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Complete POPSUGAR Must Have October 2014 Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR Must Have September spoilers!!

In addition to the first three spoilers revealed yesterday, we now have the complete list of items in the October POPSUGAR Must Have box!! (Thank you Amanda, Kathy and Vanessa for alerting us to this unboxing video!)

Complete POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers

Butter London Wink Eye Pencil Crayon Value $18

Happy Socks Value $12

Nailed Kit nail art Value $8

Isaac Jacobs Acrylic Magnet Photo Frame Value $20?

And if you didn’t see the first post, here are the original spoilers:

Popsugar Must Have october Spoilers

k. hall designs Shea Butter / Olive Oil Soap – Value $10

Mine Chalkboard Soy Message Ceramic Candle – Value $24

Dean & Deluca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs – Value $5.50

What do you think of the complete POPSUGAR spoilers? If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m curious as to how many folks unsubscribed because of the contents of this months box and/or the customer service. I’m actually surprised at the number of people on here alone who are unhappy (count me as one). When someone mentioned they were deleting comments on Facebook, I didn’t believe it, then my comments were deleted, LOL!

    I’m also curious to hear Liz’ opinion (as well as that of other bloggers) about what is happening. It is hard not to notice the silence regarding the customer service and billing & shipping issue from various different bloggers. I’m wondering if this is an issue of business practice. I guess when you factor in that most of us were guided toward this subscription by bloggers, it only stands to reason that when something goes this bad, perhaps those who referred us would comment.

    • I did not know that facebook comments have been deleted. (In general I think that’s always a bad business practice).

      Anyway, I just reached out to my contact at POPSUGAR to learn more about the shipping delays and I’ll post if I get any updates. My impression so far has been that the new site launch has caused some issues and delayed everything. (I could be wrong – just my personal guess). Hope that is somewhat helpful!

      • Thanks, Liz.

        As Leah mentioned, I’m afraid this is sounding like all the other subscription box companies that went under shortly after behaving this way. I can’t imagine it is good for a business to lose so many subscribers. Sure, their website, email system, billing system (a lot of systems) may have slowed to a crawl with the “update,” but that is still no excuse to treat subscribers so poorly. An email should have been sent immediately informing us there were problems, and then again to assure us that nothing was wrong but a simple “delay.”

        No matter what, they’ve lost customers – me included. Now I just need something to replace it, since I had cancelled EVERYTHING and kept this one 🙁

        • FabFitFun and Fancy are becoming my go-to’s, with the MSA quarterly a very high possibility now that I’ve seen the first box. That should more than make up for this one. I haven’t decided if I’m giving PopSugar a month to get their act together or not (I tend to give them any box 1 mess up before I cancel), but when I am willing to swap the entire box without opening it, that is always a really bad sign.

  2. Well, that was short-lived. I cancelled one PSMH subscription yesterday, fully expecting that I would get the October box but instead it cancelled me right away and marked my billing as N/A. Sure enough, I hadn’t been charged yet. That just got me thinking today that I only really like the Butter London eye pencil. For the $80 I was going to spend on these 2 subs, I could buy 4 of the pencils in any color I wanted. So, that was the end of the 2nd PSMH subscription today. Again, my billing is marked N/A and I don’t expect I will be billed. I’ll keep my eye on it just in case.

  3. Boo. Not impressed. At all. I won’t use anything in it–who wants to swap?

  4. I don’t mind the contents of the box. But at the same time, I don’t subscribe and this isn’t tempting me. When I have signed up for boxes in the past, it was always with an eye towards getting great value on products I would use anyway.

    So beauty boxes were usually worth it because I would have to buy makeup, skincare, and haircare anyway. MeowBox was worth it because I would have bought cat toys and treats anyway. Food boxes were always a little close on the value but I could take items in my lunch or for a snack.

    I just haven’t really been able to justify boxes that contained stuff I kind of liked but didn’t really need.

  5. Popsugar called it in this month. What do you get someone when you don’t want to put a lot of thought and time into something – a candle and picture frame. I guess that is what bothers me about this box – not so much the items but I feel like there was not a whole lot of thought put into it. I guess with all their website issues they were too exhausted to come up with a creative, thoughtful box.

    • You’re so right!

    • you hit the nail on the head! i opened up my box & was just so disappointed. the candy was tasty but that was only valued at $5.75 so i basically just wasted the rest of my money…

  6. Has anyone received tracking info yet? On Facebook they keep saying that there are no problems and no delays, but it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

    • I hadn’t been charged and I emailed them last Wednesday. I still haven’t heard back so this morning I cancelled. Something is definitely up. It’s pretty disappointing that they can’t just say, hey we’re working on some things and there may be a slight delay. That works a lot better for me than denial.

      • I cancel yesterday, when they step up from whatever it is they are going trought Ill subscribe again. The crazy thing is in my payment section it says I was bill 10/5 but nothing in my bank account says they did. On top of all that they still havent fix my issue, and keep putting off and off.

        • I must be the only who has paid for this box. The payment charged to my card on Oct 1st. I’m disappointed in this box because although I can gift the items, they are not items that I want at this time for myself.

          • My account said the same as Vianny. Says I paid on 10/3 but I have no charge on my bank account. Oh well, I agree I will come back once they sort out their issues. Sorry to see Popsugar have all of these problems, they seemed to be the most reliable.

  7. Personally I think this is a great box and I will use all the items. My daughter will love the socks so they will be going in her stocking. I adore the candle and hope it comes before Halloween so I can add it to my décor. The eye pencil’s fate depends on the color, but it will go to either myself or my daughter. My husband loves bar soap: Boom! another stocking item! I can never get enough picture frames and I love that this one seems so easy to change out the pictures. I’m not really a nail art person but I have been wanting to try some wraps and Halloween seems like the perfect time to get campy with my manicure. I just hope it arrives in time, I usually receive my box by the 15th.
    Oh and the chocolates are going straight to my a$$.

  8. last months box was all about the fall coming. What item does every girl need? A new scarf. and if you get the LE box… well 2… So they had a high priced scarf and a lot of little other things. Oct. is about fun decorations, wonderful smells, tricks and treats. I think that is what they were trying to do in this one. Have a fun box. Just like their fitness box. I LOVED the scarf in the last box. This box is cute. I would not call it crap at all. Not going to like every box. It’s still a cute little box.

  9. I like it. I think its a nice box. I don’t expect the world for $40. 🙂 I do hope i get the box before halloween though, otherwise the nail decals seem pointless.

  10. As much as I like a lot of items in the box, I just don’t love them. Better to save the $40 this time around for me.

  11. As much as I like a lot of items in the box, I just don’t love them. Better to save the $40 this time around for me.

  12. Kinda surprised by all the comments about value… like double what you are spending isn’t good enough. Either way lots of comments last month asked for socks and here they are and still not good enough. I think box fits theme and is super practical. Will probably only gift or trade one item. Don’t like it as much but it’s value is still twice what was spent.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I know that in the post about what people would like in the next MSA box, a ton of people said socks, candles & picture frames. All 3 of those items are in this box & people are still upset. I don’t get it. Anyways, I’m happy with this box. I’m not sure if I like 1 big item surrounded by items of lesser value or having it more spread out, but I’m happy either way 🙂

      • It isn’t anymore spread out than it normally is. If you take last months box and take out the big ticket item then this box and that box both have 7 items and a value of $97. Exactly same value but no big ticket item. But last months box did have that extra 8th item which was the big ticket item. And I guess if I were honest, I’m okay with this box, I just really hate those socks. I’m just not excited about it.

      • I am with you girls. The socks are crazy and that for me is a win. I am thinking about gifting the picture frame. I am also thinking about gifting the candle. I love the candle. it is so cute. But at the same time, Christmas is right around the corner. I hate food in the boxes but I will have to give the malt balls a try. love eyeliner. Love soap and the nail art my girls will love. So, this is the first time that I will use or gift everything in my box. I am happy I used my coupon and ordered a few days ago. 🙂

        • I Know right? I love crazy socks and while I am a grown woman I always have socks to match the holiday/season. Today i have on a pair of gray black and orange striped socks with sparkly hearts and skull and crossbones. Black is too boring. Who cares if they aren’t visible, it’s just fun. Besides they are SOCKS.

    • The value comments are the most surprising to me as well. I’m a girl that loves a good sale and this is pretty great value for $40. I always try to compare a monthly PopSugar box to what kind of haul I could walk away with for $40 from Target. PopSugar wins. The candle, soap and candy brands are all new to me and I actually really like everything in the box this month. The only thing that I’m meh about is the Butter pencil, but that’s because I’m already using a Butter black eyeliner (some other sub sent it to me not too long ago and I love it) and while it’s a great quickie liner for me I’m not in need of a new one. Either way, this box looks like another nice box of finds and I always like the items way more in person versus eyeing them via spoilers.

      • Ah! I like the Target comparison. I’m going to have to keep that in mind when weighing the box value.

  13. Wow, these spoilers are really disappointing. The last two boxes were awesome (loved the kendra Scott earrings and tilo scarf!) but the October box looks like a huge bummer. If anything, it’s a box full of stocking stuffers that can be regifted this Christmas…

  14. After seeing the spoiler, I sent PS an email asking them not to send a box. If i get one, i hope they allow a return. I dont care for one single item in this box.

    • I don’t think you can return the box. The idea behind these boxes is that you take the risk of not liking some of the items. You have to weigh the possible risk/reward before signing up. There is no guarantee other than the retail value of the box will be more than you paid for it.

  15. Ugh, looks like this month is a total loss, they’ve got one more month to redeem themselves before I cancel my subscription. Ended up trading most of last month’s box, was hoping this month would make up for it, no luck.

  16. I’m not too impressed, either. Most of the items will go to the gift pile. the frame looks nice, and since I don’t use frames, I’ll probably try to swap since others have mentioned they want more (though I’ve never swapped before– kind of nervous to try it out lol).

    Usually I’m really excited about at least ONE item in the box– this time, most of it is just okay. I’ll use a few things (soap, candle, socks), but nothing grabs me this month. Maybe there will be an extra or two that wasn’t in the blogger’s box– sometimes there’s an extra coupon code/gift card they don’t get. I love those– it’s like getting to pick out your own present!

    And I can’t wait for a MSA02 spoiler!! The MSA01 was my favorite subscription box ever.

  17. I think this is a great box! This is my fifth month subscribing to Popsugar and I’ve liked all of the monthly boxes. The only box I did not care for was the Fall Special Edition box. I’m not into nail wraps, but these are fun for Halloween. I just hope the box arrives soon so I can use them before Halloween!

  18. I think this box would be worth about $40 to me. I can always use socks. They are selling for $8.40 on their website on sale. I think the candle is cool but I try to only buy candles that are clear because I like to see the flame when it burns down. But I would love to try it for the scent. I wonder how big the picture frame is. I wouldn’t be unhappy if I received this but don’t think I will go out of my way to order it.

  19. Didn’t buy one thank goodness. This is a worthless box.

  20. This box is useless to me. I really this I have to cancel after this one.

  21. Yikes, SO glad I cancelled for this month. I usually love PopSugar’s boxes (last month’s designer ombre scarf is my favorite box item of all time!) , but except for the eyeliner and maybe the soap, the items in this one seem rather junky and uninspired to me. The socks look downright tacky, or more for a 12 year old rather than a grown woman. Of the two items that I do like, well I have enough eye liners right now and don’t even use bar soap, I’d have to gift it, so no way would this box be worth $39 to me.

  22. You know you guys are right. I think I’ll appreciate it much more when it actually arrives. Sometimes I think the box doesn’t look good by the spoilers and then when it arrives its totally different. I really do like the candle and the socks and the boys will appreciate the nail decals. to play with not for their nails. I just hope it arrives before halloween. So we can play with the nail stickers, which I am sure it will. Thanks, now I’m feeling better about this box!

  23. I agree. No “wow” factor but all nice items that will get used. My husband loves maltballs so those will go to him. I use candles everyday so that is a win. I am not big into bar soap but I am excited to give this one a try. I have tons of pics of my boys that need to get framed. I have never used nail decals before but I love Halloween so that will be fun to try. I love eyeliners, can never have enough. The only thing I don’t love is the socks just because the animal print is not my style so I’ll swap those….or wear them in my new JustFab boots!

  24. While I also was not thrilled with this box after the fabulous September box, I do have to remember I am paying only $39 which makes it a great value nonetheless! Plus with holidays around the corner I can gift almost everything which makes popsugar so great.

  25. While I’m not over the moon about this box, can I just say that they nailed October? Yay for seasonally appropriate boxes!

  26. I guess I am in the minority here, but I think this box looks great! I have been disappointed by the boxes lately and this looks WAY better. I like the idea of several mid-range items instead of one high-value item that may or may not appeal to me.

  27. This box is definitely different than last month but I think its full of fun goodies. I ve actually been gifted several of those mine chalkboard candles, all the scents I have received have been lovely and not overpowering. The gardenia one surprised me because that scent can be strong for me but in the candle it was really lovely. The candles make lovely gifts. I also own the frame (another teacher gift lol) and I m super excited to get another one. It holds 2 photos and looks very pretty on display. Also makes a lovely gift, I received mine from a student with a picture of the student on side and a gift card on the other it was such a cute idea to present the frame. I never wear nail decals but those little pumpkin faces are just too cute and so fun for the holiday! I m excited for this box I don’t know if I enjoy the boxes better when they contain a big ticket item and then smaller things or just a variety of fun and different surprises. Fun box hope everyone has fun with theirs and isn’t too disappointed.

  28. I like this box overall! I can use everything except the nail things. I think sometimes we get so use to always getting high value items that we can’t appreciate the lower value items even though they are just as nice. I think all are wonderful and this box was well curated. If I can’t use an item for myself, I know someone who would really appreciate it! I can’t wait to put a picture of my beautiful grandchildren in the frame!!

  29. I am so disappointed. I like having a high value item I don’t have any pics for a picture frame. To be honest unless its a coupon for a canvas wrap, it pretty usless to be I don’t use pictue frames. But thats because I have a 1, 2, 3 and 10 year old boys and they break everything in this house so maybe ill store it for later use in about 5 years! Maltballs/meatballs gross me out.I hope at least I get the bright green eyeliner I have enough black please no black eyeliner or brown. The new Urban Decay Basics 2 palette would have been nice. This months box should be called poopsugar because its a bunch of crap! Hahaha sorry. I’m with MSA02 spoilers!!!! I love my MSABOX!!!!! =)

  30. I think I’ll wait to see if they offer a coupon, It doesn’t sound like this box will sell out quick so hopefully they offer $10 off. Otherwise it’s not worth it for $5 off.

  31. I’m extremely disappointed with this box. I much prefer the boxes with one high priced item and I really wish people didn’t complain in September…this box is a complete disaster in comparison!!! I’m skipping this box and seriously crossing fingers that November’s box is better!!! Anyone know when the sign up date would be for a November box?

  32. Is there anyway that the bloggers were not sent the “high-ticket” item because they received their box so early?

  33. This one is a disappointment. I’ll keep the first 3 items and the socks.

  34. I cannot wait to get home tomorrow and open my box. I am so swapping for another frame and possible a candle. Frames for me, candles for gifts. I wasn’t happy with the lack of communication from Popsugar this month, but this box makes me happy. Malt balls to the boyfriend, socks, nail art and candle to his girls, frame for me…gifts all around. Woohoo.

  35. While I haven’t had many issues with the website shenanigans at Popsugar, I do think it’s a little risky of them to offer up a low value box this month when so many people are already frustrated. It takes almost 2 full weeks for me to get my box once they send the tracking info (I only live 5 hours from their west coast warehouse, but I guess that’s how it goes). If the blogger’s malted milk balls were melted, I’m going to bet mine will be too, and it’s pretty dicey that I’ll get those decals before halloween. Also, is it such a great idea for them to send out these promotional boxes when all of their paying customers are frustrated waiting for boxes? I get the marketing idea behind it, but it may come off a little poorly right now.

  36. I find this box really disappointing. It’s not so much the lack of a high value item (although I LOVED the scarf). It’s more that I don’t love anything in this box. I need another eye pencil like I need a hole in the head. The frame isn’t my style, and neither is the candle. (Plus I prefer candles that smell nice – I am a lot less about the container.) We’ll see how the soap smells, but I am worried that the picture says “Moss”. And I keep reading that as “Pumpkin Spice MEATballs”, which is only slightly less appetizing than maltballs. There just isn’t anything in here that makes me go WOW, and in the past there has always been at least one thing that made me glad to be subscribed. If I could have cancelled before they charged me, I would have.

    • The Mine candles, even the chalkboard ones, are supposed to smell incredible. I wonder what scent we got- or if they vary? It comes with about 10 possible scents. And the soap is also supposed to smell amazing. I am going to keep an open mind. There are a lot of nice items in here. Not loving the socks- maybe the pink is for Breast Cancer Awareness?

  37. I’m still disappointed with this box, the only things that I would like are the socks and malt balls. Definitely not worth the price, glad I don’t have a subscription anymore, but still have to use the voucher I got from Rue La La.

  38. Wow this box is a COMPLETE disappointment. Last box has 9 items at a value of $232! This box though!?!?! 7 items for a value of $97! It’s like they skipped the high ticket value item and another thing and are throwing us a box of the left overs. Plus there are 2 sets of nail appliques, are we going to get the box in time to get our nails done TWICE before Halloween? Probably not. 🙁

    • What were the 9 items in the last box? I remember 8…and 2 of them were food for less than $5…and then one of them was a $25 gift card to a place that barely has any items for under $25…

      I mean, last month was a nice box, don’t get me wrong…but other than the scarf, all of the items in September were lower value than almost all of these 7 items…

      I like both boxes, but I don’t think the difference is quite so drastic. Other than the overvalued scarf last month, the items were mostly lower priced…

      • Scarf-$125
        Pencil set-$5
        Headphones- $20
        Card set- $18
        $10 urban remedy gift card- $10
        Hair spray- $21.50
        Chocolates- $6
        $20 nike gift card- $20

        I still count 9 items and this box has cheap food items too.

        • The Urban Remedy card required a large purchase. I guarantee this box has a promo code or two in it too. Rarely get a PopSugar box without one. Anything that requires me to spend an extra $40 isn’t really an item, is it?

          Seeing it listed like that actually makes this box seem better than I initially thought. Other than the scarf…there isn’t really an item in the September box I’d prefer to any of the ones in this one. Looking forward to getting my box!

        • Ah. If we’re counting $10 off $50 as an item, I guess you’re right. Though I’m sure this one will have some of those “promo codes” too…my guess is Dean & Deluca and k. Hall…almost all the Popsugar boxes have had coupon codes. But if I need to spend extra money to use the code, I don’t really think of it as much of a gift…

  39. I like this box, even without the high end item. I will most likely be giving these out as gifts for one reason or another. Then again, once it’s in my hot hands, I might keep it all for myself. To me this is about like the box we got last October with the value more spread out. The one thing missing this year is something in support of Breast Cancer. I think we received the pink braclet in last Octobers box. I had hope that this box would have the pink item.

  40. The picture frame may be supposed to be the big ticket item. It’s on sale at Gilt for $24.99, but reduced from a $55 MSRP.

  41. I think I like it better without ONE high value item…I like the value distributed like this. I think the theming is on point, and it reminds me of what I used to love about the original pop sugar boxes (wide variety of items, not ONE big ticket item). The problem with a big ticket item is that if you don’t like it, the box is a bust…I didn’t like the scarf last month, so I spent $40 on hairspray and head phones, which was a bummer.

  42. Last month was so great that this month seems meh. Guess I’ll wait & see what next month holds. Thanks for the heads up.

  43. This box does not interest me. I went to cancel it and saw that I was billed on the first. Now why is it they are able to bill my gift sub and yet are having troubles billing subscribers? Most items will be gifts so it is not a total waste.

  44. I would bet some people will not get there box by Halloween. Which means those nail decals are apparently gonna be for next year’s Halloween:/

    • Kind of like last December’s craptastic choice to send freaking wrapping paper in a box many purchased as a gift for someone else, that would be opened ON Christmas. I gifted one and got one myself and the paper still sits in my wrapping paper storage container. They will never improve their shipping efficiency as they continue to aim for the cheapest options available, resulting in untimely deliveries and some worthless seasonal items past their useful periods.

  45. I hate this box…nothing in it is exciting at all.

  46. The socks and soap are the only useful things for me. Still directing my funds elsewhere.

  47. Oh I hope this gets to me quick so I can use those nail decals before Halloween gets here!

    • Same here. I might as well have fun with it since I couldn’t find anyone I know that might want the Halloween nail art.

  48. Was hoping for a high value item but in general the box is ok, I guess it would growup on me when I get the box.

  49. OOOO, I like that frame! Not bad, but eyeliner, meh.

  50. Not horrible but definitely not good…. letdown from the 120$ scarf!!!

    • I know I was thinking there would be a high-value item in this box like usual, but this time the value is more evenly distributed. Not sure which I like better yet. I guess I should wait until I have the box before I make any conclusions 🙂

      • I was hoping for a big ticket item, but I think everything seems useful and I think I will love everything a little more once it is in my hand! Now please Liz give us a MSA02 spoilers or hint or something! !!!

        • Working on it 🙂

          • Yippee!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

          • Best news ever!!!!! I’m not missing this one and any other like I I did the first one.

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