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October 2014 BoxyCharm Spoilers!

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September 2014 BoxyCharm Spoilers!

We have two spoilers for the October 2014 Boxycharm box:

October 2014 BoxyCharm Spoilers! Palette

Every subscriber will receive this Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette (value $19.95, on sale for $14.95). And…

October 2014 BoxyCharm Spoilers! Serum

A Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum (Value $48). What do you think of the spoilers so far?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For those that have received the box what do you think? I only like the Palmetto Derma restoration serum and the eye liner which is different it is olive light greenish/gold shimmery/glittery. Ultra olive. Really pretty, different then black at least and it is creamy!:-)

    The pallette is hard to work with like simi creamy, does not cover well. The eye shadow “Be a Bombshell is just a single color. (boring). It is dark grey shimmery almost black but not sure on the pigment. I have several smokey eyeshadow sets already.

    The nail poilshes came with super stiff thin brushes. I sorta fixed that problem, now working on getting the bubbles out. The colors are gorgous but holder and everything really cheap and not up to Boxycharm standards.

    I love the serum, I use it daily and it is amazing and worth the price alone and I am happy with the eye liner. I would not cancel, but this is not the best month for boxycharm but still an amazing deal!:-)

  2. ***Don’t Read if you want to be spoiler free***

    I haven’t received tracking yet, but if the box arrives before Halloween I want to use the nail polish with the PopSugar nail art. I’m concern because I can’t find any information about the laquer company on the internet. It concerns me. Any thoughts on this?

  3. Is anyone else still waiting on tracking?? Many people posted to FB that they are still waiting today! Then they post they ship within 5-10 business days but I paid the beginning of the month. Some people paid later and received there confirmation already and others are in the same boat as me, playing the waiting game. They started shipping the night of the 14th. Now that it is Friday, I will have to wait until Monday to know anything. I did email customer service Monday (4 days ago) and have not heard anything back. I also cashed in charms for the Tarte cheek stain so I am excited to get my box and see what else is included. =(

    • I’m still waiting on tracking and it’s the 21st! I paid on the 8th, so you’d think… doesn’t look like anyone else has gotten it yet either though. Harumph.

      • My box was shipped on the 14th and I received it on Oct. 21. So, it took a week to get to me, just to give you an idea (I am on the West Coast). I think I paid earlier in the month though (Oct. 3) and I did get a confirmation shipping e-mail. It is taking awhile. I hope you get your boxes soon!

  4. The September and October box is taking longer than usual. The September box I did not receive confirmation of shipping and I received the box partially crushed. That’s a post office issue, but hopefully the October one is handled with care. Now I have received shipping confirmation for October. And once again my box is stuck in Orlando, FL for the past two days. I live in the same city they shipped it from. I could have picked up the box at their location with no problem. OR pay for shipping. BoxyCharm needs a better system when it comes to shipping out their items and notifying their customers as well.

  5. This is my first month. For some reason I thought that this box ships earlier in the month. All it said after I paid is that I will receive the box in 5-10 business days. Is there a set shipping date for BoxyCharm?

    • No. They have no specific ship date. The last two months shipping has been slow but this month has been the latest mine has ever shipped! I am still waiting on shipping. It has also been the first month they haven’t responded to my email yet so I do not even know if they are going to even respond period.

      • Thank you for letting me know!

  6. I’m very excited to receive my 1st of many BoxyCharms. I have received so many beauty subs this month and still waiting on a couple more. I am starting to decide which ones to keep and which to let go. It’s worth spending the extra $ to receive deluxe or full size products and I would live to find just a couple subscriptions that cover skincare and makeup mainly. Decisions, decisions, decisions….

  7. Boxycharm has easily become one of my favorite subs! Full sizes and the value usually equals $100 sometimes more. I also love the variety, they don’t send eye liner every month and other repeats. A great example is the concealer and face care and last month’s perfume but they mostly send makeup which os great. I wouldn’t mind one skin care item each month and I’ve read great things about the Palmetto derma and great reviews. I haven’t gotten bored with this subscription which sometimes happen. Plus the brands are awesome!

    Someone posted to there facebook that the pallette is bigger then the normal boxycharm box because they have it and compared it. I’m not sure if it’s true or not but seems likely since some people are redeeming products this month from points they sent 2000 points out to the people that had damaged perfume or eye shadow. The items if unable to fit in the box they send separate.

    I received two boxes last month. Both perfumes were fine and one eye shadow was damaged and one was perfectly fine. They gave me 2000 pts and I had exactly 1000 pts saved up from reviewing items and purchased a Tarte Cheek stain so I’m excited to try that. The box filling also looks black and orange so very cute!

    I think it would be a neat idea for subs to throw in a few pieces of candy in the box. I keep thinking ipsy os going to do this because of there “candy” theme and on Facebook they keep asking candy questions. Like what’s your favorite candy is what they asked, etc. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, could just deal with the theme but has anyone thought what a cool concept. I heard Julep Maven does this a lot so It’s just a fun little extra. =) Oh and I love the theme Bewitched. It’s still one of my favorite shows and I think Boxycharm is doing really well with the themes and curation each month.

    I’m happy not to be on the wait list and hope I never have to cancel for that purpose. From Facebook posts the wait list is suposw to only be 1-2 month’s and no longer then 3 tops but don’t quote me, things may change.

    • Note: They do package really well and better then most subs ever do. They bubble wrap each month certain items like blush, eye shadow, perfume. They do not bubble wrap things less fragile boxed items but that was my first damage from them I’ve EVER had and not the entire pallette and unlike birchbox I’ve never been missing items ever. I like that they pay closer attention to detail unlike other subs.

  8. Does anyone know how long the wait list is?

    • I would like to know that as well as I was taken out of my own subscription and put on a waiting list. They will never see my money again.
      Aside from Wantable, it was my favorite subscription box. 🙁

    • It took about 3-4 weeks for me to get off of the waitlist, I tried subscribing mid September and was finally taken off today. This is my first time subscribing to boxycharm.

      • I was taken off the waitlist yesterday. I don’t remember exactly when I signed up, but it was maybe 2nd week of September?

    • For me it took about 3-4 weeks to get off also, not bad.

  9. I just got charged for my Oct. Boxycharm box this morning!!! Yay!
    And I love that the palette is concealer! So far, I’m very happy with the spoilers.

  10. Boxycharm is one of my favorite boxes. The value is amazing.

  11. At first, I thought the palette was eye shadows and was like, ew, what a bad color selection! Then I clicked on the link and realized it’s concealers–which is much better! I don’t think I’ve seen a concealer in a sub box before, and this palette gives lots of options! Interested to try the other product, too.

  12. Boxycharm always impresses me, so excited for my box this month!!

  13. This is my favorite beauty box and I am happy with the spoilers. This box has been consistently high-value for the cost. The customer service is a little slow, but hopefully with all of the new subscriptions they will improve.

  14. I keep waiting for a reason to sign up for Boxycharm, haven’t found one yet! But I am trying 😉

  15. I get a lot of sub boxes and BoxyCharm is one of the best, along with Blush Mystery and FabFitFun. GlossyBox used to be at the top of my list but not so much anymore.. I gifted all but 1 item from the last 2 boxes.

  16. Yeah, I’ve been on a wait list for a month now. I contacted customer service to see if it would be much longer and all I kept getting was: We’ll let you know! 😀 I’m not liking what I’ve been hearing about Boxycharm anyway. And now a wait list? If you go on Youtube, there are lots of beauty bloggers who have their new boxes shipped to them for free, so they have stock. Not sure why they are making people wait for products that are discontinued (so it’s rumored). I moved on to other subscriptions!

    • That was true a year ago. They stopped sourcing products from third party resellers and sources a good while ago. I haven’t seen a discontinued item in the past 4 months and counting. So I’d say it’s no longer accurate intel. And believe me, I check since I’m one of the ones who originally called them out on it last year!

      • That’s very good to know, thank you! And good for you for calling them out 🙂 Now can you get them to lift the wait list? lol Thank you again for the update!

        • I was on the wait list, then I got an email yesterday that I was off, so I got Sept, and will also get Oct. Kinda excited. My 6 month sub with Glossy box ends this month, so it’s time to try a new one. Lol.

          • How lng did it take u to be of the wait list?

      • I agree with Erin!! They used to sell some discontinued items but NOT anymore. I think before I joined like 6 months ago they did but they listened and heard all the reviews so they are really trying to grow! Plus a year ago it was like all drug store brands but notanymore. Now it’s all highend. I’ve noticed they have improved consistently Iin 4-5 month’s and better each month even with the wait list. I’m honestly surprised and happy they haven’t jacked up the price a few bucks.

        I’ve seen people on fb keep requesting more Tarte and Tarino Tarintino so I’ve noticed they have definitely listened to that. Funny thing is before we received last months box by a few weeks I made a suggestion of an eye shadow pallette and we received it. This time I made a suggestion for face moisturizer/cleanser and blush and we have a moisturizer. Two months in a row! Not saying it’s my suggestion alone; could be many ppl suggesting but they sent me a message and thanked me for my review and suggestion so that makes me feel really good.

        I’m not sure what will be our next spoiler but I know I’ll be happy with whatever they bring us. They really listen to customers and are doing really well.

        I’ve seen them make improvements to there billing updating and other things so they have really become a fantastic sub. I am hesitant with many subs example glossybox because of CS issues etc but Boxycharm has been really good for me with CS.

        I would highly recommend signing up; try it a month as its easy to cancel if you are not pleased. I save all my boxes and frilling/ packing material is good quality making it great for gift giving.

        I have cancelled litterally all mt subs off and on (besides ipsy as I’m pretty new) but have not cancelled boxycharm. It’s the best. =)

  17. Awe there’s a wait list… Boo

  18. What is the third spoiler?

    • That’s a mistake on my part – sorry! Just two spoilers for now!

    • Keep checking there FB for the next spoiler too. They will have it probably Monday or Tuesday. (hoping tomorrow). They only give us 3 spoilers and the next two are surprises. I’m not sure how ppl can resist looking at the spoilers. I check everyday! Lol!! =)

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