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Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Magazine + More Subscription

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Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Magazine + More Subscription

Thank you Trish for letting us know about Oprah’s new Circle of Friends subscription program! (Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow are the two celebrities I want to see a subscription from the most, so I’m pretty excited about this!)

The Circle of Friends Program is a little like the People VIP subscription program (magazine subscription + boxes and perks).

There are three different levels of membership, but the one with all the goodies is the Premier Membership ($199):

Circle of Friends Membership

In addition to a physical + digital magazine subscription, plus a gift subscription to share, if you go with the Premier membership, you also get a luxury beauty box, a surprise gift from the O list, a birthday card from Oprah, and the opportunity to try and keep products.

Are you going to sign up? I am SO curious about the luxury beauty box, the item from the O-list and getting to try and keep products! I will definitely subscribe!

UPDATE: This page gives the most details on the perks.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Greetings,
    As I read prior comments from subscribers, I too am disappointed. I joined this year to OPRAH CIRCLE of FRIENDS, I do not attach my credit card numbers to be published, I sent a check in the required amount, I have received my statements, confirming that the check has been cashed, As of yet, none of the make-up that I am supposed to receive has arrived.

    Nor have I received any notification from any OPRAH committee, stating that I will receive it.

    I would like to know that all of this is “legit”. Or have I just given away money to “SOME PERSON”.

  2. premiere subscriber. rip off. luxury gift box contained overpriced facial creme and a few moderately priced items. the 2 people i gave the gift subscriptions to never got a gift card and when i called the 800# i was told they don’t send gift cards! so it’s a big surprise?!
    my “surprise” gift picked “especially for me” was a giant beach tote. i live 4 hours from the beach. i am beyond disappointed and sorry i wasted so much money.

  3. Today I called the 800 number and cancelled my subscription. At the Seattle Life You want weekend I purchased the Premier Subscription for $199 which I was told works out to something like 17 a month being the value of what I would be getting in the MONTLY gift boxes, twice a year test clothing etc. I was told to take a code and go on the site and put in my sizes. I went to the site and there was no where to put my sizes, called today after almost 6 months and was told the pants deal was over in Dec. There are no monthly boxes. I don’t really care about the discounts, they looked lame. So what really did I get for $199, a year of her magazine and one Glossy Box from the show. I wonder how much they will refund me since it will be prorated. What a rip off.

    • Can you please post the phone number to cancel the Oprah subscription? I feel duped spending $199 for so little and do not want this to be automatically renewed.

      • Call 866-399-6820 or email us at [email protected]

        The representative on the phone tried to help me, but I was not convinced that what he was reading to me was the same as the representative that sold me the deal for $199- Has anyone else REALLY got their value from this? I was told monthly boxes which was easy to believe for $199- like ipsy etc
        They did offer to pro-rate my refund, which was nice.

    • I’ve never received a thing.

  4. I paid $199 and so far have received nothing. My birthday came and went. No card. No opportunity to gift two magazine subscriptions. No products. Very disappointing.

    • Call their CS line. I thought the same thing because the people I chose for gift subscriptions had not received anything. They took care of it in a couple minutes and their one year subscription starts in Jan. I received my box of goodies today!

      • Thank you Claudia! I ended up sending an email to Hearst Magazines asking it be forwarded as I could not find a way to contact Oprah’s Subscription box directly. I did get a response via email that it would take several weeks to process and if I gave the names/addresses of my two gift subscribers they would take care of that straight away and soon after I got a birthday card and then a signed Christmas card from Oprah. I did get my box about a week ago.

  5. I can’t seem to find this subscription among the other magazine subscription deals to tag as have or want. Liz?

  6. I paid for the premier level. When I signed up, test and keep products were promised twice a year. (I made a copy of the promise from the O Circle of Friends website for proof). When I called the 800 number, I was told that I would only get a test and keep product once a year. I wrote a letter last month to find out why, but have yet to receive an answer. I wonder if Oprah knows about the false advertising.

    • hmm… When I checked the FAQ page it states:

      When do I receive my various benefits? (All delivery timings are estimates and are for paid orders only.)

      • Luxury beauty box (Prime and Premier levels):
      1-2 months after you’ve ordered your membership.

      • Surprise Gift from O List (Premier level):
      3-4 months after you’ve ordered your membership.

      • Test and keep products (Premier Level):
      5-6 months after you’ve ordered your membership.

      • Birthday card (Premier level):
      Week of your birthday

      So according to the FAQ… they only send one test item a year

  7. How often are you charged? Is it a once a month kind of thing or a year? This should be obvious but it doesn’t explicitly say. That makes me nervous because it says it’s a continuous membership and you will just be charged.

    • You are charged the full amount upfront.

      • But what I am saying is, does the full amount count for one year, six months… So like in a year I will be charged 200 more dollars or in 3 months or what because they don’t specify how often the payments are or how long it lasts.

        • Oh sorry – yep in a year you would be charged the same amount again unless you cancel. Hope that clarifies.

  8. I wish more magazines would do a gift box. In a perfect world Lucky and Oxygen would.

  9. I may revisit this in a few months. I love what Paula Pile wrote.

  10. Oprah can do no wrong in my eyes, so I just know for a fact that this will be worth it- I got the most expensive one, now I’am waiting for it to come.

  11. Do you know if this is U.S. only? I’m hoping it is open to Canada too!

  12. I have always been an Oprah fanatic so I signed up at the premier level. At the time that I joined it also came with 2 tickets to the Life You Want Tour. When they arrived I was in shock as they were the VIP tickets (value &1000 each) at the tour I received a Morphie case for my iPhone, numerous gift cars like $25 toward spanx, $75 toward Tieks and a gift card for a free pair of Lissetel pants! I loved the tour and the items received! The Oprah gift box which is a special Glossy Box was worth about $160. I received the Oprah birthday card signed by Oprah on my birthday! My Premier membership is the best purchase that I have made in years, I highly recommend it!

    • That sounds amazing!!

    • Oh wow, how long ago did you sign up Paula? I see that the tickets are no longer available.

    • Is the beauty box monthly or is it one time for the year?

    • I signed up for the premiere level and paid $199. I got a box of products worth approximately $79, no birthday card, no tickets to anything and then I got a short nightshirt. That’s it. This certainly isn’t worth the money and I thought I was going to get products to try and keep. Where are they? What happened to all of the other great things that I thought I was getting? I’m still trying to send a friend a subscription to the magazine that is also one of the perks. Hmmm…. I don’t think I want to have this automatically renewed and charged another $199 for the amount of merchandise I received. It would be nice if you were given a choice of some products.

  13. I wonder how often they send items for you to test and keep. I’m really not interested in an O Magazine subscription for myself but I feel like her test products will be amazing. Maybe if I sign up I could gift the magazine subscriptions to my mother and aunts.

    • It appears the test/keep gifts are once or twice in the year. And if you get the Premier membership then it includes two gift subscriptions.

      I’ve actually never read O Magazine although I think Oprah’s fantastic. Yet this concept really intrigues me and I’m seriously considering it. I like the idea of getting random surprises throughout the year. I’m actually going to go purchase a copy of O Magazine just to see if I like the articles.

      • Thank you Amanda! I might go ahead and try this one out.

      • I subscribe to her magazine and one thing I do love about it is that she herself is shown trying many of the things advertised in the magazine including fashion and gadgets.

  14. I just signed up for the most expensive membership – I hope it’s worth it because that’s a lot of money! I hope the 2 items they send out for review purposes are big ticket.

  15. I just tried to sign up and the system errored out on me twice. Grrr…

  16. How long will these be available? I have always wanted an Oprah influenced box, and what better one to have?! I would love the Premier one, but don’t have the money at the moment. Is it a one time or you would re-enlist yearly? 😀

    • From what I can tell it’s like a regular magazine subscription – it will renew every year unless you cancel. Not sure how long this offer is available for. It may be always available.

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