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POPSUGAR Must Have Neiman Marcus Holiday Box Available Now!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Neiman Marcus Holiday Box Available Now

The POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Holiday Box is now available for purchase!

The Box: POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Holiday Box

The Cost: $250

The Products: The box will include an assortment of undisclosed products from eight prestigious brands. The total value will be over $650.

Ships to: US. (Shipping starts in mid-November).

Are you grabbing one? I really enjoyed last year’s box (I still use the plates and throw all the time) so I am signing up for this one ASAP!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I liked some things in last years box, but really wish (like so many others) that they would include more beauty items. They have access to some of the best beauty brands in the world and lasts years eye palette, was a huge let down. I don’t know many women who can pull of pink or red eye shadow, no matter how edgy it is. I might order it or I might just order things I KNOW I will love. 🙂 (but I did like the throw, necklace, and places because I love to eat heathy and that is a great way to do it. Liking them and needing them are two different things, lol. 🙂

  2. I just ordered mine. My debit card was cancelled a few weeks ago (after all my subs had been charged thank god) due to the Home Depot scare and I just received my new one today. I was so nervous this would sell out before I could get one. Luckily for me it didn’t. I cannot wait for it to get here. It will be my birthday month so happy birthday to me!

  3. Loved last years box. I used the eye shadow, little dish and the love necklace for gifts. I kept and continue to enjoy everything else except for the candy/snack which somehow disappeared quickly. I might get a second one (husband likes this stuff for gifting) when Neiman Marcus starts selling them on line. I hope spoilers are released by someone so I will know if a second box will be worth it or not for gifts. At $250 per box I will gamble on one but not two. Sure makes the PopSugar Holiday LE at $100 each a bargain.

  4. I just can’t say “no” when it comes to popsugar. :/

  5. After viewing your review for the Neiman Marchus 2013 box, I was completely shocked and disappointed (and somehow relieved that I no longer wanted to buy this box). I cannot justify spending $250 for things like a blanket,a candle, some snacks, a tray, and some plates. I do spend a lot of money on skincare, makeup and clothing, so if these kinds of items were included in the box ($650 worth) I would definitely buy it. I am a little shocked to see how excited/thrilled people were about the contents of last year’s box- as if they dont mind spending $250 on a few expensive home items ( and I dont mean decor items either). $195 for a throw and $95 for (4) small dinner plates? I think Ill pass- I like to buy expensive skincare/health care that I can see results with but I dont like to spend that kind of money on items I can easily get for less than a forth of the price.

    • ^^^ bravo Diana….I totally agree.

    • To be fair, the blanket wasn’t worth 195$ to me but it was really high quality and nicer than anything I could have bought at target or anywhere else for a quarter the price.

  6. I got my PSMH box last week and an email with tracking yesterday. #fail

  7. I’m going to pass on it for now. I know Neiman Marcus’ audience is larger than PopSugar, but I am going to risk waiting until I can buy it directly from NM. However, I am allow to change my mind if an amazing spoiler is released. I don’t know if that will happen because it isn’t going to be available for purchase at NM until November 5th.

    The main reason I am hesitant to purchase the box is that I did not care much for my fall LE box. A few months ago this collaboration was on my must buy for the holiday season. How things have changed in a few months.

  8. As much as I would love to convince myself that I’ll buy it and gift everything, I know I’ll get my hands on it and want to keep it all to myself, so I’ll pass… If the temptation to keep everything weren’t so strong I would do it, but I can’t justifying buying things for me with Christmas coming up and already being so expensive!! (We both have large families! And we’re already taking my parents to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra for their present… NOT CHEAP!)
    Again, I’m so glad I’ll have your site live vicariously through!! I really hope all those that get thee box enjoy them!! 🙂

  9. I read this to read, “I still use the plates and throw “them” all the time!” HAH!! I was like wow, guess they are pretty sturdy plates there. I don’t have any plans on getting this box, though I’m anxious to see what you all get!

    • I read it the same way the first time. I don’t think I truly understood until I looked at the contents of last year’s box. LOL. It was a long day yesterday.

    • How quickly do these normally sell out?

      • Last year was the first collab with NM and it sold out in 24 hours.

  10. Have never order a popsugar box but if I see any spoilers or convincing review might try it

  11. If you live in CA, POPSUGAR charges sales tax.

    • Also if you live in MA

      • Thanks. I did not know that.

  12. Just ordered the neiman marcus box. I have gotten popsugar regular sub box for 2 years and this is my first special edition box. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed I liked the review of last year’s neiman marcus box

  13. I was really sad to miss out on last years box because I love Neiman Marcus and the box was amazing. But it’s such a high price point I just have to see at least one spoiler before taking the plunge. I hope we’ll get one

  14. I’m really struggling with this decision! Since I missed last years box, I thought I would for sure get this year’s box. I still do not have my Oct box, and it’s really making me rethink PSMH boxes in general. I think I will ultimately get this box but perhaps through the NM Love to Give site when it’s released since PopSugar is having issues with their website. Also, not sure if it applies to boxes purchased directly from PopSugar, but NM Love to Give says it will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. Here’s the link:

    • I am stunned that my October box still isn’t here either! And that’s what’s making me rethink ordering this special edition box. If everything was going as scheduled I would have certainly ordered it yesterday, but his months delay is making me nervous!

  15. This is too high a price point for me. It’s interesting to see how many people are buying it with the website issues. I agree that buying it from them directly sounds safer.

  16. no emails, tracking or updates about my October box. no way I can support them by buying something else 🙁

  17. I have been wavering on whether to cancel my SocialBliss since I had the cheaper pricing for the three month plan locked in, but when this came out, I justified buying it by canceling the SB before it renewed Nov. 1. So in my own little math world I am getting the box for half price! I like my math world.

    I didn’t have any problems making the order, but I did notice that there is still no tracking on my account for the October box, even though I got it four days ago, and got the tracking email today. smh

  18. I had trouble checking out on my phone (android). Ordered with no problem on my laptop.

  19. Any spoilers yet?

  20. I just read a news article about the PS/NM box and it said that it will be available at NM on Nov. 5th. It gave a link where to purchase it at NM. Here’s the link:

    When you click the link, it’s a placeholder page that says “choose from 50 fabulous exclusive treasures, most priced at less than $100.”

    I wonder it the items are going to be lower valued NM items? I am almost picturing the items as being like the items from the Target Neiman Marcus collection a couple years ago. I hope this one is worth it.

  21. I keep going back and forth……Last year’s box looked so fabulous, but for $250 I could pick out a lot of really nice things I know I would use and love……. but the surprise is sooooo fun! UGH!!!!! Such a tough decision! #firstworldproblems LOL LOL LOL

  22. And by “Holiday” they’re talking…Easter?

    • i believe its a early start for Christmas, tho its shipping near thanksgiving!

  23. I was almost set on ordering this, even though I’ve given up my monthly PSMH, as I haven’t missed an LE Box (sans Resort) since last Fall – BUT, the fact that it will be available on has me holding out for a spoiler. Yay loop holes 😀

    • what do you mean by that it will be on

      • November 5.. from an article released today. “New this year, the Neiman Marcus Must Have box will also be available as part of the Love to Give Collection in special pop-up shops in Neiman Marcus retail stores nationwide and online at www dot neimanmarcus dot com/LovetoGive starting on Nov. 5.”

        • With neimans you will have to,pay sales tax.

          • I think PopSugar charges me sales tax too.

    • Omg, Thanks for this little tidbit! I didn’t see that anywhere! I would much rather order from NM!

      • I don’t see it anywhere on the Neiman Marcus website.

        • Like AnnaP already mentioned above, there was an article about it. Google it. It doesn’t surprise me that they wouldn’t post it on their website – the collection it’s being released with isn’t available for purchase at this time.

  24. Checkout page isn’t working for anyone it looks like. Just loads a blank screen once you click proceed to checkout.

    Sad 🙁

    • I was having problem the first time… then i emptied my cart and tried again… then it worked 🙂 got my confirmation email also. good luck!

      • I tried your suggestion and got false hope…it let me go to the next step to confirm my shipping address…then the next step…blank screen again. Ahhhh so frustrating! lol

  25. Is any one having a problem with their site? I cant Order!!!!!

    • I had trouble at first. I ordered from my iPhone. It glitched a few times but finally processed. Never tried it from my computer. Maybe try your phone if your using a desktop. Hope it works for you.

  26. Cannot get their website check out page to work. Hmmm. Maybe this is an omen that I shouldn’t be shelling this much out for mystery box.

  27. Do they ever post any type of spoiler for these boxes? That is such a huge investment to have no clue what you are getting…

    • Last year, they gave one NM spoiler. It was the Chevron Throw blanket. That was the only spoiler I remember them giving. But the lead in time was longer last year. They announced the PS/NM collaboration in early October and it went on sale mid-October. The box didn’t ship till mid-November.

      So this one announced today, and said it ships Nov. 5th – hopefully. 🙂

  28. Is anyone else having trouble with their website?

  29. I gave it some more thought (aka – sat on the checkout screen with my finger on the Submit button) – and I can’t do it. $250 is a lotttt of money for me, and I still feel a little burned by the Fall LE box – and that was only $100! I’ll probably buy the Holiday/Winter LE box. To all those buying the NM box: good luck, and I look forward to living vicariously through your reviews and feedback. 🙂

  30. Purchased! I have been waiting to see if they were coming out with this box but haven’t heard a peep and opened my email up tonight and there is Liz saying it was for sale! Well, I got it. I loved last years and can’t wait till I get this years! I am just surprised because we have heard not one single thing about it!

  31. I was so mad at myself for missing it last year! I got mine as soon as I got the email 🙂

  32. I only slightly enjoyed last year’s NM box. The throw is nice, but no way should it have been a $200 value. The necklace was cute, but so tiny that it’s not good for my body type. The plates were ok I guess, and I liked the zebra plate. I’ve only used the eyeshadow a few times because it’s very dark and “smokey.” I feel that I could take $250 & with savvy online shopping, get things I actually want or need. Plus, Popsugar can’t get their regular monthly boxes to people and the last three LE boxes have been less than stellar. I’m not risking that much money this time around. It will be interesting to see if it sells out this year, with all the issues people are having with this company.

    • I missed out on last year’s box and loved the Stila Palette! If you ever think of trading it, I’m on the swap site. Thanks

  33. I just ordered it. When do they typically ship? I never ordered this one before. Thanks

    • It is supposed to ship mid-November. Hope you love your first Neiman Marcus box! 🙂

      • Thanks!

  34. My fingers are itching to purchase this box. I can’t really justify it…but then, I could probably manage, right?! I think I have to do it…SIGH! LOL

  35. I *thought* I would want this when it became available, but now that it’s here I realize I can’t part with $250 w/o some idea of what I’m getting. I think $100 is as much as I can bear to spend on “mystery.” I hope it’s fantastic for those who are brave enough to do it!

    • It will also be available Nov 5 online and in stores at Neiman Marcus.

  36. What’s funny is that I stay off their monthly boxes and their LE for a while now, but want to get the NM box if they are going to do one this year. I enjoy using the throw and the plates, and the chocolate bites. I got one box for myself. If I remember correctly, they sold out in less than 24 hours last year. If they adding more retail boxes in the store, good for them. I think they might sell out faster that way, since NM holiday catalog is always oh so lux.

  37. I just bought mine! Wouldn’t miss a POPSUGAR LE box.

  38. Nope! Still haven’t received my September and October boxes. About to cancel my monthly subscription. The Popsugar’s winter/holiday limited edition box was a must-buy for me in the past two years. I would probably subscribe to another quarterly or FFF box this year instead.

  39. I loved the throw in last year’s box, so I just gave myself a nice early Christmas gift. Of course, I probably shouldn’t have since PSMH screwed up the shipping on the October boxes. I still haven’t gotten that box. But it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

  40. I just ordered it. My birthday is the end of this month so this year I decided to treat myself. I bought my first goldenrod tote the large one and then this LE popsugar box, I also have Nina’s box and Eva’s box plus two MSA02 boxes. I’m so excited for them all to arrive! I splurged so I hope I like it all!

    • Happy early Birthday! (And OMG two MSA02 boxes? 🙂

      • Yes two I’m so excited for your next box. I got two of your first and loved them so much. They make great gifts. So your box is a must have one my list. If your giving a spoiler any time soon I might have to make it 3 boxes lol 🙂

        • Thanks for the birthday wishes Liz! I’m trying to enjoy/savor my last few days in my 20s lol. My 7mo old just started crawling this week so I’m realizing just how fast the years go by 🙂 can’t wait for your box plz do hint/spoiler soon 🙂

  41. This was on my must buy list. Now I am not sure because I did not like the fall LE box. I don’t see how they can ruin a Neiman Marcus box. I’m also hesitant to give them that much money not knowing if their system is working right. I’ll see how I feel about the box in the morning if it is still available.

  42. LOL! They’ve got to be kidding! Still haven’t fixed their issues or shipped October boxes. That is just laughable..

  43. Ugggggh. I really, really shouldn’t be spending this kind of money on a mystery box – especially after (what I consider) a lackluster fall limited edition box. But … do want. :-/

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