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Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014

Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014  Box

Bare Bliss Box is a new natural and healthy beauty subscription box. I’m all about this type of subscription, so I signed up immediately. (This is their second box to date).

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014  Items

The Subscription Bare Bliss Box

The Cost: $16.99 a month

The Products: 5-6 organic and natural beauty items.

Ships to: US (free shipping) and Canada and Australia (additional shipping)

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Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014  Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014  BB Cream

La Mav Organic BB Cream – (Estimating the size to be .25 oz) Value approx $6

Zosimos Lip and Cheek Tint – Value $5

This BB Cream looks a little dark in the jar for my skin tone, but it blended in fine. I wish the sample was in a more useable tube though. I tried out this lip and cheek tint on my cheeks, and it’s a very dark color that doesn’t blend super easily, so I would recommend it more for lips.

Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Soap

BOX Naturals Feminine Wipes (2) – Value $1.50

Rain Africa 100% Natural Olive Oil Soap – Sample Value $2?

Salis Skincare Salt Scrub – Sample Value $.99

I originally thought this scrub was a body scrub, but it’s a face scrub and it smells lovely, so I’m excited to give it a try. The soap smells great too – I just wish these samples weren’t so tiny!

Bare Bliss Box Subscription Review – October 2014  Pit

The Naked Bar Pit Cream –  Value $3,50? (Assuming this is 1 oz)

I like the scent of this deodorant, and it’s a decent size, but of course application is a little annoying compared to the normal twist up stick.

Verdict: I’m not crazy about the box this month. Last month’s box had two full size items, so getting only samples this month was a little disappointing. I’m hoping in future boxes they include at least one full size product each month. I think that’s a reasonable expectation for the $17 a month price point. That being said, a lot of these products are new-to-me-brands, so I’m happy with the types of products they are including.

What did you think of Bare Bliss Box this month?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Looks like my online cancelation didn’t go through. I was billed today for the next 3 months. I wrote to Shelli and immediately I got response. She did the cancelation for me and returned my money right away. GREAT customer service ! Looks like November box will be very nice with good make up samples and I am happy to choose the colour of nail polish. I am drowning in make up and skin care so I must take a break now. But I will possibly resubscribe in the future.

  2. I feel like I am beating a dead horse. It’s quiet in the house so I am checking on my last few boxes that need to ship this month. Has anyone heard anything new about November’s shipment?

    • Hi, Anna. I received this email from Bare Bliss Box yesterday explaining the delay –

      I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend with loved ones. We are grateful for your continued support of Bare Bliss Box.

      I want to inform you that your November box hasn’t shipped as of yet because Fedex lost a box with hundreds of products in it from one of our featured brands, Void Beauty. Despite our efforts for current subscribers to receive a full box, we will have to send out your box with one missing product. I felt it was best not to have you waiting any longer.

      On a positive note, you will still receive your Void Beauty product. Be on the lookout for an email for you to redeem the lost product free of charge and, of course, free shipping.

      Our team wants to extend our sincerest apologies for this unforeseen circumstance. We are grateful for your business and most of all, we are grateful to share amazing beauty and skincare products with you that are health conscious and nontoxic.

      If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to assist you.


      Shelli Price
      Founder, Bare Bliss Box

    • Yes, I got very nice mail from Shelly Price. She says FedEx lost a parcel with hundreds of Voil beauty products (I guess nail polish ) They were waiting because didn’t want to ship incomplete box, but now they feel they can’t wait any longer and will be shipping. The missing product will be ship separately

  3. I tried to cancel few days ago and it looked like it did, but I never got email with confirmation, so I am unsure now…. hmmm…

    • At least you got on the website. The boxes were to ship on the 15th and it is already the 22nd. I try to be understanding when a new business starts up, but this makes me nervous.

      • They gave so many spoilers for this month box, l am sure we will get it, but yes, they should say something about delays… I am sure I don’t want continue my subscription with them (l like goodebox much better ) so I want to be sure my cancelation went through. … hmmm

      • Haha, so many “sure” in my post! 😉 Anyway it is very unfortunate there are problems with their homepage right now, when it is time to cancel or be charged for next 3 months!

      • Anna – Are you able to reach their home page? I don’t know if it is me especially since I am not having any other problems with websites. I agree that the spoilers look great.

      • Their website is working this morning. (I sent an e-mail and a tweet last night.) I went ahead and canceled because I don’t have the money for a renewal and mine was coming up in 4 days.

      • I logged into my account and cancel. I loved the first box and bought the nail polish on discount and the SW Basic lip balm at Target online for my sister as one of her Christmas gifts. The second box was OK. I was hoping to receive the third box before the billing date because the spoilers look great.

        I would be much more understanding if they posted something somewhere that the boxes were not going to ship on the 15th. I think transparency is key in customer retention.

        I may resubscribe in a few months if the boxes look good and ship on time.

  4. I feel like I am being a pain about this sub. I went to the website to cancel my renewal because it is to bill on Monday and a fatal error came up both in Firefox and IE. I do not know if this is a temporary error or an error to be concerned about. I do know I don’t want to pay for the renewal without seeing the third box.

    • I got that “fatal error” message too…which is slightly concerning. I did a 3 month gift sub but it still showed a next billing date (though now i cant remember what the date said. i thought mine said dec 1.) I was waiting till this box shipped and then was going to push the cancel button just to make sure. But i don’t have shipping info yet either and now the website does not work. A little unsettling.

  5. Has anyone received tracking for this box yet? I received the box on 9/17 and then 10/20. Today is 11/20 and no tracking.

    • I saw a note on their blog that boxes are shipping this week. I hope we get them soon!

      • Thanks Andi!

        I was hoping someone may have theirs already or a tracking number. I saw the spoilers which look good, but I need to decide if I want to renew my 3 month sub before it bills on Monday. I love the first box and wasn’t a fan of the second box. I also don’t like that it ships later and later although I am trying to be understanding of them being a new sub. I think I am going to cancel and if I like my 3rd box then I will sign up again. They are suppose to ship on the 15th. Oh well.

      • I received a reply from Shelli Price that the delays this month were caused by server issues. They should be back on schedule of shipping by the 15th in December. I’m anxious for the November box to arrive!

      • Thank you for reaching out to her and updating us. Did she indicate whether the box will ship soon? I hope she is able to straighten everything out. This sub box has potential.

      • No, unfortunately, she did not indicate when the November box would ship. I’m hoping it’s soon!

  6. I finally got mine yesterday. I didn’t get an item description card or the deodorant! I notice that I got 2 of the tiny olive oil soaps, but I was actually looking forward to trying the deodorant. I had to email to ask about tracking, and it wasn’t until after that that they even sent out my package! I feel like they just forgot about me. Not including the item card felt rather deceptive.

    • Hi Katy!

      So sorry that you did not receive our product. Please contact us with your mailing info at [email protected] and we will send you one as soon as possible!!

  7. BB looks very dark, but it was actually ok when I put it on… I thought that I look better with darker completion then with my everyday light powder. Hmm, I might try those Tarte towelettes from SS next… But first I will finish this BB cream 🙂

  8. My bb cream leaked, maybe one application if at all. The lip tint was dry. I used a lip brush and cannot even blend. Add some Argan oil and made a mess. I emailed them and told them I liked last month’s box, and this month 2 of my items are not usable. They asked me which item I like from last month and they will send me that.

  9. Agree, not a very exciting box to open. Both makeup products were too dark for me, so all in all not a very usable box for me. I have one more month to go on the three month plan, but don’t think I’ll be continuing on past that at this point.

    • I can’t use the BB cream but the lip/cheek product will get used on my lips (I’m really pale and go for dark lip colors — but I would look like a clown with it on my cheeks). I’m not really into natural deodorant. I’m like you, one month to go and then I’ll be canceling. (Did you notice when you log in that they list the next date you’ll be charged? I do like that; takes the guesswork out of things. Mine says November 27 but that might not be the same for everyone?)

      • Sneaky Burrito – Hope you had a great birthday yesterday!

        My billing date is the same. Has anyone contacted them to find out why such a difference between the first and second box?

  10. This box was disappointing as the sample sizes were far too small and the makeup samples didn’t match with my skin tone whatsoever. This box reminds me of eco-emi before they did the deluxe beauty box and why I cancelled that one. The only thing I like about this month’s box is that it introduced me to all new brands (and this is coming from someone who subs to 7 natural skincare/makeup boxes!). Hopefully, next month will be better and include at least 1 full-size product. If not, I won’t be renewing. Petit Vour blows this box out of the water and this one costs a couple bucks more!

  11. I agree, curation was good, interesting products and nice companies but too small sizes!!! Only deodorant was decent size 🙁

  12. It was surprising to open this box after last month’s box. I’m waiting to see what next month’s box is like before deciding whether to renew my 3 month sub. I gave my sister the natural deodorant (still using the deodorant I made from the Homegrown Collective box) , wipes, and soap.

    I did use the lavender and jasmine scrub today as a body scrub which I liked. The variety is good; sizes are not. I thought there would be larger sizes in the box. It was disappointing opening this box after the last box which had nail polish and lip balm.

  13. Most natural deodorants are in jars because the twist-up containers require so much more plastic to produce. Basically, the jars are more Eco-friendly.

  14. I think this was a great box. As a vegan it’s hard to find new products, and yet again I’m getting introduced to companies I’ve never met before. I’m also a beauty junkie, so to find brands that I don’t know is impressive. Maybe this month didn’t include a full sized product, but they did do a good job of curating a variety of products. There’s makeup, skin care, and body products. I’d prefer to have a variety vs all makeup or all ski care.

    • *skin care. Lol. Typo. 🙂

  15. This review was very helpful to me as I too like natural products . Thank you!

  16. Hated my box this month and cancelled. The value is not there at all. Couldn’t use the tint or bb cream, so that was a waste. The samples were smaller than a quarter… I kept thinking something was missing from my box, but sadly, this was it. Terrible.

  17. i will be canceling this sub. i miss saffron rouge 🙁

  18. I was disappointed when I opened my box yesterday. I subscribed for 3 months at a cheaper rate (around $12 a month I think) and this box is ok at that price. However, if next month’s box isn’t more impressive I can’t justify continuing the subscription. It’s a shame because I love discovering new organic brands, and they have done a great job of choosing unique natural brands, many of which are new to me. The only favorable comment I can make for the Oct. box is that I love the Rain Africa soap and will probably buy a full bar when my sample runs out. Sadly, that isn’t enough to justify $17 a month. This box contained mostly tiny, difficult to use samples, no full size products, and two of the items – the BB cream and cheek/lip tint – don’t work with my skin tone. The negatives outweigh the positives for me as far as this one is concerned. I hope next month is better.

    • I feel the same way…I subbed for 3 months. I loved last month’s box, but was really underwhelmed with this one. I did love that all the brands were new to me and the full size items are not super-expensive to order (except maybe the BB Cream). I hope next month is better, but may sub for 3 more months since they are just starting out.

  19. Am I mistaken or did the creators of this box specifically note on fb or their web page that they would never include all sample sizes because that doesn’t give enough of a chance to really try out a product? If so, I am even more disappointed in the tiny sizes included in this box…

    • yes, you are correct about that, Kristin

      • Yes, I remember that too…and did like the first month’s box. This month is disappointing. Giving it one more month……

      • I signed up based on that same info. These samples were far too small. I only did the 3 month gift sub but I will not continue after the next box. I think Petit Vour is a much better value at $15.00 per month.

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