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My Geek Box Subscription Box Review – August 2014

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My Geek Box Subscription Box Review - August

My Geek Box is a monthly geek and gamer box that ships from the UK. (Lately we’ve been on a bit of a quest to subscribe to all the geeky boxes that exist, and this is one of the few from the UK that ships to the US!)

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

My Geek Box Subscription Box Review - August 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: My Geek Box

The Cost: £16.99 in the UK  (about $30-$35 to the US shipped)

The Products: Geeky Goodies and a t-shirt each month

Ships to: UK and the US

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My Geek Box Subscription Box Review - August 2014 T Shirt

Rivendell Dogs Shirt – Value $18?

I feel like geek boxes love doing t-shirt mashups! (I wonder if it is considered parody and not subject copyright?)

My Geek Box Subscription Box Review - August 2014 Pop Vinyl

POP Vinyl Game Of Thrones Brienne of Tarth – Value $10

I think any geek box is a success for my husband if it includes a FUNKO POP Vinyl! He only has a few GoT figures too, so this was a new one for the collection!

My Geek Box Subscription Box Review - August 2014 Hobbit

Hobbit Postcards – Value $1?

We love the Hobbit, but in general don’t like getting postcards in boxes. They feel like freebies.

My Geek Box Subscription Box Review - August 2014 Harry Potter

Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – Value $2,25

Game of Thrones Bookmark – Value $3?

I am afraid to eat these jelly beans, but I was so excited to see them in the box! (My husband and I are going on our  year late honeymoon to Disney World and Universal Studios later this year, and I can’t wait to go to Harry Potter world! It’s my first time to Universal Studios, so if you have any tips let me know!)

Verdict: Since we had to pay additional shipping, we knew this box may not be a high value, but still wanted to experience a geek box from overseas. I think this box is pretty good, but I’d love to see it come with a card detailing the items included. We weren’t blown away by our first box, but not disappointed either, so we’re going to keep subscribing to get a better sense of what we can expect from this box.

FYI – If you are from the US and considering subscribing, we did not receive a shipping confirmation email and had to follow up with customer care to get an update on the status of the box. I think they are still working out the international shipping piece as the original box they sent us apparently was lost, but they immediately sent a new one. So, great customer care experience, but not great shipment tracking yet.

What do you think of My Geek Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I reaaalllllly want this box (esp the shirt) for my college son. I went to the website to try to order either just this box as a one-off, or even a 3 month sub… and it is only offering October boxes. Email to CS has not been returned. If anyone wants to swap or sell their tee, please let me know!
    Thanks 🙂

    • So they wrote me back first thing this morning and said that September orders are closed , but that they always order a few extra in case of delivery mistakes… and that if they wind up with any extra they will sell me one. 🙂

      With that great CS I will sub if it works out!

      • UPDATE: CS has been awesome as they searched their leftovers to find me a box with the right size tee for my son… and then did it all over again because I had asked for the Sept box and this is actually the August box. They are sending me an August box and I have now subbed mmonthly. (Thinking I might drop lootcrate…)

        • It’s wonderful to hear about good customer service.

  2. My husband and I are going back to Universal in December this year to do the new Diagon Alley park. I cannot wait. Be sure to go through the whole Forbidden Journey line once to see the castle – it’s worth the walk and wait to see the details from the greenhouse to the portraits – so cool! But after that you can skip the castle and just go through the singles line without that super long wait. Try to avoid taking a bag when you do HP to avoid needing to use the lockers. It’s a zoo in there getting in and out if it’s busy. I have a ScottEvest with tons of pockets and I just wear that instead 🙂

    We always stay on the park property to avoid the need for a car. The property is beautiful and you can take the gondola boats and visit all the hotels. Royal Pacific is my favorite and the closest to the parks so it’s an easy walk if you don’t want to take a gondola. The city walk is included too and has a lot of great restaurants and movie theater. And shopping!!

  3. A friend recently recommended Neek Box (, another geeky/nerd sub from the UK, that now ships to the US. I surfed a bit on their site, but because of the exchange rate, it seems a bit pricey. However, based on some unboxing videos it seems like they include pretty great items! I may consider subscribing yet!

  4. Congrats on your first trip to Universal! We’re doing a Disney/Universal at the end of this month. Everyone elses’ tips are great, but just a few more?

    1. They let you walk through the line in Forbidden Journey (until a certain point, at least) with a camera so you can take pictures. If you’re a big fan, its worth spending a little while in the line, taking in the architecture, characters, and special effects. There will be a point in the line, near the end, where the attendant will usher you back to the lockers.

    2. Always have some money on you just in case you overstay your welcome in a locker.

    3. We do everything in the Harry Potter area during early opening (which you get if you stay on-site – you also get unlimited Universal fastpasses) and, with Forbidden Journey, the lines for the lockers are the most likely thing to hold you up. I usually stop at the Dragon’s Challenge lockers, put our bags in there, go on Forbidden Journey and Dragon’s Challenge, then just come back and pay the $3. Its worth it not to get stuck in line behind everyone who came without a bag.

    4. Avoid the Universal Studios dining package. Its almost never a value, and it makes you feel more compelled to order the most expensive thing to get your money’s worth, not to focus on your enjoyment of it.

    5. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the bird show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but its worth it. Universal Studios has an animal show, over by the kiddie area, but its completely about unnatural animal behavior and is always sort of disconcerting to me. Oh, and if you plan to ride ET, set aside more time than you thought you’d need. Its often a very long wait.

  5. Be sure to get the park hopper pass for universal! You can take the Hogwarts express to the other park. Be sure to take it both ways cause the experience is different!
    Knockturn Alley is a good place to get out of the sun I heard.
    Escape from Gringotts is the newest ride and is in Diagon Alley. The Forbidden Journey is in the Hogsmeade section.

  6. Waahhhhh – I want to go too! Because we have three kids, though, it’s just been something I hope to visit eventually. I grew up in California and miss our yearly trips down the coast to Disneyland!

  7. What a fun box!

    We went to Disney World and Universal Studios for our honeymoon (hubby had never been) and it was a blast!!!! Even though it’s a delayed honeymoon when you go to Disney go to a service counter (if you are staying at a Disney resort) or find one in the park and get the “Just Married” pins (they have all kinds of celebration pins including “First Time”) there are all sorts of stories about people getting special treatment wearing them. We noticed that cast members were just extra nice and we got stickers from cast members and a couple of pins. We did get a few complimentary re-rides too, but everyone’s experience is different. We also stayed on property for each park for half of our trip, and while it was pricey it was worth it for us. At Disney you get the extended magic hours, access to the dining plan and they will deliver your goodies you buy at the park to your room so you don’t have to carry them around all day (score!) plus free shuttle service to all of the parks, waterparks and disney shopping areas (like Downtown Disney). Then we switched to an on property hotel for the Universal Side which was worth it for us for the free fast pass access to skip lines on a good portion of the rides.

    My biggest tip for Universal is to register for breakfast at the Three Broomsticks! You can pick a time before the park opens so you can go and walk through without crowds and take pictures, plus then you beat the rush to all the HP rides just head there when you’re done eating!

    We have been dying to go back, so I’m very jealous! Have a blast it really does make you feel like a kid again 🙂

  8. This looks so cool! I LOVE the shirt! My college son is a geek/gamer and I get him lootcrate… this box and the new nerdblock arcade/gamer box (I’m sure I’m mangling the name) both look so cool, and better, but pricey! I can’t wiat for you to review the new arcade/game box…..

    We are all HUGE LotR and Harry Potter fangeeks at my house… this is really an awesome box.

    SO we have been to HP World 3 times and LOVE it. And I have an awesome line hack for the HP World ride, which is completely awesome and worth doing 20 times. Shall I post it or e you? 🙂

    • You can post it here – thank you! 🙂

      • So the Forbbidden Journey is THE signature ride not just of HP World but really of all of Universal. There is ALWAYS a line. But it is completely worth it – it’s beyond cool…. you really feel like you’re flying on the Quidditch pitch, through the castle, etc.

        The first time you ride it you should wait in the whole line. (You’ll be lucky if this takes you less than an hour…) You will have a tour through the castle as you wait, which is worth seeing once.

        Normally, about 3/4 of the way through the line, you will be diverted to a locker room where you are required to leave your purse or any bag, and then you come back out and rejoin the line. Immediately after the locker room, you can take a left fork from the main line to go into the Singles line. (note: The Singles Line is the way to go throughout the park… the lines are always shorter, often shorter than the Express Pass lines, and you are often with your partner anyway, or at least 1 car away…) After the ride, you exit into the gift shop, and then out into the park.

        So my line hack, which we have used about 100 times with no issues (& please don’t judge me) is this: Go into the gift shop from the park. From there go into the locker room. From there go to the line- as though you’d just gone in to leave your purse and you are rejoining the line (so you’re doing it in reverse). Now you’re 3/4 of the way through the line in literally 9 seconds. if you cut left at that point into the singles line you pretty much walk directly to being in view of the ride load. From there you will wait anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes to get on 🙂

      • More tips:
        * 3 Broomsticks is totally worth visiting for butterbeer, but imo not for breakfast or lunch (unless you just want the experience) – the food is downright bad and pricey
        * The fastest butterbeer line (there is always a line) is this: cut through the alley by the restooms next to the 3 Broomsticks. Now you’re on the patio of the 3 Broomsticks. Go into the bar (not restaurant) from the patio entrance and you will be in a butterbeer line that is probably only 5-8 people
        * Honeydukes is awesome
        * Ollivander’s is not worth it
        * If you know kids it is worth going into the Owl Post to mail postcards that then arrive with a Hogwarts stamp
        * Elsewhere in the park we like the Rockin’ Rollercoaster (if you like coasters) , the Men in Black ride, the Simpson’s ride, the Spiderman ride
        * The shows are good but not as fabulous as WDW
        * Eat lunch at Mythos restaurant
        * I have not been to Diagon Alley… can’t wait for report!
        * If you have a short time there it’s worht staying onsite for early entrance and express passes
        * If you’re more about saving money than time I recommend staying offsite – consider the Sea World Drive Springhill Suites
        * while I don’t do Sea World (see, Black fish), we have done Discovery Cove. Expensive but you get a lot: full day there including food and drinks, a dolphin swim, a beach, unlimited snorkeling with gorgeous fish and rays 🙂

        • WOW – so many great tips. THANK YOU! I will let you know how Diagon Alley is! 🙂

          • Can’t wait for a Diagon review, thanks!

            DEFINITELY try my Forbidden Journey line jump. We really have used it about 100 time with no issues 🙂

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