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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Limited Edition Box Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Box Spoilers!

Thanks to MUT we have the complete spoilers for the Special Edition Must Have Fall Style Box! (FYI – this box was a one-time purchase for $100 and is no longer available).

POPSUGAR Fall Spoilers!Β MAKE Slik Cream Lipstick – Value $25

Indie Lee Brightening Face Cleanser – Value $32

Sugarpova Chic Gummy Candy – Value $6

Marchesa Voyage for Shopstyle Scarf – Value $140

Joie Knit Cap – Value $98 (not available on their site yet, photo of similar cap)

Capsule Perfumes Byway Eau de Parfum – Value $38

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was having a really hard time with this one. I was really thinking about getting it…. but I really wanted the Sept. Popsugar box. I wanted the scarf that was going to be in that box. I didn’t know which one to get. Then when I saw the $10.00 I decided to get this box. Well, it was sold out. So, I got the normal box instead. It worked out well. Don’t like this scarf as much. πŸ™‚ though I am a bit surprised that there is a scarf in both of them.

  2. I am part of the minority that is excited about this box. I absolutely love the scarf and the hat looks really cute too. I would never spend that much money on either one which is why I love that they are included in the box. I am picky about fragrance but the description sounds like I might actually like this one. To me the point is trying new things and getting items I normally wouldn’t splurge on. I can’t wait to receive it, it’s on its way!

  3. I didn’t buy the fall box because I live in Southern California and figured it would have a Jolie cashmere hat or scarf (something i wouldn’t have much use for). But, the cobalt blue scarf is really pretty. I feel bad that some people are so disappointed. There are a lot of really nice items in this box. Maybe they could be swapped or sold on ebay if you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth. Honestly, I think its a nice box and maybe you will feel different when you see the items in person.

  4. I was so sure there was going to be a wallet/clutch πŸ™ otherwise it is an okay box.

  5. I am really surprised that so many people seem disappointed in this box. I usually buy 2 boxes so that I can use items as gifts. I know that I can usually get 5 or more items in these boxes to give to others. Even doing that with this box (less the low cost bag of candy) that makes each item only 20 dollars. I easily pay that for gifts or for my own purchases. The prices for my last purchases for items like the ones in this box:
    Lipsticks $18 and $24.
    Cologne $32, $54 and either $60 or $65.
    Hat not as nice looking but my niece needed one $24.
    Skin cleanser $27 and $34.
    Finally the last scarf I purchased was a Liberty of London sent from England $$$ which I consider a lifetime purchase. I will be very happy with paying $20 for each item in this box.
    Anything I do not want to keep or gift is donated to several battered women’s shelters or a teen foster home in my area. These women and young girls are always thrilled with the bags and boxes of new items I donate.

    • Donating is a great idea. I think I’ll be doing the same.

  6. Ok, so I must be one of the few who really like this box also.

    People I think we are forgetting the point of subscription boxes, and that’s to TRY NEW THINGS. Do you really want more of what you already have? Then go to the store and buy it!

    Ok so my favorite items in this box, the perfume and face wash. I’m not sure where people are seeing the lap dance reference regarding the perfume, but if you go to the capsule parfumes website you’ll see that this was made in the US, in small batches, and they aim for unique fragrances (aka SOMETHING DIFFERENT). Description on the website reads as below:
    “BYWAY is a sweet fragrance that’s both charming and playful. It’s a captivating balance of innocence and temptation. A sure crowd-pleaser for vanilla lovers.”
    I’m sorry but who doesn’t like vanilla?? And if you don’t, try it anyways!

    I’ve seen good reviews online for the face cleanser also, and I believe it’s SUPER important to have a good skincare regimen. Plus it’s all natural, what’s not to like?!?

    The hat and scarf… well what do you expect in a fall limited edition box? While I don’t wear many of these items, I think they are super cute and will get me out of my comfort zone! Not to mention they are extremely expensive, and something a lot of people wouldn’t buy themselves, another good reason to like the box! These are luxury items, enjoy them and stop complaining.

    While I agree there are a lot of lipsticks in subscription boxes, this one also has good reviews online, and I’m happy to see a makeup product at least!

    Gummy bears are yummy and make me feel like a kid again. I don’t see the correlation with fall, but they will definitely get eaten!

    • It looks like Byway changed the perfume description on their website today, but on other sites it’s still described as: β€˜BYWAY is a sweet fragrance inspired by one unforgettable lap dance.’

      I’m glad they changed it, as I don’t think ‘perfume for strippers’ is a viable business model if they actually expect to sell anything.

      • Their fall 2013 LE box is totally different. I can see those that received the 2013 would be disappointed in the 2014 box. It also wasn’t climate specific. Glad Byway changed their description on their website. You can read the old verbage on the Nordstrom website.

    • Kelli, I agree with you and am all for trying new things. I’ve been a Popsugar subscriber since they started and have purchased every LE box in between. But this one, was overwhelmingly disappointing for me. It felt more like a monthly box than an LE box. Compared to last year’s fall LE box, this one is an epic fail. They could have done the hat and a matching scarf – that would have been cute vs this scarf that is not fall-like at all. Also, this box is short one item compared to other LEs that normally have 7 items. It’s also missing that “for the home” item as well – maybe an autumn-scented candle? They could have done some kind of pumpkin food item or a pumpkin face mask (strawberry is a summer fruit). Nothing in this box is fall-like. I am just bummed I bought 3 of these thinking I could gift them. I’m kind of embarrassed to gift these and I’ve never felt that way about Popsugar before. I know not everyone is going to be happy with every item, but never before have I gotten a PS LE where I was unhappy with the entire box. Just my two cents. πŸ™‚

  7. Looks like the description of Byway was changed on their website. It now reads: “BYWAY is a sweet fragrance that’s both charming and playful. It’s a captivating balance of innocence and temptation. A sure crowd-pleaser for vanilla lovers.

    Notes: crystal spun sugar, virgin roses, lilac-laced cotton candy, twilight jasmine, amber-hued petals, golden patchouli, amaranth wood, vamp essence”

    Far cry from what it said earlier today!

    • Okay, am I the only one wondering what “vamp essence is? Lol. I read the earlier description and the new updated one. Still listed in both.

  8. Miss for me! This is too much of the same stuff that we receive in our monthly boxes–a scarf, a cleanser, a lipstick, candy. I like the hat and the perfume, but not enough to justify $100. I will be regifting the scarf.

    I was really hoping for something fun and useful–a cute wristlet or coin purse, a designer pen, or designer umbrella (it hardly rains here, but when it does, i wish i had a cute one!).

  9. Well, I was trying to reserve judgement until I received my box and I just picked it up from my mailbox. (I actually ordered two because I was so excited about the possibility of getting the stripped Joie scarf that people we’re guessing would be included in the box. Spoiler hint fail!)

    The Good: the cleanser is huge and does indeed smell like strawberries, the gummies are shaped like heels and handbags – which are yummy and cute, the lipstick was the item I was most skeptical about and it’s actually a nice fall shade – I think it’s the ONLY fall thing in the box since the hat is a winter item for me.

    The Bad: The hat – although it’s soft there is really nothing special about it. The hat is cute and very soft (although I’m not a knit cap/beanie type of girl, I have NEVER in my entire life been able to pull that look off, I do ear muffs instead) and I think the price is outrageous since I bought a cashmere sweater from J.Crew this morning for $99. The scarf – it’s super thin and has a like a tribal/floral pattern on it – this feels like a summer item to me…but IDK it would be cute with a black leather jacket, jeans and heels but it doesn’t feel like fall to me. The perfume is meh for me. It’s reminiscent of summer to me too simply because it’s so sweet. I’ve been using Chanel Chance, Marc Jacobs Daisy of Folle de Joie (thank you, Birchbox!!) lately and I prefer all 3 of those over this one.

    Conclusion: I feel like I paid $100 for face wash, candy, lipstick and a scarf. The hat will be swapped because it’s simply too big on my head and looks ridiculous. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

    • Hi Crystal, can you find out what is the fabric breakdown for the hat and the scarf? I’m wondering how much cashmere is in it. Thanks.

      • Maybe a picture too? πŸ™‚

        • Hat is 70% wool, 30% cashmere. Scarf is 100% viscose. Here is a pic.

          • Comment

          • Thanks so much!

          • Thanks. The hat does look very cute in the pic, and I like my beanie soft and big. The scarf blue color is really bright cobalt blue. Thanks for sharing!

          • Isn’t Viscose Rayon? A Rayon scarf for $125? Really? Go to Amazon and type in viscose scarves and see some very pretty scarfs under $20. This is why I get furious at the value inflation.

        • Thank you for posting the material content. I thought viscose is similar to rayon? Is it consider a luxury material? I didn’t think it is in the same category as wool and cashmere. Now I feel a little disappointed in the box.

    • What does the lipstick color look like?

    • Viscose? Meh. I agree the value for this scarf is based on ‘designer’ branding vs. quality material. I was really hoping it would be made of silk, wool, or a combination of top notch materials. Is there a Marchesa label on it, by chance? In general, I think fashion scarves are overpriced. I see beautiful scarves at Target for $15 but high end boutiques sell similar quality scarves for $100 +.

      • I agree about the scarf, there is a Marchesa label on it, right below it is a “Made in China 100% viscose” label. It’s a cute scarf but the “value” is all from that tiny little label. I think the Sept monthly box scarf from Tilo will blow this one out of the water.

        The lipstick is pretty fab. I have medium skin in the summer because I tan easily but I’m a redhead with freckles and this color is really flattering and long lasting. Dare I say it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite lippies.

        • That lipstick looks great on you! I’m also fair skinned, so your picture gives me hope that I’ll love the lipstick.

  10. Glad I passed!!!!!

  11. I am disappointed by the spoilers, but hopefully will use everything when I have it in my hands. The limited edition boxes are an opportunity for special curation, and this just seems like the same caliber of items that are in the monthly boxes, but with a higher price tag. This was such a missed opportunity to include a makeup pallet instead of a lipstick, a handbag, wallet, jewelry or a fall food item other than gummies. This box just seems like it is missing the special-ness.

  12. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in a Popsugar box (much less an LE box) before. I figured after the somewhat disappointing Summer and Resort boxes Popsugar would have heeded the negative feedback they got. There is not one item in this box that I like or would use. The real dig for me on this is that I actually bought 3 of these! THREE of them – one for me and the other two for a couple friends of mine as gifts.

    But they won’t even work as gifts as I had planned. I don’t wear lipstick and, if we get the color pictured, it won’t work for gifting either. The perfume won’t work for me as most perfumes give me headaches and it won’t work for gifting since many people are very particular about perfume. The knit hat is ridiculous as the high price item in the box. The scarf looks ok, but we are getting the equivalent item in our September box. The cleanser is something my friends and I won’t use either since we use something else. So, I spent $300 on gummies (I actually hate gummies). I feel pretty screwed over by Popsugar right about now.

    I know I sound super picky. But, I totally understand that not everyone is going to be happy with every item in the box. I’m usually ok with that. I figure as long as I can use about 1/2 the items and can gift the rest, then I have never complained. But in this case, the whole box is a waste (or in my case 3 whole boxes are a waste).

    They also always do 7 items in a special edition, and this box has only 6. This box looks like a monthly box to me. It is really feeling like a rip off.

  13. I’m excited about this box. I’ll definitely use the scarf and hat. Obviously I’ll eat any food that comes in subscription boxes. I always like to try out new cleansers-especially if it smells like strawberries. I’ll have to see what shade of lipstick I get-this one I may not use. I’m just a bit worried to find out what an unforgettable lap dance smells like :/ All in all the hat, scarf, and cleanser justify the price for me!

  14. Thank you for posting these! I feel much better about not ordering this. Not a bad box, but definitely not something I’m going to regret not getting. Haven’t been in love with a LE box in quite some time. Unfortunate because they were such fun!

  15. This is definitely my last LE box. I didn’t like the last two, and I keep thinking the next one will be great. After the crushing disappointment of the Summer box, this really seals it for me. But I’m happy for anybody that likes it!

  16. Ugh, I am really disappointed with this box. I have a million scarves and feel that the value on this one item is just too high. I would rather have had more items instead. The hat is not my style and again, too pricey. And I’m surprised the rest is beauty items. I’m going to see about just selling the entire box for what I paid for it.

    • I agree, i would have loved a makeup palette, i was hoping for one so bad.

  17. I have to say I’m torn about this box, since I’m a little underwelmed by the spoilers. I’m hoping I will feel differently when I have the items in hand. I was really hoping for the gloves or scarf pictures in the spoiler hint. Gummies and red lipstick just don’t screen Limited edition to me. I would have preferred to see another jewelry item, a bracelet or even another necklace. Or even a nice ring. This is only my second LE box, I got the summer one too and both have yet to wow me. I think I’ll give the LE box one more go, for the winter/Christmas one if they have one and if I’m not wowed then I’ll call it quits on their LE. I’m really looking forward to the regular sept box. I bought multiples so I think they’ll be more bang for my buck in that box!! Fingers crossed anyways.

    Can’t fully be mad at popsugar, they don’t force us to buy and with all mystery/sub boxes it’s a gamble… Those who aren’t comfortable riskig 100 then don’t. The scarf is already worth more than the cost of the box, if the quality is there then I’ve justified my cost. I won’t lie I was expecting more, but I took a risk and I’m not angry about it, I’m excited to have them in hand.

  18. Well, sounds like I’m in the minority – but I love this box! I just hope it cools down quick because I’m excited to wear that great hat πŸ™‚ Knit hats come in handy in New England! Cleanser sounds awesome, the lipstick is pretty, and the scarf is great (I’m sure not disappointed that we’re getting one in the September box too…can you really have too many fashion scarves?!) The lap dance thing on the perfume made me chuckle, but I liked the description of the scent, so we’ll see how it smells and I’ll make my call then! All in all, I’m excited. Well worth my $100 for the hat and scarf alone…

  19. “BYWAY is a sweet fragrance inspired by an unforgettable lap dance. ” WTF????

  20. Wow. . I’m really surprised to see how many people are disappointed with this box. I’m definitely not thrilled about getting gummy bears in a $100 box and though the scarf seems pretty, we’re getting one (that I think I like better) in the regular monthly box.

    I’m mostly excited for the Joie knit cap, it’s luxurious and stylish. I’ve used Indie Lee products before and highly recommend them, so I’m glad for the opportunity to try the cleanser. I have a zillion red lipsticks, but always love trying out a new brand so I’m looking forward to getting it.

    When I order a mystery box, I do it with the understanding that I’m taking a risk and that it might include some things I can’t use or just don’t like. That being said, this will probably be my last SE box. I just haven’t been ‘wowed’ by the last three.

  21. It seems like there’s something missing like a bag, pouch or jewelry like item. All the past special edition boxes had 7 items and this spoiler posts 6.

  22. Though it was hard I did hold out on purchasing this box……..I am so glad I did. There is a scarf coming in the September box which I am excited about and the other items in this Fall Box aren’t anything I would ever use or want. I am in love with Popsugar but after seeing the past couple of Limited Edition boxes I think I will be sticking with my regular monthly boxes from here on out.

  23. I absolutely love everything in this box. Kinda glad I didn’t spend $100 on it because it doesn’t really seem worth THAT much, but I do love everything in here. Jealous I won’t be getting that hat or scarf, they’re adorable!

  24. I am sooo angry with this box. It is NOT worth the $100 I paid for it. As my friend Kerry and I have discussed, you could easily got to the mall and buy the equivalent for much less than $100. The scent sounds horrid, and why Popsugar would include perfume that is sweet when a lot of people (like myself) HATE sweet scents is absurd to me. If I wanted to smell like a sweet, sticky hooker I would go to Bath and Body Works. If anyone wants to purchase any of these items, or even the entire box, please let me know– I will be promptly listing everything on ebay. SO ANGRY, DISAPPOINTED AND DISGUSTED WITH POPSUGAR.

    • This was my first Popsugar ever, and it took alot but I looked at the inspiration board and even though Many figured the Joie spoiler meant a scarf or those mittens (not sure why everyone is calling them gloves. Anyway I wouldve been pissed if I got mittens. I’m a grown woman, I cant remember the last time I wore mittens. lol). I just knew it would be a knit hat- they showed one on the inspiration board on Pinterest. I live in Texas so it’ll get sold/traded.

      That being said, I loved your comments about the perfume. LMAO. Sweet sticky hooker. lol. I am very picky about my perfume and prefer things that are patchouli or amber based. While they are listed as notes, crystal spun sugar AND lilac laced cotton candy … yuck. that sounds more summery.

    • There are also a lot of people who love sweet scents, like myself πŸ™‚ That’s the gamble you run with subscription boxes. When I get stronger scents, I’m disappointed, so I’m excited for the sweet one…

    • LOL Jenn. And yes, subscription boxes are a gamble. However, there is necessarily a genuine dissatisfaction with a surprise box that continues to send multiples of items (scarves, for example) and items that are highly subject to personal taste, like perfumes (also frequently included). It is bad business and inconsiderate to their repeat customers IMO.

      • This is honestly not meant to sound as snarky as I’m sure it’ll come across…but I guess my question is if people are so dissatisfied, why do they continue to be customers? If the boxes continue to sell out, PopSugar has no incentive to change anything…because people are clearly satisfied enough to keep buying, you know?

        I’m satisfied with my PopSugar boxes, that’s why I keep buying new ones. I don’t mind multiple scarves, or new perfumes I can try out, or makeup…but if I wasn’t enjoying the items, I would stop buying the boxes…

        Honestly not meant to sound obnoxious, just my confusion. How are they selling out if people are so dissatisfied?

        • Completely agree, Katie. I think people have been holding out hope, and it sounds like a lot of the backlash on this box is coming from being burnt over the past few months and/or limited edition boxes. It seems like many of us are fairly new to PS, and had set standards based on spoilers from previous reviews. I personally purchased the fall box because it is my favorite season and I thought last year’s Limited Edition boxes looked amazing (found them through Liz’s site before ordering this one). While I can’t speak for everyone, I will not be ordering any more until I see a full spoiler.

  25. I can’t wait to receive the box. This is coming from the view of being new to Popsugar as of May of this year so my perception is different than many. I love the colors of the scarf, will use the hat, can’t wait to try out the perfume, and the boys will eat the gummies. I’m unsure about the cleanser and lipstick.

    I think it is smart of Joie to place an item in the box that matches items on their website. I am sure they will pick up business from people who want the matching scarf and gloves.

    I do feel bad for people living in warmer locations. September here is in the 60s and 70s. The place out in the country is in the 50s and 60s. This is day temperatures. I can easily see myself using the hat in September or October at night.

    Also I owned zero accessory scarves prior to subscription boxes. Plenty of outdoor scarves worn with outerwear, but not scarves that are worn with outfits. It’s a new world for me.

    • I would think people in warmer locations wouldn’t buy fall and winter boxes since they’ll almost always include fall and winter accessories πŸ™‚ The same way I don’t buy summer boxes because beach hats, sunscreen, and sea salt sprays don’t mesh well with my desire to curl up in the air conditioning as soon as it’s over 70 degrees πŸ˜‰

  26. I may be the minority but I love this box and wish I bought it, but I just moved and started a new job where I only get paid once a month so I’m a little strapped for cash atm. I personally prefer this box over last fall’s. The only Cynthia Vincent bag version I liked was the one Liz received. The others were just not my style. I do see what others are saying about value though. Does seem like the monthly boxes are more bang for your buck!

  27. Not quite the *wow* factor I was imagining from a LE box. I won’t know for sure if I actually regret buying it until I get the items in my hands and experience them. This was my first PS LE box and I was just hoping for something more. That said, the cleanser is intriguing. I love a multi-tasking product and it says you can use as a mask also. The Marchesa scarf is gorgeous, but if it’s wool, I can’t wear. But as others have said, it will make a lovely gift. OVerall, the jury is still out on this one.

  28. I’m a little underwhelmed – but still happy that I’ll be getting this box. At the end of the day I still love getting to try things I normally never would have found. It sounds like that cleanser is going to be perfect for my pre-teen daughter who is starting to get minor breakouts. I can never have enough scarves and it’s definitely a color palette and pattern I don’t have already and is very on-trend for fall 2014. I think the cap will make a perfect Christmas Gift for one of my sister-in-laws. Mentally, I’ve already justified it as a $100 gift for my SIL and the rest of the stuff is mine free.

    The perfume, I’ll have to hold off on judging that. I HATE the description, from their website, but LOVE the notes about it…

    “BYWAY is a sweet fragrance inspired by an unforgettable lap dance. Playful and alluring, it’s a captivating balance of innocence and temptation. Persuasive. Charming. A crowd-pleaser.

    Notes: crystal spun sugar, virgin roses, lilac-laced cotton candy, twilight jasmine, amber-hued petals, golden patchouli, amaranth wood, vamp essence”

    • I went straight to notes and never read the description. It is an odd description to use when marketing to women. I do think I will like the scent based on the notes. The description…well if I was marketing to places like Nordstrom I wouldn’t use that description…but that’s my opinion.

  29. Thank God I had the strength to not order before they sold out. I remember when I first discovered PS through Liz’s site. I would look at the spoilers month after month and thought it was the best thing out there. Maybe it’s just to my taste but IMO they have gone downhill considerably. I don’t plan on ever ordering from them again. I’ve received some great things in the past but had I ordered this box I would have been heartbroken.

  30. I’m so glad I didnt get this box. I think that the last three PS LE boxes have been pretty disappointing. I learned my lesson on the resort box. I agree with the people who think the value of these is sliding downhill. It seems like they’re putting different iterations of the same products in each box.

    • You can use bjb10 for $10 off a regular box. It’s a code from blue jean box.
      Does anyone use blue jean box? They have about the same items as stitch fix except they send out 4 or 5 outfits and they have shoes. They only charge $1 to ship out and it’s free shipping both ways. They must be very trusting they literally just sent me over $2500 in clothes.
      Has anyone else used them? They have a lot of the same brands as stitch fix but they do seem a bit pricey.

  31. Will probably be putting my entire box up for sale. $100 plus actual shipping. Send message to [email protected] if interested.

    • Or swap for premium items…

  32. I was THIS CLOSE to buying the fall box, looking at previous boxes etc…

    Glad I decided against it as you’d have to PAY me to wear a knit cap, I have my signature perfume thank you, have a zillion scarves and never wear bright lipstick.
    So that would mean I’d have paid $100 for some candy and cleanser. Whew!

  33. Not really that thrilled with this. Not worth the 100.00 it cost, IMO.

  34. Just a note about trying to swap the perfume: because perfumes contain alcohol (i.e. flammable), the USPS won’t take them, and they’ve got to be sent via Fed-Ex or UPS… I found that out when I swapped my Smellbent St Tropez perfume (and paid 2x the shipping with UPS! Ugh!). I know others have said “oh just send it through the mail by using the vending machine option,” but that’s just being shady then…

    • Good Point – I don’t know how people are sending are liquid perfumes, and nail polish via regular mail. There are so many regulations on what can and can not be sent and how. There is not a UPS close to me so I send all my items via USPS and I know what to mail and what not to mail. I won’t go against any regulation they have because they have it for a reason. So I no longer swap nail polish ( ended my julep subscription ), If I get perfume I don’t like I mix it with a little water or alcohol and make it a bit more deluted. Or I’ll create a fancy perfume decor display. Or give the items as gifts or donate them.

    • I actually had success shipping perfume via USPS a few months ago; I brought it up to the clerk and told him it was perfume – he just wanted to know the quantity of perfume, and I was able to tell him the exact mL from the perfume’s box, which I wrote on a post-it before packing it up. He just wrote a note on the box and sent it on its way, no special handling charges or anything.

      Of course, it probably depends on your mail clerk!

      • actually perfumes and nail polish can be sent by USPS by they jave to be shipped ground, not airmail. and it is more expensive

    • Just so you know, you can absolutely send liquids via USPS. They give you a hard time and you can’t send it priority or fast because it has to go on a truck. But they tried to say that at my post office. And I was like, well this perfume was just MAILED to me via the USPS so how did it get to me? And they were like, well it didn’t go on a plane, it was sent on a truck. So I told them to send it on the truck and they did. I’m not sure if they make less money or something from it and that’s why they don’t like doing it. But they will send it.

      • USPS will definitely send perfumes and nail polishes. You just have to declare that’s what they are and they will send them via ground shipping. It will take a bit longer, but just let the swapper know. No problem!

        • From what my understanding is the package has to go first class mail and weigh at least a pound to go standard mail to be shipped by truck. Then I’ve had issues with usps saying well over 1 pound is to much liquid to be sent via USPS. Then I’ve had to explain that there is not that much liquid in the box only a portion of that weight is the perfume. Then I’ve heard that companies have certain contracts that allow then to ship items, then 3 times to ship a box with nail polish in it via standard mail, I had to wait till someone found a book and read it for 10 minutes, to be told no i could not ship the item – After a while it becomes to much of a hassel, and a waste of my time to ship the item -I do not use paypal shipping pre payment, nor are there any automated postage machines close to me to I gave up.

          • My experience with shipping perfume (wanted to ship a deluxe sample in a swap) was that it depends on the post office and the clerk. One place I tried telling the clerk it was perfume so I knew it had to be shipped ground, and she immediately handed it back and said no. A different post office, the clerk seemed a little unsure, but I told her it was a small sample, and she said it should be fine. Also, because it was going from Maryland to NY, it would be going ground anyway, so it wasn’t an issue. So if you live in a suburban/urban area, maybe just try a different post office if they say no. To me, if I disclose it, and they allow it, then it’s on them, not me!
            Also, when they’ve asked about liquids, when shipping, say, a lotion or shampoo, I’ve told them what it was, and they said it was fine. Not sure if they put a certain label on there or what. The impression I get is that it’s possible the postal service could have to open the package if the contents seem suspicious, though if you declare, then they probably won’t.
            I’ve decided not to ship anymore perfume though! And as another poster mentioned, UPS/FedEx is sooo much more expensive.

          • Good point, I never thought of. If the state being shipped to is around the current state being shipped out of, it can not go via air. Maybe they might be okay with it. I have no issues if the item is a cream or a lotion. One thing I do want to go through is have them open up my package, and have me re package it ( complete pain ) just because they question the contents, so I’m very honest when they ask, because I want to follow all the rules. At this point I’ve gotten to know everyone at all 3 of the post offices I go to, and they know I know the rules better then them at times, so they don’t question what I mail because I bring up what is in every package first. I would be more then happy to mail fed ex or ups if it was more convienent and not as expensive. If the swap is bigger, and the value of someones swap is more then mine, I would not mind mailing items that way, yet the swap value would have to be at least $75 for me to consider it.

      • I jumped on this as soon as it went up for sale so I wouldn’t loose out. I’m kinda sad. Just really not impressed at all for a $100 box. I think some of the regular boxes have been just as good.

  35. I am truly disappointed with this box! Not worth $100 to me, its more of a monthly box purchase not a limited edition box. Another scarf? Although I love them, one is already included in the September box. If anyone is interested in purchasing mine lmk, it wont even be opened.

    • Hi, if no one wants to buy the entire box, I would be interested in purchasing the scarf only, if you’re willing to sell it. Thanks.

  36. I love this box! however… as someone that really has to watch her money and has a limited budget for boxes, for me this just isn’t worth it. I think the regular boxes month after month are not only cheaper but you get more bang for your buck for them! I’m not saying this is a bad box had some stranger gifted it to me I would have been thrilled but I think the regular boxes have a better value and cost a lot less. Also, I am super into make up and I have never heard of the MAKE brand before, so for me yeah it’s worth 25$ but not to me since I don’t know the formulation, or the quality, items can be expensive and not be great. Saying that though, this is the first LE box that i have seen and actually liked, but at the same time I’m glad i just got the monthly box. which I am SUPER excited for!

  37. Love the box, but please please please don’t let it be another hot pink lipstick!!! Every box I’ve gotten lately has hot pink lipstick and I just can’t wear it to the office and look like a grownup.

  38. I have received a few monthly PS boxes, and this is my first LE box. Compared to the Fall box from last year, this is a real disappointment. Everything is really mediocre, and it seems like PS is beginning to go downhill. Not purchasing any more without full spoilers.

  39. Is the scarf wool because that would SUCK for me with a wool allergy! Although I’m sure I can trade it. I’m excited but a little annoyed that a full-size fragrance is in there – it will not work for everyone so it could be a big loss.

  40. Wow this is a great box!!, but I wish they had add one more thing like a candle or something.

  41. Not the box for me, oh well. If anyone wants to buy mine let me know!

    • Hi, would you be willing to sell just the scarf? It’s the only item I’m interested in. Thanks!

  42. Stalking MUT as the spoilers were being posted. I had planned to go spoiler free but I gave in. I am so weak πŸ˜‰

    I love this box! So happy I ordered 2 boxes to divide some items out as gifts. Not over joyed with a couple of items, but I know others that will be happy with them.

    • What is MUT?

      • MUT is short another forum, makeup talk. They have a lot of threads about different boxes. When girls get there boxes early they will post what’s in them

  43. Wow I am so relieved I did not buy this box now!!

  44. I bought the box and I’m ok with it, not loving it yet. I wish the scarf or the gloves that were “hinted” before were actually in the box, I love those.

  45. Love this box! It has some well thout out items and I can’t wait till mine shows up!

  46. Glad I didn’t buy it. I can make cap like that on my knitting loom in a week for a heck of a lot less than $98. I don’t eat anything with gelatin in it.

    Indie Lee body lotion is good but I’m not sold on all-natural cleansers yet (the ones from 100% Pure don’t work for me at all). The perfume might be nice but if it doesn’t work with your body chemistry, that’s a big chunk of value lost.

    I’d probably wear the scarf and lipstick if I had them, but I wouldn’t go out and plunk down $100 on a box just to get those two things.

  47. Even though I have a wool allergy, I’m excited about this box. The scarf I can give as a gift. I know of a few people I can give it to, so that saves me time and extra $$$ from buying another gift. This is a very appropriate box for the fall and winter months. It took me a while to join popsugar, yet I’m glad I did.

  48. Happy with my decision not to purchase. Not one item in these spoilers say “special” to me. Def can put my $100 towards something else i’d enjoy more.

    • Right there with you. Nothing screams fabulous (or $100) to me. To me anyway, neither the scarf nor the cap are worth anywhere near what is advertised…..

  49. I bought this box. Not happy with the spoilers. I don’t think I want any of it. If anyone wants to buy the box let me know.

  50. I really, really, really love this box. I wish they would start shipping to Canada ASAP!

    • If you’re willing to pay for the box+shipping I’ll send mine to you, I’m not in love with it.

      • Hi,
        If your offering to ship I to canada I just wanted to let you know you wouldn’t be able to ship the perfume. You can’t send perfume by mail to Canada it’s not allowed through customs. I know this because my mom lives in Canada and I tried to send her perfume once. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

      • Hi Nora,

        I appreciate your offer but shipping plus cost of box would be quite a bit of money for me right now. I start school Thursday so I need to save every penny. Thanks anyway though πŸ™‚

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