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My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Box

I got my own subscription box in the mail today and it was so surreal/crazy/exciting!

Before I get into the reveal, I first want to thank everyone who subscribed. It takes a lot of trust to sign up for a subscription before even one box has shipped/been reviewed, and I was so overwhelmed and touched that so many of you had the trust in me to sign up!

We’ve been working on this box throughout the summer (It’s weird being in fall-mode in June), and I really hope you love it!

I can’t tell you how nervous I was in the weeks up until this box shipped and starting arriving – I did not want to let anyone down. In fact I didn’t realize just how stressed/nervous I was until the first day when subscribers started getting their boxes and giving me positive feedback. I was finally able to take a BIG sigh of relief! (And then I needed to take a 5-hour nap!)

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes). (I actually did pay for my own box so I could get the exact same experience subscribers get – right down to the frustration of seeing your package stuck in Compton when you check shipment tracking!)

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Items

The Subscription Box: My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box

The Cost: $50

The Products: Ingredient-conscious items in the categories of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Ships to: US and Worldwide! (Shipping is $20 to Canada, $30 Worldwide)

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Wish List or Subscription List!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing the items included and why they were selected. I was so excited that our boxes are scheduled to ship at the beginning of each season, so I had to make the theme of the first box my fall favorites!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Raw Naturals

Raw Naturals Chai Latte Candle – Value $24

I knew I wanted to have a candle in the first box, and I wanted a fall scent that wasn’t too obvious. It’s pretty easy to find candles that made without paraffin wax, but finding candles made with only natural scents is a lot trickier. I discovered this brand and immediately ordered the Chai Latte scent to try it out – and I was in love! It’s a lovely fall spicy scent, and the wooden wick gives it a nice crackle too!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Scrub

Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub – Value $22

This was another item I had been thinking about getting for the box for a while. I think body scrub is such a practical yet luxurious item, and I wanted to include one from a high-end natural brand. Fig + Yarrow was the perfect choice – all the products I’ve sampled from their line smell divine and work so well.

I’m pretty particular when it comes to scrubs, and this one checked off all my requirements: all natural/organic, good particle size/not too rough, and it needs to leave skin soft and moisturized without being oily. I hope you love this scrub as much as I do!

(FYI – this was the item that had leaked in the test box I requested to be sent to me before boxes shipped. It was still completely usable, but the oil had seeped out a bit and got on some of the other packaging which wasn’t fun. I requested the lid be taped, and wrapped in tissue paper before wrapped in bubble paper. (My hopes were that even if it leaked a little, the tissue paper would absorb it and it wouldn’t get on any other product).

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Tatcha

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – Value $65

This is another practical yet super luxurious item I was SO excited about getting for the box. And how gorgeous is their packaging? I like to keep my bathroom counter free of clutter, but this rice enzyme powder is proudly on display!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Rice Powder

I love that this powder is gentle enough to use everyday, and you only need to use a little and mix it with water so it should probably last at least for a month or two!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Gloss

Juice Beauty Reflecting Lip Gloss in Pink – Value $15

This is one of the variable items in the box – subscribers will receive one of four colors. I thought it would be fun to include one of my favorite subscription box discoveries in the box as well, and this lipgloss is it! It’s not sticky at all (my biggest lip product pet-peeve) and the color, shimmer, and gloss are all subtle so it is great for a natural look. (If you’re a little intimated by the darker colors I recommend trying it – the color is pretty sheer!)

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Brown Scarf

Simonetta Herringbone Infinity Knit Scarf – Value $25

I LOVE infinity scarves, so it only seemed appropriate to include one in my fall favorites box! This item was the other variable item in the box – subscribers will receive one of four colors.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Scarf

I love how soft this scarf is, and it’s so easy to wear and immediately look put-together – just wrap it around your head twice! Here are the four different options that were available:

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Scarf Options

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box Reveal #MSA01 Coupons

We also included coupons from some of the brands featured (Fig + Yarrow and Tatcha), and one from another subscription, Just Fab! (I would have loved to send you a new pair of boots in the box, so hopefully getting your first pair for under $10 is a pretty good alternative).

Wrap Up: So that’s the first box! I really hope you liked it, and I picked out all the items based on all the knowledge I’ve gained over the past years reading all of your comments on subscription boxes – so thank you!

What did you think of #MSA01? Have you tried all the products yet? I’d love to know which one (or ones) are your favorites!

Also, I’m working on an FAQ post to go into more detail on my experience working on the first box with Quarterly. If you have any questions about any part of it, please let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to include it in the upcoming post.

(There will also be a few more posts on what is was like to work with each brand – including some great giveaways!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (157)

  1. Hi Liz – sorry to dig this out of the depths of this website, but I found MSA right as you were doing MSA02 with Quarterly and wasn’t even paying much attention to the sub world until just a few months ago. Loved your Beach House box so I went back to see what your other boxes were like and found this! WOW. This box is AWESOME. I just had to say it, since I wasn’t around to say it last year. I hope you continue to put out subscription boxes and that you’re not too discouraged from some feedback you’ve received about the Beach House Box. (Is there any way for me to get my hands on MSA01 because this box is divine. Haha, half kidding.)

  2. Still sad I missed this- but are you going to do a review on the MSA02 box??

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • Yep – this week!

      • Isn’t it time for box #3?

      • no, it is quarterly, 4 times a year, and we just had Winter box in Dec……the next one will be in the Spring

  3. I’m so sad I missed out on this!! This book looks awesome, and all the items in it is love to try. I’m so excited for the next box, I just subscribed! 🙂

  4. The MSA subscription just came available.
    I kept the quarterly site up on my screen and periodically came over torefresh it while I cleaned the house today. It finally came available!
    I signed up immediately. I think it’s the fastest typing I’ve done in a long time lol.
    A few minutes has passed by now though…it’s sold out again and the wait list button has returned.
    I’m so glad I got in!

  5. Liz I am very excited to get the next MSA02! Do you have spoilers for us and when do you expect the items to be shipped?

  6. I love the Tatcha powder that I started using recently. I was so excited for my son to try it when we were all away for a family wedding this weekend. He previously had acne bad enough to use Accutane as a teen so I thought he would love this and the smoothing of his skin (which I felt in one use). He did think his skin was smooth, but his comment was “Of course it’s smoother. The enzyme fills in your pores.” I was more thinking that it exfoliated the roughness away, but he has a science/engineering background so perhaps his assessment is more correct. At any rate, I still love it but I hope he will love the jar I already purchased for him for his Christmas stocking. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

    • With all due respect to your son, there is nothing that can “fill in” your pores! Your pores might appear smaller by keeping them clean.
      Exfoliating will help to do this.
      In any case, I love Tatcha too and am so happy to have received this product at such a great value!

  7. Wondering when we might see a spoiler for MSA #02.

  8. I live in Vancouver and am STILL waiting to receive my MSA box. It’s killing me! Is anyone else still waiting? Do you think it’s been lost in the mail?

  9. Ok, when do we get the spoilers for MSA02??!!!!! I’m ready for them now! Please??????????

  10. Liz,

    I would just like to tell you how much I love this box!!! I just received it today (shipped to Canada) and I cannot tell you much I love every single item. Even though I knew what items were going to be included, I still loved opening it, it was like opening presents on Christmas morning for me! Great job, really, this is probably one of the best sub boxes I have received. I cannot wait for November, it’s my birthday present to myself! Keep up the great work with the box and the blog!

    • Thank you so much – I’m so glad to hear it! 🙂

  11. For the person who was bummed about not being able to use the Tatcha coupon due to past ordering: I was able to use an incognito (chrome) window and a different credit card to get in on this. I suppose you could also use a different computer or dump your cookies also. Good luck!

  12. Is there an option to buy just this one box? I really want it if there are boxes left! I’d love to review it as well for my audience. A lot of them are very ingredient-conscious people. Thanks!

    • Sorry – the fall boxes all sold out 🙁

  13. Hi Liz,

    When you do a post with a spoiler for the next box?

    Also, would you do a post asking what subscriptions addicts would want?

    I have not found a great smelling body butter and/or body balm (I wish Burt’s Bees body butters were thicker that is the closest thing I found). I usually use subscription face creams that are too rich for dry spots since I usually receive body lotions. Please no Burt’s Bees though lol they have so many promotions :/ I would love something more elegant and looks good on display like your MSA01 products.

    Oooohhh… maybe a monthly standby like a candle we can rely on each month (but to her all those I am so disappointed another —— complaints)!

    Love MSA and will keep my subscription whatever you curate will be awesome and/or thought out!

  14. Liz:

    Loved your box! I got several things for me and several that I will be saving for holiday presents. Can’t wait for your next box! One thing to give folks a heads up on is an experience I had trying to use the JustFab coupon.

    When I picked my item and was ready to check out, I was given “regular” and “VIP” checkout side by side. The regular checkout button looks almost grayed out, making you think you can’t use it. The VIP checkout button is bright red so at first I selected that. Doing so gave me an automatic 75% off without a code. However, upon reading the fine print at checkout, I saw that I VIP checkout actually signed me up for a monthly subscription meaning that if I didn’t request to “skip” between the 1st and 5th of every month my card would be charged for a pair of shoes. I didn’t want to do that so cancelled out my order. However, I went back on this morning, realized I could select regular and attempted to buy my shoes. I inputted the code from my box and got an error message saying it had already been used. I contacted customer service and am waiting to hear back. Will let you know if things get resolved. But it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth since I feel like there wasn’t total transparency or clarity around the sales/checkout tactics- at least as I experienced them- on their website. Thanks!

  15. My new favorite box! I will use everything in it. Thanks, Liz – can’t wait for next month!

  16. If anyone wants to trade or scarf I so want one. Didn’t get off the wait list (those 10 more boxes emails didn’t help). This box is so amazing I can’t wait for the next one!

  17. This box is fantastic! I am new to the subscription box world and have been following your blog for several months. I had only subscribed to the lower priced subscription boxes such as Ipsy, Birchbox, etc up until now but knew that your box would probably be well worth it. The curation is wonderful. I have never owned an infinity scarf and always wanted one, so am loving the one I received. I can’t wait until the next box!

  18. I have been trying out a lot of different subscription boxes (FabFitFun, Popsugar, Wantable, Ipsy, Birchbox, Sample Society, etc), but this has been my favorite box so far. I completely trusted Liz with my money — I signed up immediately. I think I will always keep this subscription, even if I give up all of the others!

    My favorites from this box are the candle, the lipgloss, and the scarf, but I am excited to have/try all 5 items.

    Way to go Liz! So excited for the winter box — it will be a great birthday present to myself!

  19. I got my box today. It is AMAZING!!! I love everything. It smells so good, that right there makes me so happy. I love natural products, they are my favorite and you picked out the best. The candle is divine. The scrub is like heaven. The scarf is gorgeous. I am so excited to finally try Tacha and the lip gloss is the perfect color. I feel so lucky that it’s all my favorites colors and scents. Please keep making the boxes this good. That must be a lot of pressure on you, sorry about that. I am extremely impressed. One of the best boxes ever!

    • Thank you so much Trinity! I’m so glad my favorites were your favorites too! 🙂

  20. I want to give a little tip to anyone/everyone who will be using their Tatcha code. If you are a first time user, there is a little beauty quiz that pops up to aid you in choosing products. I took the quiz and it gave me a promo code for a travel sample of an eye cream with a $59 purchase. That coincidentally is the price of the little introductory kits (which I planned to buy). When checking out, I was unable to use both that code and the MSA code so I called. Very helpful people at the end of that phone line! I explained that I was at a loss of what to do since both these were for first time users and the nice gentleman on the phone did my order manually and will be sending both to me. How exciting! I fell in love with the powder in this box so wanted to try the line.

    I, for one, would be thrilled if this line was featured in the upcoming boxes so that we could get the full skin care regime–or even the loudly-touted hand and/or body creams.

    BTW, the SA I talked to mentioned that if you go to Barneys for their items, always call first to see if they can give you a facial with their products while there to sample them. Nice score on that info!!! Makes me think I’d like to buy in-store vs. online.

    • I forgot to state that the travel sized eye cream has a value of $29 so well worth your time taking the survey.

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