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BareMinerals Mystery Boxes are Back!

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BareMinerals Mystery Boxes are Back

Thank you Erin for the heads up on this deal! The bareMinerals Mystery Boxes are back! They are $45 with a $188 value, so I recommend buying one ASAP if you are interested – I predict these will sell out quickly!

UPDATE: Make sure to use coupon codes THELUCKYONE and SHADE to get bonus makeup! (Thanks Sara, Carolyn and Mary!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my box yesterday and I am beyond disappointed. Not only did the whole process of ordering/shipping it take forever, I felt like all the products I received are completely useless! Majority of the items I got are deluxe sized samples (which I can get FREE elsewhere) and the concealer is way too dark! The box was not worth the $45 at all! I’m hoping I can send it back for a refund. This was just horrible.

  2. I’m a little disappointed. 2 of the items on the packing slip are not items that were received. Of the 2 items replacing these, one of them is useless because it is a dried up eyelid primer.
    1 42039 S First Class Blush
    1 58955 10AM RTC WP Eyeliner(G1)-no box USA
    Those are the 2 that were replaced. I was really excited for the blush. And to get another lip gloss and dried useless eyelid primer… I doubt I’ll order this again. I thought about contacting them, but I don’t know if it’ll even make a difference. 🙁

    • Same here. No eyeliner or blush. Three lip glosses. One for each lip plus a backup, I guess?

      My primer works just fine (and it’s a nice color) but the tinted moisturizer was just this gooey, clumpy, oily mess, and about eight shades too dark for me. One of the items is a foil packet.

      I like one of the lip products, and I like the patent bag.

      What a disappointment: Klugey system, random customer service, amnesiac billing processes, double-amnesiac packing slip, full-stop mystery on whether we’d even get our boxes at all, and only a couple of products that I’d want to buy IRL.

      And since they sent me an email days in advance with most of the items I’d be getting, items weren’t a fun surprise! Which is the whole point of mystery boxes: Fun surprises!

      I’d hoped to go back to using Bare Minerals, but this really turned me off.

    • So, I did contact them, because I was mad about 3 lip glosses in one mystery box! Haha, they said that the third lip gloss was a replacement for one of the missing items but then totally admitted I was not given a replacement for the other so they refunded me just under $5 for the missing product…..that is all fine and dandy that they helped me out but if I hadn’t said anything, they wouldn’t have fixed it, which is lame. Soooo I recommend everyone reach out, they know they screwed up on the # of items…

      • They will let you return the entire box of you tell them you aren’t happy with it. I just shipped mine back today.

        • Ugh…. I was so disgusted by the box, I threw half of it out. Wish I’d thought to send it back!

  3. Excitement now turns to disappointment. April box was better. The main problem is the color selection, which is too dark for me, but to be fair, there may be many others who will appreciate that! The full-size primer is a hit for me, I love their primers. The full-size bronzing mineral veil is too dark. There is a deluxe sample of a brightening eye primer which is completely dried up, but that is the only obviously old product. The pewter eye primer looks pretty, I have enjoyed their other tinted primers. The concealer, super dark. The makeup bag is cute, black patent, but I have too many bags already. I hope that this is considered a sub box for swap purposes, does anyone know? My loss could be others’ gain. There is a full sized bb eyeshadow, the apricot, which to me is almost exactly the same shade as the beig-y one we got in ipsy. The glosses are okay, the brush is pretty nice, travel size, but it’s the old style. The liner is completely sealed but is waterproof. Enough of my ranting, hope I can swap.

    • I also got two replacement items from what were on the packing list. One being a sample size of the eye brightener which I am pretty sure they usually give out free and to add insult to injury it was dry and useless. Then I got an item they obviously haven’t carried since 2012 which is a lipgloss called Rouge. I will be returning my items and asking my credit card to give me a refund as I feel what was sent was not worth the cost of the box or the cost of items promised. I feel the blush and eyeliner that were missing would of been a much better deal.

      • I have to agree that this box was lackluster. I wanted to try this line because I’ve heard great things but after the bad customer service and bad box, no thanks.
        I feel that they gave us old items from years ago as well as Summer items such as the bronzer. I’m very fair so besides the lipgloss, nothing works for my skin tone. I was expecting more neutral items like eyeshadow, regular mineral veil, lipsticks, brushes, etc. I’m going to try to give these away but sucks I had to pay all of this to give coworkers makeup. I’m glad my second box got cancelled after seeing this stuff in person.

  4. Got my shipping confirmation! Packing list:
    1    59103    XL SPF 25 Bronzing MV w/bronze cap (O1)
    1    63787    Marvelous Moxie L/G-Starlet(G1)-NOBOX
    1    59707    All Channel GWP Bag #3-Lg Pat Leather(G3
    1    68626    5in1AdvPerCreamE/SSPF15BlushApricot-O1NB
    1    42039    S First Class Blush
    1    58545    PTPolishedPewterPrimerShadow-NB(3ml)(G1)
    1    61335    XS SPF 20 Honey Bisque (O1) V2
    1    65698    PT SPF30 AntioxFoundPrimer2oz(O1)-w/Box
    1    68146    2-in-1 Heavenly Face & Eye Brush(G3)
    1    58955    10AM RTC WP Eyeliner(G1)-no box USA
    1    58538    Mini Apricot Nectar Natural Lipgloss(G1)

    • I just got mine, too! Exactly same packing list. Sadly, no tracking information. 🙁

      • If you go to your shipping confirmation email and scroll down, right under the thank you from Leslie and the bare essentials team you should see something that says Track your Order and then has a link to the FedEx page with your tracking number already entered

        • I still haven’t even received my cancellation email.

          • Wait! I was told it was cancelled last week when I called but I just got a shipping confirmation email. WTF? I’ll be sending it back. At this point, I don’t feel like BM deserves my money.

      • Same thing here. Happy to see there’s a 5-in-1 in there, although I’m not sure Blush Apricot is going to be my shade….

      • Have yet to receive shipping confirmation.. 🙁

        • I just got my shipping email today. I’m super pale so I’m sure I’ll be doing some swapping of bronzesrs, lol.

    • Just received this too! Looks promising. The only thing that seems iffy is the Honey Bisque concealer shade. Too dark for me but maybe can double as a shadow or contour powder? Overall I think I’ll be pleased to receive.

    • So I finally had time to try to look up these products. I can only find a couple of them (or the particular shade) online. I remember this happening in the last mystery box. Does this mean they are sending us discontinued stock?

  5. Just spoke to customer service. She told me that my order was still pending but *would* still be shipped “in the next day or so.” No mention of items being out of stock as the reason for the delay. Her only explanation was the warehouse was backed up due to high volume. It’s strange that everyone is getting a different answer and varying levels of courtesy. The woman I spoke to was friendly and professional but it doesn’t sound like that’s everyone’s experience.

  6. I just got off the phone with customer service. I wanted to check on the status of my order since I have not yet received a shipping notification. The woman told me that they were waiting on a few items that were out of stock but as soon as they come back in, they will be shipping out my order and sending me tracking information. She didn’t suggest that it would be cancelled at all. It’s so weird how everyone is hearing something different!

  7. I called CS today to check on my order after reading everyones comments below. I ordered really quick after these popped up, way before it was sold out on the website. She said there was one item in the order that was out of stock and that they were determining what to replace that item with and then the order would go out. She gave no indication that it was cancelled because of this but I could tell from her tone I was probably not the first person to call and ask. She said it should ship by October 3 which actually is the 10th business day (their email said it would be delivered in 7-10 business days). I also checked my cc to see if there were any charges and there were none yet. So guess I wait and see. I’ll be bummed if I don’t get it, but its not the end of the world.

  8. So I just talked to customer service to confirm the two mystery boxes that I ordered were still coming since I haven’t receiving shipping notification yet. They said one of my two orders was canceled because they thought it was a duplicate. But they did not send an email confirming that it was canceled! The other box should be shipping “very soon”. They are sending me a $10 off coupon on my next purchase for the inconvenience… bunch of bologna. I’ve been a bare minerals user for like 10 years, think I’ll probably switch after this.

    • Oh and customer service also told me they cannot charge our credit cards until the boxes actually ship.

  9. After seeing everyone’s comments about their order being cancelled and what not, I decided to call myself to see if the same thing happened to me. They assured me that my order is still processing and that I should still expect it to arrive within the 7 to 10 business days. If it doesn’t arrive by next Friday, they said to call back. I really hope I get this box, it’s supposed to be a gift for someone! Lol.

  10. I just called and was told my order is being cancelled also. The lady said that they didn’t get the inventory they expected to fulfill all of the orders so they are having to cancel them in an “first come, first served” basis. She said I’d be getting a $10 off coupon though for the trouble. Whoopdie-do! I’d much rather have my actual order.

  11. WOWWWW…. they need to get their act together!! So after my whole debacle with the manager… looks like I am going to get the box after all. ummm…WHAT!?! I called in today and they are “processing” my order and said it should ship in a couple of days. They also processed a separate order for the coupon code ADVANCE that I forgot to enter… so the BB eyeshadow will ship separate. I feel like I equally love and hate them so much that I need some bi-polar medication.

  12. After seeing everything I called about my order as well. I had nothing my pending charge had disappeared and I had ordered a bit later in the day. Her’s what I was told, that the warehouse was having issues and the shipping software was only updating once every 24 hours, therefore shipments that happened last night might not get an email until overnight tonight.

    Also, I was told that my order was fine, but that some people did get cancellation notifications (?) due to the fact that one item was sold out. I guess there are different variations of the box?

    Anyway, I got told that if I haven’t seen shipping info by Friday to call back as they are anticipating to still be shipping some boxes tomorrow.

    It’s odd we are all getting different stories from the customer service reps, but thought I would add mine to the list.

  13. So, I ordered 2 boxes from 2 different accounts within 5 minutes of each other. One is being shipped and the other ordered was never placed. Per BM, the order wasn’t placed because they thought it was fradulant. I did explain that I got a confirmation email and that I placed an order right before that so clearly, that’s not true. (Also, Chase is amazing at emailing/calling me about anytime there is a questionable charge) The customer service agent asked me if I wanted to order this stuff individually.. UM, NO since that would be over $188 dollars! I normally don’t bitch and moan but this is ridiculous that they can’t handle the volume and so I tweeted them. (haha, ok- so no one will prob respond but I want them to know they dropped the ball) I am thankful that I am getting one box but the other was an xmas gift so I’m super bummed!

  14. BM cancelled my order without any notice or apology. I received a confirmation email and my credit card was charged. I even know they still had stock when I placed my order because shortly thereafter on BM’s FB page, BM posted a comment stating that there were still some available and encouraging people to buy them. After reading these posts, I looked at my account and the charge is gone. I emailed BM and they told me my order was cancelled. I think that is a really horrible way to treat your customers. I have used their products for over 7 years, so to be just disregarded like that by the company is really unforgivable to me.

    • Oh, that’s not good. Now I’m concerned. I noticed this morning that the charge on my bank account (which had been “pending” since I placed the order) is now gone. The order is still showing up on my BM account. Going to email them…fingers crossed.

    • Ugggh, that’s awful, Mary.

      They got it right by calling it the Mystery Box. For several of us, it’s a Mystery whether we’ll actually receive the Box.

      I used their products devotedly several years ago and wanted this box as a way to test out the products again.

      My charge is still pending, but still no mailing notice. I just sent them an email and will report back.

      • No response to my email yet, but my pending charge that’s been there for five days has now disappeared entirely.

        • I heard back from them today and was told that my order was currently processing and I should receive it by Oct 3. Weirdly, however, the charge still isn’t back on my bank account….

          • The whole thing is sooooo weird! I sent an email to customer service on Wednesday, no response for 24+ hours, so I sent a followup and within a few hours received an email reply that my order was processing and should arrive by October 6 at the latest. No charge yet to my card. We will see!

  15. Hello ladies,

    I had also placed my order right after I saw the post. Got the email notification from BM and money was taken out from my account that very day. After reading all your post I called last night and they told me that my order was still in “check out” process. i did tell the lady that I got the email confirmation and order number so that doesn’t make any sense. She asked me to call this morning since the department handling those packages were closed. I just got off the phone with them and they told me my order went through and I should receive by Oct 3rd. i don’t know why everyone is getting different answers.

  16. I just called BM and they said that orders for this should be shipping today. Also, when I asked about some orders being cancelled, she told me that there was one or two items that ran out of stock when later orders were placed, so those may have ended up having to get canceled (in which case I definitely think you should insist on more than a $10 credit for compensation!!). So, my package is estimated to arrive around Monday next week, I guess, and if your ordered yours later in the day/close to it selling out, I recommend calling and inquiring about your order.

  17. I just got a confirmation that my order will be shipped. It’s really random how some people are getting boxes and others aren’t.

  18. I ordered mine as soon as I saw the post and received my confirmation email immediately. I called today because I had seen all the comments about there being shipping issues and unfortunately there apparently was a mix up at the warehouse and their cancelling my order ( they assured me the charge would drop of my pending transactions in the next 5 days). The first rep I spoke to said that the distribution center wasn’t receiving orders from the website and so the order wasn’t filled. I spoke to a second rep, later in the day, that said that some of the items in the box were unavailable at the warehouse so they had to cancel the orders. Whatever the reason- I’m totally bummed! I was definitely looking forward to it. As a consolation they offered a future $10 credit which, to me, doesn’t make up for the lack of communication but I guess these things happen.

  19. Thanks for the heads up to call… I did call and they told me that they are having an issue where the orders are delayed from showing up in their system like normal. She told me since I got a confirmation email, I should have it within 5-7 days from ordering. I will be calling back in a couple days checking again… This is such a pain…

  20. Has anyone gotten a shipping notice? My card was charged right away but I haven’t seen anything beyond the initial confirmation email.

    I don’t have a Bare Escentuals account, so I purchased as a guest.

    • I’m nervous now about my order and I emailed customer service. That would totally be crappy if our orders weren’t 100% confirmed. Ugh!

    • I’m so glad you commented – I am in the same boat and didn’t realize it! Emailing customer service right now….

  21. I ordered this box as soon as I saw the post on here. Order confirmation showed up and received a charge (pending) on my credit card. I emailed CS to ask if I could apply a coupon code to my order and they replied telling me I did not place an order. I freaked out and called in…. the reply was shocking! They had no order for me and they were not willing to order me a new one as they were sold out. I told them that my order had to have gone through since I had a charge on my card!! She told me that since the charge was pending, it would “drop off”. I was so upset that I asked for a manager. The RUDE manager was only willing to send me a $10 coupon… A 10 DOLLAR COUPON?!?!? I am so upset right now… I was so excited about this box and had I not emailed them I would have been expecting it in the mail. How can they have an error like this and not make it right for the customer… they should have back up boxes for situations like this.

  22. So I jumped on and ordered one as soon as I saw this post, but I just went online to check my order, and no order is showing up. I got a confirmation email that my order went through but now I’m worried since its not showing up…

    • It takes a few days to show up. I accidentally placed two orders and the orders aren’t even showing up in their system yet to delete the second order.

    • Julie,

      You should call them! The same thing happened to me (my card was even charged) and they are trying to tell me they didn’t get my order!! I am thinking this may have happened to a lot of people. The girl on the phone said that it takes a MAX of 48 hrs to see the order on your account.

    • According to their website, orders placed online will not show up on your account (purchase history) until it is shipped. Hope that helps!

  23. I can’t wait to see what everyone receives! I was too late. Bare Minerals is one of the few makeup brands that I know I can try anything and not worry about it bothering my rosacea. Looking forward to reading what is in the boxes.

  24. Ahhh – I loved the last one and am sorry I missed this one! Congrats to those who got one! I can’t wait to see what the mysteries are. The last one was awesome!

  25. This is actually my favorite makeup co. I adore there foundation and I have tried there eye shadow; mineral veil; blush and maybe one lip stick. I started using at 19 and for a few years it is the only foundation I would use. It was really the only expensive product I tried then. Now I am 29 and do not have any and have not in years. I wish sub boxes would have bare minerals and if this is available next week; doubt it 🙁 I am definitely getting it. I so wish I had a tab for these boxes. Lol 🙂 or someone to buy from. I will be sad to miss out on the sample society mystery pack and this one too. Omg it is kilkin me. Lol. Thanks so much for the info Liz. I will definitely pick one up if it is still available!!! I just gotta have this.

    • If I miss out if anyone has an extra pleasssse let me know. I have had actually had bare minerals in my shopping cart for months but have not ordered. So I would greatly appreciate it. Will pay shipping and some extra if possible. 🙂 Thank you and please respond back; I’ll keep a check here often. I get my monthly direct deposit in a week/two and scared it will be sold out.

    • Hi Brandy

      Sadly they’re sold out. I was in the middle of buying and didn’t get to complete my order 🙁

      • Ahhhh.
        I am sorry you did not get one. I am disappointed I missed out too. 🙁 It sold out so fast and I know we would have loved this mystery set. I may cave in and order the foundation when I get paid. I have always loved there foundation and it has been so long. I have not found but one other foundation I like and it is the liquid perfect match so I use it now. The others are all sitting around not being used.

  26. I got one too! Yipee! Anyone have an idea on when they’ll ship?

  27. I ordered 2 boxes, one for me and one for my mom for Christmas! Are these being sent out right away then? This will be my first BE box and I’m really excited!

  28. of course I missed the codes (Surprise), but I ordered this right when you posted, so I’m glad I got one. BUT they added two things to my order anyway, so it’s okay I didn’t use the codes. This is the only mystery box worth getting, because BareMinerals is good and expensive makeup, and normally two items are $45 dollars. So to get ELEVEN of their items for only $50 is crazy, and that’s why it sells out in a flash. This is the only thing on this website I would ever call a good deal.

  29. It was in my shopping bag and got an error message while trying to buy. They must have sold out between me adding it to my cart and finishing up all cc details. 3 minutes max. Actually upset that this happened. If it’s in my bag I should be able to buy it. 🙁

  30. I missed it. I was checking out and then I got a error message when I clicked submit. They sold out. Guess it was a sign I just bought the glossybox deal today too. So I guess I should stop the spending lol this site makes it soo hard!

  31. I was only allowed to use one promo. 🙁 Thank you for the heads-up. This website is really addictive and bad. 😛

    • Same here! 🙁 is there a trick I don’t know about? Ladies who were successful in using 3 codes, how did you do it?

      • I just kept entering them without any problems. By the end I had 4 coupon codes showing.

        • Lucky you, Sheryl. Don’t know why Brisa and myself couldn’t get it.

          • Sorry you couldn’t use them all. Not sure if it had to do with my being a “FAB” member on their site.

  32. Yayyy! I just ordered mine! This page gets me in trouble WAY too much! Lol.

  33. So I wasn’t gonna order this but then I saw all those extra codes plus I get my free birthday lipgloss and the free shipping, so I caved.

  34. I caved. Haha. I used SHADE, ADVANCE, and THELUCKYONE promo codes. I loved the last one and couldn’t resist.

  35. I would add that if you sign up for their free FAB club, you get free shipping on all orders and other cool perks! Since it was my birthday month, I got a free lip gloss too!

    • Mary, so did I! How awesome. =]

  36. That was fun! I added a $5 packet of makeup remover swabs to get free shipping, then used all three coupon codes (ADVANCE, SHADE and THEUCKYONE)

  37. I wish they had them on the UK site 🙁 switch to uk site and they are gone 🙁 really wanted one 🙁

  38. Just snagged one using the two promo codes and there’s a cleanser/moisturizer sample in the cart automatically. This will be a fun one to open!

  39. Does anyone know that if they will include a product like a foundation? I am worried about not getting a right product for my skin color or skin type. I haven’t ordered from them before.

    • Last time I ordered a mystery box they guaranteed a foundation and had you select the shade when you ordered… So I’m guessing no foundation this time around.

  40. thanks so much! i am new to your site and this deal was too good to pass up!

  41. Wooohoo! I loved their last mystery box and this is perfect timing, I haven’t purchased from them in a while so they can pretty much send anything and it will be new to me! Thanks for sharing, it was the two bonus codes that really sold me on my purchase!

  42. There’s also the ADVANCE code for a 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 deluxe sample in Barely Nude. The site let me use both ADVANCE and SHADE together, which is pretty great! Didn’t read the comments before ordering, or I might have tried THELUCKYONE instead.

    The last mystery box is probably my favorite beauty box I’ve ordered to date. I used everything, and most items seemed to be full-sized. I’m almost at the end of the Prime Time Eyelid Primer, so here’s hoping there will be more in the new box!

  43. I tried so hard to resist when I saw the email this morning. I was not strong enough…just ordered it!

    • Clause – I know exactly what you mean! I debated all day and then finally gave in. Oh, well! Haha. =]

  44. I loved the last box, really good value and I used almost all of the products. I didn’t know about theluckyone code until after I placed my order (note to self, always read this blog before placing an order!). I just sent them an email asking if they could maybe add that code, fingers crossed they will. Either way, excellent products. Last time, they had sold out before I found out about it, but a couple of days later they added more, so don’t despair if you miss out today.

  45. It let me use both codes together!! Great deal!

  46. Just got one with “THELUCKYONE” promo code. Got the mystery box in April and I was really impressed, although that one had 13 items with a $239 value vs. the current one comes with 11 items with a $188 value. Crossing fingers this one will be great as well.

  47. I just ordered one, I’ve always wanted to try Bare Minerals, I used a promo code “SHADE” for an extra bonus sample of bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20.

  48. I just received the email notification directly, and placed my order immediately! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up, glad I was on top of this one, I’ve missed out on several previous boxes!

    • I forgot to mention that if you enter “THELUCKYONE” as your coupon code, you can get a free ready eye shadow 2.0 quad in addition to the mystery items. It is a great deal!

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