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Total Beauty Collection Labor Day Sale! 2 Boxes for $30!

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Total Beauty Collection Labor Day Sale! 2 Boxes for $30

Thanks to Vanessa for the heads up on this deal! You can get to Total Beauty Collections or Grab bags for $30 with coupon code 2FOR30, or save 20% off one with coupon code SALE20.

Here is a look at the options:

Total Beauty Collection Labor Day Sale! 2 Boxes for $30! Grab Bags

I’m guessing the grab bags will include items from previous collections, but still could be a good deal. Are you grabbing any boxes?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wanted to let you know how great Total Beauty’s CS is:

    I contacted them since one of the items in my bombshell grab bag was not included.

    They promptly replied, sand soon I had a package in my mailbox. Not only did it contain my missing item, it also contained a NYX lipgloss, a Your Best Friend Primer d/s, and a ruby crystal sugar scrub d/s 😀

  2. Got my box full of goodies today! Love it all. Can’t wait to try it all. Very happy with my purchase. I saw some nay-sayers online, but I am very pleased. Actually really happy! FYI- I bought all the boxes and grab bags that were available-9 total. I got pretty much what I expected as some were surprises, yet even w/o a detailed list I think I got it all. I figured about 68 products, got 72. 47 of them were full or really good deluxe sizes, 25 were small or foil samples and even some of them I can get a few or more tries out of. According to the figures at purchase, $625.00 value for a $135.00 purchase. I am quite pleased to say the least. And I will now behave on these boxes…Yeah, Sure, Right.

  3. I just got mine yesterday and kinda disappointed that I spent $60 on 4 grab bags, and I can’t even tell what the value of the boxes were. Plus I’ve ordered Total Beauty collections before and got a lot of repeat samples, which not so happy about the nyx roll on shimmer, it was horrible the first time around. I just added a bunch of it up and it equals over $180 not counting the foil packets, so I guess I did get my money’s worth just doesn’t really look like it. As I said I got quite a few repeat items that I’m not super thrilled about and will probably swap. I also hated how they shipped them this time, they just threw stuff into a box and sent it. There was no packaging or anything to tell you what came in what box so I don’t even know what the bags included. Overall I think it was a great value, just wish it had included separate boxes and info cards or something.

  4. I received 2 boxes today – anti-aging and bombshell

    Agree that the anti-aging theme was not apparent – but the products were great – found a nail polish I love among other things

    The bombshell had several argan oil products that I am excited to try as well as other ‘new to me’ products.

    The duplicates/items that aren’t my shade are going to the gift pile

    Definitely worth the $20 I paid! 😀

  5. Based off of a comment, I think my second box might be a couple of boxes combined. I am not sure how many boxes could be since I ordered many boxes at the same time, I actually ordered all seven boxes minus the green box. Anyways the second box has iDove deodorant, vapour nail lacquer, Montaigne jeunesse aloe Vera mask, Pacifica color quench lip tint, honest face and body lotion, acure cell stimulating body wash, skiin soothing and smoothing Eye cream, three ultimate aqua blanc brlightning mask foil packets, Amika oil treatment for hair, NYX color lip balm, Juara candlenut body cream packet, lalicious vanilla body butter packet, chela eyebrow defining gel, Yu-be moisturizing skin cream, Nelson argan oil non-foaming shampoo, Nelson argan oil moisture healing mask il foil packets with 3 scents, astara bio-genic skincare antioxidant infusion, bio elements pumice peel


    • Sounds like the essentials box mixed with either the jet setter or the bombshell box

  6. Alright for my first box I got honest healing balm, the power of Rose essence, goats milk day cream, Pacifica BB cream, sheswai nail lacquer in an unknown color, plā beauty lipgloss, manna sheer glow, and Juana body cream packet

    What box is this?

    • Sounds like the illuminating box

  7. How do you guys know which box you received? I ordered all of them, all of their tracking info just says that the label was created on the second, but I received 2 boxes today.

    There is no card describing the items and no label about what box I received…. Could somebody help?

    • I ordered two grab bags and they came in the same box with no note or anything. I emailed them and they told me which items go in which bag. But I’m still not seeing the value there that I expected. 🙁

      • Okay so I bought the summer collection and the anti-aging grab bag. The anti- aging grab bag was a JOKE to say the least. Other than the big bottle of Pur-lisse or whatever sunscreen the samples were literally A foil packet. Like one foil was considered an item! And a revlon lipstick and nail polish. Very sad since I definitely dont understand the “anti-aging” part. The sun collection though is AMAZING with three hair masks, the same giant sunscreen, hair ties, body bronzer, more sunscreen packets etc. The value for the summer was definitely there but anti-aging was just sad.

        • I got the anti-aging, too. I looked up the Purlisse and on their website, it costs $55 so I guess almost all the value is in that one product. And no actual anti-aging products (other than the fact that using sunscreen and moisturizer are good preventative measures but come on). Not very impressed.

          • This is what I was told should be in the anti-aging:

            Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel – Trade Winds
            Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – Sorbet
            Suntegrity – Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer
            Juara Candlenut Body Creme
            100% Pure – honey & virgin coconut resorative shampoo
            Pur-lisse – Pur-Protect SPF 30
            Skiin – Smoothing and Soothing Eye Cream sample

  8. I received my two grab bags today – the Essentials grab bag and the Anti-Aging. Not super impressed with the value. It’s not on the website anymore but I’m sure each grab bag was valued at $80+ and I don’t see how what I received could possible be worth $160+. Anyone else receive theirs yet?

    • What was in your essentials?

      • This is what I was told should be in the Essentials:

        NYX Color Lip Balm
        nelson j Healing Mask Packets
        Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant
        Nelson Argan Oil Non-Foaming Shampoo
        Bioelements – Pumice Peel
        Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
        Racinne- Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Mask
        The Honest Company Lotion
        Skiin – Smoothing and Soothing Eye Cream sample

        Good products; small sizes (other than the deodorant, which is full size but not expensive by any means)

  9. All grab bags are now SOLD OUT!

  10. If you buy more than one of the same grab bag, do you get the same products?

    • Yes – I think you will get the same products.

      • Well, I hope I like/ can use products in the ant-aging and bombshell boxes – because I bought 2 of each

  11. i just ordered one anti-aging and the green your routine and entered code 2for30 and it took off $20 so i paid $20 for both boxes. i tried doing the code yesterday it was only taking of $5 for me but now it took off $20 today! i hope thats right, lol

    • It did that to me too when I bought 2 additional boxes (anti-aging and bombshell).

      I couldn’t pass up $20 for $130 in value 😀

      • Thanks for sharing! I tried this morning (Sunday) and got anti-aging and bombshell for $20.

  12. I caved. I’ve bought a few collections in the past and am never super thrilled (not along the lines of say, the Haute Couture bag) but there is always enough to more than justify the expense. I got summer prep and anti-aging. They have super fast shipping so I will post what I get when they come….

  13. They are going fast. Jet setter, Essentials and Illuminating are all sold out. I grabbed an anti-aging. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I ordered every one of them! I love mystery bags so much but I am way too impatient to wait for my subscription arrivals next month.

    • Man, now I am really annoyed! I just ordered all of them, it hasn’t shipped yet but now the boxes are $10 instead of the $15 I paid… Totally bummed!

      • Well, the trade-off is that you got the ones that are sold out now (at least three of them). Those of us who were late to join the party missed out on some of the grab bags.

  15. I was so pleased with the last collection I bought, I purchased every grab bag except “illuminating”. $250 value for $60 including free shipping! 😀

    • How did you get that price? I thought they are 2/$30?

  16. FYI the “Jetsetter” grab bag is already sold out.

  17. OMG! I just ordered them all and used the 2FOR20 code. 9 boxes/bags valued at $625.00 for $135.00. This is an insane, crazy addiction but I LOVE it! I have never been disappointed w/ a collection from TBC and if this were the one time it might happen w/ them, I will never notice with a 9 box order. OMG! I suppose this is where I thank you for the tip to this Liz, but your tips are killing my bank account and fueling my sub box addiction..LOL. Really though thank you. Next week is going to bring an awesome box day one day…really awesome! My regular sub box delivery days are going to certainly pale in comparison. Have a holiday weekend all!

  18. Does anyone know how long it takes to get these? I couldn’t find the info for when I should expect these boxes

    • They’re usually super fast, like less than 5 days like I mentioned below. A good instant gratification purchase for the impatient like me!

      • Ha thanks! This is my first purchase from them so if the items turn out awesome and the shipping is fast I will def be a forever customer

  19. I just picked up two! The Jetsetter & the Summer Prep. I was going to do the Bombshell, but it was only worth $50! I definitely wanted a little more for my $. I think I’m going to love these boxes/bags! I CAN’T WAIT!

  20. I got the summer and jet setter surprise bags. I also got the 2for1 favorites sampler that I referenced in my previous link.

  21. I literally bought every grab bag. Someone please help haha I seriously think I need to lock up my credit cards at home while my husband is at work.

    • Let us know what was in them when you get them!

    • ME TO!!! I’m like “ohhh I will just get the mail first” I think I need an intervention! 🙂

      • I will! Kaylin I know, we seriously should start a support group 😛

        • Sign me up for the support group. I am addicted but this is so fun! My mailman must think I’m crazy.

          • All our packages are left in our apartment’s office! I’m in there everyday! They probably think I won’t be able to pay my rent! hehe

  22. I picked up the anti-aging grab bag (hope these bags are AWESOME) and All About Hair (I’m a product junkie)! Couldn’t pass it up!! I was thinking about order two other ones just for the heck of it!! Great deal!

  23. Just bought the Summer Collection and an Anti-aging Grab Bag! $30 total with no tax (I’m in CA so that’s a big deal!) and the shipping was free! The summer collection has a $15 Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance spoiler and since that’s a body makeup/lotion with NO PARABENS I was sold right there. I never tan in the sun so adding slight color even just for an event will be very fun. Summer Collection is $95+ value and the anti-aging grab bag is 80+ so I can’t complain when paying 15 a piece even if I do fully expect to swap some of the items!

    • I got the summer one too, just for the Melanie Mills. Its gets really good reviews so I wanted to give it a try. I am in CA too and we still have another 5-6 weeks of summer weather ahead of us. Even though its called “summer prep”, I think in CA we can still get a lot of good use out of it.

      • Right? I always love products for summer because in SoCal it’s literally tanning weather on new years day every year! I always feel silly buying anything for winter since we never really have one! Or anything rain related…

  24. Argh… I got the Green Routine collection for $20… and about a minute after buying it I thought to myself: I bet they have a 2fer sale for Labor Day. Live and learn. 🙂

  25. I went ahead and ordered 4 of the grab bags, it says they come with 8 or 9 products apiece. I really liked the last two collections I got from Total Beauty, so hopefully these are awesome too.

  26. I wish they gave at least one spoiler for the grab bags. I have a lot of boxes coming in September already, so I’m gonna wait and see if someone posts what’s in them.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The only issue is, the sale price/coupon code won’t be good then. (Although there are usually other ones floating around on the web if you go looking.)

    • If you look in the descriptions for the grab bags, there is a semi-spoiler. They say with a pop of color for your lips (or nails or eyes, depending on the bag). I picked up a couple.

      • The descriptions, while not word-for-word identical, are so similar that I’m pretty much discounting them as meaningless. I checked 3 of them just now and they all say that thing about “pop of color for your lips or nails.” I suppose it’s possible they all contain lip color or nail polish, but it seems equally possible that someone just got lazy when posting product descriptions (did see “brightening” and “hydrating” switched in a couple that I checked).

  27. I’ve gotten the total beauty sampler collection before which I really liked. I loved the Evolvh shampoo and conditioner in it, smells amazing and detangles my hair like nothing else. I’m excited to try the grab bags, I’ve never gotten them before.

    • Same here! I am obsessed with that shampoo. It makes my hair super shiny. I just love it.

  28. I’m not familiar with these. Does anyone have any idea what to expect in the grab bags?

    • They’re mostly sample size items with a few deluxe and occasionally full size products included. I’ve discovered some great products in last collections that I continue to buy. They’re always worth the price if that’s what you mean. Just don’t expect a box of large products. The shipping is super fast too which for me is a huge plus.

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