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Julep Trick & Treat Mystery Box & Free Polish Coupon!

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Julep Trick Or Treat Mystery Box & Free Polish Coupon

Julep has a new mystery box for Halloween. The banner says that the nail polish will be Halloween-y colors, so I’m hoping this mystery box is an improvement over the last one.

Also, you can add any other nail polish you like to your cart and use coupon code 15PLUS to get that nail polish for free with your order!

The Box: Julep Trick & Treat Mystery Box

The Cost: $24.99 (free shipping for Mavens)

COUPON: Get a free nail polish of your choice with your order. Just add the nail polish to your cart with this mystery box and apply coupon code 15PLUS

The Products: “$100+ of Halloween-y color and Bewitching Beauty.”

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I agree with everyone about how horrible the jewel heist box was. It was honestly pathetic. But i was very happy with the halloween one. I got 3 polishes (plus a 4th with the code), eye primer, doublestep, neutrals eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow brush, and candy corn!! The best mystery box I’ve gotten in a while.

  2. After the jewel heist mystery box, I wasn’t sure if I would ever purchase from julep again. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this box. All the items I received were 2013 or 2014 and I received five nail polishes all in great fall/ winter colors. I haven’t opened my serum yet, so based on other reviews I will have to see if it smells rancid, but all the other items in the box were in good condition. Much better than last month.

  3. Hi all! I took the plunge, before I read this post, and actually got a very good box today! All Halloween colors, candy corn, hand lotion and scrub, eye primer and nail masks. MUCH better than the last few- maybe they are learning??

  4. Very tempting, I love Holiday themed anything but I will pass. I don’t like Julep. I signed up for a free box and it was so hard to cancel my subscription! I’ve also seen and heard many reviews about the mystery boxes and I will not go down that road. Julep seems to be a sinking ship.

  5. I wish there was more nail polish subscriptions out there, cause I can’t deal with Julep right now! :/

    • FWIW, I really love being a Julep Maven. I love the program, I love customizing the boxes, I love the boxes, I love the many many sales and coupons they have.

      BUT I won’t do their mystery boxes. There, they do suck….

    • Check out squarehue.

      • Ok, Thanks! I will be checking them out. 🙂

        • FYI… Liz just posted a new review for SquareHue in case you didn’t see it.

          I am a long-time Julep subscriber and short-term SquareHue subscriber. If I didn’t have the Julep monthly-skip option I would cancelled it a while back and gone only with SquareHue which I personally prefer for several reasons.

    • I love Square Hue and a portion of their proceeds go to charity. Also I read that Zoya is also going to be doing a nail polish sub.

      Liz also reviews some other nail subs – there is one that just does one polish at a time. Square Hue only does 3 polishes and you don’t have any choice in it, but they give you some clever spoilers now based on a World City theme, which I like a lot!

  6. Oh no, Julep, you’re not gonna get me this time. I learned my lesson after the Jewel Heist Mystery Box. That is the last time I ever order a mystery box and get stuck with multiples of last season’s ugly colors that wouldn’t sell. I don’t believe a word they say anymore, and I guarantee these colors won’t actually be Halloween colors.

    • I completely agree. I also bought the Jewel Heist box and thought and I would get one or two of the jeweled polishes. Nope. Instead I received a bunch of makeup I wasn’t interested in and two multiples I already had. Neither color was jeweled or glittered in any way. My level of excitement went down the drain. So what’s the point of getting a mystery box with a jeweled theme with no jeweled like colors? I was very disappointed and will not be getting a mystery box for awhile.

    • What’s worse is I just saw some of the colors I have received in the past few month’s mystery boxes at TJ Maxx for $3 ea.

      • So they were actually Julep polishes at TJ Maxx? Or just the same colors from a different company… Interesting.

        • I read this and went to the local TJ Maxx while out today. This TJ Maxx had 5 different colors marked on clearance $3.00 regularly $5.99. The Julep color I bought says Sylvia Classic with a Twist. It also says 2013 on it. I bought this for my sister who wanted to try a Julep nailpolish before decided on a subscription. The color is purple.

          • It was Marshalls, not TJ Maxx.

        • Definitely Julep.

  7. For anyone considering purchasing a Julep mystery box – please go to the Julep “Subscription Boxes” section of the Makeup Talk forums and look up the September Mystery Box reviews – the thread is titled “Julep Mystery Box: Jewel Heist”. There are 10 pages in the thread currently.

    Last month Julep sent out 2+ year old (expired) products in the “Jewel Heist” boxes. This happened to multiple people, and there is correspondence between these individuals and Julep posted.

    Some eyeliners were dried out. Some face oils were spoiled. Hand creams and mascaras were past expiration dates, and lip primers were rancid… Julep admitted to sending out old stock (translation: discontinued and past expiration) and basically said that’s the ‘risk’ you take purchasing a mystery box.

    Please do your research before purchase and buyer beware!

    • Wow, I have to say that legally, Julep’s claim that customers assume the risk of receiving potentially dangerous products they can’t legally sell past their expiration date and saying it’s a matter of buyer beware is not just a load of bunk but downright illegal. They cannot pass off expired products as mystery items, for one it’s a violation of federal law and could land them in mucho hot water with the FDA and two, it has nothing to do with the contents being a mystery. Yes, buyers assume the risk they may not like everything in a mystery box but they most assuredly do NOT assume the risk of receiving expired products because legally it’s an impossibility. If they are making those kinds of claims in response to complaints of expired versus discontinued products they are on very shaky legal ground. Caveat emptor doesn’t apply at all in that situation.

      • I did not buy one of the September boxes so I can’t speak from personal experiences, but there are so many accounts at the thread I mentioned above that I felt it needed to be passed along. (I didn’t give a direct link out since in a sense it’s a referral-revenue competitive link with this site, but there’s definitely enough info to look the post up easily.)

        On page 7 (#Post 124) a forum member reported them to the Washington State BBB for false advertising regarding this box. On page 6 (#Post 110) the same member also notified Julep they were in violation of Washington law RCW 9.04.050 (enforceable by the Washington State Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission).

        • I made the mistake of purchasing last month’s mystery box and will not be fooled again. They basically sent out old product that nobody would ever use. The sad part about it, is right after I received my order in the mail, our local news channel here in Seattle ran a story about how terrible their customer service is and addressed the high volume of complaints the BBB had been receiving regarding the company. They do indeed have an ‘F’ grade with the BBB. I think that says a lot about their company. The owner didn’t seem to be that upset about it, and blamed the poor customer service on the out of whack ratio between customer inquiries and lack of staffing able to handle such a heavy volume.

          I guess it pays to do your research, because had I known they had such a poor reputation, I never would have purchased any of their products. As for the nasty yellow green polish from 2012 they sent me last month, and the crusty eyeliner, they both went in the garbage.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know. I got the mystery box and also actually ordered the face serum and hand creme three of them as presents. I just opened it and it is rancid–it smells so bad. The number on the box set is #6442100. I pinged an email to Julep. I’m hoping they will refund me my money.

      • I called them and they were very responsive. I didn’t get any ‘risk’ associated message. They sent a replacement for the mystery box and they are refunding me for the serum & hand creme. I guess it just depends on who you talk with.

        • After reading about this on MUT, I checked my serum and yep, it smelled horrible. Like canola oil….plus there was some dried serum on the outside of the bottle. I sent a message to Julep and they wrote back and said that it wasn’t expired. I requested Jules and they did give them to me, but they still stand behind the fact that the serum is not expired. I have enough Jules to get my next box free so all in all it covers the price of the mystery box. But still, it was not a good experience. I trashed the serum, no way I am putting that stuff on my face. I never complain to companies but this was just unacceptable.
          I agree with others that commented… I really like Julep, but these mystery boxes are a joke. Makes me unsure if I want to continue with this sub. I will absolutely never do another mystery box. Hopefully, they will up their game and make this Halloween mystery box fabulous!

    • Wow! Thank you for posting this. I was really tempted a minute ago to get this mystery box because I am soooo in the Halloween spirit, but not if this is the risk I take!

  8. What are the odds that these colors are from the Halloween-themed Maven Welcome box? I actually did like those colors though I was bummed that I joined right before that welcome box went live so had to select from the normal welcome boxes. Hmmm….

    • 0-5%. 🙂

      Actually, I have no idea. But unlikely.

  9. Not going to get tricked again! I haven’t like most of their mystery boxes and cannot remember one I was floored about. It also became readily apparent that they are used to get rid of unwanted overstock rather than fit the theme of the box. I wish they would fit the themes of their boxes rather than use this as an excuse to clear inventory.

    I will wait and see what people actually get. However, if you are building your polish collections, these are not necessarily a bad way to go. I have so much Julep that I am starting to get duplicates with these mystery boxes (and not of the polish I would want duplicates for either).

  10. For those complaining about shipping, Julep just posted on their Facebook that they “broke up” with DHL and will be shipping future stuff from Ohio via Fed-ex.

    • That’s like jumping off the Titanic and getting on the Hindenburg. FedEx is even worse than DHL. By a mile!

      • You are hilarious!

  11. I will be passing. I really liked the summer mystery box. I think I just lucked out, but I was not impressed with the last one.

  12. Pass! Not falling for another mystery box again. Last month’s was horrible even with the coupon we had. And I agree that u don’t trust what the Halloweeny colors are & when they’ll arrive.

  13. Not falling for one of these again. “Halloween-y colors” probably means puky oranges and yellows they couldn’t get rid of in past mystery boxes.

  14. Hmm…I wasn’t impressed with the summer mystery box…actually I got colors in that box that I’m SAVING for Halloween, but this sounds really fun and I can come out with at least one polish I liked.

    Decisions, decisions…

  15. Hmmm… their mystery boxes are usually pretty bad (& this is coming from a HUGE Julep addict)… but Halloween stuff sounds fun and the free polish works for me!

    OTOH , their shipping is SO pony-express-slow that anything ordered today will arrive about a week before Halloween. Not very long to play with the colors. Also Mavens just got a buncha Halloweeny colors in our boxes.

    Don’t mind me, I’ll just be arguing with myself over in the corner…

  16. Definitely passing on this one. I have not had good luck with mystery boxes.

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