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Swap Site Updates – Gift Card Expiration & More

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We’ve been working on our list of swap site improvements, and just launched a few new things I wanted to share with you.

1) Gift Card/ Coupons – When listing a gift card/coupon you now must list the expiration date:

Swap Site Updates

2) Browsing a Potential Swappers Items:

Swap Items

When you get an email about a proposed swap, and you click through to view the potential swapper’s items, we’ll now alert you if they have any items listed that are on your follow list!

Let me know if you have any questions and keep the suggestions coming!



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz –
    I’m not sure if this has come up yet, but it might be a good fix for negative feedback:

    Sometimes the negative button is accidentally selected when rating a swap, even though the comment is a glowing review of the trade. As we can’t edit after submitting a rating, would it be possible to make an update that would display the corresponding rating beneath a negative review? My idea would work like this:

    Swapper A has received negative feedback from Swapper B. Instead of having to sort through both of their histories to understand what happened between the two, perhaps beneath Swapper B’s feedback we would see what Swapper A said in her rating of the swap. I imagine it would sort of cascade just like replies to comments sort of cascade to the right on this page.

    This would be helpful in determining if you want to swap with someone with less than a 100% rating. Sometimes a negative button was accidentally selected, or perhaps the swap between the two was less than ideal – either way, you know the whole story. I think it would be great if this happened with any negative selection between two people (ex – if A rates positive and B rates negative, both A and B would have the feedback displayed together).

    Swapper A’s Feedback Page:
    Swapper B: Rating – Negative. Feedback – So great to swap with! Love my items, and super fast shipping! Would swap again!
    —————->Swapper A’s Feedback on this Swap with Swapper B: Rating – Positive. Feedback – Perfect swap! Would trade again!
    (The same thing would show on Swapper B’s Page since she left negative feedback).


    • Why can’t negative feedback be changed? It should be as easy as a db query.

      But I like the idea of knowing what feedback others are giving as well as what they have received. Overall I like swapping on MSA much more than Facebook, but the one downside is you can’t really “get to know” the other swappers like you can on FB before swapping.

    • I like that idea – I’ll add this to our list. Right now if you do accidentally leave someone negative feedback, feel free to email me and I can change it.

  2. I would love to be able to browse swap items by country! It gets very expensive for me to keep swapping with people from the States so I would love to be able to search for people withing Canada.

  3. I got off the wait list and posted an item by clicking on it and then got the prompt to swap it and did so however the item I selected, but have not heard anything. Do they contact by email? I am new so please help. I love this site and am getting “hooked” on boxes.

    • If you are in the Swaps area of the site, in the upper right corner, click on the dropdown menu by your name and choose “View Your Swaps.” Then if you click on that swap and scroll down a bit, you’ll see a “Conversation” area where you can post a message. You’ll need to share your address and ask the other person for theirs. There’s also an e-mail address included for contact, but I’ve always just used the Conversation area (it alerts you in your contact e-mail when you have a message there).

      Hope that helps!

  4. this might be way too much to ask but lately something I’ve been wishing you had. Is there any chance of doing a search of multiple items that you want and have people pop up as having those items? There obviously is a search for an item or you find it in the listing then find the person, but then I want to see if those same people have another item or two I want to do a multiple swap and it takes forever. Just a thought! Thank you!

  5. Those are some amazing new features! I love the swap site….it really has taken away the fear of subscribing to boxes and I have ended up with some amazing items because of it.

    Just wondering….in the future, would it be possible to add a button to a listing page to see who follows such and such item? I would love to be able to find people looking for what I have.

  6. Liz: I’m still noticing “Little Blag Bag ” Items up for swap. Yet the site is no longer a sub box. It is a swap or sell only site.

    Also … sometimes there are 1 time mystery bags that companies offer that are not listed, yet there is no place to put the items …. Any suggestions?

    • With the exception of some makeup, LBB items would not have had expiration dates. They were things like purses, shoes, candles, sunglasses, and jewelry. It’s only been a couple of months since the subscription model of LBB shut down (maybe in April of this year). So I can see someone having that stuff around in good condition. I know there was some jewelry I got from there that I haven’t worn. (Actually, most LBB jewelry I got was really poor quality, with stones falling out and stuff like that.) There probably should come a point in the future when people can’t list LBB stuff any longer, but it doesn’t bother me for now.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking, maybe 6 months after the change. I’m going through my items now i got a while ago from different boxes, and listing those items up for swap. If I don’t use an item within 3 months, I place it up for swap, in hopes someone else would have more use out of it.

        • And too, sometimes people are putting up new things from dead sites because they are new swappers and have been holding on to things while waiting to get off the waiting list. I too actually have a few items from LBB that I got right before they switched over, that I have not worn, but have not decided to keep yet just because I am slow about it.

    • I think it’s OK for legit LBB items to be on the site, but I have noticed people have been using it as a catch-all to post things that were never on LBB.

      • Those should be easy to spot. I really only found LBB right before the end. But I went a little crazy with all the sales they had to clean out the warehouse. I have seen most of their items dozens upon dozens of times, usually offered as inappropriate trades on the LBB site (ha, no I’m not going to take someone’s mustache earrings and ugly $6 spike bracelet for a $70 handbag, please stop asking! and why would I want to trade for size 11 shoes when I wear a 7 and have only 7s in my bag…ah, LBB), and anything that didn’t belong would stick out like a sore thumb.

  7. I noticed that yesterday – great feature – because if i see an item i’m interested in and i know someone is following one of my items, i know my swap request is less likely to get rejected.

  8. I’ve been waiting a week 🙁

    • For the wait list

  9. That’s a really helpful update, thanks Liz!

  10. Is the site still operating on a wait list basis? Granted, I only signed up yesterday, but I would love to get in there and swap some goodies! 🙂

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