrating. I actually don’t mind a late box but getting random emails about my bill not being paid (it was paid on 10/3) and having to respond is tedious. I’m also concerned about the seasonal items and items that may expire. I hope this is resolved soon.

    • I’ve had the SAME issue about the emails… telling me to update credit care 3 different times. Each time I log-in and my CC is up to date! Ugh…. I really think they should give us the November box for free after all of this hassle.

  20. I’m surprised that their customer service team is only 3 people. I thought PopSugar sent out a lot of boxes each month. Maybe they didn’t have much need for CS prior to this. I feel bad for everyone who has not received their box.
    It’s unfortunate that they released the Neiman Marcus box during all of this. It could be that they had to honor the contract with Neiman Marcus which makes me wonder why they would risk a system upgrade during the same month of a Neiman Marcus collaboration box release. I don’t think it makes good business sense to annoy Neiman Marcus.

  21. This is my first box and I think my last. So far it’s disappointing 🙁 Even the spoilers I’ve seen are disappointing (socks and nail stickers, really?).

  22. I cancelled after the first spoilers, was charged on the 16th and emailed as soon as I got the charge text alert. Haven’t heard back.

    I work in CS for a subscription and at the very least, if the wait time for a response is this extended, they should send out an email with corrected wait times! Super unhappy with Popsugar right now! Already had to deal with expired brownie from September’s box.

    :/ Hoping I don’t end up with October’s box and MORE hassle. Definitely not worth the money for me.

  23. On 10/9 I cancelled on the site, and then emailed to confirm. I did receive an email back in 3-4 days, confirming cancellation but saying that it was too late to cancel October boxes since they’d been charged and were shipped.

    On 10/15 I still hadn’t been charged or received a box or shipping email, so I wrote again to say, well since I cancelled on 10/9 and you haven’t charged me yet or sent my box, then I cancelled in plenty of time. DON’T charge me or send a box. No response.

    On 10/17 they charged me.

    On 10/20 I wrote to complain that they charged me 8 days after I cancelled and please refund and don’t send a box. No response.

    On 10/20 I also posted on their FB page and got a response that someone would email me soon. No emails.

    On 10/22 I wrote again. No response.

    Yeah I would never ever order anything from them again. What a horrible company. I signed up in sept b/c I liked the scarf, but now am sorry I ever got involved with them.

    • I’d recommend contacting your credit card company to dispute the charge.

      • I had pretty much the same issues as you Brooke and I decided to just file a dispute with my credit card. The cc company can probably get better answers from PopSugar than I can. I cancelled right after receiving last month’s box and my account is showing cancelled online, so I don’t see how the dispute with the cc company wouldn’t be in my favor 🙂 Good luck getting your billing problems solved too!

  24. This whole thing has been such a clusterf**k. My girlfriend who lives in the same zip code got her box last week and I have nothing. They really should offer everyone a free month for this crap.

  25. I guess my biggest issue is that I’m still confused as to what happened this month. It seemed to me that PopSugar was a much more well oiled machine than this. I was charged October 3rd and have not seen my box. I don’t personally have issues with something being a tad late, but this with a lack of transparency about what’s going on and a wait time of far over 7 days ( I sent an unrelated email last Monday) for customer service inquiries is a little absurd. Then to see the Neiman Marcus box go up yesterday honestly rubbed me the wrong way… you haven’t delivered on your monthly product, but want me to shell out $250 on another box? It has soured what was a pristine record.

    • Yes this. Exactly.

  26. I noticed that I was finally charged on 10/20 for this month’s box. I think this might be the end of Popsugar for me. Any word on them doing anything for the people who are still waiting and waiting?

  27. I sent an inquiry last week and didn’t hear back yet, nor did I receive any email with tracking info, BUT I have the FedEx account mentioned in an earlier post and my box was in fact shipped on 10/20 and is at my local post office as of last night. It’ll probably be delivered today.

  28. Got this from Ramblings blog on how to track your box, her words in quotes:

    “How to Track Your Box: Due to their website issues, tracking numbers (along with all box history, sometimes payment information, etc.) aren’t appearing in our accounts. Well, at least it’s not in mine. You used to be able to ship by reference on using your subscription number as the reference number, however, that isn’t working this month. But, you can still find out if your box has shipped. You can do one of two things. Go to FedEx and sign up for their “Delivery Manager“. It’s totally free and can all be done online in minutes. You will be asked some questions to verify your address / identity and then you will be able to see ALL deliveries coming to you that were shipped using FedEx, including PopSugar if it has shipped. This is how I knew my box was coming today. You can also do something similar on USPS, by signing up for an account, but I don’t know if your box will appear in there until it’s turned over to the Post Office by FedEx.”

    • Sonya, Thanks so much for sharing. What a great bit of info. I signed up and I am hoping that this will keep me from stalking my PS account and attempting backdoor tracking 30 times a day! I am also going online now to sign up for the UPS options. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the info. Sonya! I just signed up for the delivery manager and see my box is out for delivery today….finally! I also didn’t receive an email back from PopSugar so this was very helpful in being able to go around them. 🙂

    • I have a FedEx account but cannot see where to sign up for Delivery Manager– where can I access this?

      • OK– was able to do it and it shows nothing to be shipped…

    • Where are you seeing any pending shipments? I signed up but I don’t see a section or calendar for this like I do when I sign into UPS mychoice.

      • Oh wait, cancel that 😉 I found it. No shipments. :/

    • Sonya, Thanks so much for this Fed Ex info. Signed up and found that I will be receiving my box on Oct.31…. and it was sent on 10/20. They could have sent out the “late” boxes using priority shipping instead of the slow, slow ground shipping. I have a feeling that PSMH will be losing some customers over this ridiculous situation and I may be one of them.

  29. I received my box yesterday with no shipping email. It included the candle, socks, picture frame, dean and deluca snacks, and a butter london eyeliner. There were also a few different coupons stuck in the bottom. Not very impressed, just like birchbox, each month gets more dissapointing.

  30. Oh, and I didn’t get the delay email either. Didn’t know about the delay until I read about it here.

  31. I received my box today (Wednesday the 22nd). I haven’t opened it yet, though, but it feels heavy!

  32. Liz, did you happen to find out what’s going on at FFF? They did reply to my facebook pm but something is not right. They seem more concerned about making a sale for the next box. I’m just wondering what exactly their issues are.

  33. Their customer care team is only 3 people? Well they need to hire more people!

  34. My credit card had expired this month, and I got an email to update my info, or my sub would be canceled. Honestly, I was happy about that. This month’s box does not impress me. I’ll probably resubscribe next month, bug I was happy to miss out on this one! I wonder why they’re having so many issues this month. They’re usually so on top of things.

    • Same thing happened to me and I was so excited about it. I really didn’t like what was in the October box anyways!

      • My credit card didn’t expire, but I think popsugar wiped my account off the face of the earth. However, this is a great month to have a random skip for me. If I don’t get the Halloween nail stickers, I will be able to go on

  35. Thanks for this info– I never received the “delay” email or my box but my CC was charged 10/3. Same kind of thing going on with Escape Monthly– shipping label was created Monday, was supposed to be updated on Tuesday– three days later… nothing…

    • I am having the same issue with Escape monthly. I am going to wait a few hours (it’s only 5:56am for me) and try to track it again. If there is still no movement, I will be contacting them.

      • I am having the same problem with Escape Monthly. I am only 20 minutes away from Lake Oswego, Oregon where the labels are printed. It does not take this long to get packages. I mailed 2 on Monday and both were delivered on Tuesday- one in Lake Oswego and a 10 lb package delivered in Portland, Oregon. A third package went to Ohio and it was delivered Wednesday morning. Maybe I need to drive over and see what the hang up is.

        • Same here – nothing. Puerto Rico was my first box, and it was such as disappointment – I was holding on only because this month was London. Definitely unsubscribing now.

      • This is the response I received from Escape:

        “Hi Kimberly,

        We’re investigating why some of the boxes haven’t updated, but have not heard back from the Post Office yet – we’re so sorry about the wait :/ We’re still expecting the boxes to arrive in the next 1-2 days.”

        Sooo… Hopefully the get to us before the weekend!

    • Escape Monthly consistently does this. They print the labels and send out the emails, but don’t actually ship the packages until days later. Once it finally DOES go out, its priority mail, so should arrive in 2 days. I actually have 2 boxes coming this month, I got emails for each on the 20th. One has not updated at all and the other shows that it was picked up on the 23rd and should be here the 25th. It will be interesting to see if I get them both at the same time or not.

      • Mine arrived today, finally. Email stated it was being sent the 20th. Was not shipped until the 23rd. It’s local, so always next day where I am. It’s sitting in my PO Box waiting for me to drive the 5 minutes to pick it up. Hope it is a good box this month.

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