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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014

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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept

The Social Bliss Style Box is a fashion and accessory subscription box. Each month they send you a collection of items that all tie into the theme for that month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: The Style Box by Social Bliss

The Cost: $39.95 a month plus $9.95 shipping

The Products: $100 to $200 worth of products. Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

Ships to: US

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Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. This month’s theme is Go Bold.

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014 Purse

Urban Expressions Two-Toned Tyra Clutch – Retail Value $55 (Tag lists $55, Social Bliss lists $49 in the card).

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014 Close Up

This purse is vegan and well-constructed. I’m not sure if the style is something I would wear often, so I’ll probably swap it.

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014 Ring

USA Belcho Sterling Silver Pyramid Midi Ring – Retail Value $30

I know the midi ring trend is in this year, but I don’t know how everyone keeps their rings on if they are only half way on your finger! Another swap item unfortunately.

Social Bliss Necklace

Space Linked Halos Necklace – Retail Value $15

The design of this necklace is interesting – I may end up keeping it.

Social Bliss The Style Box Subscription Review – Sept 2014 Revlon

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara – Retail Value $8

This mascara has been in SO many subscription boxes this summer, and I was pretty disappointed to see it again as the only beauty item in this box.

Verdict: I feel like I’m being pretty negative in this review, but I just was not wowed by this box. The pieces don’t seem to go together, and there isn’t any piece I’m particularly excited about. On the plus side, I will say that the purse is very well-constructed, and there were no inexpensive filler items.

What do you think of the September Social Bliss Style Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I have been a subscriber from the very beginning. I took a risk without seeing a box first and was happy the first couple months. After last month’s weird end-of-summer box, I considered canceling but I wanted to see if they would have something great and cozy for fall this month. I got the red/navy purse and it doesn’t work with anything in my wardrobe and the value really doesn’t seem to be there. A drugstore mascara is not what I want to see in a box like this. Especially since they have sent us a Too Faced mascara in the past (in a higher value box all around), so clearly they are capable of working with higher end brands. I canceled after this box. I doubt I’ll regret it.

    • I’ve been using the mascara, too (from another sub). There’s something about the design of the tube that makes far too much mascara get on the wand when you remove it from the tube. If you don’t seriously wipe it off, you’ll end up with gunk all over your eyelashes. (It’s not a bad mascara, otherwise, but probably not all that exciting to get in this particular box due to the price of the subscription.)

  2. I really like that red and blue bag. I have not tried out swapping yet but I see some on there so I may finally give it a try.

  3. I really enjoyed the first few boxes from SB. But then they raised their prices even for members who signed up when they first launched. After a few months the boxes declined in value and I was still paying the higher price. After reading this review i am so happy i cancelled 2 months ago. I loved the idea, I loved the themes but it just was not executed well and I agree that this box will likely be closing soon if they keep it up.

  4. Ok, I will admit this isn’t my favorite box from Style Box by Social Bliss. However, I will use everything I received. Color blocking is everywhere this fall and I have run into midi rings at many high end boutiques. I bought myself one awhile back and lost it, because in all honestly they are not the most practical thing to wear. This will be a nice replacement. I travel a lot with work, and I like that everything I receive from these boxes I can bring with me and not bring my more expensive pieces, in case I leave any behind. I can always use mascara. I do wish this box had one more item, I actually kept digging because I thought there would be at least a perfume sample. I cancelled my subscription, only because I’m looking forward to trying out Yogi Surprise and I didn’t need two boxes close to $50 with shipping on top of the beauty, and vegan snack boxes I get. I really appreciate the way Liz writes her reviews, she may say its not her style or she thinks it looks a little cheap. However, she doesn’t say anything that would offend someone that actually likes the item. I would love to know what Walmart I could find a purse like this at! This purse isn’t for everyone, but I do think this box is more “fall appropriate” than the last box. I got 6 different boxes with this subscription and can honestly say I don’t regret it. I may not have loved every item, but really it’s hard to find a box where I love everything, every month. It’s really fun to be expecting a surprise every month. I actually appreciated the months where they tried to include other items than a purse as a big item. Minus the botox in a bottle, which I am still waiting on to work ! Overall I had a good experience with this box and have received items I may not have bought for myself, but now really love. Maybe in the future, they’ll do more wallets, and accessory mixes that compliment that purses we have already received.I think its hard for this company to please everyone, some people want it to a full purse sub, while others are tired of receiving purses. I have never had issues with their customer service and cancelling was an easy process.

    • Try Target for a colorblocked bag under $20. I don’t do Walmart but online they show something similar in the $15 range. I think folks are upset based on the massive decline in quality and value from Apr to May and beyond. Myself included. I tried to keep justifying the contents but got to a point it became impossible with a straight face. Rather like slapping lipstick on the proverbial pig and calling it a beauty queen. The items they’re sending now are mostly unbranded indicating sourcing from third party resellers of dubious origin. Loss of focus on the sub theme was one thing but sending out sketchy items is quite another, especially when they’re directly competing with subs like PopSugar, FabFitFun, Quarterly, and Fancy (and I’m definitely not a Fancy Box fan). For the same price I don’t wonder what Chinese warehouse my unbranded “beach tote” came from.

      The disappointment you see in the comments is largely from those who took a risk on this unknown company on day one and stuck, by them even when they forgot they were a fashion sub in May and through a debatable quality early summer. Customer service became dismissive of original subscribers who complained they only offered deals to new subscribers while raising shipping prices (some early subscribers were grandfathered in under the original shipping fee). So it all felt rather like a slap in the face to see the quality and CS degrade each month for a company so many believed in originally.

  5. This is the worst SB box yet. It has been steadily declining and this one has made me cancel my subscription and post the entire contents for swap on the swap site. It is god awful and ugly and not fashionable at all. I wish I had canceled last month when I considered doing so. What a waste of money. If you are considering this subscription, don’t waste your money.

  6. Soo… I guess maybe I’m the only person left who likes Social Bliss boxes? I actually look forward to receiving them each month because they’re one of the few boxes where I like and use almost every item. Although this month, I was kind of surprised/disappointed. First of all, I was really hoping for the color bag you got, and got the navy/beige combo instead, so I’m hoping someone on swaps wants to trade colors. I like the purses they send out and get a lot of use out of them because they’re generally well constructed and like the style. The midi ring was okay but nothing stellar. I like the necklace and will get a lot of use out of it. I also like the mascara so even though it’s the 4th one I’ve gotten this summer, it’s always nice to have so many so that I don’t have to buy any from the store.

    My problem is that usually there are either more items or the value is higher. On previous months where we have gotten a bag and only a few extra items, at least the bag has been valued at over $100. On months where there haven’t been any “higher ticket” items, at least we have gotten 6-8 things to make up for it. This month, neither of those things seemed to happen and it’s like we got stuck in limbo. I’m not as upset as any of the other commenters, and like I said, it’s actually one of my favorite subscriptions, so I won’t be canceling, but I am kind of disappointed by the box this month.

  7. The purse is so cute and its my style of bag, but WOW! Only 4 items?! What ever happen to this subscription? I remember the wonderful February, March, and April box did they stop caring?

  8. I love everything in this box! I think it looks geared towards someone in their early 20’s. I wouldn’t pay $50 for all of this though.

  9. It’s nice to not be remotely tempted by a box. This is just … yuck! The bag is awful, the midi ring is kind of cute but nothing special. All together it comes across as a random selection of repurposed freebies.

  10. I actually liked this bag more than last month’s and never thought midi rings were my style, but I like that it’s sterling silver at least

    • I wouldn’t bank on it being legit sterling silver. Maybe “sterning” silver. Like getting a great Rolox instead of a Rolex in Korea. The last “sterling silver” ring turned me green in under 10 minutes and I’ve only ever had one other jewelry item do that in 39 years. This sub is night and day different from Jan-Apr this year. And the boxes have declined to a point I’m actually shocked they still have subscribers. The value is laughable at this point. Especially considering their direct competition and the value they provide per box.

      • I don’t think they ever said the other ring was sterling silver, but I get what you’re saying

  11. So glad I unsubcribed from this box. It gets worse and worse every month. I have no doubt that soon this subscription will go out of business.

  12. I don’t get the midi ring thing either… I end up wearing them on my pinky 🙂 Also I’m sooooo over that Revlon mascara!

  13. Oh yeah – I cancelled last month and got out just in time. What an awful box. I thought this box was supposed to be all about cutting edge fashion? Midi Rings went out of style years ago….and so did square color blocked purses with gold trim. I have always disliked the way they mixed metals in the boxes = a gold necklace with a silver ring and vice versa, doesn’t seem very cohesive as a theme to me. What a bummer of a box.

  14. last month was my first and last months box. I was hoping to sign up again in hopes i would like this box better. I don’t, I’m glad I canceled. — Based on this review: the ring is interesting, yet it is not sized, the mascara has been in other boxes before, the necklace is interesting yet i don’t like gold tone, the bag is okay. The last box was more curated. Even though I canceled I liked it better this box.

  15. I gave one month a try. It was the month with the die cut brightly colored bags, which I really loved, but I got purple, and I hate purple. My mother loves it and her bday is near, so that worked out. I swapped every other thing. I just had way higher expectations. I like the midi ring. I love them, I’ve worn them forever (gosh, aren’t I the hipster, lol), but this sub box is WAY overpriced. I cancelled immediately after that 1st month. I’ll just swap for what I want from them.

  16. I have loved SBSB since I learned about it and have been happy with every box I’ve ever received form them, even if I did end up swapping some. This was their worst box ever. Four things? Including a mascara that was clearly a freebie for them since it’s been in every box on earth? I love the necklace, I’ll wear the ring, and my purse was ok, but seems like lower value than usual. Nothing seems ahead of the fashion curve. This is totally non cohesive. And I am so glad I didn’t get the red and blue purse! That looks like something they might send you from Loot Crate.

  17. Do people get excited about these bags that I see in this box every month??? They always look like cheap $10 Walmart “fashion” bags to me.

  18. This is my last Socialbliss box. After six months, it’s been steadily declining for me which is a bummer because I feel like there are few subs like it. I did like the bag this month, I got the tan and navy version. I can’t do the midi rings either and the mascara wasn’t very exciting. My necklace was slightly different, it was all gold and I kind of like it. Kind of. I put in my cancellation after last month and have to say I don’t regret it.

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