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Ipsy October 2014 Spoilers!

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Ipsy Sneak Peek

The first spoilers are out for the October 2014 Ipsy bags. Each bag will include one of these eye shadow, eye liner, or mascara samples.

Ipsy October 2014 Spoilers

What do you think of the spoilers so far? (That Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara is everywhere!)



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Is there any way to gift an Ipsy subscription? I have a friend that lives states away and think this would be a fun addition to her Xmas gift. I can’t find anything on their site about gifting.

  2. This is why I don’t subscribe to Ipsy (anymore). Too many low end products. When I first started with Birchbox, I was a little annoyed when I would receive a brand I didn’t know or a brand that wasn’t carried in sephora/ulta. But over time, in trying the samples, reading reviews, and researching them, I’ve found many new brands I love! And the difference is…they are always high quality brands with great/trustworthy ingredients. I don’t feel the same goes for Ipsy. You can get the drugstore items for cheap with coupons and the other items seem to have questionable integrity.

  3. Honestly, even with two teenage daughters we are over revlon mascara.

  4. Try these tricks to the quiz. Remove drugstore makeup CVS; etc from your quiz. If you d not like a certain item mark it off. If there are items you have selected to like to try example Urban Decay; NYX etc but do not want any mascara or eye shadow; chances are very high you will get it because it is the brand you marked in your quiz. I have found a TON if little tricks to the quiz that you may have not thought of before. For this month I removed drugstore CVS and dept store from my wanting to try list also. I like some drug store but not the ones on the spoiler.

    Plus just for this month alone I selected party goer so that if I am lucky I will get the mica eye shadow glittery even though I am not much of a party goer. I thought about removing mascara and eye liner too as to increase my odds but I figured I would try my luck.

    Seems like a lot of work but I have seen them match both my ipsy bags almost perfect. Last month bag 1 was 80% perfect and bag 2 was 100% perfect!:)

    • Thanks for those tips. I heard about the UD lipstick and I would love to get that in my next bag. I really don’t want the mascara either unless it was a high end brand or one that I know works for me. September was a great bag for me and I am not too crazy about these spoilers for October. I have updated my profile, so hopefully that will help and I will get lucky and get the UD.

    • Following your advice, the only spoiler above that is even tolerable is the eye liner. Therefore, I went into my profile and added ‘eye liner’ to it. Hopefully, since I do not have shadow or mascara ticked as acceptable, they will send the eye liner.

  5. I don’t want mascara! I’m allergic to mascara, the only one that I can use is Almay. So even if I got the spendiest, fanciest high end mascara in the world, it would be useless to me.

    I said no mascara in my Ipsy profile, hopefully they’ll listen. (But probably not since I got the Perversion mascara).

  6. I already have the Revlon mascara; not too thrilled. I would not mind the mica eye shadow; it is different and pretty. None of the mascaras look thrilling. I guess model co would be okay. I do not want the eye liner and the shadow (highlighter?) Looks okay. I hope I get different items on both accounts. 🙂 Hoping for another face cleanser and possibly lotion; cannot get enough of those and my number one item I want is a new blush. I am kinda surprised they are including NYC and a variety of brands (on the cheaper end).

  7. Honestly, there’s nothing there that says “I want it” to me. 🙁

  8. I really, really hope I don’t receive the Revlon mascara again. One, I have already received it in two other subscription boxes, two, I have mascaras unchecked on my Ipsy quiz..meaning I have zero interest in receiving mascara in my ipsy bags. And three, its horrible mascara. It does absolutely nothing for your eyelashes in my opinion. Length, no. Thickness, no. Non flaking, no. I’m not a mascara snob in the sense that I won’t wear drugstore because that’s not the case, it’s just a bad mascara.

    • The Revlon Bold Lacquer mascara was the WORST mascara I have tried in a very long time. Granted, I am OCD about my lashes, but this stuff literally BROKE OFF MY LASHES!!!! I had an extra from receiving two in one month so I gave the extra to my daughter and it did the same thing to her. we are both still trying to grow out our eyelashes.

  9. Pleeeeeeease no Revlon mascara in my bag. I got one over the summer from BB5 and I still haven’t used it, because Revlon mascaras are so cheap and flaky and clumpy. That’s not the kind of BOLD effect I’m going for! Yuck.

  10. Am I the only one who finds it frustrating when Ipsy samples a mix of high end and drugstore products in the same month, so you end up getting a $1.99 eyeshadow you’ve seen dozens of time at your local store when someone else who gets an eyeshadow gets a fancy $20 one you wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for the subscription? I know Ipsy is only $10/month and a lottery, but it seems like every bag should have a similar value.

  11. I’ve stopped using Revlon since I found out they are one of the biggest cosmetic lines to test on animals, so I’m heartbroken any subscription box uses them. I wouldn’t want the NYC mascara either as I only like their nail polish where the rest of their EXTREMELY cheap products are typically what I buy when say on a road trip and forgot to pack some thing or I’m tight on money until the next paycheck and need some thing only for a week to get by…not a fan.

  12. PLEASE- NO MORE MASCARA! Especially not Revlon. I’ve gotten four of them, I think? And I think they are terrible!!! They clump and when they are dry, the mascara chips off in inky pieces throughout the day. I don’t wear an excessive amount, but no amount of brushing or declumping fixes this! I always ended up with mascara dust under my eyes! I have swapped or just given away every single one! I have been thinking about cancelling. If I get this Revlon, I just might! Yuck!

  13. I really am not “gotta-have-it” excited by anything there, but I’ll happily swap whatever I don’t want. I mean, the box only costs $10 so even if I get that stupid mascara (please no mascara please no mascara), I’ll get more than my money’s worth! Even so, I think I’d prefer the eyeliner because I’d actually try it.

  14. How are these September spoilers since the bags already shipped? I got mine over a week ago. Are these for October I’m assuming?

    • The header says Oct but the first line of the post says Sep.

      • Oops – thanks!

  15. Seeing drugstore mascara in the spoiler kinda irritates me. A couple months back we got They’re Real mascara and Prevision Mascara, why in the world would I want to use these drugstore brands when I have these products? I’ve always been so excited for my Ipsy, but lately it’s been disappointing.

    • I totally agree!!! One of the reasons we sign up for this bags is to get to try other brands. Don’t give me something I can easily get at Walmart.

  16. I was entirely UNimpressed with the Revlon mascara. The brush comes out of the tube with clumps all over it. I have to wipe it on the side of the opening each time before I use it. I don’t have this problem with my Dior Show ever. I know Revlon is way cheaper, but that’s just a pain in the butt. Hopefully, no Revlon mascara for me in the next Ipsy bag!

  17. I’m hoping for the eyeliner, but with my luck I’ll get another Revlon mascara.

  18. I soooooo want the Skone eye liner!

  19. That Revlon mascara goes on great, but flakes pretty badly late in the day. Makes me wonder if Revlon can’t sell the stuff, so they’re selling excess stock to subscription box providers.

    • I think you’re right; my paper the other week had a coupon for a free bold laquer mascara with any revlon purchase. They’re giving them away! lol

  20. I saw this recently on a FabFitFun post, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. If you don’t like an item in a sub box, please consider donating it to a women’s shelter. There are so many ladies for whom boring old drugstore mascara would be a treat. They also always need items like shampoo, razors, and sanitary items. Those extra sponsored freebies that seem to annoy people so much could be a blessing to someone else. Can you imagine needing liners and not having the $$ to buy them?

    • Thank you for this! I have been handing all my unwanteds out to my teen sons’ GFs (I’m far too busy – and by that I mean lazy – to swap). This is a much better use of them. Great thought, thanks.

    • What a thoughtful idea! When I spent the time clipping coupons, I would have so many panty liners and shampoos that I paid nothing for (or less than a dollar). I would bag these up and place them in the donation bins for the local shelter and food pantry. Since I don’t invest the time to coupon anymore, I’ve fallen away from donating there. Thanks for reminding me that I can still contribute!

    • Thank you! I do this often, I also work for a non-profit that cares for foster women ages 18-21 and I often pass along unwanted or unusable (do to hair type or skin tone) on to them, when I worked at a women’s shelter I would add it to donations.

  21. I really really hope I don’t get another mascara. I have enough to last a lifetime or two!

  22. If I get another mascara I’m going to flip out. I guess it’s my own fault for subscribing to so many boxes, but seriously why aren’t they changing things up?

  23. I’m praying for an eyeshadow. If I get another Revlon mascara I’ll scream, I’ve had 5 of those in boxes this summer. I don’t need any more eyeliner either. Birchbox looks the best for October, I can’t wait!

  24. OMG I’d kill for that Jesse’s Girl! Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  25. BTW Liz: Second SS spoiler up at MUT…

    • oh what is it???

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll post about it!

  26. Hoping for the eyeliner. I could use another liquid one. I already have the bold laquer mascara but its pretty good so i wouldnt be mad to have a spare.

  27. I cancelled a few weeks ago and this didn’t tempt me to uncancel…maybe if I knew I’d get a shadow, but I could build a summer home out of eyeliners and mascaras I have lying around.

  28. I’m really hoping I don’t get eyeliner I’ve gotten one in almost every bag since February and I rate it as not for me every time and don’t even have it marked as something I want I just don’t wear it so anything else would be great

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