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Rockettes Fancy Box Review – September 2014

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Rockettes Fancy Box Review - September

The Rockettes Fancy Box is a brand new subscription box from Fancy. I’ve been so curious about this box and I was thrilled to see it at my doorstep this morning!

Fancy sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Rockettes Fancy Box Review - September 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Rockettes Fancy Box

The Cost: $39 plus shipping (varies by country)

The Products: $80+ worth of dance, fitness, beauty and other gear selected by the Rockettes

Ships to: US and Worldwide!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Wish List or Subscription List!

Rockettes Fancy Box Review - September 2014 Info

Each Fancy box comes with a letter from the curator detailing each item included.

Rockettes Fancy Box Review - September 2014 Tote

If Not Now Then When Tote – Value $18

While there are certain items I don’t need duplicates of, I never have an issue with getting an extra tote!

Rockettes Fancy Box Review - September 2014 360

M3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Retail Value $40

Twistband Holly Headband Set – Value $14

I have more portable speakers than I need thanks to subscription boxes, so this one will be swapped. I loved the bright colors of these Twistband headbands though!

Rockettes Fancy Box Review - September 2014 Leg Warmers

American Apparel Long Legwarmers – Value $18

I love these! I think they are very appropriate for a dancer curated box, but also great for wearing under boots!

I also have a question for everyone about legwarmers/long socks/slipper socks/ etc. – Do you consider these items to be truly one size fits all? The reason I ask is that as I’m thinking about the Winter MSA box and beyond, I wasn’t sure if these items are truly one size fits all. I never want to send out an item that wouldn’t fit someone. (I know wrap towels and thongs are not one-size-fits-all!).

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $90. I’ll use everything but the speaker, and I think this definitely feels like a box that would be great for a dancer, (or someone who has no rhythm and just loves subscription boxes!)

What do you think of the first Rockettes Fancy Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Leg warmers are definitely *not* one-size-fits-all…. But probably are one-size-fits *most*. I can’t wait to receive your first box! But since I’m only 5′ tall and plus size, nothing one-size-fits-all in clothing is likely going to fit me. :(. I’m sure whatever you decide will be perfect for your box!

  2. While size is somewhat a factor with legwarmers I would say there are other reasons not to include leg warmers . My own bias is yuck… no more. I had them in the 8th and no ma’am, no more. 🙂 kidding aside though they are too limited… I mean think of how many people live in states like Texas Florida and California that really can’t use these but maybe one day a year?

    I realize scarves are the goto and many have too many, for me this is less of an issue than I product I just can’t use. Ie NEW otter box phone specific case or Pops gar Fall LE cashmere winter hat.

  3. My legs are apparently huge (extremely hard to find above-the-ankle boots for winter that actually zip shut), so I’d say they’re more like “fits most”, unless they’re a looser knit. Probably safe for most people though.

  4. After much thought and a trip to Target (where I saw leg warmers), I want some!!! I want some soft ones that can be worn around the house to keep me warm in winter. I live in GA where it has been so hot lately, but I still want leg warmers. You can’t please everyone. It’s great when I get a box where I will use everything in it, but I’m okay with things that aren’t my style. Sometimes things I’m not even sure about at first, become my favorite.

  5. I was SO pleasantly surprised by this box! I don’t usually buy non-returnable boxes but I’m a huge dance fan and couldn’t resist. I actually have been wanting one of these kinds of bluetooth speakers and I haven’t yet gotten one in a box so huge value for me! Loved the bright colors of the hair ties and the inspirational bag. May end up swapping the legwarmers…I sort of wish they’d been in a different color! Now to see if they can make box 2 just as great!

  6. My sister would probably like this box. She has been taking dance classes for 20 years and does sometimes wear leg warmers.

  7. I love the idea of anything cold weather related, but I know not everyone is in a cold spot. I was looking at alpaca socks the other day because my feet are cold in the winter. I”m not sure about leg warmers. I bought my sister a cute pair of knitted leg warmers that had a lace design on top that is meant to be seen above the boot. It would not fit me. Still I hope there is a cold weather related item because I can use them!!!

  8. I would have been happy to have received this box. I agree with Liz, I can’t have too many totes and I will add portable speakers. But please subs, stop with the hair ties! I have short hair and a hair band sure would be nice. I don’t mean to be greedy but I feel this box is missing a little something to round it out, like a little treat.

  9. First, this is an awesome box! Except the speaker (I have a lot of those too). I really want the Rockettes Fancy box in the future! If only I weren’t on a subscription box spending freeze …

    Personally I love leg warmers but they are definitely not a “one size fits all” type item. (The American Apparel ones are a lot more forgiving than some I’ve tried but they still have limits!) Socks, gloves, pretty much anything like that is going to have a size limitation. If you’re trying to avoid size problems I’d say scarves (i.e., an infinity scarf would be lovely) are your best bet. All that said … you’re never going to please everyone! It’s an unfortunate fact and I think you should just fill your box with whatever goodness you feel is right.

    • Also, this has just inspired me to go put on my legwarmers while I lounge around the house! Yay for legwarmers! And yay for wine! 😉

  10. I dont think legwarmers or anything “winter” specific works for everybody as not everyone live in cold weathers. Last year I call my family in FL for Christmas and my sister was outside in shorts, so legwarmers or something “cold” specific is not going to work for everybody.

    I know what your next box brings would be awesome and cant wait. Also waiting impatiently for the unboxing 🙂

  11. Legwarmers would be awesome in your next box Liz. Yes, they are one size fits all. I’m very petite and my husband has super muscular calves and he wore my legwarmers for an 80s theme party. 🙂 Fit him, no problem.

  12. Just showed it to my dancer daughter and she is wishing we had ordered this box for her. Does anyone know if they’re still available?

  13. I think anything designed to be worn midcalf or higher would be an issue for size on either end — if you’re tiny or plus-sized. Probably not the most universal choice. But regular socks/cozy socks/slipper socks all those sound fun and relatively risk-free from a sizing standpoint.

  14. Regular socks would be more likely to fit most than legwarmers/long socks/slipper socks.

  15. Leg warmers or boot socks would be so much fun in your next box – you have great taste Liz so I know you would send us some cute ones!

  16. Boot cuffs are all the rage, I would love a pair, I also like the idea of the multi purpose type scarf. They would be for sure one size fits all

  17. I LOVE that tote…I WANT that tote…I’m wondering if they have any boxes left…lol….

  18. Maybe it’s just me, but boy does this look like it should fit in the box-o-junk catagory. I’m sure some ladies got this box and were super excited, but I probably could pick up all these items (or very similar ones) at TJMaxx for for a $20 or less. Fancy has yet to amaze so much that I just have to sub.

    • I thought it was just me…

  19. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all…

  20. I think leg warmers etc. are a one size fits most, as it they will probably fit about 90% of your subscribers just fine, but not anyone on either extreme. Legwarmers, though, would be a huge miss more me, but I do love knee socks and will take boot cuffs.

  21. Love that tote, so cute. Leg warmers also super cute, such a nice idea. But only the IDEA. Theory great, practice not so much. I want to wear them I can think of cute jeans, or leggings, a nice tunic sweater, matching scarf, gloves, hat and the leg warmers with my boots. Then I look in the mirror and I look like a marshmallow dyed whatever color(s) I’m wearing and it’s just not so cute. I also have to say those knit hats are just about as hit or miss. Love them but, you put them on you can’t take them on and off or you get the hair standing on it’s end and beanie hat hair. I still wear them, because it gets cold here.

    You should look into those Magic Scarves. They can be dresses, skirts, shirts, sweaters, infinity scarves, regular scarves, muffs. Jeesh they’re insane I would bet no other box has had one.

  22. I can’t believe the comments here, lol. Leg warmers under boots (or boot cuffs also) are a HUGE trend! For all ages, with skinny jeans, leggings, or shorts, they are so cute in any weather!

    Google “lace boot cuffs” and look at the images. I LOVE mine!

    • I agree! And the cuffs don’t even add much coverage or bulk. They are more about the appearance. I’ve even seen them worn without pants…

      I’m sorry, I’m sick of scarves, hats, & mittens.

    • I googled lace boot cuffs, thanks for the education 🙂
      Very cute look but I think for girls in their 20’s / 30’s…. not really all ages. YMMV obviously. I wouldn’t wear them (50’s) but I’d buy them for my nieces or my sons’ GFs….

  23. As someone with wise calves leg warmers or boot socks aren’t always one size fits all. The fabric makes a difference. But also sometimes even worse calf boots are so tight that the extra bit of fabric from rock boot socks will make them not fit. It’s a cute idea though and definitely different. Cozy non skid socks would be great!

  24. I would never be able to fit in a one size fits all pair of leg warmers. I am plus sized so they would never work.

    In addition, I in Southern California and would have no use for them.

    Perhaps a warm throw for home or a mid weight shawl would be a more useful item size wise and region wise?

  25. Leg warmers would be a miss for me (even when they bring back memories of the 80’s). Not only for the size of my calves 🙁 but because here in the south of Texas, well, we are just never cold enough to justify them.

  26. I would not consider leg warmers one size. I know people who have trouble getting their calves in tight boots. Sizing aside, I can think of no instance where I (or anyone of any age that I know) would want to have/wear legwarmers. And it is definitely cold here.

    Would love slipper socks or travel socks to wear on a plane/at airport screening. Would love gloves. Knit gloves are usually stretchy enough for me and I do have long fingers. Leather gloves must be ‘sized’ for me to fit. Cute ankle socks would be welcome, also, as would a nice pashmina.

    • Gloves are not one size fits all. Most subscription box gloves are two big, I have small hands. Maybe there could be a choice? Light scarf or heavy scarf or socks? To try to fit all regions. Also I was disappointed that the popsugar scarf had wool. Since you are ingredient conscious, please remember that wool is not. I am sure it will be great!

  27. Leg warmers are a miss for me in so many ways!

  28. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO LEGWARMERS. You have to remember the ladies that live in a climate where it doesn’t get cold. If I wore these things, even in “winter,” I’d be sweating my calves off.

    • Agreed. While they likely are one size fits MOST, definitely too risky. But size aside, weather is also a factor. Many folks lives in areas that just never get cold.
      And although scarves slightly more “one size fits all” they’ve been in so many boxes lately. And they’re one of those things that we really can find dupes for for really cheap. I think many folks are hoping for items where the value truly does match the retail value and that are harder to come by.
      I’m really tired of all the things that we’ve seen in all the Fancy boxes like speakers, headphones, totes and beverage items 😛

  29. I love slippers, but I have size 11 feet, so usually they are too small for me unless I can find an xl size. I think boot socks would be more one size fits all items. I’m a msa subscriber, and I’ve been looking forward to your box since you announced it. Not long now!

  30. I think legwarmers would be a great addition to a winter box. Its warm and cozy without being the same hat/gloves/scarf. I personally don’t care for slippers or slipper socks, but would love legwarmers. I have smaller calves so I tend to have more of an issue with legwarmers falling down than being too tight!

  31. I just signed up for your next box and I think cozy socks would be nice, but hard with sizing. Please don’t include legwarmers! I really can’t think of any occasion to wear them or even anyone to give them to!

  32. I agree that some great socks with the anti skid bottoms or booties would be a great item for winter.
    I would have to swap or send as a gift since I live in Florida and would not get any use of a pair of legwarmers .
    Can’t wait for the Fall box. I got my confirmation receipt….so excited!!!

  33. I subscribed to your next MSA quarterly box, Liz, and am looking forward to it so much… but having said that, legwarmers would be a total miss for me. I am right in between a large “regular” sized woman and a small “plus sized” woman (does that make any sense?)… but I really do have heavy legs, thick calves, cankles, the works. Highlighting my legs is the last thing I’d want to do. I might give them to my sister, who looks more like Jack Skellington with long stick arms and legs… but she’d probably only use them in her office to keep warm and not for looking cute. I know that not all items are going to work for all people, and that’s part of the fun of it all, the surprise element, but that’s my two cents on legwarmers. Thanks!

  34. Wow am I out of touch! I haven’t seen leg warmers since the 80’s! Are they a thing again now? My niece is a hard core ballet dancer and I have never seen her in them…?

    My un-hip-ness aside, I personally would not be happy about leg warmers. But socks and slipper socks are awesome imo….. 🙂

  35. I would love, love boot socks or leg warmers to go under boots in the box. I just bought some off of Jane that I’m anxiously awaiting and they were one-size fits all.

  36. I haven’t worn legwarmers since middle school (long time ago) and they wouldn’t be something I would have any need or use for. Slipper socks, though, I love, can never have enough of those as long as they fit my big feet.

  37. I have big calves and would not expect long socks or legwarmers to fit me. Slipper socks or shorter socks are fine. I loved the Happy Socks from that LE Birchbox last winter.

  38. I agree with Chrissy, I think softer knits stretch better. I used to be a plus size 18 (am now a size 8, go me!) but I used to have to buy wide calf boots and still bought regular sized tall socks. So, I would love to get tall socks!!! Super fun item but I live in Montana and love anything warm, lol!

  39. I love love LOVE legwarmers. I find that with my smaller calves I worry more about them falling down than pinching, but like others have said, soft knit ones almost always work for me. And they’re so stylish!

  40. I think legwarmers are a great idea and it does seem like one size should fit all. I think they’d be more unique and fun than the scarves and mittens that will show up in every other box.

    • And just as a side note on the topic of sizing, mittens and gloves are definitely not one size fits all. My hands are usually an inch longer than most girls’!

      • And for those of us with small hands, it is the same thing. I got a (hideous) pair of texting gloves in a PS box this year and they were so huge my husband was swimming in them (and he definitely doesn’t have small hands). I’d be thrilled never to see a pair of gloves again. Or leg warmers. I live in Vegas so they’re both useless. And I don’t sub so I can give things away. I’d just gift a sub if that were my goal lol

      • Totally agree on the gloves. I have to get extra large men’s if I want have full range of motion in my fingers. Of course, then I can fit both hands into one glove as I have a normal width for my hand but due to length of hand and fingers I can palm a basketball.

  41. I agree with it being an issue of fabric. About a lifetime ago, I was a professional ballet dancer, and my calves are still wide. There are some steampunkish Matisse boots I desperately want but will never fit! It also means legwarmers really have to be soft and stretchy, but not so much that they’ll fall down. I think they’re still stylish enough to be popular with many subscribers.

    I wish Quarterly gave spoilers for every curator! I mean, despite what I was saying about legwarmers, I can’t remember when I last wore them because I live in Mississippi. We generally have a week of winter. 😉

  42. Leg warmers would make me sad. Now SOCKS on the other hand!!! I LOVE socks. Esp organic cotton from PACT or super deluxe ones from Etiquette clothiers. Even funky tights would be cool. Workout socks with sticky bottoms. Slipper socks that look like mary janes or converse. Boot socks. I could go on and on…..

  43. I think it depends on the stretch of the material. Some legwarmers/knee socks are super stiff and don’t stretch at all – I hate those because they leave indents in my legs! (And I have “normal” sized calves.) If you go with a softer knit that has some give to it you should be fine. (Also that would be a super item for your second box, esp since I’m signed up to get one, lol.)

  44. I can’t see them being a big hit – not something I would wear. I don’t think my daughter would ever wear them either and she’s a dancer. I personally don’t see this as a winter item.

    Now if you can get scarf or mitts that match the hat we got from Popsugar then that would be awesome

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