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Bianca Jade Quarterly #MIZ04 Box Spoilers!

Bianca Jade Quarterly #MIZ04 Box Spoilers

I found two MIZ04 Quarterly box spoilers! (I think Bianca and Nina’s boxes are my two favorite Quarterly subscriptions). The MIZ04 box will have $200 worth of items including:

Bianca Jade Quarterly #MIZ04 Box Spoilers! Necklaces

One of these TrainHard Designs necklaces.

Lip Gloss

And a Flickable Lipgloss.

From Bianca on the box, “Expect 5 workouts, jewelry, beauty and valuable inspirational tools to help you pave the way to your goals.”

FYI – if you haven’t signed up yet you can still get this box – and it ships sometime this month! 

What do you think of the spoilers? Check out my reviews of past MizzFit boxes if you want to learn more about this box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz – Will you be reviewing the box? I don’t want to discuss the contents if you are going to write a post.

    I received the box today and love it. It’s what I need right now. I actually shed a few tears especially when I saw the cover of the magazine. I feel Bianca put her heart into the box and it shows.

    • I got mine today too! Hopefully I can get the review up to day. And I completely agree about the box – reading the letter really showed how much time, thought, and curation she put into the box!

      • I’m glad the meaning of this box is resonating and proving itself as a winner. Thank you for the incredible feedback.

    • Where is my box!?!? I’m going crazy!!! Ahhh!!
      J/k haha! But I am soo excited and can’t wait to receive it! I’m about to start a weight loss program and would like to loose 50-65 pounds. So I really want to get this box to jump start my motivation!

      • My box is coming today and I can’t wait to get home to bust it open! All of these positive reviews just has me so excited – I have my data on my phone turned off and my work blocks social media so looks like a few of the items are still a surprise for me!

  2. For all of you who didn’t like the Train Hard nameplate necklace and thought other designs on the site were better, check out my latest Train Hard Designs GIVEAWAY on my instagram account to win the Fight Bling necklace. Wanted to give you amazing ladies the chance to win it! Here’s the link: GOOD LUCK!
    xoxo, Bianca Jade

  3. Google #MIZ04 and there is a picture on twitter showing what’s in the box. Can’t wait!!! I peeked because I will be one of the last to receive the box living in PA.

      • It’s a good one, that’s for sure! I’m getting ready to design Box #MIZ05 and wanted to see if I could shoot an idea past everyone on this comment thread. I want to make sure my #MIZ05 idea is as uniquely spectacular as I think it is. It will be unlike any box I’ve done before 🙂

        Bianca Jade

      • Of course! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

      • What’s your idea? I can’t wait to receive my box! Already looking forward to number 5! And especially 6!!

      • Hi Ava, WHAT IF box #MIZ05 gifted you a pair of sneaks and decorative elements that allowed you to customize/design them yourself? Not going to tell you how it would work exactly but just want to float the idea past you all to see what you think… Of course there would be other stuff in the box too but I am hoping to work with a major shoe brand to get everyone a pair of sneakers. Let me know…

      • I’m not a current subscriber but I do need a new pair of sneakers. For the price of a box, and considering there would be other items in there, too, that would be enough to get me to sign up.

      • Hi Bianca,
        That sounds awesome! I think that would be really fun to have a hand in customizing a sneaker! Cool idea!

      • This sounds like a lot of fun. It’s different and exciting. I enjoy creative endeavors and can see myself having fun with this. Depending on how it shapes I may order a second box for my sister. Not everyone has the opportunity to customize their sneakers.

        Here are the things that I wonder about regarding the execution of the idea. Will you offer subscribers the opportunity to tell you the shoe size ahead of time? How will that work? By coupon? Then who pays shipping?

        The other thing is that some subscribers might be concern because it is a size specific item because of what happened with another Quarterly box. A curator offered a size specific item in her first Quarterly box which resulted in problems for subscribers because one size was sent. The subscribers had to pay for shipping to exchange the belt with the company. The belt was limited in sizes which resulted in some subscribers sending back the package. This curator is no longer listed on Quarterly. No reason has been given to why.

        Personally, I love the idea of having everything available in the box when it arrives in the correct size. I hope it works out for you and look forward to seeing the final box!

      • All great comments and thoughts. Last hint: you’d be designing the shoes online and purchasing with a special Quarterly code provided. I am still working out the details and not even sure it’s possible but my goal is to make sure you get complete control with no additional charges because that would be lame. I design these boxes based on what I’d want too. And this feedback about what’s important to you helps me greatly. Thanks so much!
        xoxo, Bianca Jade

      • That sounds amazing and not at all what I pictured. I hope it works out.

    • Bianca – I can’t wait to use the other items in the box. I feel as though I’ve gotten into a rut as a small business owner and think that a few items that you included in the box will help that. I don’t want to say what they are in case there are those that don’t want to have the box spoiled. It’s a timely box especially since September is a start of a new year with me being a mom of school-aged kids.

      • PA Anna: what is your business? I’d love to find out more and support you! I know the feeling as an entrepreneur myself. You just have to refresh your routine every season and keep health/fitness entertaining so that it’s top of mind. I hope this box changes things up for you and thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself with me. Sad to say goodbye to summer but FALL is another good reason to stay in shape, right??? Keep in touch! xoxo, Bianca

  4. I don’t have it in my budget right now, but I am liking the looks of this box. I appreciate that it contains some actual fitness/exercise items (as opposed to many boxes that call themselves “fitness” boxes and are just a bunch of supplement samples). I also appreciate that the curator is interested in interacting with subscribers and providing something of value. So hopefully this one will stick around for awhile!

  5. I was invoiced yesterday! Looking forward to the box and trying out the DVDs. Thank you for sharing that additional spoiler.

    • Do we get tracking info for these boxes or is it a surprise? I’m waiting on pins and needles since I got the invoice e-mail!

      • I received tracking information today which is quick for Quarterly. Usually I receive it about a week after invoicing.

      • Can’t wait for you to receive. Have a great weekend!
        xoxo, Bianca Jade

      • I received tracking today that says my box should be here Wednesday! It looks like a great box! This is my first time to try quarterly.

      • For some reason mine is going to get here early. The tracking said it was originally scheduled for Tuesday but that it’s going to arrive sometime TODAY! Yippee! Happy Labor Day weekend to me!

      • Hi Alyssa! Did you get your box today? I would love spoilers! If you don’t want to post could you send me an email at [email protected]! Thanks!

      • Hi Ava,
        Yes I did but we were running out the door on a last minute trip to Las Vegas 🙂 so I just pulled it inside. No spoilers yet – sorry!! Probably won’t open until Sunday or Monday.

      • I got my box today! It looks great! Fortunately I got the necklace in silver. Looking forward to the next box!

      • Excellent! I could use some of that workout wonder right now. So sore from my workout today and I ran out of it just the other day. Good thing I subscribe to my box too…except it hasn’t arrived yet 🙁
        Glad you like the necklace! xoxo, Bianca Jade

      • My tracking shows that it’s Out for Delivery today too! (originally scheduled for Tue 9/2). That is just lightning fast turnaround time.
        Quarterly sent me a tracking update yesterday morning, but it’s also available on your account page when you login.
        The anticipation is killing me!!!

      • Yeah for all those receiving it this weekend. My tracking is showing for next Thursday LOL. Still that will be the fastest I ever received a Quarterly box.

  6. Hi Bianca,

    Are these sold out? I’m trying to sign up and the confirmation is telling me that my box will ship in November. 🙁 Does that mean I’ve missed the cutoff for the August 27 shipment?

    • Hi Lexie! I received your messages. Thanks for reaching out. I just emailed my team at Quarterly to find out if we sold out or if we can get a last box out to you. I promise to get back to you in the morning but I need you to email me directly through my website (here: so I can be sure to email you back once I hear from Quarterly. If we have a box left, I promise it’s yours! Fingers crossed!
      xoxo, Bianca Jade

      • Thank you so much for the quick response! I just sent you an email through your website as requested. Fingers crossed indeed!

  7. Just signed up for this box and am very excited! Super excited for the possibility of a dance themed box as number 6!!

  8. I really love the fightbling necklace in red on the trainhard website! I wish that it were a certificate to choose my own necklace. I love to box! I may just have to buy another necklace.

    • I own the trainhard necklace in gold and did a giveaway for the kettlebling design on my site earlier this year. I will do another giveaway and be sure to let you know about it so you can enter! Perhaps next week… –Bianca

      • I love both the necklaces you picked and think they are great choices because of how universal they are. Would be happy to get either one.

  9. Bianca, I think it is very sweet and conscientious of you to comment and answer our questions. Not everyone would take the time. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer! Are you kidding me??? Means the world to me to read all your comments. I put a lot of heart into the design of each box and I want to make sure you’re happy. Plus, I feel that the women who sign up are my soul sisters (like-minded with a shared love for health and transformation). It’s very important to me 🙂 Feel free to email me or shoot me questions about the box or anything else through here or the contact page on my website! Have a great day! xoxo, Bianca Jade

  10. Those DVDs are tempting and surprisingly I have most of the equipment necessary for them, but I hate those necklaces. There’s such cute ones on the website too!

    I love dance workouts, so maybe I should hold off for the dance box that’s been talked about??


    • Amber, if you’re not happy with the necklace you receive I will see what I can do to get you one you like better 🙂 Usually don’t do this, but I get what you’re saying. xoxo, Bianca Jade

      • Well that response was so sweet that I caved and signed up for the box, haha!

        Here’s to hoping this box gives me the much needed motivation I’ve been seeking for the past few months. Thanks Bianca – it’s so great to see such positive interaction between subscrition box creators and their fans, your clear passion for what you’re doing here alone is worth investing in! 🙂

      • Amber,

        My absolute pleasure! Excited that you signed up 🙂
        Can’t wait to hear what you think, too.

        xoxo, Bianca Jade

  11. Bianca, you persuaded me to sign up. The DVDs persuaded me. My 15 year old son loves the Train Hard necklace and hopes we get it in the box.

    • Well you can tell him he’ll be happy 🙂 So glad you signed up. There are lots of things in this box that people are going to love. It’s a very meaningful one for me and I think the value is outstanding! Would love your feedback once you get it, if you don’t mind emailing me through my website 🙂

      • Will do! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us 🙂

  12. Just signed up! So excited! Hey Bianca, a couple of boxes ago there was talk of a dance workout themed box an you said your
    Look into it. Any chance the next box could have a dance theme? I think that would be a Very popular box!

    • Hola Ava!
      So yes, I did give the dance theme some thought. I’m considering it for the 6th box actually 🙂 The 5th box I’ve already started designing and is really special. What kind of dancing is your fave, btw?

      Bianca Jade

      • Oooh – sounds exciting. VERY glad I signed up now. Although it’s tough to wait for the Quarterly boxes, the anticipation makes them that much better and I love that more thought and planning can go into each. I don’t know if Barre workouts count as dance but I am all for them 🙂 🙂

      • Oh you name it i love it! I’ve done ballet, hula, Bollywood, salsa, and belly dance themed workouts to name some. I think belly dance is one of my favs. I’m a big hipped girl and it makes me feel sexy!

      • This is great info for me to know! Thanks for sharing and already planning to see how I can fit this request into Box #MIZ06!!!

        Bianca Jade

      • Yay! Can’t wait!

      • Hey Bianca, so I was just thinking about ideas on stuff I would love to see in dance themed box and thought I’d share. Obviously a dance workout DVD would be great! I’d love to see somthing different like hip hop or caberette. Also for ballet and barre girls maybe some cute leg warmers to feel professional. I’d love an awesome scarf that could double as a hip scarf for belly dancing, or even a jungle belt. And I was thinking for girls who do Zumba at the gym those fold up ballet flats so you don’t have to wear bulky sneakers but don’t have to be barefoot either. And a great waterproof mascara so when your dancing ( and sweating) you don’t get coon eyes! Anyways just some jumping off thoughts. Hope they are helpful!

      • These are all wonderful ideas! Thank you so much!!! Love them! Will see what I can do and I’m excited to run with this theme :))) xoxo, Bianca Jade

  13. I own a CrossFit gym and I just ordered this subscription for one of my coaches. That kettlebell necklace is adorable! She is going to love this.

    • This is so freaking exciting! Yay! Thank you so much for signing up!

      xoxo, Bianca Jade

  14. I’d like to try her box, but I’d like to wait until I find out the work-outs, etc as those are the things I’d be most excited about. I also LOVE the kettleball necklace, but think the other looks terrible

    • Here’s another spoiler for you, focused on the workout part: (see pic attachment)

      Check it out here:!/~/product/category=4261394&id=24687255

      It sells for $129.99 which is CRAAAAZY because you’re getting the DVD and much more in my box for just $50!!!!

      The necklace is actually only a small part of the box so I’m sure if that’s not what you’re most excited about, you will be happy about the other stuff inside 🙂 Thanks for signing up if you do!

      xoxo, Bianca Jade

      • This is so exciting. I thought the necklace was adorable when you posted in the Quarterly FB page and that got me to sign up. I am now even more excited to receive this box.

      • Sheryl,

        THAT’S FABULOUS! So glad to have you on board 🙂

        xoxo, Bianca Jade

  15. That kettlebell necklace is adorable, but the other one looks junky and juvenile – or possibly like a medical ID piece that’s too delicate to wear when you really need it. Sad, because that site has other beautiful things on it.

  16. Is there any way to find out when a Quarterly box will ship? I signed up for both Bianca Jade and Book Riots boxes and I keep stalking my bank account to see if the money has been taken out of my credit card yet lol.

    • Hiya! The box ships on Aug 27th which is creeping up very soon!


  17. While I don’t need another lip gloss or another subscription, I read your past reviews on her boxes and had to sign up! For some reason her insight into the necessity of the CareRing totally sold me. Should receive both her box and Bill Nye’s this month – very excited.

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