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Building the #MSA01 Box – Tatcha


One of the questions I got a lot with the MSA Quarterly box was “Do you get to pick any items you want or does Quarterly provide you with a list of items to choose from?” The good news (and one of the reasons I wanted to work with Quarterly) is that the sky is the limit when it comes to products for boxes. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll get every item I might want for a box, but Quarterly will try to get it.

Quarterly also has relationships with some companies and brands, so they let me know brands that they thought I might be interested in for the box. I wasn’t expecting to find many brands that matched up with what I was looking for, but then Quarterly mentioned Tatcha and I said YES!!!

I have used Tatcha products for over a year now, and I love how all their beauty products are luxurious, effective, and free of all the ingredients I like to avoid when I can.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Rice Powder


I picked the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder for the box for a few reasons: 1) I love how my skin feels after I use it. 2) It’s gentle enough to use everyday. 3) It turns a relatively mundane task like washing your face into a little indulgent experience.

And – this cleanser lasts for so long! I’ve been using my cleanser from the initial MSA01 shipment everyday, and I still have over three quarters left!

Tatcha has also offered My Subscription Addiction readers $20 off a purchase of $40 or more with coupon code MSAFALL (expires November 15th), so I wanted to share a few more of my favorite Tatcha products in case you are thinking about making a Tatcha purchase:

Tatcha Cream

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter

Tatcha Moisture Rich Silk Cream

This indigo body butter is surprisingly light and absorbs quickly – and it has that wonderful Tatcha signature scent. This Moisture Rich Silk Cream very gentle and nourishing – I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a skin cream for sensitive skin. (And yes, that is a tiny gold spoon tied with a purple ribbon to the top of the skin cream. Tatcha has the best packaging ever!)

FYI – If you want to try any Tatcha item before making the full-size investment, make sure to check out their travel size section.

Tatcha Serum

Tatcha Radiant Deep Brightening Serum

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

This serum has the consistency of a lightweight lotion, and just like the rich silk cream, it is so gentle and moisturizing. And this Dewy Skin Mist is the best facial hydrator spray I’ve ever tried. The mist is so fine and hydrating that it really does achieve the “dewy” look without ever looking like you just sprayed water on your face!

Have you tried any other Tatcha products you recommend? And if you’ve been using the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder from the first box, I’d love to hear what you think of it!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I bought a starter/travel kit with four skincare products in it using the coupon code. I started using them yesterday (usually I just put one new product into my skincare routine at a time). So far, it’s really nice stuff, with really attractive packaging. It’s also very gentle on my skin. And the cleansing oil really does take makeup off. Kind of hoping I don’t fall in love with it, though, because it’s a little spendy for me.

    • I bought the travel Gentle & Deep powders and Cleansing oil so looking forward to those. Just an fyi, not sure how picky you are about animal-derived ingredients (I think you’re one of the members here that are vegan/vegetarian like myself), but some of the products contain silk and/or pearl.
      Either way, glad to hear they’re working out so far and can’t wait to try mine!

      • I am a vegetarian but it’s only an issue for me with stuff I eat. I have a wool coat and some leather shoes. I feed my dog and my cats meat (well, canned or kibble). I’m not really into the whole lifestyle aspect of it, for me it’s always been about not wanting to eat actual animals.

        I am fully aware of where most hyaluronic acid comes from (as well as collagen and keratin), since I work at a patent law firm on chemistry/biotechnology stuff. Same with pearls, honey, royal jelly, silk, lanolin, etc.

  2. Thank you for the Coupon Code! I am so bummed I missed out in the first box but I am subbed to the next boxes.
    Have you checked the lip balm? Its beyond beautiful and amazing – good ingredients too. If you ever partner with them again I hope this item is included. =D

  3. Hey dear! I love your blog and I appreciate what you do for us. 🙂 I just tried the Tatcha $20 off $40 coupon and it says its not valid?? Its not November 15th yet and I’ve fallen in love. Thanks!

  4. I missed out on the first box but ordered from Tatcha and LOVE the results. I think I will order more before the coupon expires on the 15th. Thanks for introducing this skincare line, it is awesome! Any idea when you will be releasing your “cozy” spoiler for MSA02? I am getting really excited!!!!!!

  5. Tatcha has holiday sets I online store now.

  6. I just saw your post that 60 spots were open for your second Quarterly box and my hubby gave me the go ahead and I GOT IT! YEAH!! I couldn’t believe I actually got a spot! I’m SOOOO excited to see what u have in-store for us! I’m sure it’ll ROCK!

  7. Hi Liz! I was wondering if I would be able to purchase this box now?? Or is it to late?? Because I LOVE TATCHA! Since I’ve been using the line my skin looks like a Geisha’s! Also do u have an updated discount code for your next box on Quarterly?? I want to subscribe to your box For Sure but 50$ is a bit much for me right now so a coupon code would be awesome! Thanks Liz for everything you do you have opened a new door in my life with subscription box’s! Before I found your blog I had NO idea what a big industry it was and how much I want to take part! THANKS!!! Your #1 Fan!!!

    • Thanks Missy! 🙂 The MSA01 box sold out, but the upcoming MSA02 box is still open for subscriptions. Right now I don’t know of any active Quarterly coupon codes though – all their most recent coupons expired in the end September.

      • Thanks Liz! Such a quick response! But I’m so disappointed I can’t get ur 1st box, : ( . Well u did an AWESOME Box and I hope I can get ur next one! And Thanks So Much for Subscription Addiction!! Your #1 fan!

      • I was just put on the wait list:(. Your first box was amazing. Hopefully, I will get your next one.

      • Just checked in with Quarterly – the wait list is open – 60 spots left 🙂

      • Thank you Liz. I just ordered the box. I can’t wait to get my first box. Thanks again for all you do. I’m now addicted to your blog and subscription boxes. I might need an intervention.

  8. This might not be the place to post this but that has never stopped me before!
    One of the down sides in commenting right after receiving products using them maybe once is sometimes things change. I do love the rice enzyme and purchased some more but I am a little confuses. I thought it was strictly an exfoliator but now I see Liz is using this as a face wash..I am assuming without a full face of makeup? Also I am noticing that the exfoliating things dissipate really fast which I understand now why this is safe for everyday use.

    My biggest change of opinion is in the coffee scrub. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the coffee “flavor/smell” when I saw it in the box and then used it on my hands and thought it was ehh ok.

    THEN! I used it in the shower..OMG. The entire shower filled up with the most amazing smell of the richest deep delicious coffee. I love this so much now I don’t event want to go back other scents.

    Liz I should have trusted you!!

    • So happy to hear you love the coffee scrub now 🙂

  9. I am sorry I missed this box and am a facial cleanser plus serum junkie and really missed out. I cannot afford just the cleanser without a coupon so if there are any spoilers featuring Tatcha I would love to know and be all over it. I missed a fantastic box, I would not change anything. Maybe a lighter scarf, I love scarves and it looked thick for my taste but all great items none the less.

    I am a little disappointed that NO items have been fall themed with other sub boxes. Really?? I would have loved the pumpkin mask from Ipsy and both ipsy are doing glitter things for November. That should have been for December.

    I love coffee and pumpkin scents for fall. I have been indulging in Pumpkin spice Latte’s and the same with crramer for my coffee. Yum!

    • I received a couple of pumpkin items 🙂 I received a pumpkin exfoliator from Gourmet Body Treats which I love, Splendid Dirt Pumkim Mask from Little Lace Box which I did not use yet, and the 3 deco Lip butters from KloverBox – butterscotch, pumpkin spice, and apple cider.

      I do agree it is nice when boxes are seasonally theme especially in the fall and winter which have wonderful scents!

    • MSAFALL for $20 off $40 or more Tatcha

  10. This was my favorite item in the box and I’ll be using the code for Christmas gifts for my mom! I’ve been mystified for some time about the price points of boxes. This cleanser alone is $65. And yet the price of your box is only $50. Can you do a post on how that works?

    • They get a discount for purchasing in volume..they don’t pay the full retail price.

  11. Several TATCHA products had been on my “I have to try” list long before I was lucky enough to receive the Rice Enzyme Powder in your first Quarterly box. It has exceeded my expectations. Some of the other products that I wanted to try have been sold out and I wanted to use my $20 off coupon. When I called TATCHA to see when those products might be back in stock, the customer service representative was very helpful and even gave me a “heads up” that November 6th, TATCHA will have some additional sets released for the holiday season. I am waiting to see what they are before I make my purchase. Thanks again Liz for the wonderfully curated box!

    • Thank you, Debra. That’s good to know they’re having special holiday sets!

  12. I have been loving the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. I use it almost daily. I feel like the jar will last a very long time. A little goes a long way. It is an amazing product. I tried the cleansing oil from Tatcha and it is ok. I do not like it as much as the rice powder. I also LOVE their indigo soothing hand cream. I am so happy you and the MSA01 box introduced me to this fabulous brand.

  13. Try signing up for their mailing list as well. I got the code “WELCOMEGIFT” for doing so, and it required no minimum order for a free travel size Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. Shipping was free so I purchased a travel size Soothing Silk Body Butter – plus got the Polished powder travel size and three samples – for $12.00 total.

    After that I tried the Skin Ritual Discovery Kit with the $20 off $40 coupon (plus three samples and free shipping). They included a handwritten note with another coupon code off a full sized item in my next order! Love them!

    • Wonderful, thank you so much! I got the complimentary free gift too 🙂

    • Thank you! I snagged the travel size body butter, 3 samples, & the free gift! You rock!

    • Ditto – I hadn’t gotten that code in my welcome email. Thanks for sharing it – you just saved me $15!

  14. I enjoy using Tatcha products. One that is not mentioned that I like a lot is the Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream. I received it in the Yuzen box and love it. I bought the travel size twice. I need to buy the full-size. It reduces the inflammation (puffiness) in my hands and makes them look youthful.

    I also bought the full size and travel size Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter. I love putting it on and it lasts the whole day. The travel size is perfect for my beauty case.

    I use the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder every night. It doesn’t irritate my rosacea. It’s part of the reason why I purchased the Goode Box LE for Breast Cancer.

    I received the Original Aburatorigami (oil blotting paper) from a Sample Society mystery sale. They were wonderful to use in the summer.

    I love that they give 3 samples. I always order a hand cream for my sister and 2 for me to try out.

    • I ordered the Goodebox LE for Breast Cancer for the same reason. I wanted more Classic Rice Enzyme Powder and juice beauty lip gloss!

  15. Thank you for the additional code! I’ve been holding on to the rice powder because I already have a skin regimen and have been afraid to test out (and ruin) a new full-size product. But with your code I was able to get their sampler set for a song and can now try the whole regimen together. Really looking forward to your next box!

  16. Liz, thank you for introducing me into Tatcha. I’ve been buying and trying their products after using the enzyme powder from MSA01. I absolutely love the moisture silk cream, brightening serum and the hydration serum. I just hope they can be more price friendly.

  17. I love the Rice Enzyme Powder. It *does* feel indulgent and it’s so effective. I’ve been using in a rotation with some other cleansers but I’m going to save it until I can use it exclusively so my skin reaps the maximum benefits.

  18. Liz, I did not get your first box (but will be getting the next, so excited!), but I really loved the website when I checked it out after the awesome discount they are giving us, and will be ordering soon. Thank you for all you do, and the benefits we get just by subscribing to your blog! Now, any hints about the next box? 😉

    • We’re confirming the final item in the box, so I’m holding off on posting the spoiler item until the box is 100% – but I’m hoping to be able to post the spoiler next week at the latest. I hate waiting this long for the spoiler – so I can tell you a hint that the spoiler item is a cozy item 🙂

      • “cozy” I LOVE that teaser!

        Hmm, a beautiful, soft throw perhaps?

      • Thanks for the hint! I am just dying for the spoiler. I love all things “cozy”!!! I am really looking forward to the second MSA box.

  19. I purchased both travel set and full size regimen with code from msa 01 box. I love how my skin feels and looks. Thank you for new coupon and introducing this brand.

  20. I have been using this product about three times a week since recieving it in MSA01. Great product, love it! I have used AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel for a couple years now and this Tatcha is as good or better product. Enzyme peels are the best in my opinion. Easy on sensitive skin and last forever! I have never tried any other products by them. I am a VIB Rouge with Sephora so unless they carry a brand, I am not likely to try it (unless it comes in a subscription box, lol) Thanks again for a great box, looking forward to the next one!

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