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What Do You Want to See in Future MSA Quarterly Boxes?

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MSA01 Spoiler Alert!

Since I saw some suggestions for box items in the comments, I thought it would be helpful to also create a post asking for ideas and suggestions for MSA Quarterly future boxes!

What items do you want to see in future boxes?

Are there any types of items you’re OK with seeing regularly?

What types of items do you never want to see in the box?

Any other feedback?


I will take all these suggestions to heart in planning future boxes. Thank you!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Literally anything but lip gloss.

    • I keep thinking of other things. A planner is great, cute hair accessories, clip headbands or blinged bobby pins,

      • Ooh a planner would be absolutely amazing!

        • But… what’s the point of paper planners anymore? I understand that some like the vintage concept of it, but I’d imagine if you truly need a planner, you probably are busy and want it to be as efficient as possible, so why not just use something that synchs with your phone and computer, that can send you reminders, and that is always with you?
          And anyway, a planner is something we can all afford, so why request one from a luxury box? :S

          • As much as I love technology, I still love my paper planner. I am one of those list people, and I like physically marking stuff off my list. That being said, I’m not sure I’d want that in a sub box, because I’m pretty particular on what I like (it has to have elastic band, etc. lol)

          • Totally an ECLP (Erin Condren) user here. I love my paper planner. Plus it doesn’t dump my data every so often. I like that I can keep track of it easier.

    • Yes, too much lipgloss in general.

  2. I would love to see a throw. I keep hoping for one and it is truly missing in subscription boxes. I would also love to see home fragrance items like room sprays or diffusers. Skincare is always welcome…maybe a luxe moisturizer or serum?

    • Ohhh I also would LOVE some sort of lux throw!

  3. Candles! Skincare items anything other than eyeliner or beauty products unless you think they are totally worth it but I would love more skincare items,candles anything really. Oh and no perfume I hate getting perfume samples I can’t wear most of them anyway

  4. I would love : makeup brush cleaner, a throw or cute winter headband, candles that are tranquil in smell, delicate bracelets, unique 2015 calendar, lip scrub or items I can carry in my purse for fashion emergencies.
    Please no more: blue nail polish, lip balm/Chapstick, DVDs or black eyeliner.

    • Make up brush cleaner would be great or a new make up brush set! I can not have enough make up brushes.

  5. a 2015 planner!

    • Really like this idea. I’m crazy about paper products, pens etc. The Grommet has a really neat one on their site that’s on my wish list. It’s called’ “The Day Designer.”

      • I’ve been wanting one of those too!!!! They’re so expensive that I would never purchase one myself, but I would absolutely love one in a box!!!

  6. More Tatcha!! Since you made the most awesome choices with this last box I am certain it will always be a hit. I like usable items that make me feel pretty or glamorous. Candles are definitely not a necessity. I think most covered what else is not needed.

    • Agreed. I’d love to own some of their skincare, and I missed out on the first box. It’s also something I can’t typically afford so it’d be the best treat.

  7. I’m with most in begging for no eyeliners, lipgloss, perfume, or polish. Or tea! I also dislike candles but I know I am way in the minority on that one.

    For winter: warm socks or gloves; high end cocoa?; a throw is a great idea though maybe too large; an itunes GC for holiday music; a warm headband for outside in the cold- you know…that covers your ears; something for baking; maybe a workout DVD for winter indoor workouts; cute gift tags; diffuser and/or oil – I always do my aromatherapy stuff in the winter anyway; some sort of non-chemical mix that you heat up on the stove to make the house smell holiday-y; a stoneware pie(or pizza!) pan; a cookbook?; a winterish spice mix; really great moisturizer or better yet oil for dry dry dry winter skin; a mini sunlight/happy lamp (I have a teeny one that really works to lift mood)…..

    For Spring: Something for gardening – could be seeds or a cute pot or even a pot you paint in a crafty way or starter pods for an herb garden or bulbs, etc; Something for walking outside like good walking socks or some place to put your key or ipod when you’re walking or a pedometer; something to encourage cooking with newly fresh produce like herb chopper or smoothie cookbook etc; a vase; a springish spice mix- like with lavender, or even a lavender plant; a spring scarf; some sort of spring hued makeup; a body scrub again to get rid of yucky winter skin; something to get your feet ready for public viewing; some kind of all natural home cleaning product for Spring cleaning….

    • Love the idea of gloves! I would hate to see perfume (way too individual and most give me headaches). I would also really not like a cookbook. You can so easily get recipes on the internet.

    • While I love Candles I think they’re overdone. I enjoyed the one I received from MSA Q1 but it wasn’t my favorite thing to receive. I like your ideas!

  8. I love the candles and a variation of that would be an organic oil and an oil lamp or diffuser, since it Christmas, cinnamon would be nice. maybe a cashmere headwrap, the type that keeps your ears warm but is not a full hat, and I secondthe umbrella (you can never have to many of those. A great read for christmas would also be great. Thanks for asking! You did a great job with the last bo and I am sure I will be happy with whatever you get.

    • No cinnamon!!! Just the smell makes me itch and it would make all the stuff inside smell like it!!!!

      • I do like the scent of cinnamon, but I’d like to see any scented items packaged in a way that doesn’t contaminate the other items.

  9. So sad I missed out on the first box…it looked amazing! I prefer no nail polish or exercise products…..I love to be pampered!

  10. I’m always down for more candles and scrubs. I also think that a delicate piece of jewelry would be a nice touch, especially in comparison to all the costume jewelry in subs!

    • I second the delicate jewelry!!

      • I third the delicate jewelry!

        • Fourth! I would also love a beauty detox tea!

  11. Candles!!! It’s fall so I want to be cozy and I’m dying to try Jo Malone, Nest, etc etc. Something splurgy that I would never want to buy retail without trying out first! oh liz please put in a luxe candle!

    Skincare! esp lotions, etc.. the reason i reordered sample society was because they had the full size elizabeth arden serum πŸ˜€

    NO MORE LIPGLOSS PLEASE… they’re a dime a dozen and they don’t feel special to me. Or bags… esp in subscription boxes they always feel cheap and I’m never excited by them so i end up giving them away. Or mascara… at this point they all seem the same to me and i’m never excited. Liquid eyeliner would be a plus, some luxe marshmallows or something to keep up with the fall theme

  12. For me, I love indulgences. I really do not want super practical things like pencils and notepads, those just feel like cheap fillers regardless of the MSRP. Skin care is always fabulous, scarves are always fun, I love that others have suggested a throw and nice mug. I wouldn’t mind trying a less toxic perfume in a deluxe sample size.

    • I am all about the indulgences, too. I want to see things that I wouldn’t go buy for myself. Things that are natural and high end. Your first box was great and I missed it since I had not discovered your site yet. I am so looking forward to November’s box. Can’t wait!

    • THISSSSSSSS. For me, a subscription box is all about getting things that I absolutely would never pick up myself. I also really, really love it when a box has a very specific theme and all the items just go perfectly.

      I actually hate perfume. I feel like it’s such a personal preference that it’s just impossible to please everyone–I’d so much rather go to a perfume counter and get a free sample. The exception for me is fragrances like the Demeter library, which smell like a particular thing, intended to evoke a particular memory.

    • I agree completely. No pencil or planner or even makeup will make me feel pampered the way fancy skincare or a soft scarf/wrap could.

    • This! Agreed! I want things I wouldn’t buy for myself too!

  13. I’d be okay with getting candles and makeup/skincare in every box! I love that you feature natural brands. I also love fall scents, so if your next shipment could include fall scented things that would be amazing! No matter what, though, I know you’ll pick great items!

  14. I totally second the robe, a throw, handbag, umbrella, candles, home accessories, things you wouldn’t really buy for yourself, cute pad and pen, cute delicate jewelry bracelet or necklace. In general things we wouldn’t buy for ourselves.

  15. I love that you’re asking! My top choices would be some delicate jewelry, a diffuser, high end beauty product especially a pallete, maybe some natural home cleaners, a nice pen, nice new razor, comfy socks or slippers, portable coffee mug, gift card for wine πŸ™‚ a classic home decor item may be nice too like a tray, vase or pretty frame. A gift card to a chain massage place wouldn’t be bad either πŸ˜‰ or a cookbook or credit to online cooking site!

    • Ditto! I would also add candles, socks, cocoa, and moisturizing face masque’s and hand cream. I have gone through brutal Chicago winters and temperate though soggy California winters. I think they would be appreciated by almost anyone (forgive me Arizona – I am sure you can ice that hot chocolate).
      Either way, I think we all approve and appreciate your taste level. I doubt your choices would make us unhappy. Good luck!

  16. Yay, just signed up for the November box (with $10 discount!). Can’t wait to get it! I love that we don’t get charged until the box ships. I would love to see some nice kitchen items or a stylish book. I agree with others who said cozy throw, socks, etc. Anything cozy! : )

    • Love the book idea, but would also like an Audible, iTunes or Kindle object with listening capability. I live listening to my books on my drive to work. Gives me something to look forward to in the morning and afternoon commutes.

    • Where is the discount code? I’d love to try your box.

  17. Definitely a throw. I love candles so I can never have enough of those. I agree with a lot of other people who don’t want to see mascara, nail polish or lip glosses (even though the juice beauty one was awesome)! Also, I’m a big fan of home good items! I know whatever you decide to do will be great!

    • yes i love that we are all saying yes to candles!! they are always a treat for me. no more lipgloss/bags/scarves… the ones in these subscription boxes are never my taste and are a disappointment.

  18. I would love to see more luxe brands like Tatcha (pretty bummed I missed out on that). I love home decor and feel like that’s something I’m missing.

  19. I would love a throw, warm socks, mulling spices, extra moisturizing skin care items (face masks, lip treatment/scrub, hand soap)…based on the last box, I’m pretty sure I will love whatever you choose!

    • This sounds like the perfect winter box!

  20. Liz,

    Would love to see a throw, book, unique home accessories, classy jewellery, anything from offbeat boutique luxury brands. Loved full size products hope it will continue that way.
    No nailpolish or mascara or eyeliner – way too many boxes with those . Candles in every other box not necessarily everyone.
    Looking forward to your next box already – Thanks!

  21. I agree with everyone else who is saying they would love a throw. I can never have enough, and they’re so rarely put into subscription boxes that most of us who subscribe to a lot of boxes wouldn’t have much overlap. I would also love jewelry, but would there be a way to ask the subscribers whether they prefer gold or silver? I love your taste in jewelry, but I only wear silver, so getting a god piece would be a bit of a let-down.

    • Sorry for typo, I meant gold not god. And please no perfume, nail polish or eyeliner!

  22. also, i have enough tea to last me until 3063, so no more tea or nail polish!!!

  23. A non-shedding blanket would be nice. I love candles, skin care, and bath and body products. Candles & food. No jewelry.

  24. You could send a high quality candle like the Raw Naturals one & I would be excited every time. I love that you are ingredient conscience & like deluxe or full sized items. I really want to try Paula’s Choice. Also high-quality letterpress cards would be great. Headband that looks like jewelry. I love organic tea & mugs with covers to steep the tea. Anything by the brand 100% pure. No mascara haha!

    • I second Paula’s Choice. Not only because I love her products and would love to try new ones, but also because I think your readers would really benefit from trying them.

  25. Candles, body scrubs, moisturizers, cozy stuff, scarves, purses, delicate jewelry ( bracelets, necklaces, watches.) Cooking items ( for the holidays. )


  26. I’d love to see something from Grace and Lace. Not a candle fan personally but I’m not picky about items really. The most important thing to me is value vs cost and even one thing I love usually takes care of that and will leave me feeling positive overall about the box..

  27. a cute umbrella and cozy socks! Some of my favorite items from other boxes were the diffuser, book with movie ticket, bodum mugs, epicurean lotion, face scrub, king cube ice tray and the Stila eye palette from popsugar and the entire birchbox home from the garden special edition. A mix of home, beauty and treats. I’m probably in the minority here but have too many scarves and lip glosses so I wouldn’t be excited to see either of those.

    • I agree about the umbrella–with a cute print, it could be both practical and fun! Definitely an auto-open/close one though. Maybe some cozy socks for winter?

      I also don’t like lip gloss (prefer lipstick), so wouldn’t want one of those every time. No nail polish either, preferably, since they’re in so many boxes already.

  28. For the winter box it would be nice to get a pair of gloves or mittens. I always love a nice tea or coffee and a great mug to go along with. I like getting skin care products that are ingredient conscious (one of my favorites is Eminence). It would be nice to get a great serum or mist that is full of nutrients to keep skin hydrated in dry months or a nice heavy moisturizer. A detox bath soak would be nice (my favorite to date was the Mustard Bath from Escape’s Holiday Box). I love delicate gold jewelry and that is one of the things that keeps me subscribed to Popsugar. The reason I subscribed to your box is that I feel we are interested in similar things…so I’m sure if its something you really like, I would be happy to get it or try it! I also really liked the Just Fab coupon you put in the box so I would love to see more of that or other products from your favorite subscription boxes. After all, that is the whole point of your blog so I think keeping that link to items in your box makes sense. For me the NO list would be nail polish, lipstick, and black eyeliner.

  29. A throw (like the Neiman Marcus one) would be awesome! A delicate gold bracelet, a facial scrub for the winter (like Suki), candles are always great, fitness items, household items? I’m sure you’ll create an amazing box!

  30. Though you are the subscription goddess, I would love to see your box feature items others don’t. Since most of us are big subbies- no eyeliner, weird food items, random drugstore stuff, foil packets πŸ˜‰ etc… Would love you to continue exactly what you started- thoughtful, practical, and luxurious duration. So a throw, nice mug, nice pen/pad set, 2015 calendar, bath items would all be welcome! Loooove candles too:)

    • Yes to the notepad! (pen optional) Mine seem to keep disappearing. A throw would be nice. And for skincare, what about some type of natural makeup remover? That doesn’t seem to show up in sub boxes much.

      • I second the make up remover. I am in the market for a new eye make up remover. For my entire make up wearing years I have used Mary Kay remover but I would like to try something a little more ingredient conscious.

    • I 2nd your post.

  31. No earrings please, not all of us have pierced ears and it’s a huge bummer to get them in boxes.

    Love candles and fancy headbands.

  32. My dream box would be a nice throw, a candle, a lush bath bomb, some sort of baking kit, and a household item (entertaining pieces, picture frames, vase, coffee press). I love home items, I’m always swamped with makeup/ skin care and accessories from my other sub boxes!

    • yes! A bath bomb! I’ve always wanted to try one, especially from LUSH.

    • I keep thinking of more things. Cute hair accessories, a

  33. Liz,
    I subscribe to your box because I trust your judgment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Please don’t get too caught up in taking requests from everyone. I think it’s a nice gesture to ask the masses, but remember we subscribed because we want to see what YOU in all your subscription box wisdom have learned and like! I loved your cohesion in the first box and only suggest you keep up with reflecting the seasons… and a little jewelry never hurt a girl. πŸ˜‰

    • I could not agree more!!

    • I agree…Would love you to continue exactly what you started- thoughtful, practical, and luxurious items.

      I Love the Tatcha…I had never heard of it before…am anxious to try more of their products.

      I would like to see the things that mean a lot to you. Remember, it is hard to please everybody…Please trust your own judgement.

  34. I agree a throw would be amazing! I would also love to see an under eye concealer.

  35. I would never get tired of good candles and scrubs. I would love to see any accessories, nail polish, eyeshadow, lip stick/gloss, blush, quality facial products, good or quirky home items, books, and purses/bags. A robe might be nice for winter. I do like coupons for free or deeply discounted sized items (like the JustFab on in MSA01). I would never want to see food items (I have food allergies) and mascara and black eyeliner.

  36. Hi! I’d like to second the throw and the poncho. I’m thinking something of the wool/cashmere variety.

    I’m looking forward to the next box. πŸ™‚

  37. Silver bracelet or necklace. Unique household items. Loved the scrub and rice cleanser. No sunglasses or earrings or books.

  38. I would like to see a throw (like the chevron one from the NM PS box) or more home items!!

  39. Would not like to see: Nail polish, hats of any kind, leggings.
    Would love to see: unique jewelry, candles, holidays items (since it will be close to Christmas).

  40. one high-value item is soooooo appreciated. and no thank you on any nail polish.

  41. Or a nice cozy throw or poncho (again thinking about outdoor fall activities/sporting events.)

  42. I second the cross body bag, something for like a fall hike in the park. Also delicate jewelry, scarves, boot socks, mittens, hats (I do live in WI). No food items or mascara. No reusable tote bags or snack bags.

    • Getting a cross-body bag would be great! πŸ˜€

  43. I’d love to see some home items!

    Also more unusual beauty items (for subscription boxes), such as eye primer, lip scrub, blush, perfume …

    Please no black eyeliner or pink lipgloss.

    • Love the lip scrub idea! I’m looking for a new one now that my CO Bigelow is gone.

  44. Since your next box is in November I think a small unique cookbook would be fun or a cozy little throw blanket. I might be in the minority but I would love another candle too! And a really fabulous, thick hand lotion. πŸ™‚

  45. As someone who missed out on the first box, good candles and scrubs are always welcome with me!

  46. I agree, no more lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish or mascaras. Most people have enough to last for years. Scarves are good πŸ™‚ pretty, classic gloves for winter

    • Gloves are a great idea!

  47. I know not everybody would need it, but I would like to get root conceal. Of course it would have to be choice for different hair color. I know it’s highly unlikely we will get it, but just a thought πŸ™‚
    Good eye cream is the other thing I would need. Nice ring or classic necklace.

  48. I would like to see jewelry, fitness items, and other household type trinkets. Please no more food, nail polish and lipgloss! Lol

  49. I’d love to continue to see more accessories.. Delicate jewelry, a fun crossbody bag. What about slimline or small wallets? Your rarely if ever see those in sub boxes. No nail polish or mascara please. Scarves of course! I sadly missed the first box & look forward to your next! Thanks!!

    • I agree! Delicate jewelry and crossbody bags are on the top of my list too. In terms of skincare, I would love to see a nice facial mask. For the home, a hand soap in a decorative container. I like to put nice scented hand soap out around the holidays. I love it all!

  50. Yea Liz! Thanks for doing this!

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