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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review – August 2014

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August

After seeing the spoilers last week for the August POPSUGAR Must Have Box I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! If you aren’t familiar with this subscription, I think it’s the best women’s subscription box. The offer a little bit of everything: beauty, fashion, fitness, food, home, etc.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code MustHaveYT to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Card

Each box comes with a card that details each item included and why the editors selected it for the box.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Kendra

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Black Cat’s Eye – Value $50

There are two different Kendra Scott jewelry pieces you can get this month. Either the necklace pictured, or these earrings. I was hoping for the necklace – so I lucked out!

The jewelry also comes with a 20% off coupon code for anything from the Kendra Scott shop.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Necklace

It’s a lot daintier than I was expecting, but I really like it. (Any delicate gold jewelry is always a win for me). Here is a detailed look:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Detail

Judging from Instagram there are several stone and metal variations of both the necklace and the earrings. So make sure to swap for the one you want if POPSUGAR didn’t get it right!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Candle

PaddyWax Candle in Ocean Tide + Sea Salt – Value $10

I’m getting into fall mode, but this is a nice last scents of summer candle. I’m burning it right now as I right this review! (I love that it’s made with soy wax!)

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Protein Bar

Think Thin High Protein Bar – Value $1.50

Goodbyn Small Meal Box and Dipper Set – Value $10

I seem to always need new food storage containers, so this Goodbyn one will go to immediate use. (I love that it is BPA free and dishwasher safe!)

(I couldn’t try the protein bar since it contains dairy, but 20 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar sounds like some sort of food sorcery! Let me know what you think of it if you’ve tried it!)

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - August 2014 Body Wash

Lollia At Last Perfumed Shower Gel – Value $22

The Mason Jar Company Cookie Mix in a Soft Jar Pouch – Value $12.99

This shower gel leaked a little bit in shipment, but fortunately it was packed in separate bubble wrap so no damage was done! I like the scent, but I don’t love it so while I’ll use it I don’t think I’ll buy more.

It doesn’t make sense that I love this Mason Jar Company cookie mix since I can’t eat it – but I think the packaging is so much fun! It will make a great little gift next time I need one!

Lip Gloss

Bite Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in POPSUGAR – Value $22

I love that this is a signature POPSUGAR color! (Bite Beauty made this shade to celebrate POPSUGAR Must Have’s 2 year anniversary). It looks pretty bold in the tube, but it goes one relatively sheer. This is a super glossy and somewhat sticky lipgloss. It’s great for a high-impact glossy look, but probably not an everyday gloss for me since I prefer non-sticky gloss. The flavor is fruity and incredible though!

Verdict: I paid $40 for this box and received about $130 worth of items. I think this is one of the best POPSUGAR Must Have boxes. And I can’t believe I’ve been reviewing POPSUGAR Must Have boxes for 2 years! Here’s hoping next month they can top their original September box! (Bring back movie tickets!!)

What do you think of the August POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I know I’m super late to the game but I jus found out the necklace and earrings were in this box. If anyone does not want their earrings or necklace and is willing to sell not swap please email me an veronica.rabago(at)gmail(dot)com with your item and price. I am very interested!!!

  2. Hi! This is probably a long shot, but would anyone be willing to sell their August box? Or, does anyone know a website where there are people who sell the subscription boxes they don’t want? This box looks like it was curated for me! I signed up for Popsugar going forward, but I love the August box! Thanks for your help! 🙂

  3. Can someone please tell me if the candies and sprinkles are mixed into the cookie mix or are in a separate package? I want to make these, but if those are mixed in I have to wait until my daughter is out of the house. She can’t have artificial colors, they make her mouth swell up and look like she got slapped silly.


    • they are mixed in the mix !!! yummy cookies though 🙂

      • Thanks, I will wait till she is out of the house 🙂 They look good.

    • The candies are all mixed into the mix – not in separate bags.

  4. My box FINALLY arrived, hurrah! I was braced for a giant mess after reading everyone’s comments, but I got lucky and only had a tiny bit of shower gel leakage, fully contained by the bag. The disappointing part was that I got the Kendra Scott necklace instead of earrings, as I had hoped for. If anyone has the earrings with gold trim and wants to swap for the necklace, please let me know! I’m new to swaps so I’m happy to ship first.

  5. Hi! I just subscribed this month and I’m going to get my first box on Sept (so excited!!!!), I would love to gift a box to some friends but I just want to do one box, not a series of 3. Is there a way I can do that? I couldn’t find the option.

  6. I just received my box. The candle shattered in shipment and coated everything with tiny glass shards. The shower gel filled up the bubble sack it leaked so much. It’s almost empty. Sliced my thumb on the candle and keep getting tiny glass shards stuck in my fingers. I love PS, but holy heck is this the worst shipment ever. It injured me. I emailed them, lots of pics, hoping they can help. There’s even glass shards stuck in the cookie mix and I got one in the back of my neck putting in the necklace.

  7. Would anyone want to trade the silver/slate earrings for the necklace? Let me know! [email protected]

  8. Another $10 off code: POPSUGARMOM

    • Tried that code, doesn’t seem to be working. Says it’s not valid 🙁

  9. I FINALLY! Got my Popsugar box in today. I know every box is not going to be perfect, yet the only thing I think I’m going to use is the plastic purple snack container. — I got the necklace, delicate, pretty yet not my style. The shower gel is not to my liking I like sweet scents verses floral, the lip gloss, the color is to bright for me, plus I have to many lip glosses, the snack bar, bla, probably keep that for when I get really hungry. The cookie mix, will probably be more to ship it then it’s worth. — Very disapointed in this box — It is just not the box for me, I know others have expressed interest in swapping and perhaps purchasing this sold out box. Most the items are up for swap right now. Might also consider selling some of the items, if I don’t get swap requests for items i really want. — On a positive note all the items arrived nicely and they did not put earrings in the box, which I can not wear. If only I liked the necklace it would be more of good box for me.

    • At what price would you sell me your necklace?

      • Hi if your still looking for the necklace I’d sell you mine. Brand new

        • Yes. How much?!

          • Email me sunrosez at hotmail

  10. Has anyone made the cookies yet? I made them according to the instructions and they came out horribly…I thought maybe the instructions were wrong, and sure enough, according to the website you’re supposed to add a whole stick of butter (the instructions on my package say to add 1/4 cup!)

    Should I ask them for a refund? I was really excited about these cookies! Did this happen to anyone else?

    • I made these cookies using 1/4 cup butter. They turned out ok. My problem with them is that the baking time is too short. I had to bake them for about 16 minutes and wait for it to fully cool before consuming. Otherwise they feel under cooked and if you cook them for any longer, they will turn super crispy instead of chewy.

    • I wouldn’t say the cookies were horrible but I felt an ingredient was missing! They were very crumbly. I had to roll them into balls when the instructions just said scoop. The cookies were very crumbly and hard.

  11. If anybody would like the Kendra Scott necklace and would like to trade for something else either from a previous box or some other interesting combo let me know! I have enough necklaces and this isn’t really “me”!

    Thanks…you can email me at: [email protected]

    • In process (I hope) and I posted on swap page, thanks!

  12. I was actually a little disappointed when I saw the spoiler for this box. I thought I wouldn’t like anything, but the candle and Lollia bath gel. As it turns out, I loved the box and the only item from it I swapped was the cookie mix! I got the Kendra Scott earrings with the gold trim and LOVE them. Of course, I was most pleased with the candle and bath gel, but I ended up liking the Goodbyn container way more than I thought I would. The lip gloss is a nice color and will get worn on the weekends when I don’t do full make-up and hair. So overall, the August PopSugar box was a big winner and I am definitely looking forward to next month’s box!

  13. I have the Black Cat’s Eye Necklace. Looking for the earrings w/ the gold trim. Does anyone want to trade?

  14. I want this box. I guess it is too late to subscribe and get this months box??

  15. I have the necklace in black cats eye if anyone would like to swap for the slate/brass earrings. Thanks!

    • I have the slate brass earrings and I would love to trade for the necklace. Not sure how the trading works though.

      • If Cynthia has already traded, I’ll be happy to trade with you! I have the necklace and am looking for the gold trim earrings.

        • Hi Caroline! I would love to trade the gold/slate earrings for the necklace. This is my first popsugar box so I’m not sure how the trading works. New to this:) I really wanted the necklace since I don’t wear dangling earrings.

          • I put my email on my reply to you, and it still says “awaiting moderation.” I’m registered for the Swap site on here. It takes a few hours to get confirmation (you’re “waitlisted” while you wait). I’m going to try to post my email again…

            carolinechas1755 (at) g mail (dot) com

        • Hi Caroline, Cynthia hadn’t traded the necklace yet and since I asked her first it was only fair to swap with her. Sorry. Happy hunting 🙂

      • Brooke, my email address is [email protected]. Please email me so we can get each other’s info. Thanks!

  16. Well I can see I picked the right month to try the POPSUGAR box! Wow! Fingers crossed I get the earrings because I’ve been wanting a pair for ages! I have and love several Bite glosses, so that’s a win. And everything else looks like fun stuff I will definitely use. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  17. Liz!! That sept. 2012 review made me wish for a time machine!! That box was LOADED! I loved my box this month they have really set the bar so high for ALL sub boxes. Good show!

    • I know! Someone once asked me if I could remember one specific favorite box, and I immediately replied “POPSUGAR Must Have September 2012!” and they looked at me like I was a crazy person.

  18. Your comment about “food sorcery” made me laugh! Thank you for the review 🙂

  19. wow if I thought I was going to get a necklace I would have bought this box for sure……what kept me from getting it was the earrings. too bad for PS. I am not disappointed because nothing else in the box is really special, like shower gel, cookie mix and the rest.

    • are you interested in purchasing the necklace?

      • Yes. How much?

  20. I have the earrings and would love to trade for a necklace. If anyone wants to trade – E-mail me at kbmmc at hot mail. Put POPSUGAR in all caps – thanks!!! I have over 200 positive reviews on a swap site called makeup alley. Thanks!

    • I emailed you! Hope we can work something out.

  21. I usually never post comments and I am a huge fan of PopSugar and their subscription boxes. Unfortunately, when I opened my box, it looked like it had been rummaged through. The tissue paper was shoved up towards the top of the box and crumpled, my jewelry (I got the earrings) were out of the little bag and several of the packages that my products came in (lip gloss, candle) were smashed. I didn’t even get a product card! I emailed customer service and they blamed it on the shipping process, but I have very strong doubts that that is the case. For close to $45.00 a month, I am hoping that this doesn’t happen again otherwise I might reconsider.

  22. I am new to PopSugar, ordered this box as part of a 3-month subscription on August 7. I got a email confirming my order, but haven’t gotten a shipping email yet. I live in NC. When should I start worrying that I haven’t heard from them, and what’s the best approach to get in touch? Thanks for the help, everyone!

    • you will most likely be starting your first month in september.

    • I subscribed for the first time at the end of July and did not receive my Popsugar box until today. So it took about 3-5 days to get my confirmation that it was being shipped and then another 10 days to actually get my box.

    • I signed up the same day you did, 8/7. My confirmation email and my account both said I would get the August box but it still said ‘Processing’ after nearly two weeks so I emailed them Tuesday to ask about it. They responded the next day, apologized for the confusion and included the tracking code for the shipment in the email.

      If you still haven’t heard anything, I’d contact them. I looked in their FAQs and found a Contact Us option.

      • Thanks Melissa! That’s exactly what I ended up doing — emailed them on Wednesday and heard back on Thursday. They included the tracking code, but didn’t explain why I had never gotten the shipment confirmation email. I just hope that next month’s box doesn’t have the same issue, and I also hope I get the earrings that I want, since it may be too late to swap by the time my August box finally gets here! The FedEx tracking indicated it wouldn’t arrive til September 2! Thank you for the help, and I hope you get exactly what you want!

  23. I felt bad for my dogs. Sudsy, Popsugar, and Bespoke arrived today. Both Popsugar and Sudsy had smells that the dogs kept insisting had to be BarkBox. Even the cats came over to investigate. I think this is my favorite box thus far.

    Thank you PopSugar for paying attention to our profiles. I love the necklace. It’s delicate and makes for a great layering piece. It was a nice touch to include the care directions.

    Everyone enjoys the Paddywax candle. Ocean Tide & Sea Salt is a nice way to remember the end of the summer. This is my second Paddywax candle. My first one came in the July Nicky Hilton Fancy box. I hope to see more because I do like them. Can I hope to receive one per month from various boxes???

    The Goodbyn will be useful in our house. I can’t tell if the color is deep blue or purple. I took it outside and it looks purple, but inside it looks cobalt. I got a chuckle that the ages of use were from 5-120.

    I tried the Bite and it’s sticky. I’ll have to read the comments to find out how to fix that. Can’t wait to try the Lollia which when I smell it I have a deja vu feeling. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t place it.

    I will be making the cookies with my younger son. My older son ate the protein bar and said it tasted gross. The dogs wanted to eat the bar. It made me wonder what they thought it should be.

    I’m glad it arrived early instead of next Wednesday.

  24. This was my first box from POPSUGAR and I love it. Well, mostly. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get the earrings. 🙁 I can’t wear necklaces…some sort of weird claustrophobic thing I have lol. I also can’t swap cuz I’m a noob. I guess the necklace is going to make a lovely Christmas present!
    Oh, and the turkish towel is AWESOME!

  25. they could have put 10 of those candles in the box and i woulda been happy lol .. i like the box ….. but it seems that its never going to arrive . its coming from CA, and i live in arizona, its taken 9 days so far .. this is insane ! all you east coasters already got yours .. what the heck !

    • My box usually ships from NY (which makes sense since I live in CT) but this month it is shipping from CA and the estimated arrival date is 8/25!!!! Boo!!!!

      • I live in Hawaii and mine has yet to arrive… I ordered on 8/6, it was shipped out on 8/19 and the estimated arrival date is 9/6. I’m used to an extra couple of days for shipping time but… LOL

  26. I like the box for the necklace alone and prefer it over the earrings and it’s almost an every day piece. The candle is nice and the lip gloss is in a lovely color. I’m not sure about the shower gel because I’m not sure if I’ll love the scent. The cookie dough seems like a fun gift or decoration idea. It would be nice to include a bag or scarf but the set looks great. I haven’t purchased it but it’s quite tempting. I adore the turkish towel and I’ve never even owned one. Lol!!

  27. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this box. I already wore the earrings two days in a row. Ha! I have the same “Sea Salt” candle in a bigger size at home that is running low, so this is perfect. The body wash is something that will always be used, and next week is my brother’s birthday so I am going to make some “Celebrate” cookies. Perfect!

  28. Did anyone win the hair tools? I was hoping to see that someone here won them. Obviously, I did not. 🙁

    I got the earrings in slate/silver and really like them! I had checked silver as my preference in the survey, so I’m pleased that Popsugar seems to actually use those surveys. I’m not convinced that other boxes do. It feels like a lot of the surveys are for show. (On other subscriptions)

  29. Dang!! I also hope our September box rocks as much as the 2012 one!! That was a whooooole lot of stuff! Seems like they’re only sending like 5 items now 🙁 I wish I got that necklace it’s super pretty!

  30. I think this box looks FANTASTIC! Sad that I didn’t get it! I love Lollia and Kendra Scott. The cookies and candle look great, and I’ve been wanting to try a Bite product. That pink looks so fun!

  31. I love this box too! I got the necklace and its perfect. Dainty and very lovely. I know I will wear it a lot. I did mark on my profile that my ears are not pierced so I was so happy not to receive earrings. I love everything in this box. I think my 4 year old likes it too (ha! He was excited about the cookie mix and lunch container) He also liked the plain brown box that the candle came in….go figure 🙂

  32. Just baked the cookies with my guy today & we LOVED them. We’re huge cookie snobs, but they were very delicious! I really like the shower gel, but I agree I won’t go out of my way to purchase again. I got the earrings in gold with silver slate. They’re alright. I’m not a huge jewelry person, but they were doable. The protein bar thing was so gross IMO. The candle is amazing, and burning also while I type this! Haven’t used the tubaware thing yet, but I will definitely be soon once I get some more groceries for lunch! overall, loved this box & it was certainly a favorite! 🙂

  33. Does anyone know how good PopSugar is about replacements/refunds? When I got my box today (which I would have loved) the cap was off of the shower gel and the entire contents were spread over the contents of the box. I’m really hoping they’ll offer to replace the entire box since although I could probably wash the necklace, it’s not really my style, but I don’t think I can gift/swap it since the card it came on is covered in goo and dyed a pinkish orange from the inside of the box. Ditto with the meal box, the pinkish goo has also seeped into the candle and stained it as well as the packaging for the lip gloss. Such a bummer cause I love the must have box.

    • I had a similar experience with a POPSUGAR Limited Edition Holiday box two years ago. The liquid soap broke and got into every single item. They were able to refund me for the box, but I had to email them pictures of the damage.

      Hope that helps!

    • My box had a shower gel that leaked too. I emailed them about it and, after sending them photos of the leakage, they said they were sending out a replacement.

    • Hi Laura, I think they will probably replace your items without asking you to send the others back. I’d love to swap you for the necklace even with the circumstances you’ve described. Im registered on the swap site here and have a bunch of stuff available.

      Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!-Mary Beth

      • I have the necklace and want to trade for the gold trim earrings. I can’t get to the swap site yet because I’m waitlisted. Would you like to trade? Thanks!

    • I thought I would post an update. POPSUGAR has let me know they are replacing the entire box they sent me. They asked me to send them some pictures. A few hours later they let me know they were sending out a replacement. I was so pleased with how quickly and reasonably they handled this issue. I had let them know which items I felt like I could salvage from the original box(the gooey pinkness will wash off of the snack box easily for instance), but they decided to replace the whole thing. I think this speaks volumes for their customer service. Although the original box was a big disappointment, I will say this for it…Since it was literally soaked in shower gel, it’s been acting as a giant cardboard scent diffuser and my home has never smelled lovelier. Still, now that I know I won’t have to return it, I guess I can get rid of the box.

      • Yay for good customer service! 🙂

  34. This will be my first month getting popsugar and I can’t wait! I was going to let it be a surprise but I couldn’t resist the spoiler. It looks amaze!

  35. If anyone else is willing to swap the necklace for the silver/slate earrings please let me know 🙂

    • Are you looking to receive the necklace or the earrings?

  36. I really liked this month’s box! I tried the protein bar – it was definitely dense LOL I felt very full after it, but it was not too tasty. Probably not a protein bar that I’d go out of my way to buy. Everything else is a hit though!

  37. Mine will be here tomorrow and I’m hoping I received the necklace version. I can’t believe I’ve been subbing to PSMH for 2 years too! I have both the original broker ism necklace and the little shower wrap that they sent after that too. So many goodies!!!

    • Auto correct hates me. Original broker ism necklace is actually original brokedown scarf. SMH.

      • The original brokedown scarf is the best! I still wear mine! 🙂

    • Hi Crystal, if you got the earrings with gold trim, I’d be happy to trade you for the necklace — I think I’ll get a lot more use from the earrings. I’ve got it listed on my swap page. I will ship first since I’m new to swaps! Thanks!

  38. I absolutely loved this month. I recieved the ear rings in slate and silver also. Didn’t realize there was a chance to get a necklace but I am thrilled with the ear rings, since I recieved them in silver! (Proved to me that Popsugar pays attention to the survey they do at the beginning) The necklace is pretty though, may have to use the 20% off!! The candle smells awesome! Love the cookie mix packaging also and although I am dieting and won’t make them, if I do I will eat them, it will make a great addition to my aunt’s birthday gift. I was a little bummed that I got the bite lip gloss, the spoiler was the cinnamon oil which I was hoping to try but the lip gloss is really quite nice on me! Love, love, love this month!! Makes me super excited about next month since it’s an anniversary month.

    • I was hoping for the oil too, thanks to my many subscription boxes I have tons of glosses. I ended up really liking the gloss though. So it ended up being a win.

  39. I was beyond happy with this box! I loved everything in this box. The earrings were my favorite though. I would never pay $52 for them. That’s why I love this box. It introduces me to products I would not normally buy for myself! I usually forget about the monthly deduction, so it just feels like getting free gifts in the mail 🙂

  40. This was my first ever PopSugar box. I was able to also snag the Turkish Towel with the code you had up, too. Like you, I also got the necklace which was perfect since I don’t have pierced ears. It still isn’t my style, but I think I’ll give it to my daughter as a gift, who loved that protein bar, by the way.

    I cancelled my Birchbox subscription to justify keeping this one. 🙂 I love the variety of samples and the full size products!

  41. I didn’t know about the necklace!! I got the earrings in slate/silver and now I’m super bummed. I love that necklace!!!!!

    • Hi Polished,
      If you’d like the necklace, I’ll happily trade w you!

      • Hi Yvonne,

        I’m glad you found me on the swap page! That worked out great!

        Overall, I think this was the best POPSUGAR box to date. I loved it.

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