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Exclusive POPSUGAR Must Have GWP + $10 Coupon Code!

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In the past POPSUGAR Must Have has done GWP coupons, and dollar off coupons, but they’ve never combined them…until now! I’m so excited that we were able to get this exclusive deal for My Subscription Addiction readers.

Use coupon code GWP10 when you sign up for a new subscription, and you will get $10 off your first box PLUS get the Kendra Scott necklace. (The coupon will deduct $10.40, and that specific number lets them know to also add the free necklace to your box).

FYI -POPSUGAR recently updated their site, and because of the issues associated with that update, they are behind on both shipping and customer care response time this month. I’m really excited about this offer, but wanted to make sure I could also provide you with as much information about the current delay issues so you can decide what is best for you. Here’s the post with specific details on the status of these issues.

If you sign up now to get this offer, it’s more than likely that you won’t get your October box in October.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The November box is now available, and the coupon still works! Yay!

    • I used the code and it says that my next shipment will be the October box. I am hoping this is a glitch in their system.

    • Good to know- thanks Lana!

    • Well, the code still worked today, but it only took $10 off, not $10.40, so maybe no more necklace? Also, I didn’t understand the waitlist checkmark (actually I still don’t); can someone explain it to me? I had the word “waitlist” and a checkmark next to my one-month order the whole time, but they also sent an email with an order number and date. I hope I didn’t do something moronic!

  2. Hmmm…I really want that necklace and have tried swapping for it to no avail. I just looked at e-bay for only the necklace and it’s being sold there for $46 and retails on for $50. It’s less expensive to just buy it as a gift with purchase for this box and consider the box as freebies except I don’t really want a duplicate October box. Decisions, decisions.

    • Looks like there’s another one–price of $9.95 (for now, anyways lol)

  3. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER , what exactly does checking the wait list off mean ? if I’m trying to avoid getting octobers box should i check it on or off ?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Don’t check the box, its the waitlist for Oct., you should not check it if you want November. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much !!!

        • this did not work for me with the september promo. I got the sept box anyway.

    • If you order now, you will still get the October box regardless of the wait list check box. If you look at and read the text before you add it to your cart it clearly says that your first box will be October.

      • Good point. With all the drama going on, who knows what you’ll get. The dilemma is, if you hold off until Nov. 1 will the necklace code still be available? So, I guess you have to decide if you want to get the necklace and possibly the Oct. box now or wait until Oct and risk that the necklace code may no longer be available.

  4. LIZ ! or anyone, is there anyway to not get octobers box with this offer?, whether its septembers or novembers is there anyway to for sure avoid octobers box? i want to do this but already ordered octobers box !

    • Is there any way to get only the October box and not to get charged for November? So only one month?

      • Check of the “gift” icon during checkout, but gift it to yourself! =D

        • Check *off*…..

          • Thank you!!!

          • if I want the October box, should i select wait list or not ?

      • You can buy my October box off me. It is he entire box.

  5. I love the necklace and I’ve liked popsugar in the past, but after this month I decided to put my money towards other boxes: MSA and MIZ at quarterly. For all their remaining customers I hope they really turn around their customer service department and deliver beautiful boxes on time.

    • What is MIZ?

  6. Hi Liz, when does this code expire?

  7. I received a lot of comments on my Kendra Scott necklace. FYI the expiration date on the package of the pumpkin spiced maltballs in m bod is July 22, 2015.

    • Sorry should be “in my box”. Don’t know what happened there.

  8. Can i ise this coupon for the first month and the ruelala code for the second?

    • No. I have the Rue la la voucher and it says Voucher is valid for new subscribers only. So, you would have to open a second account to sign up for Nov. with Rue la La code. Just remember the Rue la la code is valid until Nov. 19.

  9. I use the code to re activate my second sub which I cancelled in September. It worked. But I have to see if I get the necklace. Since you cannot cancel until you get the first box, the chances are I will be charged again for nov. So all the extra for gifts. Glossy box never sends their coupon items in the boxes. So I have to see. I uncheck the waitlist so hopefully I will not get october. But the candle and the frame make good gifts. Thanks Liz for the code.

  10. I went ahead and canceled my subscription halfway through this month after seeing the spoilers. I love the candle, nail decals and soap but there is no way my box would have arrived by halloween since I wasn’t even charged ever. This doesn’t make me want to re subscribe either. Sad. Also if anyone doesn’t want the bar of soap from this box and wants to swap it to me let me know! I’m all over that swap site for it!

    • I also cancelled after seeing the spoilers – on 10/9.

      They still billed me 10/17 so I assume the Oct box is coming, ugh.

      They respond to no emails.

      • Don’t open the box when you receive it. Write “REFUSED – Return To Sender” and put it back in the mail. (I would take a photo of this as well.)

        Then send POPSUGAR an email stating what you did, attach the photo, and state that you want a refund since you cancelled and were still charged.

        I did this for Julep once when they had all their issues and it worked. Good luck!

      • Same thing happened to me. I tried to cancel at the same time-before they even charged me and I got no response either. I sent another email yesterday trying to confirm that they cancelled my sub earlier in the month, since I hadn’t heard anything or gotten any shipping info and they did respond this time but said I would be cancelled AFTER the october box. Then later yesterday I received shipping info for my october box which will get here 10/29. Not sure what’s going on with them…

  11. I just resubscribed using the GWP10 code and bought the 3-month plan. I left the Waitlist box checked so, hopefully, I will get the November box. This brought my price per box to $33.15 each. I like the quality of Popsugar and think it’s worth that price.

    • I did the same thing. I actually thought the October box is cute, and since I haven’t get one, thought I should get it, instead of trying to swap for things. I know a lot of people are disappointed by the shipping delays, and I can understand their frustration. I simply think that the quality and curation is simply unique enough that I can overlook the issues.

  12. I am so tempted but I still haven’t received my October box (no shipping, no e-mails) nothing. I am over all the October box drama and not sure if I want to get involved again. I think I’ll wait it out until they work out their issues….or at least until I get my October box. I am surprised they keep offering new promos and boxes, seems like they need to just focus on getting boxes out to their existing subscribers…and with 3 CS reps to handle all this, they are definitely understaffed.

  13. This would persuade me to sub (atleast for one box), but I can’t for the life of me find where the sign up page is?!? Am I crazy? HELP!

  14. $10 and a cheap necklace is in no universe whatsoever tempting enough to make me get involved with these people again. Not to mention, I’d be shocked if they really sent the necklace.

    Also? They should be using their 3 (THREE!!!) CS reps to answer emails, not make up new bribes to lure the ubsuspecting into their web of incompetence.

  15. They should really just give this to all their current subscribers anyway. I’d like to cancel and resub to get this, but since I haven’t gotten my October box yet, and no sign of any kind of delay email or shipping update (even after signing up for sups and fedex accounts), IDK what to do. Still waiting to here from CS.

  16. it will probably only work on october b/c im betting it’s a limited quantity opportunity. i just signed up and for the LIFE of me i could not set different billing and shipping addresses. woof. but it worked so that’s a bonus. too bad i also ordered one yesterday without the promo. i reached out to custy service to see if they would honor it but am expecting the code to “sell out” before they get a chance to answer me.

  17. Do we know how long this code will last? Currently the site says if you subscribe you will get October. I’m not really interested in the October box.

    • It should be for a week or while supplies last. I’ll let you know if that changes.

  18. Thanks Liz! I can deal with slow shipping since I know I have that necklace coming my way 🙂

  19. If we are already members, can we still use this code? Thanks!

    • No it wont work for current subscribers. You can unsubscribe then resubscribe with a different email though.

  20. This is a great deal for new subscribers but I do think it would be great for Popsugar to offer a special for the current subscribers that are dealing with the shipping and billing issues this month. I still have no indication of when I might get my box or when it may even ship and it’s kinda frustrating.

  21. Thanks Liz it works for the 3 month too! That brings it down to 33.15 a box. Another win thanks to Y O U!

  22. Oh, this just gets better. I went to my account, and where it said “Shipment Pending” before, it now says:

    Here you can find tracking and recurring payment information for your subscriptions. You can also manage your billing and shipping information from this tab.

    *Please note that tracking information for any purchases made prior to September 16, 2014 will not be displayed below. Your tracking information will be displayed starting with your October 2014 box.

    For members who subscribed after September 16, 2014, the tracking information displayed below will include your September 2014 box.

    If you have any question regarding your purchase history, please contact [email protected] and we are happy to assist.”

    No shipping information, no order information, and no place to cancel my subscription. WTF?

    • And thanks to whomever suggested checking w/fedex – turns out my box was shipped yesterday. Of course, they’re saying it’s going to take until Tuesday to get from CT to MA, but still, at least it’s something.

      Still peeved, however.

  23. Will this only work for the October box? I would rather use it for November. Thanks!

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