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Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon – October 2014

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Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon - October 2014 Oct


UPDATE FROM LIZ: Some subscribers have reported being double charged for this subscription, so I recommend holding off on purchasing a subscription for now. I’ll update again if things change.

Lip Monthly is a new subscription box of everything lips! Every month, they send a new curation of lip sticks, glosses, balms or stains right to your door. The boxes come in many variations, so the products I received may vary than others sent out.

Last month, Lip Monthly sent out the same bag as they did the month before, and there seemed to be a significant amount of feedback expressing concern about that. I’m glad to see that they paid attention to this and sent out a new design!

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Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon - October 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Lip Monthly

The Cost: $10/month

COUPON: use promo code FALL5 to get your first box for $5

The Products: A selection of lip products, including lipstick, glosses, stains, and balms.

Ships to: US, Canada, and International

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Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon - October 2014 Info

Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon - October 2014 Your Products

Every Lip Monthly box comes with an informational card detailing the items included and a note from the company to their subscribers. This month they also included a coupon code for Noyah!

Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon - October 2014 Devine

DeVine Lip Shimmer in Pinot Noir – full size, value: $4.95

JCat Fanabulous Lipstick in FL107 Honeycrisp – .1 oz, value: $2.99

DeVine is a new brand to me, so I was excited to learn that their products are all natural, gluten-free, cruelty- and pesticide-free, and also paraben-free. I’ve been all about purples and plums for fall, so I was very excited to try this Lip Shimmer but there is very, very little (almost no) pigment to it, and also very little shimmer (which is odd, considering it’s actually called a lip shimmer). It also has a strong grape smell to it, which I can’t decide if like or not. This is too bad, considering I think they have a great idea with a wine-inspired product containing resveratrol, grapeseed oil, and antioxidants, which are all found in red wines.

Lip Monthly Review & 50% Off Coupon - October 2014 Starlooks

Starlooks Lip Sugar Lip Scrub – value: $2

Noyah Lip Balm in Cherry – .15 oz, value: $3.99

L.A. Girl Eyeliner in Navy – .04 oz, value: $3

I’ve been hoping to see a lip scrub in a subscription box, so I’m definitely happy about getting this Starlooks one. When I opened it, I simply thought it was a drier formula, but seeing the photo on Starlooks’s website, I think it’s supposed to be a much wetter formula. This shouldn’t be a huge issue – I’m sure I can add a little olive or coconut oil and make it work just fine!

This Noya lip balm is my favorite item this month! Noyah is an all-natural brand, and this balm feels light and smells great.

Verdict: I seem to always have slightly mixed feelings about my Lip Monthly bags. Every month, I see some improvement they’ve made, and usually discover a new brand or item I really like. At the same time, however, I feel that there’s often at least a couple items I’m pretty unimpressed with. But, for $10 a month, the value always adds up well – this month’s is just under $17. Overall, I like this month’s bag and I definitely think Lip Monthly fills a needed space in the subscription box market for a lip-only sub!

What do you think about this month’s Lip Monthly bag?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. great. wish i would have read this 10 minutes ago. i signed up, read this, checked my credit card, and sure enough – TWO charges for the $5!!! which obviously isn’t going to kill me, but it is totally unnerving to start out like that, knowing they have your credit card number! i emailed right away to report the double charge and ask for the credit. we’ll see how it goes!!!! this seems like the universe’s way of keeping me from doing subscription services!

  2. They got me too. I paid for the first month on 11/12/14 and never received anything and then they charged me for another bag in december and i finally got one the last week of december. So far i have paid for two bags in two months and received only one… almost into the third month. Scam. I just cancelled. Oh and thanks for this post because its the only reason i checked my bank account to verify how many times i had been charged.

    • They charge a month ahead. The charge in November was for December’s bag and the Charge in December was for January’s bag. Many subscribers are confused by this billing because they don’t make it entirely clear upon sign up. I’ve been a subscriber for 6 months so I know how it works. I was charged in July for my first bag in August. It can take 2-6 weeks to get your first bag, a fact which is also not made entirely clear upon sign up, although they do say ‘Sign up now to receive your February bag’ and it should state in the welcome email which month will be your first. The best time to sign up is the 29th-31st because then the wait for your first bag is much shorter. If you cancel you should still get the January bag/February bag, whichever you paid for last before cancelling.

  3. I subscribed in October for the $5 box and was immediately charged. After 3 weeks and reading some reviews I went in and cancelled, not expecting to even get a bag. Late November it showed up, 5 full sized products, one lip stick valued at $13 and one Ofra lip liner at $13. The rest was meh, one crappy lip stick, a horrible eye shimmer and a nice little lip brush. I havent been charged again. The bag was nice, but branded with their logo. I honestly was surprised by my experience and that two of the products were good. Sorry I cant remember the lipstick brand and I hadnt heard of it.

  4. Does anyone know if there is contact phone number for Lip Monthly? I ordered a subscription and I was billed right away, but I have never even received a welcome email. I’ve sent around 20 emails/messages all together and have gotten no response. Very frustrating!

  5. This was my second Lip Monthly bag, I received a sample size noyah lipstick in a mauve color, I’ve never really worn that shade before, I really like it for fall!, I actually took my discount code for noyah and ordered a full size one, Love it! Also came with a free lip balm, I like the cherry scent it has . My Starlooks lip scrub was very dry too? I love the shimmer balm though, the grape is yummy! I’m glad I subscribed to this just the month before so I didn’t get the same bag twice, or however long they had it for, hopefully there will be more lipsticks to try, I’m liking this one so far. From the sounds of it their getting better, we shall see! 🙂

    • I didn’t want to say it out loud before, but I pretty much expected LM to only last about three months, based on their performance and low quality. It’s been three months. I would contact your credit card company to have the charges reversed.

      • ? Why, I just received my 3rd bag and it was even better than the others.

        • They have done a lot of “accidental” double charges on people’s accounts, sent discounted and/or expired products, sent a LOT of second-run products that had just been in many other subscriptions several months ago (for example, most of the products in the November bag), and used what appears to be at least one shill. Rachael, if you’re reading this, I’m curious why you seem to comment on every post on LM’s Facebook page, rave about every product, and only seem to do reviews of LM (though I found one of ipsy). They also list prominent magazines in which they have been “featured” on their website, but there is no evidence of those features, and the logos posted are not linked to any articles. I’m very glad to have cancelled as I do not think they are on the up-and-up. There have been several subs who have done similar sketchy things, and those did not end well!

          • I seriously cannot believe this sub company is still in business. I’m a member of sooo many groups on Facebook and do you know how many people THIS MONTH ALONE got “accidently” double charged??!? But of course they will not refund you..only send you another bag! WHO DOES NOT SEE THAT’S A SCAM?!?!?!?!

            I actually really can’t believe Liz and this site even promote this business. Yes, a lot of people get this sub and everything is fine and dandy, but do you know how many people have been scammed from them? Most not even knowing this is there well known scam and just think oops I got double charged. Crazy.

          • Hi Krista,

            I definitely don’t want to promote a box that is double charging subscribers. I’ll put a warning at the beginning of this review and past reviews to let readers know of the issues. And we’ll hold off on any more reviews until it’s clear they have fixed the issues.

            Thanks for letting me know – I appreciate it.

    • I’m sorry for posting my comment under your entry, maryjannedoe; I meant to post it as a reply to ila! Since she had been charged and hasn’t had a response to over 20 emails, I thought it was important to bring up what I’d been seeing. I watched the LM Facebook page for several days, for instance, and noticed that Rachael, who was LM’s big defender here, has commented on just about every post there, gushing about the wonderful products that few people have gushed about in the real world. It just is not sitting right with me that the overwhelmingly negative comments about LM that appear on numerous message boards just don’t exist on LM’s Facebook page.

      All I’m saying is “let the buyer beware”! For about $10 a month, there are loads of other great options that are safe and reputable.

  6. I think I’ll continue my sub for another month, I was kind of underwhelmed. I love all things lip, so I really wasn’t expecting it to be so much of a let down. The nude is unuseable for me, and I don’t need a new clear balm every month. However, I did appreciate the sugar scrub and the cute bag.

  7. I got same exact bag. Very disappointed in my first LipMonthly bag. I decided to sign up for 4mo to save money. I figured since I love lipstick so much that this would be perfect for me,….wrong! The nude lipstick makes me look dead lol. Maybe it was suppose to be for halloween…. walking dead lol. There is no shimmer in the “shimmer” balm. Lip scrub was blah. Chapstick was ok but not one I wo u ld actually reach for first. And blue eyeliner?! Hmm maybe I can be an 80s walkin dead chick for halloween lol. Wish I could cancel but I already committed to 4mo. Hope next month is better… has to be, no way it could be worse!

  8. I cancelled this sub, but unfortunately started out hopeful and bought a 4 month pack. I ended up getting charged twice because of a website glitch. They told me it was all dealt with, that I wouldn’t receive two bags or be charged for two, but last month I got two bags and was double charged. When I contacted, they eventually gave me 3/4 of the second subscription bag, but refused to give me the $ back for the second bag I was sent, even though I had been promised that wouldn’t happen.

    This month’s bag is unbelievably disappointing. The bag itself is cute, but I heard it is quite smelly. The rest of the stuff inside are blah. The only thing in the two months that I have liked was that Cherimoya lip chubby stick.

    • I have heard this over and over from so many people!! There’s no freaking way they “accidentally” double charge ALL these people or when people cancel they still charge them for the next month and then say oops well we will send you the bag, instead of refunding you!!

      I cannot believe these scammers are still in business. I would never promote this company on my blog!

      Btw, you can get the same exact products at all, just like they do, for under $10 and get to pick which products you want.

      • That’s the other thing, the products are so cheap! (except that awesome Cherimoya lip chubby……. the only reason I don’t regret signing up). They send junk… I like good cheap drug store products….. but not cheap products just because they are cheap. And if you are not going to do a style profile at all, then pick more faltering colors for everyone. Nude lip is a very personalized thing and the nude has to be specific to your skin tone and lip pigmentation. You can throw in some purples or oranges because they are fun and outside of people’s comfort zones. But nudes are too personal.

  9. I have a Noya lip balm from a previous box. Can’t remember where. Anyway, this is spelled without the “H”. Which one is real? Looks exactly the same!

    • I believe they recently added the ‘h’ to their name, so they should both be fine! 🙂

  10. I signed up for this with a special discount and even at that it’s wasn’t worth it. Totally a waste of the money. I can’t wear neutrals, and as someone else mentioned, enough with lip balms. I thought I was going to get a variety of lipsticks, And yet another BLACK eyeliner – boring.

  11. A word of caution. There have been news reports about counterfeit cosmetic products that appear to be authentic major brands as well as other brands. There is a huge industry making these look alike products but substituting the ingredients with inferior and often toxic substances. There have been questions about subscription boxes products. I would be especially careful with any product that is put directly on the lips.

    • I’ve seen articles on counterfeit makeup, too, but the counterfeits have always been of high cost brands. I have a hard time believing anyone’s going to counterfeit a $3 lip balm from a brand no one has ever heard of.

      • Not true I got a counterfeit of a NYX glitter cream palette from a subscription box. It spelled palette as “pallet” so that made me suspicious and I looked at NYX’s website and it was a damn good fake, but there were little differences.

  12. I really liked the bag this month! Unfortunately, I wasn’t thrilled with the contents. Lip products are my favorite, but these were not great ones. I have no idea who would look good in that JCat lipstick, for instance. Since they don’t customize, I’d rather see more universally flattering colors. I’m keeping the eyeliner but swapping everything else, so I really didn’t get my money’s worth.

  13. I agree with most of the comments. They are on to something, just not there yet. The bag is super cute, its my favorite item this month! I can always use another eyeliner, but that’s about it for me. I won’t continue with this sub, but I think they are definitely going to get better. If they keep it up with the cute bags and continue to explore the lip theme, I think it could really be great!

  14. My Noyah was “Classic” flavor, and immediately it smells funky. Wrong. Like cooking oil that’s past its prime. I’m not sure if that’s the way its supposed to smell, in some hippie natural way that doesn’t use the chemicals that make other brands smell like something you’d want to ingest and/or have sitting an inch from your nose, or if the preservative-free oils have just rotted out. My sugar scrub arrived open (though it hadn’t come out, the top was completely unscrewed and the product dry and not usable). Nude lip colors don’t ever work for my skin tone. I liked that this box had a smokey eye theme, and like the idea of them continuing to explore theme bags in the future.

    A main issue of mine is that they send a lot of products that it is hard to tell are new. Any cheapo drugstore lipstick has a plastic wrapper (or twistoff seal like the DeVine in this box), just so you know that its safe and sterile, but neither the lipstick or scrub were wrapped (and the scrub was completely open). That kind of makes me feel gross about putting a product on my mouth.

    My sub is coming to a close and I’m iffy about resubscribing.

  15. I love the bag design this month. It’s even more stunning in person. I’m so glad I got 2. The lip scrub is something I needed but would never buy myself, so I’m thankful to have gotten it in this month’s bag. I actually really like the grape scent/flavor. It really reminds me of a fruity wine, very rich. I actually ended up with a decent color payoff. A gentle purple tint. Noyah is a great brand, but I do hope to get more Noyah color products in the future. I received Cherry and Vanilla flavors, but I would have been supe stoked to have gotten the spearmint. I personally love the nude with my City Color Glossy Kiss in Flirty (a gold shimmer) over top.

    Overall I am super happy with their improvement. 4 lip items, a new bag design each month, and their service has been really improving a lot. I love the team, especially Natasha.

    • I can almost bet you either work for Lip Monthly or was paid by them to say this. Just sounds like something the company would say. Next time maybe don’t make it so obvious.

      • I thought the same thing based on the two comments she made, but my response was to unsubscribe from the box. Since I can’t be *positive* she’s a shill, I opt to give the benefit of the doubt, but with a [big] healthy dose of skepticism.

      • I actually don’t work for Lip Monthly. I am a subscriber and get 2 bags for the past 3 months. I like the idea of a lip bag, I like the fact they really listen and change accordingly, and I like the brands I’ve gotten so far (I’ve gotten the same brands aside from DeVine in other subs). I absolutely hate that everyone who uses subscription boxes are always so negative and cynical. When companies first start out they learn and improve as they go, and this sub has made massive improvements every month. The other subs (Birchbox, Ipsy, Lip Factory, Boxycharm) have all been around for years, and I guarantee they didn’t start out as the booming businesses they are today. So instead of being cynical and whining about everything, trying to drag a new company down or accuse them of being scammers I choose to be optimistic and I sincerely hope they make it. Not everybody has to be negative, and no, I wasn’t paid to be a happy, nice person. Some people do that for free 😉

        • If a sub steals from people and sends old, discontinued products than yes I can call them out. How do they accidently overcharge a ton of customers at different times but don’t refund them? Sorry can’t support a company like that. Check out my blog. I never insult or say anything negative about any company and hate when people complain about what they get in sub boxes over and over. This is different. And if you had experienced what me and several, probably hundreds, had with lip monthly than you would be upset too. Glad your experience is good with them. But as you can see, check any blog or message board or Facebook group, you are pretty much one of the only ones. That’s saying something.

          • I’ve actually seen tons of others, especially on instagram who love their Lip Monthly. Facebook crowd is about 50/50. Of course, I signed up after they stopped sending discontinued products, but I really commend them on admitting their fault and fixing that problem. Double billing is obviously a huge problem, but Lip Monthly isn’t the only sub that has that problem. Ipsy has posts every month about it. But, I’d be happy to check out your blog and read about your experience. Do you have a link? Have you sent Lip Monthly the link to your blog post? It may help them fix any problems. I know billing errors happen, but if the customer is unhappy with how it was handled after the fact they should know.

          • I didn’t write a blog post on my experience. I only do 2-3 posts a week since I’m a SAHM and am limited on Time. I don’t love to blog about stuff I hate and put a company down, but that was before overcharging me and not refunding me though. I’m glad you like them but it’s just something seems sketchy with that company so we’ll see!

  16. I had all the same products as you except my balm was spearmint and the eyeliner was brown/black.I lovveeee balms and use them like crazy. Two in a row tho is too much. I hate this balm tho. Its super greasy and pooled. The eyeliner is a throw away… the nude is too light for me. So, im not unhappy about the scrub or the shimmer. I would have been happy with one vampy/plumy/berry lipstick or something pumpkin.

    • I agree I would’ve loved something pumpkin! It’s October and I got nothing pumpkin or halloween or fall related at all.

      • To keep costs down, they probably just mostly send whatever they have cheapest access to at the time of curation. Based on that theory, your pumpkin products will probably arrive in mid-Febuary.

  17. As a side note, to Lip Monthly and pretty much every other beauty sub: stop with the freaking lip balms! They are so cheap that their inclusion cheapens the box overall. This goes for ipsy and Beauty Box 5 and the rest who toss them in as main products. While I don’t love lip gloss, it will eventually be used. Not so with chapstick. Maybe in a colder weather climate (I’m in Vegas) they might be useful, but no one woman needs one every month! End of rant 🙂

  18. Have they ever confirmed the source of their products? It looks like they come from third party resellers/wholesalers. That is concerning for many reasons, not the least of which is safety (expired items, not just discontinued ones). I know Starlooks products have appeared in other subs in the past, including reputable, well established ones like Wantable and ipsy. However, the condition of your product as well as a quick eBay search indicates they are older product or of questionable authenticity. The sub is a good idea but until they confirm sources and guarantee their safety and authenticity (I have zero desire to financially support counterfeiters since the sale of such merchandise is generally tied to/in support of organized crime), I don’t want to roll the dice. I know they’ve been asked but to my knowledge they haven’t responded directly yet.

    • I’ve spoken to City Color directly and they are verified with them. They even have presale products from them through their partnership. They also have an exclusive coupon code this month with Noyah, including the Lip Monthly name in the code so I’d say they are verified as legit.
      The Starlooks comes in a pack, 5/$10, so my guess is these were bought as a whole product, instead of individually wrapped sample sizes.

      I don’t think their products are counterfit or supporting organized crime lol.

      • Once again, how would you know all this information? Who contacts a company to see if they are verified with the sub company? Not trying to be rude but it’s blatantly obvious you work for Lip Monthly.

        • I’m a beauty blogger and guest blogger on a popular website. I check all of my sources before posting to avoid any misinformation. When I received August’s bag and it included an item that wasn’t available anywhere online (the City Color Magic Balm) I emailed City Color to make sure it wasn’t a discontinued item, as I wouldn’t want to promote a discontinued item on either blog. City Color verified it was a presale item that would be released the following week and it was. I like to be informed. If people are concerned about fake products, instead of guessing it makes much more sense to actually find out, don’t you think?

          I don’t work for Lip Monthly, and it’s actually pretty irritating that people assume that just because I actually enjoy my sub that I must either be paid to say so or work for the company. If I were saying how much I love Ipsy no one would say Boo.

          • What’s your blog? It’s not linked in your name and I’m interested because you are the only one who has posted a glowingly positive review of a Lip Monthly bag. Are there any subs you haven’t liked? I’d be interested in your comparison.

            For me, the quality of LM simply isn’t there. It costs the same as Birchbox and Ipsy, yet is out of their league in terms of variety of and prestige of brands, incentive programs, and customization.

          • Shanna, I blog mostly as a hobby to keep me from going bananas and to give me something to do for myself. I’m a stay at home mom, so I kind of missed writing and taking pictures, doing make-up, ect. So my personal spaz blog is (just rambles really, mainly make up looks and contact lens reviews), and I have done a few guest features on the first-time-mommy blog. Just as a disclosure, my views and experiences expressed on the first-time-mommy blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the admin or website as a whole. I am a tad behind on reviews due to my screaming, teething, sick two year old, but have a Sept Wantable make up, Sept. Boxycharm, and Sept/Oct Lip Monthlg review to throw together and publish this week. I like most subs, the only one I was really unhappy with was Julep due to lack of customer service and I felt that 3 products for $24.99/mo was ridiculous compared to Lip Factory Inc, Boxycharm, and Glossybox.

            I cancelled Ipsy because I had 2 and received 6/10 products I didn’t want and was spending too much money trading the unwanted items. (I got three Mongongo balms due to shipping error, and 3 dry shampoos :-/ )

            I agree that as far as assessed retail value, LM does not total near the other retail values, but I feel that’s only because they are just starting out and trying to build business relationships with brands. I really love the way they are heading and the improvements that they are making. I also love that most of the items are full size. As far as the rewards and customization, they have updated a bit. The customization is being worked on (they mentioned on fb) and they hope for it to launch in Nov/Dec. They also let you earn points for video reviews, referrals, and entering your birthdate under the rewards tab on the user dashboard. I’ve heard rumors of an end of the month survey for feedback, but I’m not sure if it will be rewarding points or not. Each 50 points is $5 in the shop, and you get 50 points for each referral.

            I guess the thing that makes me most excited is the potential they show. It’s fascinating and exciting for me to watch the sub grow.

  19. I really, really want to love this subscription service. Lip glosses/any lip product is my favorite. But I’m still not super impressed with Lip Monthly. I know people complained about the expired products, but at least they were big name brands you’d heard of. Most of these new products are from brands, I’ve never heard of or very cheap. I’m tired of the lip balms, chapsticks, nude lipsticks. I was hoping for some fall related ones in this bag. I wanted dark colors for fall, anything pumpkin scented or something. I do love that they switched up the bag and I love the design/colors of it this month. The value is still there, but the lip blams themselves are something I’d never buy. The grape lip shimmer is very sheer, no color and I feel like the grape scent would be overwhelming. I did like the smell of the cherry chap stick though. I agree the lip scrub is super dry, looks just like brown sugar in a little container, good idea to mix it with olive oil!
    I’m still praying it will get better with time and maybe next month we’ll get some nice dark colors or something. Cuz right now I can go to the dollar store and get name brand lip products for a dollar. Please Lip Monthly send us some dark colors for fall next Month or lip glosses!!

  20. I LOVE the DeVine lip shimmer. I’m finding the color to be very buildable, and the shade is awesome, especially layered over the Stainiac sample I got from Birchbox a couple of months ago. I am not so keen on the super grape-y scent, but this was still my absolute favorite item in the bag. Also liked the balm and will give the lip scrub a try.

    The other two items were busts for me, but I liked this month’s bag a lot better than the previous two months.

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