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Birchbox October 2014 Sample Pick Spoilers!

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Birchbox October 2014 Sample Pick Spoilers

Birchbox has revealed the 4 samples you get to pick from for your Octobber box! You’ll be getting an email soon with the option to pick which one you want – if you didn’t get an email from them in September make sure to email [email protected] now to let them know to get you on the list!)

You will be able to pick one of the following samples for your October box:

Birchbox October Sample Picks

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipgloss in Melon or Petal to the Metal (Looks like FULL SIZE) Value $20

Lord & Berry Glitter Eye Pencil in Black (Deluxe sample) Value $8?

ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Kitty (Looks like FULL SIZE) Value $17

What do you think of the October Birchbox samples? Which one do you plan on getting? While I already have more than enough eyeliners, I’m curious about this glitter Lord & Berry one. (I’d go for the Mally lipgloss if I didn’t already have a ton of those thanks to New Beauty Test Tube).

FYI – if you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet, use coupon code BBKIWI100 to get an extra 100 points ($10) to spend in the Birchbox shop!


There are also to Add-on Options this month:

Loren Hope Lilac Mini Alex Cuff + Co Branded Pouch – $28 to add on ($45 value)

Bella J Candle in Rose Berry – $18 to add on ($25 value)

(If you purchase multiple Birchbox Plus Add-ons you’ll get double points this month too!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I was thinking about the Mally lip gloss but that was sold out. The best choice is usually sold out. I was not excited about the Modelco lipstick color or another eyeliner pencil so to my surprise they had the Laggies guest editor box available so I chose that one. The only item I am not too excited about is the Tocca hand cream since the smell is very odd but it is suppose to be luxury hand cream so maybe I’m just not use to luxury smells, LOL everything else in the box looks great so I am excited to get that box next month.

  2. The email about the BB Plus candle/cuff was a few days ago. I chose one candle, just to see.

    For the October choice I went with the curated box on my Ace account (yesterday) and planned on the Mally today on my other account… but it was sold out. Not too bummed – I have sooo many glosses – but I will be if I get the eyeliner!

  3. I got the email to choose the candle or bracelet two days ago?? I did not pick it though as tempting as they both were. I love candles and the bracelet being a BB exclusive and is beautiful! I just got the email to pick my sample at 12:08 and did not check my email until 12:30 and both Mally was sold out. I wanted the lighter pink. I am still not disappointed because I picked the Laggies Editor choice. I have been wanting to try Beauty Protector and the Vasanti. Plus I love hand cream and the model co mascara looks fantastic. I am happy about the perfume looks like a good size roller ball and the packaging is super cute! 🙂

    I am very pleased with my choice! Great brands and my style products. I do not prefer so much hair care and I do like sprays for protecting the hair so have been wanting to try this. I am just happy this is the first month I got to choose without everything being sold out. I can’t wait to become an ace. I am 60% there!

  4. I just got the email to pick my October sample and I picked the Mally liquid lipstick in petal to the metal, hopefully I love it. I already have one Mally liquid lipstick. I was super sad the candles were already sold out, I did get the cuff though I think it’s super cute. I pray it fits, I can’t wait for October’s Birchbox!! I wonder what they’re going to be doing with the book club? I love Gillian Flynn’s books.

  5. Does anyone know if you can use points to buy birchbox plus items? It seems like you cannot but I just wanted to check.

  6. My email arrived only a few minutes ago. I was looking forward to ordering the candle! I’m thinking that I may use my points to buy the Snowball candle which has a nice winter scent to it. I would pick the cuff, but I have muscular arms. I don’t know if the cuff will fit. The ones from Cate and Chloe barely fit.

  7. Super mad about the candles being sold out before I even got the email and I am an ace.

  8. I just got the email from Birchbox at 10:30 this morning, when I clicked on it 5 minutes later I was told the candles are all sold out!

  9. I have never done a Birchbox “Plus”…. but I decided this month to go for the candle because it’s fun to get a toy surprise inside 🙂

    Their “double points!” hook almost got me to order two candles, and then I did the math. Spend $18 more and get $1.80 worth of store credit. Not worth it, to me, unless you want to stock up on candles or bracelets as gifts…

    • It is double your total points when you buy two, so for candles you would get $1.80 in points when you buy one, but then you would get $7.20 in points if you got two ($3.60 in points each candle) Debating getting an add on or two, but not sure.

  10. I received a modelco lipstick In my box before and the lipstick was broken off from the tube. Not sure if it was the heat or something. I would have contacted them about a replacement but it was that hot pink color so I didn’t really want it anyway.

  11. I do like the lip gloss shades, and generally love getting glosses in sub boxes BUT I kind of am wanting to take my chances. I also am loving BB so much since I signed up in August, it might be worth it to get a second box at this point…hmmmmmmm

  12. I’m thinking about going with ModelCo after reading that the Mally is sticky unless there is going to be a themed box. My sister and I both selected samples for the September box. My box arrived on the 12th and her box arrived a few days before that. I’m thinking about ordering the add-ons.

    • I’m considering the lipstick because I am sick and tired of pink lip glosses (I have at least 18 and probably more like 24). Although I also might just let Birchbox choose a box for me. This is assuming I even get the e-mail from them this time, which is sort of up in the air at this point (think I got back on the e-mail list, but hadn’t gotten e-mails for a long time, so we’ll see).

      • I have tons of pink lip gloss too and hardly any other colors but I also have almost the same amount in pink lipstick. I saw the sample choice video and the Lord and Berry appears tiny like the tiny tiny sample in ipsy last month. But this one has some glitter in it. It may be larger then the one in ipsy but did not appear so. I probably have a lipgloss this color and used to buy mally from qvc so been wanting to get try her again for the longest. I remember loving her lipgloss a lot and the packaging is cute. If the lipstick is too sheer then I don’t want it. Have way to many pink sheer lip sticks but I do like modelco. I will “most” likely go with mally. 🙂

  13. I love Mally products and it is rare to receive in sub boxes like the other two not so rare. The model co lipstick has been seen in sub boxes but I do not have it yet. I think boxycharm had the lipstick in there box a few months before I subbed. It is also in the shop you can purchase using points. The Lord and Berry I received a tiny sample through ipsy.

    I would be debating between the lipstick and lip gloss but I’m pretty sure I’ll go with Mally since I’ve been dying to get something from her in sub boxes.

    I have seen the Mally item or similar lip gloss in New Beauty Test Tube. I’ll brobably go witg Mally allthough I’m in lipgloss overload right now!!!! 🙂

    If the sample does not sell out and I’m able to choose. Now seeing the model co I’m kinda wishing I had two accounts and it’s tempting to make another one BUT by the time I’m able to choose and have the money for another, the samples will be sold out. I can always save up and buy one later. 😉

  14. I don’t like any of these choices. The lippes aren’t colors I wear, and I have enough eye liner to last me for life.

    Hopefully the 5th choice, the box of the month, is awesome. Or else I’m just gonna let Birchbox pick for me.

  15. I’m excited that there is a sample that I want to try in the October box! Last month I was not interested in any of the samples. I’m going to pick the lipstick. The dusty rose shade looks very wearable, and it gets good reviews. I’m picky about lip glosses, and this one doesn’t look like it has a good formula. The eyeliner is cool, but the sample is so small that I’m not inclined to pick it. I wouldn’t assume that any of the samples are full size until they’re received- I’ve seen it go both ways.

    I have not received my September box yet, but I have mixed feelings about it. Three items to trade: black eyeliner (I have plenty), more Whish shaving cream (I don’t like the scent), and a Dr. Brandt sample of the vacuum cleaner (the formula is irritating because of the high alcohol content- not for me). On the other hand, I’m really excited about the Juara Candlenut Body Crème and the chapstick, and I’ll at least try the Caudalie Serum. I just wish the Body Crème was coming in better packaging. I also like having six samples to review; I’m getting close to having enough points to get one of their expensive hair dryers.

  16. Ooh, I want both of the lip products! It might be time for a second BB account…

    • I always have a separate account now that I reactivate whenever I like more than one sample choice lol. Then I just use a 100 point code and feel like I’m getting it for free.

  17. I’ve yet to be able to pick my choice yet, and my boxes haven’t been all that great. I would have loved to receive the double ended lip balm.

  18. I never get an email to pick samples? Is this some kind of glitch or is this for only certain subscribers?

    • Duh. Just reread the post. Guess I need more coffee this morning.

  19. Wow, I REALLY dislike those three choices, and eyeliner and lip products are my favorite things. The lip colors are practically neon and the eyeliner is glittery. I’m not a teenager! You all should be aware that Mally glosses are very sticky and don’t have any staying power. Very thick and saturated colors.

    • There are two choices for the lipgloss- you might like the one not shown more. Also, I don’t know what you’re screen is showing, but the lipstick is a dusty rose- not neon at all.

      • The problem with the lipgloss is primarily formula: super sticky and only lasts about 30 minutes or so. I like several other Mally lip products but the gloss is no bueno.

        Here’s what it says on ModelCo’s web site about the lipstick pictured above:

        High-impact colour that won’t budge, ModelCo’s PARTY PROOF Lipsticks are a super long-lasting, strong pigment lipstick in ultra-vibrant hues.

      • The wrong photo was originally posted with the Model Co lipstick – it was a very bright pink.

        • yep – sorry about that!

    • Agreed on the stickiness of Mally glosses. I ended up with a few through subscription boxes and only kept one because it was a color that is occasionally useful but I still dislike wearing it due to how sticky it is. I also don’t care for any of these options!

  20. Oooh I only want one of those (unlike last month when I wanted ALL the choices! haha)…the Mally. So I’ll pick that one with my Aces account and then I guess pick nothing with my other account…

    • Thanks – I’ll update!

    • The Kitty color is really great, and the Model Co. lipstick smells really good too. Unfortunately, a lot of people already received this color in their birchbox this past winter. Oh well.

  21. These are always tempting, but I’ve noticed if you don’t see a choice you like and end up not picking one, you’ll get your box much earlier and they usually include a full size, deluxe, or pretty useful item instead. For September, it seems like everyone who didn’t choose a sample got that double sided Chapstick. Not necessarily exciting, but I use it everyday now.

    • Yes I noticed this too. I have 2 Birchbox accounts and I didn’t choose for one of them, and received the Chap Stick (and a generally very nice box). Although I liked my September sample pick box too! I got the Shiseido and my box included other nice items like the Tocca hand cream. (love).

      I’ll probably do the same for October. I’ll pick something (likely the Mally in melon) under my Aces account, and will leave it blank under my other account.

    • I didn’t get the double sided chapstik 🙁 I was kinda bummed about that too. All my samples this month (Sept) were small, but I liked all of it so I was ok with that. I’m thinking I will skip picking a sample again this month!

    • I picked the Macadamia oil spray for Sept and still got the double-ended chapstick as well, so it’s not a rule.

      I was happy with shipping and overall value, too. My box arrived Sept. 12 (I live near the gulf) and had a total value of around $60–half of that was the Mèreadesso‎ lotion though.

      This particular sample choice I’ll skip. I’m much more into the natural and organic hair and skincare birchbox has… I tried ipsy one month and realized I’m too picky about makeup to ever like a makeup sub. I got the lord & berry eyeliner that month and hate how smudgy it is.

      • I didn’t even try the liner because I only like the liquid kind. If it’s smudgy maybe I can use it for a smoke effect. I’ve been thinking of dropping ipsy too.

  22. Are there 3 or 4 samples to pick from?

    • There are 3 samples. The eyeliner comes in sparkly black, the lipstick comes in dusty rose, and there are two color choices for the lipgloss.

  23. The lip colors just don’t suit me, so I will go for the eyeliner. I already have several eyeliners but at least I know I will use it.

  24. The lipgloss it sounds awesome I’ve never had one that isn’t sticky and stays on if I can’t get it I’ll just be surprised

  25. I love lip glosses so I’ll probably go for the Mally lip gloss and if it’s gone probably the Model and Co lipstick. I kind of like how Birchbox has been letting us pick our own samples lately, I feel my boxes have been a lot better.

    • haha I meant ModelCo**

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