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Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Review

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Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box

I’ve been cutting back on Julep Mystery Box purchases lately because they typically include colors from past collections/seasons, so as a subscriber for over 2 years now that means lots of duplicates for me.

This time though there was a $10 off coupon code making this box only $14.99 shipped, so I couldn’t resist.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box (no longer available)

The Cost: $24.99 (Free shipping if you’re a Julep Maven subscriber)

COUPON: Use coupon code 10foryou to save $10! (FYI – the fine print on the Mystery Box email states that discounts aren’t valid on mystery boxes. This code is currently working though, so keep that in mind when using the coupon).

The Products:

Packed with $100+ worth of mystery nail polishes and beauty must-haves, this tempting box is quite a steal. And if you’re lucky, you might end up with even more loot…

50 winners get all 12 birthstone polishes (including the three colors nobody’s seen) in a white lacquer jewelry box—a $216 value!

1 grand prize winner gets all that and a pair of gorgeous sapphire and diamond earrings. (1 ct tw)

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Review Colors

Julep Nail Color in Nadia – Value $14

Julep Nail Color in Francis – Value $14

Julep Nail Color in Padma – Value $14

Well, I wasn’t thrilled to find two Spring-looking colors in this box, but I do like this deep purple microshimmer Padma polish – it was a Halloween-witch vibe!

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Review Gloss

Julep Lip Gloss in Peony – Value $18 (on sale for $5.99)

Julep Nail Color in Faye – Value $14

I tried this lip gloss in a Julep Maven box from a while ago and wasn’t crazy about the formula – it was a little too sticky for me. I’m also trying to decide if this Faye nail polish is a good fall color. At first glance I love the cocoa base, but it also has a green microshimmer undertone that might not look right. If you’ve tried it out let me know!

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Review Hands

Julep Overnight Repair for Hands – Value $48 (On sale for $19.99)

These are Julep items I actually haven’t tried yet! I like that they are paraben and sulfate free, so I’ll add them to my nighttime beauty routine!

Verdict: I went into this box with pretty low expectations, and a low cost, so I’m pleased with what I received. For $15 I got a $122 retail value, or $82 if you count sale prices. Either way the value is there, and I’ll use the two fall nail polish shades, the hand treatment set, and swap or gift the rest. (I wish they would just use only old nail polish stock from the appropriate seasons though! I’d much rather get a Fall 2013 color than a Spring 2014 one!)

Did you get the Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box? What did you think of it?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Hmm, well I also purchased this box, along with one of the add-on “mystery sets” and mine did not have the same things your or Subscription Box Mom got. I think I got less, even with the add-on, than you did. And, it would not accept my coupon code so I didn’t even get the discount. Kind of disappointing to find out I paid more (a lot more with the add-on) for less.

  2. I loved this box and I got the same as Liz. It was my first mystery box. I already have Nadia so I will swap that. But I was pleased with it.

  3. I got the same box as Liz and the value is there, but I feel fooled again by Julep Mystery Boxes. Forget it – I am not going to be bamboozled again. I should have realized that they don’t match the product with the theme – I have been suckered by a bunch of these boxes. I did use the code and paid $14.99, so it wasn’t a ton of money, but I don’t know, I was mostly disappointed by the colors, except for Padma. I don’t like yellow and have Nadia already, as well as Francis. I do like the serum (I agree it does smell like vegetable oil) and I like the hand cream, but its pretty heavy so its best for night use. So I am not thrilled and probably would not have ordered it, if I knew ahead of time what was in the box, but I am ok with it. I think I will steer clear. Also, I agree the Total Beauty boxes sucked as well, mostly foil packs and random stuff – I didn’t pay much, but I wish I didn’t. This is also why I don’t bother with Beauty Box 5 LE boxes.

  4. I received the same as Liz, and I’m okay with it. I have none of the colors and I like them all. I didn’t care for the texture of the lip gloss or the applicator. I’ve not opened the hand cream yet, but I hope that it helps out my hands this winter.

  5. I love Julep, and all their amazing sales, but I have never been pleased with their mystery boxes. I wouldn’t have taken this one except the sale price of $15 made it worth a shot.

    I got the same box as Karolina: 1 nail polish: Tatiana (love) , some twistbands in purple & silver (gifted to a 9 yo), eyeshadow brush (2nd brush in 2 days – win), the Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer (I use this regularly!), Surprise! Color Rush Lip Gloss (pretty, but sticky), and the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette in Neutrals ( these look pretty good).

    While the “value” is technically exactly $100 (given non-sale and non-maven prices), I try to determine value to me with regard to whether I’ll use these products and whether I would have bought similar products anyway. Since I’ll definitely use the polish and the primer, and I’ll at least try the gloss, brush, and shadows, this box was ‘worth’ the $15 I spent on it.

  6. I’m happy to see others enjoying their boxes, mine was awful. 1 spring nail color, a gel/pot liner with no brush, a blush brush with no blush, some kind of masque… I had been tempted to sign up for a subscription with them and now have absolutely NO interest.

    • thats what i got also

  7. I got the same box as Liz too. Definitely just a so-so box. The Padma polish is beautiful so that was definitely a win for me. Its actually one of my favorites from Julep so far, so that makes it worth it. the hand repair kit is nice and that will be used. Not interested in the rest of the items. Still, for $15 not a bad deal…but I wouldn’t do the mystery box from them again….actually I am kind of over mystery boxes. After the Total Beauty boxes and the Julep box, I think i am just going to stick to my tried and true subs…PopSugar, Birchbox, Boxycharm, etc. and pass on the mystery boxes for awhile.

  8. I got the same box Liz did. At first I wasn’t terribly happy with the green color, but then I started looking at it closer and imagining some fun Halloween nail art with the deep purple. And voila! I loved it. I can’t wait for October so I can put these to together. I was pretty happy with the box altogether, although if I paid the original $24.99, I probably wouldn’t have been as happy.

  9. I am pretty pleased with whAt I got:
    *Nadia-not a big fan on yellows.
    *Alfre-LOVE THIS ONE
    *Lynn-pretty pale pink
    *Blank Canvas plumping lip primer
    *Moisture Mask trio
    *Vanish cuticle softener & remover
    I used a $15.00 credit I earned from referring a friend so I only paid 9.99

  10. I got the same box as Liz. Was not too thrilled. Wasnt a fan of the green and green is my favortie color. Didnt like the yellow either. 🙁

  11. I was really disappointed with this set. I was excited about getting some mystery colors and hoped I would like a few. I used the $10 off code so it was pretty cheap and seemed like a good idea. And since this was called a Jewel Heist Mystery Box, I assumed there would be some jewel-tones, or at least some shimmery colors like their birthstone collection. I received the same exact box Liz did. The thing that upset me most was that I have been receiving these same exact colors from Julep as “free gifts” with their purchase. I already have multiples of these colors. The only color I liked was Padma, but I actually already paid for that one as an add-on for my last box. I feel like since they have been giving me these same colors over and over again they must really dislike them and want them gone, but can’t they change up the variation a little? I just feel like this was the best way they could think of to get rid of the junk they didn’t want anymore. The only thing that I didn’t have yet and actually liked was the overnight repair. I am happy with that, but so disappointed with how Julep handled this mystery box.

  12. Liz, this mystery box was bullshit, but you remain happy about every box no matter how crappy it is. It shouldn’t be about value always. They sent old polishes and ancient beauty products! They basically ripped everyone off. Those are the UGLIEST colors I’ve ever seen them send. They used to send a LOT of polishes for a mystery box. It’s about how valuable it is to everyone and what is honestly of use, not just the value. Even with low expectations, this was BAD.

    • lol I love your honesty Kyla! I didn’t order this box but canceled my Julep subscription after the first box, didn’t like the polishes at all. The Beauty Box 5 limited editions boxes are a giant rip off too.

    • First off Kayla, what’s crappy to you may not be crappy to someone else. I find Liz’s reviews to be refreshingly honest and there has been many items and boxes that Liz wasn’t happy about and she expressed it. Obviously the value was there for her….although it may not be for you….this is her blog and her review/opinion about the box so if you don’t like her reviews then here’s an idea for you….start your own blog, do your own reviews and invest all your time into it! If that doesn’t appeal to you then don’t be so critical of other’s reviews…ok, pretty simple!!

  13. I got the same variation, also for the $14.99. I was really unhappy with it. I would have rather had any of the other variations but mostly I was unhappy because I felt like this box was totally misleading. There is nothing about this box that is jewel toned or jewel tone related. I thought we would be getting at least one of the past birth stone polishes which is why I ordered it. The hand cream is okay but the serum with it smells like vegetable oil and I’m not completely convinced that it isn’t. I like Padma but I worry with Julep’s darker colors that it will stain my nails and hands. Wish I could get a refund on this one. : /

  14. I got the same exact box Liz did. Not in love with the colors except Padma but the hand cream makes up for it since I got it for $15.

  15. I got the same variation as Liz and used a %50 of coupon to get the box for $12.50 – what a great deal! Hearing the other box variation in the comments I would have liked that one more but I was pleased with this one. I had never tried the hand cream or serum, and now like them both ok. The hand cream has a weird scent to me. I like the lip gloss (never tried before) but I agree it is a little thick. I like all the polish colors except the green. I don’t have a yellow or brown bronze so I’m keeping those. I love the purple but feel like I have a couple that are similar so I’m planning to gift it with the green. Not a bad box but I was hoping for the jewel colors!

  16. My box was totally different, too.
    I got mostly beauty items: black noir mask, brown mascara, black eyeliner, adjustable brush, green tea face blotters, one polish.

    • This was my box as well. I was confused to have gotten so many beauty products and sad that I only got one nail polish from a company that’s know for their nail polish 🙁

      • I agree Lezzles – but it also gives me the chance to use their beauty products, which I would not buy otherwise. Hopefully they are good products.

  17. I got the exact same thing as Liz and pretty much agree with everything she said! I’m happy with what I got for the price, especially the hand cream set, starting to get fall weather and dry hands!

  18. You got the same box I did (I think there were only two variations, anyway). Turns out I already had Faye so now I have two of them. Will use the hand repair in a few months when my hands get awful from walking my dog out in the cold.

    Also liked Padma. (Will be a great color for my toes since I am currently only using dark purples, browns, and blues until a massive bruise under my big toenail goes away.) Not too excited about pink lip gloss, I have more than a dozen of those (not this brand, but just about every conceivable shade and finish from other brands).

    I’m kind of meh on this box. Wasn’t thrilled with the last one, (Golden Ticket?) either. Probably won’t buy another one. Although, I do feel like I got my $15 worth (and then some).

  19. Wow! My box was completely different. I only got one nail polish in the Tatiana (Boho Glam) shade. I then got some twistbands in the purple and silver colors, the poufy eyeshadow brush, the Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer, the Surprise! Color Rush Lip Gloss, and the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette in Neutrals. I was actually quite surprised that it was mostly beauty products not nail polish.

    I wonder if any of the MSA readers got the “prize” boxes?

    • I would have LOVED your box Karolina! I received the same sludgy nail polishes as most. Epic fail for a ‘Jewel Heist’ box.
      I’m unlikely to fall for a Mystery (Misery) box again.

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